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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 19, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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god. it's okay honey, it's okay now. >> interview: and that's it for this special edition of "a second look." i'm julie haener, we'll see you again at our usual time this sunday at 11:00, right after the 10:00 news. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live in oakland, why some survivers worries not everyone is ready
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for the next disaster. >> reporter: destroying a house every 11 seconds. that's 10 homes in the time it will take us to deliver this report. now there are few people living here with first hand knowledge of what it was all like. [ siren ] the flames had people in the hills of oakland, and berkely running for their lives. >> my god, i've never seen anything like it! >> reporter: no one had seen anything like it, including gordon piper. his home was one of more than 3,000 destroyed in the firestorm. >> the area looked like it had been bombed. >> reporter: he helped create this gateway exhibit center. a monument to the fire. >> my conclusion to the firestorm, kind of where we lived, we lived in harm's way. you can't wait until the fire is coming over the hill to do something about it. >> reporter: but not everyone who lives here now knows what it was like 20 years ago. only a third of the current
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residence in the neighborhoods destroyed by the firestorm were there in 1991. >> do you feel like you're as prepared as you can be? >> no. i could be doing a lot more things, that's for sure. >> reporter: that's why the city of oakland is urging people to come to a prevention fair on saturday. even some new homeowners in the area say the message is getting through. >> i think the people living up and down this part of keller drive are very well aware 689 they have cars ready to go, if they have to, have water, they have suitcases packed. it's a way of life now. >> reporter: the city of oakland took out this full page ad in the paper, teaching that the family preparedness fair is happening. live in oakland, eric rasmussen ktvu, channel 2 news. a cluster of quakes hit the large island of hawaii today. a few others were in the 3 range, but most of the quakes
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were small. people felt the shaking, but there is no reported damage. being prepared for whenemer officials want everyone to take part in the great california shakeout drill tomorrow. a specially rigged room shows what can happen when the earth shakes. at 10:20 tomorrow morning, more than 8 million californians are expected to drop, cover, and hold on. a new report says thousands of bridges nationwide are structurally deficient and need to be fixed or replaced. why it puts the bay area at the top of the list. >> reporter: julie, it's because of bridges such as this one here at at&t park. the bridge was built in 1932, it received a very poor grade because of its structural
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integrity. deteriorating right under your wheels. in san francisco, motorists drive across is deficient bring or overpass every three minutes. in san jose, every minute. >> no one wants to hear that what they're driving on isn't safe. >> reporter: the group transportation for america says the bay area is at the front of a disturbing national trend. cities with large inventories of aging bridges that need overhaul, or replacement. >> i do think we have serious challenges before us. >> reporter: the bay area's lead transportation agency. he says the report shows the results of years of underinvesting in infrastructure. >> this is essentially people ignoring a basic infrastructure fact. which is things don't last forever. >> reporter: nowhere is it more obvious than right here in the bay area. the san francisco oakland fremont area was second only to
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pittsburgh with the most bridges in bad shape, with 380. the sunnyvale area ranked first in areas of its size. nearly 19%. >> just because it's there for us now doesn't mean it will be there for us in the future unless we focus and maintain it. >> reporter: reporting live tonight, here in san francisco, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> we have posted the complete report on america's bridges at you can search for bridges near you. just scroll down to the right now section on the front page. a bay area judge today dismissed rape charges against a contra costa county prosecutor in a case that's been in the courts for three years now. michael brewset was charged in a sexual assault. today a judge dismissed the charges saying prosecutors
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failed to introduce evidence that would have cast doubt on the accuser's credibility. the defense contends, the sex between him and the woman was consensual. traffic was flowing smoothly at this hour, but it was a mess for about 6 and a half hours today. a big rig overturned and caught fire on the southbound lanes of 101 near the ups building. it the change reaction happened about 5:00 this morning. one car spun out. a second hit it, then the big rigged loaded with cement overturned. the fiery accident damaged the roadway and guardrail, leaving a cleanup. >> the company is responsible for that. as far as the damage to property, once the investigation is completed, the caltrans will go after the party for that damage. >> two people were injured, but authorities say thanks to a hero, not badly.
