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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 21, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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it's the third threat out of school in less than a week. what mount diablo officials are to go about it at the high school this morning. >> it could be the beginning of the end of the occupy oakland protests. the new order from city hall. >> did you feel it? are you ready for the big one? two questions asked after an earthquake. what they're doing here today in waking wake of yesterday's quakes. >> the bay area teacher responsible for a fatal accident explains why she never saw the child. mornings on 2 starts now!
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good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. >> good morning. it's friday, october 21st. school starts in one hour for students in the mount diablo school district, and this morning some of them will notice extra security on their campus. ktvu's tara moriarity is live in concord where the new threat students, parents and starve are being warned about. morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. in about a half hour the school office will be open and students will start to arrive. classes are not cancelled so obviously police did not consider this a credible threat. the school district did issue a warning by phone to parents last night. >> students and staff members -- [not understandable] we will have extra administrators on the campuses for additional support. >> school officials received a
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fax yesterday claiming someone would start shooting at people at 10:00 this morning at concord high school. so extra officers will be on hand as well as that el dorado middle school and westwood elementary, close by. police are asking parents and students to report anything out of the ordinary. thursday's threat comes one week after alhambra high school in martinez received a threatening e-mail and the school was in lockdown in response to a teacher finding an empty handgun case. also on friday a fifth gridder received a racist death threat. now in addition to extra officers from concord, other departments have been notified of the threat at concord high school, including pleasant hill and walnut creek police and the sheriff's office. we've contacted police, they've referred to us the school district so we're going to try to spoke to them this morning, as well as some parent to find out if they're on edge this morning. tara moriarity, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. occupy oakland will have to
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stop occupying the plaza overnight. activists have been camped out near city hall for close on two weeks now, but the city of oakland posted an order on its website last night saying activists must now vacate the plaza by 10:00 every night. a long stand rat problem, fighting, public urination and vandalism are cited as reasons for the order. coming up at 7:30, we'll find out how protestors are stopping to the new order. new this morning, there is no more occupy camp outside of san jose city hall. the group tweeted that everyone was arrested around 3:00 this morning. our ktvu camera went to city hall and it's all clear now. no word on how many people were arrested. the east palo alto teach who hit and killed a 6-year-old girl a crosswalk says the sun blinded her from seeing the child. the teacher hit 6-year-old girl last month at bay road and gloria way. police investigation into the
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accident remains ungoing, as expected to be completed within the next week or two. the district attorney will then decide whether to press charges. uc berkeley study released last year found the bay road and glory way intersection among the worst in most dangerous in east palo alto. santa rosa police looking for one slick vandal who has been slashing tires. police say the man is responsible for vandalizing more than two dozen cars around santa rosa junior college. the attacks happened yesterday and thursday, october 6th. the damage also includes graffiti that says, slick one, written with a black marker. police say they're looking for a stocky white man wearing black and white plaid shorts who has been linked to the vandalism. we've been closely watching the website overnight and there were no strong aftershocks following the two quakes that rattled the east bay yesterday. a 4.0 quake hit berkeley late yesterday afternoon, and a 3.8
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quake then jolted the same area last night. ktvu's noria walker says the two quakes have a lot of people on edge. she's live in berkeley this morning. >> reporter: kraig, a lot of people saying that seconds quake which measured less felt a little more powerful to them. we're here at the uc berkeley campus. a couple construction projects are inspected today. this wall is the high performance center. a contractor says they've been through it and everything appears to be okay. right behind it is memorial stadium, the taller building, and that's going through a seismic retrofit ironically. so it can be safer for earthquakes. that is supposed to be inspected today by crews. take a look at what that late quake felt like for the ktvu reporter james hernandez as she was getting ready for her live
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report last night. >> whoa! yeah. >> we just had an earthquake. >> yep. >> now the 3.9 quake yesterday afternoon and in the evening were centered here in berkeley, six miles below the uc campus. no major damage reported. crews at the tunnel work, 2500 feet below ground or inside there rather, digging the ground. with all that heavy equipment and traffic noise, they still felt the quake. >> people who were not as deep in the tunnel, about 2500 feet in on the east right now, did feel sort of a rumbling under their feet. >> now they do have emergency phone lines and radios for the workers in the caldecott tunnel digging in case they need it. there was an emergency quake drill yesterday statewide. 8million people participated in that stop, drop and hold drill.
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it's a good reminder the drill is not the real thing that we all need to be ready for a big one here in california. reporting live, noel walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we have more coverage of yesterday's earthquakes along with our quake survival guide on just click on the earthquake tab at the top of the page. this morning we've learned plans to bury moammar gaddafi have been delayed until the circumstances of his death can be examined. while libyans continue to celebrity his death, the u.n. human rights office has called for an investigation into how he was killed. coming up at 7:15, we'll learn why some people are questioning the libyan government's explanation. president barack obama and his allies in the senate promise to press ahead with separate votes on pieces of his failed $447 billion jobs measure. despite the fact a paired down version failed in the senate
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last night. the measure was designed to boost hiring of teachers and firefighters. it would have been paid for with a surcharge on income exceeding $1million. it failed on a 50-50 test vote, short of 60 needed to bring the proposal up for debate. let's go over to sal, who is watching traffic for us at this hour. >> that's right, kraig and tori. we have an injury accident with a motorcycle in pittsburg on the willow pass grade. this is westbound highway 4, and the motorcyclist down there hinds that paramedic unit. , chp just arrived on the scene, and this crash is blocking the left lane, part of the center divider. a pickup truck is also involved. up can see the truck with the flashers on there, but the traffic is quickly backing up here on highway 4. it had been already slow but now it's really slow coming up to the grade, and as more emergency vehicles rush in it will get worse. you can see highway 4 driver, please give extra yourself time
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for this injury crash in pittsburg on the willow pass grade. top of the grade there. let's move along and look amount the bay bridge toll plaza. it's lighter than usual getting into san francisco. i want to talk about the south bay. northbound highway 101 is slowest, but 280 and 17 are looking good, so is 85. so today you might have just a slightly easier commute than the other four days of the week. :08, let's go to steve. >> good morning. happy friday. little chill in the morning air, lots of 40s showing up, even some around the area. yesterday was fog held things in check for many. kenwood 43. i know montgomery village, santa rosa around 44. petaluma in there. lafayette 49. atherton and woodside also at 49 degrees some if you thought it was cool, yeah, it is. high pressure building in. that system came by yesterday enhanced the fog. guess what comes behind that? high pressure. and see the fog going down the
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coast? emphasis on lows. high build in and squashes that. so we have fog around, cool lows but it will be warmer today, into the weekend as well. warmer days, cool lows, pappy fog but it will again be burning off pretty fast over the next couple days. 46 santa rosa. napa from 45 to 51. there's some fog in the area or a little brose picked up. 52 redwood city and livermore. san jose 55. 53 to start and then 64 and high today of 68 degrees and it will be sunny later on. there's just not much of a breeze and it's almost starting to fall apart. little fog out there as well. but it will burn off. when it comes san pablo bay it, won't last long. but it's there. storm track jetstream stays way to the north and will stay that way for a while. so fog, then sun much sooner today. it will be warmer but again a chill in the morning air. 79 clear lake, 70 sausalito.
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sonoma at 76. 79 pittsburg. walnut creek 77. danville 75. bev tweets me saying, cue please say -- high school, class of '71 is having their 40th reunion tomorrow. it will be warmer. yes, it will. so if you're heading there, behave yourselves. just behave yourselves like we did. 73 at oakland and 70 in alameda. 70s to 80 -- 80 gilroy. 77 cupertino. woodside at 77. cool lows but warmer highs with your weekend always in view, it will be warmer. then next week looks dry, breezy and warmer again tuesday and wednesday. speaking of all that sunshine, blinding sun is blamed future a new accident involving a 9-year-old girl. this time in stockton. the highway patrol says the driver of a chevy van hit the girl yesterday as she tried to
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pass a crosswalk on her motorbike. it started a fire on the motorbike, burning the 9-year- old. the driver told officers she didn't see anyone in the crosswalk. >> anything you want to say about what happened? >> i don't want to talk. >> we came outside, we saw her body on the ground. >> the girl is now the uc davis medical center with severe injuries. the highway patrol is investigating the crash and it has not been determined if the driver will face any charges. floodwaters rising. what is happening in thailand, where the country is dealing with the worst floods in a half century. the step mark zuckerberg is having to take due to fame and fortune. >> the delay in the start of abalone opinion is a popular diving spot in the north bay.
