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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 30, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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allowed to stay at least until tuesday. we take you to a camp that is setting up camp with the city's blessing. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. the demonstrations have often had an air of confrontation. but it's a different story in the north bay. jade hernandez is in santa rosa
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where protesters and the city is getting along. at least for now. >> reporter: that's right, the protesters were allowed to stay until the next council meeting. >> i collapsed. >> reporter: carol abrams described her reaction when she found out that the city of santa rosa allowed the protesters to pitch tents until the next council meeting. >> we're all fed up and we're all showing our solidarity. >> reporter: the acu and the aicu have shown their support. >> we are truly nonviolent. >> we are getting a very good response from the people out here. they understand our goals. >> we're just really upset with the status quo today, with the economy and the corruption in politics and the corruption in big corporations.
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>> reporter: today april was just one person organizing free food. >> the march has been for people finally waking up. >> reporter: one man readied himself. >> we're prepared for tear gas or bean bags or whatever it took to hold out. >> reporter: we did speak to one officer who came by this camp to check on it. camping is only allowed if there's no alcohol, drugs or violence and protesters use the porta potty provided near city hall. jade hernandez. san francisco demonstrators are still out tonight at the occupy encampment in justin herman plaza. the encampment can stay for now. there hasn't been much of a police presence this weekend. mayor ed lee says the city is working with protest leaders to try to keep the site clean and
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safe. something the protesters are agreeing to do. >> they're going to come up with a resolution to make this camp workable. i don't know how long it's going to last. >> reporter: the group has several peaceful events planned for this week including a march and rally thursday in conjunction with the global protest of the g20 summit. buddhist monks were among a diverse group that joined the protest in san jose. the group is on a walk to stop nuclear war but lended its sport to the protesters. meanwhile shean oconnelly is still perched atop city hall.
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the website claims to be mayor quan's official site however her office says it is not. one posting on the website is a fictitious letter proportedly from quan apologizing for quote ordering the violent oppression of the encampment. in a letter released thursday quan said she was deeply saddened by the actions. ken pritchett shows us some of the changes taking place. >> reporter: it is day 18 of the occupy protest but this morning there was a second look to the second coming of the encampment. >> it's way more organized, they learned from their mistakes. >> reporter: the tents are more organized and the area more sanitary. the food has been moved off the
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grass. the substandard living conditions led to the decisions on tuesday. >> i'm wondering what the police chief, what is going to be their argument now. >> reporter: last night hundreds of people marched from the plaza to police headquarters to demonstrate against what they called excessive police action. but a spokesperson said it was not behind the march. >> the march is more of an anti police march, the whole purpose was to confront the plus. and i felt as though that was just incorrect. >> reporter: shake anderson says outsider piggy backed on the occupy oakland movement but occupy oakland is planning a walk. it will maintain services and employees may participate. the city says it will continue to maintain a minimal police presence here at frank okawa
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plaza and that was evident today. frank pritchett. in portland police arrested dozens of occupy protesters early this morning. >> let them go, let them go. >> reporter: police say they warned protesters that the park closed at midnight. when demonstrators refused to leave, officers began making arrests. as many as 30 people were taken into custody for ignoring police orders. >> you can continue the latest on the occupy movement by going to our website and clicking the tab on the top of our home page. early voting began a few weeks ago on weekdays but this is the first weekend voters were allowed to cast their ballots. that's because the polls are only open the last two weekends prior to the election which is november 8th. >> it's very important and it's more convenient. sometimes it's very hard to come in to work on tuesday,
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because it's a little overwhelming. >> city workers have a lot to sort through particularly in the mayor race where there's 16 candidates in the ballot and where the choice ranked system is being used. the polls are open at city hall from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the weekends. it's a cold dark night for millions of the people from maine to virginia after a massive early storm moved through. five deaths are being blamed on the weather including a man from pennsylvania who died when a tree came down on his home. officials say more than 3 million people are without power tonight. some people complained about the harsh weather so early in the year, others seemed to take it in stride. >> there's no power right now. and we're just using candles and flashlights and off to work we go. a little cold but that's it. just make due. >> reporter: looks like it's going to be the next few days
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that will be tough on people. it could be days before the power is turned back on. federal investigators plan to look into a jet blue delay that left many people on a tarmac for eight hours. the plane was heading to newark. but that snowstorm forced the pilot to divert. once the plane ended, passengers were forced to sit there for hours with spotty electricity and no restrooms. once they were let off, many had a hard time finding hotels. >> there's no food. >> no facilities. >> jet blue apologized and said they will give refunds to those stranded passengers. that same storm caused
