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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 26, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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a new crash on the bay bridge causing several delays. a structural fire in oakland. it's foggy and very, very cold for some. but for others, it's windy and warm. we also have high fire danger.
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we'll sort it all out. >> reporter: we're live in concord where a police chase ends with an innocent getting killed. we'll tell you why the officers are defending the police officer involved. well, good morning to you. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, october 26th. and it is a busy morning. we have two developing stories right now that sal is follow r for us. one is a problem on the -- following for us. one is a problem on the bay bridge. the other is a fire. sal? >> we'll start with the bay bridge. there's a new crash on the bay bridge. two lanes blocked with a motorcycle crash just left of fremont street almost in san francisco. now we're looking at the toll plaza and this toll plaza will get much worse. if you're a bay bridge driver, speed up your routine, get out that early. you will need the extra time. we also have a fire near b
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street. this fire was sending smoke in the air. the fire department sent several ire units to the scene. we're not sure if anyone has been injured. we saw firefighters searching the ire a -- area. you can still see some smoke. it's kind of hard to tell because it's dark. you can see some smoke. it looks like this is definitely an active fire scene. we'll be following both of these situations. we'll have another fire update and also another bay bridge update straight ahead. thank you, sal. 7:02. we're following another big story, a marathon demonstration that began yesterday is still going on this morning outside of oakland city hall. at one point an estimated 1,000 demonstrators clashed with police in riot gear. this is overnight. there are now just a handful of demonstrators left but protesters are still determined
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to retake the "occupy oakland" camp. noel walker joins us with what's happening now. good morning noel. >> reporter: good morning. we taking the "occupy oakland" camp may be difficult. see all of that steam? the frank ogawa plaza is being power washed. that started about 20 minutes ago. that's where the camp had been set up for the last several weeks. in front of them, we have a line of police officers, then the barricade and then on the other side of the barricade, there are just a handful of protesters left right now. but take a look at what this looked like for my colleague last night. >> let's go. let's go. let's go. let's go. let's go! >> reporter: some tense moments for jana as she was doing a live report on the 10:00 news
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last night. really from 8:00 until 10:00 there were some heated moments. protesters threw things at police. police threw -- >> this is the police department. this is an unlawful assembly. >> my little brother is in afghanistan right now fighting for these freedom tours for the first amendment rights. i served in the navy to protect our people. >> reporter: so, the city of oakland last week declared that frank ogawa plaza would be closed to people, closed off from 10:00 at night until 6:00 a.m. we're an hour past that. it's still closed. we don't know if that's because they are just cleaning it.
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right now, it doesn't look very inviting. meanwhile, protesters had vowed they would be coming back here at 6:00 but we haven't seen any additional protesters come -- come here together. it's really kind of a wait-and- see here at frank ogawa plaza. back to you. >> thank you. 7:04. in concord, a police chase ended in a crash and an innocent driver has been killed. tara moriarty is in concord. she has the details now and why this is raising new safety questions about police chases. tara? >> reporter: well, should police chase suspects when an innocent -- when innocent people can be killed? that's the question. at this point, the police didn't have time to evaluate the situation. it unfolded within minutes. police say, again, this all happened so quickly, just
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before 6:00 last night. officer was trying to pull over the driver of a white pickup truck for talking on his cell phone. at the intersection of grant and highway 242. but instead of stopping, he sped off and slammed into that bmw, hitting it so hard, it sent debris flying all over the roadway. the driver was killed. but police are defending the officer's actions, say he did act appropriately. >> we initiated our officer- involved fatal protocol and the chp will investigate the collision here. our officers will help. but we also called the d.a.'s office so that all of the details are flushed out. >> reporter: now, after a short foot chase, the police caught the driver of the pickup. they also arrested a passenger. investigators did find a gun inside the trunk. we called concord police this morning they are still not releasing the name of the suspect or the driver killed. we're live in con card, tara
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moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news -- concord, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. concord police may give us details later today about the death of a woman whose body was found inside a vacant house. police found the unidentified body while conducting a security check at glenside kurt yesterday afternoon. they blocked off the area. residents had to show identification to get into their houses. investigators are asking anyone who knows anything about this case to call them. 7:06. later this morning, six defendants accused of gang- raping a 6-year-old girl are due to appear in court. the alleged attack happened in october of 2009 after a homecoming dance at richmond high school. police say the six defendants rained and -- raped and beat the girl for about three hours and left her unconscious under a bench. they are -- they are expected to be formally charged today. three of the defendants are juveniles but will be charged as adults. a fire that gutted at least
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one business in san jose overnight is being called suspicious. it started just before 1:00 p.m. on south was cam avenue. the building contained a soil business and possibly a massage parlor. this is video we saw just a couple of hours ago. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. no one was hurt. 7:07. well, tonight, an oakland school board meeting promises to be very emotional. the trustees are expected to vote on closing schools. parents plan to stage more mar -- plan more march. superintendent tony smith is recommending closing lakeview, lazier, marshall, maxwell park and santa fe -- santa fe elementary schools as part of a restructuring plan that would save the school $2 million. -- also today, president obama will announce a measure to pay
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off student loans. coming up at 7:15 -- at 7:15, we'll have a report out about this. the bay area transportation commission is moving ahead on extending toll lanes. is this -- this is video of northern california's first toll lane that stretches 14 miles. the tsa wants to extend this network by another 290 miles. in total, they hope to build 570 miles of toll lanes on all bay area freeways. the lanes are free for carpoolers but so low drivers are charged up to $4 to use them. the toll is charged to fast track accounts. 7:09. let's go to sal. you have the chopper working. we have a mess at the bay bridge. >> yeah, we have what is described as a major injury crash on westbound bay bridge. our newschopper2 is rushing to the scene because this is going to be -- pardon me.
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there we go. let me just tell but this crash. it's westbound bay bridge right near harrison street. this is one of the first exits you would get when you take the bridge. if we can't get a steady picture on the chopper, why don't we go to the toll plaza picture and show the backup. traffic is at a dead standstill here. this is what happens. they turned the metering lights on extra slow. we're having trouble with our chopper picture. the morning commute on highway 4 still pretty slow as you drive through antioch, also bay bridge getting into the action -- we have a look at 80 westbound coming into vallejo and heading down to pinole and richmond. we have slow traffic there. 7:10, let's go to steve. an orange flow to the
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sunrise. temperature -- temperatures either really cold or very mild to warm. if you get the breeze, and it's out of the north, then, yes, 2 will -- then yes, it will be in the 60s. mainly windy in the hills. so the fire danger goes up because of the northeast wind. not because of the temperatures. they are not that warm. the system moved out. once they get rid of the fog, we'll be sunny side up. look at the temperatures i can do four panels on depending upon what part of the bay area you are in. pleasantville, 39. danville, 39.
