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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 18, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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a surprising revelation about ron dellums. we discover what he's been up to since leaving office. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a standing chance of allegiance for ron dellums. only on 2 tonight, ken wayne is live at the dellums federal building with the likely reason for dellums new job.
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>> reporter: during his three decades in congress, dellums was so far to the left he described himself as a socialist. so it's raising eyebrows to learn he's now working as a lobbiest for an influential republican firm. from his days to his last days in office as oakland mayor, ron dellums has been among america's loudest liberal voices. now he's working as vice chairman of watts partners. the lobbying firm was found bid j.c. watts. >> it feels he's betrayed the public, he's betrayed the public, he's betrayed his ideals. >> reporter: long time dellums supporters are stunned. why would he cross to the other side. >> the bottom line with the economy, you're going to have to look where the dollars are
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coming in. he's hurting for money and that's why he's sold his soul. >> reporter: but some of the his supporters say there's no excuse. >> there's something more important than money, and that's if your a democrat you're always a democrat and you're only going to work for democrats. >> reporter: we caught up with dellums where he was getting ready to testify in a lawsuit. at times he almost seemed dispondent when a ktvu reporter asked him. in the end, he denied to talk to our reporter simply walking away with a laugh and a wave. >> reporter: according to records, watts partners has earned $900,000 in profits so
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far this year. in a closed door session tonight, oakland city council agreed to pay $1.7 billion in to a family of a man who died after being arrested for oakland police. several years ago an exclusive ktvu report first told the story of jerry amaro the iii. his family alleged he had been beaten by police. that the beating was covered up and that amaro died of his injuries. they say five of amaro's ribs were broken during the bating beating. not even city workers will talk to police about what happened. new at 10:00, eric rasmussen in a heated council meeting that is still going on at this hour.
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>> that fight happened in this building upstairs right above where the city council is meeting right now. police stopped short of calling all of this gang related but said young men from rival neighborhoods were involved and some of the men in this program were back here tonight to face city leaders a couple of hours ago. >> we want to apologize to the city of richmond, to the city council. >> reporter: in a show of force of a different kind. >> i am here to say i'm sorry on behalf of everyone that was involved. >> reporter: young men apologized for the brawl on friday and begged city leaders to keep the program going and steer youth away from violence. >> this office is a good office. it saved my life and it saved a couple of my friend's lives. >> reporter: but police say four days after the fight that involved seven young men from rival parts of richmond no one is talking. not even city workers. >> it was concerning as we began to do our investigation people weren't really talking
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to us about what they were talking and then eventually told us they weren't going to tell us. >> why isn't anybody talking to police? >> first of all we're in the business of saving lives. it's not our business to arrest people. >> reporter: he says it would compromise their mission on the streets. but not everyone likes that logic. >> if they're not going to participate with the police officers, how is the community going to do it? that's the wrong message. >> reporter: we asked several times to ask to the director of this program and he simply said he was not available. i spoke to the city manager and says there are no official plans to penalize the program or disband it. eric rasmussen. new information tonight about the police response to a bold theft at an oakland pawnshop. we showed you the surveillance video last night of a man stealing a $2,000 gold chain. the manager told us police
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didn't respond to his repeated calls until ktvu aired the video. this morning the manager said police did come by and pick up a copy of the video. investigators say our stories led to a tip. they know now who the man is and they say they are looking for him. a bank robber called the mr. mcgoo ban did has turned himself in. 43-year-old scott james larson walked into a san jose jail and said he was the man they were looking for. investigators say the robberies began almost a year ago. in walnut creek, police are investigating a possible hate crime after a threatening note was left on the desk of an african american student. no one at the elementary school would talk to us but the girls parent's did. they said the note used the n word. and her parents tell us they don't think the note is being
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taken seriously. >> reporter: students received this letter. the principal issued the letter an hour after we arrived. it uses a term as an incident and derogatory note. >> when you get a racial death threat, i think the professionals need to be called. >> the incident was that my daughter received a note at 11:45 saying, [ bleep ] i'm going to get my dad's gun and kill you >> the indent that's being investigated is a death threat. >> reporter: that is a felony. it's believed two girls made the note and left it on the girl's desk. >> as far as you know were there guns possibly within reach of these kids? >> i don't think so. >> i'm outraged. >> reporter: the note was only
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half the problem say her parents. >> i think the ball was dropped since the beginning, we were not called, the police were not called. >>i just want to protect my kids, all kids. if it's going to happen to my daughters, it could happen to other kids. >> reporter: the superintendent refused to speak with me. john sasaki, ktvu news. members of the occupy san francisco movement took out their anger against city management. they confronted the mayor and supervisors. protesters say they are angry about sunday's arrest of five people. mayor lee added the protests has cost the city more than $100,000 so far. the usually quiet of alameda began the first to see
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a problem with the protest. they said the middle class is being left out. a former clinton cabinet member told us washington is listening. >> the mere fact of it, the mere fact it's getting as much media attention, the mere fact that more and more people are becoming aligned with it suggests to me that it's already having an effect. >> reporter: rice says whether the movement has staying power depends on organizations and discipline and its members stick with it. according to numerous report, apple stores all around the world will close for several hours tomorrow so that employees can watch a web cast of a memorial service for steve jobs. that memorial is set for 10:00 tomorrow morning at apple's head quarters in cuper to the best -- headquarters in cupertino.
