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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 17, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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pittsburg police are on the lookout for two people who opened fire at a birthday party. and a tense confrontation on the streets of san francisco overnight as occupy wall street protesters clash with police. why some people were taken into custody. san jose police are investigating another officer- involved shooting. it's the sixth in that city this year. also, how the 49ers coach has managed to overshadow his team. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm claudine wong, tori has today off. it's monday, october 17th. we start at 7:00 with a children's birthday party that
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erupted into violence. it happened in pittsburg. as paul chambers tells us, four people were shot including a 9- year-old little girl. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. we're still waiting more word on this case from pittsburg police. but we know this -- there were about 30 people at that birthday party when a 9-year- old was shot. >> there was a party going. you got kids. i heard fire crackers and i came out and checked and i heard all of the screaming. the kids were crying and all of that stuff. >> reporter: it all happened a little after 8:30 last night. pittsburg police say two people wearing dark clothing and dark bandanas walked up to this house and started firing in this garage. now, the shooters wounded a 9- year-old and three teenagers under the age of 19. two of the victims had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter and were in critical condition. however all four are expected
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to survive. now, published worsts say the -- reports say the gunman left on foot. the family at the party don't believe this was gang-related. we're still awaiting word from police. we'll take a look at the house in the next hour. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, paul. alex savidde has more on "occupy protest." >> reporter: good morning, dave. this all started when city workers tried to clean up this encampment at justin herman plaza, where folks have been staying for some time.
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[ chanting ] >> reporter: here's some cell phone video taken by one of the protesters and given to us. it shows the tense moments as police pushed back the crowd. many protesters were lying in the streets trying to block the department of public works trucks. san francisco police officers in riot gear pulled demonstrators from the roadway. city workers came in to clean up tents and bedding that police say were legally set up in the plaza by those supporting the occupied movement. police ended up arresting five people, one of them for assaulting an officer. we talked with one of the demonstrators who said he was hurt during this scuffle. >> i was pushed down, kicked, thrown, shoved and at one point i was sitting linked arms with several other people in a -- in a line on the ground and police were pulling people out of the
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line. >> reporter: police lieutenant with the san francisco police told us this morning, he believes officers showed a great deal of restraint and handled the situation well. during the demonstration, one of the city trucks actually had the tires slashed. workers eventually did come in and clear out tents and other items that police say were set up illegally here. but occupy protesters say they plan to stay put here in san francisco. back to you. >> thank you. 7:04. voting begins today in a special mail-in election in oakland. voters are being asked to approve a new parcel tax. there's also a presh measure to extend a deadline to fund police and fire pensions. another measure would give the city council rather than voters, the power to choose a city attorney. ballots have to be received by 8:00 p.m. on november 15th. voters can hand in their mail
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ballots at the registrar office. you can vote in person there starting today. according to "the chronicle" at least eight of the candidates for mayor have received donations that appear to violate the laws. according to "the chronicle" many of the candidates have returned those questionable contributions. several peninsula cities may raise garbage rates soon. the daily junele reports they are considering an increase. the company that handles the service for those cities, says the operating expense will go up 2.2 million alone next year. well, things are overrunning. one of the islands located off san francisco, however, a proposed solution is raising
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concerns this morning. coming up at 7:15, what that solution is and who is coming out against it. the pittsburg school district wants to pay its teachers more money. that's despite budget problems there. the mercury news reports teachers in the district are among the lowest paid in contra costa county. that's made it hard to attract and keep good teachers. right now the teachers are renegotiating their contracts and the district hopes bigger salaries will want them to stay. there will be announced, a new program to avoid student truancy. students had ten or more unexcused absences. today's announcement stakes place at burton high school at 11:30. starting tomorrow, caltrain ride, in san bruno you will be able to use a new temporary station. it's located south of the
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station. it will allow crews to work on the current station and the elevated tracks. construction begins at the end of the year. it should be finished by next fall. train service will be running on a normal schedule. 7:06. the roads are certainly getting busier at this hour. sal is keeping an eye on all of this. hi, sal. >> hi, claudine and dave. traffic is getting a little bit here -- a little bit better here. we're seeing slow traffic in the bay bridge where it's backed up for about a 20-minute delay. the good thing, you look at it. there aren't any major crashes on any of the spans, the bay bridge or the san mateo or the dumbarton bridge. the traffic continues to move along as it normally would. let's move along to another live picture. that would be 237. we have stop-and-go traffic, it gets better after zanker and also the lawrence expressway. if you are driving in hayward, southbound traffic is going to be backed up from a street down
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to about whipple and then we look at the south bay, the slowest traffic this morning, so far is 280 and 17 and 101 from tully up to 880. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. some high clouds, fog out there. offshore wind is trying, about 30 miles an hour, coming down the berkeley/oakland side. at the surface, it's really calm so far. if you have a breeze or something out of the east or out of the north you can tweet me. san francisco we'll go for a high of 74. really struggling with these forecasted highs. mostly sunny, they will clear out. it will be warmer for plane. there's a lot of fog on the coast. tomorrow we'll start to edge back to a cooler pattern. i think the end result will be cooler with more fog. not much in the way of rain.
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the system went by yesterday to the north. long gone but high pressure builds in behind that. we're getting a component of an offoff-- of an offshore breeze. today's warmup for some won't last very long here. >> 52 to 59, although we did have a couple of upper 40s. the low right there. it's a little guy. not much to it. today, you have some fog on the coast. but it will be warmer bayside and inland. with low, mid-80s. but 60s and 70s closer to the water's edge. 85 in antioch and brentwood. same for danville, san ramon. temperatures towards the south bay. fremont, 79. 60s on the coast with low 80s.
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79 menlo park. more fog on the mild side but cooler tuesday into wednesday, thursday, it looks like then we'll start to turn things around. it will start to warm up a little bit especially on sunday. 7:09. why sesame street's youtube page was shut down for a while. what computer hackers did and how one of the hackers is responding.
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good morning. we have low fog on the coast.
