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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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waking up with us. >> we have mostly clear skies. maybe a few high clouds to the north and patchy fog. overall, it's going to be good to go for sunshine and warmer weather. 70s by the coast. some mid 80s inland. here is sal. >> good morning. right now richmond ran rafael traffic looking pretty good. no major problems this morning on the golden gate bridge. 5:00. let's go back to the desk. he says he had limited control but full accountability. oakland police chief anthony batt stepping down after two years on the job. >> reporter: good morning, mike. it's been less than 24 hours since chief anthony batt is giving up the top cop position here in the city of oakland.
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as you said, in his resignation letter he mentioned he had limited control while dealing with a lot of bureaucracy. >> no chief wants to be held accountable but doesn't have the power to make a traumatic impact. >> reporter: some felt batt wasn't into the job of oakland police chief. it was mentioned that he was up for the chief job? san francisco and he actually applied for the san jose top cop, which he didn't get. the mayor and several members of the city council are asked how to address a rise in violent crime. last week the mayor cast a vote to send several crime fighting policies back to committee. tools both supported by batt. >> i didn't ask him to leave. if he were to leave, this is a good time. >> he leaves this police department with almost 200 police officers less than when he started. so that was a huge transition.
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i think that's something he didn't see coming. >> batt is leaving with one year left on his contract. he talking about taking a part- time teaching position in research at harvard. some feel the chief wasn't in the job. possible replacement for him the oakland assistant chief. we will bring you more information as it develops. we will talk to people out here to feel exactly how they feel about the chief leaving the city of oakland. protesters with the occupy movement plan to stage a rush hour march in san francisco this morning. labor and community groups are expected to join occupy sf for a march through the city's financial district starting at 7:00. they will set out from the federal research building on
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market street. leaders in san jose will demand more accountability in san jose this morning. it's latest wall street event following a campout outside city hall. the enter faith group people acting in community together, or pact, plans to prevent more foreclosures by putting pressure on the banks. members of the group move will stage a noontime protest outside the bank of america branch in downtown san rafael, bank of america has been the target of many protests. here is a video where two members tried to close their accounts on friday. the bank manager kicked them out. the state department has issued a worldwide travel alert for americans following a murder for hire plot against
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saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states. the u.s. says iran was behind the plot. coming up at 5:15 we will have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom. president obama is vowing to continue the fight for his jobs bill after it failed a test vote in the u.s. senate. all 46 republicans in the senate and two dems voted against i advancing the jobs bill. in a statement after the vote the president says his bill contains proposals republicans have supported in the past. the president says he will now work with the senate majority leader harry reid to break down the jobs bill into individual measures that can each be voted on separately. two motorcade in president obama's motorcade crashed into each other in florida last night. they were escorting the president from a fundraiser to the orlando airport when one police officer rear-ended a sheriff deputy's motorcycle. both men went to the hospital.
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neither was seriously hurt. we have new information about bart's decision to shut down cellphone service in san francisco stations before a planned protest. senior bart staffers debated the idea for less than 30 minutes on august 11. the paper obtained internal e- mails that show bart's deputy police chief saying he liked the idea and asked if anyone could think of a downside. the campus of a college is reopened after a bomb scare. a bomb squad was called down. they evacuated and searched the campus and the site was eventually cleared. today golden gate park stow lake is open for business. tara. >> reporter: there is a lot of work to be done here. one of the most visable changes
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is the newly stained dock here. we will be taking you inside later today. this is the boat house when they open for business. they have replaced the tired old row boats. they are locked up inside right now. en they've revamped the menu. health inspectors just signed off on it yesterday. they will be replacing the hot dogs with spring rolls and salvadorian pastries. ortega family enterprises took ownership last month. there was a bidding war that inned with ortega promising to invest $230,000 in a facelift. there is one last legal hurdle for the ortegas. if permits flow smoothly they will continue improving the property over the next 150 days. coming up later in the show we will tell you how much they are paying in rent each year. let's check in with sal on
