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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 25, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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[ chanting ] demonstrators clash with officers as oakland police with a lot of help from other agencies raid and remove two "occupy oakland" camp camps -- camps. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. it's been a busy morning.
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earlier police moved in and removed two "occupy oakland" camps. chopper 2 was over the scene watching the events unfold. ktvu's news crews were on the ground talking to people impacted by the raids. this hour we're also hearing from oakland police. we have continuing team coverage. tara moriarty is live at the snow park location with more on what's happening there. but we begin with allie rasmus with the site of the street blockade. >> reporter: the raid on the encampment in downtown oakland happened nearly eight hours ago. some of the people lined up along the metal barricades, some are protesters, some are supporters and some are just onlookers. you can see there is still a law enforcement presence out here and then further off in the distance where you see frank ogawa plaza. you can see the remainder of some tents and some manners there.
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a short time ago. you can't see them now. we saw some city workers in orange vests, cleaning up of what was left of this encampment. it all started at 4:30 a.m., we could see motorcycles roaring down the street and police in riot gear lined up. little by little, they moved into the demonstrators' encampment. this man watched the raid lap. >> and in the course of ten minutes, they removed people and threw tents out and arrested people. >> reporter: oakland police say they arrested 75 protesters. majority of them did not resist but a couple of them did police confirm they used bean bags. some are saying they see this as a violation to their first
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amendment rights. some said they are not giving up their cause. >> i feel like either way, the -- this isn't gonna kill the movement. it's such a big movement at this point, all they are doing is drawing more attention. >> reporter: an estimated 300 to 400 people had been camping out here for the past two weeks. it's part of the "occupy oakland" demonstration. hours after the raid you could see an entire -- you could see an entire area of tents and debris. four hours after the raid ended at 8:00 this morning, some supporters and protesters returned. there was a brief squirmish and police put up the barricades and surrounded the plaza again. back out here live, the barricades have been out here since 8:00 this morning. they remain out here. again, city leaders are clearing frank ogawa plaza in
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the distance. but "occupy oakland" proesters said they are planning another -- protesters said they are planning another demonstration for 4:00 today. that's supposed to happen at the main library branch in downtown oakland. ktvu will have all of the updates coming up in our later afternoon newscasts. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie. oakland city police and oakland police -- oakland police and city official the held a press conference to talk about the decision to carry out the raids on the encampment. at least 16 agencies were involved. mayor jean quan is in washington, d.c. on city business. but the city administrators said the parks had to be cleared. >> they have an obligation to uphold, and i made the decision with the team that was in place to put an end too what i see is a very -- a very critical
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situation that posed significant risk. >> reporter: santana says during the demonstration, deteriorations at frank ogawa plaza were unsanitary and at least twice mental medical care was needed. -- twice medical care was needed. our coverage on this story continues. tara moriarty is live near snow -- at snow park near lake merritt. >> reporter: good afternoon. about two hours ago, fresh tents sprung up in place of the old ones. police and protesters that had the protesters taking down the tents. it's calm and peaceful now. but six hours ago, tensions were definitely running high. dozens of police officers swarmed the park kicking protesters out.