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palo alto, 43. yountville, 62. i've seen about 20-degree differences in napa alone from the airport to just north of town. i mean, there are some extreme temperatures today. fairfield, 58. santa rosa made it to 36. concord 44. the city made it to 49. that's the coolest low in san francisco in five months since june 1st. we'll start off brisk. we'll end up with sunshine. i will go 67. there's your northerly breeze. for other location, it's calm. our system is pushing everything to the north. we don't have to worry about that. but we do have to worry about blustery conditions. i've seen gusts to 33 out of the reservoir. it's whipping up for some. for others, 70s and 60s. not that warm. i've seen other patterns where it gets warmer than this.
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>> all right. thank you, steve. 7:12. we mentioned earlier the situation with "occupy oakland." coming up -- what's going on at "occupy san jose" where officers showed up at 12:30 this morning? death by misadd venture. why the coroner labeled that with the amy winehouse death. ♪ he loves that little girl [ male announcer ] all her life, she's been coming toward you. now that she's driving, she's going the other way. ♪ there goes my life [ male announcer ] thanks to state farm's steer clear program, teens learn safer driving and parents gain peace of mind.
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good morning. right now we have a big backup at bay bridge toll plaza. there was an earlier crash on the bridge coming into san francisco at harryston street. the motorcycle went down. they did clear it rather quickly. but traffic is very slow approaching from the span. we also had the metering lights
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turned on extra slow. so one of the good news things, they've cleared the crash, but there is a big backup at the taupe -- at the toll plaza. stay with us. another traffic update is up soon. well, some of that very low fog and really cold temperatures, a lot of 30s this morning. yet, other locations have a north wind. it's in the 60s. a big difference. it will be sunny today but more in the way of just 60s and 70s today. temperatures and the high fire danger. mainly north and east bay hills. hurricane rena is inching closer to the yucatan peninsula. it might go from a category 3 -- it might go to a category 3. people in rena's path are stocking up on the usual food and supplies, setting up emergency shelters.
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the cruise ships have changed course. rena could make landfall today. if it does, it will weaken considerably. president obama a know united stating a new plan today in denver. cash cash president obama announced a -- president obama announced a new plan today to stay off student loans. >> reporter: the college board reports that tuition and fees at four-year public colleges is up 8.3%. that means students and graduates are paying about $631 more than the year before and the increase is the highest in california, where tuition is up 21%. president obama will use a stop in denver today to announce he's taking executive action to institute a pay-as-you-earn plan that could reduce payments for college loans.
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it would limit payments to 10% of a person's income and wipe the balance off the books after 20 years. >> this is a big deal. basically what we're gonna do we're gonna act and reduce those monthly payments depending upon the individual by as much as a couple of hundred dollars. >> reporter: the college board says students are leaving college with about $22,000 of student loan debt. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning, the sales of new homes increased by 5.7% in september. that's after four straight months of declines. analysts say it's a result of developers slashing prices. the median sales price for a new home fell 3% last month, to $204,000. that's the lowest price in about a year. happening now, the supercommittee task to cut the
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nation's deficit is back in action. 15 minutes ago, the joint select committee opened -- eached a hearing on capitol hill. this is a live look at their first public meeting in more than a month. the director is testifying about entitlement spending. the committee has just four weeks. a november 22nd deadline to identify at least 1.2 trillion in cuts. the committee's republican cochairman says that's plenty of time. tea party supporters are pushing herman cain to the top of the field of presidential contenders. a poll released yesterday has cain leading the pack. overall, mit romney second -- mitt romney, in second place.
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one person who says he's not falling the rise and fall of the republican ditts is president obama. >> have you been watching the gop debate? >> i'm gonna wait until everybody is voted off the island. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> when they are down to one or two, i will start to pay attention. >> he taped an appearance show on the jay leno show while he was in los angeles. blood and urine samples show amy winehouse was 4.5 times over the drunk driving limit legally at the time of her death. the excessive amount of alcohol, the coroner says, is what killed her. an initial autopsy was inconclusive but they did not find any drugs in her body.
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7:20. okay pie protesters are vowing to return after -- occupy protesters are vowing to return. officers showed up and issued warnings. police say protesters were cooperative or no -- and no arrests or citations were issued. we decided to be more proactive. instead of picking it up later, they are talking about confiscating it. >> one protester who mass been perched outside of a wall is still there. sean o'kell slip demanding a meet -- o'kelly is demanding a meeting with the mayor. a new restaurant guide gives its top marks to two restaurants. and an arizona couple gets
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blown april way as they tie the knot. the rare force of nature that made this ceremony one to remember. good morning, the bay bridge is a mess. that's because of an earlier motorcycle crash. if you plan to drive on the bridge, give yourself plenty of time.
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look at this -- look at this. everybody wants a wedding to remember but not like this. they were hit by a giant dust storm. the wind picked up just as they were saying, i do and he kissed the bride. wow. 7:24. the bay area has several entries in the newest mish lin entries. two napa valley restaurants received the highest its raking of three stars. the french laundry has been given that rating every year
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since 2006. the other is the meadowwood in napa. the number of two-star local restaurants doubled to six. the guide says it's worth making a due tear for all of them. you can find the entire list of bay area restaurants earning at least one mishly shin -- michelin star, go to i bet you're hungry. >> i'm gonna hit them all. >> okay. 7:25. we have messes on the freeways. sal? >> we have a crash with a motorcycle cleared. but the traffic's slow. you can see the traffic is going to be busy here at -- it's also slow past the mccarther maze. now, we also do have a crash in san francisco involving a pedestrian that our news chopper two has just arrived at. so we might have to go to that.
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there it is. this is in san francisco at the corner of fell and divizidaro. newschopper2 is there. you can see we do have police control of this intersection. it looks like the intersection has been completely shut down. this is breaking news in san francisco at the corner of fell and divizizaro. we have a pedestrian hit. it looks like the street is blocked. and in oakland, traffic is mo moving along -- is moving along okay. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. some very cold, foggy slows -- leas -- lows this morning. 30s, 40s. other areas, breezy, with 60s on the lows. most of the wind seems to be north and east as far as lower elevations. it's widespread some of the higher elevationsby the fog is still popping up. some of that is really reducing
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visibility and making for cold readings. the napa airport is gone from -- from 46 to 56. that tell piece the wind has picked up there. couldn't cord, 44. san rafael is up as well. hayward 48. the city was 49. redwood city, san jose is at 53. the north wind will mainly be in the higher elevations. but that does increase the fire danger even though it's mainly wind in the direction along with low humidity. fog, sun, nice. the wind will relax and it will an very quiet pattern as we go into our weekend. just night and morning fock. sunny, mild. more trouble on the streets of downtown oakland overnight. [ sound of gunfire ] >> hundreds of angry protesters clashed with police in riot
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gear. what's happening outside city hall right now? >> also low rain blanco is out there -- lorraine blanco is out there right now.