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the roadways. good morning, sal. >> good morning mike and pam. traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area right now. you see traffic looks good if you are driving on the east shore freeway. they have picked up the roadwork. the morning commute looks good on westbound bay bridge. here at the toll plaza it's light. and if you are driving into south bay we have a nice look at interstate 280 through downtown. yesterday 280 and 101 in the south bay were terrible. today that means get out a little bit early. 5:07. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. monday and even parts of tuesday we had a lot of rain over us. kind of a drizzly gray. yesterday we had the low clouds that finally cleared as advertised. high pressure says, you know what? i think i will hang out over california for a few days. only a few patches of fog. cooler close. the lows are in the 50s today. a little bit of a difference
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today. will not be as muggy or humid but it will be warmer with 70s and 80s. san francisco is looking nice. looking nice. temperatures will warm up today. we will start off at 58. then we'll go 76 for a high today. maybe a few high clouds. it will be a nice day. coast and bay and inland. everything continues to ride up and over to the north. 50s on the lows, though, which is a far cry from yesterday. we had about 60 to 6-4 for the lows. it was running five to eight degrees cool earnings. that does make a difference. we have a lot of sunshine on the menu and not much of any breeze. there is no offshore wind yet. the fog has been chewed up. a lot of cloud cover as i've been telling mike mibach all week long. the moisture source goes all the way to the hawaiian islands. just saying. right now it looks like everything is heading to the oregon border and away from us. patches of fog.
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emphasis on patches. it will not be as muggy or humid today. 70s by the coast. upper 70s, low 80s by the bay. few 80s inland. temperatures will warm up here pretty fast. 83 san jose, 82 in sunnyvale and 82 in redwood city. sunshine sunny side up warmer. we will take it into friday. i think it will be rather nice for the weekend but a little cooler. controversial move by the city council in topeka, kansas. why the council voted to repeal the city's law against domestic violence. plus, we have a new look at the source of a massive oil spill. the charges the ship's captain will have to face in court today.
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welcome back to the morning news. time now 5:11. in a controversial move the city council in topeka, kansas, voted to decriminalize domestic violence. it was in response to the announcement to the prosecutor that he would no longer prosecute misdemeanor domestic violence because of budget cuts. in the meantime, 18 people arrested for domestic violence since september have been released. well, one of the women who was part of congressman anthony
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weiner's sex scandal is writing a tell-all book. in excerpts of the book she says weiner sent her text messages complaining about his wife's muslim parents and their, quote, backwards thinking. other excerpts contain text messages he sent. the united states is turning up the heat on iran and issuing new travel warnings after an alleged assassination plot on u.s. sole. alison burns live in morning in our washington, d.c. newsroom with how the obama administration is responding today. alison. >> reporter: that's right. the secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting with the swiss ambassador to iran this morning. administration officials are reaching out to their counterparts around the world about how to punish iran if light of what they say is a bold terror plot on u.s. soil. now, federal officials say this man, a naturalized u.s. citizen, was working with a
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member of iran's revolutionary guard in a plot to kill saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.s. >> some are calling it acts of war. >> they have more blood on their hands than most of the terror organizations on the state department's terror list, and that's what makes this so serious . >> reporter: the u.s. already has numerous sanctions against iran, and now the focus is creating what the state department calls an international chorus of condemnation. iran insists there is no truth to the accusations. the state department is warning americans to be on the lookout for anti--u.s. actions. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. the captain of a container ship is scheduled to appear in court today on charges of a oil spill. containers are teetering on the
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deck. it struck a reef a week ago and since then it has leaked more than 300 tons of oil. new zealand authorities charged the captain with operating a vessel in a manner with unnecessary danger or risk. two city agencies have signed off on the clean power sf plan that would be run by shell oil company. now, the program would provide electricity to at least 50,000 people at first, but then could expand. customers could see their bills go up. that amount would depend on how much electricity they use. if the program fails, san francisco could be responsible for about $20 million in startup costs. this morning the victims of the san bruno pipeline disaster will take a step towards rebuilding their devastated community. crews will remove bare aids placed around the neighborhood.
