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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 19, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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president obama's job bill hits home. how it could have a direct impact upon bay area firefighters. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning to you.
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welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, october 19th. we begin with developing news from san francisco. a big rig crash and fire is causing huge delays on both highway 101 and the bay bridge. it happened shortly after 5:00 a.m. not far from the ups building. tear you are forry artie -- tara moriarty is live. what's the situation now? >> reporter: you might want to rethink your -- rethink your morning commute if you need to come this way. this stretch is closed until about noon. we're right now meira po saw -- mariposa street. right now, let's take a look at this video that we just got in. it shows a man with a bandage on his head being led anay handcuffs. he was -- away in handcuffs. he was not involved in the car accident itself. we're told he got into a fight
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with someone on the freeway. it all unfolded about two hours ago at 5:00 a.m., when a cement truck jackknifed igniting a fire call from the -- fireball from the cab. flames were going strong when firefighters arrived. three other cars were involved. the trucks carrying cement spilled. the big problem was the diesel that leaked. so crews were busy cleaning that up. now, a firefighter on the scene told us one person received injuries. we believe he's the truck driver. two others received -- received minor injuries, including a woman. the chp will be arriving shortly. we'll eight get an update from him. but traffic affected on 101 between the bay bridge and ceaser chavez. it won't open back up again until moon. they actually have to upright the truck and check the integrity of the freeway. you can see where all of that
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debris is. when we first arrived on the scene, a firefighter told me one of the trucks had hit a guardrail. again, back out here, you can see that the -- that the roadway underneath the overpass is shut off. it's a really small section. it shouldn't affect traffic on these city streets. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. right now, let's check in with sal castanedo how you can deviate, get around this mess. sal? >> tara, this morning, one of the ways to get out of san francisco would be to use the 280 extension to get yourself down to 101. if you are on the other side of town, you can go to 19th avenue. just leave the city that way. now, the traffic on the bay bridge is being slowed and you can see here on the incline section area, you can see traffic is okay. but at the toll plaza, we have a big backup. the metering lights are slowing cars down. so if you drive into san francisco today, there will -- there will be a big backup at
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the toll plaza. b.a.r.t. is running on time, by the way. san mateo bridge, let's say you want to cross the bay. san mateo bridge traffic looks good heading out to 101. more traffic in a few. in oakland, this is day 10 of the occupy protest outside oakland city hall. but any could be wearing out their -- but they could be wearing out their welcome there. claudine wong is joining us live. what's going on, claudine? >> reporter: well, dave, the last time we checked in with you, it was getting a little tense. as you can see, occupy oakland protest, we have the folks standing to the side. there are a few issues out here that we've seen. one they are not super happy about cameras. they don't want them in their protest. they don't people in front of the camera talking. they don't have one person who speaks for this movement and that is an issue. not only are cameras but who is
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going to speak for "occupy oakland." >> you know i'm right. put the camera on him. you know i'm right. you in it for whose -- business. you -- what -- what are you gaining from this interview? >> nothing. >> this is 4:00 in the morning. only security is walking. whose side are you on? i'm right. you are wrong. >> careful, careful. >> you are wrong. >> reporter: back live out here at "occupy oakland." that confrontation happened when a man came over and said he was staying in "occupy
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oakland." he does not speak for the movement. several people have been talking to us saying he doesn't speak to them. however, when you ask them who dots speak for them -- who does speak for them, they say we don't have any one person. the conversation is still going on about whether he is going to come back because he doesn't feel welcomed here. as far as conditions, the city sent out a -- sent out a letter yesterday, about power, rodents. all of those things. again, they do not want our cameras inside this protest, so it's haven't -- it's been very hard to determine if conditions are a problem. they maintain they are doing a lot of good things. they are having good meetings within that group about what this movement is about, justice and equally and -- equality and
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what they are saying bringing fairness to the world. i did have a protesters say, look, i will take you in there, washington you through the camp, let you take a look at it for yourself. we are gonna take a look. we don't know if we can let our cameras come with us. we're gonna try to do that. we'll check back in with you coming up on "mornings on 2." claudine wong. >> thank you, claudine. today is day three of president obama's bus tour through north carolina and virginia where he's pushing hard for congress do -- for pentagon to pass his jobs bill. coming up at 7:15, we'll live report about the part of the jobs bill the president will promote today and what kind of jobs it could save here in the bay area. all right. 7:07. major traffic messes this morning. sal has all of the details. and you are checking on new stuff, right? >> i'm still seeing if the rest of the bay area is still holding together.
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we've been covering the san francisco thing and we're gonna show you the 101 freeway that's shut down. now that it's becoming a little more light you can actually see -- you can actually see the  wreckage there of this truck and they've just told us just a few moments ago that this is gonna be out there until noon. these are pictures from "mornings on 2." you are gonna have to figure out a different way to get out of san francisco and that would be usually 280, i think that would work well for you. also using highway -- highway 1, 19th avenue getting out of the city might also work for you. let's go to the incline of the bay bridge. now, traffic on the span here looks okay but there is a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza so if you are trying to get onto the bridge. it's gonna take you a while to get on the bridge. when you get over to that side, you will see a lot of traffic on the city streets. moving along to the rest of the commute, highway 4, pretty busy traffic here.
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680 is booking up in -- backing up in pleasant hill and 80 is backing up in richmond. 7:08 let's go to -- 7:08. let's go to steve. all right. mostly cloudy, a few breaks in the clouds. diana up in the santa cruz mountains, 51, low clouds, fog, versus 72 at this time yesterday and i think out in antioch, a brisk breeze. inland areas, it was warm. that the won't be the case today -- that won't be the case today. they will take the crash on the temperature on the high side. low clouds will give way to sunshine, breezy to windy conditions. today will be the coolest day of the week. it will still be a little on the cool side tomorrow. we'll bump highs up tomorrow. not so much along the coast or in san francisco but inland temperatures will start to come up. we'll continue that as we go into the weekend. a lot of 60s and 70s today.