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the woman who risked her live to save another is coming up at 10:30. bart is looking to create an explicit policy for when it's appropriate to either limit, or block cell phone service at bart stations. the discussion follows sharp criticism of bart's decision to turn off service last august to disrupt communications for a planned protest. the bart district board is now considering a policy that would limit those blackouts only to extraordinary circumstantials. those circumstances might include scenarios in which cell phones would be used to detonate explosives. little signs of diminishing tonight. there are some concerns in oakland about what's happening in front of city hall. >> we're here to try to get rid of this rat problem. >> health numberers visited the tent democrat -- inspectors visited the tent demonstration.
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city leaders acknowledged, they're spending an increased amount on cleanup. overall, the demonstrators are complying with the city's wishes. in san jose, cozes of occupy protesters marched to the irs building this afternoon. the group took the government to task for giving tax breaks to large corporations. the protesters called on individuals to take their money out of banks and put it in credit unions. in wall street, more protesters gathered out of bank of america. this is the second week protesters have gathered in walnut creek. they will protest every wednesday through november. many of the occupy protesters freely admit, they don't have a united message, can they be united as a force? >> those here at occupy san francisco say despite what it may look like, this isn't just another homeless encampment.
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there may be no leaders or organizers, or a set of demands, but the reasons people are here is long enough to be filling a knapsack. >> i'm going to be losing my job in a few months. >> reporter: the occupiers have been criticized, even dismissed for having a message that appears to be all over the map, they do appear to have at least one thing in common. >> anger. >> reporter: anger is a necessary first step, but what comes after? a few years ago, the tea party put its frustration into political motion. becoming a voice to be reckoned with. political science professor says they will need to grow like the peat tart. >> i think it depends on, does this now capture other people who may not be out protesting, but may say, hey, i agree with the protesters. >> reporter: he lost his job in construction and can't find another one. he says he hopes the occupy
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movement will have political fallout. >> democrats and republicans, they're all doing the same thing. i think we're going to see a third party blossom out of this. >> reporter: many here say occupy will have to find its voice and grow its support, or risk becoming a passing phenomenon. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. thousands of apple employees paused today to remember apple cofounder, steve jobs. the ceremony was private, but apple did release this photo. the memorial did feature performances by noria jones and coldplay. there are no plans to hold a public memorial for steve jobs. new at 10:00, a salinas company is issuing a voluntary recall of bagged lettuce because of potential salmonella contamination. taylor farms recalled 3200 cases of various bagged salad
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blend, the action comes after the washington state agriculture fund conducted a random test. no illnesses have been reported so far. the products include best buy dates ranging from october 18 to october 21. the bags were sold in 14 states, including california. i said, that's not a great dane, that's a flipping lion. >> lions, tigers, beared in ohio. the search for every last animal and the man who set them few. it's not just candy for kids. halloween is seasonal work for those desperate for a job. we'll have a live report.
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a town in central ohio found itself on lockdown after more than 50 wild animals, including lions be and baboons were all set free. the animals were released by a man who authorities say later killed himself. >> reporter: authorities in ohio have now either killed, or captured most of the exotic animals on the loose. >> there were 48 animals we had to put down. those animals included one wolf. six black bears. two grizzly bears. nine male lions. eight lionesses. one baboon, three mountain lions, and 18 tigers. >> reporter: more than 53
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animals were set free in a preserve last night. they include lions, tigers, womans and -- wolves, and bears. authorities believe terry thompson released the animals, then took his own life. police say thompson had been involved in repeated runins with the law. he got out of federal prison after possessing unregistered guns. >> we've got about 34 calls that we ran on our computer that we've been to mr. thompson's house for some sort of problem with the animals. >> reporter: some critics say the animals should have been captured alive, but many experts disagree. >> in the wild, this is a different situation. >> reporter: ohio has some the nation's weakest restrictions on exotic pets. mike tobin, fox news.