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it's a really tough forecast today. i think 60s 70s, coast and bay. downtown has an east wind. already 61. it will be sunny and warmth -- and warmer. right now, president obama is on his way to asheville, north carolina. that's where he's going to begin a three-day campaign style bus tour. as alison burns reports, he's hitting two southern states that could be critical to his reelection. allison? >> reporter: claudine, let's get right to a look at president obama's departure from joint base andrews about 40 minutes ago. president obama is heading to asheville, north carolina where he will begin a three-day bus tour through north carolina and virginia. it's aimed at rallying support for his campaign and his jobs plan. senate republicans blocked his jobs act. now he's pushing for action this week to pass parts of the plan to prevent layoffs of eachers -- of teachers and more
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money for infrastructure programs. >> we know the deficit is the second highest in history that was announced today. that's another ample proof that the presence ideas of -- ideas of government-creating jobs is not successful, never has been and never will be. >> reporter: at this point, there are no plans for the senate to take up any parts of the president's jobs plan. this looks like we won't see any action on it until at least november. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:14, the post office's large union says they want their own investigation of the post office money problems. the national association of letter carriers, says it's hiring the investment bank the lizard group. the union wants to find a way
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to keep six-day-a-week-home delivery and also prevent the loss of 200,000 jobs. well, mice continue to be a growing problems on -- problem on the southeast feralan island. the proposed solution is causing a backlash. the u.s. fish and wildlife service wants to airdrop pesticide pellets to get rid of the mice over there. sesame street is apologizing because those
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logging on their page when they called it up did not find the characters. they found pornography, explicit video. they shut down the page. and sesawmy officials are working with youtube to find out who uploaded that pornography. children will have to grow a little more before graduating from booster seats. starting on january 1st, they will have to wait until they grow to 4'9". the 49ers now have a 5-1 record after a thrilling win over detroit. san francisco ended the lions' undefeated season with a 25-19 win in detroit yesterday. the 9ers' winning touchdown came with less than two minutes to play. alex smith hit walker on fourth and goal for the six-yard line.
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something strange chapped -- happened after the game. look at this. harbaugh met the other coach midfield for the hadn'tshake. he ran up to jim schwartz, slapped him on the back, shook his hand, apparently shouted an obscenity. schwartz got pretty upset. look, he's running after him. jim harbaugh said this -- >> it's totally on me. i shook his hand too hard. it was a slap handshake. there is an investigation into this. well, the raider nation paid tribute to al davis during their home game.
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a sellout crowd celebrated his life yesterday. john madden lit a torch. the long-time raiders' owner -- owner died last week. the raiders honored davis in the best way possible, just win, baby. oakland won to improve their record to four wins and two losses. yesterday's victory came with a big loss. raiders' quarterback jason campbell suffered a broken collarbone during the second quarter and could be out for the rest of the season. time 7:1. security was very tight last night but this morning we're trying to find out who was on the guest list at a private memorial service of steve jobs. who was there and how apple employees will remember steve jobs later this week. and changes are coming for cell phone customers shocked every month by their bill [ mom ] hey guys.
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good morning. welcome back. 7:0. i -- you cell phone users -- 7:20. you cell phone users who constantly go over minutes, you are getting welcomed news. cell phone carriers say they will now send out real-time alert to customers. the alerts will let you know if you are about to go over your voice, data or text limit minutes. apple will start selling unlocked phones next month. you can use the carrier of your choice. an unlocked 16 gigabyte iphone
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4is will cost you $699. 7:21 we're learning new details this morning about the very private memorial service for steve jobs. that memorial took place last night on the stanford university campus. "the new york times" gets included bono, and others. >> i went out too early and they wouldn't let me back in because it's a lot of security. but they had a piano on this side, all of the music devices. >> apple is going to hold another memorial service on wednesday for employees. that service will take place on the company's cupertino campus. we have more coverage of the passing of steve jobs on our website. at 7:22. let's get you on the road.
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sal is watching the south bay and everything else. sal? >> that's right, dave and claudine. we're starting there there is a crash northbound 101, 280. it's out of the lanes. people are slow to look at it. northbound 17 still looks pretty good down to the airport area. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge where we have a 20 to 25-minute delay with no mikor problems on the bridge. 101 and 280. looking pretty good. san mateo and dumbarton bridge also moving along nicely. 7:23. let's go to sleeve. we do have some low clouds around. san jose is reporting multiple layers of low clouds.
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mainly, there are plenty of breaks on the clouds except on the coast. there's a lot of fog hanging out there. it will be mostly sunny. and warmer. there is a hint of an easterly breeze towards the oakland airport and also coming out of the east bay hills. some of those higher clouds leftover from yesterday. 50s, low 50s. redwood city at 54. livermore says we're in there, too. but that 52 seems popular. i know we had a couple of upper 40s. kenwood. a couple of upper 40s near sebastopol. a little pesky low out there. we'll start -- that will start to move towards us tomorrow and that will move into the men so dean know coast. the fog makes it tough for the coastal photographs. inland we'll find some le 80s. i am not -- some 80s. i'm not buying into some of this -- it will be sunny and
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warmer. friday we just kind of level off and then the weekend looks quiet. absolutely nothing on the seven to ten-day outlook. many of the world's species are shrinking, not in population or amount but in how big they actually are. now, this new study says cotton corn, strawberries, and salmon and even polar bears have shrinked in size in recent yee. the new study is published in the journal of nature clay -- claimant clay -- client change. climatee change. a controlled born is planned for henry coe state park today an tomorrow. forest officials hope this will
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improve habitats. crews plan to check the weather conditions and with bay area air quality officials before starting that burn. fire officials warn the smoke could be visible through jute the south bay. 7:25 there is a search now for a shooting suspect. why police think a man -- why police think a man who may have shot a member of the hell's angels may be in the hands of friends.
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san jose police are investigating. 6th officer-involved shooting of the year. kraig debro joins us live from the scene now with what we're learning this morning about that deadly confrontation. kraig? >> yeah, five of those six shootings happened in the last week. this one happened at the parkside apartments. one man said he saw what happened. now, we have video where this all happened. several residents called police around 11:45 yesterday to report a suspicious person with some kind of weapon, four
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officers arrived in two separate cars. one of those officers is a reserve officer in the -- found on the san jose police force. police say that they -- the officer felt threatened and fired his weapon. a resident i spoke with said the man in his car was trying to drive away while shot. he was not trying to drive at the officer. >> one of the officers, at -- at least one was felt threatened to the point -- at the individual fatally wounded him. that person was pronounce -- pronounced dead at the scene. generally in these type of situations, police put the officers involved in the shooting on paid leave pendingantout come. the san jose police have not been able to find that out. what exactly is gonna happen to the officer. we have been talking to residents trying to talk to residents here to see if we can come up with more people who see if they saw what happened. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> thank you, kraig. 7:30 and funeral services are pending for another member of the hells' angels. 52-year-old steve tallsend was shot to death. he was attending the funeral of pettigrew. police say in the chaos that followed, the crime scene was altered and they tell ktvu. it's possible the shooter was attacked and taken away by tollson's friends. >> it's definitely something we've been made aware of through the media. it's something that's of great concern to us. >> i rushed to the hospital.
