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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 31, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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april swartz, 31, a white woman who is five-foot-three, weighing 120 pounds with blonde hair and hazel eyes and angelina they were travel ebb traveling in a gmc yukon with oklahoma license plates 118zr. a surfer attacked by a shark over the weekend is talking about his ordeal. ktvu's ropert h is live where the man is -- robert handa is live where the man is recovering. >> reporter: he was able to go home this afternoon and eric tarantino expressed his gratitude to a lot of people. the surfer from monterey seemed upbeat and healthy when he left the hospital. as we reported, eric tarantino was attacked by a shark while surfing saturday morning. from the bite marks on the surf
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board, the job width measured 19 inches. >> i feel lucky and grateful right now and thanks to everyone who helped me. >> reporter: the doctor says eric tarantino was lucky because the bite missed his artery by millimeters and it appears his wounds won't leave permanent physical problems. >> the nerves work correctly. >> reporter: sharks also present less obvious hazards. >> they have bacteria in their mouths and because the wounds were contaminated he will be on antibiotics for a period of time. >> reporter: eric tarantino is grateful. >> i just want to thank everyone that supported me, all my friends on the beach. the paramedics who helped me in the ambulance, they did a great
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job. everyone that hospital. >> reporter: the shark attack took place that same spot where another surfer survivorred another non counter a week years ago. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. streets are still blocked out in pittsburg after a high- speed chase that left one woman dead. police tell thus driver of a silver truck was trying to get away from officers when it slammed into a car and crashed into a wall. the passenger was killed. police say the driver was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. >> local resident, a wanted parolee with a criminal history. >> two other people were hurt and remain in stable condition tonight. the highway patrol is
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investigating a accident on interstate 680 that left a pedestrian dead. it happened last night. authorities say a 53-year-old woman got out of her car and started wandering on to the freeway. she was hit by several cars. all the drivers stopped and are cooperating with investigators. "occupy oakland" protesters trying to mobilealize their forces calling for a strike this weekend, they are trying to shut down the city. ktvu's jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: an hour ago eric -- "occupy oakland" held a press conference to discuss the strike planned for wednesday. it addressed four points, ending police attacks, depending schools schools and
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libraries. labor unions are discussing how they will approach this. we spoke with a man, many of the unions endorse the "occupy wall street" movement. they are encouraging members to participate in shutting down banks, corporations and the port of oakland this week. >> we are encouraging all of our employees to take a whole day, half day, take part of a day, two hours and come down there and make sure we support. >> reporter: not everyone feels that way. wednesday's strike may be endorsed by the long shorman's union. the oakland education association's contracts give them more room to support the fight. >> we are trying to support our members. if they want to take a day without pay, we are supporting them. if they want to take a personal
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day, we are supporting them. >> reporter: the school district only has one caveat, there has to be enough jobs to fill the classroom and the days have to be approved. we want to show you what is going on, there are lot of children gathered in halloween costumes, lot of games. the smaller children are trick- or-treating through the tents tonight and all else is relatively calm. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the occupy movement is picking up support. he held a hearing today, he is trying to protect protesters who are occupying the plaza and prevent the scene last week in oakland. some protesters welcome the support but others still don't
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trust politicians. >> lip service. i hope we see efforts. >> the board of super visors is expected to vote on the resolution tomorrow and we will have continuing coverage on our website, go to and click on the occupy protests tab. mayor jean quan responded to a petition to have her recalled. the office released a statement reading, oakland is on the move and we are making progress together. the last thing we need is a recall election. residents filed a petition last week saying he failed to provide leadership for the city. and drive got the go ahead to collect signatures for medical marijuana. the initiative would charge a sales tax on marijuana that would bring in hundreds of
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millions of dollars. they say the crack down will help get that passed. >> a lot of people on the sidelines, you know, you know, waiting for this to come out. you know,you know, the position of the united states department of justice has really brought us a lot of support. >> the measure would keep state and local law enforcement officials from helping helping helping the government. organizers need to collect a half million signatures. teachers and school administrators are bracing for more cuts. they are expected to release its projections in six weeks. according to them, if revenue is down funding could be reduced by 4%. money for bus transportation could also be slashed. it state was $654 million short
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of projections. tonight is halloween, the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season. ktvu's maureen naylor is live with a look that projections for holiday hiring. >> reporter: spending on halloween decorations is second only to christmas. today we found some jobs are ending and others are just beginning. >> reporter: they spend this halloween getting these costumes. >> we are spending $40 in costumes for just the kids. they expect the average person to spend $72 on costumes, decorations and candy, up from $66 last year. spirit halloween hired a thousand workers across the bay area. now this 18-year-old who works
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here is looking for a new job. >> it's hard. i put all my effort into this store. so finding the time to go out and really look is just extremely difficult. >> reporter: looking forward, they expect half a million seasonal hires nationwide. >> clients are definitely hiring. >> reporter: they say seasonal hiring started picking up last month. >> really in full gear right now. last week we placed 5-6 people in one department. and we expect that to continue. >> reporter: fedex plans to hire 20,000 seasonal workers, which is 18% more than last year. as you could see back here live, we have a bunch of ghosts
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and goblins. reporting live, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. hitechhireing is the key to a economic recovery. over the first 9 months the technology industry added 26,000 workers. that is 65% of all of the jobs created in the bay area. hitechworkers are more lake tee to buy a home, eat out, all of which pumps more cash into local economies. the energy committee is trying to figure out what to do with unspent stimulus fund. they haven't spent $183 million. and the california department of community services hadn't spent 90 million of a 2009 federal grant to weatherize homes. a transportationitiative approved by voters is finally paving the way for new road
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projects. more than $30 million of improvement funds have been aletted. san mateo will get a third of the money. $1.7million will go to bridge projects. the money comes from proposition 1b. it's amazing. it's like i have to ask myself is this real. >> a pair of conjoined twins getting ready for surgery, where and what this surgery entailed. >> and a congresswoman puts her money where her mouth is, the food challenge she is just beginning. and a red flag warning tomorrow and rain in the five-day forecast, we will take a look at that.
