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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 12, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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hits. matt harrison and the guy on the mound allowed only three. but the problem is they all came in the same inning. the last one of them was a double by cabrera. the only extra base hit of this game. foul ball. which allows us to tell you that due to today's rain delay, rather than being seen tonight, the "x factor" will be seen tomorrow night on fox. "x factor" is all knew as the contestants learn who the mentors are when they travel to the judges' homes. on their two-hour, "x factor" tomorrow at 8:00 eastern/7:00 central on fox. full count.
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>> joe: the inning is over. that sends us in to the sixth. rain continues to fall here in detroit. 2-nothing, tigers. [ boy ] looks like our work is done here. nice work, team. i'm heading home. [ imitating engine ] need some help, ma'am? [ imitating engine ] oh, thank you. [ imitating engine ] [ imitating rocket ] [ imitating engine ] these things are heavy. ♪
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>> joe: tonight's game is sponsored by -- >> joe: you can catch all the action of the 2011 major league baseball league championship series on fox and tbs. join the post season debate at mlb fan and follow the action on twitter, hashtag post season. legends are born in october. rick porcello trying to throw his name on that list with a job he is doing here tonight. the bottom two in the line-up. david murphy first up. murphy doubles.
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his first time up. 1-1. in the air to left. murphy is 2-2. so the lead-off man is on. the number nine man, yorvit torrealba walks in. >> joe: tying run at the plate.
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torrealba pops it up. santiago has the one out. [ applause ] now back to the top of the order and ian kinsler. here is the night for kinsler. grounded to third. grounded to short. great news from california. bryan stow, the firefighter who was beaten at dodger stadium at the beginning of the season was released from the hospital. he was put in rehab facility, so he is making progress. >> tim: that is wonderful. >> joe: that story gets better and better. an awful situation. a shot down the line. off the bat o of kinsler. murphy digs and comes to the plate. delmon young trouble in the corner. it's 2-1. >> tim: that is a great play by third base coach dave
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anderson who watched the play develop. he was going to hold murphy at third base. watch the play develop. and then when the ball scooted by delmon young, he sent david murphy and the rangers are on the board. it's treacherous footing on the bases. david murphy had to go around the bases jinggerly. dave anderson waited until he saw the play completed and once the ball got by young, he sent david murphy to score the first run. >> joe: that is over but low ball one. here is the shot between inge and the line. there is dave anderson waiting and now waving. that is foul. off the bat of elvis andrus. a dying run at second with one out in the sixth inning.
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2-1 now. rbi double by kinsler to score. murphy led off with the second hit of the night. >> tim: if you are a base runner in that situation you run as hard as you until you get to a stop sign. realizing dave anderson the third base coach waited as long as he could and at the last minute waved murphy home. >> joe: andrus shows bunt. that drags inge a couple of steps in. on deck is the big bat of josh hamilton. the rangers can't find a hit with runners in scoring position. the count goes 3-1. rangers can get you up and down the line-up.
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>> tim: a key situation right here with the count 3-1 to andrus. >> joe: kinsler trying to steal third. not in time. strike two at the plate. aggressive is kinsler. he just made it. >> tim: how about the wherewithal to give a fake run and put the bat right in the eyes of the catcher alex avila. avila made a very nice play. that obscuring the view of the catch every when a hitter weighs that bat and that hand was just in there. but it's time to try to steal third with one out. you don't want to make the first or third out at third. but if you take a reasonable chance and make the second out, the catch. >> joe: infield is in. andrus has tied this game.
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a base hit to right centerfield. it's 2-2. the first rbi of the post season for elvis andrus. >> tim: that by the way, the first stolen base for the rangers since game three of the division series. you can credit kinsler bringing the infield in. i think it would have been a base hit for andrus anyway but with the infield in, it was clearly a base hit to right center to tie the game. >> joe: so with josh hamilton coming up, a visit to the mound from the pitching coach jeff jones. it's 2-2 in the top of the sixth. the young rick porcello, 22, will now try to keep it 2-2 before the heart of his order. cabrera, victor martinez and delmon young come to the plate in the bottom of the inning.
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daniel schlereth is the left-hander. and al alburquerque is the right-hander getting loose for the tigers in their pen. >> joe: now it's hamilton against porcello. check on elvis andrus who stole 37 in the regular season. does not have one this post season. >> tim: keep in mind, josh hamilton swung at more first pitching than any major leaguer this year. >> joe: ball one. >> joe: the offense is loose in the sixth for the rangers. they have tied it and have the big power man at the plate. that is inside.