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>> witnesses say the gunman may be a fellow hells' angels. a manhunt is underway for a gunman who shot at patrol officers. it started saturday night at a routine traffic stop. investigators say the driver took off and led police on a short pursuit. investigators say the man fired a single shot at officers and then ran away. none of the shots hit anyone. reports this morning of several cars with their tires slashed in santa rosa. the "press democrat" says police believe the cars were vandalized saturday night or early sunday morning. some neighbors say dozens of cars had flat tires. well, the racing world is still reeling from a tragedy in las vegas. indy car driver dan wheldon was killed in this horrifying 15-
7:33 am
car crash yesterday. his car flew over another one and smashed into a fence. coming up por you at 7:-- for you at 7:35, we'll take you live to las vegas. we'll also bring you reaction from wheldon's fellow drivers. harmed camping is standing by his prediction that the world will end this friday. in a new message posted on his radio website he says the world will end quietly on -- in october 21st. camping suffered a stroke in
7:34 am
june and is recovering. new questions this morning about the metropolitan transportation commission's newly-acquired headquarters in san francisco. now, last week, the bay toll authority voted to it spend $93 million in bridge toll monday to move out of oakland to a new building south of market in san francisco. according to "the chronicle" the deal was completed 24 hours after. the owners made a reported $33 million profit. one east bay lawmaker who called for an audit is questioning how quickly that deal went through. the san francisco board of supervisors chambers is now almost 100% wheelchair accessible. last year the board approved a plan to build a ramp to allow people in wheelchairs to have access toot desk. it costs about $500,000 to make the changes. the supervisors are radio move into the chambers. but there is still some work to
7:35 am
be done. 7:34. today, marks 22 years since the loma prieta earthquake shook the bay area. 6.9 magnitude quake struck just as the third game between the giants was getting underway. that earthquake killed 63 people and injured almost 4,000 others. in overnight news, firefighters rushed to save people from a burning building. residents heard an explosion at 1:00 a.m. before the fire erupted. police arrested a man who showed up at the hospital with burns and said he blew up his home. at least a dozen people were injured. 7:35, in san francisco about two dozen people are in temporary housing after a fire
7:36 am
in the city's bayview district. it started on third street just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon in a room on the top floor of this three-story building. the gospel church is on the bottom level of the building. it was damaged by the flames. church members spent much of yesterday cleaning up. >> i thank jesus that -- that was a lie. [ inaudible ] >> investigators say this appears to be an accident but they still haven't determined the cause. the 23 men who live in the building, most of whom are in recovery, they were moved to another home. 7:36. company muters can expect delay delays.
7:37 am
-- computers can expect delays -- commuters can you get everybody to where they need to go? >> no. [ laughter ] >> i'm trying. the answer is yes. one of the things that we want to try to is -- is to let you know the bay bridge is pretty normal for it time -- for this time. it's backed -- it's backed up for about a 20, 25-minute delay. when we watch for traffic, this is out of the ordinary. you can't plan for a huge crash. we don't have any of those right now on the bay bridge. san mateo or dumbarton bridges. let's go to san francisco. a little foggy there. northbound 101 is moderately heavy coming up to the 80 split. southbound 101 traffic looks pretty good heading down to the airport. as we're driving on the peninsula, 101 and 280 getting busier. we do have a minor crash
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southbound 880 near a street and then slow traffic after that and down to tennyson road. 2 -- 280 is -- 280 is backed up from downtown all the way to the lawrence expressway way. we do have mostly clear skies. a little bit of fog around mainly on the coast. but some inland that will burn off fast. higher clouds not an issue. they were but they cleared out. temperatures will warm up. but what we're dealing with is there's still enough fog there. some of the higher elevations, yes, coming down the berkeley/oakland side of the caldecott, i've seen 35 miles an hour. it will warm up. the tough call today is in the city. there could be a 10-degree spread between parts of the city. i went 74 officially.
7:39 am
i'm not 100% comfortable with that. 48 again at the napa airport. there have been a few upper 40s in the north bay. there's your calm conditions. the big valley checking in a west wind -- with a west wind. there's no howling northerly breeze. but we will get warm. a little bit less fog through the -- moving through the inland areas. a big difference and not as much in the way of higher clouds. the low says i think i'm's ready to move. as its to -- as it does, it will start to move towards mendocino coast. partly cloudy, i don't think there will be any rain.
7:40 am
fog will be on the increase, though, tuesday into wednesday. a big cooldown takes us into thursday and then we start to level off and into your weekend, it looks sunny and warmer there. >> thank you, steve. 7:40. as the racing community mourns the death of a popular driver, we're gonna go to las vegas and the investigation -- and the investigate.
