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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 29, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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they've been on the move in downtown oakland tonight. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holm. the occupy movement in oakland took on another cause tonight. the fight against police brutality. we're live in oakland with how police responded tonight. >> i can tell you that evening some occupy oakland
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demonstrators were nervous about this rally, because they didn't plan it. i can tell you police were waiting for a huge crowd when it left this corner here at 14th and broadway temperature it was supposed to be all about police brutality and iraq war vet scott olsen has become something of a rallying point. you see a growing memorial for him. and the campus is still growing. still city leaders are saying they don't know how they're going to deal with this. >> nearly 1,000 protesters made their own show of force just after 8:00, while police in riot gear blocked their path. the police made it to the police's head quarters, some with new purpose after they believe police crossed the line on thursday. >> i never waved the flag in my whole life, i haven't worn this part of my uniform in 17 years.
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when i saw that poor guy getting beat up after serving, that's morally reprehensible. >> but members of occupy oakland say they were not part of this march. >> they tried to scare us away, push us out of the park. we are not going away. >> before the march, oakland resident kareem mcknight fired up the crowd. she joined protesters tuesday night and broke and dislocated her shoulder. >> oakland was, i twhib it was ground zero for how they were going to deal with this movement. were they going to be able to sweep us away? were they going to be able to arrest us? oakland says no. >> literally in the last 30 seconds or so i've been texting
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with my photographer, he tells me they were most recently at 18th street, and opd are on the scene. the protest is apparently still happening. we're live in oakland. >> and coming up in just about 12 minutes, we'll hear more from the occupy oakland protesters about what they want and the status of a plan for wednesday. >> we have new information about that iraq war veteran seriously injured this week in the police crackdown of the occupy protest. 24-year-old scott olsen has been recovering at highland hospital in oakland. police say he suffered a head injury in violence on tuesday. olsen is no longer there. >> he left highland about 6:30 in the evening. his condition was the same, fair. we have no news, no new news to
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provide. when he left here, he was in fair condition. >> highland hospital is not releasing the facility where olsen was transferred. film maker michael moore tweeted he had gone to highland to visit olsen, not knowing he had been moved. occupy wall street -- >> to union square. some wore halloween costumes in the spirit of the holiday weekend. the city says the encampments can stay for now. they're working with protesters to keep the site clean and safe. >> protesters are being allowed in kansas city hall for the time being. protesters cheered when city officials say flounced the protesters could say stay put. the camping will be tolerated
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as long as there is no violence, alcohol, drugs, or public urination. thousands of people took part in a unique protest on san francisco's beach today. they organized to spell out tax the 1%. here is an aerial view of the event. they want to put politicians on notice that the rich should pay their fair share. >> ktvu is the only station allowed inside the service. michelle walker has this exclusive report. >> it's not often the word hell is used with such affection in a church. but then hell's angels member steve tonsen was no ordinary guy. >> steve was a believer.
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granted, he left his halo at home most of the time. >> hundreds turned out to stay good-bye to a man that was a walk contradiction. his friends and family described him as a bigger than life presence with a big heart to match. >> if he didn't like you, you knew right way. if he liked you, he love you like family. >> he was attending the funeral of another hell's angels member when he was shot at the grave site, the suspect, a rival hell's angels member. >> a deafening pros session of motorcycles accompanied him to the same cemetery where he died. a beefed-up police presence was present. >> i understand the tit for tat mentality.