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>> i hereby declare this -- >> reporter: this is the splinter group. >> this is an illegal action. it is 6:00. we have a right to be here. >> reporter: melinda stone joined the camp after leaving her job and home. >> this is he ren douse that so many -- he ren disthat -- hoe ren disthat so many of -- horrendous. >> reporter: you are arrested now. >> yes, i am. i'm going to jail because i believe in the cause. >> reporter: ronald jones was one of at least 70 protesters sent on a bus to jail. >> 500 homeless people are on the lake, street, knock it off. >> the park is closed. the park's not [bleep] closed. >> it is! >> i think it's a short-sided reaction. sabrina holiday says it's not
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over. >> people want change. the officers are doing their jobs. but they are part of the 99% of the people that want the change. >> this has nowhere near the feel that the other one had. not at all. >> i heard they were out mow egg the lawn. >> it was pretty funny. >> the country's upset. you know, what we're all curious to know are the cities around the city gonna respond like oakland did? >> reporter: all of the protesters' belongings were tagged and hauled off to a storage facility. people do have the right to assemble leer but police say they can't -- here but police say they can't camp out anymore. live in oakland, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. >> oakland mayor jean quan is
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not in oakland but she released a statement that said in part, "neither the city dan -- >> she also commended acting police chief howard jordan for what she called a peaceful resolution. san jose police say they will not force a confrontation with the "occupy san jose" protesters still perched on top of a wall outside of city hall. at last check -- hat last check, ten minutes ago, the man remains on the wall. he's been there since saturday night, holding a sign that reads stand up for what you believe in. police say it could be dangerous to try to remove him. so they plan to let him be for now. final preparations are underway for president obama's brief visit to the bay area
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this afternoon. rob roth will give us a report from san francisco where the president will attend a private fund-raiser. first we go to christen kafton. >> reporter: we're gonna give you a quick view of what's going on here as we await the a -- await the arrival of air force one. this section of the tarmac has been cleared out. we're on the tarmac. they have already brought out the air stairs awaiting the president's's rifle. we're gonna -- president arrivele. there is a group of people waiting to meet the president. it's unclear whether that will happen. air force one taking off five, six minutes ago. the president's schedule had him arriving between 12:30. we're know expecting that at
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12:45 and 1:00. he's attending a $5,000 0 ticket fund-raiser at the w hotel. there's street closures that are in effect so you can expect some congestion. >> as we said this is going to be a very short visit the. the president is scheduled to take off at about 3:10 this afternoon. we are expecting some protests this afternoon. ktvu has team coverage of the president's visit and my colleague rob roth is in san francisco right now with a look at how the protests might be shaping up. rob? >> reporter: christian, we're outside the w hotel where the president is due in just an hour. as you can see, across the street where the president will be a appearing for a private -- will be appearing for a private
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fund-raiser. there are books here for different reasons and causes. one group wants mr. obama to stand stronger on the environment and say no to the building of the pipeline. others are from occupy movement. >> i'm upset about the fact there's crackdowns, people are still struggling. we're struggling just to get healthy. >> why are we spending so much money on military? it's not searching our world. it's not serving -- serving our world. it's not serving our country. people are we id lay -- people are being laid off. >> we're stilling him that we still support him but we want him to give up to those promises and -- and to do more to lead on climate change.
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again, the keystone xcel pipeline slow. >> reporter: it's a private fund-raiser today. 200 people paid more than 5,000 a plate when and listen to mr. obama who is expected to you walk away with $1.5 million with the appearance. the event is closed to media. mr. obama's visit to san francisco will be brief. he's expected here in about an hour and he's expected to fry out at about 3:00 p.m. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, rob. one of the top gop candidates who would like to replace president obama unveiled his tax plan this morning. rick perry has been slipping in the polls but is confident his plan will help fix the u.s. economy. >> it cuts taxes and it also cuts suspending. it balances the budget by 2020 and it grows jobs and it grows the economy. >> reporter: perry's plan
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includes a 20% flat income tax proposal and private retirement accounts for social security. the latest polls find perry has slipped to fifth place among gops, candidates behind herman cain, mitt romney newt gingrich and ron paul. just ahead, why it could soon cost you more to fly. >> it's cooler outside, but the fire danger in the bay area is growing. rosemary's up soon with details on how much an why -- and why. election the horses near the bay area that had to be rescued.