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dow is down 145 points. stocks did open lower this morning and those losses are widespread. all ten industry groups in the s&p 500 fell. the dow is lower with a 4% decline and why? europe gave stocks a boost last week, having the opposite effect today. it looks like a solution to the debt crisis in europe is gonna take a while. top european officials are
7:44 am
planning to announce a plan for the eurozone on sunday. at the meeting over the weekend, finance put pressure on groups. italian police are conducting raid throughout the country today following riots that broke out during a weekend wall street protest. amateur video shows a melee in rome. police fought back with tear gas, batons and a water cannon. authorities say they are targeting anarchists and other suspects. so far, six people have been arrested. 7:44. well, the auto racing world is investigating. they are stunned by the death of indy car driver dan wheldon. the two-time indy car driver winner was killed in a horrifying crash during a race. dave lawrence is live in las
7:45 am
vegas with more on what happened and also the reaction from wheldon's teammates. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, the racing world certainly stubbed. racing has it with the speeds going over 200 miles an hour. this was the final indy race of the year for these drivers. you can see this video that -- in the 11th lap, his car was hit airborne, flipped back over and crashed into the fence directly above the track. the 33-year-old leaves behind his wife susie and two young children. wheldon died as a result of that crash and it's hitting the racing worldvy hard. >> lost one of my best friends. interi do know what to say. we'll pray for him and hopefully -- haven't got a very, very -- [ in-- [
7:46 am
inaudible ] >> the worst part, next year's indy car they are debuting a new safer car and dan wheldon was involved in the testing of that car, ironically. there was an indy event scheduled for next year and i talked with racing officials just minutes ago and they said it's too early to decide that. they haven't begun the talks. but certainly all of the thoughts are with dan wheldon, back to you. >> thank you. 7:46. in afghanistan today, a suicide attack aimed at an afghan intelligence chief killed a young boy. now, this happened in an area you of northern afghanistan where insurgents have been attacking afghan officials. a suicide bomber on foot targeted the convoy of an intelligence chief, a young boy about 3 years old was killed
7:47 am
in. the intelligence chief and four of his bodyguards, they were hurt. tomorrow night, seven of the top republican presidential candidates will take part in a debate in las vegas. but former utah governor jon huntsman will not attend. he's protesting nevada's decision to move its gop presidential caucuses too mid january. nevada's move has led new hampshire to consider moving its primary to december to preserve its historic status as the campaign kickoff. nevada is known as a swing state. nevada has an unemployment rate of 13.4% and the highest foreclosure rate in the country. republicans say it's expected the gop will devote a lot of money and manpower to that state too try to take a look at voter dissatisfaction. happening right now, president obama is arriving.
7:48 am
they are there pulling the stairs up to air force one. he's in asheville, north carolina. he's beginning a three-day bus tour through north carolina and virginia. the president is going to urge congress to pass the individual pieces of his jobs bill. now, in just a few minutes, the president is expected to make remarks right there at asheville regional airport. he's gonna highlight the portion of his jobs bill that calls for $50 billion in new spending on infrastructure. the white house says those fund could be used to repair runways and create jobs. back to you. 7:48. several businesses in seal beach coming together after last week's shooting rampage in front of a hair salon. stylists were working hard. they are raising mine -- money.
7:49 am
>> we were raising money for breast cancer. when the shooting happened, that's when it was decided to give the money to the community. >> prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the shooter. his arraignment has been postponed until late november. it was a dadly weekend back here in oakland. about 3:00 yesterday morning, police say a man was shot and killed during a carjacking near 81st and ol think streets -- olive streets. just a couple of hours earlier, two men were killed on macarthur boulevard. they've been identified as raymond greenwood and joshua. no arrests have been made in either of these deadly
7:50 am
shootings. it happened hours after jean quan announced the plan to reduce violence. the city of oakland is see -- has seen 94 homicides this year. in sonoma county, three men have been arrested for shooting a man and leaving him on the side of the road. hours earlier police got a 911 call about shots fired near the farm but they weren't able to find the body. 7:50. the l.a.p.d. targeted by thieves -- thieves. the bold heists that caused serious safety concerns. state farm. this is jessica.
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the state's largest doctor's group is -- the president of oakster dam university says legalization would result in better -- >> everything else that you can poison yourself with is legal. 7:53. well, someone stole weapons, believe it or not, from the l.a.p.d.'s s.w.a.t. tale. more than 30 weapons were stolen including 21 machine guns.
7:54 am
officers stored the weapons in a building believed to be secured. when the s.w.a.t. team arrived to pick up the units the next day, they were gone. the involuntarily man -- the involuntary manslaughter trial is on hold. this won't continue today because the father of one of the key witnesses died over the weekend. that been is an anesthesiology expert. prosecutors say his testimony is crucial in proving that dr. murray anegligence led to the death of michael jackson. everyone heading back to work on this monday morning and hoping for an easy drive- drive in. >> if you look at traffic as a
7:55 am
big set of grass, it's all in it's normally slow coming through antioch, pittsburg and right now if you are in san jose, unfortunately, that's getting all filled in with red. you can see that 85 slows at 87 and a good, long drive up to cupertino. 280 northbound, a lot of people going to cupertino that way. a lot of people trying to get into that west valley. 101 slows into 880 in sunnyvale. >> sal, i don't remember 85 being this bad for so long. we can only hope that a lot of people are going to work. >> we do have some fog on the coast. a little bit down towards the santa clara valley. that will burn off 67 i -- that
7:56 am
will burn off. there is a lot moving up the coast. those higher clouds will thin out. 40, upper 40s to mid- to upper 50s. san jose at 59. concord, 56. high pressure is giving a little northeast wind. gusts to about 30 on the -- above the caldy caught coming down toward the oakland/berkeley side. the oakland reports an east wind. there will be a cooldown that will -- that will carry us into wednesday, midweek. a lot of fog out there. some of it is very shallow but it's there. 60s 70s and 80s. 83 concord, 80 martinez. 74 alameda. pleasanton 82. 82 san jose. 82 saratoga. mountain view, palo alto will be closed. 60sen out the coast.
7:57 am
70 for -- 74 in san francisco. fog on the increase. it looks like we start to turn things around. a lot more sunshine and a almost bit warmer pattern for the weekend. >> all right. 7:56. more and more people are ending up at the e.r. why hospital emergency -- why hospital emergency rooms are getting so crowded.
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome back. i'm claudine wong. good morning. i'm dave clark. it's monday, october 17th. tori campbell has today off. well, the news is -- well, in the news, pittsburg police are busy searching for two men who fired shots during a birthday party and wounded a 9- year-old girl and three other people. now, paul chambers just arrived at the shooting scene. he's here -- he's here with us now to give us an update on what happened there. good morning paul.