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apple reported record profits but everyone though the stocks dropped. that fell short of analysts expectations and the stock took a hit falling 6%. here are the specific numbers apple shares were down more than $26 closing at $395 a share. even though it's earnings fell 26%. sunny vale's yahoo rose 2.5% to $15.85 a share after the company posted earnings. sales met analysts expectations at just over $1 billion. the muse is also good for intel. the chip maker posted third quarter earnings of $3 million. profits were up 17% compared to the same period last year. investors sent intel shares to
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$24.24, 18% higher. the race for president moves west, and the gloves come off. the one issue that ignited sparks tonight as the race for the gop nomination heats up. cool, cloudy and the possibility of a damp start for your wednesday. what the models are indicating for your area, coming up. plans to renovate a historic elementary school. why some people are against fixing lexington school.
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speaking out for the middle class in a downed economy. tonight republican presidential hopefuls went head to head in las vegas. there were some moments when they really got into it. one of the front runners herman cain came under attack for his 9-9-9 tax plan. >> reporter: it's their eighth debate but the first since herman cain takes the front spot. his 9-9-9 plan which calls for a 9% corporate tax rate, 9%
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income tax rate and 9% state tax came under attack. >> two to new hampshire where they don't have a sales tax and you're fixing to give them one. >> whether you throw away the current tax plan, and you give them ours, that's apples and oranges. >> well i'm going to get a bushel of oranges and apples because i'm still going to have to pay taxes. >> the idea that you stand here before us and talk to us that you're strong on immigration is on its faith the hype of hypocrisy. >> rick, i don't think i've ever hired an illegal in my life. so i'm looking forward to finding your facts on that because -- >> i tell you -- >> rick, i am speaking.
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i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> only seven republican candidates attended the debate. former utah governor boycott it. he hopes to pressure utah to change its primaries. i'm eric shawn, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama bus tour stopped. he insists his plan will create jobs without adding to the deficit. >> it will be paid for by asking our wealthiest citizens. our most fortunate, people like me. people who are making more than a million dollars to pay their fair share. >> the white house maintains the bus tour is not a campaign event. the president also made several unscheduled stops meeting people. the idea of a tax on millionaires. it's also being proposed here in california. the movement to let voters decide. word tonight that the
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number of mortgage defaults in california jumped 26% in this past quarter. default notices had hit a three year low in the previous quarter. analysts say the new numbers may just reflect a backlog. lenders began delaying foreclosures last year after allegations that some were using abusive tactics. a charged meeting tonight over what's next for a south bay school. critics say lexington elementary is dilapidated still some are fighting renovation plans. lloyd lacuesta is live with the reasons why. >> reporter: the los gatos school meeting is still going on tonight. packed with parents supporting or questioning plans to remodel one of the oldest schools in the bay area. some parents feel it is looked down at by other schools in the los gatos flat lands.
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>> we have toilets that are falling apart. sinks that don't work. every time they come in and fix those things they're spending operational dollars to fix them. which is money you can spend on a teacher. >> reporter: los gatos voters approved a bond measure to renovate lexington elementary. cost projections have now risen to $21 million. >> it's important to rebuild the lexington school because it can provide the capacity that this district needs for the growth it expects. >> reporter: some parents at other schools say their campuses are overcrowded. >> they're planning to spend up to $21 million for a school with declining enrollment and only 171 children. so we believe that this is fiscally irresponsible. >> reporter: and parents worry that construction at lexington school means those displaced students will have to go some place else such as the portable classrooms on this campus.
