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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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eight hours after train accidents and more than a dozen people in the hospital, investigators still on scene, i will tell you what may have led up to the accident. we're live in oakland hills, firefighters are retracing their steps, trying to learn from and teach others about that horrible day. extending free trade around the world. the move in washington, dc that could create hundreds of thousands of jobs. and a big meeting today for the berkeley hikers detained in iran. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, october 13th.
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gabe clark has the day off. >> i'm pam cook. let's get a look at the forecast. temperatures 40s, 50s, 60s. we'll end up in the 80s and upper 80s inland. lots of sunshine and warmer than yesterday. traffic is moving well in san francisco. you can see it's moving nice on 101. it's 6:01. let's go back to the test. more than a dozen people are hurt after a crash between two amtrak trains right near the oakland station. it happened before 10:00 last night in jack london square. ktvus' paul came we ares is on on the scene with what happened and how train service is affected. a lot has happened in the last 15 minutes. they actually put one of the
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locomotives beacon the track. they put the other one on and it's sitting there. about two hours ago, the train headed to seattle also left the station. now we can take a look at video. this is what they were doing. this is the crane they used to reroute the train. now, here's a look at the point of impact. amtrak officials say around 10:00 last night the starlight train was struck by the san joaquin train. now, amtrak officials are telling us the accident is under investigation, and they're giving us little details about the incident. but they did tell oakland fire department more. >> the other train was traveling from san joaquin to bakersfield. the rain that was moving ran a red signal, according to amtrak representative.
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>> now, 17 people were injured. we actually caught up with one man who was on the train. here's what he had to say. >> she was standing up near the front and it knocked here clear back on her back back to me. i picked her up and got her on her feet and her hip was hurt. >> there were reports of 17 injuries to passengers that were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries. >> it's unclear when amtrak service will resume, although they have a shuttle service to nearby stations. this month marks the 20th 20th anniversary of the oakland hills fire storm. ktvu's reporter karen moriaritys that story. >> next thursday is the actual anniversary of the oakland hills fire.
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they're going to do a a reenactment. you can see it simulates a burned out building. there are plaquards spread out that explain how we can prevent fires in the future. now, the oakland hills fire killed 25 people, injured 150, burned thousands of homes, and charred more than 1500-acres. high winds caused the fire to hopscotch over two freeways, causing $1.5 billion in damage. now, challenges still exist. there are's winding narrow roads, vegetation in the burn area has grown back. some of the things they will get across today, how to limit fire exposure, the importance of an evacuation plan for your family, and the steps needed for recovery in the wake of a
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catastrophe. that will be happening at 10:00 this morning. we'll be on board and bring it to you on our news at noon. i'm karen moriarity. right now the stage is set for president obama and fort first lady michelle obama. president obama is spending the entire day with the south korea president. they will normally sign the free trade agreement that congress passed last night. lawmakers also proved free trade agreements with panama and columbia. we're going to have reports from our washington, dc newsroom with how the white house says the agreements agreements will help. we're learning more about a
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plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the united states. they believe iranian leaders approved the plan or at least knew about it. they determined the assassination plot was serious when they discovered a down payment to set the plan in motion. diane feinstein says this could be threats to saudi, israeli, and american ambassadors overseas. secretary of state hillary clinton will meet today with the berkeley hikers that were detained in tehran. they sent two years in a tehran prison. sarah shourd was released a year ago. theysay they were arrested because they were americans. a 1-month-old baby girl is reunited with her mother. ktvu news cameras were the only
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ones there last night when the newborn was returned safe and sound. we watched a a tan suv pulled up and there was a little girl secured safely inside. neighbors reported a domestic disturbance and a gunshot at home on lyndon street. a man that has ties to the baby fired the shot before grabbing the baby and fleeing the scene. police are now searching for that man. brian harrison has stepped down as ceo of solyndra. according to new documents, harrison left as scheduled, but the company is not offering any more details than that. he let so solyndra for a little more than a year. they want to replace him with nielson. charging to park on a holiday that used to be free is bringing major revenue to san francisco. in july of last year the city started charging for street
