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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 26, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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 tensions on both sides of the bay this hour. we're monitoring two developments in the occupy protests. >> the 10:00 deadline has arrived to clear the plaza in front of city hall. across the bay, more protests are in san francisco.
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news chopper 2. city officials say this camp is illegal with unsanitary health and fire violations. mayor ed lee says it's only a matter of time before this sf camp is underway. we do have a crew on the ground, and will check in in just a couple of minutes. across the bay, nearly 200 protesters have spent the evening at frank gala plaza. this is the hour when demonstrators are warned to clear out. we begin with ktvu's eric rasmussen monitoring the situation at 14th and broadway. >> reporter: still a huge crowd out here. the first action the crowd took out here tonight was to tear down a chain link fence. they're surrounding the grass area. i can tell you one tent has been set up in that area. police said they expected that
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to happen tonight, and even though they say their response will be more low-key than yesterday. 10:00is the hour protesters are told to clear out of here. many are waiting to see exactly how police will react. occupy oakland may not have any official leaders, but the man who goes by the name maxwell pride has become a familiar face at the center of the action. he and others said they had no plans of leaving tonight. >> even if place move back in on you. >> hasn't stopped us yet. >> reporter: despite this show of force by police, protesters seemed to come back even more determined. >> the mayor should be here. the mayor should talk to the people. >> reporter: instead, the mayor's legal adviser, dan siegel faced the crowd this
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evening and said he will be representing some of the demonstrators who were arrested in court. >> it doesn't seem to me that the police have a legal right, or a constitutional right to inflict serious injuries on people, in order to get them to leave, even an unlawful assembly. >> reporter: just in the last few minutes out here, organizers with occupy oakland told me they met in a general assembly, and voted for a general strike next wednesday. protesters by their own counts say they may be have 700 here tonight. but there's a lot of talk about leaving the franco gala plaza here to go on the other side of the bay in san francisco. one protester is hospitalized after a nonlethal canister by a law enforcement officer exploded right in his face. oakland police say they are investigating, and we've also
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looked into the incident. video that one of our photographers shot that shows exactly what happened. >> reporter: it was chaotic. and scott olsen, who did two tours of war as a marine, found himself down on the ground. video of people picking up the marine, and carries him away from the police line in a cloud of tear gas. olsen was bleeding from his head. people say he appeared to be in shock. one officer tossed a canister into the group, it exploded right where the group was trying to help the fallen marine. >> he has a two inch fracture in his skull. he's sedated, and on a respirator, and there's some swelling in the brain. >> reporter: he and olsen share an apartment in daley city.
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they met in the marines and served together in iraq. >> two tours in iraq and no injury. then he comes here a and the police officers are supposed to be protecting him, shoot him, while he was the one who fought for them. >> i was trying to carry him away, and they shot in the side. >> what was that? >> it was a rubber bullet. >> reporter: iraq veterans against war gathered in support of their friend. >> it's ironic, he's a very peaceful, generous person. for example, he's really into the occupy movement. he would work his job during the day in san francisco, but we sleep out on the streets at night. >> reporter: the group says they are creating a fund to help his parents to fly out tomorrow from wisconsin. in oakland, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> oakland mayor, gene kwan was
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out of town when police cleared out the encampment. our team coverage continues with amber lee. >> reporter: julie, oakland mayor, gene kwan is coming under heavy criticism for being out of town when the violent confrontation took place here in downtown oakland, between police and protesters. at city hall this afternoon, mayor gene kwan, flanked by the police chief and city administrators, met with reporters for the first time, since she left for a business trip. >> when i got on the plane, things were pretty peaceful. when i got off, it was very different. >> reporter: kwan told us she was back in oakland around 10:40 last night. a source told us, the mayor was never at the emergency operations center last night. this oakland resident said she used to protest alongside kwan for social change, decades ago
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in berkely. she says the mayor's absence is disappointing. >> it's from somebody who's been a progressive. i just don't understand that. so it's like betrayal times two. >> i think it was a big misstep, given the whole issue around public safety. >> reporter: larry reed says the mayor needs to show leadership. >> this city has a whole is hurt because she wasn't here. people look to her as the mayor of this city. >> i have a long standing appointment with the white house, and a couple of other people because of some grants that we're working on. >> she is the chief elected officer of this city. i would have canceled my appointment back in d.c. and rescheduled at a different time. >> ultimately, doesn't the buck stop with her? >> reporter: we saw one protester holding a sign critical of the mayor. but some say they're not sure things would have turned out differently, had the mayor been here last night. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. tonight on our facebook
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wall, we asked why oakland attracted such a large occupy movement, one that put the city in a larger spotlight. lester neil rights, that oakland has always been a site of diversity. a beautiful city with ugly injustice. tell us what you think at ktvu channel 2 on facebook. the protests called main street meets wall street took place as commuters were headed home. the group has been gathering every wednesday for the past few weeks. one of the protesters we talked to said the effort is working. >> the signs, the fact that people come down here, sharing concern. having the media here to hear
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our concerns to the larger, you know world out there. it's all helping. >> this is the first time the group has been outside bart. the previous rallies were all held outside the bank of america in downtown walnut creek. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. in five minutes we'll go live to san francisco. at 10:30, dissension in oakland. of course you can go to anytime for the very latest, just look for the occupy tab on the front page. in san bruno, police are investigating a report that a woman was sexually assaulted on the campus of skyline college. the school is located on college drive in san bruno. police say the alleged attack occurred at 8:30 last night.