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it's a big, old fog bank out there. the same low that's been sitting out in the pacific for a week finally ramped up the fog bank. 59 in san francisco. we'll go for a high of 64. it will be a cool day even with the sun. temperatures won't warm up that much. they will take a good plunge here. there's too much in the way of a west wind. 50s and 60s. everyone is really close on these temperatures. almost everybody says cloudy to mostly cloudy and you get a good west-southwest wind in the delta, gusting to 30 at travis, that tells you everything you need to know. also, west at napa, west- southwest at sfo. >> west 13, west-northwest down to san jose on the peninsula. everything is in place for a cooler pattern today. today an tomorrow, one more testimony has -- one more system has to go by. once that slides by after friday. >> the high pressure builds back in. 70s, though, for many or 60s
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and 70s, i mean novato, 72, 73 walnut creek. 60s for much of the bay. 70s even antioch and brentwood, pleasanton, 74. a cool 73 in san jose. 72 in milpitas and 50s, 60s on the coast in the city. a lot of low 70s including pal loy alto, sunny, breezy on thursday. mostly sunny on friday. it does look warmer for the weekend. tori? >> thank you, steve. in central ohio, the hunt is on for dozens of exotic animals that escaped. deputies are searching for loose tigers, lions, bears and others. the ordeal started the other evening. they found the farm's owner dead and all of the cages open. residents are being advised to
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stay inside and nearby schools are closed. authorities are holding a news conference with the latest. let's listen in. >> that's a very good question. i are -- i will be glad to answer that. when our officers arrived on the scene, we had approximately one hour to one and a half hours of daylight. as officers got out there, there were animals running loose outside of the area. to set the table -- to set the table a little bit for you, mr. thompson had numerous cages and that's where the animals were. it's a long drive, probably two, three football fields up his driveway down to the front gate. the front gate is just off the main thorough way there -- thoroughway there. we had animals that were trying to get loose. i had deputies that had to shoot animals with their side arms and close range. that's how volatile this situation was. we're not talking about your normal, evidence house cat or
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dog. these are 300 pound ben gal tigers that we've had to put down. when we got here, obviously, public safety was my number one concern. >> once we got here, realized the severity of the situation, we at this point started running into a problem with darkness. we again were not going to have animals running loose on this farm at night. we can document numerous animals that got over the fence, were out in the wooded areas, outside of the property that we've had to put down, we had officers down on the interstate. today, when daytime hit, we went into the area. we've been evaluating and
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getting head counts, been recovering bodies. we just had a huge tiger an adult tiger, i'm estimated 300 pounds that was very aggressive. we did get one of the -- >> you've been listening live to a press conference going on about numerous exotic animals that escaped in hope -- in ohio. the sheriff said they had to shoot and kill some animals. about 35 i've heard. i've also heard the owner was facing quite a bit of legal trouble, just gotten out of jail and authorities say he may have opened up the cages and then taken his own life. it's a precarious situation. obviously an ongoing story we'll continue to follow it. >> unbelievable. 7:14. also new this morning, a new air-and-ground offensive in
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iraq. but the u.s. is not involved. what kurdish rebels did?
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gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why we pick vegetables at their peak. ...and freeze them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant newschopper2 showing as you live picture now of this recked struck on -- us a live picture on this wrecked truck. ktvu is on the scene. we'll have another report live on the scene -- from the scene straight ahead. 7:17. turkish soldiers have reportedly launched an attack inside iraq in retaliation to
7:18 am
an attack by the kurdish rebels. turkey has launched an air-and- ground off fencive into iraq in response to the attack -- offensive into iraq in response to the attack. in about 15 minute, president obama makes a -- >> reporter: the white house contact tells us the president will spend $1 billion giving the money to local cities if those cities agree to fire firefighters. the money would come in the form of so-called safer grant. this is the same department san jose used to rehire 20 firefighters. state grants are expensive.
7:19 am
a big-ticket item for a nation already deep in debt but they are wildly popular with local chiefs. >> americans who have been trapped in burning building the have been rescued a lot more efficiently. >> all he says improve because of safer fire grants but the president's proposal taking fire, political fire from republicans here. a spokesman for u.s. house speaker john boehner says "we've already tried the stimulus plan the prod is touting today, not -- the president is touting today, not once, but twice and where are the jobs"? back to you. >> thank you. many bay area democrats are shocked to hear that ron rel comes is now working for a
7:20 am
republican lobbying firm in washington, d.c. we caught up with him here. he was waiting to testify in a case that dates back to his time as the mayor of oakland. dellums did not want to talk about his new job. >> oh, man. when am i gonna get out from under this? i hate this [bleep] >> it feels that he's betrayed the party, the public, his ideals. >> there's some speculation, the 75-year-old mr. dellums may have taken the job because he needs the money. he's had some tax problems reportedly owing about $239,000. 7:20. rick perry came out swinging in the republican presidential debate last night in las vegas. >> mit, you lose all of your -- mitt, you lose all of your standing from my opinion, because you hired illegals from your home and you knew about it for a year sand the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you are strong
7:21 am
on immigration is on its face the hype of hippo chrissy -- hypocrisy. herman kame came under attack for his -- herman cain came under attack under his 9-9-9 tax plan. >> blue put out that plan and -- whether you put out that plan and use another plan, it's apples to -- >> the next debate is scheduled december 10th in iowa. 7:21. rising tensions in richmond how a brawl inside city hall led to a very emotional city council meeting last night. caught on tape. going for the gold. why oakland police are finally investigating.
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that bloody brawl that broke out inside richmond city hall was the focus of a heated debate at last night's city hall meeting. the brawl broke out on the floor above the council chambers. police say at least seven suspected gang members were involved in the fight. violence prevention workers say they just can't cooperate with police because that would violate the trust of the people they are trying to help. police are clearly frustrated. >> there was concern as we began to do our investigation that -- >> why is no one talking? >> we're in the business to
7:25 am
save lives. 7:24. oakland police finally investigating a bold theft that happened at an oakland pawnshop. this happened monday morning. look at these pictures. a man took off with a $2,000 gold chain. there he goes. the man said police didn't respond until his -- respond to his calls until ktvu just aired this video. police have the tape and they may be close to making an arrest. we want to check in with sal. he has a very busy ahead of you, that problem on 101 -- on 101 being closed. what we can figure out is there they -- is they are trying to make sure the integrity of the freeway is okay. southbound 101 is gonna be closed until noon. you can see with these pictures of newschopper2 that were taken moments ago.