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>> we're getting a glimpse at what thompson's farm looked like. he had apparently rescued some of the animals be and purchased others. today, sheriff deputies said the conditions at the farm were abominable, and animals were living in filth. animal experts say they're most saddened by the killing of 18 bangal tigers, because there are only 1400 of those endangered cats living in the world. a new poll shows the race for the presidential nomination narrowing to two candidates, but no one is taking a runaway lead. mitt romney and herman cain. rick perry trails with 13%. the other gop candidates had less than 10% each. texas governor rick perry said today, he wants to scrap the current tax system in favor of a flat tax. >> it starts with scraping. excuse me, you might want to
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scrape it too, but scrapping the three million words of the current tax code starting over with something simpler. >> perry made his remarks at a western republican line conference in las vegas. he's trying to set himself apart from the other republican candidates. he said he will present the details sometime next week. herman cain defended his 9-9-9 tax plan. cain's plan calls for a 9% corporate tax. 9% income tax. and 9% sales tax. critics say it would reduce taxes for the wealthy, and raise them for everyone else. president obama wrapped up his three day bus tour through virginia and north carolina and making a pitch for creating jobs for veterans. >> you give smaller companies, who may be interested in hiring, but are having a tough time, give them a tax break if they hire a veteran.
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give them an even bigger tax break if they hire a disabled veteran. >> the president teamed up with first lady michelle obama for the end of his trip. mrs.obama then went to st. louis for the world series. dell opened a new research and development campus in santa clara today. dell said it plans to add almost 200 jobs at the new facility. putting 700 workers on the payroll there by the end of next year. it will focus on network design, storage, as well as cloud computing, and software development. some workers frightened by the current job market are finding work, thanks to halloween. ken wayne is live in pleasant hill, where he found people willing to take a short term position at lower pay. >> reporter: frank, halloween is big business for kids and adults. this party city store has
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almost doubleddity workforce. some of those new workers are especially grateful to now have a job. 28-year-old jeremiah is earning less than half of what he did in construction. but after weeks without work he said he had to find something to pay the bills. >> it's hit and miss. >> reporter: he's one of a growing number of experienced employees who have been forced to find new ways to make a living. >> do you feel like you've kind of taken a step backwards? >> no, not really. just a change of scenery. that's how i look at it. >> reporter: this party city store has found older workers are also more dedicated. >> it's not really desperate, but they have more responsibility as far as the family goes and what not, and i can appreciate that. i know how that feeling is. >> reporter: this spirit store in concord is also finding help with older workers. this 44-year-old isn't doing
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much landscaping anymore, so he's happy to be here. >> it's really hard. but i lucked out and got a job here. even though it's seasonal, it's something. >> reporter: she thought she was set at her job at a storage and rental facility. >> i was there 4 years and 10 months and they said we don't need you. >> reporter: when unemployment benefits are gone, this makes a difference. >> i love this job. i wish it was longer than seasonal though. it is a fun place to work at. >> reporter: these workers who now have a foot in the door have a shot at a full time job. both stores say temporary workers can apply for permanent jobs after halloween. live in pleasant hill, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. a consumer study out tonight suggests there may be fewer gifts passed around this holiday season. holiday shoppers are expected
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to spend $704 on gifts this year. that is about $15 less than last year. social security recipients will see more in their benefit checks at the start of the year. for the first time in three years, checks are going to increase. the 3% boost is tied to inflation and will take effect in january. trustees for the medicare program say part b premiums could wipe out some of that increase. medicare is expected to announce new higher premiums as early as next week. a cooling trend has been topping the bay area weather headlines over the past few days. the stormtrack remains to our north. we do not have to worry about any rain cloud as we head into thursday. we still have the cloud in place. quite a bit of coverage, first thing tomorrow morning 7:00, not only coast side, but also right around the bay. even a few patches inland. we also have drizzle showing up as well. overnight lows, pretty chilly in the north bay.
