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tv   KTVU Morning News  KTVU  October 26, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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flash grenades and tear gas last night. this morning a staredown with police. >> the reason one demonstrator was not moved out. police say he was pulled over for something that most of us do but he ended up killing someone. we will have more on the concord crash that the d.a. is now investigating. making it easier to pay off those student loans. what president obama will announce today. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, october 26, i'm palm cook. >> we're ready. good morning. i am dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here's steve. >> we have some very thick fog for some. very cold temperatures. others are very windy and mild to warm. you could get almost a 20- degree spread between
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temperatures. once the fog burns off the wind is mainly in the higher elevations. high fire danger there. temperatures 60s and 70s with sunny skies after that fog burns off. here's sal. >> traffic is doing pretty well. there is a new accident in oakland that popped up westbound 580 at harrison. three cars blocking one of the lanes. the drivers are out of their vehicles. chp not yet on the scene. the richmond bridge traffic looks good. the morning commute is going to be okay in san francisco. 6:01. let's go back to the desk. topping our news, a marathon occupy oakland demonstration that started yesterday, it is still going on this morning outside city hall. look at these pictures. at one point about 1,000 demonstrators clashed with police in riot gear. as we're speaking to you now, just a handful of demonstrators are left. however, the protesters are determined they are going to
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retake the occupy oakland chant. ktvu's noel walker is outside city hall right now. what's going on, noel? >> reporter: dave, i guess you could call the people behind me basically place holder. we have a handful of protesters here. they have dwindled some in the few hours we have been here. if you take a lack across the barricades they are now outnumbered by the police officers who are here who are no longer in riot gear any more. just regular police uniforms. take a look at what happened as my colleagues were getting ready last night. >> let's go. let's go. >> she was doing a live report on the 10:00 news last night. really from 8:00 to 11:00 there were some tense moments here. protesters threw bottles and paint at police. police shot bean bags and threw
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tear gas and flash grenades in the crowds. our ktvu crews saw at least three injured protesters, and police say two of their own officers were injured. all of this started after police ordered those protesters to disburse. >> i served six years in the navy to protect our people, and i just don't see it here, you know. >> so again we've got about a half a dozen protesters here. there were a dozen when i arrived this morning. there were some who left here last night vowing to return to morning. last week the city of oakland issued an order saying there were to be no assemblies here after 10 at night and 6 in the morning. reporting live in downtown
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oakland, noel walker, ktvu channel 2 news. well, overnight in san jose occupy protesters were on the move after the police came by again. officers showed up outside city hall about 12:30 this morning and issued warnings. police say the protesters were cooperative. no one was arrested. no citations were issued. protesters say they were told their belongings would be confiscated, so they moved across the street. but they plan to come back. >> as soon as they leave, we're right back over there. looks like they are going to play a waiting game with us and i'll just have to go buy some coffee for everybody. >> the man who has been perched on top of this wall is demanding to meet with the mayor and city manager. make sure you stay right here with us on ktvu news for continuing coverage of the occupy protest. we will be watching that situation in san jose and brick you team coverage of the demstrations in oakland. a traffic violation in
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concord ended with the death of an innocent driver. this morning people are raising questions about the safety of police chases. ktvu tara moriarty tells us how that chase unfolded. >> reporter: police were pulling over this guy for a cellphone violation. but instead of stopping he sped away down this street and then smack into the middle of a car that was coming off of the freeway. and if you take a look, you can see the green paint where the impact happened and where the vehicles ended up near the median. now, according to concord police it all happened in less than a minute yesterday evening. a police signaled for the driver of the white pickup to pull over near the intersection of brant avenue and highway 242 but he took off, plowing into a bmw killing the driver. the debris spilled you all over the word. gives you an idea of how hard the truck slammed into the side of the car. some are wondering if the chase
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was really necessary. >> i don't know. i think when the comes in residential situations, they need to slow down and not create these situations where people die. >> the police say the chase was so short that the crash happened before the officer could evaluate whether or not to call off the pursuit. >> all indications was that he followed our pursuit policy and that he was acting in accordance with what we wanted him to do. >> reporter: now, after a short foot chase police caught the driver of the pickup and they also arrested the passenger. investigators found a gun in the trunk of that car. now, the chp and d.a.'s office are investigating the accident. police have not identified the suspect or the driver who was killed. we will check and see when that information will be released. live from concord, karen moriarty. today president obama will announce new measures to help students pay off student loans. coming up at 6:15 we will have
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a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with a new report out today on just how expensive a college education is these days. our time now 6:06. a new political poll is indicating republican voters are giving presidential candidate herman cain more momentum. a "new york times" cbs news poll, it just came out yesterday. it shows herman cain leading the presidential nominee field with 25%. the the last poll showed cain tied for the lead. 14% are undecided in. the middle of september rick perry was on top. now he is in fifth place behind ron paul, who is just 6%. right now at 6:07. want to check back in with sal for a look at traffic this morning. you are looking at 880? >> yeah, we had an accident reported there pam and dave. right at 66th.