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that was the center of the explosion and fire that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. last month crews filled that crater that marked the spot where the pipeline actually blew up. a third human case of west nile virus discovered in contra costa county. a 65-year-old woman is recovering from the virus. a bird counseled in concord also tested positive for the disease. since 2005 there have been 40 human cases and 2-2 deaths. health officials say it is quite important for people to drain standing water. also clean and maintain swimming pools so mosquitoes do not breed in them. san francisco's budget is feeling the pinch of higher gas costs. the city needs to buy gas for the fleet of 6,000 vehicles, including fire engines. today the board is scheduled to approve a $78 million fuel
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contract. the city departments are working on ways to reduce driving as prices have increased. 16 minutes after 5:00. let's go back over to sal to check in on the morning commute. how does it look, sal? >> looks pretty good, pam and mike. a nice looking drive on the cameras that we show you here. i want to show you 680 southbound looks pretty good heading to the south bay for fremont. a lot of people use it to come in on 580 and then they use 680 to get in the valley. a lot of people live in tracy, work in san jose, that kind of thing. if you are taking the h train this morning, that's also a good route. san mateo bridge, that traffic looks pretty good as you head out to the highrise with no major problems. a live picture of 880 here near the oakland coliseum, the raiders and cleveland browns this sunday. hoping for a sellout, but not holding hybrid if you know what
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i mean. but that's a different matter entirely. the traffic looks good there though. 5:17. you know what i mean, steve? >> how could they not? they are so exciting. >> the cleveland browns? >> no, the raiders. only some patchy fog. the lows are cooler, though. 50s instead of the 60s. it will be warmer today with 70s and also 80s. we lost the low cloud deck. the higher cloud deck on monday. the humidity was just off the chart here. but that's changing now. now there is still a lot of cloud cover out there headed towards the oregon border. 61. if you watch, they always run the warmest. napa a little bit of patchy fog. high pressure building in. moisture continues to stream up from just north of the hawaiian islands. looks like it's taking aim towards oregon. what's going to happen is a strong low is going to drop down and as it does it's the
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teetertotter effect. as that digs south it will bring that right in. warmer. only a few patches of fog and not as muggy. 70s to'. sown om a 84. concord 84 degrees. a little warmer antioch, san leandro. heyward and union city 83. saratoga '80s and santa cruz will be warm with some low 80s there. menlo park, los altos, atherton, slightly warmer in the 80s. on the coast 70s, south san francisco. sunshine taking us to friday and cooler as we head to the weekend. european stocks are up this morning on hopes that the european union will come up
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with a got bailout plan. overnight, stocks in asia also posted gains. hong kong gained ground in part because of a government promise to help expand the supply of affordable housing. alcoa is the first of the dow industrial to report earnings. it kicked off the season with disappointing news. the world's largest aluminum maker had $172 million. nearly three times as much as the year ago, but less than analysts expected. concerns about the economy pushed down the demand for aluminum. stocks in general looking to start the day with gains though this morning. the futures indicate a higher opening after a little bit of a mixed close. no big swings, though, with the dow jones starting at 11416. the man accused of throwing that hot dog to tiger woods is
5:21 am
speaking out. the movie that he says inspired him to act. animal shelters are dropping their prices after hundreds of abandoned pets are showing up at their doors. good morning. if you are driving on westbound 92 getting up to the highrise, we will tell you about the morning commute across all bay area bridges. esn't notice that it's too crowded or that it can run a half hour late. i'm bevan dufty, and i'm running for mayor because it's not enough to just "get it done"--
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skies are mainly clear. lows are in the 50s. it will be good to go for sunshine and warmer weather. 70s and 80s today. >> thank you, steve. hurricane jova is hurdling towards landfall. city officials say it's hard to protect people because they can't even afford plywood to board up their windows. the national weather center says the storm is expected to weaken as it continues to go inland. dragon fly creek sits west of the highway 1 overpass and is in the fort scott section of the former military base. the water has been covered by dirt for nearly a century.