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santa rosa, and napa in the mid- 40s. fremont around 50 degrees. tomorrow morning, i will show you what happens to the fog. also, two days, that could be talking about an increase in the fire danger. downed pg and e lines fell early this morning across the deep water shipping channel near antioch. sheriff officials had a safety zone around the wires, pg and e crews removed the wires about 2:30 this afternoon and boat traffic was given the all clear to resume. she jumped into action when every second counted. a woman's heroics to pull a man from a firing crash. the fall classic, the world series began tonight. outside of texas and st. louis, is anyone really watching? starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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a young bay area more is being hailed as a freeway hero tonight. she witnessed this morning's fiery crash. her bravery may have helped save the truck driver's wife. >> reporter: keenia williams, an adult daycare center worker was driving her 5-year-old daughter to school just a few feet ahead of the accident. >> i look into my rear-view, and see this guy standing right in the middle of the fire. >> reporter: williams, the only driver on that side of the destruction pulled over, and warned her daughter to stay put. >> she heard me in my car, saying oh, my god. that's all she heard me saying. she seen me run over there, she was looking out the window. >> reporter: the truck's driver collapsed near the flames.
10:25 pm
>> i was just pulling himk as fast and hard as i can, to try and pull him. then i start hearing the popping noise. i was really scared. >> reporter: she made all of the difference in the world. the truck driver was on the ground on the other side of the fire from our approach we had to extinguish the fire. and probably wouldn't have seen him on the ground if nobody else had stopped. >> reporter: the california highway patrol this afternoon honored williams for her bravery. >> the san francisco fire department is looking for a good woman. >> reporter: williams says her reward is her daughter's pride in her mom and that the trucker was able to save her before paramedics took him away. >> he said you saved me life, i will never forget you. >> reporter: the driver of that big rig truck was able to leave the hospital this afternoon. the san francisco mayor's office tells us, they're set to
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honor keenia williams in the coming days. wail street turned lower today after the federal reserve released a beige book report, saying the pace of economic growth is modest, or slight. that triggered a late slide for stocks. the dow closed down 72 points, the nasdaq was down 53. smart phone users helped drive ebay's earnings in the 3rd quarter. the net income rode to $491 million. more people are accessing ebay using their mobile phones. that traffic helped boost ebay's internet marketplace, and its pay pal online service. a new jersey man is suing three major banks on behalf of atm users every where. they charged customers who wanted to withdraw money. the suit names bank of america, j.p. morgan chase, and wells-fargo. it says the banks worked with
10:27 pm
visa and mastercard to charge high fees. federal investigators today said unsanitary conditions are a possible cause of the deadly listeria outbreak. the food and drug administration found the listeria in pools of water. the outbreak has killed 25 people across the country. more than 100 others in 26 states have been infected. the grower of the tainted cantaloupes issued a voluntary recall last month. the warning going out to women amend what neighbors tell us -- and what neighbors tell us about the park. a family's call for justice. why they say money isn't enough in the case of an alleged beating at the hands of police.
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the world series got underway tonight, but all the excitement that captivated the bay area last year, pretty much nowhere to be seen right now. asking folks if they're tuned into this match up, between the texas ranger and the st. louis cardinals. >> reporter: rookies, the sports lodge in san jose, carried the first game of the world series tonight. but it just wasn't the same as last year when the bay area had a home team to root for. this is home video of jubilation in rookies, when the san francisco giants beat the texas rangers to become the world series champions last year. tonight, a decent crowd watched st. louis play the same texas team. >> without the giants, it's a world of difference. obviously, a bay area team is going to bring in a lot more. >> reporter: a giants fan, but he's also a baseball fan.