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and it looks like something may be there because i see slowing traffic on northbound 880 at the coliseum, which is not normally slow here. we are trying to figure out what exactly is going on. it's northbound 880 at 66th is the information we have with two vehicles involved. i am not sure if they are in one of the lanes or on the shoulder. but traffic is slowing down. also got just a brand-new accident in the east bay. 37 eastbound ramp to 80. there is an overturned crash blocking that right lane. also we have an accident westbound 580 at harrison street in oakland. five cars on the right shoulder. that's why traffic will be slow there at the bay bridge. we have a backup that expends only a little bit. the metering lights haven't been switched on so we don't have a how much backup there. looking at the livermore valley, slowing on the alt mond pass. if you are driving again on 80
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from, let's say, pinola and richmond, nice drive heading west. let's go to steve. >> thank you. just some crazy temperatures here this morning. anywhere from 35 to 65 degrees. there is some mid 30s in parts of marin county. other areas are in the 60s. you get that north wind or northeast wind, it's mild to warm. it will be sunny but we have pockets of very thick fog once that burn off and it will be sunny for everybody. upper theirs lima valley. i know ken wood is at 41. mill valley 42. palo alto 44. 40s and 50s in the santa cruz mountains. brentwood and yountville are 62. the difference between napa and the napa airport as much as 15 degrees. it depends. if you get that breeze like fairfield, 59, the yet santa rosa 39. it's 49 in san francisco. that is the coolest low temperature since june 1. the coolest low in the city since
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june 1 thanks to our observer michael in the city who is spot on. >> 45 in livermore. concord 54. santa rosa, sfo and is santa fe all calm. higher elevations fire danger goes up because we get that north wind. even though we don't get really warm temperatures. but thick fog and then windy in the hills. really only 60s and 70s. sometimes in that pattern we could get very, very warm. that's not the case here. fog, sun, breezy to windy a mainly higher elevations, that will relax tonight. honestly, stratus quo as we like to say. 60s by the coast. 70s inland. looks really quiet for a while. hurricane rina continues to get closer to mexico's yucatan peninsula. right now it has winds of 110 miles per hour which is just shy of a category 3. look at
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this view from space. people in the path of the storm are stocking up on food and supplies. the resort town of cancun is setting up emergency shelters. crew ships are shifting their course to avoid the storm. rina could make landfall today or early tomorrow. time now is 6 10:00. children caged like animals. a horrible story. what police found inside this home in nebraska. the next pioneering project from apple may have been suggested in the new steve jobs biography. and we want to remind you that our morning team now has a facebook page. you can find news updates and even send us messages and story ideas. just search ktvu channel 2 morning news team.