7:26 am
they are getting in position to remove this wrecked truck. at first we thought this would be a tanker truck carrying diesel. it turns out it was carrying cement. but what burst into flames were the tanks of diesel that's on the cab. the truck driver was seriously injured and taken to san francisco general. 101 freeway is closed until at least noon. let's move along and take a look at our camera here in san francisco. it's weird to see 101 completely shut down this way. and unfortunately, it's gonna be that way for a bit. it looks like -- the san mateo bridge is a pretty decent alternative if you want to use the bridge. stay with ktvu. we'll continue to follow this as long as the closure is here. much cooler today. low clouds and fog came in for the coast yesterday. but inland areas were still rather harm -- rather warm. that's not the case today. temperatures could drop -- some
7:27 am
of the higher elevations as much as 20 degrees. inland areas will drop a good 10. 50s and 60s. temperatures really kind of stuck there. there's too much cloud cover. i think chilly lows will be the rule here for the next couple of mornings. but today after the fog burns off, if it does, and it should, it's up there around 3,000 feet now, 50, 60s 70s, even though it will be sunny. it will be breezy. and i think you will notice it will be cool tonight. we'll take that into the weekend. the morning could be a little on the cool side but a lot more sunshine and warmer. 7:27. it's another day to honor steve jobs. how this morning's memorial service could impact your shopping plans.
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we still have a major freeway shut down at this hour, southbound 101 past the 80 split. in front of the u.p.s. building. you see live pictures here.
7:31 am
no traffic is getting true leaving sphcts on 101 heading south. this crash happened just after 5:00 a.m. ktvu's tara moriarty is on the scene right below the crash where some of the debris fell off the freeway and landed down to where tara is. tara? >> reporter: that's right. if you look dunn on the roadway, you -- down on the roadway, you can see there's chunks of cement lying in the road. if you pan to the right, you can there is a portion of a guardrail lining there. the firefighters told me this all happened when one of the -- one of them crashed into the guardrail. we're told that engineers will have to inspect this stretch of 101 to make sure it's structurally sound before they can reopen the freeway. so 101 southbound will not be back in business until noon. the accident happened at 5:00 when a cement truck jackknifed igniting a fireball from its
7:32 am
cab. the flames were going strong when the firefighters arrived. three other vehicles were involved. two trucks were carrying cement which spilled but the big problem was the diesel fuel. crews were busy cleaning that up. now, fire officials say one person received major injuries. we don't know if that was the truck driver or not but he was transported to sf general hospital. we do know that another woman received minor injuries. again 101 is shut down from the 80 split to cesar chavez in the southbound direction and that's obviously causing headaches for those commuters trying to make it across the bay bridge. perhaps use the san mateo bridge instead this moving to rethink your route. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:32. a home in oakland hills caught fire last night. firefighters are blaming what they are calling a legal
7:33 am
marijuana operation. firefighters rushed to the home. two people got out, children. the fire started in the basement and then spread through the walls. >> my heart, just thinking about san francisco and going, know -- going, you know, below grade -- >> the firefighters are saying anyone who mass an illegal -- a legal pot-growing business have to go through the channels to make sure your property can withstand situations. the research institution will announce a new stem cell center. this is video of house minority
7:34 am
leader, nancy nancy pelosi touring the center. the money comes from a $5 million donation from the foundation. 7:33. it's a patel over school funding that pits parents versus purnts -- parents. last year, los gatos voters approved a bond measure providing $18 million to renovate lexington but the cost projections now have gone up to 21 million. at last night's school board meeting, the parents of children attending other schools said their campuses were overcrowded. they want the school district's limited resources spent on something else. >> they are planning to spend up to $21 million for a school with declining enrollment and
7:35 am
only 121 children. >> we have toilets that are falling apart, sinks that don't work. every time they come in and fix the things, they are spending operational dollars to fix them which is money you -- money you could use to spend on a teacher. >> the school district didn't make any decisions last night. another public hearing will be held in about two weeks. >> reporter: walnut creek police investigating to find out whether a hate crime occurred inside of a fifth grade classroom. police say one girl left a rash shawly charged death rate last friday. the 11-year-old victim's parents said the note shows a drawing of their daughter being shot and includes the n-word. her father's concerns go beyond his daughter. >> i just want to protect my kid. not just my did but but -- noft
7:36 am
just my kid but all kids -- not just my kid but all kids. police say -- or are telling ktvu news the child was never in danger. the vation into deadly violence into -- the investigation into deadly violence with the hells angels, police were looking for the body of another hells angels member, stuven ruiz. police believe ruiz was killed after fatally shooting another member during the shootout during saturday's funeral at a san jose cemetery. >> we did not exhume the body. we had an order to dig. we dug to see if there was anything above the ground in the casket. police thought ruiz' killers put the body in there seeking
7:37 am
swift justice but police did not find the body. today happenle -- today apple is holding a private memorial service at its corporations honoring steve jobs. store employees can watch a live webcast of the ceremony. this will be the third memorial service for steve jobs. he died as you know, october 5th after battling -- battling pancreatic cancer. the federal government announced the first cost of living increase in flee years for social security. right now, the first -- the afnl check is 1,30. it will increase 3% and that would make the average check about 1140 a month. starbucks is listening to
7:38 am
customers who say they prefer something a little lighter than the usual starbucks roast. starbucks will offer what it is calling a blond roast beginning in january. they say they've very muched the new coast after some of the customers complained that the darker roast coffee was too bitter, too dark. starbucks will hoffer -- will offer whole roasted beans in all of america. oakland city council is facing criticism about how to spend money on a parcel tax. the problem is voters still need to pass this. well, this is different. high school students are reminding california drivers there are a lot of ways to be
7:39 am
distracted as you drive. last week, students outside of 62 schools across the state logged distracted driver for one hour. 180 -- 108 distracted drivers. eating and drinking was the top distraction. san jose charted the most distraction being pets in the car. >> yes, they can be distracting. let's check in with sal. >> we keep following the 101 closure in san francisco after a truck accident closed after 5:00 in -- 5:00 this morning. as people get off the bay
7:40 am
bridge, they are gonna have to to exit off surface streets for a while. let's talk about the incline section of the bay bridge. it's actually okay. that's only because the traffic at the toll plaza is slow. it looks like we just lost that picture. let's go from westbound 80 slow traffic here. now take a look at highway 4. that's been pretty slow. westbound highway 4 through bay bridge, and antioch. 680 is backed up. 80 coming from pinole to richmond is very slow. >> thank you, sir. >> we do have a mostly cloudy moving. there is a couple of breaks in there but there's a lot of low clouds to go around. also rather brisk, west wind, some of that is about 20 miles an hour. had gusts to 30 earlier at
7:41 am
travis. the weekend looks like a very stable pattern. next week could be much warmer but there's no consensus on that. they are showing us drive but how much warmer we get, we'll have to see how that develops? a lot of fog on the low cloud deck because of that system that came by to the north yesterday really picked up that fog and lifted it. so it had no problem clearing the coastal hills. 58 in san francisco. 62 at noon. a high of only 62. today everything is in in-- is influenced by the low. low clouds, local drizzle, drippy in spots. afternoon sunshine clearing back to the coast. it will be breezy to blustery at times. 58 santa rosa is in there. 56 livermore. the coolest. a lot of upper 50s or very low 60s.
