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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  October 16, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> chris: i am chris wallace. there may be more job plans than actual jobs coming out of a divided washington these days. can all sides agree on anything to get america back to work? we'll ask a top republican many democrats blame for block their idea. house majority leadership eric eric cantor. and iran's alleged plot to kill a saudi diplomat here in washington? how should the u.s. respond? is military action likely? we'll discuss what happens with the senate intelligence
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committee, dianne feinstein. and herman cain sooars and mitt romney holds steady and rick perry stumbles. we'll ask our sunday panel where we stand in the gop presidential race . the power player of the week holds the key to our national treasures. all right now on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. with the economy stalled and washington deadlocked we begin today with whether our government will do anything to help get americans back to work? joining us is house majority leader eric cantor who was pushing the republican agenda. welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> guest: good to be here. >> chris: senate obama and democrats said you are the face of republican obstructionism calling you out by name. >> i would like mr. caintor to come down here to dallas and
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explain in the jobs bill does he not public in. >> chris: we'll get into what you oppose in a moment. but speaking generally. how do you feel about eing the new political villian according to the democrats? >> guest: i guess a lot of the folks on the other side of the aisle boils it down to personality. it is not about that. the differences that we have with the president is-based. we know in this town, chris, there is a lot of differences right now. and i think the people of this country want to see us set aside and come together on the things we can agree on. we agree that the economy is wefully we woefully week. we ought to be working on the policies to focus on small
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businesses. and that's what we are doing going forward. >> chris: we'll look at the president's job's plan blocked in the senate this week. $245 billion in tax cuts in incentives and new spendog infrastructure and aid to states and 62 billion and aid to the unemployed. what is wrong with that plan? >> guest: the plan was met with a lot of resistance on both sides of the aisle when the president unveiled it in september. when the president poke let's work together and stop the all or nothing. we'll not be for tax increases on small businesses. the senate killed the bill this week. we said since the beginning when the president came to my district. i said mr. president we want to work with you. this is our plan here for job creators. we have 12 bills sitting on the
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senate and things that the president believes in let's work together and find thing in his plan that we agree with and do that for the american people. >> chris: we'll get to the republican plan and i agree there is a plan and we'll get to it in the moment. and you say there are parts of the obama plan that you can support. >> guest: we passed three trade bilse that are over five years in the making and a three percent with holding bill that we will bring up in the next week to help small businesses with the way they run their business. the president said he supports small businesses to acess capitol and funding so they can grow and create jobs. he talks about unemployment insurance reform. when we were in the minority leader boehner and i went to the president.
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we can do these things and let's work together and set asid the all or nothing approach that the president goes out and campaigns about. >> chris: talk about the big parts of the obama plan. 100 billion in new spending on roads, bridges and schools. for or against it? >> guest: we believe in the infrastructure spending in the country. but the president has gone and found bridges and roads and said this is why we need speppeding. that reminds people that the stimulus bill that he created and passed didn't address the problems. there is a reason. process of approvals is so weighed down and burrcratic tape is so thick you can't create jobs. we want to do the process to get shovel ready jobs and the money that they need. absolutely. >> chris: if you could get the
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repermitting and taking the red tape would you go for $100 billion in new infrastructure spending. >> guest: when states have money, they come from the federal programs, they are required to set aside 10 percent of those funds for projects that are not priorits. bypass and others that are nice things but the infrastructure of the country needs to be dealt with. yes, we are for infrastructure spending but it is about reforming the system so we are not throwing good money after bad to get the job done. >> chris: what about the alabama plan for laying off teachers and firefighters. >> guest: this is the type of programs that the president advocated in the stimulus program. i think the country understands that washington doesn't create jobs. we believe in private enterprise
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and the way you get the economy growing again is a focus on the business. starting with the entrepreneur making a decision to invest time and money to create jobs and ongoing concern. we need that kind of activity. that is priority right now. we saw what happened with the stim tim money. much went to the states and it sustained jobs for about a year and then the states were faced about with billions in debt. >> chris: i get the sense and forgive me if i am wrong that you don't want to be portrayed as an obstructionist. yeah, we want to business but you basiclyy oppose the obama plan. >> guest: oppose raising taxes on small business. >> chris: but the plan is on millionaires and billionaires. we are talking about people make over a million a year.