5:25 am
crews are now unearthing the creek. the natural habitat could be open to the public as early as next summer. >> shelters struggle to keep up with the number of stray and abandoned pets. this is video from the care center, the largest shelter on the west coast. since the beginning of this month the shelter has taken in 763 animals. people hearsay the uncontrolled breeding and the weak economy are to blame. some pet owners say these reasons are not good enough. >> i have a 7-month-old cat. do i feed it or throw it out? i'm going to feed it. >> this shelter and five others in santa clara county are offering special adoption rates. they have dropped the price to just $10 for dogs, cats, kittens, puppies and rabbits. a special deal will last until this sunday. then another one will be offered in december. at we have posted a
5:26 am
link to the animal care center. you will find all the dogs and cats up for adoption there. look for the web links section on our front page. critics of the proposed transbay tower in san francisco are worried about losing sunlight at city parks. the chronicle reports a new environmental study found the tower and several other proposed buildings would leave much of the square in the shade on winter mornings. union square could also be affected, but not as much. the report looked at the worst- case scenario. we are now hearing from a santa rosa man facing misdemeanor charges after throwing a hot dog at tiger woods. he got the idea after watching the movie drive. he said he wanted to do something epic and he hoped to remain anonymous. but after throwing a hot dog during sunday's golf tournament he was arrested. he is facing charges of
5:27 am
disturbing the peace. he drowned while alameda emergency responders looked on from the shore. the victim's family reacting to the findings into the investigation of the death. in san francisco occupy san francisco takes a step this morning it a large bank. and local airport officials face noise complaints by residents, they say are valid. traffic on 237 looks pretty good. that will probably change. we will tell you more about the morning commute.
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good morning and welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. i am mike mibach. dave has the morning off. >> good morning. i am palm cook. steve, it was pretty darn muggy yesterday. >> yes, it was. dry air is moving in and lows are much cooler this morning. still, everything looks good to go for sunshine and warmer temps. 70s and low-to-mid 80s. even though it will be were with aer, it will not be as muggy. now here is my good friend steve. >> northbound 101 san francisco that looks good approaching the 80 split. also looks pretty good on interstate 880 in both directions near the coliseum. it's 5:30. anti-wall street protesters will take to the streets of san francisco in less than two
5:31 am
hours. ktvu's craig debro joins us from the financial district to tills what is happening. it's all starting right about there, right craig? >> reporter: it is. we are across the street from the hyatt regency. in front of me is the federal reserve. there are several protesters right now. people have been here for a while. you remember occupy san francisco got started about a month ago in solidarity with a wall street protest. this morning there is going to be a large march later this morning. that's how it's being promoted anyway. the parent lead action network is one of the groups that has organized this march. they are marching from here up to wells fargo at about new montgomery or montgomery and market street. i spoke with the person with the parent leader network. they said the reason for wells
5:32 am
fargo is wells fargo took tarp money but then none of the money came back. in other words, he says, the banks are hoarding the cash and not benefitting the people who need it. >> i think that's precisely what's making everybody so angry and what's actually motivating them to take action such as camping in front of the federal reserve, because they are protesting that type of treatment, that type of favoritism that is being shown to corporations and banks in general, and none of it is trickling down to us. >> reporter: wells fargo did take tarp money. but as of 2009-2010 they paid back the $25 billion that they took from the federal government. again, this is all part of the protests you have been hearing about taking place across the country. one of the phrases you hear we are 99%. 99% of the people who have 1% of the income in the country. this march goes from here to wells fargo. it's supposed to start at 7:00
5:33 am
a.m. this morning and we will bring it to you. craig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. sixth -- it's san jose's latest anti-wall street event following a campout outside city hall. people acting in community together, or pact, is set to prevent for foreclosures by putting pressure on the banks. occupy movements will also start today in walnut creek, gathering outside the bank of main street starting at 4:00. organizers say suburban areas are seeing the same problems as big cities. >> they may be being foreclosed out of their home or their schools are declining or their libraries are closing. >> in oakland dozens of tents now cover the lawn in front of city hall, and protesters include students, people out of work, even business owners.