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welcome back. in nebraska four children haven't taken out of a house in what people are calling a horrifying case of child abuse. police say two young boys, three and five years old, they were found locked in a kennel at this mobile home. police found them during a welfare check monday night. two other children were also found. they reportedly were not kept in kennels. police say the conditions there were filthy. the mother of the children and three other people, they have been arrested. they allegedly told police they kept the kids in the kennel so they wouldn't leave the house. a new report from the college board out this morning shows dramatic increases in the
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tuition rates this year. as ktvu alison burns reports, president obama reveals his plan today to help students pay off their college loans. alison. >> reporter: palm, president obama is using a stop in denver today to announce he is taking executive action to make it easier for college students and graduates to pay off their loan and look at how expensive it is to go to college these days. the college board reports this morning that tuition and fees at four-year public colleges are up 8.3% nationwide. that means students are paying about $631 more than the year before, and the increase is the biggest in california where tuition is up about 21%. the report says students are leaving college with an average of about $22,000 in debt. the plan president obama will announce today will encourage students to consolidate their loans through a government
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program that will lower interest rates. the government program caps payments at 10% of income and wipes the balance off the books after 20 years. i will show you what the secretary of education has to say about it during my next update in about an hour. well, in afghanistan officials there say the country's own security forces could soon start replacing u.s. and nato forces in all or parts of the nation's 34 provinces. president hamid karzai will announce his second list of transition sites next week. in july he announced the first seven areas to begin the handover from security to afghan nato forces. today the remains of ten world war ii airmen missing in action will be buried at arlington national cemetery with full military honors. a solder from oakland and another one from fort bragg in northern california are among the honorees. they are part of a group that
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was on a bombing mission over berlin in 1944 when their plane went down. there were no survivors. the crash site was found in 2003. investigators spent the next few years identifying their remains. new detail this morning about a man who died in police custody. 32-year-old tyrone smith was found unresponsive in the back of a police car saturday night. he was arrested for allegedly shooting a twin rivers police officer after a routine traffic stop. the sacramento county coroner's office show early autopsy results show there were no signs of trauma on smith's body. test results that could give more answers, well they're still pending. the police officer who was shot is expected to survive. the attorney for a police officer accused of corruption says his client will plead guilty and will help prosecutors. louis lombardi is accused of
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stealing drugs, cash, from suspects. he could face up to 60 years behind bars. now, his attorney says lombardi will cooperate with prosecutors in hopes of receiving a lighter sentence. he is scheduled to enter his plea on november 23. our time now 6:17. the city of antioch is trying to put claims of police harassment of low-income african-american renters behind now. last night the city city voted to settle a class action lawsuit. one that alleged that police targeted section 8 recipients with arrests. we don't have details yet. city manager told the contra costa times the settlement is a good economic decision for the city of antioch. the city, by the way, still denies those claims. plans are underway to bring more toll lanes to the bay area. you are looking at video of northern california's first toll lane. it stretches 14 miles from pleasen ton to million peters. the transportation commission wants to expand this network by
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an additional 290 miles. >> all right. we understand there are some problems in oakland. >> that's right. the problems are on two freeways. the first one is 580 westbound at harrison. it's an your accident. already traffic backing up from as far back as high street, which is a pretty big backup for this crash at harrison. five cars. one person had to be rescued from one of the vehicles. 880, you see the yellow indicator there near 66, there is a crash. i want to go to the 780 camera and show you traffic is a still a little bit slow. not all that bad at the coliseum but it is a little bit slow getting up to 76. and this morning we're looking at westbound bay bridge. there is a small back up. the metering lights are son.