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the victim told police, she was in a classroom by herself when a man came in the room, sexually assaulted her, then fled the scene. at this hour, this is a packed house at the oakland school board meeting where a vote is scheduled on a proposal to close as many as five elementary schools. the schools on the list include, lake view, marshall, and santa fe. a lot of parents argue that the closures are dis proportionately aimed at schools that primarily serve children of color. the district says the closures are necessary to save more than $2 million that the district actually operates far more schools than districts with nearly twice as many students. two schools in the west contra costa school district have been saved from closure. shannon, and lake. both of those schools had been on a list of possible closures in case the district needed to
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cut costs, but the school board president said the district has been managing its money wisely and can keep both of those schools open. jerry brown is expected to announce a major overhaul of the public employee's pension system tomorrow. it would raise the retirement age to 67 for new employees. brown figures it would save about $900 million a year. the plan also needs approval from the state legislature, which is not assured. san francisco police say a tip has led to the recovery of a 122-year-old church bell stolen from outside st. mary's cathedral. a homeless man told police, they can find the bar near a scrap yard. it weighs 2.5 tons and was stolen from the grounds over the weekend. the archdiocese says it will hire a crane and a truck to bring the bell back to san francisco, where it will be
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better secured against theft. two northern california airmen killed in the world's deadliest war finally are buried with honors today. we currently have clear skies across the bay area, but the weather pattern is changing. coming up, neighborhoods will be cooling off into 30s overnight. occupy sf protesters are bracing for what they think may be a police raid to shut them down. we'll have a live report.
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news chopper 2 is over san francisco's justin herman plaza, and the occupy protests going on there. we've been watching the demonstrators standing around there. so far, no sign of police. ktvu's ken wayne joins us from the plaza to show us what's happening there. >> reporter: julie, there are several hundred occupy protesters here. they have been singing and dancing and holding rallies and giving speeches. some city leaders are here. we've been told two san francisco supervisors are here. state senator leeland lee who is running for mayor of san francisco is on his way here. there are labor leaders here, joining clergy. they're all coming together to make sure this encampment is not pushed out by police. here's what some of them had to say. >> we're very much hoping that
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in all areas across the united states, that these encampments don't get shut down. whether it's aaround the clock, or as long as people want to come out here and protest for the 99%. >> i'm veer concerned that we don't have -- very concerned that we don't have a repeat here of what happened in oakland. the rumor is, there's going to be a raid tonight. >> reporter: some of the occupy folks have been telling me, they have scouts out on bicycles around the city, and about 200 police officers were spotted. that is giving them the feeling that perhaps police are getting together to try and move in sometime during the night. they don't expect it to happen very soon. they said it will probably happen some time after midnight, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, when the crowd dies down a little bit. that is their concern. they've been practicing some civil disobedience by forming a human chain. if police come in, that they're
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going to have some kind of human barrier to slow down the police from moving in, and shutting down this encampment. we don't know if that's going to happen. that's just something that the protesters here are concerned about, they say they do not want to see what happened in oakland happen here in san francisco. leave in the city, ken wayne. six defendants charged in a richmond gang rape two years ago, pleaded not guilty today. they're accused of raping and beating a 16-year-old girl outside a high school homecoming dance. the case has been delayed, because four of the six defendants have changed attorneys, and their new lawyers have a great deal of work to catch up on. the city of antioch agreed to settle with five section eight tenants. they offered to end the class action suit and the city agreed to the settlement in order to save court costs, but still
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denies any wrong doing in the case. a group of senators objects to the withdrawal of troops in iraq by the end of the year. 11 republicans and one independent senator sent a letter to the armed services committee for a hearing. a proper goodbye today, decades after the entire crew was shut down in world war ii. how two bay area soldiers were finally laid to rest. >> reporter: it's taken 67 years for this day to come. at arlington national cemetery this afternoon, a single casket, carrying remains of an entire crew. young men so full of life then, sergeant john bohnisio and lieutenant from fort bragg and eight other airmen. everyone onboard that crashed
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during a bombing mission near berlin in 1944. ♪ [ music ] the men's remains finally were found in germany eight years ago, but not positively identified until last week. of the more than 400,000 americans killed in world war ii, there are still 73,000 that are missing. the penalty gone has an entire forensics unit that travels the globe to try to find them. >> we talk about 73,000 losses, but each case is an individual. each case is different. each case has a family involved. >> reporter: many of the people who loved these brave men most also are gone now. ♪ [ music ] but today, remaining relatives and a grateful nation paid tribute long overdue. and finally brought them home.
