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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 12, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> joe: how about that matchup? ogando on the right. inge on the left. inge got them to tie the game in the seventh. hamilton goes after a chang changeup. from benoit. strike one. >> tim: the blue ribbon changeup, too, from benoit. one of the best in the game. >> joe: joaquin benoit takes over for alburquerque. new game. on the outside corner. despite the work, three straight days, benoit with 95-mile-per-hour heat. due to the rain delay, for the start of this game, rather
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than being seen tonight, "x factor" will be seen tomorrow night on fox. all new as contestants learn who their mentors are when they travel to the judges' homes. out of play. so an all new two-hour "the x factor" tomorrow at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central on fox. there are the numbers for benoit. during the regular season. his post season numbers on the bottom. hamilton has done seventh inning or later. >> joe: the 0-2. got under it. fly ball in to center. austin jackson has out number one. it's an 0-4 night for josh hamilton. >> tim: think about that seventh inning.
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as jose valverde warms in the top of the seventh inning, with runners on at first and third. now alburquerque comes in, throws six straight balls. and then three straight strikes as jim leyland stays with him. and then brandon inge with two out, nobody on homers. if there were a man on base, and inge came up joaquin benoit might have -- wilson betemit might have been the next hitter. he is a switch-hitter. alta with a fairy on. hit. [ applause ] two outs. nice dig by cabrera on the other end. >> tim: bare-handed. inge gets out of the way. cabrera gets in the way. man! what a game. >> joe: a good call by the
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fit base umpire, jeff nelso nelson. now beltre. adrian is hitless. struck out, two ground-outs. the bottom of the eighth, two, three and four hitters for detroit. benoit signed that big deal during november. >> joe: right now, this post season, the tigers are getting all their money's worth. out of their right-handed set up reliever. here is 1-0.
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a slider down away to fool beltre. >> tim: he missed with a slider. yep. evens the count. >> joe: two out, nobody on. here comes the 1-1. strike two.
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[ cheering ] >> joe: good swing by beltre but late. 96. the fans have been in here for a long time. preparing for a 4:19 start. it's almost 10 after 9:00. >> joe: 2-2.
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in over 14cities. verizo built so you can rule the air. by --tonight's game is >> joe: mike adams takes over. adams was the winner in that 11-inning game two in arlington. we go to the bottom of the eighth, tied 3-3.
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ogando two innings, one run on one hit. home run by inge. two strike-out, one walk. first up. raburn. >> joe: adams picked up at the deadline from san diego. john daniels added to his bullpen. >> joe: here is a 1-0. it looks like vavlerde will come on in the ninth inning. he is still getting loose. he has been warming for a while now. don't forget that big weapon
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that the rangers have in their pen in neftali feliz. >> joe: 2-1. >> tim: about a week before the deal was made, the rangers traded for adams, the rumor was, and a pretty strong rumor is that heath bell would be the padres trade and not adam. kind of surprised a lot of people. adams ended up with the range rangers. >> joe: the count goes to 3-1. with a big bat of miguel cabrera on deck. and then victor martinez.
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rangers lead two games to one. game four tied at three. >> joe: to the one away. we look ahead to tomorrow, game five of the alcs. at 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific, that's when we come on the air here on fox. game four in st. louis on tbs. 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. that will be losche and wolf in that game. wll have the pleasure of watching justin verlander and c.j. wilson here tomorrow afternoon. how about this? they are going to
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intentionally walk miguel cabrera with one out and nobody on here in the eighth. >> tim: i wouldn't do that. ron washington is. in this ballpark, if he mops one out, maximum effort, not saying he can't do it. he has 30 home runs in the seon. i wouldn't do that. >> joe: wel putting the go-ahead run on with victor martinez and delmon young coming up. >> tim: remember last night, with runners on at first and third, we talked about second base being open. victor martinez, victor martinez v-mart has the teammates call him, witith that oblique back pull. he was on deck.
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and he's on deck again. >> joe: and now he is at the plate. cabrera lashed and doubled down the rightfield line in that at-bat. it put the tigers on top for good. >> tim: there has been two gutsy moves by both managers. jim leyland sticking with alburquerque. and now ron washington walking cabrera with one out, nobody on. >> joe: miguel cabrera with a small lead. he is not going anywhere.