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we will keep monitoring that for you. and the morning commute is going to be affected, by the way, if you are driving into vallejo. i actually forgot to move this on the maf. vallejo at 37 ramp to welcome back 80. it's an overturned vehicle in vallejo. if you drive in this area, give yourself extra time. you need an extra ten minutes this morning to wade through that. 6:19. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. well, some temperatures that are really cold this morning. just had a nice tweet from bev. 39-4-40 degrees. there are temperatures that are even colder than that. yet there are others that get the wind and it's about 60 degrees not far away. some thick fog out there. that will get wiped out. santa rosa went from 736 to 39. fairfield 59. napa airport is 46. closer to town 58 to 60 degrees. 49 san francisco. coolest low since june 1st. 46 redwood city and conned cord
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44. pittsburg is about 59. we don't have to wore which about rain but we do have to worry about wind. fire danger goes up. 60s and 70s temperatures today staying right about here, in fact, with your weekend always in view right there. one of the quietest patterns. i can't find anything but subtle changes for the next five or seven days. the commerce department reported lower demand for cars and commercial goods. there are reports that apple is preparing to remake the tv industry. that's after readers of the new steve jobs biography discovered that jobs wanted to create an integrated tv set that would sync with all of your other electronic devices and be easy to use. all right. time now 6:21. a new report is out about two bay area dads that are really
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close to earthquake faults. this new report is warning they could be damaged if there is a big one. plus, mother nature becomes the ultimate wedding crasher at this ceremony in arizona. good morning. westbound i82 traffic looks pretty good out to the highrise. but we have some problems in oakland on two major freeways. we will tell you more about this morning's commute straight ahead. mmm... if i were cheese... i wouldn't want to let go of myself either.
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good morning. right now traffic on interstate 880 a little slow past the coliseum because of a crash heading up to 66. also, 580 westbound we have an accident at harrison street second day in a row for that traffic on 580. backed up all the way to high street already. the police and fire department say they will be there for a little bit. 6:25. let's go back to the desk. i now pronounce you husband and wife. congratulations. you may kiss the bride. >> look at this. most of us want a wedding to remember, but not like this. the arizona wedding of gus and jennifer luna here hit by a giant dust storm. the wind picked up just as they were saying i do. they stuck it out, though, pam. they got through the wedding ceremony.
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then things really got worse. meanwhile, the government of thailand in crisis mode. floodwaters pushing further into bangkok. the prime minister says the city could get even higher waters. it's telling residents to get ready for the worst. more than 600 prisoners from the country's central prison has been evacuated now. these floods are also forcing the city zoo to evacuate some of the animals. a new report is warning of a danger that a strong earthquake poses to two santa clara county dams. the reservoirs south of san jose are within five miles of four active quake faults. the santa clara water district received a seismic report last night warning that a 6.0 magnitude quake could significantly damage the dams. maybe even send water over them. people living below the dams are concerned. >> it's scary. i mean, earthquake is going to
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happen someday. they talk about it. so i don't know. i think they should do something about it. >> now, a board member for the water district told us here at ktvu news that the district could consider raising rates to pay for the retrofits on the 75- year-old dams. but it could be five years before work begins. the district lowered the water levels 25 feet to minimize the danger. time now 6:26. the owner of san francisco's red vick movie house is considering new uses for the space. the iconic theater closed in august. the building's owner told the table hopper blog that a neighboring blog may be expanded into the old theater's lobby. other parts of the building might be used to start up businesses that need a place to work. she also wants to keep space available for performances. again our time is 6:27. a suspicious fire in san jose overnight. the business is burned and the damage left behind.
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the occupy oakland protesters have vowed to turn to oakland this morning. right now there is just a handful of them and even more police ready. also, the opening bell is about to ring on wall street. pam will have the early stock numbers. i couldn't afford my health insurance anymore so i just started wearing this helmet instead... which, you know, it's... to me it makes sense. i mean, it can get awkward sure, when you're meeting new people but i just explain to them that i wear it because i dropped my insurance plan, and they're like wow, this is a smart guy. i mean they don't say that out loud, but... [ male announcer ] we know it can be tough out there. that's why we offer a wide range of plans for a wide range of budgets. blue shield.