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2-0. >> tim: josh hamilton telling you and me that that pitch right there, that ball under the arms is the pitch that he is looking for off rick porcello to jack. this pitch right here. didn't tail back out over the plate but that is the pitch he is looking for to hit out of ballpark. >> joe: on a line to center. jackson makes a nice catch. that ball hit right at him back to grab it. with the out. >> tim: he got that pitch, joe, on a 2-0 count, but he didn't pull it. so that little extra oomph by porcello, that tailing fastball inside. he hits it hard. but austin jackson is there. >> joe: hit that one-handed for out number two. so hamilton is 0-3 tonight. four out of 16 in this alcs. batter is michael young.
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again, the heart of the order will bat. for the tigers in their half of this sixth. ball one inside. e-trade stopwatch. the tigers offense last night, three home runs, tying a franchise record in the post season. michael young, the man at the plate. one for 14 in this series still no rbis. 3 for 29 this post season. he is too good of a hitter for that. you have to figure that ron washington, his manager does, only a matter of time. we don't have forever in october. it has to click here soon. 1-0. he went around. strike one. >> tim: michael young showing once again that everybody presses. he is pressing right here. caught it between, the worst thing it could be.
5:14 pm
and do as a hitter. >> joe: porcello, 14-game winner in the regular season brings home a 1-1. hop steps off. this is the spot for elvis andrus to run. he can get a good jump. might have been leaning, and he is able to get back. >> tim: you have to lean a little farther with the infield in as bad of shape as it's been. avoid spots on the way to second. >> joe: bigger lead. and again, close.
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now elvis is going to dig around in that area, where he is taking his lead. >> joe: good news in that the rain has stopped. 1-1. strike two. >> joe: beltre on deck.
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>> joe: 2-2. >> joe: program alert for you. if you are tuning in to the "x factor" you will get two hours tomorrow night. 8:0:00 eastern/7:00 central. two out, two runs home. rangers have tied it. porcello steps off. that is called from the du dugout. leyland to avila. avila to porcello. this one gets away. and will go into the dugout,
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sending elvis andrus down to second base. >> tim: gene mach was a great manager and he used to tell base runners give the pitcher something else to think about other than the hitter. elvis andrus did that. draws a ball in the dirt. and is on second anyway. so he didn't have to steal second base. >> joe: and now for a guy like michael young, doesn't hit a ton of home runs, the rbi chance is easier. in to centerfield. base hit. austin jackson will come up throwing. at the plate. safe. rangers lead. down to second, young, who has his first rbi of the post season. all those throws over, finally the error and it leads to the go-ahead run in the sixth.
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job excellent base running by elvis andrus drawing the error from porcello. then excellent hitting and base running by michael young. throwing to second base on the throw home. jackson throws it low enough. but miguel cabrera isn't there. and couldn't cut the ball off. so texas running the bases well. the third run of the inning. >> joe: and their first lead of the night. a pitch inside on adrian beltre. [ cheering ] >> tim: at first, yeah, for the slide at home. the second "yeah" was for the slide at second. >> joe: the count 1-0 on beltre. porcello starting to lose his good control. he has been so good all night.
5:19 pm
with first pitch strikes. here is ron washington. we just heard him in the dugout about how excited he gets. >> manager: i like to see good baseball and they give that to me every night when i watch them play. i enjoy watching my guys play. i'm just an excitable guy. when i see good things happening on the field, it just excites me. >> joe: we just saw something that excited ron washington a moment ago. >> tim: can't blame him. >> joe: here is a 2-0. strike one on beltre. >> tim: ron washington from new orleans, the big easy. he realizes there is nothing easy about playing this game.
5:20 pm
>> joe: see in the background, ogando starting to get loose. inge makes the stop. and the throw. but three runs in the sixth for the texas rangers. finally breaking through. rbi by michael young, his first of the post season. the rangers lead 3-2. do you have an irregular heartbeat called aial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused by a heart valve problem? are you taking warfarin to reduce your risk of stroke caused by a clot? you should know about pradaxa. an important study showed that pradaxa 150mg reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin. and with pradaxa, there's no need for those regular blood tests. pradaxa is progress. pradaxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding, and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have kidney problems or a bleeding condition,like s. or if you take aspirin products,
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♪ ♪ >> joe: a little last night and tonight on miguel cabrera who leads it off. last night an rbi double, a home run. tonight, a two-run double and a walk. and alexi ogando, had the night off last night, right back at it. in relief of harrison. ball one. up and in. 97 from ogando. harrison can be the winner. five innings, two run, three hits. three walks, three strike-ou strike-outs. 2-0.