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problems at oakland airport. everything we're told is back to normal tonight. as always it's a good idea to check the status of your flight. officials at san jose airport say operations there are normal. a happy happy update now on that red tail hawk found with a nail in its head in san francisco. the bird is ready to be returned to the wild. the wild rescue organization announced today the hawk will be released on wednesday at the san francisco botanical gardens. the bird was captured last weekend after being found with a framing nail in its head. officials believe it was shot intentionally. after having their high school projects sabotaged twice, a group of sonoma county high schoolers released a thousand fish. >> reporter: these pens should have been full of shanuck salmon. >> as you can see they cut all
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the zip ties on that side. obviously they didn't have time for this one or they thought that was sufficient enough which obviously it was. basically the nets dropped down to where the fish could swim out easily into the water. >> reporter: the united anglers program catch fish an run their own hatchery. the sabatoures may have thought they were releasing the fish. but cutting the ties one at a time put the fish in danger. >> it was not the best way to. because they're supposed to stay in a school that's how we release them. >> reporter: hubacher runs the program and says it's not just the fish per se, but students learn how to see the process to the end. >> there's a lot of time and energy that was put into this, and that was taken away from them. >> reporter: today the fish and
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game stepped forward donating trout so the students could see their work. >> it's nice that we get to. it would have been nice to release the other runs. >> reporter: despite their disaappointment, students tell me they are not deterred, in fact, they tell me they will be raising more salmon right here and releasing them next year. christien kafton. it's not trout but newts that are beginning their -- that closure starts tuesday and will last until april. a critical report is about to be released in california's high speed rail project and the public is going to get a chance to weigh in. what does your commute have to do with your health?
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find out how it can be affecting more than when you get to work. nasa gives us a close up look at one of the space agencies most powerful telescope ever created, the story is coming up next on ktvu news when we return in just seconds. my front tooth the other day, which would be great... if i was seven.
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i'm forty-six. and the tooth fairy doesn't come when you're forty-six. just lots of referrals and appointments and bills that costs tons. maybe i'll keep it... it adds character... right? [ male announcer ] we know life can be unpredictable. that's why we offer affordable health coverage and dental plans. blue shield. a business plan for california's bullet train is
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expected to be released this week. but tonight there's already plenty of criticism. >> reporter: for caltrans riders high speed rail is not a hard sell. it's a huge project, 800 miles of track, up to 24 stations all with a promise of getting passengers from san francisco to l.a. in under two hours and 30 minutes. but the plan could cost more than $40 million and the devil as they say is in the details. so anticipation is high. >> i heard a lot of things like having the wrong stops or a lot of bureaucracy issues with the many stops and i can see why. >> reporter: while we found supporters of the project here at the caltrans station in san
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francisco, this project has its fair share of critics. according to the l.a. times union pacific say it is proposed central valley rout calls into question property rights and has the potential to disrupt operations. add that to concerns over logistics and the price tag and you have a full plate. >> it's tough right now with the economy. thinking about investing in something that has a big price tag. but it's going to make a difference. >> reporter: the report is expected to be thousands of pages long but everyone will be weighing in. the 60 day common session will begin after that report is weighed in. last week elan mosque says the auto maker received 50
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orters for its sedan. at $50,000 a piece, mosque says that those are enough orders to push the company toward profitability toward 2013. the the new plan could set a limit on how many visitors are allowed in the park. park officials will hold a series of meetings to get public input on the plan ahead of a report due in 2013. commuting by car or public transit could be bad for your health. researchers surveyed 21,000 people who worked more than 30 hours a week. they found that car and public transit users suffered more stress and exhaustion issues than people who got to work by walking or cycling. they say the commuters also struggled more with their health over all than those who were more active.
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the search is suspended tonight for three people missing after an explosion at a kansas grain elevator. at least three workers were killed in yesterday's blast. two others suffered severe burns. the search for other employees was suspended after officials said it was too dangerous for anyone to be inside the elevators. the cause of that explosion is unknown but officials say in the right conditions, grain dusts that became suspended in the air can turn explosive. a study meant to disprove global warming is actually doing the opposite. the two year study was paid for in part by global warming skeptics including the tea party. but the researchers recently concluded that the earth is 1.6 degrees warmer than it was in the 1950s and that temperatures are indeed rising. the findings confirm what main treatment climate scientists have been saying for decades.