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parking on memorial day, fourth of july, labor day, and veteran's day. this led to 72% more parking citations than normal and brought in an average of $181,000 on just those four days. right now the only holidays you can part for free in san francisco are thanksgiving, christmas, and new year's day. >> three holidays. >> that's pretty much what we get. >> pam, i think i've been here on christmas with you. >> i've worked on christmas. we don't get that sometimes. the news goes on. >> and i'm happy to be employed here. good morning. if you're going to your job, a little conversation with people, judging by the traffic we've had, people are going somewhere. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we've had crowded days here at the toll plaza. people going to work, going to school, at least that's what we hope no. major problems getting into the city, but once they turn those lights on, you're going to see
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a bigger delay. that's in about ten minutes. your window of time to get to the plaza without delays is beginning to close on you. let's go to 101, san francisco, that traffic looks good. this morning's commute in san jose, this is another thing. we've seen pretty big backups, especially getting in and out of the cupertino. i realize apple has a lot of campus there is, but we've had complaints from people. give yourself extra time this morning around 7:30 or so it starts getting heavy. well, mostly clear, there are higher clouds, a lot of those taking aim. it's another day where we're warming temperatures up. san francisco, 60, 72,ty.
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82. it's not that strong. most locations locations are calm. i'm thinking all the observations, it's 6:00. there's not much calm there. temperatures continue to climb up. probably top out tomorrow and then see a little cool down into the weekend, more so on sunday. it will still be dry. system that's off to the west will take its very sweet time getting there. 40s and 50s, pinier high school. just heard from ron, west santana rosa. fairfield is 51. a little warmer, running two to four degrees warmer. still some low 60s in the city. also at oakland and mountain view, not much of a breeze anywhere. now, draw your attention. these clouds will lift off. it's a morning event more than anything else. i know it doesn't look like much, but it's going to tap into that and wobble towards us, but not until next week. until then, we have a dry
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pattern. fair and warmer. the breeze is out of this direction. temperatures warming up across the board. 84 martinez, we'll go 85 san jose. 86 saratoga. 84 in sandoval cruz and 84 redwood city. looks good to go. warm on friday. then nice for your weekend. a little bit cooler, especially sunday and monday. well, the man accused of a celebrity hack attack speaks out. >> i know what i did was probably one of the worst invasions of privacy. >> we'll hear why he says he did it. >> it was the deadliest single incident in afganistan. what caused the crash of a helicopter in august that killed 38 people, including 17 seals. >> and don't forget our morning team has a facebook page. you can find news updates and send us messages and story ideas. we love the updates. join us on our facebook page.
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welcome back to the morning news. it's now 6:14. after a yearlong investigation into a celebrity hacking scandal, the fbi got the break they were looking for. yesterday they arrested christopher cheney of florida. he's accused of hacking into the e-mails of 50 people,
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including scarlet johansson and christine ya aguilera. >> it started as curiousty. the fbi says cheney did research and essentially guessed the password to their e- mail accounts. he set them to forward all e- mails to his account. he was charged with identity theft and other crimes. if convicted, he faces up to 121 years in prison. a change in tactics in the case of dr. conrad murray. they now say they're abandoning their theory that michael jackson swallowed the lethal dose of propofol. a commission showed if jackson had taken the propofol himself, the results would have been trivial. now they're suggesting he may have injected himself with the
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drug. yesterday a cardiologist took the stand. he said regardless of the drugs administered, dr. murray was not prepared. >> he did not call 11 on time. if these deviations would not have happened, mr. jackson would have been alive. >> during his testimony, that cardiologist also said dr. murray bungled attempts to revive jackson and he's the only person he's heard of that administered propofol to help someone sleep. a full day of talks between the president of south korea and president obama. they'rethey --
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president obama and the first lady will great president lee and his wife. the two leaders have developed a close relationship and are expected to say in comments that the new trade deal that passed congress last night will improve the economy of both countries. it will reduce exports. critics including labor group worry that it will lead to more out sourcing of jobs. president obama is also hosting a state dinner for the south korean president tonight. you see president obama and first lady michelle obama walking now outside getting ready for this arrival ceremony. we'll have more live coverage throughout the morning. we're live in washington, dc, allison burns, ktvu channel 2