8:00 am
>> reporter: that was a child's birthday party. there were about 30 people attending. this is the house where it happened. we counted three gunshots into the garage right there. we're not sure exactly how many happened. but this all happened when a -- excuse me, the 9-year-old was shot. it happened a little after 8:30 last night. pittsburg police say two people wearing dark clothing and bandanas walked up to the house. the shooters wounded a 9-year- old and three teenagers under the age of 19. two of the victims had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter. however, all four victims are expected to survive. >> i live here for nine years. the gunman left on foot but may have jumped into a car. if you know anything about
8:01 am
this, you are asked to call pittsburg police. there were two people who were the nows -- who were in the house and got out quickly. live at pittsburg, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. in overnight news, police arrested five occupy sf protesters charges range from battery on a police officer to resisting arrest. alex savidge is live in san francisco where demonstrators say they feared to their safety. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. the trouble certificate started knight when city workers moved in trying to clean up this encampment set up at justin herman plaza but protesters put up a fight. things got heated as many of these occupied protesters were lying in the street trying to block department of public works trucks. san francisco police officers in riot gear pulled demonstrators from the roadway. police ended up arresting five people, one of them for
8:02 am
assaulting an officer. some demonstrators say they were also injured -- injured during the scuffle and police say a city truck had its tires slashed. some sporters don't did this -- supporters don't consider this breaking any laws. >> i don't know what their definition s we've complied to the best of our ability without completely disassembling our camps. >> reporter: here's some cell phone video that was taken by one of the protesters overnight. it shows the tense moments as police push back the crowd. a police lieutenant we talked to this morning said he believes officers showed a great deal of restraint here and hand. ed this situation here although
8:03 am
protesters disagree. despite last night's cleanup operation, demonstrators tell me they are planning to stay put here in justin herman plaza for the time being. reporting live in san francisco this morning, alex savidge, channel 2 news. happening right now. president obama is speaking at the asheville, regional airport in north carolina. he arrived there within the last half-hour. it's the start of a three-day bus during -- bus tour pushing his jobs plan. >> we can actually lose jobs with from plan. so i will let you decide which plan is the real american jobs thick? [ cheers ] >> four more years! four more years! >> i appreciate -- i appreciate the four more years but right now i'm thinking about the next 13 months. [ cheers ]
8:04 am
because, yes, we have an election coming up and that election is a long ways away and a lot of folks can't wait. >> you've been listening into president obama who is at the asheville regional airport in north carolina. he's trying to convince congress to pass individual pieces of his jobs bill. the senate, as you may remember, rejected the legislation as a whole. so he's there trying to make sure that at least parts of it become a reality. 8:04. two emergency room doctors were john muir medical center will be working aside the concord police department's s.w.a.t. team. these doctors have completed specialized training that would i you will -- that would allow them to be deployed. they are the first to be doing backup for a s.w.a.t. team. police say volunteer s.w.a.t. doctors will be able to quickly provide care for injured team members or civilians. more and more people are
8:05 am
ending up at hospital rodge homicide atoward -- according to a new report by the cdc. visits were up 10% compared to the previous year. that's the biggest increase since the cdc started keeping track in the 1990s. and er doctor from marin hospital says people with no medical insurance are relying increasingly on e.r. rooms. coming up at 8:15, if you are not-62 and 220 pounds you -- are not 6'2" and 220 pounds, you may be at risk. caltrans is speaking to widen the load to sick lanes between rockaway beach and rena
8:06 am
-- morena delmar. the item was not on its agenda. a comment period was not extended. it does end on saturday. 8:05. let's see what sal is seeing in our commute. what's happening? >> it's pretty busy now if you are trying -- for example, if you are driving anywhere in the valley. tilley -- silicon valley, you will see a lot of slow traffic. let's start with 280 northbound. you can see traffic there is going to be pretty busy coming around the corner, it gets even busier, driving up to cupertino, that's where the traffic eases quite a bit. also this morning, we're looking at traffic on 237 westbound, some stop and go there. it gets better by the lawrence expressway. this morning on highway 4, it's been a little better than normal. it gets better in pittsburg, a little bit slow in bay point.
8:07 am
680, southbound 680 at deary road, you can see a minor accident on the shoulder and 80 westbound from pin nome it's very slow heading on budget south, west, really and south is slow all the way down to caddo cau road. >> some fog on the coast. there's plenty out there. and the santa cruz coast, it looks like some of that has cleared up. there is a lot hiding the coast -- hugging the coast i would say all way up past the sonoma's coast. there is a component of an early breeze trying to get its act together. morning fog, sunny, warmer for most, not everybody. but it looks like by tomorrow, a low starts to move towards us. that will cool usdown.
8:08 am
50s and upper 50s. san jose, santa clara is still dealing with low clouds. 50s for many. temperatures should start to rebound here. there is still a west wind at the surface. fairfield says west at 5. everyone else says calm. higher elevations. our areas are showing about 20, 25 out of the northeast. but so far not making it to the surface. this system will cool us down starting tomorrow. today with high pressure to the north, it doesn't like the north that low -- that low falls apart. it willive cease the fock and give us -- give us drizzle. today we have fog on the coast. some of that is pretty sic thick. there will be a lot of sunshine. they will clear out. it will be warmer.
8:09 am
70s and 80s. 76 oakland, 85 antioch. danville, san ramon, low 80s. fog will be on -- fog will be on the increase. friday starts to turn around. your weekend, mostly sunny and a little warmer. 8:09. new this morning, the nuclear engineer who suffered a stroke while working at a research station has finally been evacuated. 58-year-old nicole deserr landed in christ church, new zee land, she's been stuck on the south pole since august when she had the stroke. her company denied her an -- [
8:10 am
inaudible ] voters are being asked to approve a new $80 parcel tax to help pay for city services after the most recent budgets. another measure would give the city council, rather than voters, the power to choose the city attorney. the ballots have to be received by the alameda county registrar of voters by 8:00 p.m. november 15th. motors -- voters you can hand deliver your mail ballots. you can also vote in person there starting today. according to the san francisco chronicle, at least eight of the candidates for mayor of san francisco have received donations that appear to violate the city's campaign finance laws. the paper says the city's campaign finance restrictions are so complex, many say they didn't know they were contributing to certain candidates. according to got -- according
8:11 am
to the chronicle, many questions -- candidates have returned questionable contributions. round two for a bay area company and a diet pill it makes. it's gonna be a casual thing.