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welcome back to the morning news. the home depot ringing the new york stock exchange this morning. one of the stocks to watch, the bellwether earnings. the home depot, part of the dow jones. certainly a lot of people trying to do some home repairs. that could help some things out for home depot and maybe help the markets this morning. right now it looks like the numbers are heading higher. 34 point for the dow jones. we will smile and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here
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on ktvu channel 2 morning news. middle of the week. it's wednesday, october 26. time now is 6:30. a lot going on. topping our news, a marathon occupy oakland demonstration, the one that started yesterday is still going on this morning outside oakland city hall. at one point about 1,000 demonstrators clashed with police in riot gear. ktvu's noel walker is outside city hall with the latest. what are they doing out there, noel? >> reporter: they are having breakfast right now, dave. take a look behind me. we have gone from a thousand to about ten this morning protesters vowed they are coming back at 6:00 in the morning. this plaza is supposed to be open at 6:00. but it's not looking too inviting with the barricades and the police there waiting for protesters who may or may not return back here. take a look how this all started last night. >> this is the police
6:32 am
department. this is an unlawful assembly. >> reporter: at first tier gas and flash grenades was tossed into the crowd after 8:00. that was after police gave the whispers al order you heard. it was preceded by protesters throwing bottles, eggs and paint at the police. this had some tense moments. our ktvu photographs documented at least three injured protesters. we also know that two police officers were injured. we don't know how many arrests were made last night, but we do know that police arrested nearly 100 people yesterday morning when they came through here and cleared out the camp. >> we weren't trying to get arrested and then they came with barricades and pushed straight up against us. like my friend max said, a police officer grabbed him and started yelling at him to back up. so max, you know, backs up and we all did.
6:33 am
they were coming at us with a barricade. >> so that gentleman was released last night from jail after spending the entire day in jail. again, protesters have vowed to come back here at 6:00 in the morning, but still it's actually been dwindling, the count, more than the protesters have been adding to their count. so we'll have to wait and see what happens here this morning. reporting live in oakland, noel walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> police for down the occupy oakland camp more than 24 hours ago. there has been a lot of trouble on the streets since then. lorraine blanco is down there checking the damage in downtown oakland this morning. over this san francisco occupy protesters at justin herman plaza fear police could soon break up their encamp. . they say the police chief issued a written warning that says they are subject to
6:34 am
arrest. but protesters are vowing to stay and they have the support of supervisor john avolos. he introduced legislation yesterday that would allow protesters to remain undisturbed. the full board in san francisco will consider the proposal next month. also early this morning police arrested more than 50 protesters taking part in the occupy atlanta movement. protesters have been camping out in woodruff park for about two weeks. police say protesters were warned a couple of times about vacating the park or facing arrest. state senator vincent ford was one of the people arrested. happening now a crash in oakland on 580. five-car wreck here. 580 at harrison. now, it was in those lanes. you see a lot of police officers here on the scene. a lot of chp officers, i should say. 580 traffic is backed up. i was wondering if you can give me pan to the rye, i want to
6:35 am
see how bad the traffic is. looks like it's backed up at least to the lake shore curve here heading out toward at least fruitvale. it could be backed up to high street now. there is the lake shore exit. coming up to at least fruitvale here. it's not usually backed up this early. there it goes around that corner again. looks like this backup, it looks like that could be -- that could be about fruitvale maybe. so it's not quite backed up to high street just yet. let's go back to the desk. well, a police pursuit in concord ended in a crash that killed an innocent driver. cornerback tara moriarty joins us now and tells us how it went from a minor traffic violation to something of more serious. tara. >> reporter: this driver was pulled over for a cellphone violation. that's a very minor infraction. it's less than a $200 fine. now he may be looking at
6:36 am
manslaughter. this is where he was coming from in this direction . >> instead of stopping he kept speeding and he smacked right into the middle of a car coming off of the freeway right here. police say it happened within one minute last night just 6:00. the officer signaled for the driver of the pickup to pull over but he took off, plowing into a bmw off polano way, killing an innocent driver. the debris spilled all over the road gives you an idea of how hard the impact was. one neighbor says he thought the police could have avoided the crash by simply not following the suspect. >> who knows why he was fleeing. like i said, when folks choose to engage in that type of behavior it's dangerous for everybody involved. >> reporter: yeah, police say that chase was so short that the crash happened before the officer could evaluate whether or not to call off the pursuit. after a short foot chase police did catch the driver and arrested the passenger.