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news. the crash of an american military helicopter in august was caused by a rocket propelled grenade. 17 navy seals lied in that accident of 38. a second person has died from last week's helicopter crash in a new york city river. the chopper carrying a pilot and four tourists crashed into the east river just moments after takeoff. one woman was killed on impact. a second woman died yesterday. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. >> people in east pa low alto are angry about a car accident that killed a little girl. and they packed into a meeting last night. some people demanded to know why the driver has not been arrested. two weeksing a car hit and killed a six-year-old girl in a crosswalk. the teacher has previous traffic citations, including driving while talking on a cell
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phone. next week, the district attorney is expected to decide if the driver who hit and killed her will face criminal charges. more than a dozen laptops are missing from a mill valley elementary school this morning. someone broke in on monday and stole 20 apple mac books from the library. it appears the door was pried open. the theft comes less than three months after laptops from another mill valley school were also stolen. >> if you missed a new episode of x factor, you will have the night to catch it. rain in detroit delayed the game between the texas rangers and detroit tigers. instead the new episode called judge's home part one can be seen at 8:00 tonight on ktvu. the second part will air sunday night, also at 8:00. all right. 6:19 is the time. back over to sal to check in on
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traffic. all right. things are getting busy year in some of the key areas. we talked about the toll plaza and 880. they get busy and stay this way through the rest of the commute. soon you will see the middle fast track lanes starting to bunch up. also, the morning commute looks pretty good in oakland on 880 and on 580 westbound. again, this is your window to get out there before anything major happens. and if you are driving in the south bay, the traffic continues to look good. i'm looking at my list of things. i want to remind you that amtrak service in and out of jack london square has been suspended because of a low speed train collision. there's the bus bridge instead. we'll have more on that coming up. there's no estimated time there. at 6:20, let's go to steve.
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>> mostly fair out there. i say there's higher clouds, but i think it will be more for the morning hours. low 80s yesterday. mid-80s today. everybody continues to go up and over. low 50s to low 60s, temperatures cool to mild. it won't take long to warm up. see that dropping straight down. that's going to maybe come in around tuesday night or wednesday. until then, high clouds and return of fog on the weekend. not much of a breeze, but what's there is out of the east and north. 70s and 80s. some pushing the upper 80s and the extended out look shows warmer on friday. still very nice on the weekend. it will start to cool down a little bit, but i think you will notice it on sunday and take it into monday. >> well, it should be a little easier to install apple's new
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operating system. apple's website was swamped. the morning realty track reports the number of u.s. homes receiving first time default notices jumped 14% in the last three months, compared to the spring. here in the bay area we've been talking about the fall notices actually dropping 7%. more women in the united states are not having children. how much the numbers have changed since the recession, and which state had the biggest drop in birthrates. and this building fire caused a million dollars in damage. we have good news about that boy we talked about whose bike was stolen. good morning, san mateo bridge traffic looking good. key areas in the commute are already getting slow. [ male announcer ] one-hundred-nineteen data points.
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this is what we can gather from an ordinary crash test dummy. two million data points. this is what we can gather from a lexus crash test genius. [ engine revving ] when you pursue industry-leading safety, you don't just engineer breakthroughs in simulation technology, you engineer amazing. ♪ welcome back. we have good news to report on the high school student that had his bike stolen. yesterday morning someone returned the custom built bike. it had been stolen last week. last year he was hit by a car
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and is still unable to walk. that's why he needs the bike. it helps him get around, and he rides it to his physical therapy appointments. a supermarket owner is being awarded for his bravery during a fire. he ran into a burning building last month. he knocked on doors, warning tenants about the fire, and no one was injured. it was a big fire. the board of supervisors will present him with the award next tuesday. >> crime concerns have residents seeking answers from police. a community meeting was held last night to address a rash of daytime burglaries. there have been 23 since september 1st. residents said they're keeping their eyes out and they're being advised to lock their doors and windows. >> we have leads about vehicles and suspects you are but at this time we can't release it because we're still working it.