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newschopper2 at the scene of a developing situation where they've just finished clearing an accident here at fell involving a pedestrian. now, the newschopper2 shows one police officer still on the scene. one pedestrian was hit and taken to san francisco general hospital. we'll let you know -- it looks like the situation has cleared. we'll monitor the situation. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. a marathon "occupy oakland" protest that started yesterday is still going on outside of city hall this morning. things have really calmed down from the mayhem on the streets last night. police in riot gear fired tear gas several times into the huge crowd of protesters, backing
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the "occupy movement." the protesters were determined to retake the movement outside of city hall. the streets of oakland often look like a battlefield. there were about 1,000 demonstrators in downtown oakland late last night, but right now, only a handful remain. ktvu's noel walker will have a live update from outside of city hall coming up in a half an hour. >> lorraine blanco is in downtown oakland right now, checking out the damage from the confrontation that started more than 26 hours ago. lorraine, what have you seep -- seen? >> reporter: not a lot. there's still a police presence here. they are still blocking all of the frank ogawa plaza. there's no way to get in or get
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out and there's really not a big mess out here. there's some garbage on the ground and there was actually some graffiti out here on the buildings. as you can see, the city has since cleaned it up. now, we drove several blocks this moving. there were a few garbage trucks picking up the last remnants of trash. not too bad considering the hundred of people gathered out here last night. we also found some signs on the ground criticizing police. one guy who got caught in the scuffle says officers may have overreacted. >> i was just kind of following the crowd. i had never been to a protest. i was curious and then all of a sudden they started to throw cans of tear gas and my eyes to get all red. >> reporter: a city crusade there was vandalism behind the barricades inside the plaza. they've since cleaned that up. the city has done a rather good
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job keeping it clean out there. lorraine blanker ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:33. this afternoon, supporters of the "occupy movement" in walnut creek will gather again. they've been rallying down there every wednesday for the past couple of weeks but for tonight, they are gonna move to the b.a.r.t. station. make sure you stay right here with us at ktvu news for continuing coverage of the "occupy protest." we're following demonstrations all across the bay area. >> 7:34. the fight to win the gay vote has become an issue in san francisco's mayoral race. "the chronicle" reports that there are accusations that the city attorney and dennis herrera did not support the city marrying same-sex couples. newsom decided to grant same- sex couples marriage lances --
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licenses in 2004. he reraw adamantly denies the allegations and says he's start fighting against proposition 8. supporters of medical marijuana are turning to the voters to fight a federal crackdown on dispensaries. yesterday, the group announced they are drafting a 2012 ballot initiative. they want to impose a licensing program. they say current efforts by the government to shut down dispensaries are too -- are too extreme. san jose property owners, you could be asked to pay for hundreds of millions of dollars in road repairs. according to a report delivered to city council yesterday, the city has more than 500 miles of damaged streets like the one you see here. it's transportation department floated the idea of raising $600 million over ten years
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through a new partial tax. the councilman wrote a memo saying the city should not take a new tax to voters until it finishes pension reform. the owner of the red vick moviehouse says they plan to extend the bar into the hobby and along with the extra drink -- drinking space, they can rent out rooms to food-related startup businesses. other yesterday support a dropoff, a space for music and artistic event. the moviehouse closed this year after being opened 31 years. 7:36. four young children were removed from a nebraska home in what police say is a horrific case of child abuse. they say two young boys, 3 and 5 years old were found locked in a kennel -- in a kennel at this mobile home. police made this discovery
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during a welfare check. the two other children were said to be living in filthy conditions. they told police they kept the children in a kennel so they would not leave home. today jurors in the dr. conrad murray trial are expected to hear from people who say the doctor saves lives. defense attorneys are trying to shift the blame for michael jackson's death from dr. murray to jackson himself. coming up at 7:45, we'll go live to the los angeles courthouse for more on who is taking the stand today and when the defense could wrap up their case. an overnight fire that gutted at least one san jose business is re-- is being called suspicious. the building contained a soil business and possibly a massage parlor. firefighters are telling ktvu, the flames caused about 300,000
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in damage. luckily there's no word of anyone hurt because the -- the because of the fire is still under investigation. it is 7:37. we want to check in again with sal keeping a close eye on the commute. very backed up bay bridge toll plaza. sal? >> yeah. we do have a messy situation in the oakland. we had an earlier accident on the bay bridge. that was cleared rather quickly but it did some damage. newschopper2 has been flying around the bridge. we'll show you that in just a moment. let's go to highway 237, first in the south bay. that's been really messy as well. all of a sudden we've had very slow traffic in the south bay. interstate 880 has cleared up. near 66, 580 is also getting better as you drive through. now, the then, the bay bridge and macarthur maze and 880 and all of the freeways leading up to it are very slow. newschopper2 giving us a look at some of the ramps. all of them are messed up.
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i tell you, this happened because of an earlier crash on the bay bridge. it was only there for about ten minutes. it closed several lanes. newschopper2 will give us a chance up there -- a pan up there. it's backed up -- it's backed up well beyond what you normally expect it to. you may strongly want to consider carpooling or making -- or taking b.a.r.t. back to you. >> thank you. extreme temperatures, really cold, foggy. in other areas, you get a north wind. it's in the 60s. not that far away -- not that far apart, i might add. probably by tonight i think it will start to collapse.
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the strongest will be in the hills. the fog, sun, it's clear for some. with the northerly breeze you may -- you may go from man, it's warm out here to oh, my goodness it's freezing. now the system responsible for it is producing a lot of snow in the rockies. we don't expect any includes. it didn't wipe out the fog. pleasant hill, 39. novato 39. palo alto might be colder than 43. there are numerous reports of lake kook in the 30s. brentwood, 62. yountville, 62. napa from the 40s to the 60s. napa airport was down to 42 at one time. now they are 56. concord 44. fairfield 58. santa rosa was down to 36. a little northwest wind picked up so they went to 43. but there is a chill there.
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redwood city, 45. san jose at 54. we started off 49. we'll go 67 for a high today. but there is a lot of fog around. northwest 7 to northwest 12. out towards fairfield and vacaville. most locations are calm. if you have calm conditions, it's clear, cold and foggy. the system pushing into the east, the high pressure building into the north, it doesn't like each ore so it fills it with wind. 60s and 70s. the highest fire danger will mainly be in the highest fire locations. 52 at mount diablo. you -- we'll go away froms there and it's -- you go aways from there and it's calm condition. it will be all right. it will just be chilly in the morning and nice during the day. >> all right. thank you, steve. 19 minutes before 8:00. thailand's government is urging people to move to higher
7:42 am
ground. rising waters have already forced one -- one of the two airports it close. that airport is used for domestic flights. the prime minister says the situation could be getting -- and is warning those to either stock up or leash. the floods are also forcing the city's zoo to evacuate some animals. the flooding is causing toyota to cut back production in japan because it cannot get all of the parties it needs from thailand. toyota estimates it will make 6,000 fewer cars and trucks because of the shut down. the latest car and struck reliability -- reliability rankings are out. nine of the ten are japanese. toyota's scion took the top spot followed by lexus.