7:42 am
>> low clouds, fog, whatever you want to -- whatever you want to call it. cooler including inland areas and higher elevations which are really coming down. 60s and os in today -- i mean, -- 60s and 70s. everybody will be close on the temperatures. cooler breezy today in through tomorrow and then we start to turn things around and it looks like a lot more sunshine and warmer highs on the weekend. >> thank you, steve.
7:43 am
7:42. greece meltdown. what's happening in the streets?
7:44 am
7:45 am
a surprising jump in housing is the reported for september. new con vuk sthun was the biggest. the --
7:46 am
this is new video of at least 100,000 protesters marching through athens. today is the first day of a two- day strike against new tax increases and spending cuts by the greek parliament. police fired tear gas to try to break up the crowd. greece will run out of money in a month if it does not receive an $11 bailout from our countries -- countries. and student loan debt has hit a new record. for the first time, the total amount hit 100 billion in a single year. the total for all outstanding student loans now tops 1 trillion. most young people will start their -- will start their adult lives deeply in debt.
7:47 am
happening right now, first lady michelle obama is joining president obama on the last day of his bus tour. let's listen in. sears is increasing the number of veterans in their military work force by 10%. companies like kmart and sam's club have promised us that if a military spouse who works at their stores has to move to a new duty station, they will -- >> the president and the first lady are making an appearance right now at langley air force base in hampton virginia to highlight part of the jobs plan. the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor is about to resume this morning in
7:48 am
los angeles. adam housley is outside of the l.a. courtroom with the testimony that the jurors will hear today. good morning, adam. >> reporter: good morning. dr. steven shaffer will be back on the stand. he's the final witness for the prosecution. he actually began his testimony on thursday. the judge had given friday off because this witness had a prior speaking engagement he couldn't get out of. and then there was a family emergency that that same witness had to deal with over the weekend. so they cancelled court on monday and thin they cancelled it because a new toxicology report came in that seems to benefit the defense. so when a judge got this test and learned about, the defense said they needed more time. that's why we're finally back in court to hear from this doctor who the final witness for the prosecution. if they get three it all today,
7:49 am
dave, tomorrow will be great -- tomorrow will be -- tomorrow will begin the defense. they are expected to have 15 witnesses, mostly character witnesses. they will have their -- they will have their own experts talk about propofol and they potentially could be done, the defense, by the middle or end of next week. >> thank you, adam. it is 7:49. about two hours from now, actress lindsay lohan will return to a los angeles courtroom to deal with a new round of legal drama. this is video from a previous hearing. today a city prosecutor is expected to recommend that lohan be sent back to jail. the reason she was thrown out
7:50 am
of a community service assignment at a women's shelter after she repeatedly failed to show up. lohan is currently on probation for 2007 drunk driving case and a misdemeanor theft case earlier this year. oakland police arrested jerry amara iii on march 2000 on drug charges. he died about a month later from pneumonia brought on my fractured ribs. his family said oakland police covered up the beating he received while in custody. the city agreed to pay $1.7 million to his family to settle the suit. 7:50 in november of next year, california voters may have to decide if millionaires should have to pay more state taxes. this is for anyone earning more than a million dollars a year
7:51 am
to pay an extra tax. the group has not determined how much the tax could be -- would be. >> critics say the top 10% of anders already pay 70% of taxes in california. now, the federal government is investigating claims that google may have skipped out of paying higher federal income taxes. google calls this matter a routine inquiry by the irs. nine minute the before 8:00, the live of steef jobs may be coming to a theater near you. there's word that sony has acquired the film rights to the only authorized biography about the former apple ceo.
7:52 am
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there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. this video shows surfers getting too close to blow holes. this is after signs warning of the danger. back in july a san anselmo man died after being pushed in a blow hole in maui. 7:54. oakland raiders have a new quarterback replacing the injured jason campbell.
7:55 am
he's carson palmer. he had retired after the ben gals refused to trade him. he comes to oakland just before the nfl trade deadline and he knows the raiders paid a high price to get him. >> i've been around long enough to know the sacrifices that this organization made to get me. all right. 7:559 -- 7:55. we want too keep an eye -- we want to go to sal for the troubled commute. let's take a look at the
7:56 am
commute now, traffic is moving along relatively well on northbound 101. it's a little slow coming to the 80 split because people are slowing down to take a look at the close portion of southbound 101 at the u.p.s. building as they are cleaning up that truck accident that's been there since 5:00 this morning. and traffic northbound 101 is not doing well. there is a surprise here at the bay bridge. look how empty this is. i think this is the power of the internet, tv, don't drive into the city, it's a mess on the upper back of the bay bridge. it's slow but i think people are just avoiding getting into san francisco this way, at least for now. and the morning morning commute on 80 is backed up let's go to steve. we do have a low cloud deck. mainly it was the coast and bay
7:57 am
yesterday. there were some very warm temperatures inland. we had mid-80s. that will not be the case today. even a west wind off a delta breeze 50s and 60s. almost everybody says cloudy. there are a few breaks in those clouds. once they burn back, it could be a slow process for some. it will be sunny, highs today, 60s, 70s. got a little cooldown but this looks like this will be the coolest day on the temperatures for the weekend. i think we'll have some chiy lows. low clouds, fog, sunny. 50s and 60s and 70s in areas that were in the 80s yesterday. that will not be the case today. about the same on thursday. probably -- probably not as much in the way of low clouds. it does look warmer as we go into the weekend. a world-famous wildlife expert is talking about the escape of some exotic animals. >> we have calls out all over the country. sad, new information we
7:58 am
just found out about within the past new hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, october 19th. we're starting our 8:00 hour with developing news from san francisco. we've been talking about that big rig crash and fire still causing huge delays on both highway 101 and the bay bridge. this happened shortly after 5:00 a.m. not far from the u.p.s. building. you can see tara moriarty is there right now, so what's it like out there, tara? >> reporter: it's kind of busy. we've been hearing a lot of
8:01 am
helicopters. just a couple of moments ago we heard one of the caltrans crew ask the firefighters if they could -- asked if they could open this part of the roadway and they said no, we think something has been knocked loose. and you can see there's chunks here and if we want -- if we pan to the right side, you can see there is a portion of the guardrail. the accident happened at 5:00 this morning when a cement truck jackknifed. the flames were going strong when the fire department arrived, three other cars were in the crowd.