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>> ktvu news were told that burglaries are committed by people from outside the city. police are conducting before street patrols. many of the burglaries have been in the city's hilly neighborhoods. people can get a free flu shot today at a drive-through clinic. doctor's medical center is offering free vaccinations. all people ages nine and older are welcome. pregnant women are advised to see their doctors. now, the drive through clinic will take place between 2:30 and 6:30 today. birthrates in the united states went down in the u.s. in 2007 when the recession began, there were 69 births per thousand women ages 15 to 24. in 2010 it dropped to 64,000.
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arizona had the biggest birthrate decline, down 7%. 6:27 is the time right now. a crash between two amtrak trains in oakland, more than a dozen people are hurt and an accident is still affecting train service this morning. >> also from oakland, why a woman who had just been shot got into a car and drove to another part of town. >> we'll take you live to wall street where the opening bell is about to ring. we'll tell you what traders are keeping an eye o. switched to the most highly recommended bed in america. it's not a sealy, a simmons or a serta. ask me about my tempur-pedic, do you know there's a tempur-pedic for everybody? tempur-pedic beds now come in soft, firm and everything in between. ask me how i can finally sleep all night. to learn more or to find an authorized retailer near you visit tempur-pedic, the most highly recommended bed in america.
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welcome back. they're bringing the opening bell. they're celebrating a couple of doggy's there. they're ringing the bell on the nasdaq. lots of things traders are keeping an eye on, including
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corporate earnings. j.p. morgan down for the quarter but not as bad as was expected. trade with china is up. we're watching for the european union, trying to secure the bank there is. we'll have the complete business news in just a moment. thanks for joining us. it's thursday, october 13th. time now is 6:30. updating our top stories, more than a dozen people were injured after a crash between two amtrak trains in oakland. it happened near webster in jack london square. paul chambers is live on scene and now the crash will affect train service this morning. paul? >> good morning, mike. within the last 45 minutes they used a crane to put it back on its tracks. crews are out here investigating what's going on. we caught up with a passenger
6:32 am
last night who was saying it was a scary accident. one man felt a jolt at the collision. >> she was standing up near the front and knocked her clear back on her back, back to me. i picked her up and got her on her feet. her hip was hurt. >> now, here's video of crews using the lift to move it out of the way so they can continue their investigation. now, a point of impact. amtrak officials say around 10:00 last night it all went down. it's coast starlight train that runs from los angeles to seattle was stopped at the station at jack london when it was struck by the san joaquin trn. now, amtrak officials are not telling us much about the accident other than it's under investigation. they did tell oakland fire department a little more. >> the other train was traveling to bakersfield, traveling 15 to 20 miles per hour. the train that was moving ran a
6:33 am
red signal, according to amtrak representative. >> the amtrak has not said when service will resume in the area. they do have a bus shuttle. they had a train go through here in the last ten minutes. i'm going to check out to figure out what was going on. it's not the train that was involved. i'm trying to figure out what happened here. when i find it, i will bring you the latest about the commute and what's going on. live, paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. arson investigators are trying to determine who started an early morning fire in oakland. that started just after 3:30 in a vacant home on 73rd avenue. it appears the fire was set on purpose because a suspicious liquid astound in some of the bedrooms. the fire was quickly put out and damage to the home is minor. a woman was shot in oakland
6:34 am
just a few hours ago, but police say the victim is making it difficult for them to investigate the attack. ktvu's kraig debro has the sorry. >> reporter: a lot of unanswered questions this morning. police did tell me on scene that the victim is not cooperating. this all started around 4:15. police told me on the scene, in addition to police information we did have information from the scanner that a woman had been shot at 69th and international, actually a couple blocks east of international. we learned she had been shot one in the shoulder and once in the ankle. after being shot, she hopped in a vehicle and drove 101st and macarthur. police told me they believed her brother lived over there because her brother was the one that ended up calling police and ambulances to the scene. they took her to a hospital to get her wounds treated.