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>> guest: when i spoke to a small businesswoman who she said why are you talking about raising taxes in washington? because i want to be a successful people. but why do you go in and take away the kind of hope that i have to be successful? we know in this country there is a complaint on the folks on the top end of the income scale that they make too much and folks on the end don't make enough. we need to encourage those on the top of the income scale to create more jobs. we are about income mobility and that's what we should be focused on to take care of the income disparity. >> chris: let's talk about the republican plan. the president said the republicans don't have a income
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plan. you have it right there. the house introduced a job's plan last may and let's break it down. review and roll back costly reg and cut top corporate and individual tax rate to 25 percent. and cut trillions in spending. why is that better? >> guest: we have seen the other way doesn't work and the stim tim bill that the president put forward in the beginning of the term did not reach the promises that he made. there are too many people unemployed. we believe in private enterprise and small business. we want the president to work with us. we want him to stop campaign stop and find the things that are in common with this plan and his. we'll take portions of this plan and put them across the floor to help small businesses. >> chris: here's the issue, the president points out moody's
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analytics scored his plan and figured at what impact it would have and add 1.9 million jobs and grow the economy two percent. and he issued this challenge, listen. >> show us the republican jobs plan that independent economist indicate would be put back to work. >> chris: congressman cantor do you have an independent analysis to this plan? >> guest: first of all the moody's economist. he predicted that the stimulus program would keep unemployment from rising above eight percent. we raise questions. >> chris: in fairness. he was an economic advoysor to jane mccain and a lot of the private if i weres say one
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percent or two percent that it would have stimulus affect. do you have independent scoring of your plan? >> guest: we put forward a plan, our budget and we had independent congressional office scoring which did several things. talking about the fact that our plan dealt with the one crisis bringing down the debt and deficit over six trillion and talked about the ability for our plan to grow new jobs, yes. we have that kind of analysis. >> chris: but you don't on the job's plan? >> guest: it is taking pieces and saying we have to provide incentive for the private sector to grow. look at the facts, chris. since the president has taken office. there is 1.6 million jobs lost in the private sector net. we have seen the fact that seven
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and half million foreclosures during the presidency term. his economic plans are not working. that's why we are trying to say we have to change directions here and focus on private enterprise and small business. and we have to get the entrepreneurs back in the game. and that's our game. >> chris: let me point out what mark zanbee. he is chief economist at moody's this is what he said about your proposals. generally good longer term policy but will not mean much for the job and economy for the next year. >> guest: there is a lot of dispute about his predictions because of the results of the stimulus plan that he lauded. >> chris: the agreement is simply, if you don't have a lot of immediate spending. it didn't work well in stimulus one, but the argument is if you
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don't have immediate spending and tax relief, you will not stimulate jobs in the short term. cutting taxes and is good long term but not short term. >> guest: we believe the best way to provide incentives and we are for tax relief for small business and believe with the president that that is what we can prived entrepreneurs right now. hopefully the president will agree to work with us. finally now, he is talking about joining us in the incremental approaches rather than the plann in the senate. >> chris: i have two minutes and two questions. congress's so-called super committee has over a month. the dead lean for 1.2 trillion in deficit reduction. do you think they will be able to work out a deal and avoid the