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we have a new look at the new telescope at moffet field. this telescope offers a view like no other. >> reporter: nasa's newest telescope is truly a jet setter. better known as sophia is a modified 747 with an oversized window, 17-ton telescope and cameras taking in the view. >> scientists are able to analyze that data at current time. >> reporter: these images show the core of galaxy. infrared wave lenghts hold available clues about the birth of stars and planets even our
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own. >> you can find regions such as stellar nurseries where we can begin to see planets coming together and we can see the formations. >> reporter: sofia can see things telescopes on the ground can't. although those fixed in space like hubble they can be easily repaired after landing. sophia is a partnership between nasa and germany's space program. scientists hope it will get more kids involved in science too. >> the most exciting part was looking at the center of our galaxy. >> reporter: teachers are flying on sofia then teaching students. >> she can help us relate what we're learning in something so big and important. >> sophia has taken 85 flights already and each one lasting about 10 hours. nasa hopes to fly 1,000 research hours every year as a new dimension of space
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exploration takes flight. in mountain view california, claudia cowen. a set of 2-year-old conjoined twins in san jose will undergo a long procedure to separate them. a team of 20 doctors and nurses will perform the eight hour operation. the girls named angelina and angelica asbuco have separate organs but doctor have to carefully separate them. how many people celebrate the halloween holiday? new information about libya and it's weapons arsenal. the discovery that's prompting officials to travel to the legion this week. the temperature change you
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can expect for halloween. details and when cold rain showers will move back into the bay area. verizon 4g lte. america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 160 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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the nation's economy might not be as scary as it seems this halloween. as ktvu's allie rasmuss tells us spending is up this year. >> reporter: whether it's a walk through a haunted house or a trip to the pumpkin patch. according to a national survey seven out of 10 americans celebrate halloween. >> it's a chance for people to, to just let lose for a little bit. >> reporter: and pretend to be someone else for a night. >> my spider man costume really looks like spider man. >> reporter: but the sluggish economy has not scared consumers. people will spend $150 on costumes and candy. that's more than last year. >> last year i think i spent $70 on candy. >> reporter: ron bailey is in the market for a pumpkin and
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he's willing to pay extra for the sake of convenience. >> since i don't have time to carve it i can pick up two carved pumpkins, next up is candy and i'm ready to go. >> people are spending more. people are buying bigger pumpkins than last year. i think halloween is a happy holiday for everybody. >> reporter: the national retail federation says halloween shoppers have found ways to be more economical this year. more than 20% said they were making their own costume. it's what 8-year-old wilbur did. >> my mom made it more like a dimension. >> reporter: allie rasmus. from libya comes confirmation that chemical weapons have been found at two
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sites. the outgoing commissioner released the news. he did say foreign inspectors from the u.s. were notified and that they are expected to arrive in libya later this week. he also said libya has no interest in keeping those weapons. in the mideast a fire fight this week between the israeli military and palestinian fighters left 11 people dead and some of the heaviest fighters there in two months. one israeli died in a rocket attack. the violence comes less than three weeks after israel released hundreds of palestinian prisoners in exchange for shalite an israeli soldier held by gaza militants for more than five years. good news for all those stranded by qantas air ways. the line is expected to start
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flying yesterday. more than 8,000 passengers were stranded when qantas suddenly grounded its fleet after its workers began protesting. media reports say 10 americans were killed in afghanistan. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. but american and afghan officials suspect it was the work of the -- crews in turkey are turning their rescue efforts into recovery efforts after last week's deadly earthquake. this comes after a 5.3 magnitude aftershock hit earl littler today where thousand -- earlier today where thousands
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spent the night in tents. thousands more were injured. how would you like your cell phone to be your wallet? in a special report, a look at this emerging technology and just how it works. surf is up, details on the mayor surf contest planned for san francisco and the big name who's participating.
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[people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account.
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all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters. no cash needed and you can leave the credit card at home too. tonight ktvu's lloyd lacuesta takes a look at the technology recently launched that will allow you to tap your phone and pay and the security behind the system. >> reporter: at a cvs store in san francisco a new way to buy something. >> looks like your total comes
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to $14.58 today. >> reporter: instead of a wallet, google executive pays with his cell phone. >> what i will do is hold it up to the reading. it sends sent. it shows me it sent my google payment. and all of my information should have been sent right to the point of sale and i have my receipt right here. >> reporter: the technology must be linked to a google card. >> we're holding this information and giving you an easy way to pass that information to a merchant. >> reporter: ted's market in san francisco is one of some 150,000 u.s. merchants set up to accept google wallet payments. >> for the people that use it they know what they're doing, and it speeds things up. >> reporter: during the lunch rush we spent at ted's market, not a single customer pulled