6:35 am
but, again, she's not cooperating with police. they were going to the hospital to try to speak to the woman again. i'm going to make a call as well to see if i can get more details. there will soon be a new person in charge. jean quan is expected to announce her choice for interim police which i have after batts departs. many believe it will go to howard jordan who has worked as interim police chief in the past. >> my assumption, it's a mayoral decision. my assumption is she'll put a deputy chief in acting for a while to calm everything down. >> so far jordan declined to comment. chief batts announced his resis neigh on tuesday after the
6:36 am
council failed to adopt a plan he supported. the rocky relationship with mayor quan played a role in his decision to resign. protesters are gearing up for another round of demonstrations today. yesterday, police arrested nearly a dozen antiwall street protesters outside of wells fargo headquarters. today they plan to rally outside the palace hotel downtown, that's where a two- day education summit run by jeb bush's nonprofit. protests were also held in bay area suburbs. it is a look at downtown san rafael where people rallied outside of bank of america. demonstrate you ares also rallied in walnut creek and palo alto. occupy richmond plans to hold a
6:37 am
march today. a shooter has been identified in seal beach. 42-year-old scott evans decree walked into salon percentage yesterday afternoon. that's when he killed six people and seriously injuring three others. two of them died later at the hospital. he's an ex-husband of a woman who works in the salon. >> a vigil will be held in san jose tonight for mark munoz. he was one of three people killed in last week's quarry shooting. about 500 people attended a funeral yesterday for another victim, 48-year-old manuel panot. he had two loves, his family, and the 49ers. relatives say they're having a difficult time coping with his death. to make matters worse, he leaves behind a wife that's battling cab ser.
6:38 am
according to a new poll, there's a new front runner for the republicans candidate. two new languages will be coming to alameda county polling places. the last census showed a substantial number of vietnamese and people who spicate gala. so it will now show up on elections material. david mcdonald said his department will have to translate ballots, sample ball lots. -- -- ballots. the commute is getting busier now. that's about a 15 to 20 minute delay.
6:39 am
also, traffic in other spots of the bay. 880, the traffic here is going to be slow. if you're driving on 8880 northbound toward downtown oakland, you will see some slow traffic at you get up closer, but it's not that major just yet. if you're driving on the commute on the peninsula, highway 101, it looks pretty good. yesterday i was talking to someone that said many of the people who work at companies in the silicon valley, apple, whatever, they drive from san francisco. a lot of people live in san francisco and work and do the long commute along 101 and 280. i always appreciate information like this. what is your commute? we're watching out for you here. at 6:39, we're also watching out for your forecast. what can people wear today? here's steve. we do have higher clouds over us. cool to mild on the lows. it's going to be sunny, warm, few high clouds towards the north bay.
6:40 am
overall we're look for a dry pattern. the clouds will be here and start to lift north and clear the area. we'll start you off at 60 and 72 at noon and top you out at 82. sunny, warm degrees. lots of sun. some high clouds. any breeze tends to favor an easterly direction. it all translates into a warmer pattern that takes us into friday and it's still all right on the weekend. you can make your plans, but i think we'll see a cool down as we bo into the weekend. it's a very strong -- well, interesting. temperatures are running two to three degrees lower than yesterday. 51, 55 north bay and upper 50s in south bay. believe it or not, this may pay a visit to us but not until tuesday night or wednesday. until then, it will sit out here and be a slow mover.