5:24 pm
>> tim: cabrera will look inside and try to tie it up. if he gets a strike inside, he will lead it. >> joe: 96 out over the plate. he took a rip. hmm. two balls and a strike. victor martinez and delmon young. the next two hitters. 2-2. 98 from ogando. now the parade of talented relievers ron washington can bring in out of his bullpen. harrison, the starter on the left went five.
5:25 pm
full count. >> joe: that will find the seats. tonight's volkswagen passat trivia question: the origin of the word "southpaw." another name for a left-hander in the early days of baseball, pitcher's left-hand usually faces south when delivering a pitch. the 3-2 is down and away. a lead-off walk.
5:26 pm
the fourth walk handed to the tigers in this game. ogando comes out of the pen and walks cabrera. >> tim: ogando threw six fastball to get to that 3-2 count. and then cabrera fought that ball and then he fouled one off. then he tried to go to the slider. and missed down. >> joe: adrian gonzalez, the goe gonzalez, the left-hander with his coat on. neftali feliz trying to get the blood flowing a little bit on a cool, wet night. victor martinez homered last night from this side of the plate. ball one. while we say "oblique" to be more specific is an intercostal injury. it's down around the side in the low back.
5:27 pm
it bothered him last night, the slow home run trot. but he has not bowed out. >> joe: this is during pre-game. when victor martinez reaches under the back of nelson cruz to show him where the pain is. >> tim: a couple of things. on a swing and a miss, that's when i suspect it will hurt him the most. when he makes contact, i don't think so. it's what you do from a hitter's standpoint, you try to rush the swing and hit that bat out there so you're not late. realizing that you don't have the quick hands like you normally would. >> joe: the count 2-1. st. louis jumps on top of milwaukee 2-nothing. on a two-run double by -- >> tim: don't tell me.
5:28 pm
>> joe: who do you think? >> tim: bret. >> joe: another double. a one-run double to make it 2-nothing. another extra base hit. here is a 2-1. that is a run. >> tim: five straight extra base hits for albert pujols. >> joe: tying record of four in game two in milwaukee. >> joe: tying run at first. nobody out. victor martinez up. delmon young on deck. trails for the first time in game four. >> joe: count goes full.
5:29 pm
>> joe: the runner goes on a fly ball to right centerfield. that will be handled. it's nelson cruz for out number one. ogando got the out. did not come to much of a set position when he delivered that pitch. the runner was going on the 3-2 delivery. here is delmon young. >> tim: that is often the best time to stick a runner on a 3-2 count.
5:30 pm
you have two slow runners. one at the plate. one at first. stay out of the double play if you send the runner. that would b was the intent of m leyland but the ball was in the air. >> joe: strike one on young. >> tim: fastball swing and a slider. delmon young misses this by a foot. >> joe: he has struck out, flied out. in the hole. and 0-2. >> two sliders. two bad swings. >> joe: he has yet to see that 97, 98 out of the hand of ogando. another slider. three in a row. and delmon young is down. two out.
5:31 pm
>> tim: pretty simple sequence when you look this bad on the first two pitches. way outside. not quite as far outside. outside. three sliders gets young. >> joe: brings in avila. tying run at first. two out now. and avila takes ball one. outside. alex has struck out, grounded out, for 15 in this alcs. >> joe: did hit 19 home runs in the regular season. 1-1. >> tim: 16 of those off
5:32 pm
right-handed pitching. wow! >> joe: so the strike-outs are up. the hits are down. and avila actually ended the regular season red hot. very good the last couple of months. but the post season, it's all caught up to him. >> tim: one swing of the bat, however, it makes everybody in detroit forget about it. >> joe: cabrera started, then stopped. the pitch down and away for ball two.
5:33 pm
>> joe: in the air to murphy in left. now the tigers have left four. we go to the seventh inning of game four. 3-2, rangers. back after this from your local fox station. ♪ [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks.
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♪ ♪ >> joe: it will be our liberty mutual game summary as we go to the seventh inning of game four. 3-2, texas on top. two hour, 13-minute rain delay before the start of this one. miguel cabrera with a two-out, two run double. texas game up with three runs in their half of the sixth. and lead it 3-2. and rick porcello committed a throwing error on a pickoff throw at first. followed by a two-out rbi single by michael young last inning. that broke the tie. now he is on the short end with al. daniel schlereth, the lefty.