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victor martinez at the plate. >> ball one, inside. >> tim: outfield is playing no double defense, the no-double defense for outfielders means that the outfielders doesn't necessarily have to plan to pull or anything like that. they are straightaway but they play about five feet deeper than they would normally play. for a power hitter like victor martinez. >> joe: strike one. good pitch. insiginside corner.
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>> joe: one ball, one strike. one on, one out. >> joe: to the right side and through it. and now miguel cabrera after the intentional walk is 90 feet away. >> tim: not only is cabrera walked intentionally, but the first baseman michael young is
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holding cabrera on. and that allows the ball to go through, cabrera to go to third. >> joe: a big hit by victor martinez. and the intentional walk has come back to haunt the texas rangers. who knows what miguel cabrera would have done, but your point is in this big ballpark, yes, he homered last night, but to put the go-ahead run on with one out in the eighth inning and victor martinez coming up. now the situation first and third, one out. and delmon young, who told his manager jim leyland he was able to go today, with his strained oblique is up in the key spot. >> tim: wow!
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>> joe: the majority of the regular season, victor martinez made opponents pay for intentional walks to miguel cabrera. no bigger spot than right here. he is trying to make the rangers pay dearly in the eighth. >> joe: delmon young. strike one. since september 4, victor martinez hit .411. after the opposition intentional walked miguel cabrera. >> tim: i think delmon young is going to see that slider, two ethat,, four more times from adams. >> joe: he couldn't get it with ogando. he struck out on three pitches. this one is down and away. one ball, one strike.
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the new supply of baseballs to the home plate umpire on this cold, damp night. >> joe: strike two. >> tim: that was hittable. that was over the plate. and not away. kind of a back-up slider. outside part of plate.
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and i'm sure delmon wishes that he had that pitch back. >> joe: in the air to right. cabrera will come in and cruz comes up throwing. here is the play at the plate. with that we are tied going in to the ninth. >> tim: one of the great right-field arms in the game. nelson cruz. a bullet strike.
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talking to jim leyland, he talked about the workload on benoit but he is back out there for another inning. juaqquin two nights ago, as the defensive change happened with raburn going right to left, don kelly in game at right. benoit went a an 1-2/3 inning on monday in arlington, went two-thirds last night and will try to go two here tonight. first up is napoli who hung on, on that throw from nelson cruz. good fastball for a strike. >> tim: it's so hard to hold on to, as you look at neftali feliz warming up. it's so hard to hold on, because you don't know where the runner is. on throws from right-field, you are blinded. >> joe: napoli tossed one down the third baseline foul.
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strike two. a.j. pierzynski is with us. what did you see on the play at the plate? >> a.j.: first, unbelievable throw from nelson cruz. right on line. watch mike napoli and watch him prepare and get his feet out of the ground. right there. prepare and lesso lessen the blw from cabrera. he knew he could only run him over. he hangs on his knees and gets him on the ground before he hits him. >> tim: well put. like a jockey getting on a horse. >> joe: and here is miguel cabrera preparing for that collision at the plate in kind of a glancing blow. these two used to work out together. >> tim: that's right in fort lauderdale. >> a.j.: only a glancing blow because mike napoli did a good job trying to move. he made cabrera whiff right there, second slider away from the bat. he throws it away from miguel cabrera. >> joe: thank you, a.j. here comes the 0-2 pitch. that is a foul ball.
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still 0-2. so just to say again, mike napoli and miguel cabrera a couple of off seasons ago worked out together in fort lauderdale and they just had the collision at the plate to keep it 3-3 in the bottom of the eighth. napoli has a hit. popped 30 home runs in the regular season, tied for the tenth most in the a.l. >> joe: the crowd got frustrated with the length of time it took napoli to get back to the plate after that tall rolled foul down third base line.
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and now he is getting out. and benoit is stepping off. here is the 0-2. again. from the right-hander. and again, a foul ball. napoli to nelson cruz, who has been hitting hero. for the rangers in this alcs on deck. and then david murphy. avila, peralta, and santiago. for the tigers in the bottom of this night. >> tim: the fame is fleeting. for the time being, nelson cruz is a throwing hero. >> joe: a perfect one-hop strike. to get cabrera.


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