6:37 am
investigators also found a gun in the trunk. the name of the driver who was killed has not yet been released. we are checking in with concord police. they say they won't be in until about 8:00 this morning. hopefully, we will be able to get more information from them. meantime, the da and chp are investigating this incident. time now 6:36. overnight there was a suspicious fire in san jose that's going investigated. a fire that destroyed at least one business. it started before 1 a.m. >> take a look at some new video we got in of the damage there. two buildings were affected, including a soil business. luckily, no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. well, the power is back on in parts of san francisco after a transformer explosion in the city's upper market neighborhood. now, this happened on pore total a and market about 10:30 last night. we are told about 270 customers were affected. the cause of that transformer
6:38 am
failure is still being investigated. well, cash-strapped san jose is trying to find some new ways to pay for road repairs. the city has about 500 miles of damaged streets out there. last night the city council heard a report that showed that it has $277 million worth of pavement repairs deferred. this report is raising the possibility of maybe seeking a parcel tax to raise about $600 million over the next ten years to pay for those improvements. >> right now it's 6:38. sal. >> we have had trouble in oakland this morning. now we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza to see what that's doing. it's backed up for about a 50 minute delay. we also have a look at interstate 880 in oakland heading northbound. northbound 880 there was a crash at 66th. it looks like it still may be slowing some traffic coming up
6:39 am
to 66 brief itly anyway. not a huge deal. now, if you are driving on westbound 580 at oakland it's backed up from at least fruitvale from a crash on harrison street on the right shoulder. the traffic is going to be a little bit slow. we're also investigating a crash at 7th and maritime in oakland. our news chopper two is on the way to that. looks like we may have found something there but it's not as serious as it was earlier. but 7th and maritime, time for us to -- we're investigating it. we will let you know what's happening here. now at 6:39. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. we have a lot of interesting lows coming in. 30s, 40s to 60s depending on whether or not you have that breeze or the not. and some very shallow fog out there as well. okay. now let's send it back to pam. send it back. we'll pick it up, sal. no problem. our time now is 6:39. and we are back.
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we're going to take a quick break. we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back. >> all right. ♪
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[ male announcer ] when we unveil the all-new 2012 m-class, we're actually introducing a vehicle built upon 125 years of engineering excellence. which is why, no matter what is happening in the world outside, there is such a sense of complete confidence inside. introducing the 2012 m-class. quite possibly the most advanced suv ever. from mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. good morning to you. welcome back. here is a quick look at some of the top stories right now at 6:42. a police chase in concord ended in a deadly crash. the driver of a white pickup truck was trying to get away from police and slammed into a car. the driver of that car was
6:43 am
killed. now, the chase started after a police officer saw the driver of the pickup truck talking on a cellphone. later today president obama will announce a new plan to help college students pay off their college debts. the new measures will allow people to lower their payments and consolidate their loans. and oakland police in riot gear fired tear gas several times it into a big crowd of protesters in the occupy oakland movement. the demonstrators were determined to retake their encamp. outside oakland city hall. there were about a thousand demonstrators last night. a small handful of protesters are out there this morning. >> lorraine blanco is in downtown oakland this morning looking at the damage tied to the confrontation that happened less than 24 hours ago. sounds like it's not as bad as people thought it would be? >> reporter: the good news is there is not a lot of damage. there is some garbage on the
6:44 am
ground you see right here. there was actually some graffiti we load showed you earlier. they have cleaned it up since then. here is some video of a city crew with some high powered washers. they told us there is also some vandalism in the plaza behind the barricades. last night protesters set a few trash cans on fire. but considering the sheer amount of people descending on downtown oakland last night and that clash with officers, the aftermath isn't too bad. we talked with one man this morning who found himself in the middle of the melee. he got tear gassed. wasn't too happy about that. >> i agree with some of the things they are protesting about. but i think they take it to an extreme. i don't really approve of some of the protesters the way they go about it. they disrespect the police, in my opinion. >> reporter: now, besides a small group of protesters out
6:45 am