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the school district superintendent says there is a lot of misinformation. >> no decisions have been made as far as lexin gton the date. a decision may be made. >> reporter: nothing has been decided so far tonight. but there will be another public hearing in two weeks. the superintendent says her schools are not overcrowded. it appears in and out burger is considering pulling out of its plan to open a restaurant in pleasanthill. the in and out would have been located on north main street. city officials tell ktvu the company did not give any specific reasons. the near by homeowners protested the plan saying it would bring heavy traffic and unwanted noise. the change still plans to open a restaurant at another pleasanthill location on chill pen single crossway. a group that supports the use of plastic bags has filed suit against plastic bags ban.
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the claims that plastic bags harm the environment aren't based on scientific fact. santa cruz ban would be the toughest in the state because it includes restaurants. the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's personal physician will take up tomorrow. the defense says their witnesses are not available until friday. murray has pleaded not guilty. a bit of revision history is taking place in a cemetery in sa sacramento today. today prison crews started replacing tombstones that had the n word inprinted on them. now the new markers read, unknown, moved from negro hill cemetery. two of the tombstones will go to the california archives.
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good evening to you, the system that helped bring us that cool down earlier today is now helping to beef up our marine layer. the trough right off the coastline and we have drizzle already developing tonight and we are likely to have it for your drive tomorrow morning. take a look at the fog forecast here. we're dealing with partly mostly cloudy skies. by tomorrow it's expected to fill well inland. possible drizzle possibly for the bay area especially along the coast. afternoon clearing expected but it looks like the coastline is going to stay mostly cloudy. we'll start out in the 50s, we'll be cooler than where we were this morning. for the afternoon, 60s for the coast, widespread 70s inland. any where from 84 degrees cooler than what we saw today and we're going to be breezy at times. we'll take a detailed look at your afternoon highs and we'll take an extended look into your weekend. california enforcement officials say marijuana growers
10:21 pm
may be shifting their operations to private land. state land enforcement said they destroyed 2.2 million plants this year but that's only the half amount destroyed last year. legal experts say it's more difficult to catch and prosecute people on those who grow marijuana on private property. today police released a photo of a man they think is a killer and has been killed. still ahead. what may have led to hell's angels turning on each other. what experts think happened and the reward being offered.
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san jose police are shedding new light on the killing of one member of the hell's angel member and the
10:24 pm
disappearance of a second. >> reporter: san jose police have not found a body but may have another homicide to solve. this is the possible victim. 33-year-old steve joseph ruiz. ruiz is also the alleged killer of a fellow hell's angel member steve towson at saturday's funeral of still another hell's angel, pettigrew. san jose club member ruiz had been violating the hell's angels rules for a long time. ruiz allegedly responded by saying, quote i'm going to put led in towson.
10:25 pm
at pettigrew's funeral, ruiz mouthed off. a member punched him. >> that confrontation led to ruiz getting punched to the ground. >> reporter: that's when someone grabbed ruiz from the vest and told him to stand up and fight like a man. that's when ruiz took out a gun and shot towson. no one is talking about what happened to ruiz. police think he was killed. he hasn't been seen since. >> he left his motorcycle at the scene. we still have that motorcycle and i would think that if he was still around, he would want his motorcycle back as well. >> reporter: sources tell me hell's angel members now are worried about their own safety. not knowing who they can trust. rita williams, ktvu news. san jose police also say they have if figured out who killed two former students at san jose. on october 10th an officer fatally shot 23-year-old ricardo moreno. police say he pointed his gun
10:26 pm
at officers and one of them fired killing him. they say that same gun was used two days earlier to kill eric kenso and cristina lynne at their apartment in san jose. police say otokawa sold drugs to moreno. all three had been in the same dorm at san jose state. 32-year-old kumar was identified as shot and killed by officers. after tasers didn't stop him. wildlife rescuers descended on wild parks today looking for an injured hawk. they say a $5,000 reward is being offered leading to the
10:27 pm
conviction of the person responsible. and wild rescue is asking anyone who sees the bird to go to its website and report the location. you can navigate to the site under web links at it raced through the oakland hills, 20 years later ktvu investigates what's changed since the oakland hills fires and why the hills are still at risk. plus a plane that will never take flight. -- plus an aircraft interior that will never take flight. how it's helping sfo upstart virgin america create hundreds of jobs.