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well, we had some fog around but it's going to burn off sooner today as this coming pretty far down. it's also rather brisk for some in 40s and 50s. once there burns off we'll have sunshine and warmer weather today. less following over the weekend, cool lows but warmer afternoon highs. 60s, 70s and low 80s. well, the land of smiles thailand is turning in a land of too are of too much water. it just keeps coming down. this is the worst flooding in over 50 years. they've been saving bangkok for a while but now floodwaters with coming in. a friend of mine there said that they are releasing juan from the north to the east side of the city and into the river, and out to sea. unfortunately there's just too much water, and the problem will continue as the rain has been going off and on for a while. so lots of problems in thailand. first breaking news concerning libya. nato's top commander says he will recommend the end of the alliance's mission in that country now that the former
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leader has been killed. also this morning, we're finding out the burial of moammar gaddafi has been delayed until his death can be investigated by the international criminal court. as carol hahn reports from washington, d.c., questions are being raised now about exactly how he died. carol. >> reporter: tori, it's that last video of gaddafi's last moments which we're note showing you because it's so gruesome, that is raising some of those questions. was he shot in a firefight after his convoy was hit by nato airstrikes, or as viral videos show was he taken alive and later executed by his captors? the human rights council wants to investigate. meantime, nato's governing body is meeting today to decide when and how to end the 7 monica. pain in libya. officials may decide to keep it flying for a few more days until things stabilize, but the secretary general says the operation will end soon. >> and now i call on all
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libyans to put aside their differences and work together to build a brighter future. >> that future still uncertain. reuters is reporting gaddafi's son once seen as the heir apparent is alive and on the run. rebel leaders say he'll be captured soon. the bigger question is whether forces united in taking down gaddafi can come together and run a country. live in washington, carol hahn, ktvu channel 2 news. libyan americans here in the bay area have been glued to their tvs as word spread about gaddafi's capture and death. they say they've been waiting a long time for this moment. >> we're hoping that we see this day because -- you know, people are suffer a lot for 42 years now. >> people are eager to rebuild and people are eager to start working to make the country a million times better than it was, which everyone has faith
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that it will become a phenomenal country. >> these libyan americans in fremont say they now want to return to their homeland at least for a visit. venezuelan previous chavez says his cancer is gone. he says after five months of treatment, all his tests have now come back clean. this is video of mr. chavez arriving back in venezuela from one of his trips to cuba for medical treatment just last week. the president never revealed what type of cancer he had, only saying he had four rounds every chemotherapy. the ceo of facebook created a new personal security wall. mark zuckerberg is reportedly hired a personal security team to protect him and his new home in palo alto. those guards said to be on the job 24-7. the 27-year-old is the world's youngest billionaire and one of silicon valley's most recognizeddable faces. he has also had problems about stalkers in the past. one man was constantly harassing him at his home and
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facebook headquarters. the department of energy is standing by a 529 million- dollar loan guarantee to an electric car cap outsourcing production to finland. he received the loan in 2009. they outsourced production because they could not find a facility in the u.s. that was capable of the work. however, the company's founder says the u.s. money has been spend on engineering and design work that stayed in the u.s. and not on the 500 manufacturing jobs that went to finland. solyndra filed for bankruptcy last month juppe the state is delaying the start of abalone season. at the fort ross diving site, the fish and game commission voted to open fort ross to abalone hunters in june, instead of april. the move is an attempt to help the abalone population restore
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itself after red tide conditions killed many abalone, prompting the early closure of the season in snohomish county. the rest of the state's season will begin in april as usual. a sacramento animal control officer is calling it one of the worst cases of animal cruelty ever. his colleagues are taking care of this three-year-old terrier. last month he escaped his yard and returned with a leash clip stuck around his genitals. he could barely walk. his owner spoke about the incident but didn't want to show her face. >> it was horrible. the way it was -- stuck in there. and we tried to pull it out and we -- couldn't. >> a vet put him under anesthesia to remove the clip. the owner gave him to animal control, which is now looking for someone to adopt him. the group red rover is offering a $25,000 reward in this case. it is 7:20. an nfl player gets the news he has been traded.
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how that trade may have saved his life. >> hertz rent a car is firing 25 muslims but says it's not a case of religious discrimination. >> still slow traffic as a result of a motorcycle crash on highway 4. looks like they're making progress, but the lanes are still blocked. we'll give you an update.
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time is coming up on 7:23. hertz is firing 25 muslim drivers at seattle tacoma airport. the rental car company says the drivers needed to clock out when they took time for daily prayers. 34 workers were suspended last month because they did not punch out for their paid breaks. nine of those workers signed an agreement saying they would clock out, and they are now back on the job. the company says that's necessary because some workers were taking longer than the 10- minute breaks allowed. a trade may have saved a
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pro football player's life. espn reporting detroit lions running back jerome harrison has a brain tumor. discovers discovered it when harrison had a physical after being trade today the philadelphia eagles. doctors say he has a good chance to recover and the required physical for the trade may have been a lifesaver. want to check in with sam, get an update on the horning commute looking friday light? in some area, yes. we're looking at this crash in concord, pittsburg, highway 4, willow pass grade. locks luke they've done a significant amount of clearing and now only a couple cars left in the left lane, westbound 4 at willow pass road. they've just cleared the left lane. it's just moments ago. and traffic is still pretty slow coming through this area as you can see. let's move along and look at highway 80 westbound. we had a lighter than usual commute at the bay bridge. it's still light although there's a little more slowing than there was a few minutes ago.
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it's backed up for a 10-minute wait the commute on the san jose and sunnyvale area, northbound 280 slow approaching 17, and 85 slow from saratoga to cupertino. >> we have some fog out there but yesterday there was a lot of fog and just didn't want to burn off for parts of the north bay and bay until much later. today that won't be the case. it's going right down the coast so there are still areas of patchy fog and cool lows. lot of 40s around today. you get some breaks in the fog it and that fog is on the deck for some. 40s for santa rosa. nap iowa was there, now 51. san practice fell 59. low 50s livermore, the city at 53. that's cool there. you can see the fog, north wind and high pressure building in. so we're going from low clouds to fog as it gets squashed down on the deck. so chilly morning but more sunshine today. it will be warmer. forecast highs will bump up, especially inland. 60s, 70s coasts. and couple 80s and we'll carry that right into the weekend. it does look like cool lows
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with patchy fog in the morning but sunshine and warmer weather next week looks dry and also warm again. thank you, steve. a daycare nightmare in the bay area involved two men and several children. >> we're watching things out here at occupy oakland. take a look at this tent city that sits in front of city hall. the city doesn't want tents anymore but what will they do about it? >> also a driver slams into a fire hydrant overnight. why it took city workers so long to shut off the water.