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rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. three people were pulled alive today from buildings that had collapsed in sunday's 7.2 magnitude earthquake in turkey. also today, rescue crews found more bodies in the rubble. hopes are fading quickly for the possibility of finding more survivers, especially because temperatures there are near freezing. turkey's prime minister acknowledged problems in getting help to those left homeless, and said more tents are on the way. the death tolls from the quake rose to 461 today. more than 1350 people were injured, and 3,000 buildings were destroyed, or damaged. also since sunday, there have been more than 500 aftershocks. a small earthquake rattled parts of contra costa county this afternoon. the us gs initially put the magnitude at 3.2, but revised it, and said the quake measured 3.0. the epicenter was on the slope
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of mount diablo. no reports of injuries or damage. we had some patchy fog right around the bay this morning. but you can see what happened this afternoon. mostly clear skies, looking out toward the golden gate bridge and temperatures warmed up nicely to the 60s and 70s. winds helped clear out the fog and the winds associated with increasing fire danger. we still have a fire warning for the north bay hills and the east bay hills until 6:00 tomorrow morning. we could have a few gusts approaching 25 miles per hour, as the wind speeds decrease, temperatures will continue to drop off quite a bit overnight. take a look at these overnight lows. first thing thursday morning, very cold up in the north bay. santa rosa, napa, around 34, 35 degrees. definitely want to bundle up there. lots of 40s for san francisco, free month, and san jose. coming up, the neighborhoods approaching the 80-degree mark tomorrow, and the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. a small grass fire this
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afternoon in dublin. the fire was reported shortly after 1:00 in the camp parks reserve forces training area. it took crews about an hour to contain the flames. the fire burned about 60 acres of grass land. no structures were threatened. an emotional day in court, what brought michael jackson's former doctor to tears during today's testimony. the beating of bryan stow is central in the future of the los angeles dodgers. how his medical costs figure into the team's ownership.
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the doctor charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection michael jackson's death broke down in tears today. several patients describe doctor doctor conrad murray as a generous man and a dedicated doctors. rubely moseley explained murray want today open a clinic in a
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poor texas community. >> he made a commitment to the community, that he would open a clinic, in honor of his dad in that community where his dad had been a physician for a number of years. >> at the end of the day, the judge advised murray, he will soon need to know whether he intends to testify in his own defense. so far, there has been no indication. the beating of giants fan bryan stow has become a central argument in the l.a. dodgers bankruptcy case. maureen naylor tells us why major league baseball points to the stow case as an example of mismanagement. >> the only real question is who's going to control the dodgers when the team exits bankruptcy? >> reporter: while dodgers owner frank mccourt is trying to hold onto ownership, major league baseball wants the team
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to be put up for sale. and using stow's attacks a one example of mismanagement. >> citing that as one of the examples there was mismanagement. >> reporter: he is responding to commands, his family attorney says stow still has a long way to go. >> totally paralyzed on one side. just getting around is massivively difficult. >> reporter: he says stow has already incurred more than $3 million in medical expansions, and estimates it will cost over $30 million over his lifetime. >> i think new ownership would want to make things right. i don't think current ownership, given their attitude, wants to make things right. >> reporter: today, a bankruptcy judge postponed next week's hearing, hoping the league and the dodgers can make
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a settlement. there are new details tonight in that police crash that ended, that police chase that ended with a crash in concord last night, that claimed the life of an innocent man. police today identified 24-year- old josha simmons and mora gutierrez as the men. they say gutierrez wouldn't stop and a two mile chase ended with the deadly crash. the coroners would not release the victim's name, but said he is from out of state. simmons was arrested after police found a gun and methamphetamine inside the truck. occupy oakland demonstrators are on the move. why they suddenly left this plaza, and where they're headed. the occupy movement. is it here to stay? the dilemma facing cities.