7:43 am
the top-raged american-made car is jeep -- top-raged american- made car is the jeep. ibm announced a new -- announces a new ceo.
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the dow is up 48. nasdaq is down. s&p is flat. google is facing increased government demands for information on its users. the search giant reports receiving 15,600 requests for user data during the first laugh of this year. that's up 10% -- first half of this year. that's up 10%. 1/3 came from in-- came from the u.s. google collects people from both the search engines and what people watch on youtube. ibms new ceo will make a gender barrier. virginia rometty will take over the top spot.
7:47 am
the current ceo will step down this year. rometty is currently ibm's sales and marketing chief. when she moves up, two of the biggest companies will have the top spots. california attorney general cau ma law harris is -- kamala harris is going after the bottled water industry. take a look at this. this is one of the companies being sued. the other companies are claiming their bottles are biodegradable when they are hurting natural resources.
7:48 am
7:47. in just about 45 minutes, the trial for dr. conrad murray is expected to continue in los angeles. reporter adam housley joins us live from outside the courthouse with more on who the defense is expected to put on the stand today. adam? >> reporter: good morning, tori. the defense is expected to call all five witnesses. the prosecution spent some time tearing down his reputation, insisting that he actually did not take care of his patients, he at other times had abandoned different patients. the different strategy to bring the five witnesses to the stand, about how this doctor cared for its patients and ensured that they had the best proper care available.
7:49 am
that follows testimony from a holistic nurse from los angeles, someone the defense wanted to show that michael jackson was somewhat addicted to sleeping pills, addicted to these types of substances to help him sleep because he had a problem sleeping. what she did do also was give a little bit of a win for the prosecution because she was able to show that even she who didn't have the medical license of dr. murray -- >> did you relay to the police that you told michael jackson in response to his request for propofol, "no one who cared or had your best interests at heart is going to give you this." >> yes, i did tell him that. >> reporter: again, that was the nurse. she was a defense witness. the defense has called a significant number of witnesses, already 10 have taken the stand here. they have five more planned at
7:50 am
least for today. they have two more tomorrow at least that's the plan so far. one of those being dr. paul white. he will be the final witness calmed we're told he could be called tomorrow. the judge wants him called by tomorrow. the defense is giving a little bit of a pushback on that. when he takes the stand, it should be another dramatic moment because he's expected to be the -- give the opposite detail about the effects of propofol than we heard from dr. steven shafer who was his former friend. he was the key witness with the prosecution just a few days ago. reporting live in los angeles adam housley, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:50. a health scare for andy rooney. why the former "60 minutes" commentator is in the hospital this morning. and why occupy protesters in san francisco are on alert this morning.
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police in atlanta moved in. they arrested more than 50 occupy atlanta protesters. they were camping out in woodruff park in downtown atlanta. police say the protesters were warned to vacate the park or be arrested. among those arrested were state senator vincent ford. well, in san francisco, occupy protesters at justin herman plaza are fearing the police could soon break up their encampment. they say greg sur issued a written barning -- written warning say they are subject to arrest. protesters vow to stay and say they have the support of supervisor john avilos. he introduced legislation yesterday that would alou the protesters to remain undisturbed. the full board will consider that proposal by next month. 7:53. andy rooney is hospitalized
7:54 am
this morning. cbs news says he's suffering from complications associated with surgery he underwent last week. he's in stable condition. rooney's family is not saying why he had surgery. earlier this month, the 92-year- old retired from the popular tv news magazine. netflix stock is down this morning but only slightly. at last check, it's down less than 1%. that's after net flick shares fell 44 shares. the biggest single day loss in company history. but the value of the los gatos- based company has spiraled downward after trading above 300 a share last july. the latest decline follows netflix' announcement that it's lost 800,000 customers and could lose more which shouldn't surprise former customers who talked to us. >> i realize i wasn't watching the movies fast enough so it made sense to rent movies for a dollar at a box.
7:55 am
at a red box. 7:54. well, all of the harry potter movies will soon vanish from store shelves. warner brothers plans to shop shipping dvds of any of the eight movies to stores after december 29th. the harry potter series, which started ten years ago, with harry potter has generated more than $5 billion in sales so far. the studio will release the final movie "harry potter and the deathly hallows part ii" on november 11th. download and video sales will not be affected. >> great -- great. wonderful series. let's check in with sal right now, keeping a close eye on a rather messy commute. >> it's been terrible. we have slow traffic at the bay bridge backed up all the way around the maze. people just not getting to the
7:56 am
toll plaza even the carpoolers are saying, hey, what's going on here? it's backed up big time because of an earlier crash. also looking at the commute in san francisco, northbound 101 slows from -- at least from the -- on to the 80 freeway i should say. we're looking at the south bay. a lot of slow traffic here especially on 280 but also 85 is getting into the action. look how cloe it -- how slow it is. 101 is backed up from the capitol expressway. a lot of people going somewhere in san jose. 7:56. let's go to steve. some extreme temperatures here today anywhere 30s to 60 degrees if you can get that breeze out of the north, it's not too bad. it will be a sunny day in this fog. the observer at blossom hill says 46. joe shoemaker oakmont, on highway 12 by kenwood. i've known him since our days
7:57 am
at the college. danville, 39. novato, that's from our twitter friend, dave, 39. paul loy ail toll at stanford 42. brentville, 59. 53 napa asal -- has been all over the map. concord/livermore, 44 and low 40s for some in the peninsula. even san jose at 52. our observer tom not far away from blossom hill is 46. storm track goes to the north. the big news will be in the higher elevations, windy in the hills. it's a north wind for a while. but i think my tonight, it turns more southerly. tomorrow we'll be back to a westerly wind. one of the biestest -- biestest
7:58 am
patterns -- quietest patterns i tried to find. sal has been telling us about it for the past hour. the accident that's causing big delays on the bay bridge. the streets of oakland turned into a battlefield last night. what's happening right now outside of oakland city hall. we're live in concord where neighbors have placed flowers at the site where an innocent driver was killed during a police chase. we'll tell you why officers are defending his action when "mornings on 2" continues.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning you. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, october 25th. topping our news for you this morning at 8:00, a marathon "occupy oakland" demonstration, the one that started yesterday is still going on this morning outside city hall. now, at one point in the middle of this, about 1,000 demonstrators clashed with police in riot gear. right now, just about a handful of demonstrators are left. however, the protesters are still determined they are gonna
8:01 am
retake the "occupy oakland" camp. knoll walker is outside there right now. >> reporter: the ones that remain, the die-hards and then ther were two. we have two -- and then there were two. we have two protesters here left this morning far outnumbered by the police outside the barricade. beyond them, they are still power-cleaning frank ogawa plaza. it looks like they've moved from the actual plaza part to the kind of sidewalk areas around there. things got a little tense there last night. okay -- you know what? we're gonna go live right now because something is happening across the street. beyond the bus and traffic going by, somebody hitting out windows. i think it's supposed to be happening -- weigh just heard it live -- we just heard it
8:02 am
here live. sorry. it doesn't appear to be related to this. but we're so close to frank ogawa plaza, nothing like that had happened here last night but that just seemed very odd to be going on. let me take you back to last night, most of the activity was happening between 8:00 and 11:00. things really started getting heated at 4:00, most of the activity happened between 8:00 and 11:00 last night. that's when protesters threw bottles and paint at police. ktvu crews saw three protesters injured. police say two officers were also in-- injured. earlier in the day, the protest started more peacefully with people of all backgrounds starting -- standing side by side. somebody needs to stand up for all of the people that are getting screwed over by the bad economy. >> i think they need to start changing some things.