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the city of oakland serve an eviction notice to the activists at occupy oakland. a growing rat problem, fighting, public urination and vandalism are cited as reasons. but as claudine wong tells us, the activists say they're not leaving, so are they headed for a showdown? >> reporter: well, they say they're going to hold their ground. we've been watching it carefully because of this letter the city posted on its website, letting protestors know they didn't want their tents here anymore. so we've been keeping an eye out on things, to see if police would try to move in and try to make that happen. according to the letter, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. they can come out and demonstrate, but it's the tents
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they're taking issue with. we have not seen any kind of police activity this morning or anything that shows that the city is making a move to forcibly get rid of tents. we're seen that happen in other cities like san francisco. show what you it looked like around 4 this morning. protestors were up and active and just basically they told us taking time to keep our lookout so if anything did happen, everyone moved, in they would be alerted and ready. the tents remain, there's no move to pack anything up or leave. and they told us they're not going to leave. >> we're going to hold our ground, we're going to be peaceful. we're going to do our best to be respectful. and hold our ground and stand up for our right to protest in a peaceful fashion. >> taking a live look back out here in front of city hall. there are still plenty of people out here in the perimeter area of this protest as you look around. you can see several people just again keeping an eye out. as the sun comes up and it's
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regular workday and we see several people moving in here, we don't actually see again any police or activity that would lead us to believe there was something imminent to remove anybody. they are planning for several events. there's a wedding taking place, from a couple of -- that is activists who want all the protestors to take part. there's a big rally at march planned for tomorrow. they have a national day of -- on november 5th saying take your money out of the banks and put them in credit unions. so they're planning to move ahead. whether or not there will be a showdown remains to be seen. but if police move in, the protestors say they will have to forcibly make the move because they're not leaving on their own. >> thank you for the update. time is 7:31. the santa clara county sheriff's office has released new photos showing a suspected bank robber in cupertino. investigators say a man with pay fake beard walked into a u.s. bank on stevens creek boulevard on wednesday, handed
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the teller a note demanding cash. teller complied and investigators say he took off with the cash. it's believed this man may be involved in several other bank robberies, in both south san francisco and fremont. eastern indian or caucasian. two vacaville men accused of molesting children at in- home daycare centers run by their wives. police arrested 31-year-old shane parks for allegedly inappropriately touching a five- year-old boy, and a separate incident police arrested 61- year-old paul gussy for allegedly inappropriate touching a nine-year-old girl. both men posted bail. license for the wives' daycare centers have been suspended. it's 7:32. pg&e crews will inspect more than 16,000 transformers and other equipment statewide over concerns that prior inspections were not performed. the mercury news reports pg&e fired four workers earlier this year when it learned they did
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not carry out inspections as they had claimed. pg&e says most of the overhead equipment in the bay area that needs to be rechecked is in santa clara county. and pg&e is denying it used junked or salvaged pipes in its transmission system. the utility issued a statement saying during the 1950s, it was common for crews to clean and reuse pipes but insists that was done only after the pipes passed inspection. the statement is in response to to state regulators who say they found documents that indicated otherwise. regulators are pushing to make the pg&e records public. san francisco police are looking for five men who they say are responsible for a hate crime. it happened around 12:30 saturday morning outside taqueria cancun on 19th and mission. investigators say the group attacked three men for no apparent reason. one of the attackers used a homophobic phrase. the 25-year-old victim suffered a broken jaw and must have
7:34 am
surgery. two other victims suffered minor injuries. the richmond city council is getting ready to take a closer look at an office paying young men to stay out of trouble after a violent fight. the fight actually happened a week ago inside the office of neighborhood safety. young men from rival parts of town are believed to be involved. officials with the office saw the entire fight as it happened, but city policy allows them not to talk with police so they can keep the trust of the men with whom they work. city council meeting will take place on tuesday. right now we want to head over to sal, and get some update on some breaking news, traffic i believe happening in oakley? >> yes, oakley, result of a high-speed chase that was going on all over antioch and oakley. this car has flipped upside- down as a result of this chase here. the suspect that was fleeing from police apparently was in this car, but now the -- that person has been taken out of
7:35 am
the car. but the police did end up -- chase ended up here. several people called and tweeted and texted to ktvu saying there's a chase going on here throughout the city of antioch and ended up in oakley here at big break road near the marina. we'll let you know, this is big break near main. police activity here, good area to avoid. we don't know the extent. someone was injured. i'm not sure sure how extensive the injuries were. there is also a train going by now, near the train tracks. this is the police chase, the car involved ended up flipped over and hit a pole here. let's go to some other live pictures, westbound bay bridge. the traffic is going to be backed up for about a 10- management delay. also this morning, we're looking at the commute in the south bay, where 85 has improved but 280 has slowed through 17. 101 is not all that bad. :35. let's go to steve. >> all righty. we do have patchy fog out
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there. there we go. patchy fog, some of it very shallow. making it not only around the bay but also san pablo bay. crockett said it's here. it's arrived. very shallow. once that burns off it's also a sign that yes, it can be a pain in the morning but also means high pressure is building in. the sea breeze is almost nonexistent now. it's not that strong. morning fog, cool, very cool lows this morning. but sunshine and warmer weather on the menu today. cool lows over the weekend but sunshine and warmer weather. next week no rain, it looks sunny and warm, breezy, possibility of an offshore event. but they're becoming off on the intensity of it. the next hint of rain is the first week of november. so we still have a ways to go and you get out that far, and -- that's sometimes a little hard to hang your hat on. next week looks dry. also this morning, it's chilly here. kenwood just got a report from joe in oakmont, also at 43
7:37 am
degrees. so very close. petaluma 44. i know montgomery village in santa rosa was 44. mill valley, novato 47. lafayette 49. atherton also at 49. and just -- we lose some of that fog and skies clearing. you can see the fog going down the coast so it will get wiped out today. what is there could be reducing visibility for a while. upper 40s, mid-40s. napa all over the place, airport. now 51. livermore 52. redwood city 52. san francisco 53 so it's cool even on the coast. 64 and then high today with lots of sunshine at 68 degrees. west-southwest 9 at fairfield, calm at sfo. all i kneeled to see is higher temperatures in the hills. don't see that yet. that will show up over the weekend. but the combination of that north wind going down to coast a little bit and also starting to see less of the fog tells me that not much of a sea breeze. it will be warmer today. 70s for many, few upper but 60s
7:38 am
and 70s closer to the coast. richmond 68. 80 brentwood antioch. alameda 70. san leandro 73. berkeley, el cerrito and 72. 74 for fremont. 77 san jose, 80 in morgan hill. also 70s on the peninsula, los altos, mountainview 76. mid-70s. redwood shores 74. pacifica holding on to 60s but it does look warmer over the weekend. sunshine and warmer temps. >> thank you, steve. we have been checking the usgs website and there have been no significant aftershocks following the two quakes that rattled the east bay yesterday. a 4.0 quake hit the berkeley area yesterday afternoon around 2:40. a 3.8 quake then jolted the same area last night. ktvu's jade hernandez was in berkeley at 8:16 p.m., getting ready to do a live report on the first quake, when the
7:39 am
second one hit. >> whoa! woo! >> we just had an earthquake. >> dozens of callers phoned the ktvu newsroom telling us the same news. there was no major damage. the quakes hit on the same day, millions of people took part in the fourth annual great california shakeout, a statewide earthquake safety drill. we have more coverage of yesterday's earthquakes along with our quake survival guyton just click on the earthquakes tab at the top of the page. today japan's cabinet approved an extra $156 billion budgeted to help fund reconstruction following the earthquake and tsunami there. government is planning to sell special reconstruction bonds to raise most of the funds. the budget bill still needs to be approved by the japanese parliament. the tsunami in march devastated their northeast coast and it's estimated to be the most expensive natural disaster in
7:40 am
history. it's anything but fun and games. coming up at 7:45, pam cook will have more or the dangerous game that has parents and staff on edge. expect to keep an umbrella and warm coat handy this winter. a new government forecast says the bay area can expect more wet weather like this rain seen earlier this month in san francisco. overall conditions are expected to be colder, due to la nina, which affects water temperatures in the ocean. while northern california is expected to get more rain and snow, the opposite will be true for southern california. two men accused of stealing from a stranded fishing boat in stinson beach are due in court today. the 48-foot boat ran aground last week. the owner says he cannot afford to have it towed, and is upset the coast guard refused to help. then things got worse on wednesday. according to the independent journal, security guard spotted
7:41 am
two men removing gear from the boat. the men claimed to be friends of the owner. but the security guard was suspicious. he called sheriff's deputies, who say the men stole $7,000 worth of equipment. emergency getting someone else's bank information in your statement. how wells fargo is responding after this happened in the south. >> almost like witnessing almost murder. >> terrifying shark attack off the coast of oregon. how one man stayed alive. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will.