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but where does it end? everybody loses, then you got wives, mothers, kids, sisters, brothers, family grieving. >> and tough men showing openly just how tough a senseless death can be on the living. in san jose, noelle walker. >> mr. details on the case. -- more detail on the case. last weekend, police raided a house in stockton, firing tear gas. police leave ruiz is on the run. he may be traveling in a gld or pewter chevrolet suburban and heading for arizona or new york. >> warning signs are posted where a surfer was attacked. 27-year-old eric was bitten
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this morning. he suffered wounds to his neck and forearms. the shark also took a 19-inch chunk out of the his surf board. a friend say it was a great white shark estimated to be 20 feet long. >> i held a camera over the top of the wave, and when i came up he started yelling shark, shark, shark. he was a couple feet away from me. i could see his arm was bleeding pretty badly. >> fellow surfers came to his aid, using beach towels as tourniquets. authorities say his injuries do not appear to be life- threatening. >> the official cause of death for late raiders owner al davis was heart failure. it said davis had an abnormal heart rhythm, congestive heart failure and heart muscle disease. he also had throat surgery three days before his death. he died at the oakland airport
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hilton where he lived during the season. the death of a teenager was a suicide. the 19-year-old crashed his cash into a tree on highway 101. investigators did not release many details, but said there were no skid marks that would indicate an attempt to stop. >> and at least a dozen americans are dead tonight after a taliban attack on coalition forces in afghanistan. officials say a suicide bomber ran the car full of explosives into a military convoy. almost 17 people were killed. 3 of the victim were civilians. >> this is a waste of human life. it is, again, an attack that did not only hurt our personnel, but also innocent
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civilian bystanders. >> the taliban has ramped up assaults after the u.s. has announced plans to turn over responsibility for security to the afghanis. the u.s. is going to help turkey's earthquake vehicle tips. tens of thousands are turks are still homeless. the u.n. will be delivering humanitarian aid. sunday's 7.2 quake has killed nearly 700 people. today is turkey's independence day. celebrations were canceled. >> a freak snow storm is giving new york its snowiest october ever. the storm is expected to dump as much as 10-inches of snow in
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some places. it's also knocked out more -- it's also knocked out power to more tan 2 million customers. sponsors for drug addiction are at odds over what side to take on medical marijuana. officials are meeting to discuss a report from thee throo california members. the report says california should do away with its medical marijuana law and just legalize and tax marijuana. >> this calls for mass day of action. more on what occupy oakland -- more on when occupy oakland plans to strike. >> and a look at what happened in denver when officials moved against occupy denver at the
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state capitol.
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planning is underway for occupy oakland's next major news. details on a general strike against town center west. >> this is a poster already printed for wednesday's call for a mass day of action. protesters asked a lot of questions and threw out
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concerns. >> my concern is that it's -- >> in front of city hall, a discussion happened wednesday for next wednesday's. the line for his posters grew. >> i think people are waiting for some kind of change. everyone has a lot of different ideas about what that is. >> a different kind of sign expressed sentiment against the mayor who yesterday continued to express concern over public health in front of city hall. there were port-a-potties installed, even a hand washing sculpture. >> people are picking up trash and everything else. >> this place is much cleaner. >> we got a imlans at how order was held as we watched men kick a man out of the encampment.
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the crowd then turned against us when they saw us turn our cameras on. the situation calmed and one woman who threw her water at us apologized. the artist who is only accepting do nations for his work says people mere want resolution. >> everyone has different ideas for what that is. people are waiting for those issues to be addressed by the people out there who have the power to do something about it. >> the occupy media spokeswoman told us several lay your unions are participating. >> take a look. police tell the denver post they used pepper spray,er. balls and rubber bullets to break up a group of demonstrators. police say the protesters
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knocked an officer off his motorcycle and officers were kicked. at least 7 people were arrested there. people in new york are braving a rare october snowstorm. yesterday, city officials confiscated generators that were powering heaters, generators, and ena kitchen. protesters say they are there for the long haul. we have continuing coverage of the occupy protest all around the world. >> chevron topped analysts' expectations. the revenue jumped 30% and profit more than doubled in the third quarter. that is due to rising crude oil prices and new energy development projects. chevron is also reporting a dip in oil production due to disruptions in libya. shares rose slightly and closed near its record high of $110.
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architects for california's new high-speed rail are getting ready to release a new business plan. the plan is expected to come out november 10th. critics are concerned about the cost of the project. the $43 billion project will link the bay area to southern california. >> the head of electric car maker tez la says the company is on track to make a profit in two years. the auto maker says it is sold out of next year's production of its new $50,000 mold s sedan. that could push the company to profitability by 2013. if tez la turn -- tesla turns that corner -- >> talked with federal officials about the drug take
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back program. >> it all adds to a false sense of security about the contents inside. >> you have to be careful, because you cannot just prescribe medications. >> or abuse them as recreational drugs. >> it is important to keep it out of the hands of people who don't need it. >> and the hand of illegal dealers. >> there is black market for profiting off precision medicationings. >> federal health agents want you to get rid of them the right way. flushing these drugs down the toilet can contaminate waterways in the bay. >> we are giving everybody, no questions asked, a chance to get rid of it. >> the department of health and human services set up prescription drug disposal bins at the walnut dreek library. >> i think it is a good idea. there is not that many places to dispose of drug when they're not use. >> in just the first hour of the program, they had already filled up a third of this card
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board bin. the people who dropped the stuff off said if it witness for the program, these bottle. >> and peterson brought in a shopping bag full of medicine left over when her mom passed away. >> i have teenagers. they don't know anything about that, so -- but -- and i just didn'tn't want my dad to have them. >> the bins with outs only from 10 until 2 today. many also accept unused prescription medications. in wal nut creek. >> it could be a while before the government proceeds with the testing of an anthrax vaccine on children. a federal review board said yesterday that a separate review board should consider the ethical issues of testing on children. the government has stockpiled the vaccine in the e of a bioterrorist attack. testing has within done on adults, but not on children. testing would not education pose kids to anthrax.