6:41 am
>> out of the north or out of the east, 70s and 80s. sonoma 85. santa rosa at 86. salcedo, tim mer ron, a beautiful 78. berkeley, 80. hayward at the low 80s. santa cruz at 84. hillsborough, palo alto, san mateo, 72. very warm on friday. still nice weekend in view. we'll see an increase in fog by sunday. >> well, there's a twist in the san francisco mayor's race, investigating allegations of illegal campaign contributions worth more than $11,000. >> nearly 20 years ago a major fire ripped through this area. today we'll tell you what firefighters are doing to learn
6:42 am
from the past. >> good morning. if you're driving on interstate 6680 anytime soon, you will see traffic busier on the way to silicon valley.
6:43 am
i ride muni every day. i enjoy it the most when i'm with sidney. she doesn't notice that it's too crowded or that it can run a half hour late. i'm bevan dufty, and i'm running for mayor because it's not enough to just "get it done"-- we have to get it done better. sidney thinks muni is magic. we go underground and come out someplace new-- just us. i want all of us to see it that way.
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and good morning, everyone. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following now. 17 people suffered my your injuries after two amtrak
6:45 am
trains collided near the oakland station. it happened before 10:00 last night at jack london square. just a few hours ago, one of the trains was moved from the scene. amtrak service this morning is impacted. we'll have a live outlook for you at the top of the hour. a woman believed to be in her 20s was shot in oakland. it happened around 69th avenue and 14th street. her injuries are not life- threatening. police say the victim is not cooperating and they do not have a motive for the attack. and president obama is welcoming the president of south korea to the white house this morning. this is a live picture from in front of the white house. the two leaders will formerly sign the new free trade agreement passed by congress last night. tonight at the white house there will be a state dinner. remembering the oakland hills fire storm. ktvu tara moriarity is where the firefighters are retracing
6:46 am
their steps. >> reporter: there's so many lessons to be learned from the oakland hills fire. this structure actually was built right after the fire. it's an example of what a fire can do and how we can prevent it in the future. fire crews from station seven are staging a renabbingment at 10 this morning. 20 years ago, october 19th, it was the wind that was a major problem. >> people have to leave. they've got the leave their cars here. leave your cars, walk. >> i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: now, if this fire was looked at in terms of alarm assignment, it will be equivalent to a 107 alarm fire. winds were gusting at 107 miles an hour. it destroyed one home every 11 seconds. 25 people were killed, including a firefighter and
6:47 am
police officer. thousands of homes burnt to the ground, more than 1500-acres destroyed. it caused a bill and a half dollars worth of damage. now, as many as 1500 firefighters worked to extinguish the flames. today we'll learn about the troubles that still exist. they will also be letting us take a ride along with them at 10:00. we'll let you know what things you can do to your home to prevent it from going up in flames. i'm tara moriarity. ktvu news. let's check in with sal on traffic this morning. >> reporter: that's pointing towards the 980 interchange. we want to go right to it. you can see it. if someone would be kind enough in the control room, or michelle michelle, maybe you can show what we're looking at here. we're going with this live. this is breaking news in
6:48 am
oakland right now at 6:47. it's a building in the 3700 block of west street. fire crews arrived just a few moments ago, said this is a legit working fire. we have a crew on the way. you can see it's fully involved here and they're calling more open fire crews to the scene. they're actually expanding their call to a lot of fire people. they're being woken up and the alarms are going off. they do have fire on it, it appears. we're all over it. we have a crew on the way. there we go. it's a building fire in oakland. we'll let you know more. okay. let's move along and see if we can do a little bit of -- let's go back to mike. >> thanks for the update on the breaking news in oakland. there's a new front runner among the republican candidates, herman cain ranks at the top of the new nbc news
6:49 am
poll with 27%. mitt romney comes in second with 23%. rick perry in third. this poll was taken before the latest republican debate on tuesday. san francisco district attorney's office is investigating allegations of illegal campaign contributions to san francisco mayor ed lee. investigators will examine the validity of contributions made by airport shuttle. $11,500 in contributions, they were suspicious of the money and returned it. the donations were made just after the company benefitted from an sfo decision on van curb side pickup locations. current city attorney dennis herrera requested that investigation. sal, again, we have news. i was looking at the street view of that area, it looks