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automatic triggers that include 600 billion in more pentagon cuts? >> guest: yes, i think the joint selection committee will be successful in getting the cuts. in fact, chris. i served on the biden discussions and to the vice-president's credit it was that committee that produced the blueprint in giving the basis of the cuts. >> chris: you are committed. >> guest: we can't fail. there has to be success here. >> chris: finally your remarks about occupy wall street. here they are. >> guest: i for one increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying wall street and other cities across the country. >> chris: congressman do you stand by that comment on the mobs. and what do you think about the
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white house and democrats trying to harness the energy and movement here as part of the reelection effort? >> guest: more important than my use of the word is that there is a growing frustration country and it is warranted. too many people are out of work. i am most concerned, we have elected leaders that are joining in the effort to blame others rather than focus on the policiless that have brought about the current situation. when you hear of the democrat elected leaders joining in, blaming parts was our economy and society, versus, let's take some of the credit and we'll blame here in washington. these are policies they put in place and a lot can be done here in this town to turn the economy around and against income mobility and not go in and -- we
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want success for everybody. >> chris: congressman cantor thank you for come nothing and it is always a pleasure to talk with you. up next, iran's alleged plot to murder a diplomat in washington. we'll talk to chairman feinstein of the intelligence committee when we come back. across the nation over 100,000 miles of highways and bridges are in disrepair. add to that, countless distractions every mile... ♪ ...millions of ill-equipped vehicles... ♪ ...half a million cubic yards of debris... and the 38 million drivers who couldn't pass the driver's exam today. [ horn blares even if road signs actually did make sense. this is why we engineered a car
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>> it was stunning news this week. elements. iranian government plans to assassinate the saudi ambassador
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here in washington . joining us is chairman of the intelligence committee is senator dianne feinstein. you said people still don't believe this. persuade them it was real and answer two questions. how high up in the iranian government did it go and what does it tell you what is going on in terrain. >> guest: i was briefed in the beginning of september. it sounded doubtful because of the cast of characters and the operative was the cuds force department 400 part of the iranian rev lusionnary guard and elite unit sent out by iran to various areas and finances terrorism. i didn't believe it either. but it turned out to be very real and represented a unique effort between the drug
4:20 pm
enforcement and f.b.i. and sy and coming togher of agencies to collect intelligence human and signals intelligence. >> chris: what was the most compelling evidence that it is real. >> guest: the case is dead bang. and signals intelligence candidly is most compeeling and arbabsiar himself in answer to the questions fessed up. and admitted it was real and money was transferred. it is real all right. >> chris: how high nup the government does it go and what does it tell you about what is going on in the government? >> guest: the officials sanctioned by the treasury department include soliah mani
4:21 pm
head of the cuds force and known to be close to the supreme leader. there is noeds that it reached the supreme leader. but he knew and the head new. now this is an unusual thing. across to the other side of the world to try to attack in this country is an escalation and that concerns us and the saudies as well. 92 you say an escalation and we should be on alert for other plots in other countries? >> guest: there is no question that they have been responsible for other operations going back to 1993 and ben us aires and argen 10ian and israeli mutual association and four days ago in iraq they carried out an
4:22 pm
operation or financed an operation against our people in iraq. >> chris: you think there are other ongoing plots in other countries? >> guest: i said there well could be. i don't think it is an isolated thing that suddenly came up when they have not done these kinds of things before. they have. it is a continuium and extension and escalation. 92 so far, all president obama is talking about is tougher sanctions . we went back and looked at the history of that. put it up. since 1979 the u.s. issued 19 executive orders and passed laws sanctioning iran. the u.n. passed five sets of sanction and despite all of that iran continue to pursue a nuclear program and a state sponsor of terrorism, do you believe that sanctions can work to change iran's behavior.