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it is now just about 10:30, a half hour after the deadline. protesters are now on the move, and talking with demonstrators about what they have next. >> reporter: the demonstrators are on the move, it's not because of police. you can take a look past a couple of folks here. they've started filling the intersection here at 14th and broadway. we maybe can roll some video for you, them making their way out of franco galla plaza earlier. the word is they're now headed to san francisco. we're also hearing reports that
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police are stopping some of the demonstrators from getting on bart trains to head to the city. of course, it's actually getting very hostile where i am right now, so i'm going to send it back to you at the studio, we'll continue to watch the situation. >> all right eric, you stay safe, we'll bring you more coverage if it develops. earlier this evening, there was disagreement among some oakland protesters about taking down the fence at franco gala plaza. a front row seat as the more passive protesters tried to calm down the more aggressive ones. >> reporter: it started with people trying to jump over, and ten push down the fence during the occupy movement's general assembly at 6:00. the majority of the crowd gathered on the steps of city hall, immediately started chanting at them to go around the fence. the message didn't get through. within minutes, sections of the fence came down, and a few
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protesters wearing masks made their way onto the grass. that upset other members of the occupy movement. >> i don't understand why you guys have a problem with it. >> it's not about the grass. it's about the protests. we want to make a point, people want to peacefully assemble. it's just going to be like last night against if you keep this up. >> reporter: after darkness fell, more groups began pushing down the fence. heated disagreements. >> i've been a part of the activist movement since i was in l.a. >> why don't you go back to l.a.? >> i myself did not push the fence down. but i understand why people are
10:32 pm
very angry. >> reporter: the occupy movement may be in agreement in it's overall message, but there is disagreement over how to do that, and what tactics to use. ktvu news. more now on the breaking news going on in downtown oakland. we had just showed you eric rasmussen, where things were heating up at 14th and broadway. we want to go toamber lee, near the scene of city hall, as protesters take to the streets. >> reporter: julie, what we can see from here, we're at 14th and broadway. you can see a lot of protesters blocking this intersection. we don't see any violence from where we're standing, we see a lot of singing, dancing, some live music. we were told by folks there are police closing off that particular bart station. but i don't see a strong police presence out here for the most part, i don't see any acting out. just a lot of music, people
10:33 pm
riding around, talking amongst each other. we're heard they're meeting in front of city hall to plan for a general strike, but they're still working on the details. we did see a fire engine come through here. we don't know what it was doing, it took off. as you can see, there's still a lot of people riding around. a lot of noise, chanting, but we convenient seen any violence at this point. right now, as i'm speakk, i see an ambulance rolling in, but we're not sure what this is about. i imagine they might have some trouble getting through. because this intersection, as you can see, is blocked. >> amber, are you getting any indication at all of where these people want to go? or do they just want to block the traffic at the intersection there? >> reporter: i think they were just cheering. they were dancing in the street, blocking the intersection. at one point, i thought they were moving towards the police station, but that was just
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speculation on my part. i didn't see them going other than a little bit down this politic. at this point, they're staying put at this intersection. singing, dancing, chanting. nothing serious so far. >> we don't have any word yet, we're trying to find out why that ambulance is it going to where it's going. also, we want to remind people, the 10:00 deadline for people to leave franco gala has passed. amber you be safe out there. we'll check back with you if we get more information. we're going to continue to watch that in downtown oakland. even though leaders in many parts of the country are issuing restrictions on these demonstrations, there is no indication the occupy movement is going away. >> reporter: julie, this encampment at san jose city hall has been going on for three weeks now. they're actually moving their tents because they have wore
10:35 pm
word that they believe the police may be showing up and they don't want their tents to be taken away. despite that, they will be back tomorrow. because the protesters are determined to hold their ground. >> we're simply expressing our first amendment reach to freedom of speech and to freely assemble. >> reporter: a dozen people have been arrested so far for illegal camping and trespass. police are leaving alone the one protester who occupies the top of a wall. san jose city officials are well aware of the dilemma. >> on one hand, we have the right to protect how our space is used. on the other hand, protect the free speech rights of the protesters. >> reporter: atlanta police swept occupy protesters out of a park and arrested about 50. police are very much part of the equation of how cities are handling the demonstrations. >> pushing the police to the
10:36 pm