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nice landing. it was. newschopper 2 showing a medical helicopter just taking
7:44 am
off with someone who is injured here, and police chase. this helicopter just was loaded up with someone who was in a chase with police that ended up in oakley on big break and main. helicopter presumably going to one of the local trauma centers. it looks like it's flying towards walnut creek so may be going to john muir medical center. but we'll try to confirm that four. meanwhile, newschopper 2 is looking down at the crash scene here, and you can see that ended up here where police -- did chase a person and the vehicle here. there's a vehicle overturned, it's crashed next to a power pole some lot of police activity. these are pictures from newschopper 2. it's a good area to avoid, big break road near main in oakley. several agencies, including chp, were in on this chase. we'll let you know when we confirm who was injured and what their status is. back to the desk.
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>> thank you, sal. stocks are rising after several big u.s. companies reported solid third-quarter earning, including mcdonald's, general electric and microsoft. overseas france and germany still trying to work out differences over strategy to deal with europe's crippling debt crisis and greek unions are threatening to extend their strike into next week after greece's parliament approved drastic new austerity measures. taking a live look at the big board, investors like, the news about corporate earnings, the dow up 202. nasdaq up 42. s&p is up 21. some wells fargo customers received portions of other customers' bank statements. the san francisco based bank is treating the issue as a security breach. wells fargo says only some new customers in florida and south carolina are affected and they will all be given a free year of i.d. theft protection. the bank says the problem was caused by a printing error, which put information from multiple accounts on a single
7:46 am
page. it will be more difficult for warning of america customers to avoid paying the bank's monthly debit card fee. the bank is eliminating its advantage checking account. customers who had that type of account and kept a $5,000 total balance did not have to pay to use their debit cards. now customers will need at least $20,000 in deposits or mortgage with the bank to get out of paying the $5 a month fee. a serious warning for parent across the country about a dangerous game the kids are playing and it's happening right here in the bay area. pam cook joins us now from the newsroom with the frightening details. >> reporter: good morning. it's scary, kids are passing out on purpose. staff at diablo view middle school in clayton are keeping an eye out for a dangerous game students are playing. they're calling it the fainting game. students trying to get high by cutting off oxygen to their brain. the school recently sent a letter to parents warning them
7:47 am
about the activities possibly deadly risks and urging them to talk to their kids. >> there's been a game going on where kids are passing out. >> what was your reaction? >> scared, very scared it was happening at this young age. >> i wouldn't do it because it looks really stupid. you're out cold on the ground at school, a teacher do see you. just doesn't seem good to me. >> that 8th grader says she's seen it happen and it's happening across the country. the centers for disease control reports between 1995 and 2007, 82 children across the u.s. have died from the activity. the center also says kids as young as 6 have tried this fainting game, and many of the kids are not doing it in a social environment like school, but maybe even more disturbing they're doing it alone. reporting live, pam cook, back over to tori. >> thank you, pam. a major expansion project
7:48 am
for a berkeley family clinic is now underway. officials with life long medical care held a groundbreaking ceremony yesterday at their west berkeley clinic on 6th and addison. the project calls for 27 new exam rooms. right now there are only 17 rooms. life long says 36% of its patients have no health insurance. >> any of us at any point can lose our health insurance, can lose our jobs, can be in a situation where a community clinic look like long is necessary. >> $500,000 still needs to be raised. the total project is expected to cost $2.1 million. cirque du soleil returns to san francisco in a week. the new show called totem opens next friday night. crews arrived in san francisco a few days ago and brought with them 65 trailers full of equipment and are setting up
7:49 am
near at&t park. the show tracks the evolution of life to space exploration. barnes & noble says it's expanding offerings between books and music. it plans to add more then a million new products, including consumer electronics, toys, games, and baby items to its marketplace. barnes & noble executives say they want to give customers more of a one-stop shopping destination. that could put the company in more direct competition with and ebay. a contra costa sex crimes prosecutor is waiting to hear if the state attorney general's office will bring rape charges against him. prosecutors allege michael grisset raped a junior colleague in 2000 but yesterday a judge dismissed the charges, ruling prosecutors failed to introducered that could have cast doubt on the accuser's credibility. he says the sex was consensual. today defense attorneys in the conrad murray trial will
7:50 am
try to challenge the testimony of a key prosecution witness. yesterday an expert of propofol rejected theories that mostly michael jackson injected himself with the anesthetic. we'll go live to los angeles for a live report on what jurors can expect today. lindsay lohan showed up on time for her community service this morning. this is video from tmz taken about 15 minutes ago. they captured the minutes she arrived at the l.a. county morgue, where a judge ordered her to complete 16 hours of work. yesterday she arrived 40 minutes late for her first day of volunteer duty and was turned away. she is on prohibition for drunk driving arrests and a theft case. it was a close call for a surfer in oregon. bobby gum was about 200 yards offer the coast yesterday when a great white shark approached him. the shark then bit into his surfboard. >> then all of a sudden i saw two foot fin coming out of the water, and then it lifted my
7:51 am
friend up about 10 feet up in the air. >> the shark ripped 23 inches off the board. gulf was not hurt and swam to shore. 10 minutes before 8:00. the world series is now tied at one game apiece. and a former cal star had another get moment in a losing efforts. >> and craig has delivered again! >> former caliber allen craig had gives the st. louis cardinals a 1-0 lead, then his run scoring hit one the world series opener for st. louis. however, this time the texas rangers rallied to beat the cardinals. game 3 is tomorrow night in texas, and you can see that game right here on ktvu channel 2. company overseeing it a falling satellite is giving odds on people being hit. big!
7:52 am
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big, big. big big big big? big big big big big. big big...big. ♪ big big big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ big big big -big big. -big! -big -big! -♪ big -big. -big big big. big big big. big big big. small. big big big big. small! [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪ 7:53. the u.s. military wants to go into the recycling business.
7:54 am
but in a very limited way. the pentagon announced its phoenix program, which would use parts from non-working satellites that still orbit the earth. nasa says there are about 100 dead satellite that are likely candidates for the program it. says many valuable pieces including antennas would be easy to reuse. private contractors can start submitting proposals by the end of the year. overnight the european union launch and the first two satellites of its galileo navigation system. it's the start of a program billed as a rival to gps. galileo is more precise and more reliable. the russian rocket carrying the satellites was supposed to launch yesterday. it was postponed because of a mechanical problem. another dead satellite is expected to fall to earth this weekend. the 2.4-ton could reenter eric
7:55 am
tonight. the german satellite has been drifting in orbit since it was decommissioned in 1999. the chance of anyone being hit by debris is one in 2,000. just last month the dead nasa satellite re10 erred the atmosphere in an unknown location but it's believed it ended up in the pacific ocean. it's coming up on 7:55. we want to check in with sal, keeping a close eye on the traffic and the situation in oakley. sal. >> police chase this went throughout contra costa county, at one time on highway 4, driving eastbound on highway 4 on the right. westbound highway 4 is the commute direction but this chase at one time hit 70 miles an hour on eastbound highway 4. they went through antioch and brentwood and oakley, ended up on bringing break near main and coming up at the top of the hour, we'll show you some live pictures from that scene and let you know what is going on there. this is highway 4, it's slow. toll plaza, it's light. this is going for something that you'll enjoy at the toll
7:56 am
plaza. you'll enjoy seeing this because it hasn't been all that bad of a commute. and this morning on interstate 880, northbound, we've got a little slow traffic here passing the coliseum heading up north. now it's time for steve's weather. >> thank you, sir. really nice tweets coming in, patrick from redwood shores saying there's a big patch of fog on the belmont hills and brine sent a twitter picture of some very low fog parallel to the caltrain tracks. there are some areas of fog. so it's very low today, it will burn off sooner. it's going down the coast so that's a sign it will lose out today, but not before some really cool lows mainly in the north bay. but there were others in the peninsula that hit the upper 40s. mid to low 40s. 46 santa rosa. livermore even down to 52. one system went by, that enhanced the fog yesterday but behind that comes a little north wind that will take care of most of it. plus high pressure is squashing it so it's instead of low clouds it's in the way of fog. also means can be a little pain
7:57 am
this morning, it will burn off sooner. 60s, 70s near 80 degrees, and sunshine and warm weather will take us into the weekend. a little cooldown monday, then looks like again breezy and warmer weather will go into tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> thank you, steve. developing news from the east bay. the frightening high-speed chase that ended in a crash a short time ago. we're getting some important new information about that. it's a tense friday morning in concord. the threat that led to increased school security. >> two earthquakes yesterday lead to building inspections today at uc berkeley, when morning on 2 continues.