5:34 am
and they will be allowed to stay as long as the demonstration remains peaceful. >> golden gate park's stow lake is reopening for business. tara moriarty has more. >> well, they still have a lot of work to do. i don't know if you can see this, but the paint is sort of peeling here. they were supposed to give it a fresh paint coat. but piece by piece the boat house is coming together and today the big deal will be when they launch. new fleet of boats out here on the lake. they replace the old row boats and paddle boats with 42 electric and paddle boats. they have also revamped the menu. health inspectors signed off on it yesterday. they replaced hot dogs with spring rolls and salvadorian pastries. an out of state vendor took
5:35 am
control of stow lake last month. it was a bitter battle. the bidding war ended with the new owners promising to invest more than $230,000 in the facelift. if permits flow smoothly they will continue improving the property here over the next 150 days. the rent here, in case you are interested, $160,000 a year. live in golden gate park. 's gone from running a pizza chain to becoming a presidential frontrunner. >> it didn't come off a pizza box. no. it was well studied and well developed. >> coming up at 5:45 we will hear how the other republican presidential contenders attacked herman cain's plan to jump start the economy during last night's debate. the "san francisco chronicle" is endorsing supervisor david chu for mayor. they say he projects energy and commitment to shake things up at city hall.
5:36 am
they also believe he will enact changes and create jobs and not just use the words as mere campaign slogans. correction notices are going out to some san francisco voters because of a printing error in polling place information. the department of elections says 115,000 voters received information phamphlets that incorrectly list 31 house street as their polling place. but only voters who live in the area of geneva avenue and house street in the engleside district should vote at that location out election day. the brother and sister of a man who drowned on memorial day could file a wrongful death suit against the city as soon as today. the city council last night reviewed an independent report on the death. critics call the investigation incompetent and say the reforms do not go far enough. 53-year-old raymond zach died on may 30 while police officers and firefighters stood along the beach and watched. >> he was still seen standing.
5:37 am
the water temperature was about 54 degrees. so they spent time evaluating survivability. >> really, the low point in alameda history and gained international attention. i think people want to reach out from across the world and say something about it and show how disgusted they are. >> that's why i'm here. i don't want them -- i don't want anybody else to think he committed suicide. he did not. >> since zach's death and in line with report recommendations, alameda has bought too pontoon boats. the department says they want the county to take over responsibilities. san francisco international airport officials say brisbane residents who complain about in increases in noise have a point. the noise level from planes taking off from landing at sfo has nearly doubled. but the airport says much of the increase is because more
5:38 am
planes are using the airport. now, people living nearby say the noise is making their lives miserable. the airport says the flights are following routes set out by the faa 40 years ago. time 5:37. roadways getting a little more crowded. let's check in with sal. >> good morning. right now traffic is doing plate well around the bay area. on the golden gate bridge, for example, i think it's a nice drive. the weather is much better than it has been the last few days. we had been dealing with rain and drizzle. today it's dry mostly. not a lot of fog. but driving-wise you are starting off pretty well in san francisco and marren. santa cruz mountain's highway 17 we had some earlier roadwork delays. if you are driving from the summit, you will see a little traffic. no major problems.
5:39 am
again, 17 both directions of redwood estates, we had some roadwork there. 5:37, let's go to steve. >> thank you kindly, sal. the harvest moon, i believe. and we can finally see it. yesterday and the day before a little tough with all the cloud cover in place and the light rain that continued. although it wasn't light for some in the north. things is going down as well. it was really off the chart for us for a while. only patchy fog. cooler lows. a lot of 50s. physical be -- it will be warmner the afternoon highs. 70s and 80s. still a tremendous amount of cloud cover streaming up from the hawaiian islands. right now it seems to want to take aim at eureka. 52 napa airport. patchy fog there. yesterday it was all low-to-mid 60s. big difference in the lows. we'll rebound from those highs. one little system there is diving down. as it does it's going to just
5:40 am
break off the main jetstream and sit out there. it may meander towards us, but not until early next week. all signs point towards high pressure hanging in for a couple of days. sunny and warmer. some patchy fog. it will not be as muggy or as humid today. 70s and 80s. looks like a beautiful day. coast bay and inland, unless you don't like anything over 75, and i know you are out there. 82 castro valley. livermore 84. heyward, union city at 80 degrees. san jose 83. 87 gilroy. and 82 santa cruise. should be really nice there. 83 woodside. atherton about the same. palo alto, menlo park, 80s. nice weather at half moon bay, sunny and warmer. it still looks nice. just a little cooler. >> why do you have to talk about how nice the beach is while we're at work?
