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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 17, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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i was pushed down, kicked, thrown, shoved. >> protesters in san francisco are crying foul after a confrontation with police during the occupy demonstrations. good afternoon. i'm claudine wong in for tori campbell. >> at this hour, a press conference is getting underway at justin herman plaza. tensions are high there.
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alex savidge is there with more on what's happening. >> reporter: some protesters believe the police were a bit heavy-handed when they moved in last night on this encampment. just a few hours ago we saw police reach out to the protesters. we want to show you video that we shot. he essentially said city workers need to come through here and do a cleanup. it was a very civil meeting. much different than the tense -- the tense confrontation last night. officers pulled people out of the road, some people were lying -- were lying down trying to block trucks. protesters put up -- put up a fight. this man says he was hurt during the scuffle. >> i was pushed down, picked up, thrown, shoved. >> they managed to grab this
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finger here and dragged me across the street by my finger with the intent to break my finger. >> reporter: in the end, police arrested five protesters including one person with assault on an officer. james says he was blocked for blocking a roadway. >> i was immediately restrained and thrown -- restrained and thrown in the cuffs. i wasn't even doing anything wrong. >> reporter: during the heated demonstration overnight, police say a city truck had its tires slashed. eventually workers came in and cleaned up the tense embedding that police say were illegally set up in the plaza. >> we're in full support of assisting with these demonstrators who have a message and our officers will conduct themselves in a professional manner. >> reporter: as we come back live, you can see police on standby right now, so are city
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workers. any minute now, those workers are expected to move through justin herman plaza. police essentially told the protesters if they cooperate with this cleanup operation this afternoon, the encampment can stay. back to you. the three uc berkeley grads held in iran will be sharing their experiences with the public later today. shane bauer, josh fattal will be outside oakland city hall at 5:00 p.m. at the oakland encampment. the three aren't the only high- profile protesters to become part of the occupied movement. coming up at 12:15, another demonstrator -- demonstrator you might be familiar with goes to jail. breaking news. police are on the scene of a
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shooting. the give broke out this morning at 106th and macarthur. one person was shot and police surrounded the building. once they dis-- once they entered the building they discovered it was empty. an update to a story we've been following last night. police say a shooting at a children's birthday party at a pittsburg could be gang- related. a 9-year-old is one of the four families. paul chambers says the family just moved into that house a couple of months ago and he has more on what witnesses are saying. >> this crime scene tape is still outside of the house. he has a lot of questions. >> i'm scared. i say why? why? why did you do this? >> reporter: around 8:30 last night, family and friends were celebrating his daughter's 3rd birthday when someone sudden shooting. >> all of a sudden, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: there were about 30 people at the party. that's when the shooters walked
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up to the garage and started firing. you can see the three bullet holes as a result. >> i go back and say, go back everything. >> reporter: four people were already hit by bullets. his 9-year-old niece was shot in the arm and 17-year-old was shot in the chest. he says they are related to his sister-in-law and are from modesto. all of the victims are expected to survive. >> the shooters who were wearing dark clothing and bandanas left on foot a and jumped into a car -- foot and jumped into a car. >> i started locking up everything and made sure my wife and son were in the house. >> reporter: police say one of the family members who attended the party but was not shot may be affiliated with a ging and the rival gang may be responsible for the shooting. for now, he says he's not sure if he will continue to rent the
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home there. a back to knew san jose is investigating another officer- involved shooting. it's the 6th -- it's the sixth of the year. kraig debro has more. >> reporter: good afternoon, claudine. well, the shooting happened in the back of the park side terrace apartments. this morning we're able to shoot video of the area. we got photographs of the scene and spoke to a woman who said she saw the whole thing. >> i seen a bunch of police surrounding the back car, he was trying to go forward, backward, forward, backward. >> reporter: this tenant didn't want to be identified. another individual who didn't want to be identified shot these. the suspect did manage to at least one other -- to do damage to one other car. it all started yesterday
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afternoon around 11:45 with a caur to police from a resident. >> they reported that the individual was acting suspiciously and was possibly armed. >> reporter: three regular pd officers and a reserve responded. police say the man in the car would not comply with officer orders. that confirms that police said they tried to use less force first. >> he kept going back and forth around the car and they shot him. >> reporter: this is the sixth san jose shooting this year. >> we do look at our officer- involved shootings. >> reporter: i just spoke to the santa clara county coroner's office over the phone, they tell me they are still trying to positively identify the man police shot and they will not release his