10:31 pm
>> i'm ready for a new world series, you know? let's see what's going to happen. doing st. louis today. >> it doesn't hold the mesmerizing character it used to. >> reporter: the world series was on the tvs at the britaina sports bar. but they remember the crowds last year. >> it just gives you goose bumps being a part of something like that. >> not the same draw this year. >> not to many fans from the midwest or texas here in the bay area. >> reporter: last year's world series tied the lowest tv ratings for the fall classic. more may be tuning out this year. >> it's not like it's the only game in town. maybe that's part of it. >> if you're a true baseball fan, this is the pinnacle of sports. you've got to stay tuned. >> reporter: if you didn't watch tonight, it was a very good game. and diehards say, if you don't
10:32 pm
watch, then you're just not a baseball fan. live in san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. tonight, on facebook, we asked if you're watching the world series, even though neither the a's, nor giants made it. chris thompson writes, absolutely not. bay fan only. edwin agrees. commenting no interest without the giants in it. douglas groves fires back saying if you have no interest in other teams in the fall classic, that means you weren't a giants fan until they succeeded. there is a warning after a violent attack at a popular park. it happened at palomeres park. by day, it is filled with people, but at night, neighbors tell us, it can be extremely dark. the alameda county sheriff's department says the woman was walking alone, and was pulled from behind and sexually assaulted by two men. that news stunned people today
10:33 pm
in the park. >> especially up here. you have all the newer, expensive homes, and the school here is the best school in castro valley. >> reporter: investigators said they did recover some evidence, but haven't revealed what it is. the family of an oakland man awarded more than $1 million in a wrongful death settlement says justice still hasn't been served. they want the officers involved in the alleged beating to be held accountable. >> reporter: jerry was 36 years old, when he died more than 11 years ago. his family's wrong elf death lawsuit ended last night. when oakland police approved a $1.7 million settlement. but their attorneys say they still want the officers accused of beating amaro and covering it up should be sentenced. >> this case is the worst. this case is wrong in every respect.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: the incident happened back in march 2000, right here on the intersection of 73rd avenue and holly street. police arrested amaro here. they say he was beat up by gang members. he said he was beat up by police. amaro died a month after the arrest in this oakland house. before he died, he told his family and a physician that police beat him, and kicked him while he was on the ground. a cause of death as blunt trauma to the chest. a later investigation found ed pollson had ordered other officers to lie about it. >> investigators knew from the very beginning that jerry amaro had been beat up by the police. >> every single one of the people who were there that night are still in law enforcement. almost all of them are still with the oakland police department. >> ed pollson as since been promoted to an oakland police
10:35 pm
captain. the amaro family plans to present a letter this week to ask for a grand jury review. newly released documents -- according to the documents since 2007, 185 female detainees reported sexual abuse, or rape in federal detention centers or on their way to detention centers. texas had the most complaints with 56 allegations. there were 17 in california, including one allegation of a handcuffed woman being raped twice by guards. the aclu says sexual abuse is notoriously under reported, and suggests the number of allegations reported is far below the true number of offenses. south bay community groups, as well as everyone else got a chance to see a pbs documentary about immigration detention facilities. it's called lost in detention.
10:36 pm
the preview sparked sharp criticism of the immigrations and customs enforcement agency. producers revealed seeming to set a quota of 400,000 deportations a year. just this week, the u.s. revealed 397,000 immigrants were deported last year. two san francisco legislators are opening to find a way to keep medical marijuana dispensaries free from federal prosecution. the federal government is cracking down on some pot clubs. they're proposing making the clubs nonprofits. they say it could be the answer, but the justice department and those profiting from medical marijuana sales may not agree. the oakland zoo is giving the public its first look at the zoo's newest tenant. four tiger sisters.
10:37 pm
all explored their habitat today. they were just freed from a 30 day quarantine. a texas couple hand raised the tigers, but after divorcing, neither of them wanted to take care of the cat. the oakland zoo took them in in hopes they will bond with the other tiger. >> they're getting to know each other right now through fences. she's 12, and they're 6. it's like putting your 70-year-old grandmother in with your 12- year-old kid. >> the four tigers arrived in oakland last month. barbie gets a mid-life makeover. the one aspect of her new look that isn't sitting well with some parents. the bay area has been cooling off a bit over the past couple of days. coming up, the temperature change you can't expect tomorrow. a rescue after a car plunges upside down.
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america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 140 cities.