5:41 am
>> thanks, steve. a shocking trip in the cupertino investigation. good morning. if you are driving on highway 84 you see coming out of pittsburgh it's crowded but not stop as go just yet. another look at the morning commute. [ beep ]
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good morning. we have mostly clear skies. maybe a little bit of patchy fog, but it will be sunny today and temperatures will warm up. a lot of 70s. good morning everyone. time now 5:43. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following
5:44 am
right now. oakland police chief anthony batts has announced his resignation. this is three weeks after the council set aside the crime fighting proposals he had supported. protesters with the occupy movement plan to march through san francisco's financial district starting at 7:00 this morning. they will set out from the federal reserve building on market street and end at the wells fargo on montgomery. and the state department has issued a worldwide travel alert for americans. that's after american officials say they uncovered a plot by iran to assassinate a saudi arabian ambassador to the united states. a surprising twist in the coupetino quarry shooting. they confirmed that sharif al maughan died from a self- inflicked gunshot wound to the
5:45 am
head. today prosecutors will begin to close their case against dr. conrad murray. the deputy medical examiner took the stand yesterday. he testified that he believes that michael jackson's death was a homicide. he discussed the use of propofol and says dr. murray was not prepared to handle a medical emergency. >> there was not equipment available to resuscitate mr. jackson adequately if he were to stop breathing. >> the prosecution will start calling various medical experts as their last witnesses. they will finish with the country's leading expert on the drug propofol. then the defense will take over and try to prove that jackson gave himself the fatal dose. herman cain's rise in the poll got attention last night
5:46 am
in new hampshire. the eight leading candidates squared off while sitting around a table at dartmouth university. the state's early primary date also added to the significance. the 999 tax plan was targeted by multiple candidates. >> when you take the 999 plan and turn it upside down, i think the devil is in the details. >> i think it's a catchy phrase. i thought it was the price of a pizza when i first heard it. >> cain, a former ceo of godfather's pizza, says his plan is well researched and will jump start the u.s. economy. it replaces the tax code with a 9% sales tax and 9% income tax for individuals and businesses. it could take several more months to figure out the exact cause of a plane crash in palo alto that took the lives of three tesla employees. the a new report from the national transportation safety board says the plane's propellers and engines were
5:47 am
working properly before the cessna slammed into an electrical tower last year. the report did not offer a final cause for the crash. the plane went down in a residential neighborhood but no one on the ground was injured. one of palo alto's most dangerous intersections is now a little safer. since february crews have been working to upgrade the intersection. they have added color crosswalks, a large pedestrian median. the project was largely funded by the state department of transportation. the city will officially unveil the new intersection during a ceremony later this afternoon. giants fan bryan stow has reached a major milestone in his road to recovery. this is a photo showing his family and neurosurgeonen transferring him from san francisco general hospital to a rehab facility. the doctors are still keeping tabs to make sure there aren't any major setbacks, such as blood clots. they have reduced his medication and say that he
5:48 am
continues to improve. >> he was able to begin to speak, interact with his family, and he is now beginning to eat as well. and he is making dramatic progress. doctors won't reveal the name of the rehab center in order to give time for stowe and his family to adjust to his new home. the 42-year-old santa cruz paramedic and father of two was severely beaten outside the dodgers stadium following the giants' season opener in march. two men are charged in that assault. last we checked in sal said everything was pretty smooth. still the same? >> yeah, this is the time when it begins to change. so far so good out there as we look at the highway 4 commute. it is getting busier in anitoch and pittsburgh but right here in bay point it looks nice with no major issues as we check in with chp. minute by minute they give us the rundown, and there are no crashes reported on this stretch. also the morning commute looks
5:49 am
good at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic moving along nicely with no major problems on to the span itself. if you are driving in san jose highway 17 both directions at the summit, the right lane is closed. caltrans has slow lane -- slow moving lane closure at the summit there. traffic is getting by in the left lane only. so expect delays until it's cleared up. in fact, i want to move this map down to the santa cruz mountains and show you that the traffic at the summit seems to be activating our road sensors. 5:49. let's go to steve. >> we have mostly clear skies, although some interesting lows. a few upper 40s. a lot of low-to-mid 50s. yesterday it was all 60s due to the cloud cover. signs point towards warmer weather today. 70s and 80s. 58, 70 and 76 will go for a high today. could be a few high clouds streaming up from the southwest. overall, the jetstream has been
5:50 am
lifted to the north and it looks like it's going to stay that way for a while. 50 at the napa airport. that's ten degrees cooler than yesterday. there is a little chill in the morning air. that was not the case the last two morning. a lot of humidity and mugginess. everything is building in from the desert west. only some patches of fog. not adds humid today. temperatures 70s and 80s. clear lake, napa, everyone is in the same ballpark. 76 alameda the. 8 a pittsburgh san leandro, heyward hugging the 80s right there. fremont at 81 degrees. santa clara low 80s as well. menlo park, palo alto, mountain view, slight warm up there. but then 60s, upper 60s, low-to- mid 70s. coast and also around the bay.