8:03 am
>> reporter: the -- right now what we got going on is not so much as a standoff but a staredown and a little bit of a campout. the protesters said they would be coming back here at 6:00 to retake their place here at frank ogawa plaza. but the plaza is not looking too inviting with the barricades and the police being there. it's just a wait and see now. things appear to be dwindling to an end -- for now. back to you. >> all right, knoll. stay tuned to ktvu -- knoll. stay tuned to ktvu for all of the occupy protests, including the man perched on top of the building in san jose and what the "occupy protesters" are planning to do tonight in walnut creek. in concord an investigation continues into a police chase that ended in a deadly crash. tara moriarty joins us live from the scene and shows us how
8:04 am
people are paying tribute to an innocent driver who was killed. good morning, tara. >> reporter: that innocent driver was coming in off the freeway right here and then a truck from this direction slammed into the car right here where the marking are on the roadway. if you follow them, you'll see where the cars -- both of them ended up on the medium. this was all sparked by a cell phone violation. neighbors who heard the crash were horrified and one woman laid flewers at the site about ten minutes ago. according to concord police, the whole accident happened in less than one minute. police signaled for the driver of the white pickup to pull over at the intersection of brandt and highway 242 last night just before 6:00. he took off, plowing into the bmw off solano way, killing the driver. the crash, so strong, it sent debris flying all over the -- all over the road. >> i don't know. i think when the cops -- in
8:05 am
residential situations they need to slow down and not create these situations where people die. >> reporter: police are defending the officer's actions say he did not have enough time to evaluate whether or not to call off the pursuit. >> we see this as a tragic set of events. it's very important when somebody flees -- chooses to flee from the police. >> reporter: police say the accident happened before the officer could evaluate whether or not to call off the pursuit. police caught up with the suspect. they also arrested the passenger. the investigators found a gun in the trunk. the chp and the d.a. offices are now investigating the accident. police have not identified the suspects or the driver. we'lllet you know when from names are available. live in concord, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. and also in concord, the death of a woman whose body was found inside an empty home is
8:06 am
now being investigated as a homicide. police found the body while conducting a security check at glenside court yesterday afternoon. they blocked off the area and residents had to show identification to get to their homes. police say they are expecting to release more information about the case soon. 8:05. new this morning, firefighters in oakland at the scene of a house that caught fire just a couple of hours ago. fire crews rushed to a one- story home in the 8400 block of d street just after 6:30. newschopper2 was flying overhead. we showed you these pictures in the ktvu morning -- ktvu morning news. oakland fire department says luckily no one was hurt. still no word yet on the cause of the fire. the electricity is back on in parts of san francisco after a transformer explosion in the city's upper market neighborhood. it happened on portola and market around 10:30 last night. altogether about 270 customers
8:07 am
were affected. pg&e got the power back on to the last of those customers just in the past 90 minutes. the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. 8:06. tonight an oakland school board meeting promises to be emotional with trustees expected to vote on school closures. parents, students and teachers pl to stage more protests. they will march from mosswood park to oakland technical high school where the school board will meet starting at 2:00. president obama will announce new measures to help students pay off student loans. coming up at 8:15, we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with the new report out today on just how expensive a college education is these days.
8:08 am
8:07. in about 30 minutes right now, six defendants accused of gang- raping a 16-year-old richmond girl are expected to be in court. the alleged attack happened in october of 2009 after a homecoming dance at richmond high school. police say the six defendants rained and beat the girl for about three hours before leaving her unconscious under a bench. the defendants are expected to be formally charged today. three of the defendants are juveniles. but they will be charged as aresultsed -- as adults. the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le will not get a new lawyer. yesterday, a judge denied her request to fire a court- appointed lawyer who has been representing her for the past month. esteben who is pregnant, is being held without bail. she's expected to enter a plea on december 2nd. rescuers in turkey are not giving up hope in finding
8:09 am
people alive. three days after the earthquake, they continue to search for survivors in the rubble. coming up at 8:15, the progress they are making. also how turkey's prime minister said this tragedy could have prevented. can you help the folks in the macarthur maze, sal? >> it's really slow there. things are improving a little bit. interstate 880, the traffic there is slow approaching the coliseum and heading up to high street and then it picks up. 580 westbound is also slow from at least high street heading west towards the maze. san jose all lit up in red here, especially 85. although things are improving. again, it seems that the commute wants to improve but then accidents keep getting in the way. i wanted to mention highway 101 in san rafael because we just
8:10 am
got word of an accident and we spotted it on our camera, just right before going to air. it's -- the 101 san rafael camera on san rafael there, it's southbound 101 at central san rafael. if you look at the top left there you can see that it's there. it's a crash involving at least three cars and a toe truck is on the scene. the toe truck is on the scene. everyone is taking a look at it -- taking a look at it. the traffic is backing up into nova tow this morning because of this crash. you need to give yourself extra time if you drive on highway 101 heading down from novato. 8:10. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. >> for some, very cold. for others, very warm, mild, breezy to windy. the wind has been all over the place for some, not much for others. it's out of the north- northeast. we do have high fire danger. some of the higher elevations have had gusts to 50 miles an hour. yesterday, mostly sunny but it was cooler after that low cloud
8:11 am
deck. we had a west wind but if you don't have any breeze at all, it's darned cold elderly cut -- some of the is tweets coming in, some mid to low 30s. today after the fog, if you have the fog, it will be sunny. we get more of a northerly breeze and very windy in the hills. not very warm on the temperatures. that's the thing that's missing there. yes, lower humiditiant out of a north-northeast direction. the fog is still there. it's starting to lose its grip a little bit but not before we've had incredibly cool temperatures. danville, 39. novato, 39. i mean, there were cooler reading than this. brentwood in yountville both checking in at 59. santa rosa, napa have been all over the map, anywhere from 36 to 47 degrees. san rafael was down to 42.
8:12 am
44 concord. favorfield, 57. san francisco now 53. they made it to 49 this morning. that's the coldest low, the first time they've dipped below 50 since june 1st. 40s, 50s. it will be sunny. the fire danger is up for some of the higher elevations. some thick fog will give way to sunshine, windy in the hills. mostly sunny, though, but 60s and 70s on the temperatures. we're just not getting into the 80s or anything like that. i mean, it's just not going to be that warm. as long as that -- as long as that northeast wind is there, i think by tonight it falls apart. with your weekend always in view. it will be very quiet. cooler in the morning, sunny in the day. 8:12. help for millions of americans struggling with student loan debt. the new measures president
8:13 am
obama will announce today to ease the pain. it's still october. halloween is next monday but it already looks like christmas in some parts of the country. hey guys, what can i get for you?