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verizon. built so you can rule the air. a woman in los angeles survived a dramatic accident today, when her car plunged into a river. police say a pickup truck and a sedan collided, and spun out of control. the sedan flew off the road, and landed upside down in the los angeles river. the driver was able to open her
10:41 pm
door and climb out of the water. police say no one was seriously hurt. the final prosecution witness took the stand today in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. and offered some potentially damaging testimony. a nationally known anesthesiologist testified that jackson died because he stopped breathing, and dr. murray wasn't equipped to revive him. >> no doctor would issue these drugs without having emergency contribute. >> saying he had an improper employer employee relationship with jackson. he faulted the doctor for not refusing him drugs and instead, sending him to be evaluated for a sleep disorder. dr.murray was paid $150,000 a month. he is facing involuntary manslaughter charges. lindsay lohan is in trouble with the law again.
10:42 pm
the 25-year-old actress was led out of a los angeles courtroom in handcuffs today, after a judge revoked her probation. the judge said lohan failed to fulfill her community service. her bail was posted less than two hours later. she is due back in court next month. in news of the world tonight, in england, police began a forceful eviction of people who have been living illegally for ten years. the residence are part of a nomadic group called irish travelers. in turkey, the military launched an incursion today in northern iraq. 24 soldiers in the turkish military were killed. it was the deadliest attack by the kurds against turkey since the 1990s. kurds make up 20% of turkey's
10:43 pm
population and want their own homeland. in brazil, police raided a textile company, accusing it of illegally importing medical waste from the united states. a health official said even after a thorough washing the materials may still be contaminated. they were using the materials for pockets and flaps on clothing. the perky barbie doll has a new look met with some disdain by adults. it is barbie's permanent tatoos. some parents complain the doll sets a bad example for kids. mattel says the doll is intended for adult collectors. not once, but twice, someone released tens of thousands of salmon from a project here along the bay. what's being done to catch the culprit. plus the warm up the
10:44 pm
five-day forecast. in six minutes, when it will get here, and which parts of the bay area will be the warmest.
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10:46 pm
the fbi is now said to be involved in the case of 60,000 salmon that was freed by vandals. a reward is now being offered. >> reporter: on october 3, someone cut the nests in one of these salmon pins, and 40,000 juvenile salmon swam out to sea. four days later, another net was cut, releasing the remaining 20,000 fish. katie miller and her former students at casa grande high school bred the fish as part of a class project. the salmon were mature enough to survive, but the students were denied their chance to
10:47 pm
release them later this month. today, the salmon institute says it is raising a reward to catch those responsible and the fbi is investigating. some animal rights groups applaud it. >> this is not, i repeat, a fish farming operation. >> reporter: the one thing they would like to do is install a security system here, cameras that will be expensive, and quite a challenge trying to secure these. today, fish and game said it will bring a thousand yearling so the students will get to release some fish. >> it was a big let down for the whole class. struggling american airlines delivered some bad news today, the carrier posted another quarterly lost. that's 14 out of the last 16 quarters. the airline has lost more than $12 billion in the past ten years.