here this morning, there are also signs on the ground of their dismay with police. right now the major problem out here is the tear gas that's still in the air. as people walk by you can see them coughing and sneezing. just being out here kind of itches your eyes and nose. reporting live in oakland, lorraine blanco see. >> stay with us here for continuing coverage of all of the occupy pie protests. we are providing team coverage of the demstrations in oakland and following what's going on in san francisco and san jose as well. this morning we are learning what led to the death of singer amy winehouse. the coroner says the singer died as a consequence of drinking too much alcohol. blood and urine samples show she was four to five times over the legal driving limit when she died. an initial up a on winehouse was inconclusive, but it did not find any illegal drugs in her system. winehouse's doctor said she had
6:46 am
begun drinking again in the days before her death before a period of sobriety. 6:45. later today in the trial of michael jackson's doctor a holistic nurse practitioner goes back on the witness stand in the trial of dr. conrad murray. yesterday there she is, she testified she got a call from michael jackson's assistant on june 21st, 2009, four days before michael jackson died. she says she could hear michael jackson in the background saying that one half of his body was hot, the other half of his body was cold. that's when she advised the assistant to take michael jackson to the hospital. >> and i said the symptoms that he stated, i said i don't know what's going on with him. it could be a central nervous system problem and i'm too far away to assess what's going on. he needs to go to the hospital. >> now, defense attorneys are trying to prove that michael jackson was desperate to sleep and eager to take a drug like
6:47 am
propofol. the drug that the coroner says killed him. the nurse practitioner is the sixth witness so far to be called by the defense. california's attorney general is questioning the environmental impact of bottled water. in a lawsuit to be filed today pamela harris is suing three national companies that make plastic bottles or sell bottled water in california. >> they are aqua mantra, balanced water and endo plastics. she says they illegally claim their bottles are biodegradable when in fact they are damaging natural resources. well, mayor ed lee has vetoed legislation that would have amended the health program. supervisor david campos introduced legislation that called for unspent money to be put in an account instead of going back to employers. mayor lee says it was bad for
6:48 am
business and he wants to consider other resolutions. time is 6:47. sal, what's happening at the toll plaza? >> the traffic at the toll plaza is busy. the traffic is backed up for at least a 20 minute delay here at the bay bridge toll plaza. you see the traffic is going to be a little bit slow. the meter lights came on about a half hour ago. all right. let's take a look at interstate 880 here in oakland. there was an earlier crash at high street, and the traffic is going to be moving along relatively well here as you pass the coliseum. we are getting some breaking news in oakland. now, we have found a fire in oakland. this is westbound 580 at harrison street. there is a crash here as we're looking at this map. ron at the desk, hold on for one moment here. all right. so i called one of the
6:49 am
assignment editors here. we are getting breaking news in oakland. 84th avenue and b. let's go to the chopper picture, fellows. this is a live picture. news chopper 2 just arrived. 84th avenue and b street in oakland. this is the at least it looks like just from looking at the amount of engines here, looks like at least a one-alarm response. a couple of engines. three engine companies, a truck company. we had some earlier smoke rising. firefighters are on the scene. again, this is on 84th avenue and b street in oakland. it's a structure fire. news chopper 2 just arrived on the scene. we are not sure if anyone is injured. it looks like a sing isle- family home here. let's go to steve. >> some very extreme lows this morning. anywhere from 30s to 60s. sunny and breezy, but only 60s and 70s. we have a higher fire today,
6:50 am
but it's not for temperatures. it's because of low humidity and strong winds mainly in the higher elevations. tomorrow fog and sun. a quiet pattern into the weekend. mostly sunny. night and morning fog. no extreme one way or the other. it really looks ho-hum for the next five to seven days. that system that went off towards the east left behind some chilly numbers here. pleasant hill 39 in danville. palo alto, that's in stanford, 43. brentville and yountville are 62 degrees. there is a tremendous difference between some of these temperatures here. santa rosa 39. now concord says 44, but not far away it's 39, 40, 41. fairfield though 59. napa airport 46. closer to town it's about 60. san raffle 44. san francisco 44. and then 50s for many, including san jose at 54. we'll go 67 for a high today in
6:51 am
san francisco. but, i mean, you have to get from 49 to 67 without the benefit of an east wind. north wind towards the valley, but not really much over the bay. high pressure here is deflecting everything away to the north. mostly sunny after thick fog and cold readings. so 60s and 70s on the high side again. mainly higher elevations getting the brunt of the win. there is not too much at the surface we have a quiet pattern. morning fog 67. this morning boeing reports third quarter profits of $31 million. the aircraft maker says it probably won't deliver many of its new 787s this year as expected. this today was the first passenger flight with people paying as muchs $32,000 to fly from tokyo to hong kong.