8:14 am
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8:15 am
try it today. if you're in this fog there, it's cold. a lot of 30s for temperatures this morning. we'll have sunshine. temperatures, 60, 70s.
8:16 am
well, all quiet here. but denver, picking up one of their first snowfalls of the season. heaviest accumulation remains from boulder to larry her and weld county -- larimer and weld county. if you fly into dia, it will only be a little bit but if you head toward denver there will be a lot more. a new report out shows dramatic increases in student loans. as alison burns reports, president obama reveals a plan to help students pay off their college loans. that's right, president obama will use a stop in denver today to announce, he's taking executive action to help graduates pay off their college loans. and he is doing it as this new report from the college board shows a tuition is increasing dramatically. let's take a look at here -- let's take a look here at how
8:17 am
expensive it is to go to college. fees are up about 8.3%. students are paying about $631 more than last year. the increase is most dramatic in california, up around 21%. the report says students are leaving college with an average of about $22,000 in in date -- 22,000 in debt. the plan president obama will reveal today will lower interest rates. >> this is a big deal. we're gonna do this ourselves. we're gonna reduce the monterey payments depending upon the individual by as much as a couple of hundred dollars. the program caps monthly payments of 10% of a borrower's income and wipes the balance off the books after 250 years. reporting live from -- after 20 years. reporting live from washington,
8:18 am
d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. 8:17. three days after that devastating earthquake in turkey, survivors are still being found. today three people were rescued from a collapsed building, including an 18-year-old man. now, 460 people are known to be dead in turkey. about 2,000 building collapsed in sunday's quake. the votes are still being counted in tunisia's landmark election. but it appears the candidate from an islamic moderate party has won. tunisia was the first of the arab countries this year to overthrow the long-time ruling dictator. international observers are praising for a free and fair election. 90% of the nation's registered voters cast their ballots. 8:18. today, international meditators will meet with palestinian and israeli officials in an effort to restart peace talks. former british prime minister tony blair is the envoy for the
8:19 am
so-called middle east quartet. blair and other meditators will meet separately with palestinians in the west bank and israelis in jerusalem. and in afghanistan, officials there say the country's forces could start to replace u.s. and nato forces in most of the 34 provinces. tad the remains of ten world war ii airmen missing in action will be burleyed -- will be buried at arlington national so many tari. the group includes a man from oakland and another one from fort bragg in northern california. they were all from a crew on a bombing mission over berlin in april 1944 when their plane crashed. the crash site was only found
8:20 am
in we. investigators spent the next -- in 2003. investigators spent the next couple of years identifying remains. later this morning, the cause of a small plane collision that left one person dead is being investigated. these two planes apparently collided in midair yesterday. about 25 miles southwest of portland. one of the planes made an emergency landing there in a state park. the other one left a half-acre trail of debris before it crashed. two or people were hurt in that accident. 8:20. new quake concerns in the bay area. the important warning going out to people who live here a dam. a study that you will certainly remember the next time you go to pump some gas.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
earthquakes are posing a danger to two south bay dams. the reservoirses operate bide the santa clara water district are within five miles of four active quake faults. last night, the district's board received a seismic report warning that a 6.0 magnitude quake could significantly damage the dams even causing
8:24 am
them to fail. people living below the dams are concerned. >> scary. [ laughter ] >> i mean, earthquake is gonna happen some day. they talk about it. i don't know. i think they should do something about it. a board member told ktvu news -- told ktvu news. it could take five years for repairs too get underway. the water level and the reservoirs has been lowered 25 feet to minimize the damage. our time now, 8:24 of the next time you go to film up your gas tank, pump the gas, you may want to keep this in mind, a new study says gas pump handles are the filthiest surfaces we can encounter. also high on the list, public mailboxes, escalator rails and those atm buttons. researchers say the germs on people's hands can transfer seven times before it leaves
8:25 am
our skin. the best advice, wash your hands and do it a lot. 8:24. let's go to sal. you got a lot to talk about in our traffic. sal? >> yes, we to. we've had really slow traffic approaching the bay bridge this morning because of an earlier crash, much earl yell on the span involving a motorcycle that's been cleared for hours. traffic is finally beginning to get better. if you get to the office this morning you know someone what commutes on the bay bridge, don't ask them about it. let's go to highway 101. they drove off after giving chp a report, the problem is traffic was slowing down. it's still pretty slow coming in from novato to marinwood. we had a lot of slow traffic. it's slow from was cam. 85. it seems too all roads leading to cupertino are jammed.
8:26 am
let's go to steve. some lows were 50s and 60s. others, we had a lot of 30s this morning. i mean all the way from western marin county up to mendocino county, even on the peninsula and even towards the south bay and east bay. but you didn't have to go through to find about a 15, 20- degree difference in some of these. fog is still hanging on a little bit. all over the map here with the temperatures. san rafael, napa, santa rosa. napa airport is going from 42 to 47. fairfield, 57. concord, livermore. pleasanthill, 39 this morning. danville's 39. redwood city, 42. our observer patrick in redwood shores says a spectacular morning. it's 47 in redwood shores. other observer tom in blossom hill, 46. there's some big differences in areas that are not too far away -- not too far apart. if anything, i think this west wind will return after today's
8:27 am
north-northeast wind mainly in the hills. that's where the fire danger has to be the highest. the wind is not making it too much at the surface. highs, though, loney -- only in the 60s and 70s. we're just not gonna get that warm. we'll have fock, really chilly readings. time now 8:26. the request -- the "occupy oakland" protests that started late yesterday, still going on we'll show you what happened last night and what's happening right now.