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according to the conference board, the consumer confidence index fell to 39.6 this month. that's down 6% from september. analyst say the rating is an ominous sign for the economy as families prepare their budgets for the holiday shopping season. some of the biggest airlines in the country are raising fares again. delta, united and continental have all hiked their prices by $5 on many domestic flights. the larger airlines tried a similar move earlier this month but the discounted carrier did not match the increase so ticket prices went down to
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their earlier rates in a matter of days. in turkny, a -- in turkey, a 5.4 aftershock led to a prison riot. we're just learning that beds were set on fire. dramatic video shows a 2-week- old baby being pulled from the rubble. rescue crews found the little girl in a collapsed apartment building in ersis. the crowd collapsed as she was taken to an awaited ambulance. the new death toll is 459 people. today, word came out of libya that the body of moammar gadhafi has been buried. his body had been on display in a commercial freezer for several days, along with the bodies of one of his sons and top aide. now libyan officials say all
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three were buried in a secret location with a modest islamic ceremony. libya's knew ledders have promised an investigation into -- new leaders have promised an investigation into his death. san jose police are preparing for more possible violence when members of the hells angels gather for another funeral. it will be held this saturday at the same cemetery where steve tauson was killed when attending the burial of another biker two weeks ago. they insist there will be no trouble this saturday when they pay their last respects to a -- a lead -- to the leader in the chapter. around 9:00 yesterday morning in a remote area of bakersfield, crews are removing
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a section of the 36-inch pipe and will reset the section once it's repaired. pg&e says the pipe that failed is more than 60 years old. in the wake of last year's san bruno disaster, the utility says that until yesterday all of the tests done on nearly 120 miles of pipeline had been successful. the monterey county spca is caring for four horses rescued from a farm last week. the three mares and one full needed immediate medical attention. as you can see in this photo, one is slow skin, could you clearly see the ribs. the horses are at a farm in salinas. three of them have heart murmurs, poor teeth and damaged hoovers. a great white shark is back in the ocean after being released this this -- after being
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released from the aware number -- aquarium. aquarium officials say he gained nine pounds but had begun to exhibit signs that he needed to be released. he was set free near point conception with an electronic tag that will transmit information about his journey until it detaches in six months. good afternoon to you. a cool to mild day over the bay area. take a look at this. just a beautiful shot here. you can see clearing out pretty good at this hour over most of the bay. the north bay still dealing with gray skies and because of those gray skies, a cool one, 57 degrees right now in santa rosa, 62 reported to sfo. mid-60s san jose. widespread low and mid-60s around the bay area. 66 in oakland. 65 concord. these temperatures are a few degrees cooler than yesterday inland, more like 5 to 10 degrees cooler. we are beginning to see a northerly wind and that's
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what's looking to fock out -- to knock out this -- to knock out this marine layer. we're still dealing with the gray skies, not yet seeing that northerly wind. southeasterly in santa rosa. but eventually we'll all feel the northerly breeze. it will bring us fire danger as welt. the satellite view here, easy to see this trough right about here, sliding over the bay area. that will continue to bring us the cooler weather. so for today we're expecting temperatures even cooler than yesterday afternoon. it will be cool by the coast. mild around the region but below average for this time of year. a mostly sunny sky mild afternoon. the winds expected to pick up especially along the hills. we have a red flag warning for this evening. it will start above 1,000 feet gusty offshore winds that will bring us very low humidity eacher the next few days. so the red flag warning in place tonight through thursday morning. afternoon highs expected for
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today. 74 for novato. upper 60s east bay. oakland, san leandro hayward, 73 expected for danville. over the south bay, it's gonna be a mild one as well. 72 san jose. 71 sunnyvale, the peninsula, 70 degrees san mateo. mid-60s for the city. 62 expected in daly city. the extended forecast. so again we're going to have those winds really begin to crank up once the low-pressure system moves through, high pressure will move in and we'll get offshore winds expected to last through tomorrow. relaxing a little bit and then into the weekend, temperatures budging ever so slightly. the winds are gonna reax and we'll just have some mild weather. >> all right. thank you. >> all right. ahead -- more potentially bad news for basketball fans. we'll tell you why analysts are not too excited.
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from 20 leading brands, including barista prima. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup
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in under a minute. way to brew. taking a live look at the big board on wall street, numbers are still down due to concerns about the european crisis that they may not reach an agreement as promised by tomorrow. right now, the dow is currently down 160. nasdaq is down 52. s&p is down 20. the latest home sales price statistics were released this morning. the case-shiller report found that prices went up in 10 of the 20 largest u.s. cities in
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august. it's the fifth consecutive month in which many areas have seen prices rise. the biggest increases were in washington, d.c., chicago and detroit. but they slipped in los angeles and atlanta. analysts warn prices are certain to slip, once again, thanks to foreclosures that had been delayed by the investigation into robo signings. there are reports that nba commissioner david stern will soon announce he's canceling two more weeks of the regular nba season. stern has already cancelled the first two weeks of the season which was supposed to begin a back from today. the latest cancellation would bring the total number of games cancelled to 102. the nba play players have been locked out -- players have been locked out since july. no new talks are scheduled. coming up at 5:00, president obama is due in san francisco at any moment now.
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he's been making a brief campaign fund-raising appearance. our crews are there and occupy protesters are back on the move after police cleared out their tent cities this morning. where they are marching and the promise to their 99% supporters. also president obama is due to land at sfo in about a half- hour. ktvu will come back on the air to show that to you live. our next newscast is the news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day. says says
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