10:48 pm
american blames labor costs, and gas guzzling planes. air airfares are going up again. delta airlines started this war. delta and continental quickly matched the hikes. it's the 19th time this year, airfares were hiked. but nearly half were reversed. mexican trucks headed for the united states border. two went to the border today to protest the new truck policy. duncan hunter and bob fielder saying allowing mexican trucks into the u.s. market will lead to dangerous highways and a loss of american goods. temperatures had to go up and down this week. we had more changes as we head into the weekend. for right now, the fog is
10:49 pm
probably the big weather story developing overshore. increasing coverage, pushing back into the bay. right now, i can show you this on live stormtracker 2. there is that cloud bay in the coastline. expanding closer to san francisco. we still have a bit of an onshore breeze. there's the latest on the buoy with winds out of the northwest, gusting at 27 miles per hour. the wind direction will help import some of the fog as we head into the next 3 to 6 hours. for tonight, then partly cloudy skies. fog will continue to be on the increase. tomorrow, morning cloud cover. skies becoming mostly sunny, especially away from the water. the weekend forecast, a dry weather pattern, and temperatures on the mild to warm side. current numbers just updated. most areas in the 50s, to the lower 60s. oakland right now, checks in at 60. san jose 59. santa rosa, down to 56 degrees. for tomorrow, not too much change. tomorrow, will be just a little bit warmer than today. not much of a change as we do
10:50 pm
head into your thursday. as high pressure rebuilds for friday into the weekend, that will initiate the warming trend. by saturday, the warmest locations will be in the low 80s. these offshore winds remain in place into next week. they could actually strengthen. with that, we could have an elevated fire danger, heading into tuesday and wednesday of next week. possibly red flag warnings. nothing posted yet, but something we will be watching for next week. here ours forecast model, showing you some of the fog tomorrow morning. we could have drizzle returning coast side. the clouds return to the shore line. temperatures ranging from the 60s, there's that green contour. the 70s, that links up the with the yellow contour. the warmest low cases reach the mid- to upper 70s. vallejo at 73. oakland in the upper 60s. these temperatures check in around 3:00, or 4:00 tomorrow
10:51 pm
afternoon. san jose mid-70s. san francisco tops out right around 66 degrees. here is a look ahead, your extended forecast with your weekend always in view, and temperatures continue to warm up for friday, saturday, and sunday. quite a few 80s, as you work your way inland. still, fair skies for next week. no rain clouds in this five-day forecast. possibly no rain clouds looking way out for the remainder of the month. the fire danger for next week. a perennially nice forecast. had to say that word. up next, nba players and owners are talking. find out how much money the players have lost so far.
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10:54 pm
well at least they're talking. nba players and owners met today in new york city for eight hours. they plan to meet again tomorrow with a federal mediator, the two sides are split on two issues. revenue sharing, and the salary cap structure. so far, two weeks of games have been canceled, costing players, $170 million in salaries. game 1 under the belt. close one tonight. >> a couple of perennial playoff teams going at it tonight. the cardinals and texas. the rangers and cardinals world
10:55 pm
series, not exactly pushing the excitement meter into the red nationally. in game 1, didn't exactly do anything to get the adrenalin particularly pumping around here. but they are happy in st. louis. the cards on the board first in the 4th. lance berkman, he has certainly hit a whole lot of balls in his career harder than that. but well played to right. a couple of men on. c.j. wilson. texas draws even on by mike napoli. he has been hitting the ball deep off chris carpenter with a man on. we've got 2-2, momentum, going by way of the rangers until pujols, a great play with a man on third, it prevents a run, with carpenter. allen kraig, the kid out of cal, always looking for that local angle to right field. nelson cruz can't make the play. that turned out to be the game
10:56 pm
deciding run. 3-2 is the final. the cardinals leading 1-0 in this series. >> he's clutch. he knows exactly where the runner is, or the hitter is. the situation. he's so aware of how the game is being played. that's the best play of the game really for us. young is a good runner. carpenter at first base is the second part of that great play. everybody wants a look at the new kid in town, and they may not have to wait too long. several national media sources claiming the raiders will start carson palmer, even though he just practiced with the team for the first time today. with the raiders, it's never easy to get the true story. of course they aren't letting anybody know for sure what their plans are for kansas city, one way or the other. >> again, it's one day. he's going to go back tonight, and go in after practice. i've got to see where his body is. that times time. i'm not in a rush.
10:57 pm
i don't have to rush that decision. i'm going to take my time and see how fast he picks up the system. >> i won't know anything until thursday, until i see how i feel after thursday's practice. sunday is a long way away right now. >> but he won't be carrying a clipboard on the sideline, i bet you that. lenny dykstra has changed his plea in court from not guilty to no contest on charges of auto theft and false financial statements in exchange for a plea deal, prosecutors dropped more than a dozen charges against him, shortening a possible jail sentence of some eight years. that is the sporting life for wednesday night. lenny dykstra. one of the characters in money ball. >> and just kind of fell apart after he retired.
10:58 pm
>> a strange journey after his career ended. might have to do some jail time. thank you for trusting ktvu evening news. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> see you tomorrow morning and we're always here for you at
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