8:28 am
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8:29 am
welcome back. there are still a handful of
8:30 am
protesters outside oakland city hall this morning. however, things have really calmed down from this, the mayhem on the streets of oakland last night. police in riot gear fired tear gas several times into a big crowd of the occupied protesters. the demonstrators were determined they are gonna retake the encampment -- encampment. at one point, demonstrators threw paint and other things at the police. >> we're surrounded by 200 protesters while we were taking two into custody. and they were throwing bottles, paint, beer, bottles, egg at myself and the other officers. >> at least two of the police officers were injured from the paint and chemicals thrown at them. police are expected to list the total number of injuries and arrests. that will be later this
8:31 am
morning. 8:30. lorraine blanco is in downtown oakland. she's checking the damage from the confrontation that began more than 27 hours ago that we covered extensively here on ktvu -- on ktvu. the owners of the building behind me just finished cleaning all of the walls and the windows and even the streets and sidewalks out here. you can see it's still wet over there by the wall green's. they are mostly getting rid of garbage and graffiti. you can see the city sent out a cleaning crew with power washers. oakland police say this has been the bulk of damage downtown. we talked with the tour -- with a -- with a tourist who got tear gassed in the scuffle between police and protesters. >> i think they might have been able to handle it better as far as crowd control. but i can understand their side, too, for safety in the city. >> now, the city is also doing quite a bit of cleanup behind the barriers in frank ogawa
8:32 am
plaza. you can see they are raking up the area. according to the "occupy oakland" twitter, protests are scheduled again for tonight at 6:p.m. and they say every night at 6:00 p.m. until they "retake the plaza." oakland police say they plan to be out here in the evening. thank you. >> stay stay with us for continuing coverage of continuing coverage. coming up in 15 minutes we'll have a brief recap of the demonstrations taking place all across the bay area. 8:32. mosquito control is scheduled for today near petaluma after a mosquito tested positive for west nile virus. it was found near the ellis creek water recycling plant right at the end of cypress drive. informational signs are being posted along walking trails near that plant. residents, you are being urged to war long sleeves and pants an regularly put on some insect
8:33 am
repellent. you should make sure all of your windows have screens on them and those screens should be in good shape. 8:32. after 126 years, the city of alameda is out of the animal rescue business. yesterday, the city announced it will hand over the animal shelter to a group of volunteers. they say a lack of money is to blame. also several city employees who work at the shelter, they are gonna lose their job. the city will now pay the friends of alameda animal shelter a yearly fee of about $300,000 to run the . if. that will save alameda at least $600,000 a year. 8:33. o-- opponents of the death penalty are working to get an initiative on the ballot to end capital punishment in this state. if votes -- voters ultimately pass the safe california act, inmates would remain in prison for life without the possibility of parole. groups kicked off their significant drive yesterday. they need about 500,000
8:34 am
california voters to sign their petition by march 18th for the item to be heard in the november 2012 election. antioch city council okayed settling a class-action lawsuit that alleged police harassed low-income black renters. they brought the lawsuit claiming police targeted recipients of this for arrest. the city denies the claim. city manager told the "contra costa times" the settlement is a good decision for the city. a former san ramon police officer wants to cut a deal with federal prosecutors. lewis lombardi is accused of stealing drugs, cash and jewelry from drug suspects during raid from the contra costa county narcotics -- narcotics enforcement team. yesterday, his lawyers say he
8:35 am
will plead guilty in opens -- hopes of getting a lighter sentence. he's scheduled to enter his plea on november 23rd. this is sentencing day for one of two brothers convicted of killing three of their in- laws in a 2006 thanksgiving attack in oakland. these two men, they were both convicted of three counts of murder. prosecutors say they shot and killed their deceased brother's widow, her mother and her brother. prosecutors say the men believe their in-laws caused their brother's death. now, asmaran was sentenced earlier to three consecutive life sentences. 8:35. three boaters stranded -- stranded in the frigid bay waters are arrive and -- are arrive and -- alive and well.
8:36 am
the boaters are exhausted but they managed to escape hypothermia. yesterday, this man stood on the beach and watched as the boat he had owned for 14 years was destroyed. the boat ran aground on october 13th as his boat was taken apart, piece by piece, he wondered what he would do now that fishing is no longer an option for him. >> yeah, realistically, you know, me coming up with another 100,000 for a boat is not gonna happen any time soon. >> he says he was below deck when his boat ran aground and he's taking full responsibility for the accident. marin county emergency services say they had to break the boat down because its to -- because it was too heavy to move. buildup from water and sand has made it twice the usual weight. 8:36. the planning continues to create more toll lanes in the bay area. take a look at the northern california's first toll lane.
8:37 am
it stretches 14 miles from pleasanton to milpitas. now, the transportation collision wants to extend this network by 290 more miles. they are hoping to build 570 miles of toll lanes on all bay area freeways. now, the toll -- those lanes are free for carpoolers. but so low drivers are charged up to $4 if they want to use it. i've used those lanes a couple of times. >> very convenient. let's check in with sal. it's a rather busy wednesday morning. >> it is busy. finally we're getting a little bit of a breather as the accidents are not piling up like they were earlier. we have slow traffic as we start off in contra costa county. we're getting some relief on highway 4. 680 is slowing through walnut creek. 80 is backed up on richmond. a lot of people have been using the richmond bridge to avoid the bay bridge. let's talk about the bay bridge because that's been very slow due to an earlier motorcycle accident. the crash is long gone but the traffic at the toll plaza, still very slow and this
8:38 am
morning in san jose, northbound 280 downtown has recovered a little bit, some slow traffic around the corner approaching highway 17. here's steve. >> all right. sal, thank you. well, some fog dancing around and some really cold reading. a couple of people tweeting. others, it was a breezy, warm pattern. yesterday, the system dropped in and didn't do much to us. giving snow rockies. mostly sunny and cooler yesterday. we had a west wind. that's turned a little bit more northerly. not for everybody. high pressure will build in. it should take care of most of this fog but not before we -- not before there were really cold numbers. it's been windy up the hills. anywhere from 60 to about 32 this morning. don't have to worry about any high clouds, they are all going to the north. don't have to worry about any
8:39 am
rain either. oakmont, highway 12 near kenwood, 37. danville, 39. novato, that's our observer david he, he tweets me all of the time. great pictures. funny comments. 39. palo alto, 42. brentwood/yountville were near 60 for a long time and last hour, 59. napa county alone, 20-degree spread. 53 at the napa airport. san rafael has been anywhere from 42 to 50. 52 in san francisco, the low this morning in san francisco made it to 49. that's the first time since june 1st the temperatures dipped below. i think los gatos was 349. there is still a -- 39. there is still a northerly breeze. that alone, a northeast wind
8:40 am
low humidity teens the -- means the fire danger goes up. storm track, everything stays way to the north. everything is east of us. it looks like it will stay that way for a while. mostly sunny. thick fog, cold, windy in the hills. it's just not got that get that warm. after today it looks like we go back to a westerly breeze. with your weekend always in view, the days will be nice but the mornings will be very cool and you will have to deal with some fog. >> a deal to rescue andranato supermarkets, a company agreed to pay $16 million for the bay area supermarket chain. however, the deal comes too late to save the store on university avenue in berkely. it's gonna close down -- berkeley. it's gonna close down after
8:41 am
this weekend. new improved broccoli has twice the nutrients without being genetically modified. it should be able -- it should be available later on next year. >> what i found out is if you microwave vegetables, you lose about 80% of the nutrients. >> really? >> yes. it alarmed me because that's what i do. i just zap them. the bay area city that's telling homeowners they may be on the hook when it comes to paying for hundreds of millions of dollars in road repair. it's not so much a sendoff but a stairdown between the remaining protesters and police here in oakland.
8:42 am
we'll have the latest coming up.