point where they have to take action to protect the demonstrators themselves and to preserve everyone's safety. >> reporter: former police chief, joseph mcnamara has written about the occupy movement. he says this is the american autumn. >> the american way is that we do that through voting for politicians and we do it peacefully, they're trying something else. they're trying to use mob force to create policy changes. >> reporter: if go live to us you can see there is another tent moved, they're taking them across the street on the other side of city hall, because they say that's public property there, and they won't be evicted. we'll see what happens. but it's a cat and mouse game. they move the tents, they'll be back again tomorrow. live in san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. and stay with us ktvu for continuing coverage. we will bring you the latest on the occupy movements in the bay
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area and beyond as they develop. empty claims on empty bottles. why the state attorney general says the makers of these clear bottles are being less than transparent. clear skies and dropping temperatures across most of the bay area. coming up, the neighborhoods already in the 40s, and when rain chances can be added to our forecast. we now know what killed singer amy winehouse. what the coroner calls death by misadventure. too many bills?
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more now on the developing situation in downtown oakland, where you see a large group of protesters on the move right now, live pictures here. these protesters just left frank o. gala plaza. a large group have taken to the streets, blocking traffic. we don't see, and hard to tell right now, if there are any police there. it looks like the large protesters are moving along the street, from news chopper 2. we have reports as the protesters were leaving the plaza area and city hall. he had to send it back to us, because he said the situation was quote getting hostile. we went to amber lee and she
10:41 pm
described the situation as the protesters on the move and in the streets. again, right now in downtown oakland, a very fluid situation. we're staying on top of this and trying to get more information. >> right now, they're very close to interstate 880. part of the problem here is they were not allowed to get on bart. we've heard some of these protesters wanted to go over and join the protesters in san francisco at the occupy sf. but police would not allow them to get on bart, now we're hearing they may perhaps try to get onto the freeway, and presumably try to walk to the bridge is what we've within told, although that is highly unlikely. but they are very close right now to the highway. i was down in that area a little earlier, and did see chp officers who had parked their cars with their lights on, very close to the freeway, presumably because they were concerned of something like
10:42 pm
this happening. we've seen estimates of the crowd ranging anywhere from 750 on up to 2,000. >> we heard from amber lee just a short time ago, in the mix, of whether they are remaining peaceful, she said yes. no breaking windows, no damaging vehicles in the area. just protesters taking their message now to the streets, but they were told to leave frank o. gala plaza where they had been camped out for two weeks before police moved in yesterday and made arrests. tonight, we have not seen any of that. for the most part, things have been very peaceful. now they have taken to the streets, and looks like they are making their move in one big consolidated movement here. >> actually to get to the freeway, they would have to go
10:43 pm
literally right past police headquarters. one thing about this protest, you compare this perhaps to the oscar grant protest, where there was a lot of damage to restaurants, to businesses, to cars. that is one thing we have not seen in this protest. i think we have someone on the phone now? >> yeah, we can go to amber lee. she joins us on the phone. where are you now and what are you seeing? >> we're at broadway, crossing 10th, i'm following the protesters. after a little bit, they just started walking again, and when i asked a couple of protesters where they're headed, they said they don't really know, so they're just following the crowd. i don't see anything. they're not damaging anything. just walking along peacefully, some of them are bicycling. i see, i would say more than 200 people out here just leisurely walking down broadway. headed towards the police
10:44 pm
station, but like i said, i don't know what their destination is whether it's the 880, or the police department. >> right now, they're only about four blocks from 880 there amber. do you see any police at all in the area? >> i see police on the side street watching, but not really close to the protesters, they're keeping a very low profile tonight. they're around. in fewer numbers, and just in places, on the side streets. >> earlier tonight, there was word that these protesters may try to go over to san francisco to justin herman plaza, where san francisco mayor ed lee today said those protesters on the occupy san francisco encampment would not be allowed to camp out any longer too. there is word these protesters may join their counterparts in san francisco. we're watching to see what happens. but definitely a large group right now making their way down
10:45 pm
broadway toward the jack london square area. >> actually, now they're turning, this may be 7th or 8th street. if that is the case, it is very close to the police headquarters there. and also, again as we've been saying, just a couple of blocks from 880. we've been told there are police on some of the on ramps and off ramps to make sure these protesters do not go onto the freeway. you will recall, during the oscar grant protest, there was a case where some of the protesters took over the freeway. they walked up one of the off ramps and created a lot of problems. police want to make sure that type of situation doesn't happen here again. we were mening a moment ago that some of these protesters we have been told wanted to go over to san francisco and join the protesters there. but the downtown bart station had been block the off. they were not given access to the downtown bart station. police were keeping them away. now they are on the move.
