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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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nothing outrageous. we will clear out, get this fog to go and we will have shine and warm weather. after some morning low clouds, a little breezy at times, 60s and 70s which includes coast and bay, temperatures on the cool side not bad for some. you will see some road work on the coliseum, northbound high 88 street, they are in the process of picking that up. past if i can is moving a long very nicely, it is still light but not affecting any traffic right now. interstate 880 heading out to the mcarthur maze, you can see it is nights and light and it is clear visibility down to the toll plaza. 508 in san rafael, off to go good start, let's go back to the desks.
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a team of law enforcement agencies are getting ready for a possible raid on the encampment at the plaza, joining us from oakland, colby rasmus joins us with more. >> reporter: there are between 200 and 400 people camped out as part of the oakland occupied demonstration and since we have been here it seems like a tense sleepless night, since last night, they said there was going to be some sort of police raid and they would take down the encampment and the tents and since then, they have been preparing for that. at 1:30 it didn't seem there were too many people sleeping and since 1:30, we saw the group had spotters on all four corners of this intersection
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which is 14th and broadway. the sign of law enforcement, we did see 20 chp vehicles and at that time the protesters also saw those vehicles and we can hear shouting going on people saying get up, get up waking up the people who were still asleep and telling them to get prepared. we are not sure where they are standing but people have put up dumpsters and some wooden barricades, some wooden pallets outside the encampment, not sure what it is for but it appears that people are prepared for police to come and break up the encampment. now the group noticed it was illegal for them to spend the night out here, so since then, they have been expecting some sort of police presence to come and take down the tents and again that has not happened so
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far. we did see 20 chp vehicles and we have not seen any law enforcement presence so we will continue to keep an eye out here. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. well law enforcement started staging at the oakland coliseum overnight. you can see several police vehicles involved in the effort. stay with us here, ktvu channel 2 news morning news and mornings on 2 as we continue to follow this police raid, certainly officers gathering and getting ready for the occupied oakland camp. we will stay with it all weekend long. he remains part of the occupied san jose protest. shawn oh kelly scaled the wall which his sign that reads, stand up for what you believe in. he is demanding a meeting with the city manager and wants to
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come to an agreement with the encampment. they broke up two encampments. >> i don't feel i am breaking the law because i am expressing how i feel about this movement. with that being said, you can't say that without breaking a few eggs first. >> he considers himself a mountain climber and has slept on much smaller areas. activists marched with members of the religious community with members of financial district. we checked on the calendar and it does not show any marches planned for today. san jose police released audiotapes with a shooting with a man with a fake gun. officers spotted it tugged into half year gonzalez -- javier
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gonzalez's waistband. they saw it tucked in and he had been at a costume party and was wearing medical scrubs. when he woke up, he reached for his gun, police opened fire believing the gun was real. >> five copy, shots fired. >> police say gonzalez guerrero will survive, they are a waiting tests to see if he was intoxicated. meantime the four officers involved are on administrative leave. a deadly police shooting in antioch, they shot and killed an armed person in a car port. it happened shortly before 6:00 on lemon tree court. police are not releasing his name. the man died at the scene.