7:58 am
from 20 leading brands, including barista prima. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew.
7:59 am
good morning. welcome bang to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm kraig debro. dave clark has the day off. we begin with developing news from the east bay. a high-speed chase that ended in a crash in oakley. sal joins us now and we understand a police car was involved? that's right. a police car was involved because the suspect vehicle allegedly rammed the police car at the end of this chase, and you can see some fences damage, one of the police cars there in
8:00 am
the little junkyard. this is on big break road, near big break regional trail. the largest other big street is main street here in the town of oakley. it's about let's say 500 yards from a big shopping area where the raley's store is. on the right you see earlier video of someone being loaded on to a medical helicopter, victim of the crash here. that person was taken to john muir medical center and we don't know the extent of that person's injuries but they're serious enough he this had to get that person to a trauma center immediately. meanwhile, the police investigation continues here in oakley. again, this chase took about a half hour. the person was driving erratically and there was more than one person in the car. one person has been taken into custody. that's all we know. but again, this is on big break road, just a little bit away from main street in oakley. as we get more details, we'll pass them on to you.
8:01 am
8:00, back to the desk. it's 8 minutes -- 8:00, as sal said. the teacher who hit and killed a 6-year-old girl in a crosswalk now says the sun blinded her from seeing the child. the teacher had six-year-old girl last month at bay road and gloria way. the police investigation into the accident remains ongoing, and it's expected to be completed within the next week or two. the district attorney will then decide whether to press charges. a uc berkeley study released last year found that intersection is among the most dangerous in east palo alto. blinding sun is also blamed for a new accident involving a 9-year-old girl in stockton. the highway patrol says the driver of a chevy van hit the girl yesterday as the girl tried to pass a crosswalk on her motorbike. that started a fire on the motorbike, burning the girl.
8:02 am
the driver later told officers she didn't see anyone in the crosswalk. >> with the sun right on -- going towards that, we're not sure that anything to do with it. >> we saw her body laying down on the ground. >> the girl is now at uc davis mel ser with severe injuries. the highway patrol is investigating the crash and it has not been colonel if the driver will face any charges. the school bell at concord high will ring at 10 muntz from now, and this morning students and staff on campus are on notice and increased stewart. tara joins us live from concord high with what is being behind the precautions. tara. >> reporter: you know, students are arriving at class right now as well as teachers and if you look behind me you can see a couple police officers there in front of the brick building. we're been speaking to parents, teachers and students who say they're nervous about coming to school today. police patrols are beefed up here at concord high school and that's because school officials
8:03 am
received a fax yesterday claiming that someone would start shooting at people at 10:00 this morning here at concord high school. the mount diablo school district sent out a warning by phone to parents last night. extra staff and officers are on hand as well as the el dorado middle school and westwood elementary, close by. one woman was fuming over what she considers a hoax. >> i think it's absolutely crazy that somebody can just put in a fax and say at 10:00 we'll do this or that. you have a bunch of parents had kids that are completely freaked out. our noontime supervisor here at the school, but i think it's absolutely crazy. >> thursday's threat comes one woke after alhambra school in martinez received a threatening e-mail and in response to a teacher finding an empty handgun case. also on friday a give of fifth grade teacher in walnut creek received a racist death threat. in addition to extra officers
8:04 am
from concord, other police departments have been notified about the threat, including walnut creek, as well as pleasant hill police officers and the sheriff's office. so we'll stay here and continue to monitor the situation past 10:00 to see if anything happens. but police believe this threat was not credible. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. we have been closely watching the usgd website and there were no aftershocks following the double jolt that rattled the east bay yesterday. a 4.0 hit the berkeley area yesterday afternoon around 2:40. a 3.8 quake then jolted the same area last night, about 8:16. ktvu's noel walker says the two quakes have a lot of people on edge. good morning, noel. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of people felt the earthquakes here at uc berkeley. they're working on a seismic retrofit project here at memorial stadium. ironically. i just spoke to the rep and
8:05 am
safety officer and they tell me inspections are going on right now as i speak to make sure the building is safe. you can't be too worried about it because there's also work going on right now on the project. the quake was centered here in the uc berkeley campus. if you can believe this, the foreman on this project here did not feel the quake. so they must be pretty good job on the seismic retro fit. but ktvu's jade hernandez sure did. >> whoa! >> woo! >> yeah. >> we just had an earthquake. >> yep. >> jade was getting ready for her live report when that second quake hit last night. the 3.8 rattled a few items and some nerves. >> also -- [not understandable] so it was interesting. everything started shaking. >> it took a couple minutes of
8:06 am
a break from class. just to sort of like gather senses back. >> now coincidentally, yesterday was also a statewide earthquake drill. you might remember the stop, drop and hold drills from school. eight million people participated in that yesterday. at my place in san francisco, what i felt was more of a rolling and almost a breeze. i could see plants in a domino effect, plants and my light fixtures start to sway. i will admit for a brief moment i thought i might have a haunt engine my loft and i was hoping that it was an earthquake. reporting live, nicole walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> relate to that. thank you. when the big one strikes, people around san francisco's ferry building could have a new tool helping them make sense of the situation. this spring the department of homeland security awarded the port of san francisco a $550,000 grant to install a mass notification system in the
8:07 am
building to be used during disasters. a court spokeswoman told the examiner the system will include video boards and loudspeakers. you can find more earthquake coverage on we posted links to realtime quake maps and our survival guide. click on the earthquake tab on our homepage. felt the quakes at my home in danville. and nice shudder there. only thing that happened was a picture frame fell over. but not too bad. >> very frightened. >> all right. let's check in with sal. you're covering a lot of things in traffic. >> we're looking at the remainder of this high speed police chase that went throughout antioch and brentwood and oakley and ended up in oakley. a police car was also damaged and got into a crash here, so the police car and the suspect vehicle where in two different spots, about maybe about a half mile away, and someone was taken away. we don't know who, but someone as a result of this chase was
8:08 am
taken away by medical helicopter to john muir trauma center in walnut creek. so we are getting more details. one of the things we do know for sure is this person was driving very fast on some of the freeways there, including highway 160 and highway 4, before they ended up here in oakley and now there's a police investigation here in contra costa county. we do know that one person is seriously injured. let's move along and look at some video or live pictures here of the bay bridge toll plaza. it's lighter than usual today as you get into san francisco. south bay we're looking at 280 and 85, and things are improving. some slow traffic getting to cupertino. but again, today seems to be just a little better in the silicon valley commute. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. really interesting fog shots. it's coming right down the ground, nice tweet from michael, there's a lot of fog over the golden gate, angel island, and parts of the bay it's already sunny. and some of this fog is just
8:09 am
kind of snaking its way around and working its way around. we've got reports from peninsula out to san pablo bay, over towards marin county, so some areas of the sun, for others it's more in the way of that low fog. and it's cool out there. but it will be sunny and warmer today. we'll take that into the weekend. overnight lows are cool. upper 40s, mid-40s, even lower 40s to low 50s. no rain though next week. maybe first week of november but it looks warmer and breezy. maybe even the coast will get in on a lot of sunshine. lot of fog this morning but we'll get sunny and warm weather. speaking of some cool lows, kenwood and oakmont both at 43 degrees. st. helena 44. montgomery ville imagine santa rosa 44. laugh 8849. i did see a 49 near danville for a while. san ramon 52. woodside also at 49 degrees. the system that came by yesterday helped the fog. that's what really stopped it from burning off in the north
8:10 am
by for the longest time. and for around the bay it was just -- waited. if you had the sun, it was sunny and mild to warm. we'll continue with the warmer weather but when you rebound from some 40s, it might take awhile. but temperatures started to bounce off morning lows, the sea ridge is not there. there's a little west- southwest. but sfo says calm so not much of one there. high pressure kicking in, sending everything to the north and send that fog right down on the ground which is happening today and more so over the weekend. we'll get more sunshine and warmer weather. 60s and 70s did push upper 70s for a few to near 80. antioch and brentwood in there. berkeley 72. san leandro 73. pleasanton, dublin upper 70s. same for san jose. by roy 80. did go 74 in the cruiser and also in fremont. san bruno low 70s. 60s on the coast. 76 in palo alto and menlo park. fog, sun, warmer weather on the
8:11 am
weekend. mid-80s on sunday. then a little cooler monday but more sunshine and warmer weather tuesday, wednesday. >> thank you, steve. president obama and his allies in the senate promise to press ahead with separate votes on pieces of his $447 billion jobs measure. last night the measure failed to pass the senate, even though it was trimmed down to please republicans. measure was designed to boost hiring of teachers and firefighters. it would have been paid for with a surcharge on income exceeding a million dollars. it failed on a 50-50 test vote short of the 60 votes needed to bring bring the proposal up for debate. moammar gaddafi was scheduled to be buried today. why there's been a last-meant change of plans. >> evidence and california highest court, the critical case with san francisco ties. >> also another big day on the trial of michael jackson's doctor. the expert witness who will be on the stand today.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