4:23 pm
>> guest: i don't think the sanctions are as complete as they must be. i wished they had sanctioned the central bank of iran and that would affect oil and maybe that is why they didn't do it. >> chris: is that what you would like to see now? >> guest: yes. >> chris: the key is that we don't do business with the transmittal bank and black list any foreign country that does with the transmittal bank. can that work without china and russia on board? >> guest: that is another subject and why the state department sent out teams to share the intelience and evidence to the extent they could with the allies and with the security council of the united nations. we were briefed by one of the men that participated in that security council briefing. there should be no doubt and the
4:24 pm
evidence is very strong, the feb fib believes that the case is strong and good and will result in a conviction. >> chris: but you would support sanctions and black listing iran's transmittal bank and any country around the world that does business with them too? >> guest: absolutely. this is one part. iran is escalating their nuclear development and iran is increasingly on hostile and not ceased supporting hezbollah or hamas and participating in the -- well, bringing of missiles and rockets in lebanon through damascus. it is a very dangerous situation and my hope is that there and can be a discussion that is convincing for the iranians to change course. absent that at one time or
4:25 pm
another. if you project out the number of years, we are on a collision course. if you want to avoid wie have to take action. >> chris: i want to talk to you about that. retired general jack king said that the u.s. should take military action. here he is. >> i would start retiring the cuds force and conduct covert action and espionage and kill them and take their bases from them. >> chris: why not go after the force? >> guest: it is more difficult than said to be. it is a large operation and in the thousands and an elite branch and how you go after them and how do you do it? i never have seen a plan to do it. it probably would escalate into
4:26 pm
a war and the question is, do we want to go to war with iran at this time? my judgment is no. we have our hands full with iraq, with afghanistan, with the deteriorating relationship with pakistan. our country should not look to go to war. i think we should be looking to stop bad bewith haver short of war. >> chris: i have two other questions. president afternoon president obama announced he's sending a hundred u.s. special forces as trainers and advisors in central africa to act as trainers against the lord's resistance army, several hundred brutal guerrilla who have created damage over the last deck eds- deck cades. you support doing deploying the troops. >> guest: let me say what it is.
4:27 pm
in the bush administration we passed a resolution to respond to the brutality and president bush authorized advisors to go over that were unarmed. these are still advisors, the 100, they are arm cleared to act in self defense. what is the lord's resistance army? it is a brutial militia. it is in uganda and central africa republi and congo and moves through and rapes and pillages. and cuts people apart >> chris: we are running out of time. why send troops there but not to end the slaughter in syria? >> guest: that is a good question. i think this is, two entirely different set of circumstances. one is a reaction, it is part of
4:28 pm
the arab spring and the other is an ongoing move to aniliate people and kill large numbers of people . i think it is a small group of 100 people. they give military advice to the regional arm yewe'll see what happens. >> chris: finally the obama administration is scaling back the troops that we will keep in iraq in the end of 2011. few than a thousand and perhaps a few hundred because we can't work out a deal with the iraqi government. >> guest: the agreement expires at the end of this year and we need a new at that timus of forces or we are there against the will of the government and we'll not condition against the will of a government. >> chris: are you troubled about the idea we would be all out? >> guest: i am troubled, you know, i look at korea, the
4:29 pm
length of time that it took to provide stability there and japan, the length of time it took to provide stability there and people are so anxious for our men and women to come home and i understand that. it is also important that the job is completed in a way that provides the greatest chances for stability for the country. i think that is a key goal for afghanistan as well as iraq. i am hopeful they will be able to quickly negotiate a at that timus of forces agreement. absent of that, yes. we'll have to bring our people home. >> chris: senator feinstein, thank you. and we'll stay on top of those stories. >> guest: thank you, chris, happy birthday. >> chris: thank you for that. at my age it is not a cause for celebration. >> guest: i understand. >> chris: presidential race. who is up and who is down and who is just hang nothing there. -- hanging in there.