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out google wallet. but there was interest. >> i feel there's a lot of security stuck with it too though. i wouldn't worry about it too much. >> there's still some possible problems with somebody hacking the phone or what if somebody steals my phone. >> reporter: google says security is top priority. google wallet can be locked and requires a pin. >> if the screen is off, you can't pay. if you haven't entered your pin, the secure element is locked. so you can't actually send your information. if i took your phone i can't pay. >> reporter: so before you start calling and say so where do i get my google wallet. some consumer advocates say hold on a minute, slow down. >> it wasn't any faster or easier than using a debit card or credit card or cash even. >> reporter: consumer report magazine tester josh blisfall says google wallet needs to be
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on more phones and more merchants for it to work. >> you do the, you wave it in front of the reader. it's not faster. >> reporter: consumer croon union, the league arm says we are now entered uncharred ter tpoeur. >> we definitely don't want to see a scenario where everybody that uses the google wallet, now has to get -- >> reporter: the original intent of a phone will be to share spoken information. will it now become an effective way to spend your money? >> it's inevitable. it's technology, from mobile and now bringing that aspect
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of it. that's how we live, that's how we work, that's how we buy. >> reporter: google wallet is just the beginning, other phone and software companies are all working toward the ultimate cashless society. in san francisco lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. california leads the way when it comes to screening new hires through a government based immigration records check system. according to the san jose mercury news in the last year about 26,000 employers in california used e-verify to check a workers immigration status. that is up 37% from last year. currently a house bill proposes making the system mandatory for all employers. governor jerry brown recently signed legislation that
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mandates employers to use e- verify. officers say the man in this video pointed the gun at the cashier then fired a warning shot before taking all the cash from the register. he then fired more shots as he made his way to a parking lot and into a gold sedan. children at a near by youth center rushed in doors during the incident. fortunately no one was hurt. tomorrow the world population is expected to hit 7 billion. that's according to the united nations which says the 7 billionth by will probably be a boy in china or india. not only is the population growing, the u.n. says it's aging because people are growing longer. when social security was accomplished in 1935 u.s. life expectancy was 62. now it is 78 and going higher. the world population is expected to hit a billion in another 14 years. some of the biggest names in surfing are about to ride the waves in san francisco. the set up has already begun
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for the rip curl contest. san francisco's cold unpredictable waves are the perfect challenges for these surfers that means a great show for spectators too. >> it's the first time in decade we've had an event of this magnitude. it's going to be starring the world's best so you should come and check it out. >> reporter: the competition could start november 1 through 12 depending on those swell conditions. the 49ers are off to their best start. what should all those trick or treaters expect tomorrow night. mark tamayo will have your holiday forecast coming up next.
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we are wrapping up another very warm weekend across most of the bay area. you may have noticed a few changes late in the afternoon with more breeze. right now the maps i can show you this, you can see the fog expanding in coverage just offshore. the fog bank will work its way near the cost and locally into the bay as we head into the overnight hours. but we're still expecting mostly clear skies inland. that was the scene today. here's a look at the highs this afternoon. still very warm. santa rosa 81 degrees. you can see a beautiful sunset with all the people cominging in from a nice day at the bay.
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some fog developing just offshore. overnight lows temperatures back down into the mid- to upper 40s and some 50s out there. san francisco at 53, concord 50 and vallejo at 49 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight we do have this. mostly clear skies, some fog for the coast. it will be cooler as you head into your monday. the extended forecast major cooling. i put this in all caps to remind myself to stress that because temps are cooling in into thursday and friday. and look at this, we are bringing in the chance of scattered showers. temperatures come down on average six to 8 degrees. and still stubborn fog near the coast. at least for the morning hours as we take this into tuesday. there's a weather system that will be heading into nevada. not really bringing us any cloud cover or rainfall but this will increase wind speed. this will be the source of the major cool down as we head into
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thursday and also an increase on the rain chances and possibly dropping snow levels. we'll get to that in a little bit. here we go the with the weather watches posted. this kicks in tuesday morning lasts into thursday morning. in place for the north bay hills and east bay hills. gusts could be right around 35 miles per hour. ore forecast models showing you this. clearing skies at least partly cloudy skies on the shoreline. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. here we go with the temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. mainly mid- to upper 70s for the warmest locations. oakland tops out at 71. livermore 77, san jose lower 70s at 73. these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. low clouds and fog to start off the day with clouds beginning a bit cloudy. 6:00 temperatures mainly in the 60s. sunset will be at 6:12. throughout the evening hours, partly cloudy skies, they'll be
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kind of cool by the 8:00 hour, mid- to low 50s out there. clearing skies on tuesday. increasing wind into tuesday morning. a major cool down on thursday, only in the upper 50s. a completely weather story than we've been dealing with. >> but tomorrow night the batmans and wonder women will be okay. >> okay we can say with confidence. coming up, we'll wrap up a day around the nfl. >> and we will look at highlights from the 49ers victory. we'll be right back.
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good evening everyone thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. the 49ers looked a bit sluggish today against the visiting cleveland browns. maybe that had to be to having the last week off. browns top running back payton hill wore street clothes and his back up got hurt in the first half. the second half of the game, -- loses his helmet and still get as -- gets a big hit on mccoy. 7-0 san francisco. when you have an extra week of


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