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mike mibach now with tonight's special report. >> they have to leave, they have to leave their cars here. you have to leave your car, walk. >> reporter: it was the worse urban wildfire in american history. that haunts wendy weeks. 25 people lost their lives and more than 3,000 homes turn to cinders despite well over 3,000 firefighters from all over california trying to stop the incineration for almost a week. night and day. >> my god i've never seen nothing like this. >> reporter: and if not for a helpful change in the weather it could have been much much worse. >> the east bay hills fire was a watershed for the state. >> reporter: this hollywood set
10:31 pm
like emergency dispatch headquarters was built after the fire storm. >> when that fire erupted they were already behind the ball. they were already trying to battle with high winds and a fire that was spreading very quickly. add to that fire companies from around the region that were showing up that weren't able to get water. there wasn't an adequate system of operation for them to talk to each other. >> reporter: today there are dedicated emergency communication frequencies for all american workers. there are new systems designed to give water pressure. and there was one other significant problem 20 years ago not all the fire departments had the same sized connectors for hoses and hydrants. >> at the time national standards threat was 2.5-inch, two cities in the area that were unique were oakland. james williams was a rookie fireman on the fire line 20 years ago. >> shortly after the fire line
10:32 pm
again, reretrofitted all the fire hydrants. >> reporter: san francisco simply bought adapters and some oakland residents say their city has also taken some shortcuts. ones that remain dangerous. >> 15 years the oakland park district has been trying to work on a plan to do major hazardous brush mitigation. eucalyptus is enemy number one. >> 15 years they've been trying to take those trees out. and we are still stuck not removing them. >> reporter: walsh says a small band of reactionary critics are holding up the removal because they call it ecologically unfit. >> the roads are dreadful. they didn't widen the roads when they could have and should
10:33 pm
have. the roads are not managed so they're crumbling. there are tremendous potholes in the hills. people worry that one car gets stuck, every other car is stuck. you lose time and you lose lives. >> there's been a lot of progress but sports fans, we had it in 23, we had it in 70, we had it 20 years ago and we're going to have it again. and tomorrow night at ktvu news special on the oakland hills fire storm. join us at 9:00 here on ktvu followed by the 10:00 news. virgin america today unveiled its new training center in buehrleing game. it will enable virgin american to train crews. it also means more jobs over
10:34 pm
the next few years. >> we have 2,500 people in the company right now. the plan is to hire 500 to 600 more in the next three years. the great majority of those being here in the bay area. in december virgin america will also open a pilot training center here in the bay area. that will mean more jobs for the region. the port of oakland is getting a financial boost, east bay congresswoman barbara lee announced $550 million in federal funding today. the money will go to dredging the shipping channel keeping them at 50 feet. more than 2,000 vessels come into the port each year making it this third largest port. students from casa grande high school had planned to release salmon they raised from eggs but you may recall earlier this month vandals cut open
10:35 pm
pans in tiburon holding the fish allowing them to swim away. fish and game workers will make the salmon available for release on october 30th. there's been no arrests in the vandalism case. it might be time to tighten the leash on dog walkers. scott weaner is introducing legislation to regulate commercial dog walkers in the city. the proposed legislation would require dog walkers to get a permit. pay an annual fee, walk no more than seven dogs at a time and receive training in dog handling and canine first aid. the new wheelchair ramp is almost ready for use. but it costs the city nearly a half million dollars to build the ramp and change the surrounding built in furniture to comply with federal disability rules. all the ramp is missing now is a bronze handrail. crews are expected to install that one the supervisors go on
10:36 pm
winter break. immigration officials report a record number of immigrations. they deported 400,000 people. the largest number in history. 55% of those deported were convicted criminals. developing news, late details on a double shooting. plus, the theft that left a concrete pillar in san francisco's castro district missing a piece of local history. we're gearing up for a cool cloudy even soggy start to your wednesday. coming up what the models are suggesting for your neighborhood. meet the oakland raiders new quarterback and the steep price it cost the team to get him. [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot with no hassle at all. i don't even need an appointment. [ male announcer ] it's about as easy as flu shots get. get your groceries and a flu shot, all in one trip. at safeway.
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newsroom. at this hour police are on the scene of a double shooting in east oakland. police are telling us two men were outside on 82nd near a street when someone drove by and opened fire. this all happened about 90 minutes ago. the victims were able to get inside a home where paramedics found them. one was shot in the chest the other in the arm and leg and both were taken to the hospital. a piece of san francisco's history was stolen over the weekend in the city's district. the plaque was dedicated to harvey milk. it was located outside of the munni station. the plaque was bolted in cement and it's not clear if the theft was an act of homo phobia or if someone stole it so they could sell the metal for scrap. >> either way this is incredibly disrespectful to the castro and to the lgbt
10:40 pm
community. and i just ask whoever did it to return the plaque no questions asked. the plaque had an imagine of milk. it's been there since the 1980s. $60,000 worth of i pads were stolen recently from a best buy store. the heist occurred last friday night late last friday night at the best buy on camino arroyo. the thieves used a floor jack to pry open the case and stole a metal case filled with iphone 2s. no arrests so far. a shalid had been held by palestinian militants.