10:46 pm
>> but a very different scene from what we saw last night, we saw police in riot gear, forming lines and preventing them from moving in certain directions. and of course all the tear gas last night, a very different situation tonight for the most part, it's been a peaceful protest, now they have taken to the streets, and they are blocking certain streets as this large group makes its way to what destination right now, we don't know. >> amber are you still with us? >> yes, i'm still following. they turned onto 8th. and moving along just like i described before. a little bit of chanting, singing, clapping, and now -- >> so you talked to them, when you talk to them they say i don't know where we're going? >> yep. i asked them that. they said we're not sure. earlier, i did ask some of the people that belonged to unions like the hotel workers union where they were going.
10:47 pm
and if they were headed to san francisco because of word the san francisco protesters have a call out for help. that man told me, they're not, there's no big plan to go over to san francisco to support or join that protest. >> any reason why they turned on 8th? were the police trying to funnel them up 8th? or did they just turn? >> she just turned. police have laid low. they're on the side streets, like i said watching. but they haven't come face-to- face with the protesters that i've seen. >> they were on 8th, now they've turned again. >> i think that's washington. >> heading closer to the water there. heading down closer again toward the jack london square area. so the people are leading the pack here, and the unclear, obviously, they don't all know, they're just following the crowd here and we are following
10:48 pm
them. eric rasmussen down at 14th and broadway, as they left just a short time ago. >> amber, again, you have not seen, in this case, it's been very peaceful, walking past a lot of cars, a lot of businesses, a lot of restaurants. they're not doing anything to any of those cars, businesses, or restaurants? >> no, they're not. just walking by. a love the businesses are closed. but they're not doing anything to cars or the businesses. just strolling casually down the street. now they're rounded the corner and they're right by the police station and the courthouse, where some of the violent confrontation took place yesterday. but so far, i'm not seeing any kind of backing up. a marked distance from last night where you saw police everywhere, tonight, they're laying low. >> we did see conflicts from protester to protester as some were trying to push down the gates, and actually did, and tried to run into the grassy area of the plaza.
10:49 pm
did they look like they're getting along as a group here as a whole? >> yes, you're right, i did see that. the other ones urged them to pull it back up. the conflict has been sympathy. right now, they've stopped right by the courthouse, waving an american flag. so i'm trying to see what else they're trying to do. but they have stopped at this intersection right now. >> if they were planning to get on the freeway, there are no on ramps in the near vicinity where they are. they would have to walk several blocks to get to an on ramp, the closest location would be an off ramp. they would have to walk up the off ramp. where they are right now, they would have to go a little ways, if they really wanted to try and get onto the freeway. >> we'll wait and see what happens now. it looks like they might be moving in a new direction, to
10:50 pm
the left of our screen here. but a big group of them has come to a stop. >> that would be going down 7th street i believe. again, right past the jail, right past the courthouse and right past the police headquarters there. again you can see, it looks like there are at least a thousand people. again, we've seen estimates as high as 2,000. >> amber, just remind us about the plans for tomorrow night, to be back out in front of city hall by 5:00? is that what you're hearing? >> yes, they say they have a meeting planned there to discuss what they're going to do next. including a general strike. but they have not worked out the details of exactly what day that will be, and they're still working it out. and they want to keep the movement alive by planning this event out. >> all right, as we had also heard they were maybe planning a strike for next wednesday. some type of a strike in the
10:51 pm
city of oakland. maybe plans will firm up on that in the coming days as well. we're going to continue to follow this story. amber, we'll stay with these protesters. we have news chopper 2 up above. we will keep you monitored on their progress. right now, the protesters at 7th and washington and going down 7th, heading toward in the direction in the westerly direction heading toward west oakland. >> all right, we're also monitoring the situation in san francisco as well. new pictures into the channel 2 newsroom of police there apparently gathering at this hour. more on that right after our break. and will a cold morning stick around this weekend? in six minutes, what you can expect in the complete bay area forecast. then use it right now on anything you want, see, or love. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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news now, news chopper 2 appeared to see san francisco police preparing to take action against the occupy protesters in sf. these pictures were taken just a few minutes ago. officers are apparently staging in preparation for an effort to evict the occupy movement from justin herman plaza. we spotted police, motorcycles and bicycles all lined up. so far though, no word on when they might move to justin herman plaza. ken wayne is standing by now at justin herman plaza. >> reporter: frank, there are still several hundred demonstrators here. right now, they're marching in a big circle, chanting, playing music. i have a representative occupy sf. we understand there are police officers gathered not too far away, and you're expecting they may come in tonight, how are you guys going to react to that? >> first of all, i'm not a representative of occupy sf.