6:50 am
like apartment buildings or a business. >> you and i think the same way. whenever we get an address, go right to the street view and look at it. it does look like a residential area, but we do know this is right near the 9980 interchange in oakland and thick black smoke is rising. a lot of oakland fire crews are on the scene. you can see how this cloud, if you're anywhere in the east bay, now you're probably wondering what's going on. we just got a report of this about 15 minutes ago. it's building on fire on west street. when the crews arrived, they saw heavy smoke and flame and immediately declared it a working fire. we're not sure if anyone is injured. we're based in oakland and just minutes away. one of your crews is minutes away. we're going to find out more as you head to the interchange. so far we don't have any major traffic delay reported by this
6:51 am
fire. let's go to the toll plaza. nice pretty sunrise and decent picture of the 15 minute delay. if you're on the peninsula, it's a nice drive heading south to the south bay. >> some of those higher clouds making for and enhancing that sunrise. we do have these in the morning. i think it will clear out to a mostly sunny day and high clouds. overall it's not going to stop temperatures from warming up. we have a lot of temperatures in the 80s after everything is said and done. starting off, 50s and 60s. about two to four degrees warmer for most than 24 hours ago. high clouds coming up from the southwest. there's plenty of cloud cover up there. as it continues to drive northward, it's going to stay that way. we'll tap into that and sit there five or six days. the next sign showing up
6:52 am
welcome tuesday or wednesday. until then, things look dry. i think we'll get an increase in fog by wednesday, it will still be warmer. 8080's today as temperatures get above seasonal averages. still looks good to go for the weekend that's always in view. it will be a little cooler by sunday and monday. thank you, steve. the number of people applying for unemployment benefits did not change this week. applications were down just about 1,000 to 404,000. that number needs to drop below 375,000 and stay there for a sustained period of time to indicate a healthy economy. all right. on the news, let's check in on wall street. live look at the big board, dow jones down almost 100 points this morning. there's a lot of things things weighing on the markets this morning. the european union, whether
6:53 am
they can sustain the bank there is. corporate earnings coming in. most of the reports the morning, dow jones down this morning. the fight to legalize same sex marriage, some folks are asking for a divorce. the new law that will allow couples to split up regardless of where they live. good morning. thick smoke rising from a fire in oakland near the 980 interchange. we'll let you know more about what's going on coming up.
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breaking news in oakland. a building on fire in the area between 580 and 24. fire crews quickly knocked it down. thick black smoke was seen. now we have gray smoke as crews are putting water on the fire. it appears to be some sort of industrial building. the crew has arrived on the scene. not sure if anyone has been injured. this is 3700 block of west street in oakland. thick smoke rising into the oakland skyline. a new california law will allow same same-sex couples to get a divorce even if they live in a separate state. right now they can only get divorced in the state where they were married.
6:57 am
some states say allowing a divorce will constitute the union. now they will be granted a divorce if one is requested. we know sal is keeping an eye on that fire. anything else people should know before they head out the door, sal? >> we're looking at the traffic. the toll plaza, we have kind of a full plate here at the toll plaza. it's backed up for a 20-minute delay. the commute looks good if you're southbound near the coliseum. as we look at the south bay, getting some of that traffic getting into the valley as it has been. it's been pretty crowded there. let's go to steve. high clouds over us, but that's going to lift and move to the north today. temperatures warming up on the coast. we'll take it into friday. upper 80s today and tomorrow and friday, weekend looking good, still nice, still dry, just a little cooler. coming up on mornings on 2,
6:58 am
more than a dozen people are injured after two trains collided in oakland. how the accident is currently affecting train service this morning. also, oakland's police force, news today. stay with us. we'll be right back. e a maxxin. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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