8:12 am
[ male announcer ] the tight-turning, space-saving, eco-friendly smart. escape your stuff. ♪
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8:14 am
. an organization of doctors says the government is understatement estimating just how much radiation we're getting from cell phones. the group environment health trust says the government is using a test that's flawed. now, these doctors claim the test is based on a person who is 6'2" and weighs about 220 pounds. they say that represents only 3% of the entire population. they are concluding the test does not accurately reflect radiation levels for most americans, especially small children. a company here in the bay area has resmitted an application for a new weight loss drug. qunexa has been touted by men parts. it's made by a company -- been
8:15 am
touted. it's made by a company in mountain view. president obama is trying to sell his jobs plan. but as alison burns reports, he's not gaining much traction with congress. allison? air force one touched down in asheville a few minutes agriculture. -- minutes ago. he started by yelling why, i love asheville and the crowd chanted four more years. the president is blasting republicans for rejecting his jobs bill. now he's urging congress to pass parts of hit plan, including help for states to prevent layoffs of teachers and first responders and money for infrastructure projects. you've got highwaying that need to be built, bridges that need to be fixed, schools that need
8:16 am
to be modernized. and that's what america used to do best. >> reporter: the president will make stops in the next three days over -- in the -- over the next three days. the senate is set to debate aappropriations bills this week and go on vacation at the end of the month. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:15. well, secretary of state hillary clinton insists that a return to private life is in her future. the former first lady and the one-time presidential candidate reiterated that on a morning tv show that she's gonna step down as secretary of state after the 2012 election. when she was pressed if she'll run for the white house again, she said no. she said her priorities will be writing and teaching but she added we'll have to wait wait and see exactly what she ending up doing. the memorial honoring martin luther king, junior fine
8:17 am
had its day in the sun. now, the sun was not even over the memorial when people started arriveing. >> with the knowledge that with democracy, government is no distant object. >> now, the memorial centerpiece is this 30-foot tall scup chur of dr. king. more than 1.5 million people have already visited it since august. 8:17. a senior egyptian justice minister official says former president hosni mubarak's two sons may have an estimated $340
8:18 am
million in swiss bank accounts. mubarak an his sons are currently in egyptian custody. this is video of him on a stretcher in court with his sons by his side. they are all charged with corruption. switzerland has already frozen the assets. most of those assets belong to mubarak's -- mubarak's sons. three people are under arrest in philadelphia accuse of holding four mentally and physically challenged adults in a philadelphia bigment for several days. a woman and man were discovered chained in a 15 by 15 room. >> it was like a dungen. these people were stored like surplus meat in the basement. the victims were taken to the hospital for treatment. police say the suspects traveled with their victims from texas to florida and then to philadelphia. it is believed the suspects may have been stealing the victim's social security checks. 8:18.
8:19 am
on a lighter note. >> the world series is now set. the texas rangers will face the st. louis cardinals. >> the st. louis cardinals are heading back to the world series. they beat the brewers 12-6 and closed out the series. the world series starts wednesday night in st. louis. you can catch that game. you can catch the wholers were right here on ktvu channel 2. well, there are reports this morning that a settlement has been reached in that bitter divorce to determine who owns the los angeles dodgers. sources say frank and jamie mccourt have reached a settlement in which jameny mccourt would get about $130 million and give up any claim to the dodgers. the settlement has not been
8:20 am
finalized. earl -- earlier this year, frank mccourt took the dodgers into custody. the commissioner wants a bankruptcy sale to order this sale. 8:19. in a desperate search for a missing baby, the bizarre coming from -- comment from the -- from the missing child's mother. # @
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:22. a woman in kansas city is admitting she was drunk when her baby vanished from her home two weeks ago. she said on the night her daughter disappeared, she had been drinking wine. hundreds of state and federal law enforcement officers continue to search for 10-month- old lisa irwin. for the third time this year, a human case of west nile virus is being reported in contra costa county. the cases originated in the eastern part of that county. the latest victim works is 65, and two previous victims are all recovering. in addition a bird was found in concord that tested positive for the virus. starting tomorrow, caltrain riders may use a tempo rare station and will allow crews to
8:24 am
work on the permanent station. the construction should begin by the end of the year and should be completed by the fall. any trouble notes -- any trouble spots out there. we just found out there is a new crash on the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm gonna allow our expert camera guys to allow the positions and we'll start with the maps. just given some time here. also in the east bay, we had an -- we had an earlier accident. but look at that slow traffic on the road sensors here. monday 880 approaching 238. there's -- pardon me there's some slow traffic. 580 is slow coming out of castro valley. as i move to the maps. i want to show you that highway 4 in antioch is going to be a little bit slow. we'll show you bay point. let's see if we can see the toll plaza. there is at the report of a
8:25 am
crash somewhere along here. we're trying to find out with one of our other cameras. we just called oakland fire to this area. someone apparently is injured. we'll find out what's going on. this could really make things bad for your bay bridge commute. we have sunshine for money. by the coast, a little bit tougher call. still a lot of fog. it's very shallow. you can see it on the visible satellite. it continues to march up the coast and extend out into the pacific. it's not making much of a push in. what did will burn off fast mainly down towards san jose. 50s and upper 50s. temperatures will start to bounce off those morning lows pretty fast. inland areas will warmth up. the west wind is stale there for a slight component at the
8:26 am
higher elevations. 60s, 70s, upper 70s. inland we'll get some low to mid-80s. it looks like everything reverses itself. we'll get a cooldown for wednesday and thursday and then a quiet pattern as we head into friday. 8:26. a car crash and fire in san francisco, this set off a three- day manhunt still going on at this hour.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
the best or nothing. there is a new motorcycle accident on the other side of the toll plaza. with our view -- with our other camera, we found it. you can see oakland fire truck and oakland fire engine on the scene along with tow trucks. this is a -- this is a motorcyclist that's injured here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it will just make it worse for you if you are trying to get into san francisco. >> thank you, sal. 8:29. a lot of questions this morning about a deadly police shooting in san jose. ktvu's kraig debro is there now to tell us what led up to this deadly confrontation. kraig? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. i actually talked to -- i actually talked to two people. each said they saw what happened. neither wanted to go on camera.
8:30 am
but a man said he saw the whole thing what happened from beginning to end. take a look at this. several residents called police yesterday around 11:45 and reported a suspicious person with some kind of weapon. four officers arrived on the scene in two separate cars. one of the officers is a reserve officer. now, police say the officer who fired his weapon felt threatened and fired the weapon. the resident i spoke with said the man was in his car actually trying to drive away from the scene but not going anywhere. when he was shot, the witness said he was not driving at the officer. >> we do look at our officer- involved shootings and any other use of force incidents and we try to see if there's any way to improve and to make sure the officers were within the policy. >> reporter: police have not said whether or not the man had a weapon. this is the 6th officer- involved shooting this year.