8:02 am
we know that one person was transported to general hospital. again, 101 is shut down in the southbound direction. obviously been causing a headache for commuters. we're told the commute on the bridge is not quite as bad as they had anticipated, maybe a lot of people have been watching the news, fearing the reports on the internet and have tried to avoid that section. for more on that, we'll check in with sal castanedo. sal? >> you are right. we thought it was gonna be a nightmare but it has not been quite that bad. we want to show you san francisco. earlier we had a lot of slow traffic right across the sphan.
8:03 am
>> i think people are saying, i am not gonna deal with that. i am gonna take part or deal from -- or work from home. san mateo bridge looks pretty good here getting off to the high rise. people have been doing that. claudine wong has been talking to protests. she was trying to get into the camp and joins us live now to tell us if she made it inside. i did take a walk. you can see most of it without having to move in. you can see they have a kitchen set up. they've been cooking breakfast
8:04 am
this moving. they have media tents and their own little tent city inside. we did not take our cameras when i did this walkaround to take a look at the conditions because that's been an issue this morning and the reason why is because even though this is a public space, even though there isn't anyone who can technically tell us that we're allowed to bring our cameras in. there have been tense moment the out here and one protest went so far as to threaten us. >> i think you are being a problem right now. >> reporter: why is that? >> they decided they don't want me -- why? because san francisco police -- [ inaud bribl brblg -- ] inaudible ] do you see what's going on in rome the streets are [bleep] >> reporter: the reason -- >> no, you can see [bleep] i don't really give a [bleep] why in the first place. >> reporter: well, we did shoot
8:05 am
this video. dy not see any raps. that's an issue they say is ongoing. that was a problem. there are some signs around telling people -- telling people where to go to the bathroom and where not to as well. if you take a look at the tree in the center of the dam -- in the center of the campground, there's signs telling people to respect the tree and stay away from it.
8:06 am
>> protesters cleaned up the park so they wouldn't be kicked out for a cleaning issue. health concerns, any time you have this many people living in an issue will be -- living in this area will be an issue. the question is when are they gonna draw the line and what are they gonna do? >> all right. thank you. 8:05. san francisco's salvation army will unveil a new project in morning designed to help veterans -- veterans in need. it's part of a nationwide initiativeby the department of veteran affairs. it's raising awareness of the service the available to help homeless vets and those at risk of being homeless. the salvation army's harbor light the center on harrison will be expanded now. they provide food, drug counseling as well as shelters. authorities in central ohio say fewer than ten large exotic animals remain on the loose after escaping from an an
8:07 am
animal rescue farm. within the last last -- within the last hour, the deputies have killed who of -- 40 of the 148 animals. he ordered the large animals shot before they could terrorize neighborhoods.
8:08 am
we should point out the group that conducted this study is pushing for more federal transportation spending. 8:07. you will be driving around stanford hospital expect a new traffic pattern, starting today, welch road will be trimmed down to one lane because of construction out there. stanford says traffic will be floating on welch and it's expected to stay that way for at least two years. we want to check in with sal castanedo. it's really bizarre looking at the -- >> i know. >> i think people are saying i'm not gonna have any of that. if you drive into san francisco and you are getting off and you have to get off on the city streets, you will be in for a lot of slow traffic. and you can't get through,
8:09 am
getting to the airport. so people have been using the san mateo bridge. we're looking at a live picture of northbound 10 is. be -- northbound 101-6789 the bay bridge is light. i think people are just shying away. you can either work from home via your computer or taking part or going the other way. let's take a look at san mateo commute, northbound 101. a little bit of slow traffic on 101. if we look at the south bay, 280 is just a mess, of course. it's becoming a normal thing. it's backed up -- it's baked up from 68 -- 680 to cupertino.
8:10 am
it will be 5 to -- 5 to 10 degrees cooler. there is a big difference here. low clouds, drizzle. >> temperatures, santa rosa today. these are the forecasted highs. bump it up just a little bit tomorrow. more so i think as we head into the weekend. but we'll still -- we'll city -- we'll still see 60s, 70s and 80s tomorrow. fog bank really helped along by that area of low pressure which was hanging around out there for about ack w it finally picked -- it finally kicked in. 52 for san francisco. it will be breezy with the
8:11 am
sunshine and that wind is really cranking up towards the delta. 50s and 60s. everybody is on the -- is in the sea breeze direction. that little guy right there, that just flies on by and once the -- once that does then the temperatures will start to reboind. 60s and 70s. 68 vallejo, benicia, 65 richmond, pinole, crockett, fairfield, only 75. sonoma 73. 76 st. helena. kentfield, 71. castro valley, 66 alameda to 76 in pittsburg. it will be breezy. out to livermore, it's 75.