10:41 pm
in exchange, israeli released hundreds of prisoners. -- to the fight against gadhafi. and in japan, the owner of the damaged fukushima plant will be reopened sooner than thought. plant operators also said they've been able to cut radio active emissions significantly. the issue of pipeline safety was front and center today at a u.s. senate economy hearing. the hearing came one day after the senators unanimously passed a natural pipeline safety bill. it would require automatic shut off valves on new pipelines. dianne feinstein said in california there's added reason for concern. >> we're earthquake country. there's 38 million people. these pipes are all underground. they are in dense places.
10:42 pm
>> reporter: it took an hour and 39 minutes for pg & e workers to stop the flow of gas through the ruptures san bruno pipeline by manually closing valves. the house of representatives is working on their own bill. -- they want players to give up chewing tobacco. they're asking players to pledge not to chew on camera and during games. the centers for disease control says smokeless tobacco can cause cancer and oral health problems. how close is california to a millionaires tax? we'll show you how the occupy movement may be helping get the
10:43 pm
measure on a 2010 ballot. 2 010 -- 2012 ballot. plus we're following moisture that could affect your morning commute. we'll see where when meteorologist rosemary orozco returns in a few minutes. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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there's a new push tonight to get a millionaire's tax on the 2012 ballot. and the occupy wall street movement may be helping. >> reporter: you can see it reads join the 99%. the california federation of teachers not only supporting the movement, it hopes the protest will help the union raise money for schools. sophia yehee is the youngest protester. she wants more money for schools and she thinks that should include a tax for the wealthy. >> we don't have the money to pay to rebuild schools.
10:46 pm
a lot of our teachers are also getting laid off. and a lot of courses are being cut. it's kind of bad actually. >> reporter: the state of schools is why the federation of teachers has been working on a measure to tax millionaires. the occupy movement from berkeley and across the state will help them get the tax on the ballot, maybe even pass it. >> i have no problem with that. i think everybody should be taxed fairly. i think people who are millionaires should pay higher percent taxes like everyone else. >> we have to have a fair tax, the millionaires are getting away with murder. we must take our country back from the wealthy. >> reporter: but others say millionaires create jobs. >> they have the liquidity, they can say forget about it we're leaving. and they're doing that in droves. >> reporter: for now these
10:47 pm
millionaires are staying put. but will the movement keep them here when it's time to vote? the union hasn't decided how much to try to tax millionaires. but back in 2004, california voters did pass a 1% millionaires tax to help fund medical programs. tonight on our facebook page we asked what you think about a tax on millionaires. justice block writes, i don't think it's fair to make any certain group pay higher taxes. however it's not fair that the rich get tax breaks. and reed says what's the incentive to succeed then get penalized? it's the millionaires that create jobs. research in motion introduced the system called bbx at it's annual developers conference. it combines existing blackberry
10:48 pm
elements with rims previously announced tablet computers. it wasn't announced when the new system will be available to users. starting next year the cash strapped u.s. postal service will raise the cost of stamps. postage rates are going up by a penny. that means the first class stamp will go up. the postoffice lost 4 billion in revenue last year. people receiving social security benefits should learn tomorrow that they'll receive their first increase in benefits in three years. a government inflation measure is set to be released wednesday. it determines the increase in benefits. the hike is expected to be in the 3.5% range or about $40 a month. for the past two years there was no bump in social security benefits because inflation was so low. u.s. news and world report is calling walnut creek the greenest place in the nation to
10:49 pm
retire. the digital magazine said walnut creek has 22 city parks and 2,700 acres of open space makes it a city with great access to wilderness. that access doesn't come cheaply. the medium price is listed at $411,000. we felt a dramatic cool down over the bay area this afternoon. and cooler weather on tap for your wednesday. the winds have lightened up just a little bit. although increasing through the delta. fairfield now reporting 23 miles per hour. and we have a little bit of drizzle developing out there this evening. it's below the radar so we're not able to pick it up. but i know firsthand i was out there. 61degrees san jose. right now 65 in oakland. 55 in livermore. these temperatures a few degrees cooler than what we sat yesterday. this afternoon the difference, 15 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon. 59degrees right now. napa 59, we are partly to