5:37 pm
1-2. >> joe: porcello is next. outside. >> joe: napoli singled and struck out. nelson cruz, then david murphy. murphy who got the night off last night, 2-2 in this game. his single leading off in the sixth inning started the rall rally. the 2-2. high flyball to centerfield. that is austin jackson. let's give you a little game break during the alcs play. chris rose. >> chris: all right, joe. game three of the nlcs in st. louis. cards jumping all over the brewers' ace gallardo. already up 1-zip. make it 2-nothing. albert pujols, the fifth extra base hit in the last six a.b.s. they tack on two more, part of
5:38 pm
four-run first and still batting leading 4-nothing in the first. joe, back to you. >> joe: all right, chris. it's behind chris carpenter against yovani gallardo. that is a fair ball. easy pick and throw for avila two out. >> tim: the double by pujols, he one-handed the ball 360 feet to left centerfield. >> joe: how about pujols period as he heads to free agency in the nlcs. he is 6-10. home run, six rbis. and five of the six hits are for extra bases. cardinals won seven of the last nine against milwaukee. they lead 4-nothing. that game in st. louis tonight. here is murphy. he has been a problem for porcello. strike one. >> tim: i told you how to sol that problem of prince fielder and albert pujols becoming free agents.
5:39 pm
>> joe: have them switch teams. >> tim: yeah. have pujols sign with milwaukee. and prince fielder sign with the cardinals. that solves it. >> joe: they are both going to be unloaded upon. pujols at the beginning of his career is as good as anybody in the history of the game. >> tim: that's right. >> joe: 1-2 on murphy. bottom of the seventh. it will be peralta, santiago, inge. big bats will bat again for detroit before the end of the ninth. >> joe: 2-2.
5:40 pm
>> joe: it's peralta. safe. infield hit. murphy is 3-3. >> tim: peralta did what he could but murphy beat the play. the rangers line-up is so well balanced it's like they don't have an eighth or ninth place hitter. they have guys hitting and ninth but the reason is they can't hit further up in the line-up. these guys are a good line-up, tough to go up against. >> joe: you can see the hit up and down the line-up. murphy with three of the seven. the rangers put on the scoreboard tonight as they
5:41 pm
lead by one. strike two. >> tim: david murphy hit hit .298 against right-handed pitching this year, primarily in the eight hole. >> joe: in to right field. a base hit by torrealba on an 0-2 count. murphy will turn and go to third. first and third. two out. we'll see if that is it for porcello. it appears it is. >> tim: that is a mistake right there. too much on the plate on an 0 0-2 count. >> joe: that will end the night for porcello with kinsler with an rbi double, stolen base and a run scored tonight coming up.
5:42 pm
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>> joe: there is the night for rick porcello. got in the seventh inning. back-to-back hits toed 7 his night. according to jim leyland, he came back and wasn't throwing as hard as he was prior to going on the d.l. and al alburquerque takes over. he has a devastating slider when it's right. he was knocked around in the yankee division series in that 10-1 game. a game ironically enough started by porcello. this is his first action of this alcs. he has been out for a while. he is behind on the count, 2 2-0. leyland said i'd like to find him a low-pressure situation to see if he can get it right. this isn't it. >> tim: no. >> joe: first and third.
5:45 pm
two out. >> tim: good play, avila. >> joe: 3-0. ryan perry is getting loose. i just don't think they are going to have a long leash or a lot of patience with albuquerque in this spot. >> tim: no. if he walks kinsler, the bases are loaded. i agree with that. nor should they. you just don't know what you are going to get. >> joe: those weren't close. >> tim: no. >> joe: now the bases are loaded and will leyland stick with him? he is young. he is 25 years old. >> tim: the alcs is no place for a youth movement. >> joe: now schlereth joins perry. >> tim: this is somebody talk to him, so i get my man in the bullpen time to warm up. we're watching leyland in the
5:46 pm
dugout. he does not appear to be ready to take him out. i think you have to take him out right here. four straight balls, nowhere near the plate. >> joe: there is another one. now the pitching coach is going to go out. jeff jones. these haven't been close. >> tim: no. when he was throwing well, he did not, he did not allow base runners to score. here are the five pitches. that is the closest, but it was outside. way low, way high. and the first pitch, andrus. a good play by avila. avila has made two good plays on balls in the dirt. so you have the other option of a wild pitch and a man on
5:47 pm
third. >> joe: but the other half of this is you are already down by a run. you are facing this rangers bullpen, which has just been lights out. >> tim: you're down two games to one. i don't think you can stick with him. >> joe: i agree with you. one ball, no strikes. see if alburquerque can come back and get him there is ball two. >> tim: you can still take him out two balls and no strikes. jim leyland, i tell you. >> joe: there's a strike. [ applause ] the crowd lets alburquerque hear their appreciation. >> joe: there is another.