8:12 am
7 p -- 73 foster city. palo alto at 72. sunny and breezy into thursday. friday, mostly sunny. the mornings will be on the chilly side but the days will be warmer. 8:12. people in the bay area are preparing to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the oakland hills firestorm. 20 years ago today, there was a small glass fire in the hills. fire crews put it out but it reignited -- but it reignited the following day. it burned for almost a week killing 28 people and destroying nearly 3800 holes -- 38 homes. one firefighter we caught up with said it's an experience he would never forget. >> and seeing the look on
8:13 am
people's faces when i got to parkwood plaza apartments, it really drove home how frightened everyone was, including myself. >> it right mabs the worse urban wildfire in history. tonight we're -- tonight we'll present a special on the fire. it starts at 9:00 p.m. and will be followed by the 10:00 news. promoting jobs. what the president is doing today. also she's captured the attention of the entire country. what's happening today in the search for this missing baby. and the red sox blew their chances at the playoffs. now a red sox pitcher is talking about flames of beer drinking in the dugout.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
good morning. it will be cooler for everybody today. temperatures 50s, 60s coast and bay and then 60s, 70s once the fog burns off inland. it will still be sunny and breezy. 8:16. police in kansas city today will again search the home of a couple of who claim their -- a couple who claim their baby was kiped. 10-month-old lisa irwin disappeared from her bed earlier this month. her father said he came home
8:17 am
from work and she was gone. the parents cannot go home until the search is over. the irwins have not answered any police questions in the last 11 days. philadelphia police this morning have arrested a fourth person now in connection with the case of four mentally disabled people found locked in a basement. the suspect is the daughter of alleged ringleader linda westoff. authorities have taken custody of ten children and teens. the children range in age from 2 to 19. two of the children are belonging to one of the captives. the other children, according to police, they may have been kidnapped. they are all malnourished and lived in hoerl conditions -- lived in horrible conditions. 8:17. president obama has just begun the final day of his three-day
8:18 am
road trip to hitch his embattled jobs plan. scott macfarlane is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom to find out how firefighters are being used to for the -- used for the latest pitch. >> reporter: firefighter -- fire departments, the city, would get the money if they agreed to hire firefighters. this is the same grant that went to san jose this year to rehire about 20 laid off firefighters in san jose. it's the same grant program that helped a fair -- the fairfield fire department hire additional members for its force. hilda soliz says government jobs are the ones getting hit the worse. >> most of the loss has been teachers, firefighters and
8:19 am
police officers. i will tell you what i'm hearing from folks, that's not where they want the -- want to see the safety net broken. >> the president's program is under heavy criticism and fire. republicans say it's another stimulus program and they point to the last program in 2009 and ask where are the jobs? live in washington, scott macfarlane, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, scot. voebllths for open carry guns plan to bring in the heavy artillery this weekend. they are -- advocates for open carry guns plan to bring in the heavy artillery this weekend. they will hold a rally in san leandro on saturday. they encourage people to be -- to bring weapons exempt from the law such as shot guns and rifles. the law does not include these long guns because they are extremely popular in the rural part of the state. fries electronics demanding that a former executive pay
8:20 am
back more than $65 million that it got illegal -- illegally. this man is accused of embezzling the money. the bank robber dubbed the mr. magoo bandit has surrendered. he got the nickname because of his bald head and thick glasses. he's suspected of robbing 12 banks in came, including one in san francisco, south san francisco and novato. police say larsen turned himself into the fbi on monday. so far he's only been charged with one bank robbery in san
8:21 am
diego. jon lester admits he drank beer in the ballpark. many red sox fans wonder if all of that played a role in the stats. 8:20. well, overnight news involving a very busy california highway. the violent incident that led to a full freeway closure. also, police say they've solved the mystery tied to the violent deaths of two san jose state students. good morning. northbound 101 is a mess now approaching the 80 split because of an accident on the other side of the freeway. we'll tell you more about this crash -- about how this crash is affecting the entire region.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
within the after the past -- within the past two hours, the chp reopened a very busy freeway in riverside county. this follows last night's deadly officer-involved shooting. investigators say someone fired shots at officers while they were responding to an accident on the 91 freeway in corona. the officers fired back. that suspect died at the scene. that incident shut down traffic in both directions. police say they now know
8:25 am
who killed two former students at san jose state. they say the suspect is 23-year- old ricardo moreno. he was fatally shot by officers on october 10th. police say he pointed his gun at officers and one of the officers took aim and killed him. they say the same gun was used two days earlier in the execution-style killing of eric and christina. the three lived in the same dorm room together. police say the two men had a drug deal that went bad. and san jose police also identified kumer as the man shot and killed by officers this past sunday. police say they were investigating a report of a man acting suspiciously outside the parkside terrace apartments. police say two officers used their tasers before a third officer shot him after he refused to get out of a car. 8:25. sal you've been increde -- incredibly busy delling -- telling everybody about the traffic mess he's had in san
8:26 am
francisco and elsewhere. now we have a -- now we have a problem. it's always slow here. this morning it's still slow. we have fire crews in the second lane as well. traffic is backed up at least to the coliseum. even people getting off at high street will be in slow traffic. 580 is not a great alternate because 580 is slow from about high street getting over to the lakeshore area as you can see how bad this traffic is on northbound 880. let's move along and take a look at the -- 101 southbound closed until noon because of a truck accident. it's been that way since 5:00. northbound 101 a mess approaching the 80 split. let's go to steve. thank you, sal.
8:27 am
a lot cooler. it will be sunny but breezy and cooler with temperatures. instead of the 80s we'll have a lot of 70s. so the coolest day on the afternoon highs will be today. remember monday? it was 80s, everybody. i mean even in the city. 250s and 60s and temperatures just because of the cloud cover not changing too much. one low goes through to the north. one more weak cold front has to slide by but that keeps things on the cool side. a couple of reports up in rin kin a really -- rinkin valley. cooler for all today, including the higher elevations. it will be sunny, breezy, the overnight lows will be really cool tomorrow morning. it will be good sleeping weather. friday, machine and with the weekend coming into view there. we have sunshine and warmer temperatures, dave. 8:27. a bay area candidate for mayor fighting with a local newspaper. she's accusing the paper of censorship.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
developing news in san francisco where the closure of highway 101 continues after about three and a half hours now. let's go to a live picture of highway 101 in san francisco directly across from the ups building which is the right building you see on the right. this morning at about 5:00, there was a truck accident. the truck burst into flames. now they are checking for damage. tara moriarty is right below the freeway. she saw some pieces fly off the freeway there, right? >> reporter: well, yes.