8:31 am
police have not identified the man in the shooting. we've not been able to reach police to find out what will happen to the officer, but in-- but typically, the officer is paid on paid leave, pending the yum come -- outcome of an investigation. reporting live in san jose, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:30. the police manhunt continues for a gam who fired shots at chp officers in san francisco. it started about 11:20 saturday night during a routine traffic stop during the bay bridge. investigators say the driver sped away led chp officer os -- chp officers on a short pursuit. the man fired a single shot at officers and then ran away. none of those shots hit any. there are reports of -- reports of several cars with their tires slashed in santa rosa. the press democrat says police believe the cars were vandalized late saturday night or early sunday morning.
8:32 am
it all happened in the santa rosa junior college area. some of the neighbors say dozens of cars had flight tires. several peninsula cities may raise garbage rates. several are considering the increase. the company handling the -- say operating expenses -- expenses will go up. cell phone users who constantly go over their minutes are getting welcomed news. in new voluntary standards announced today, cell phone carriers will send out realtime alerts to customers. those alerts will let you know if you are about to go over your voice data or text message limit. 8:32. we're finding out more about the special guest list for last night's memorial service for steve jobs. that event was very state
8:33 am
security on the stanford campus last night. just before the we in-- we gidgeing of the service, the stanford daily worsts -- reports bill clinton, secretary of state hillary clinton, media mogul rupert murdoch and larry paige were in attendance. >> i think it's quite tan amazing -- amazing outpouring of support, especially for a person who really had a private life. now, annal plans to hold another memorial service on wednesday for apple employees. we have much more about the coverage on the passing of steve jobs on our -- on our channel 2 website. go to and click on the apple tab. the pittsburg school district wants to pay its teachers more money despite budget problems. the mercury news reports
8:34 am
teachers in the school district were among the lowest paid in suspect folk county. that's made it harder to attract and keep good teachers. right now the teachers are renegotiating their contracts. the school district is hoping bigger salaries will make teachers want to stay. new questions about the metropolitan transportation commission's newly acquired headquarters in san francisco. last week the toll authority voted to spend $90 million to move to a new building south of market. according to the chronicle, the deal was completed 24 hours after that as part of the owner's terms.
8:35 am
the owners made a reported $33 million profit. one east baymaker -- east bay lawmaker questions how quickly the deal went through. the san francisco board of chambers is almost 100% wheelchair accessible. last year the board approved a plan to build a ramp to allow people in wheelchairs to access the facility. the supervisors are ready to move back in. there's still some work to be done. 8:35. 22 years ago today, the loma prieta earthquake shook the bay area. remember that? a 6.9 magnitude quake hit just as the third game of the riggs between the giants and the oakland as was getting underway. the quake killed 6300 people. injured almost 7,000 more. the san francisco fire department will hold a moment
8:36 am
of silence the exact time the quake hit. a new car seat law wants to keep kids strapped into those seats for two years longer. beginning in year, until they turn 8 off grow 4'9" they will have to have those booster seats. safety advocates say booster seats can reduce injuries in car crashes by up to 6 porse -- 60% compared to just using a seat belt. 8:36. let's go right back out to -- let's go right back out to sal castanedo. how are things looking? >> it's not looking good for people who use the carpool lanes. we have two fews of it. first of all, the view of -- from the emeryville camera, you can see oakland fire along with medics and the fire -- i'm sorry and the tow trucks are there with a motorcyclist down in the lanes m, down in one of
8:37 am
the carpool lanes. if you look at the traditional view the cars are not suffering that bad. the cars are over there. if you are on the left, it shouldn't be too bad just yet, we'll see what happens. >> this morning's commute has been slow in walnut creek heading to danville. everyone wants to go to danville. this morning everyone is doing that. if you are driving on 80 from pinole to richmond, it's slow. give yourself extra time. 8:37. we have sunshine inland mott a problem, it will warm up. temperatures upper 40s, low 50s. a few high clouds. those are starting to thin out and won't be a problem but the leading edge of our cooldown is still out here spinning. the fog up and cun the -- up and down the coast mean inland areas will be the benefit of more sunshine today.
8:38 am
low 50s, mid-50s. i mean, mountain view is just going nuts out there. crazy. 63 all right. okay. we have the system that went by yesterday and then right up here, high pressure is building in. it does not like lower pressure. lots of sunshine. that little low out there is on its way for late tours/wait wednesday. that will bring in a pretty significant cooldown. there will be drizzle no doubt. cooler -- partly cloudy. any range should stay to the north. fog is there on the coast. some of it is pretty shallow, warmer for some, 60s, 70s and 89 os. we'll get a bump up in the temperatures. probably 5, 10 degrees for
8:39 am
some. some mid-80s well inland including santa clara valley. >> on the coast i stuck with 60s because of the fog. they will be warmer with more sun. more fog, mild, but it looks like a cooler pattern kicks in with your weekend always in view. it means sunshine, warmer weather. 8:39. and the 49ers are now 5-1 after a thrilling victory over the detroit lions. the 9ers ended the lions' undefeated season with a 29-19 victory yesterday. that winning touchdown came with less than two minutes to play. alex smith meeted a pass to delaney walker on a fourth and goal from the 6-yard line. you can see him just snaking in there. what's making national headlines is the incident right after the game jim harbaugh and jim schwartz.
8:40 am
the two men met at the midfield. but apparently too, hard. harbaugh ran up to schwartzs and he was furious. and and be -- furious and he gan too chase after him. this has become a big hit on youtube. >> i went in there and it was -- i went in and it was a strong, kind of slap, hard grand, hardshake. >> i wanted to condition gratch late coach harbaugh and got shoved out of the way and didn't expect a -- didn't expect an obscenity at that point. so -- it was a surprise to me at the end of the game. >> well, the nfl is now going to take a good look at that incident and determine if the league wants to reprimand fine or either of those -- either or both of those coaches. the raidert nation paid from the to al davis during the
8:41 am
first home game since his death. a soldout crowd celebrated his wife yesterday and there was a very emotional half-time ceremony. this one year, john madden was there he lit a torch. well, the raiders' team honored davis in the best way possible, just bin, baby! oakland -- just win, baby! oakland won yesterday. there was two, a big loss. man. raiders' quarterback jay san -- jason campbell broke his col lawyer bone and now we're seering jason could be out for the rest of the season. 8:41. and it's happening right now, a swim in the chilly waters in the san francisco bay. it's all for a re-- it's all for a very good cause. hey guys, what can i get for you?