6:52 am
let's check in on wall street. a live look at the big board. dow jones up 124 points so far. still a lot hinges on what the european union does to fix the debt problems across that area. parents if you don't want to embarrass your kids this halloween and follow them closely, you can download an app on to your children's phone or have them carry it. google's offers latitude so you can see the location on google map. i love this one. footprints is free for the first two months. sends out messages about your child's location every two minutes or if they have stepped outside the digital fence you have set up. >> would you do that? >> i might when they're teenagers. >> there is an app for that. >> on a lighter note, a happier note, a glimmer of hope in the middle of a disaster. more stories of survival in turkey three days after that
6:53 am
devastating earthquake. and it's only october, but it's already looking like winter in one part of the country. >> good morning, traffic is moving along slowly in this neighborhood in oakland. 84th and b, a structure fire here. we'll let you know more about what's going on and if anyone is hurt.
6:54 am
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charges for services she hadn't received! so, i did something about it... i joined the senior medicare patrol where i teach others to protect their medicare numbers, review statements to spot false charges, and report suspected fraud.
6:56 am
developing news in oakland right now. we have a structure fire. it looks like a house fire on a 84th and b street in oakland, east oakland here. we saw a lot of smoke rising earlier. looks like the fire department has contained this fire. but kind of a big response. several engine companies. a truck company and a rescue squad here looking in this home. looks like they're doing at least a secondary search. they may have already done the primary search here to see if anyone is inside. firefighters in this neighborhood. we will let you know more about it straight ahead. all right. 6:56. three days after that devastating earthquake in turkey rescuers are still finding survivors. earlier this morning an 18-year- old man was rescued from a collapsed building. 460 people are known to be dead. about 2,000 buildings collapsed in sunday's 7.2 magnitude quake. after 126 years the city of alameda is quitting the animal
6:57 am
rescue business. they say a lack of finances are to blame, and several city employees will lose their jobs. the city will now pay friends of alameda animal shelter an annual fee of $300,000 to run the facility, but that will save alameda at least $60,000 a year. still october, but parts of colorado look and feel like winter. take a look at the snow in denver. forecasters say denver could get as much as a foot of snow. time now just turning 6:57. sal, you are busy already. >> we are busy, dave and pam. we have slow traffic because of an earlier crash at the coliseum. 580 a crash at harrison. now looking at the toll plaza now and traffic is going to be backed up to at least the 20- minute delay. this morning if you are driving -- again, we mentioned harrison street. we also want to members a crash on -- mention a crash on 37th and 80.
6:58 am
>> we have some very thick fog. cold readings. 30s, 40s. windy. breezy. mild to warm. end up with sunshine today. very windy in some of the higher elevations. fire danger up today. tomorrow we settle in with 60s, 70s, and light morning fog. it has been more than 24 hours since a police raid. that marathon occupy oakland protest still going on this morning. it does look different from last night, but we will continue our live team coverage. a police chase that ended in tragedy in the east bay. how it ended with the death of an innocent bystander. stay right here with us.
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