8:31 am
fire crews actually shot it down to some caltrans workers here that something was knocked loose. there is a chunk of a guardrail and then there's chunks of cement laying in the freeway where the person crashed into the guardrail and then over to the far right-hand side you can see more debris, a portion of the guardrail that was torn off when the cars crashed. engineers will be inspecting this portion of 101 to make sure it's structurally sound to open the freeway. the accident happened this morning at 5:00. three other cars were involved in the crash. >> the flames were going strong when fire crews arrived. crews still had to drain some of the cement out of the truck. >> we'll try to open it,
8:32 am
hopefully sooner than later. but right now, that's at 12:00. >> fire official says one person received major injuries. we don't know if that was the truck driver but he was transported to sf general. we know that another woman received minor injuries. as sal mentioned, 101 southbound shut down to cesar chavez. >> be sure to go to to get complete coverage. we've posted raw video for you to see. there are sections featuring the traffic cameras and all the up-to-the-minute traffic maps. 8:32. well, more occupy demonstrations are planned today in san jose and in walnut creek. in walnut creek, the protesters will go back to main street
8:33 am
right near the bank of america there. this time local unions are expected to join them. starting next week, organizers plan to move protests to ignacio valley road near the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station and in the south bay, protesters will march to san jose's federal bidding downtown. that begin at 1:00. now, the occupied movement in san francisco is really straining city resources. san francisco mayor ed lee says the city has spent more than $100,000 on police protection as well as clean -- cleanup. they are also demanding they be allowed to stay there at justin herman plaza. the mayor says while he supports the spirit of the movement, camping is illegal at justin herman plaza. oakland firefighters the -- battled a tough fire at a home with a legal marijuana-growing
8:34 am
operation. crews rushed to griffin drive in oakland hills around 8:30. four people inside the home including two children escaped unharmed. firefighters tell ktvu that the fire started in the basement but they had a difficult time getting into the room. >> we thought we could get -- we could get to the fire inside the building. the only access to the basement was outside. >> firefighters say the home's electrical system was overloaded. they encourage anyone who has a legal marijuana business to go through the proper channels to make sure their home can accommodate the extra electricity demand. 8:34. new this morning, a candidate for mayor in vallejo is holing a news conference this morning, claiming what she says is the alleged refusal of the "vallejo times herald" to run of her ads. she accuses of paper of censorship. she's running for mayor against
8:35 am
osby davis. schvilel said the paper ran an ad against her but is refusing to ad for her. we did contact the paper to get their comment but there's been no response as of yet. new this -- new this morning from the gladstone institute in san francisco. the chronicle reports the research institution will announce a new stem cell center. are you -- you are looking at video here. money reportedly comes from a donation from the rottenbury. gladstone, by the way, is independent but it is affiliated with ucsf. 8:35. that bloody brawl that broke
8:36 am
out inside richmond city hall was the focus of a heated debate at last night's city council meeting. the fight happened friday inside the office of neighborhood safety. that's one floor above the city council chambers. police say at least seven suspected gang members were involved in the brawl. violence prevention workers say they cannot cooperate with police because that would violate the trust of the people they are hired to help. >> this office saved my life and a couple of my friend's life -- >> richmond police have identified the people involved in the city hall brawl but we don't know yet if any arrests have been made. 8:36. the fbi is about to announce a reward today in the vandalism of a north bay salmon pin. 60,000 chinook salmon were released from their pins at the tiburon institution.
8:37 am
students and volunteers raise them every year. the salmon were supposed to be released october 30 -- october 30th. we want to check in with sal. >> there is a problem at northbound 880 at hyde street. we're also looking at the commute in san francisco. course, we's had that horrible traffic accident that's been there since 5:00 in the morning. we're going on three and a half hours. traffic is slow. but traffic is not slow at the toll plaza. as we take a look westbound here, it's light. i think people are just saying i'm not having any of that, thank you, and they are not going into the city or they are going on 101. one. people told me extra heavy this morning as people are going around that way to get to san
8:38 am
francisco and not coming this way. let's take a look at the south bay. silicon valley commute, northbound 28 -- northbound 280 getting up to cupertino. northbound 87, the same thing goes. so getting into cupertino and sunnyvale, it's pretty slow. i would like to say it's unusual but it's really become the norm. let's go to steve. some breaks in the low clouds but a big fog bank. biggest one we've seen in a long, long time. temperatures starting off very warm. even the higher elevations. helped by the system -- hetched by the low. it finally got nudged inland. it's up there pretty far. it will take for a cooler pattern today. we'll have temperatures in the mainly -- in the 60s and 70s -- 60s and 70s. that should end pretty soon. pretty -- breezy to windy. gust the over 40 miles an hour
8:39 am
possible. bouncing a lit bit -- a almost bit off these lows. west west -- west-southwest, west at san jose, westerly direction in santa rosa, so everybody is in on the breeze. that's because that system went by, brought in cooler air aloft. the other system will coop things in check for one more day and then it looks like high pressure is going to build in. sun, breezy, 70s inrand -- 60s, 70s coast and way -- bay. pittsburg, 76. >> 50s, 60s on the coast, in the city, south san francisco to the peninsula, woodside puerto low valley, san carlos, los altos, palo alto, menlo park all around 71 to 73.
8:40 am
sunny, breezy, cools -- cool lows will be but the afternoons will start to warm up a little bit. right now, the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor is set to resume in los angeles. reporter bob decastro is outside of the room with the testimony that jurors will hear today. >> reporter: goornling. getting underway in a couple of minutes. 8:45 this morning. this is the prosecution's last final witness here. this is doctor -- this is dr. -- this is the expert. he's testified already that propofol should not be used in a home setting. reexpect he will be rebutted by the defense. the prosecution should rest their case today or tomorrow and then we expect the defense to begin their case.