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the government's plans to make hot dogs healthier didn't do much at all. the fda required splients to be added to hot dogs to reduce the amount of nitrates believed to cause colon cancer. whale the amount of nite rates is down, there is not enough evidence to suggest a change in the amount of colon kabts cancer. >> fran suits are now under a court order tore share a enstive memo that could affect a cold case murder trial. yesterday, a state appeals court judge ruled that the district attorney must tib over the them know to attorneys for the suspect. dna evidence links him to the 1976 murder of jenmy he'd, but defense attorneys believe this internal memo describes problems with the dna analysis at the city's crime lab. the trial has been on hold due to appeals for this memo. >> translator: the golden gate bridge is about to hit a -- the
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golden -- >> also one last push. see candidates for stran's mayor stub for votes. >> a very nice day across the bay yay. coming up within a temperature change you can expect tomorrow and why fire danger could be on the rise.
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the golden gate bridge strict is unveiling plans for the bridge's keu7th anniversary. it includes day and night tours, lectures, and scenic overlook. the cafe will also be renovated with a new menu. a visitor's pavilion will be erected. the iconic span turns 75 on may 27. travel down under is disrupted
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after an air carrier grounded all flights until its bitter labor dispute is resolved. in turn, the pilots' union called the move a maniacal overreaction. the work stoppage is causing problems at lax. >> in over news of the world, serbia arrested a gunman who attacked the u.s. embassy in bosnia. the man injured a policeman. a sharp shooter eventually wounded the gunman who was identified as an islamic extremist from serbia. today, iran blasted u.s. attempts to negotiate its nuclear program. iranian foreign minister rejected remarks by secretary of state hillary clinton as
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dishonest, saying the any negotiation out without would not be meaningful. hig says the door remained open for talks. 2 dozen injured revolutionaries from libya are flying to the united states for treatment. a u.s. c-17 plane took the people to boston. more flights are being planned for germany. >> flood waters are peaking in thailand's capital. so far, residents are coping. >> high tide in bank congress' -- bangkok's china town. just on the other side of these homes and businesses.
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did spite the severe flood warning and this relate, residents who stayed put r were far from panicked here, children even delighted in the murky water. the drainage system of this city pumps it out immediately if there is overflow, and that is why it's not heavily flood here. i'm not worried, this resident says. the flood water came in wick lip and receded quickly, but business has died up as well. >> translator: water comes out from -- now it slow down because of the flood. >> the government warden this could be the worst for central bangkok. not so in the northern and western parts of the city. high flood waters have we maiden for weeks in part of the city, ruining homes and discouraging tourism.
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so people are trudging through it. the stagnant water is beginning to sting. a public health crisis could be the next bible trublg. >> these floods have cause about $6 billion so far. it's impacted the economy so much that the bank of thailand -- >> the cost of this scasser will con to rise as long as the flood waters remain. >> just 10 days to go. a look at the political stumping for san francisco's top office in city hall. >> also, how old you like to own the drak la cape? -- the
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the candidates from san francisco's mayor are making a mad dash for the finish line. how they're doing in the home stretch. >> high above san francisco, there's a sense of calm, but if you go in a little deeper and listen closely, the may yorl campaign season is in full swing. 16 candidates vying for one spot, and what are voters looking for? >> you have to be proactive. >> we're looking for integ my. >> the race for city hall is critically underway. as one science professor said, this stage is crucial. >> three campaigns invited us to walk with them. they rallied, folked on doors, shook hands, and are looking for votes. november '8. in san francisco history to use
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choice voting. that's based on a recent university-sponsored poll, and more than half are deciding on on sec and third, so this last push is critical. >> i think it's absolutely critical. 10 days is yet another opportunity for people to get the vote. >> my biggest concern is bringing back the 30,000 jobs we lost. >> we're getting more people on the street like we have today. >> san francisco is known to be a political city, and old- fashioned city political stumping is on the way. >> there's a new front runner tonight for the republican presidential nomination. in the crucial early voting state of pais, herman cain. ron paul was in dnl today speaking before a republican group. rick perry has rooptly started
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running tv ads in that state, but it's the former godfather's pizza ceo who has grabbed the lead. a des moines register poll says 23% of likely voters will vote for herman cain. cain has not yet visited iowa since august. >> perry will take part in at least 5 more republican debates. it has been seclated that the governor would focus on other ways to reach voters. he might become a strong debater before the campaign is all over. president obama took aim at congressional republicans in his weekly deases, urging them to pass a jobs plan that he says will boost the economy. >> the truth is with, we can no longer wait for congress to do its job. the middle class family that
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have been as a ruling for years are done waiting. when congress won't act ct, i will. >> the president announced new policies to help underwater homeowners refinance their mortgages. >> today, los angeles police are acknowledging an embarrassing fact of s.w.a.t. weaponry. a cash of weapons were taken from an unguarded building. the guns had been converted to use only plastic pelts, but could easily be converted back. police arrested 2 men suspected in the theft, but have recovered only 3 of the missing weapons. some of hollywood's most iconic items are going under the hammer. the profiles in history tour in learntion is auctions off old items from hollywood. the collection includes dracula's cape, dorothy's ruby
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slippers, and marilyn monroe's wedding ring. >> this is one of her prized possessions. we have it in at 3 to $500,000, but i strongly suspect it's going to exceed $1 million. >> the icons of hollywood auction is set for next year. >> halloween got underway a little early today at cemetery. hundreds of little ones came out dressed in tear costumes. each child got to go home with a free pumpkin. you'll find a list of plans for the bay area by clicking on the we can extra tab. a thousand young trout are going to swim free today.