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name until then. >> reporter: reporting live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news, kraig debro. also in san jose police are investigating the shooting death of a man attending the funeral offices -- funeral services for a fellow member of the hells' angels. he was attending the funeral of the president of the san jose chapter of the hells' angels. a foretoe shows people looking down -- a photo shows people looking down after the funeral. >> we heard the noise. i was hoping it was a motorcycle backfiring. but i knew it wasn't. >> condolence cards and candles have been left at the victim's business in san jose. witnesses say the shooter may be a fellow hells' angel, angry
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for not protecting pettigrew in last month's nevada shooting. dan wheldon died yesterday in a fiery-15-car pileup a at the -- pileup at the las vegas raceway. >> it's always gonna be a high risk dangerous sport. we know that. the people that are in the sport know that. but we don't want this kind of thing to happen. >> three other drivers were hurt in the wreck and taken to hot -- taken to the hospital. >> president obama is on the road again today to urge voters to pressure congress into passing a series of job creation bills. the president is on a three-day bus tour of two southern states
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in a . in a speech to supporters in asheville, -- a speech to supporters in asheville, north carolina mr. obama talked about his jobs plan. he says lawmakers who vote against the measures will have to answer to the voters. >> do you understand a lot of folks are hurting out there? >> right. >> too many people are looking for work? >> too many families are looking for that sense of security that's been slipping away for the past peck aid or so. at this hour, san francisco city officials are unveiling a new program designed to keep children into school. gascon is introducing the program. he's hoping this program will bring down tu anse rates.
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deadline day for people who requested an extension on their income taxes. if you are in the boat you have until midnight to file by mail or electronically. if you miss it, could you face fines. along -- only those in iraq and afghanistan and living in federal zones are subject to exemptions. we're learning more about the memorial service for steven jobs. who was on the guest list and how they remembered him? the sunshine is out. will you need a sweater later? and the weekend death that put michael jackson's trial on hold today.
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today we're learning the nails of some of the high- profile guests who attended steve jobs' funeral service. they included hillary clinton, bill clinton, bono, and condoleezza rice. another service for apple employees is set for this wednesday. three people are dead in oakland after a deadly weekend
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of shooting the. dash shoot -- of -- a deadly weekend shooting. the victims were identified as 20-year-old raymond greenwood and joshua krusite. there have been 94 homicides in oakland this year. three men are behind bars on charges of killing a healdsburg man and dumping his body west of the city. sonoma county investigators are i -- investigators are trying to determine whether protecting the marijuana operation was the motive behind the shooting death of santiago. the three suspects face murder charges, conspiracy, cultivation of marijuana and destroying evidence. cindy sheehan was one of 19 people arrested in sacramento at the demonstration near the state capitol. sacramento police arrested the
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group about 3:00 a.m., after they refused to leave cesar chavez park. this morning sacramento county jails said that sheehan is no longer in custody. her son, casey died in the iraq war in 2004. this was the the scene at -- this was the scene at westlake park after tents were removed. police made about a half-dozen arrests. the seattle police chief said damping is not allowed in the park. leaders of the church in a bayview park plan to rebuild after a weekend fire. flames shot from the roof of the of a building -- of a building. 23 people have been displaced. the trial for the accused
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of involuntary manslaughter trial -- trial for the doctor accused of involuntary manslaughter in the michael jackson trial is not happening today. murray has pleaded not guilty. one of the witnesses had a death in his family. the commitment -- to excellence was something as kids we saw every day. >> entertainers, hammers and ice cube joined a sellout crowd at the coliseum to honor al davis. the halftime ceremony included john madden lighting that torch. the raiders beat the browns 24- 17 but the game did not come without disappointment. quarterback jason campbell suffered a broken collarbone. he may be out for the rest of
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the season. san francisco 49ers fans may still be celebrating this morning after yesterday's thrilling weekend. >> the lions had been undefeated. there were less than two minutes to play when they won the game. the traditional coach's -- coaches' handshake that comes after the game -- john harbaugh -- there he goes. harbaugh also allegedly yelled an on tency that infuriated schwartz. the -- schwartz. the entire squirmish has now gone viral on youtube. a lot of sunshine on this monday, temperatures warming up. especially inland. the coast not bad either. a lot of 70s here under clear skies. had fog. there's still some dancing around the coast but overall,
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temperatures, it looks like this will be the warmest day of the week as we start a cooldown. today it's a lot of sunshine. had that morning fog but it was mainly hugging the coast. sunny and warmer. drizzle starts to move in. it will be cooler and breezy in the long range. it looks very quiet. there may be a warmup. the next hint of rain really believe it or not looks to be the first couple of days in november. we'll see how that develops. high clouds from this morning also departed exit stage right. they are out of the picture. fog is patchy on the coast. >> it's going to start getting its act together. it will be sunny for almost everybody. it will be warmer but there is a little low out there, a pesky low which is showing signs of heading back to northern california and that means the fog starts tuesday night into wednesday. low 80s livermore.