8:41 am
the testimony getting underway at 8:45 this morning. day 13, week 4 and we're hearing that this is expected to to go to the jury sometime late next week. tori and dave? >> all right. bob decastro live from los angeles. thank you, bob. 8:41. is changed almost everything else. now football is changing the way you pick your halloween costumes. spwhrasms speaups
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
stocks are mixed right now. the dow is up after dpood news about home building. homes were built in september, the fastest pace in 17 months a. hopeful sign for the struggling housing market. that's bringing the dow up about 50. the nasdaq is down about 10. that's being brought down by apple. apple's stock is down about
8:45 am
3.5%. the s&p is up about 2.5. although the dow is up, investors are watching greece. we've received video of more clashes between protesters in athens. some 14 officers are in the hospital. at least 100,000 demonstrators are taking part against new tax increases or spending cuts by the great parly month -- parliament. greece will run out of money in a month if it does not receive an $11 billion bailout from other countries. google has unveiled its new operating system which is code named "ice cream sandwich." the system was announced alongside samsung unveiling its newest phone, the galaxy
8:46 am
nextus. among the -- nextus. there are several upgreats to the camera, and google says requests ice cream sandwich "should be available for an upgrade by the end of this week. football is changing -- facebook is changing the way they -- facebook is gearing up for the day after halloween which is the most popular day to post photos. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories. a big rig crash. this one here and the fire there still causing huge delays on highway 101 in san francisco. all of this happened about 5:00 a.m., not far from the u.p.s. building. the chp says all southbound lanes will probably stay closed
8:47 am
until about noontime. in ohio, a grizzly bear is among the escaped exotic animals still on the loose after a frantic overnight hunt for the big game animals that got out. the sheriff says an owner of an exotic animal farm received dozens of those animals before killing himself yesterday. and president obama -- and there's the first lady there, there is the president. they are wrapping up his three- day bus tour today in -- bus tour in virginia. 8:47. rick perry came out sping -- swinging in the presidential debate. >> mitt, you lose all of your standing from my perspective because you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year. and the idea that you stand here before us to talk about that you are strong on
8:48 am
imglation is on its -- immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> herman cain came under attack for miss 9-9-9 plan. >> whether you throw out the existing code and throw in our plan, you are still gonna be paying that. it's apples and originals. >> i'm gonna get a bushel with amped a -- with apples and originals in it because -- >> the candidates will be dewaiting again in iowa in december. the federal government announced the first social security cost of living increase in three years. it's going up 3.5%. right now, the avl social security check is just over 1,080. the increase would make the average check around 1140 a month. inflation has been so low,
8:49 am
there was no cost of living increase this year or last year. the san francisco board of supervisors cracking down on advertising by so called crisis pregnancy centers. the board gave initial approval prohibiting the facilities from making misleading statements. the centers like the first resort agency list themself as an abortion counseling service in their print and internet ads but critics accuse them of being right ring organizations pushing a rights agenda. however those centers insist they are -- inthis -- they say this does not disrespect women. airlines are finding new sourcers of revenue but this time the money does not come from additional fees on pars jers. spirit airlines says $14 billion will buy tearing on the -- buy advertising on the fleet
8:50 am
for one year. they are also offering it on the tray tables, the overhead bins. if you are looking to get away for the holidays, you may want to saturday saving up. according to hot zs wire, average airfareses -- average airfares are expected to be 6% higher this year. december airfares are expected to go up 10%. 8:50. many bay area democrats say they are shocked to hear that ron dellums, a well-known liberal is now working for a republican lobbying firm in washington, d.c. yesterday, we caught up with mr. dellums at a san jose courthouse. he was waiting to testify in a case dating back to his time as the mayor of oakland. he did not want to talk about his new job. >> oh, man when am i ever gonna
8:51 am
get out from under this? i hate this. >> you hate it? >> [bleep] i don't like it. >> it feels he's betrayed the party, the public, he's betrayed his ideals. there's speculation, dellums may have taken the job because he needs the money. he's had tax problems reportedly, owing as much as $239,000. it's ten minutes before 9:00. nba players and owners are back at the bargaining table. talks resumed about two hours ago in new york city. the two sides wrapped up a 16- hour marathon session last night. it was twice as long as any previous meeting. commissioner stearns says if no deal is reached this week, he will likely cancel more regular season games. issues include a hard salary cap and revenue sharing. game one. world series begins tonight in st. louis. the texas rangers will take on the cardinals at busch stadium. most teams worked out yesterday. fans are being told to arrive much earlier than normal as
8:52 am
michelle obama and jill biden will attend the game. you can watch the -- you can watch the twris here beginning at 4:30 this afternoon. we have a special edition of the news that starts at 4:00 p.m. 8:51. tori, still a lot of big traffic problems. we've been talking about it for hours. sal will have a lot more on how long the problem will last and also tell us why one person at the scene was taken away in handcuffs. plus, the -- the tribute to steve jobs and how it will affect people shopping at the stores.
8:53 am
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wildlife rescuers out there desperately searching for an injured hawk in golden gate park. it was shot with a nail gun. take a look at this. this wounded red-tailed hawk -- you can actually see the nail through its mouth and its head -- this was first spotted last week. the group wild rescue set up some traps in the park. they are also offering a $5,000 reward to catch whoever did it. wild rescue is asking whoever sees that hawk, go to the website, report where you saw it. you can also navigate to the site under web links at ktvu today, apple is holding a private memorial service at its cupertino headquarters to honor steve jobs. during the service all apple stores will reportedly be closed so employees can watch a live webcast of the ceremony.
8:56 am
it will be the third memorial service for jobs after dying october 5s from battling pan tree attic cancer -- pancreatic cancer. there's word that sony has adwyered the film rights of the only biography of steve apple. it will be based on the book "steve jobs" which is due to be released this coming week. still unclear when sony plans to make the movie. let's go back to sal. we saw a man in handcuffs. >> he was arrested. this person was arrested for interfering with a police officer. apparently he was a little bit overzealous about trying to help out. the police told him to step back, they had it under control. he was in there trying to get people out of the cars. nobody was in the cars.
8:57 am
he got into a scuffle with a chp officer and he's in handcuffs and is being taken to jail. >> this is northbound 101, it's a big mess. bay bridge toll plaza packed -- backed up very lightly because people are avoiding san francisco. the south bay is a mess on 280 and highway 85. and getting into cupertino it's bad. and raiders' offensive coordinator says if carson palmer is breathing, he will play this sunday. >> i saw that. i saw that. he will start this sunday, yes. we saw a big fog bank come in. there's breaks in the clouds. a little bit of drizzle. it will an cooler day today -- it will be a cooler day today, sunny, breezy. it will be cool and warmer weather will carry us into the weekend. next attack is looking sunny and warmer as well. i know october can be kind of warm. it's known for that.
8:58 am
>> next week looks very warm. no rain until the first week of november. we have the world series starting at 4:30 this afternoon in st. louis. texas rangers and then at 9 clblg p.m. we have our -- 9:00 p.m. we have our special. thanks for watching, everybody. have a great day. >> bye now. ♪
8:59 am
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