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students will help release the fish tomorrow. earlier this month, ran a difficults cut fish ties from the fish nets and let them go ahead of schedule. the department of fish and game splied replacement trout. >> professional snow borders snoad off their skills in a place you night not expect. more than 20 up and coming snow borders took part in the city's first urban snow board show down. previously, this 5-year-old event only happened in seattle. girls from all over northern california were in al me day for -- alameda. for a flag football game. the winning team in each age bract will advance to the national tournament of
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champions scheduled for early next year. >> peeing of football, four quarters was not enough. stanford had to work overtime tonight. see if the cardinals could keep the longest winning streak in the nation alive against usc. >> plus, we'll talk about the noticeable changes in our weather starting tomorrow.
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so far, this last weekend of october has been a very nice one, with temperatures in the 70s, enlower 80s. right now, let's start off on the east coast. you can see that snowstorm. boston right now reporting light snow and current temperature of 32-degrees as we fly back out tbar the west, out
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toward california. we have a postally clear sky been i'm tracking some fog out here in the pacific. this will be a factor, especially by this time tomorrow. that fog moves in from the pacific. this was the scene today. let's look at the warm numbers from san francisco. 70 and 80s. they topped out at 78-degrees. and still, mostly clear conditions. as far as our forecast, our forecast headlines, we do have this. mostly clear for tonight and tomorrow. those and temperatures begin to cool off. we're going to cool things off. s a, increase the wind speeds, especially as we head into into tuesday and wednesday. you can see in the lower 40s, out towards santa rosa and napa. here's a change tomorrow. high pressure begins to weang a little bit. we'll have more of an onshore breeze. temperatures come down on average 3 to 6-degrees from
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dead's highs, and then we'll take this into tuesday. here's the next sick cant development. this weather system to our east approaching nevada. the main impacts for us, will increase wind speed. as a wrubility fire danger will be on the increase. there's a possibility we could have a red flag warn kick in tuesday and wednesday morning. not a lot to show you tomorrow. a few patches could be bumping out toward the coast. that enthat fog you'ves in close tort shoreline as we hood ahead to the noise late afternoon. as a result, temperatures do come out with today's warm reads. 49ers, game tomorrow could be in the upper 60 those lower 70s at candlestick. these numbers will check in right around 3:00. livermore in the upper 70s. still pretty noose out there. a big coast side. san francisco downtown in the
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upper 60s. we're approaching halloween, and you can see the forecast as we do head into monday. by 9:00 for the late trick or treaters, temperatures become down into the low to mid 50s. here's here's a look at your extended forecast. your temperatures cooling off into monday and tuesday. a big cooler friend by thursday. warmer locationings. in fact, by thursday, taste a slight answer of a shower. in case you're working on the ha lo wean cost newspaper, no umbrellas needed for pond. >> coming up next, cal tries to keep any opens for a post- season alive as the bears face ucla. >> and stanford faces rival usc. sports track is next.
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i want to welcome you to the saturday night edition of sports wrap. tonight's stanford-usc game was probably expected to be a big one. a triple-overtime thriller was not expected. the cardinals made it look easy. 10 plays, 83 yards, 7-0 stanford. usc came out on fire in the third quarter. mcneal ran for a second score. stanford answers back, first finding a very open man. sphan ford back within 3. an


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