10:50 pm
mostly cloudy and the mist and drizzle will be with us for tomorrow morning. maybe that have umbrella on stand by if not nor you maybe for the kids. the satellite and radar. so this disturbance finally moving over the northwest states. that trough just enough lift to again bring us some drizzle. the marine layer has really thickened up. it's now 2,500 feet. you saw yesterday it was completely wiped out we couldn't even see it. for tomorrow morning, a.m. fog as well as clouds. mist and drizzle especially around the coast but for the bay area as well. afternoon clearing is expected all the way to the coastline. it's going to be breezy at times. temperatures will be cooling and the breeze will be with us. it's going to be cool out there. picking it up for you here, 2:00 or 3:00 mostly sunny skies for most of us the coast will
10:51 pm
be with our clouds. low mid-50s near the coastline. 74 is what we'll get in the afternoon for petaluma. 72 novato. mid-70s for danville, walnut creek, 74 expected in santa clara. mid-70s san jose. 72 san mateo. mid-60s expected in san francisco. low 60s along the coast there with mostly gray skies. tomorrow is going to be the coolest day. we will begin a gradual warm up, thursday, friday. time for the weekend make your plans. low 80s inland and -- >> already made it. >> yeah. >> looks good. >> thanks rosemary. >> you're welcome. officials with contra costa vector control says mosquito repellant should be part of your halloween costume this year. warm hot weather is helping keep the threat of west nile virus alive. three people in contra costa
10:52 pm
county have been diagnose noised ed with west nile virus. all are recovering. across california, four people have died this year from west nile virus. the raiders introduced their new quarterback. we'll be right back. ♪
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[ male announcer ] when we unveil the all-new 2012 m-class, we're actually introducing a vehicle built upon 125 years of engineering excellence. which is why, no matter what is happening in the world outside, there is such a sense of complete confidence inside. introducing the 2012 m-class. quite possibly the most advanced suv ever. from mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. mark is off tonight, joe is
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here, looks like the cal game is going to be shorter. >> al davis is no longer running the raiders but today they made a move that was among the line of something the old boss might do. this afternoon at the raiders headquarters carson palmer was introduced to the media. palmer has refused to report to the cincinnati bengals despite being under contract. jason campbell suffered a broken collarbone and had to undergo surgery yesterday. the acquisition of palmer comes just before the trade deadline but he doesn't come cheap. oakland gives up a draft choice and a conditional pick the following season which would be either a one or a two. hugh jackson talks about why palmer was worth it. >> i don't think you ever mortgage the future organization when you're putting a franchise quarterback on your team. i appreciate what everybody thinks but i'm really concerned about what we think here. and i think we're very comfortable with that. number two, 2012 will take care
10:56 pm
of 2012. >> i've been around long enough to know the sacrifices that this organization made to get me. you know i also understand there's a lot that comes with playing, playing this position. playing quarterback. it's definitely a burden and i'm going to take it head on. and do everything i can to win. >> the bengals are off to a 4-2 start. mostly with rookie quarterback andy dalton. they aren't looking back when it comes to a guy who didn't want to be there any longer. >> paul brown said we'll tolerate you as long as we need you. i think that's very evident and true and this was a good deal for both clubs. and i think we're excited about it i know they are as well. >> one other deal today, the raiders signed free agent safety enducke. another formal bengals. last year the world series had a different feel for the bay area. but the cardinals and rangers
10:57 pm
were working out today in st. louis before game one which is a 5:00 start right here on channel 2 and fox tomorrow. for the second year in a row the national league has home field advantage. tony larue la russa both logging their share of miles at the oakland coliseum. >> go out there and play our type of game and try to play to what the game asks us to do on any given day and hopefully when it's all over. nine tmj4s that we got one more run than the st. louis cardinals. >> our club is not going to change its attitude about competing in the world series. i mean the rangers are going to get the best we have. we're going to have the same approach, do the best we can. cardinals kind of the cinderella team. remember how excited we were last year at this time. >> oh, yeah. >> what a difference a year makes. >> people out on the streets and everything. >> thank you for trusting ktvu
10:58 pm
channel 2 news. and when news breaks we'll be here. >> join the ktvu news online on and mobile ktvu. ♪ sea bass... ♪ ooohhh! ♪ i like it. yeah, i love the kitchen.
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