8:43 am
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8:44 am
taking a live look at the big board on wall street, stocks are mixed. the dow is up after do youing and corning reported -- dowing
8:45 am
and corning reported their earning. the nasdaq is down. i found out amazon's stocks slumped after reporting a drop in income. the nasdaq is down 7. s&p is up 2. happening right now -- the director of congressional budget office just finished testifying in front of the so- called deficit super committee. this is a live look at the joint select committee on the deficit reduction. they just wrapped up their latest hearing. it was their first meeting in a month. they only have four weeks until november 22nd to recommend more than a trillion dollars. the committee's republican chairman says that's plenty of time if they cannot convince congress to make the cuts. 1.5billion will be automatically slashed from defense and medicare programs. the sales of new homes
8:46 am
increased by 5.7% in september. that's after a report came out this morning. that's after declining for four straight months. analysts say the increase was largely due to developers slashing. prices of new homes. the medium price for a new home fell 3% to just about 204,000. that's the lowest price in a year. 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. a police chase in concord ended in a deadly crash. police say they were chasing the driver of a white pickup truck who was spotted talking on a cell phone. that truck slammed into a bmw. the driver of the bmw was killed. later today, president obama will announce a new plan to help college students pay off debts. the new measures will allow people to lower their payments and consolidate their loans. police in oakland in riot gear fired tear gas several times into the crowd of occupy
8:47 am
protest last night. demonstrators determined they were gonna retake the encampment outside of oakland city hall. there were about 1,000 demonstrators out there last night. noel walker joins us live now to show us what's happening right now. clear your throat, noel. >> i should start off with a little explanation, because as the traffic picks up we're getting a sense of what it is like to be here last night. both my photographer jacob and i are getting the dust kicked up from here, it's getting kicked up in our eyes, nose and throat. you might be able to hear that in my voice. we have a few protesters starting to gather this morning. frank ogawa plaza looks like it's undergoing some major cleaning project. they have masks on and they are digging up soil at frank ogawa
8:48 am
plaza. thatnot look like it's gonna be open to anybody any time soon. though the -- so if the protesters' plan was to come back, that's not looking very promising. but things did get more than a little tense last night. >> if you refuse, you will be arrested. if you refuse to move now, you will be arrested. things are a little dicey at dusk but the most heated part of the evening happened between 8:00 and 11:00 when protesters who were throwing bottles and paint at police and police tossed flash grenades and tear gas into the crowds. our drew -- our crews saw three people injured. and two officers were injured. workers in some of the buildings say they were overcome the fumes. >> the cops were here to keep the peace in the city.
8:49 am
unfortunately, it -- it was a peaceful protest. so maybe they could have thought of something else to do to clear the square. i don't know. >> what do you think about the tear gas? >> i think it might have been a bit excessive. >> reporter: right now, everybody just agrees to be kind of camped out. not so much in a standoff but a staredown. they are getting served coffee and breakfast. nothing at all remotely resembling what happened here. nothing at all tense. but they do appear intent on staying in the area in the event that that has actually moved -- that a -- that that has actually opened up. overnight in san jose -- occupy protesters were on the move after police came by again. officers showed up outside of city hall issued warnings. police say protesters were cooperative. no arrests or citations were issued protesters say they were
8:50 am
told their belongings would be confiscated so they moved across the street. >> pretty much as soon as they leave they headed right back over there. it looks like they will play a gating -- play a waiting game with us. i will have to buy coffee for everybody. [ laughter ] >> one protesters that's been per perched up on -- perched up on a building demands a meeting with the mayor and city manager. 8:50 in -- 8:50. occupy -- occupiers say greg sur issued a written warning that says they are subject to arrest. protesters are vowing to stay and they have the support of john avilos. he trin tro -- he introduced legislation yesterday that would pay lou pretesters to remain unconcerned. the full board will consider the -- that would pay lou
8:51 am
protesters to stay. tonight, they will move to the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station. the demonstration is set to begin at the start of the evening commute. stay with us for continuing coverage of the occupy protests. 8:50. well, san jose property owners, you could be asked to dig into your pocket books keeper -- deeper to pay for road repairs a. according to a report delivered yesterday, the city has more than 500 miles of damaged streets? the transportation department is fleeting the idea of raising $600 million over ten years through a new parcel tax. the city has a backlog of road repairs estimated to cost around 277 million. well, the owner of san francisco's red vick moviehouse is considering some new ways to use the space. the iconic 8th street theater closed in august. the building's owner told the table hopper blog that a neighboring bar could be expanded into the old theaters'
8:52 am
lobby. betsy rick says ore parts of the building to -- of the building says other parts of the building may be rented out. in florida, people are trying to figure out the mystery behind a strange object that washed up on a beach. this 8-foot tall fiberglass legoman washed ashore along the florida keys. on its chest "no real than you are" the, is the message. others have been found on the beaches in the netherlands and in england. there is an artist in the netherlands that goes by the name on the back of the shirt of the legoman but it's not clear if he is behind this leg goman or where it started its journey. i believe that legoland is opening a park in florida but they claim they had nothing to do with it. a local school is thinking
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:55. we're following developing news. major league baseball executives will meet in an hour to discuss whether to postpone the world series game. there is a good chance of rain in st. louis tonight. it's very cold. the rangers are meeting the --
8:56 am
meeting the cardinals in game 6. the rangers lead the series. they would chin -- they could clinch it tonight. you can see the game starting -- starting around 5:00 on ktvu if the game is played. >> we're learning what led to the death of amy winehouse. coroner said she died as a consequence of drinking too much alcohol. blood and urine samples says she was four and a half times over the drunk driving limit when she died. an autopsy -- an initial autopsy was inconclusive but did not find any illegal drugs in her system. winehouse's father said she had been drinking again after some sobriety. some students -- some students are getting surprised with a cancer awareness day. you are looking at new video. students arriving this morning at school dressed in pink.
8:57 am
they were inspired by a teacher of the school whose mother died of breast cancer. >> we just want to spread awareness, tell people not to be afraid. go help them. if they need a hug, give them a hug. if they need a ride, give them a ride. don't stop going to the house. do everything you have to. >> we stayed late last night dedicating our homework time to this. but it needed to happen. i think it will open up kids' awareness. >> students say they planned this awareness day as a surprise because they say cancer is never planned. teachers are using pink paper in the classrooms today. there is a special lunchtime assembly planned as well. apoll -- the rainers -- i apologize. the rangers are winning -- are winning the series. if they win tonight they will
8:58 am
clinch the series. let's go to sal. traffic is busy all over the place. let's take a look at the commute. it's slow. at the bay bridge, it's been terrible. if you can put the trip off for a bit, you might be able to help yourself out. let's go to steve. cold this morning. 30, 40s, some fog, literally sunny today, temperatures will give way and it's still windy in the hills. i don't think it will last long. after that it looking quiet and with your weekend in view, it will be sunny and nice but cold. >> okay. 30s and 40s. >> all right. that will do it for us. thanks for watching, everyone. plains ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours.
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