8:42 am
8:43 am
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europe having a big impact on the markets this morning as it looks like a solution may not be imminent. that's coming from the german chancellor. weak earnings are earn. ginette, low. samsung filed preliminary injunction claims to block the immediate sale of apple's iphone 4-s. samsung accuses apple of patent infringement. 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're for -- we are with we're following for you. overnight san francisco police arrested five demonstrators. look at these pictures. the protesters were angry that city crews door town their sents at justin herman plaza.
8:46 am
funeral arrangements are pending for another hels -- hells angel. and police in pittsburg expected to tell us new information -- tell us new information about a shooting that left four people injured including a 9-year-old girl. this happened during a birthday party. paul chambers is there now with the latest. what do you know, paul? >> reporter: good morning, dave. we put in several cars in the police department. we have yet to hear from them. i can tell what you we do know. there was about 30 people at the house. there was 30 people at a child's birthday party. as you can see, we see about three gunshots there. that's where it all took place when a 9-year-old was shot. there was a party going.
8:47 am
you got kids. i came out the kids were crying. a little after 8:30 that's when it happened. pittsburg police say two people wearing dark clothing and a black bandana walked up to the house and started firing into the garage. the shooters wounded a 9-year- old and three teenagers under the age of 19. two of the victims had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter and were in critical condition. however, all four victims are expected to survive. the reports say the gunman left on foot and may have jumped into a car and people here at the house do not believe this was gang-related. we did talk to talk someone. there were people who came out and they left. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, paul. well, it was a deadly
8:48 am
weekend in oakland. at about 3:00 yesterday moving, police say 22-year-old abraham was shot and killed near olive street. just a few hours earlier two men were killed in front of anant on mack care ther boulevard. no arrests have been -- in front of an apartment building on mack care ther boulevard. no arrests have been made. oakland has seen 90 homicides this year. the body of a man was found yesterday on mill creek road. investigators say he was shot several miles away near a marijuana farm tended by the three men arrested -- arrested in connection with his death. hours earlier police received a call about shots fired but could not find a body. in overnight news, boston firefighters rushed to save people from this burning apartment building. you see the flames shooting out
8:49 am
of the roof. a baby was actually rescued after being tossed out of a window into the waiting arms of a firefighter. residents say they heard an explosion about 1:00 a.m. before this fire started. the police arrested the man who showed up at a hospital. he had burns. he said he blew up his home. at least a dozen people were injured. soldiers in pakistan raided a hideout right near the afghan border today. nine soldiers and ten insurgents were killed in all of the fighting. still not cleared -- it's still not clear what militant group was killed. also in afghanistan, a suicide attack that was aimed at an afghan intelligence chief ended up dill -- ended up killing a young boy. it happened in northern afghanistan because insurgents -- a suicide bomber on foot targeted -- targeted the
8:50 am
convoy. a young boy about 3 years old were killed in the attack. the intelligence chief and now of its bodyguards were hurt. an autopsy is planned for dan wheldon. it hanked yesterday. this is lap 13 of yesterday's race at the las vegas motor speedway. you can see that one car swerved and another car hit it and went airborne. the 33-year-old was airlifted at the hospital. but later died. drivers were told of wheldon's death about two hours after the crash. we put so much pressure on ourselves to win races and championships. that's what we love to do. that's what we live for and days like today, it doesn't really matter. we lost -- i lost, we lost, a good friend. >> late last night, fans set up a memorial outside the indianapolis motor speedway where wheldon won the indy race
8:51 am
twice. investigators say excessive speed may have contributed to a deadly boating crash over the weekend. authorities say three women willed when they collided with a 21-foot motorboat. both were taking high-speed turns at the time. the four people suffered serious to minor injuries. 8:50. happening right now, a group of native americans are on their way to alcatraz to start a swim back to san francisco. take a look at new video. you can see a group of mative americans ming before their swim. this swim is promoting diabetes awaysness -- awareness. organizers say far too many people in the native american community suffer from diabetes. >> when we -- when we were forced on to our reservation, we were forced to live off of the commodities that the government provided which was
8:52 am
all fast food, white flour, white sugar and that's generation to generation -- and that's from generation to generation has been passedded -- passed down. ush ed post office's largest union is teaming up with a large bank to try to solve the woes. the national association of letter carriers says it's hiring an investment bank. i want to find a way around the plan to lay off workers and close hundreds of offices. mice are continuing to an problem on the southeast island. but a proposed solution is causing backlash. the chronicle reports that they used pellets to help get rid of the mice. that's raising concern from one wildlife group. they are worried that other animals could eat those and they are also worried that
8:53 am
those pellets could get in the -- could get in the water. you don't normally use sesame street and pornography in the same sentence but sesame street's youtube page was hacked.
8:54 am
8:55 am
several businesses in seal beach are coming together after
8:56 am
last week's shooting rampage apartment at hair salon. inside the salon stylists are working hard to raise money for the victims. customers is near the salon is located. that's where seven people were killed. all of the proceeds will go to a memorial fund. >> it started out -- we were doing a breast cancer cut-a- thon and when the shooting happened that's when it was decided to be switched and give it to the community. >> prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the 41-year- old suspect. he's accused of shooting the seven people, including -- including his ex-wife. children logging onto sesame street's youtube page over the weekend, didn't find big bird, elmer and cook kye -- and cookie monster, they found
8:57 am
pornography. houston quickly shut down the page and said -- and said the community guidelines have been violated. officials are are -- officials are working to see what put the pornography there. well, harold camping is standing -- is standing by his preding shin the world will end on friday. he predicted this in may, that did not happen. but in a new missage, the reverend said the world will end october 21,he suffered a stroke? june. he's now recovering -- suffered a stroke in june. he's now recovering. okay. sal, how are things looking? >> things are getting a little better, that accident at the toll plaza is gone. things are getting better. there's one police car still there but the fire crews and paramedics have left. let's take a look at the toll plaza from this view. you can see -- i would say it's probably -- it's pretty normal. if you are driving on 280
8:58 am
northbound. that's cleared up nicely downtown san jose. let's go to steve. low clouds around, but mainly on the coast. it will be sunny and warmer today. by the coast still 60s. i think inland 70s and 80s. tuesday and wednesday looks like a big cooldown and then ho- hum, kind of boring. just there. >> boring can be good. >> boring is fine. >> no rain? >> nice weather. >> yes. >> all right. thank you steve. that's going to do it for us on moat moot this monday -- on "mornings on 2" this monday. hope you have a great day. enjoy that weather. see you back at noon. >> bye now. ♪
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