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the man had two warrants for his arrest and one was for burglary, the other was for violation of his probation. the body of muammar gaddafi had been buried in a secret location. his body had been on display for days along with one of the bodies of his son and military top aides. all three were buried and islamic prayers were read over the bodies. they are looking into the circumstances of muammar gaddafi's death. we want to take you back live to oakland this morning because we see police are moving in as we have been telling you overnight, it looked at least 100 police cars congregating at oakland coliseum and headed in a bit of
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a convoy. these are live protesters and there are probably 3 or 400 people at the occupied encampment. we can see patrol cars and now it looks like some of the protesters are coming out to meet the police officers there who are in riot gear and ready of course as we have been reporting. there has been an order to dispan the overnight camping and protesters have been allowed to stay during the day but they have not left, they have remained there calm under in oakland. we want to take you there live because this is unfolding as we have watching. you can see more and more protesters are coming out and coming face to face with the police officers there who are standing in a line in their riot gear. it looks like a protester
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coming forward to speak. allie rasmus is there as well, tell us where you are in relation to the officers and what you can hear what is going on? >> reporter: well, pam, we are right behind this line of at least a couple hundred police officers and they are a long 14th street and broadway right now. off in the distance, you can see police are in riot gear and they are on the other side of broadway and you can see protesters have moved a dumpster out into the middle of the street. the people here tell me they have been expecting police to come tonight and take down their encampment. of the several hundred police officers, that is where the occupied oakland demonstration has been overhead, there is a
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helicopter circling with a spotlight. again this is on the intersection of 1st and -- 14th and broadway. when we got off the air we heard the rumble of the police helicopter and the motorcade of several police vehicles and the white van and shortly after several hundred police officers in riot gear. over there, you can see it looks like some of the police in their riot gear are moving forward towards the plaza and we will continue to keep an eye on things here. we are not sure what you are seeing from the van taj point but -- vantage point. we heard some people shouting first amendment rights. now there is an officer with a
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megaphone telling the protesters to leave. >> reporter: now it sounds like what that officer is saying, he is telling protesters to vacate. we can't tell which officer has the megaphone but it is coming from the direction of 14th street and they are telling protesters to leave this encampment or face arrest. now on the other side there are officers in riot gear and there are people who are sympathetic who have their own cameras and they were planning to be out
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here and record whatever happened here whether it was a police raid or a breakdown of the encampment but we will continue to stay here and we are behind this line of several hundred police officers. pan across just to show how far this line goes across. also on the left is an oakland police truck and at least a couple hundred officers in riot gear but we will continue to keep an eye on what is going on here and we will check back with you. >> allie, in the last week before we go, in the last week we have definitely seen some aggression from the people and what is the mood of the protesters this morning? >> i think the mood here was very tense. like i said earlier when we arrived, it didn't look like many people were sleeping. we saw people pacing the outside -- casing the outside
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of the perimeter, a lot of spotters keeping an eye out for officers. we didn't see any aggression by the people by the occupied oakland group, in fact they were asking us if we had heard anything and we said we knew as much as they did about what was going to happen. so we can't report any problems with them this morning at least not on our part. >> allie rasmus is there on 14th and broadway, downtown oakland, we will check back with you in just a bit. right now we want to go back over to sal because certainly this will affect traffic this morning. we have another anchor out there and it sounds like hundreds of police officers. >> yes, it is 14th and broadway
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and this is a transit hub, ac transit runs there right in front of city hall, so you may not want to exit, done exit the station that puts you there. so plan ahead. don't exit that bart station, at least don't use that exit and we will keep you updated. let's look at what we have now. the roads are quiet otherwise. westbound 80 looks good getting out to the mcarthur maze and by the way, we all have an eye and the minute something happens i will let you know. i am looking at picture you will not be able to see. i am looking at westbound bay bridge, it is light with no major problems there. and this morning's commute
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looks good as you head up to highway 17 and you can see traffic is moving along well. let's go back to the desk. >> we will check in with steve. >> right now i want to take you back to the plaza, as we have been showing you hundreds of police officers approaching the occupied encampment. allie rasmus is out there since 1:00 a.m. this morning and she said she did not see any aggression, most people were not sleeping they were getting word this was happening and we saw officers gathering at the coliseum gathering for this and moving over to the frank plaza. you can see one man who has
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been asked to leave overnight. they were asking -- they were saying they could stay there by day but by 10:00 at night they are supposed to leave there and they have not left and the encampment has stayed intact and there is a number of police agencies as you can see they are standing in a line, we don't know if they will try to force the people to leave but they have issued the order to police leaf. again, allie rasmus, here is more. >> reporter: they are ordering