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fairfield, 83. 70s in the city. 70s in the peninsula. also south bay and north bay, everyone is close here. had some upper 40s in the north bay. a lot of 70s. an easterly breeze. it's mainly calm. most of that fog looks to be disappearing. it's not going. the system out here. you can see the leading edge of it. that's what's going to influence our weather starting tomorrow. this won't be much. it will fall apart but give us a cooler pattern and start to lift that fog. today, sunnyside up. by wednesday that low comes in goes into extreme northern california but it all equals a cooler pattern. some patchy fog left but more of an early breeze and sunshine and warmer weather. low to mid-80s. 70s by the coast. mid-80s to warmer. it looks like the east bay is taking the republican -- taking brunt of the warmup.
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80s in the santa clara valley and also for the city and the peninsula, 70s to 80s -- 70s to 80s. we'll start a little bit of a warmup toward the end of the week. >> a little bit cooler. but still -- >> today is nice. >> i will take all of it. >> you got it. >> thank you. well, one of every four solar energy jobs in the country is held here in california. that's according to the national solar job census released just about four hours ago. the number of jobs in the clean job industry blue. employment -- unemployment is expected to rise by 24% in the next year. today marks the anniversary of the 6.9 loma prieta earthquake. that game struck just as the game between the giants and as were getting underway. tonight, the san francisco fire department museum is going to hold a moment of silence to
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commemorate that event. it's happening at 5:04, the exact time the quake hit. why this group of native- americans braved the swim from ail kutrase to san francisco this morning. last 25 year ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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the dow is down 215 points. investors not happy that it appears a solution to your debt
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crisis still aways away. a new study suggests that current guidelines for radiation exposure for cell phones use measurements that don't apply to most people. specifically, those with smaller heads may be getting more radiation than the guidelines indicate and children absorb ten times the more -- ten times more radiation. the feud between apple and samsung is becoming more bitter. samsung filed motions for the stopping of sale of the phones. the two companies have been suing and counter suing each other foremonth -- for months. afterle accuses samsung of copying it's ipad and iphone technology. you would expect to find a.b.c.s on the sesame street
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show. but some found porn. that page was shut down. and sesame street is working to find out who is responsibility. the american academy of pediatrics says doctors can diagnose and treat children between 4 and 18 years old. previously guidelines focused on children ages 6 to 12. the new rules say behavior management techniques should be used first in preschool abled children before prescribing any medications. but any medications are only approved for ages 6 and up. cold water didn't stop a group of native americans from take taking part in the swim from alcatraz to san francisco and it's all meant to promote diabetes awareness. our ktvu camera was there to be taken awas -- to be taken
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across. organizers say too many people in the native-american community are suffering from diabetes. tonight at 5:00, the occupy san francisco is on the move. we will have live coverage to help you navigate through the city. we showed you these images of 49er coach him harbaugh but tonight the morning morning quarterbacking and what harbaugh is saying about the exchange. our next news is the news at 5:00. have a great day. =?x ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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