5:51 am
temperatures warming up. we will carry that into thursday. i think we top it out thursday. friday still nice to warm the weekend always in view shows it will be mostly sunny. just a little cooler. chevron experts to report lower 3rd quarter earnings. the san ramon based company says earnings was hurt by a lower success rate in finding oil. chevron reports on october 28. american airlines plans to trim its flying capacity again by the end of this year. the company says it will cancel some of its least popular flights but it did not identify those specifically. it also says it will retire 11 of its 120 boeing 757s. those results could result in layoffs. and hundreds of thousands of strollers are being recalled. they are the bob single and double strolling strollers. now, the backings can come off
5:52 am
and pose a choking hazard to children. they were sold at several retailers starting back in 1998. anyone with one of the strollers should stop using it until you remove the patch. the first lady is now jumping into fitness, and she is asking people all over the country to join in for a chance to make history. a violent prison riot in the midwest. what started it and the inmates' connection to california. state farm. this is jessica.
5:53 am
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welcome back to the morning news. take a look at this scene. at least 46 people are recovering from injuries after a violent prison riot in oklahoma involving some california inmates. it all started with a brawl between latino and african- american inmates. at some point the prisoners barricaded themselves inside the building. prison guards eventually drove them out with tear gas. you can see them piling on top of each other just to escape the fumes. the prison is owned by a private company that holds more than 230 prisoners from california. there will be a neighborhood meeting in he will soritotoday. at least six homes were burglarized last week. today's safety meeting is to
5:56 am
update residents on the investigation and to offer tips on how you can protect yourself. it begins at 6:30 this evening at the arlington park clubhouse. a los angeles meat distributor is recalling almost 400,000 pounds of beef because of a possible e. coli contamination. ground beef, ground beef patties and chilly sold by the commercial meat company. they were shipped between september 7 and october 6. so far no illnesses have been reported. today san francisco students will join the first lady in an attempt to break a world record. >> three, two, one, go. all right. the first lady has challenged people to join her in doing jumping jacks for one minute beginning at noon. they are hoping to break the world record for most jumping jacks done in one day.
5:57 am
it's part of her "let's move" campaign designed to fight childhood obesity. coming up on 6:00. let's check with sal for a look at traffic. >> traffic is doing pretty well near the bay area if you are driving near the san jose area, should be a nice drive for you. northbound 17 a little bit slow near the summit because of some earlier roadwork. looking at the sonol grade, that traffic looks good past mission boulevard into the south bay. no problems on 5 getting there. it's 5:57. let's go back to you guys. >> yeah, people might go back to bed. another anti-wall street demonstration is set to begin in san francisco this morning. how it could affect traffic in the city's financial district. we are there live. also, oakland's police chief is stepping down.
5:58 am
the decision that played into it. is that my house again? what's going on? >> beautiful. >> thank you, pam. i need to mo the lawn, don't i? we need a little more sunshine today. that's on the menu. but how much warmer will it get? we'll have that coming up.
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