10:55 pm
i'm just one of many here. >> okay, your reaction to police moving in tonight? >> they want to shut us down for possibly public health violations. their answer to public health violation is to use rubber bullets, tear gas, and full riot gear, that is ridiculous. >> we heard earlier, you were linking up arms. >> we're ready to be nonviolent, we're ready to resist. we're peaceful and collected. >> i understand the occupy oakland unit are trying to get here in san francisco. what do you think of adding that to what's going on in the city? >> we will stand in solidarity with all the people around the world who want to create a better world for 99% of the people. they'll use every means to deny us. they're bringing police from l.a., all of the bay area to act against us in unison.
10:56 pm
we will stand in unison as well. >> thank you for talking with us. we appreciate it. i also want to point out, we're been told, mayor ed lee is here. i tried to find him a few minutes ago. there's a large crowd here, so it's hard to pick him out in the crowd. we're going to keep looking for him. of course, it is the mayor who ultimately makes the decision on whether or not the police are going to move in here tonight. i did speak with the state senator who is running for mayor of san francisco. he said he is against any police action here at justin herman plaza. he does not want to see officers down here. i talked with the public defender. he echoed that sentiment. he said he does not want to see police here as well. there are labor leaders. other san francisco supervisors who are also here. we have a bit of a split in city government with ed lee on one side, apparently wanting to shut this down for health reasons, safety reasons. he says, and then we have other
10:57 pm
city leaders from the supervisors, public defenders and so on what want to keep this open. we're going to wait and see how this plays out. we don't know when the police will move in tonight, if in fact they will. from what we're seeing, it appears police are massing, not far away, and could be moving in to justin herman plaza sometime tonight. live in san francisco, ken wayne. >> the thought here be that mayor ed lee may have come down there to give the protesters their one last chance to move and say look, you guys don't move, we're going to come in and move you. >> that could very well be a possibility, frank. we haven't had a chance to go up to him and find out. so we really want to ask him other selfs and find out why he's here. i should also point out, there's still an occupy encampment set up in front of the federal reserve. the occupy movement in san
10:58 pm
francisco is as strong as ever. there are several hundred people here, maybe a thousand, it's hard to tell. i've been told 2,000 people here from someone in the crowd. i'm sure they would want to tell me 10,000, or 100,000. it's hard to tell. there are search hundred minimum. there could be a thousand or more people here, certainly filled with people. the tents are up, and the banners are up, and the flags are flying from different labor organizations here. the sciu is here. a lot of union members have shown up. clergy have shown up. i'm getting prompts from the folks in the audience, telling me who's here. but there are a lot of people here. we're just going to have to wait and see how this plays out, they say they don't want a confrontation with police. they're trying to be peaceful and exercise their first amendment right. we saw what happened in oakland last night, and people here don't want to see that in san francisco. >> have things gotten, a feeling there, gotten a little
10:59 pm
more tense as the night progresses? >> reporter: there's definitely a difference between san francisco and oakland, and the occupy mood. in oakland, there was a little bit of tension in the crowd, because we had some people going against the majority there. when they had the fences, the fences stayed up. then you had a very small group who were intent on bringing those fences down. as they tried to bring the fences down most of the other occupy people were urging them to not do that. they didn't want to see violence. they didn't want to see vandalism, or anything like that. so there was a split. ultimately, the smaller group prevailed. here in san francisco, a completely different mood.


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