good morning. some very low clouds, fog santa rosa, napa, sfo, livermore and san jose all on their observation at 8:00 say fog some it's right there. there are breaks in the fog and it will burn off soon today and temperatures will warm up. high 60s and upper 70s. all quiet here. except for fog. but chicago had a rip-roaring system go through. we talked about this yesterday. and we continue to some of the high waves up to 50 miles an hour on the wind churned up on lake michigan and also some of the windows were blown out on
8:15 am
high-rises. this is around shed aquarium, navy pier. some seven boats in the harbor on the lake were destroyed and 20 others were damaged. it's a pretty crazy day in the last up couple days in chicago. new this morning, nato's commander will recommend the end of the alliance's mission in libya now that the former leader has been killed and the burial moammar gaddafi has been delayed until his death can be investigated by the international criminal courted. as carol hahn reports from washington, d.c., questions are now raised about how gaddafi died. >> reporter: kraig, it's a video of gaddafi's last moments which we're not going for show because it's so gruesome, that is raising questions about exactly what happened. was he killed in a firefight after his convoy was hit by nato airstrikes? or was he taken alive as viral video shows and later executed
8:16 am
by his captors? the u.n. human rights council wants to investigate. in the meantime, nato's governing body is meeting to decide when how to end the campaign in libya. before the meeting the top commandered said said he'll recommend the operation end soon and nato secretary general is already looking to what will happen next. >> and now i call on all libyans to put aside their differences and work together to build a brighter future. >> that future is still uncertain. reuters reporting gaddafi's son is alive and on the run. rebel leaders say he'll be captured soon. as celebrations rock libya's streets, the bigger question is whether forces united in taking down gaddafi can come together and run a country. carol hahn, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, carol. it's 8:16. this morning a judge in marin county will consider the latest requests from an accused serial killer. joseph naso will ask a judge to
8:17 am
remove the shackles he has been ordered to wear during his court hearings. the 77-year-old will also ask that he be allowed to use his cell phone in jail as he prepares his defense. nato is representing himself in court. he is accused of killing four northern california women in crimes dating back to the 1970s. california supreme court will now decide whether police departments can take dna samples from suspects arrested for a felony. the court decided yesterday to hear the case after being asked to do so by attorney general harris. earlier this year, the first district court of appeals called dna samples a felony suspects a have a likes of privacy. but currently the federal government and two dozen states do allow dna samples to be taken from suspects. today in the trial of michael jackson's doctor, more testimony from an expert on the anesthetic propofol. this time the defense will be
8:18 am
asking the questions. reporter adam housley now joins us from outside los angeles courtroom. good morning, adam. >> reporter: good morning, kraig. witness is dr. steven schaeffer, one of the experts in the world on propofol, one of the boast anesthesiologists as well. his testimony baas lan thursday but bus a a long questioning process by the prosecution, they finally rested their initial questions of dr. schaeffer late yesterday afternoon, the judge felt it was so late they decided to start today with the defense's cross-examination, which still won't begin until 12:30 local time due to another court scheduling conflict this morning. now that cross-examination is expected to take a couple hours. the defense we're told has their first witness in stand by mode this afternoon. so the potential exists that the defense will finally get a chance to start their case later this afternoon. now, by most estimates the
8:19 am
defense will go into middle to end of next week. they have about 15 witnesses they'll call, including character witnesses, their own propofol expert, who has been in the court listening to dr. schaeffer the entire time, giving his testimony. the two experts, defense expert and prosecution star witness, are friends. so that brings a little extra drama to the courtroom as this court continues to go forward. also legal analysts tell you dr. schaeffer's testimony over the course of the last week has been nothing short of compelling. he on numerous occasions said dr. murray was egregious in his care of michael jackson and made significant mistakes. he counted 17 mistakes al told and he detailed them throughout this long, continuous process of questioning by the prosecution. again, it ended yesterday late in the afternoon. so the cross-examination will begin today, and the defense ace case could also begin today. everything goes as planned, which nothing has so far in this case, the jury could get
8:20 am
this case by the end of next week but most likely until the following week. adam housley, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you for the update. incredible video of a horrifying scene at a convenience store. the close call for a mother and her baby. >> also the talk that hit a dead end and the nba lockout is affecting more than just owners and players. >> traffic is moving along a little slowly on interstate 880, but i'll tell you why you may be surprised if you're going to the bay bridge. oo
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
we want to show you incredible video from australia. a mother was shopping with her baby when the speeding car comes barreling through the front window of a convenience store in sydney. you can see the car hit the stroller with the 17-month-old baby boy inside. nobody was hurt and police are trying to determine what led up to the crash. it's 8:23. sports fans and bay area businesses are trying to make sense of the breakdown in nba labor talks. team owners and players broke off talks yesterday after spending the previous three days with a federal mediator. no new talks have been scheduled. a member of the coliseum authority which runs the warriors home arena told ktvu news that the missing games really hurt the authority's finance and local businesses
8:24 am
are also bracing for the worst. >> like a theater, without a movie show. we have no gym to show. it's huge. it's huge all over the country. >> all games through november 14th have been cancelled. the first two weeks of the season. the owners labor committee is meeting today to discuss the remainder of the season. both sides are far apart on how to divide revenues and structure a player salary cap. let's go to sal with more on the developing news out of oakley and other information about 237, 880. >> that's right, we do have more on that developing news. coming up at 8:we have new information. i'll talk about crash here in oakley that injured at least one person, on big brick road near main street. we'll have more information we're just developing now. let's move along and look at some of these pictures, 237 as you cross 880. you can see some stop and go
8:25 am
traffic. also the morning commute looks pretty good if you're driving on 880 northbound, passing the coliseum. slow traffic there. and the morning commute here on it 80 at 880, that traffic is going to be light. which is a nice drive into the cupertino area. >> friday weather with a lot of fog, lot of twitter pictures coming in, some blue sky but some fog, and just depends on where you are and what your proximity is. but it's going down the coast and it will burn off fast but it's a sign high pressure is building in. few mid-50s but rather cool here. livermore 51. santa rosa north baril cool this morning. lot of low and mid-40s. high pressure starting to bow there, the clouds to the north -- right there. that's a sign the high is building in. we don't have an offshore breeze but a high-pressure system building in. so some areas of fog but
8:26 am
sunshine today, 67. it did go to near any for a few and looks like with your weekend come into view it will be fog in the morning but that will burn off fast. mornings will be cool but the days warmer and then a little cooler on monday but the warmer again tuesday and wednesday. more on the hour's developing news from oakley. high-speed chase leads to a crash. what we have learned just within the past 30 minutes. >> and the city of oakland has put protestors here at occupy oakland on notice. they say no more camping or tents but all that is still here. a live report on the situation, coming up. >> also why the doomsday prophet from oakland has today's date circled on his calendar.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
we are following developing news from the east bay. a high-speed chase that ended in a crash in oakley. sal now joins us live with more on the police car that was involved in the crash. sal. >> that's right, there were several agencies that were involved in this chase, kraig. and this morning the chase ended in oakley near big break road on big break road near main. one vehicle ended up flipped over here. and near a pole. and then another vehicle, this vehicle here, is flipped over. and then another car, police car, ended up through a fence nearby. it's unclear how it exactly happened. but one person was seriously injured, and had to be taken away in a medical helicopter. you see video a little while ago of them load that person on to the helicopter and then that person was eventually transported to john muir medical center in walnut creek. the trauma unit there, the
8:30 am
person arrived. we don't know the extent of their injuries and it's unclear if that's one of people who was chased or one of the officers that was injured. one of things we do know for sure is the situation remains pretty much under investigation on oakley on big break road near main street. let's move along and we'll have another traffic update in just a few minutes. now back to the desk. the city of oakland says it's had enough. occupy oakland activists are now told to leave the plaza by 10:00 each night. this is setting up for a possible showdown between the two sides. claudine. >> reporter: kraig, the city did issue a protested others here at occupy oakland, but as you can see it's still business as usual and yoga class ongoing now. they do have folks out here watching the perimeter. the city has told them they can stay during the day. the people can stay.