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>> i have been ahead and behind
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and now is not the time to worry about position in the polls. >> let me tell you something else about being in the top tier of the candidates. can you soo that bull eye's on my back? >> chris: former front runner rick peryeherman cain tryying to make sense of the changing position. bill kristol of the weekly standard . liz marlantes of the chstianstancy. and we'll start with herman cain who is on top of the poles and his 9-9-9 is getting all of the attention and buzz. jeff, as the one who goes out and goes into how real is his campaign and an organization that he's got and time he's spending. >> he doesn't have as much
4:34 pm
organization. herman cain is surprised as anyone. i pent time in iowa and new hampshire and we don't find herman cain there at all. he hasn't been there and in south carolina and new hampshire. he's basically in tennessee and he was in houston giving a speech . now his campaign is reassessing things. he's hiring new people and trying to do what they can to take advantage of the moment. he's very popular. throughout all of these debates, he's presented himself with a common sense approach and likeable. i think some people are advising him to come to iowa and new hampshire right now and possible to make something out of this. for new we'll see how he adapts to that. he is at this point not a serious candidate in the sense of being organized in places to actually win the iowa caucus.
4:35 pm
>> chris: that raises a question, bill. is there a different model this year? could it be that herman cain surprised call of us with the popularit yeability to make a impact. is it possible to do it with debates and tv and social media. >> you can't and he has done it. the debates are driving the campaign and on fox news and other networks. more people in iowa see you on fox news than going to iowa. that is a fact. now in the end of the day you have to show up. >> chris: care and tending. >> he's doing that and speaking in a conservative dinner in iowa and changed his schedule to do that. now whether he puts it together this fast is a question.
4:36 pm
but you know, she's very shrewd. >> chris: turning to governor rick perry. he has dropped like a stone from the 30s to the teens. he announced a big plan to boost domestic energy and that would create over a million jobs. can he come back? >> sure, i think he can come back and i wouldn't count him out entirely. i did feel like the energy plan. he's just consistently tone deaf. and putting forth the energy plan and rather than the broader jobs plan. he's too much of the governor of the texas and gotten that criticism he doesn't seem to be smeeking to the national audience in the way candidates have been. and energy plan. others were criticizing for ripping off their plans. i have been surprised that perry, and it seems like a
4:37 pm
staffing i was surprised he didn't come through with concrete proposals. >> he will not give it to you. >> no one is expecting verbal dex irity. but at the very least as a matter of preparation he could have had concrete ideas that would have help it is surprising he hasn't come up with something more broader and specific. >> chris: talking about mitt romney and chris christie the depov gov new jersey endorsed him and with christie not getting in the race and perry fading temporarily much of the republican tabement decided to back romney. but you continue to see the disconnect. he's going to be the nominee and in the polls he can't get above 25 or 30 percent. i mean, how does he connect with
4:38 pm
the voterss and persuade them. you can trust me and i will represent the party. >> i think the polls don't mean that much frankly. i think mitt romney is impressive in the debates. i don't think any one of them has managed to consolidate across the board. but it is facinating how important they have been. important in terps of governor mitt romney's plan and given a platform like cain and geng rich and sanatorium. and what you see in the rise of someone like cain is ideas. and the fact that the voters are really hungry. they are hungry for bold change and when herman cain has the 9-9-9 plan, surely people are going to shoot at it and say it has flawws and may have many
4:39 pm
flaws but it is an interesting plan. it is for machine who is not obama and willing to propose radical change. >> chris: the third quarter fund raising numbers are out. they are interesting. on the screen, peryemitt romney lead the field by a wide margin. what they received in the first quarter and can we go back or will that create a huge problem. there you go. wow, we were able to do it. first is how much they received and cash on hand in the end of the month. you can see romney and perry in the teens and millions. and big drop off. and the last 3. huntsman and gingrich and sanatorium running on fumes. some are in debt. what do you read from the third quarter numbers and could these candidates drop out before iowa
4:40 pm
and new hampshire. >> it is possible. most important take away. perry is in the race to stay. for all of our discussions he didn't do well in the debates, he will have the money to prosecute the argument in television ads. he's popular on the tump and people want to like him. his 15 million cash on hand is important and that scares the romney campaign. >> chris: you feel because the debates are the campaign and the last debate, we are a new phase. >> we'll see voters out there and spent a couple of months absorbing all of these things it is absurd to think that rick perry is not in the race. people want to like him and the next couple of months throughoutt october and november we'll see a different rick perry. >> chris: more campaign appearances and advertising where you control your own
4:41 pm
message. >> exactly. 92 we'll have to take a break. up next, jobs and first crack at obama care we'll tackle it all when we come back. what's going on here? hey, whats up guys? this is not how witness protection works! when we set you up with that little hardware store we didn't intend for your face to be everywhere. but fedex office makes it so easy. not only do they ship stuff, they print flyers, brochures -- everything i need to get my name out there. that's the problem. now we need to give you a third identity. you're paul matheson. and you're gonna run your business into the ground. erik gustafson would never do that!