5:48 pm
[ applause ] >> tim: fastball, good slider for the first two strikes of the inning. so six straight balls and now two straight strikes. >> joe: check swing. alburquerque, gets out of it. leyland stayed with the young right-hander. and alburquerque leaves the bases loaded. time to stretch. >> tim: that is a lot of courage shown by jim leyland. >> joe: 3-2. rangers on top. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ engines roar ] ♪
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> joe: tonight's game sponsored by "j. edgar" from director clint eastwood in theaters november 11. and by liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? tonight's aerial coverage brought to you by directv. if you call yourself a sports fan, you've got to get directv. good game. again. limited offense. again. good pitching. and now ogando for his second inning of work. ball one. low and away to peralta, who homered last night. santiago and inge the next two hitters. 3-2, in the bottom of the seventh. ball two.
5:52 pm
ogando pitched around the lead-off walk last inning. darren oliver, the left-hander getting loose. kind of. >> joe: ball three. on deck a switch-hitter. >> tim: a good hitting position for a good fastball hitter. peralta with a home run in last night's game on a first pitch fastball. >> joe: took it. 94. 3-1. >> tim: he is not going to take this one if it's in the zone.
5:53 pm
>> joe: a full count. >> joe: now milwaukee puts up two in the top of the second. so a lot of runs in st. louis. in game three. 97 from ogando. still 3-2. bases loaded. albuquerque got out of it. his rebooks. and the starter for rick porcello. >> tim: yeah, two of those runs are porcello's. >> joe: 3-2. in the air to right. cruz is back on the track. one out.
5:54 pm
that will bring in ramon santiago. the geico in-game box score, santiago digs his way in. detroit has a two-run double from miguel cabrera. the only rbis of the night for detroit. they have only three hits. total against the starter harrison in five innings. otherwise, nothing from this tiger offense. strike one. >> joe: we're in the seventh. 3-2, texas. quickly 0-2 on santiago.
5:55 pm
>> joe: the difference in this game right now is the error on the pickoff throw by porcello, followed by the two-out rbi hit by michael young. still 0-2 on santiago. that came in a three-run sixth for texas who entered that inning down 2-nothing. >> tim: to give you an idea how deep the texas pitching staff is, ogando is relieving and he was an all-star as a starter. >> joe: a reliever last year and set-up man. as the rangers got to the world series and lost in five to thets. >> joe: it is getting late. we came in talking about the importance of this game. verlander looming for tomorrow. and the rangers lead by one.
5:56 pm
away, 2-2. >> joe: on the inside corner. two down. >> tim: boy, that was a tight, nasty slider. right at the knees on the inside corner. watch it drop. to get santiago. there is that release. slider spin. gets him. now inge does not hit a lot of home runs anymore. a couple of seasons with 27. that power dropped off. he hit three this season.
5:57 pm
takes a strike. 98. ogando this post season, eight innings, two hits, nine strike-outs. opponenting hitting .077 against him. strike two. >> the odds are that inge is not going to pull a ball down the third base line, but adrian beltre playing him on the line to prevent a double. it would be very unusual for him to pull ogando. >> joe: here is a fly ball in to left. back at the wall. this game is tied. >> tim: unbelievable. >> joe: and inge is going deep to tie it. [ cheers & applause ]
5:58 pm
>> joe: the longest tenure tiger just turned around a 98-mile-per-hour fastball. >> tim: no ball, two strikes. tie game. you got to figure it's the biggest hit of his life. and theirs. >> joe: the first run that ogando has given up in the post season. they love this guy. 34 years old. he accepted an assignment to triple-a this year when the tigers picked up betemit. he wanted to stay. he didn't have to accept the minor league assignment. he did. he went down there and hit well when he came back. .278 the rest of the regular
5:59 pm
season. and rick porcello gets a hug from the latest hero. brandon inge. jackson grounds to beltre. for game four. how about this series? rangers up two games to one. and because of this, off the bat of brandon inge, we go to the eighth inning. tied at 3. [ male announcer ] succeeding in today's market requires more than wishful thinking. it requires determination and decisive action. i go to e-trade and get unbiased analyst ratings and 24/7 help from award-winning customer support to take control of my finances and my life. i tap into the power of revolutionary mobile apps. to trade wherever. whenever. life isn't fully experienced sitting idly by. neither is investing. [ birds chirping ]


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