8:31 am
but the tents, cooking, all that, that has to go. protestors say they expect police to move in, but no one is sure when. >> we're going to stay because you know, if we don't stay here and protect each other, who will protect us? the people we hire to do did are not doing their job, baby. >> it seems argued here. radios, everyone watching. lot of lookout. >> we have our own general assembly, government, security. so there's no need for the government to intervene. >> we've been here suns 4 this morning and certainly we have seen an organized effort to keep an eye out for police activity. lookouts have radios stationed around the perimeter, protestors say they're staying on message saying they're fighting for economic rights and they believe the occupy protests are working. >> i think they're raising questions, i think they're saying what's wrong, what is going on? what is their problem? people are asking questions. that's why we do stuff like to this to raise awareness and you
8:32 am
are here and we're talking about it. mission accomplished. >> back live out here, one of the people stationed around the perimeter of this tent city that is still in place. protestors say the city doesn't have any valid reason to kick them out. they say they follow recommendations from the health department, they've dealt with the violence but again fully expect police to move in here. they just don't know when that will happen. today they're planning to tanned a wedding, a rally and march tomorrow. and in the meantime, they just stay on alert. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. it's 8:32. a bay area couple will get married today p they'll have the occupy oakland encampment as their backdrop. the couple will say i do at 3:00 this afternoon in front of city hall, despite the ongoing occupy protests on the plaza. it's the grand nephew of the
8:33 am
late farm leader, ceasar shove easy. a exchange program is work well. the program allows pharmacists to issue sterile syringes and needles without a prescription in certain cases. several pharmacies reported selling lever,000 non- prescription syringes last year, and more than 63,000 needles were exchanged at the aids project office in san rafael. the goal of the program is to reduce transmission of hiv and other diseases. santa rosa police are looking for a serial tire slasher on more than two dozen cars around santa rosa junior college. the attacks happened yesterday and thursday, october 6th. damage also includes graffiti, reading slick one. police say they're looking for a stocky white man wearing black and white plaid shorts who has been linked to the vandalism. a robbery suspect barely
8:34 am
avoids a capture after returning to the scene of the crime. police say a man was robbed in a parking lot of a mcdonald's last night by a man he arranged to sell his iphone to. police say the victim reported the robbery about an hour and a half later, after he spotted the suspect back amount the mcdonald's. when police responded, the suspect ran off. police searched for him by helicopter and on the ground, with police dogs, but he is still on the loose. the parole to community college district is coming under fire for censoring records that are supposed to be public. the district censored thousands of pages of trusty e-mails requested by local newspapers as part of a check on communications by elected officials. in one message, only the greeting which reads hi bill was not blocked out. public agencies are supposed to explain why they black out each individual item, but the district is only saying the
8:35 am
blackouts are for privacy reasons. and a santa clara county district attorney's office is investigating gilroy school district trustee francisco dominguez, the investigation related to his consulting company. the the gilroy dispatch says his company was hired in 2008 by the non-profit south county collaborative to manage a grant. but a treasurer with the non- profit says he found inaccuracies last year and accuses dominguez of overbilling for his work. education was the hot top, last night in the race to become san francisco's next mayor. how testimony prove the city's public schools during a forum sponsored by the united educators of san francisco. six of the 16 candidates attended. if elected they'll have to find a way to influence the elected board of education that oversees the city's public schools. >> we're not educating our young folks to work in the very jobs we have in the city.
8:36 am
>> we need to be giving [audio not understandable] >> i do think this community has an obligation to the public school system. >> many parents told us they paid close attention because rank choice voting means they'll have to select three candidates instead of usual one. the election is scheduled for november 8th. a new recreation center in san francisco's chinatown will be named after the local woman who died during the 9/11 attacks. the san francisco recreation park exhibition voted last night to name the new center on mason street in honor of betty ong, the first flight hijacked by terrorists and crashed into the world trade center. she was reportedly the first person to report the plane had been hijacked. the doomsday prophet from oakland predicts today will be the end of the world. harold camping says the final
8:37 am
judgment period ends today and that true believers will be raptured. previously, camping predicted a may 21st rapture, but nothing happened. the 90-year-old preacher and his ministry are avoiding the media this time around but he continues to post negligence on his website. the bay area hikeers and cyclists have a new section of trail to explore. the newest section of the ridge trail opens up tomorrow morning in the hills east of san jose. new section is just east of alum rock park. the total is 5.3 miles, bringing the total bay area ridge trail to 337 miles. state park bonds and a partial tax helped pay for the trail. a once familiar sight on golden gate bridge is back. bay area native bob pederson can be seen on has morning wax across the bring. it's been seven years since he was last out there. following 9/11, he could be seen every day waving the
8:38 am
american flag. he says in support for u.s. service members. but he stopped after moving away. now he's back, says he plans to go out there every day for the next year. let's check in with sal, see how the commute is moving. bridges and elsewhere. >> that's right, we're looking at the freeways at oakland first of all, 880 northbound and 580 westbound. some slowing now coming in through the coliseum area and 580 is slow approaching lakeshore curve. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza it's just a little bit slow there, certainly lighter than it normally is. we've been looking at hayward union city fremont livermore, these commutes are looking good. let's move to the south bay and that traffic also looks very nice. it's devil lighter than usual into cupertino. 101 san mateo county we do have slow traffic approaching the crash. southbound 101 near ralston avenue. so watch for some slow traffic on 101. 280 is your best bet. police are looking for the
8:39 am
driver who lost control of their car, crash into a fire hydrant and then ran off from the scene. it happened around midnight in clinton park in the mission district. you can see it all the water that gushed on to the road as a result of the crash. city crews had to wait for a tow truck to take the car away before they could finally shut off that hydrant. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much, sal. and we do have some of this fog. it's either sunny or fog, but some fog is really coming right down on to the ground. but it max for a really pretty picture. live shot here, some of that fog up above plenty of sunshine and it's going to be a sunny day once we get the low cloud deck to burn off. twitter nation has been awesome on this friday, sending in get photos. this is from david from novato, sunshine blue sky there. yesterday he sent and i a picture, overcast, gray and cold. and we have one more, lola sending in from tiburon, saying see, patchy fog on the bay but it is mostly sunny and it will be a sunny day today as temperatures finally start to
8:40 am
rebound here. but some of that fog makes it cold in the morning! if we have fog reports all over the place so it's just hit and miss. morning fog, cool, sunny and warmer though. coming up. but the lows in the morning will be cool over the weekend but the days will be warmer. no rain next week. sunny, warmer, breezy. i was just looking at some of the forecast models that go out 13, 14 days. first week of november showing signs of rain returning. but not at the end of october. if anything, next week could be very warm. the fog is getting wiped out because of the north breeze coming down. we had some reduced visibility. san jose fog, livermore fog, areas of fog up to the north bay, so just depends where you are. some locations already the sun really cool lows this morning. 40s. now we're seeing some 50s. and high pressure you can see the system there lifting more towards seattle. that's a sign that the high is building in. fog is there, lots of sun.