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>> i am urging memberings of congress to vote to put happens of thens of teacher in back in the classroom and cops on the treats and firefighters back on the job. if they vote no on that they will have to tell you why. >> the president needs to come off of the campaign trail and get to work. >> chris: president obama and kevin mccarthy on the politics of jump starting the policy. the obama plan was blocked in the senate and the idea of democrats to brake it up in smaller pieces and introduce them. you heard about aid to the state to keep first responders and teachers on the pay roll and
4:46 pm
make an issue of the republican plocking. it will not get people back to work and new jobs. but is it smart politics for the democrats. >> yes, most conservative friends think obama is flailing and it is not foolish. he can do and must get the economy going. he foolishly bought in the policies unless he fires ben bernanke and he's tuck with the policiless and so why not blame the house republicans and they are working mildly. and in the end of the day. house republicans will not be on the ballot and a president nominee not a member of congress. they are not in congress now and so it is hard for obama to rin election running against the republican congress. it is not foolish to attack
4:47 pm
them. and republican nominees debate about economy and obama care, a narrow debate on particularly who is cutting here or voting for the jobs program there. >> chris: liz marlantes, what is your sense. a significant jobs plan get passed by congress this year through normal channels or as part of the super committee's work. >> i don't think so. it doesn't look good watching your brew with cantor this morning. they want to express the bipartisan willingness to come together. he was not in favor of the specific provisions in obama's jobs bill that obama put in there to appeal to republicans. and the fundmental problem for republicans is not that they necessarily disagree with the extending of the pay rol tax cut
4:48 pm
but how you pay for it. time and time again, republicanns don't want to raise taxs and democrats want to raise taxes. millionaire's surtax which was not part of obama's plann is good politics because the republicans don't have an answer to that. >> liz, talk about the super committee. the clock was ticking. we are now in midoctober . they have a month to come up with a deal of 1.2 trillion in deficit reduction whether spending cuts or tax increases or you end up with an idea trigger. 600 billion in cuts to the pentagon and that is a threat to national cuter. do they make a deal or do we have the triggers in >> i think the odds are we'll have a dole.
4:49 pm
you have bipartisan agreement is that the triggered cuts in the defense budget would be devastating and leon pan neta it is equivalent of shooting ourselves in the head. i think we'll get an agreement in spending. i think the republicans put a response on the millionaire's tax. you have maul businesses paying taxes as individuals at highest tax rates and they are the job creators. we'll avoid triggers and only part of what has to happen here. the rest of it is a set of policiless boy a president who understands to get the private sector going again. in terms of president obama, he may think it makes sense. i think he really believes it. i being he puts forward so many policies that are not working economically and not working for
4:50 pm
him politically. you must say it is ideology. and he mutt believe in redistribution of the health and capitol gains tax. it is manage new and it is concerning. >> jeff, let me get to one other development. obama care late friday, obama administration announced they are abandoning and scraping class. that means cutting class a program offered long-term insurance to for long-term care because the numbers don't add up. how significant is that? >> it is one more piece of the health care plan that will not be there. i am not sure. this is an idea supported by senator kennedy. if he was alive it would be kept in and everything would have
4:51 pm
changed. but over all, it is not affecting the broader national health care plan but symbolically it is important. it is one more piece of hard that perhaps it was not a good idea overall. it leaves most of the law in place. >> here's one aspect. class was supposed to cut the deficit by 86 billion over the next 10 years and talk about a book keeping trick. the premiums would start and for five years you would have to pay in the program and no benefits came out. and obviously all of the money coming in and taking it out. that was most of the deficit reduction of obama care was going to provide over the next 10 years. you have no deficit reduction. and a lot of the rest is smoke and mirrors and easy to show. no the republicans need to say this is the tip of the iceberg.