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protesters to take down their encampments and they refuse to leave and police were in their riot gear and they were standing in the middle of broadway. now it appears they have merged closer in and if we pan off to the right you can see several hundred officers, again the same number of officers getting closer to the plaza. meanwhile, if we look up overhead, there is a police helicopter circling around here with a spotlight. now let's pan down, police are moving in closer to the plaza. protesters have set up some garbage cans and there is a
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plume of smoke or gas and we are not sure if that is tear gas, there has been some developments in the last ten minutes and it appears police are moving closer. pam? >> all right, allie rasmus, we can see the smoke and again we don't know what that is, that is some tear gas by the police officers or is that from the protesters. live pictures in downtown oakland 14th and broadway is the area. so far it is some sort of a standoff, and we have protesters forming a line, a very long line of police officers in riot gear and we are following one officer down the street here. we understand it looks like hundreds of officers from various agencies cooperating with oakland police demanding
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that the encampment disband and that they vacate the plaza but clearly protesters are standing their ground and they look like they have no intention of leaving and certainly this could lead to quite a lot and they are waiting for a command on what to do next. we have been following this since 1:00 this morning and we instant this was -- understand this was in the works. it is affecting down sent oakland it this could certainly be there as well. live in frank plaza in oakland. stay with us, we will go book to see if something will
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happen, right now we want to check in with steve paulsen because a lot of people want to check in and they want to know what their day will be like. mostly sunny, a little breezy, a system sliding by, tomorrow sunny for all, we get a northerly breeze, cooler mostly sunny, quiet pattern for the for seasonable -- foreseeable future. this whole system is coming by, it will wipe out the clouds, 40 and 50s it feels cool, 15 miles per hour at travis that is about it but we still get that sea breeze and there is plenty going on in the pacific just not over us, high pressure builds in to the north and ushering a cool air, a little
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breezy at times, we settled in and it doesn't matter coast bay, inland and it lacks like the weekend will be all right, it will be cool with some more fog, palm. 4:49 is the time, we want to take you back to oakland, 14th and broadway where police are standing by in riot gear, tell us what is going on right now. >>reporter: every few minutes they appear to be moving closer to the encampment, they are going about it very slowly. again police are maintaining their line and now you can see they are forming a new line.
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at this point they are ten feet away from the entrance of the occupied encampment. we can hear noises going on, we are not sure if that is coming from inside the encampment or from the outskirts, again, we are standing probably 50 feet away from where police are surrounding the outside of the occupied oakland end calm. we are seeing -- encampment. we are seeing smoke. protesters are holding their line, we are in a standoff situation, out here pam. >> allie rasmus, at the plaza, thank you so much for that update. she is out, there we are all out there, developing news this morning, a very intense morning in oakland as you can see. occupied oakland awakened by police in riot gear, we will be
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right back.
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. welcome back, time now 4:53, it is a very tense moment, we have been watching riot police this morning. we want to go to allie rasmus who is right there 14th and broadway, allie, it looks like officers are putting on their shields. i don't know if you have seen any gas masks cause you talked about tear gas, what can you tell us? >> reporter: just from the distance, officers appear to be putting on masks presumably gas masks and they took off their helmets and reached for something. this is all happening at 14th
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and broadway and the occupied encampment has been there for the last two weeks. 14th and broadway is completely shut down and this is broadway that you are looking at right before the tell graph and it is completely closed off to traffic. it is also closed off to traffic this is 14th and broadway, there are about a dozen, from the fire department and it shows you they have been circling overhead with a spotlight. now earlier, we saw a line of several hundred police officers and that line slowly started moving closer and closer to the occupied encampment and now it appears some of the officers are now around on either side of the plaza. up on the 14th street, you can see what looks like a large number of police office also in
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riot gear and we are not sure if that is their staging area but that's what we have seen so far. again in the last few minutes, we have seen officers put on what appears to be some sort of masks, pam? >> , allie rasmus, again, 14th and broadway, as she just mentioned, it sounds like the officers have created a perimeter around the whole plaza and it looks like our cameras are backing up as well and some of the people who are standing by, as alley just mentioned, we watched it live as police officers were putting on their shields and looking like perhaps they were putting on some gas masks preparing to launch. sal, can you paint a picture as to how big of an area is this at this point. >> all right, let's go to
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allie's picture. police are moving in as you can see and this is right near the bart station here at 12th city center. you can see police officers are moving in. frank disa is oakland city hall and there is a huge plaza which right next to the 12th street city station and allie rasmus is there and you can see a lot of protesters who also have their own cameras. we will be following this live and it does appear several officers are where it is occupied oakland. stay with us, we will be back with more, we will be right back.
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