8:41 am
it will be warmer today but a chilly morning. forecasted highs, 60s, mid-70s to upper 70s and few low 80s. oakland 73. walnut creek lafayette, danville, 70s. mid-70s. then same for san jose to morgan hill. saratoga 77. 77 woodside. atherton, belmont, redwood city, all in there. pacifica daly city still 60s, maybe 70s for tomorrow in san francisco and warmer on land temperatures as well. >> thank you, steve. a daycare nightmare in the bay area. it involves two men and several children. also why city workers in st. louis have a special reason to cheer on the cardinals in the world series. >> we're live at concord high school, where we've spoken to the superintendent of the unified school district regarding a threatening fax. what he has to say about the police presence here this morning.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
major averages are trading at their bested levels. session. maybe reason stocks are rising, a round of solid corporate earnings reports coming in, mainly from general electric.
8:45 am
the third quarter net incompetent comoros 18%. also good news from mcdonald's and microsoft, offer setting ongoing concerns about the lack of agreement between france and germany on the debt cries the the dow is up 225, nasdaq up 41, s&p is up 21. also new this morning, the u.s. labor department says unemployment rates dropped in 25 states last month. that's a sign that september's pickup and hiring was felt around the country. california's unemployment rate fell from 12.1% in august to 11.9%. still making it the second highest unemployment rate in the country. nevada is still number one at 13.4%, and michigan in third with an unemployment rate of 11.1%. best buy electronic stores in the bay area are working out a plan to shrink their floor space. the company plans to start subleasing some of its showroom and warehouse space at 16 local
8:46 am
stores. the chain will require other businesses to lease at least 5,000 square feet, and no more than 18,000 square feet in single store. let's get you updated in some of the top stories we're following for you right now. we want to update this hour's developing news from contra costa county. one person has been seriously hurt in an early morning crash chase and crash in oakley about 90 minute ago on big break road. a police car was involved in this accident. city of oakland says no more tents or overnight camping at the plaza. but occupy protestors will be allowed to assemble between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. city issued the new camping ban last night. it's unclear when the rules will be in force. protestors are vowing to stay put. extra police proms taking place at several schools in the mount diablo unified school district. this after someone threaten to open fire on the concord high campus. tara moriarity joins us live
8:47 am
from the school with reaction from parents and the superintendent. god morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, we've been speaking to parents, teachers and students all morning long, and a lot of them are shaken up by this. they know the school is doing everything it can to keep kids safe but still center their apprehension. there are police officers here on campus to the right of the school, then to the left right in front of the school there's extra staff and administrative staff as well as police there in front of the building. that's because school officials received a fax yesterday claiming someone would start shooting at people at 10:00 this morning, at concord high school. the mount diablo school district did send out a warning by phone to parents last night. extra administrative staff and officers on hand as well as the el dorado middle school and westwood elementary, which are close by. >> unfortunately, this will be a cost to the school district and be a cost to the students in lost learning time. and if it is a hoax, at the end
8:48 am
of the day that's all needs to be taken very seriously and i hope we an hen the person responsible for this. >> thursday's threat comes one week after alhambra high school received a threatening e-mail and the school was in lock down in response to a teacher finding a empty handgun case. in addition to extra officers, other departments have been notified of the threat, including pleasant hill and walnut creek police and the sheriff's office. we'll be here at 10:00 to see if anything happens. again, the superintendent saying he believes it was just a hoax but taking every precaution necessary to keep his students safe. secretary of state hillary clinton in pakistan fighting terrorism in the country. >> innocent people who wake up in the morning in pakistan or afghanistan just trying to go about their lives, and are
8:49 am
brutally murdered by terrorists whose disregard for human life seems to be endless. >> secretary clinton is meeting with pakistani foreign ministers and meeting with the country's president, trying to increase pressure on the pakistani government to crack down on militants. leon panetta leases today on his first trip to asia as defense secretary. among other things, the group is expected to discuss relations with china, which is not a member of the group. he will also visit japan and in his trip with a stop in seoul, south korea. venezuelan president hugo chavez says his cancer is gone. president chavez says after five months of treatments, all his tests came back clean. this is video of mr. chavez arriving in venezuela from one of his trips to cuba for medical treatment just last week. the president never revealed
8:50 am
what type of cancer he had, only saying he had four rounds of chemotherapy. it's sentencing day for one of the pirates involved in a february yacht hijacking where four americans were killed. gene and scott adam of southern california and robert riggle and phyllis mckay of seattle were shot to death after being taken hostage by 19 pirates. mckay had ties to the bay area. her mother lives in south san francisco. today sentencing is for the 11th man to plead guilty in the case. he faces a mandatory life sentence. if you spend a lot of time using your cell phone, you may be relieved by the results of a new study. researchers in denmark say they found no link between cell phone use and developing cancer. study followed 350,000 people for 10 years. the researchers concluded heavy phone users have the same cancer rates as people who don't use cell phones at all. it will be at least one more week before a cell phone
8:51 am
retailers in san francisco have to post warning signs about radiation risks in their store. the posters were supposed to be in place by next tuesday, but the city attorneys agreed to delay that after the judge said more time was needed to consider arguments that could end with the law being thrown out completely. the final decision is expected by early next month. san mateo county sheriff's office is warning about a wire transfer scam that is targeting elderly people. there have been two recent cases. in one case an elderly man wired more than $20,000 to someone who called and pretended to be his grandson. he also instructed the man to keep it a secret. sheriff's deputies are advising residents do confirm stories with other family members to avoid becoming a victim. 9/11 minutes before 9:00, the department of energy is standing by a $529 million loan guarantee to an electric car company that is outsourcing
8:52 am
production to finland. fiskeer received the loan in 2009, saying they couldn't find a facility in the u.s. that was capable of the work. however, the company founder says the u.s. money has been spent on engineering and design work that stayed in the u.s. and not on the 500 manufacturing jobs that went to finland. this news comes amid suit knee of the obama administration's loan programs for alternative energy companies like fremont based solyndra, which filed for bankruptcy last month. st. louis employees will not have to take mandatory furloughs this year, thanks to the city's baseball team. the cardinals trip to the post- season as has generated $2 million for the city so far. if the series makes it to 7 games, st. louis could get another $900,000 in additional revenue. you may know the world series is now tied, one gym each, and
8:53 am
game 3 is in texas tomorrow right here on ktvu channel 2. rupert murdoch order today pay. the settlement in the wake of a british phone hacking scandal. and facebook's mark zug berg's new wall of security.
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8:55 am
new this morning, a big payout for rupert murdoch in
8:56 am
the u.k. his news corps will now pay the family of millie dillard two million british pounds or $3.2 million after the news of the world tabloid hacked her cell phone following her disappearance. the family says it plans to donate much of the money to charity. the hacking scandal engulfed his news corp leading to the shutdown of news of the world and several resignations. new video this morning showing a east palo alto intersection now under close scrutiny. this is bay road and gloria way. as you can see, children, buses and cars are a common sight here. we're now learning the teacher who hit and killed a 6-year-old girl in a crosswalk at the intersacks last month is claiming the sun blindled her from seeing the child. 6-year-old girl ended up dying. the police investigation remains job going. it's 8:56. the ceo of facebook created a new wall of personal security. mark zuckerberg reportedly hired a security team to
8:57 am
protect him and his new home in palo alto. and the guards will be on the job 24-7. the 27-year-old is the world's youngest billionaire and has had his share of problems with stalkers. we have developing news, federal crash investigators have just announced they have found no readable onboard video amid the debris of the air show disaster in reno last month. however, they're still trying to extract information from the onboard data memory card about the final fateful seconds of the september 16th crash of the world war ii plane. 11 people were killed, 74 others were hurt. let's go do sal one final time. we're following that situation in oakley. >> that's right, update you on one person taken to the hospital via helicopter after a high-speed chase ended in oakley near big break road. you see we have video of that person lifted on to the helicopter, which ended up an john muir medical center. one person was seriously injured, we don't know if it
8:58 am
was a police officer was a police car was involved in the crash from the high-speed chase. toll plaza, it's light. let's go to steve. >> thank you. some fog still lingering but it will be sunny and warmer today. really cool lows this morning. lot of 40s and 50s and that fog is down on the ground but a sign high pressure is billing in so afternoon highs on the weekends will be warmer and some mid-80s and a cooldown monday, tuesday wednesday look warmer again. >> all right. thank you for watching, everyone. have a great weekend!
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