4:52 pm
we need to repeat obama care and one thing that president obama can't pivot on. he can blame the republican house and blame people for other things. he and his party passed obama care and public doesn't like it. they need to highlight how damaging it is to the health care system and federal budget a economy. and one thing that president obama said it is his greatest achievement and stuck with it. what about romney? >> he more than others. >> he said it but how persuasive is it. >> whatever he did in massachusetts. i wish he would defend it less forcibly. but republican and democrat think that mitt romney will repeal obama care. i think they would be more comfortable with romney. that would be more aggressive on obama care and on that reform.
4:53 pm
>> thank you, panel. see you next week. don't forget to check panel plus why where our group picks up. and time now for comments you posted about my intervieww with rick san torum many of you were unhappy when people foal about gays in the militaries now and how people wrote in the 1940s. >> it was poor journalism to compare it to rick sanatorium. an act that is considered immoral is not a quest for civil rights. but mark from men men said this. your interview with sanatorium is another example that you practice the fair and balance that your network preaches. you can find more on fox news
4:54 pm up next, the power player of the week. e.?úúúarúúo? ayay
4:55 pm
[ female announcer the road is not exactly a place of intelligence. ♪ this is why we engineered a car that analyzes real-time information, reads your handwriting and makes 2,000 decisions every second. the new audi a6 is here. the road is now an intelligent place. join us in making the road more intelligent by taking the pledge at ♪ >> chris: from dorothy's ruby red slippers you can see wonderful things and the man with the key to the collaboration is the power player of the week. >> we are here to discover knowledge. and we are here to share that knowledge with the word. >> chris: if wayne clough's goal
4:56 pm
is big so is his job. he is secretary of the smithsonian, biggest complex of libraris and research centers in the world. he's in charge of 137 million objects ranging from treasures of american history to the animal in the national zoo. the smithsonian is popularly exown as the nation's attic. guest i don't hate it it is far more. thingings are happening. >> chris: call it smithsonian 2.0. because wayne clough is putting new focus on the roll of the research center. depest guest we run satellites for nasa and look in outer space and discover new planets and want people to be aware of the things we do that are relative to the american people. >> chris: he's making it more accessible to people who can't get to washington. six and half million objects are
4:57 pm
digitized. clough took over after his predecessor was ousted. did you foal like you had to clean things up. >> guest: i did. they didn't have to do. but they felt it reflected badly on them and the institution. >> chris: the smithsonian gets 65 percent of the budget from the federal government. 855 million. wayne clough has to convince congress not to cut funding. >> guest: we are open every day of the year but one. and 31 million visits are made and we don't charge admission and people appreciate that. >> chris: during the 14 years of georgia tech. clough was exown as a fundraiser . he raised with pitches like >> if you like art i have a product for you.
4:58 pm
we have the largest selection of insects >> chris: it comes back to the collaboration. wayne clough showed us the cap that charles linn burg wore acrossing the atlantic and nen the cap that strong wore on the moon. he is thrilled by all of it x. thrilled when dc was hit by an earthquake. no ducking under the table for him. i simply sit in the chair. you rise the waves you can tell a lot about the earthquake. >> chris: the nation's treasures are in good hands. guest depest satisfaction is watching the young children go through and listen to the voices and watching them enjoy what they are doing and learn and what i would enjoy as a child. 92 wayne clough hope to raise one billion to make the
4:59 pm
respository of the nation's past a vibrant force for the future. that's it for today. we'll see you next week on fox news sund


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