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terminal at the port of oakland is shut down over feoffers possible explosions. a unit serviced in vietnam could explode when powered up. officials say the units will not be allowed through the gate till they receive a list of things serviced in vietnam. the closure will last till tomorrow. >> a cutter returned home after a mission that resulted in two drug bust. it recovered 500-kilograms of cocaine and detained final suspects and then 48 hours later a second boat was caught. the coast guard is not releasing details but said the way she prevented $25 million worth of drugs from reaching
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the united states. doctors are getting ready to perform a delicate operation. rete w is live -- rita williams is live now. >> reporter: there is a festive mood here with little trick-or- treaters, patients trick-or- treating inside the hospital in home for a better life for two little girls. >> reporter: this halloween they were making the rounds getting lots of treats. but their real treats comes tomorrow, when for the first time they will no longer see each other only face to face. april swartz, 31, a white woman who is five-foot-three, weighing 120 pounds with blonde hair and hazel to -- their mother was 7 months pregnant
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when she found out they were conjoined. last year the family, including a 10-year-old son moved to san jose and the twins' aunt started searching to find home for the hopeless -- hope for the hopeless. >> it's amazing. it's like i have to ask myself is this real. >> reporter: the surgery tomorrow morning will be tricky. 6 hours to separate the girls. another three hours to then reconstruct their bodies. >> i am fully expecting both girls to be perfect after this. so i am expecting 100% survivals. >> reporter: years ago their lives would have ended as they began together, now they have a good chance to be perfect but
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separate. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. a warning tonight for parents this halloween. keep an eye on your kids as they trick-or-treat. the number of deaths among pedestrians 5-14 is four times higher on halloween night than any other night of the year. kids can stay sife by bringing a flash light, cross at cross walks and bringing along an adality. congress woman is challenging herself to live on food stamps for a week. >> congresswoman jackie speier went shopping today on a tight budget. for the next 5 days she will try live on food stamps, spending $4.50 a day. it will show her what it's like to live in the foot steps of
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someone living in poverty. >> so many of us, we have no idea what it's like. >> other are taking part in the challenge, including religious leaders, students and 8 other mauves congress. californians are relying less on gasoline. gas conassumption dropped 2.2% in july. experts say that is mostly due to higher gas prices. diesel fuel went up almost 2% compared to last year. and we got a red flag warning tomorrow morning as the winds shifts another to a northeasterly direction. you can see the outside buoy, tells me the winds are gusting to 27.
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they are still northwest. into the evening they will clock northerly. in the places that get hit the hardest, this is like last week, if you are in the flats, antioch, livermore rally, you may not -- livermore valley, you moy not notice the winds. winds could gust up to 25-35, maybe 40 miles per hour in the hills. starts morm morning and goes into -- starts tomorrow morning and goes into wednesday morning. the rain drops south on thursday and friday. tomorrow and wednesday, breezy in the hills. 80s in the warmest valleys. here is the weather system thursday, rolls in, scattered showers, behind it there is cool air. snow levels come down thursday night into friday. cool around here in the morning, might see frost and it
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will feel like late november. more like a wintery set up, towards the end of the week, thursday, friday and right now the weekend looks unsettled. you will see that in the five- day forecast. forecast highs tomorrow, two more warm days. head out to the coast. fog free. upper 70s, low 80s. santa clara, 70s and five-day forecast, coming up, with your bay area weekend in view, set up with an unsettled pattern. at 10:00, the latest model run at your bay area weekend. right now, showers thursday and friday. a note to the trick-or-treaters tonight, beautiful night for it. the kids are out there so drive safely. >> thank you. speaking of halloween, coming up on bay area news at
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7:00, the castro district is preparing for a flood of visitors, see the candidate we caught up with and it's hosted before, will it host again, st. mary's finds out if it made the cut to east host a presidential debate on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. popular haunted house will open tonight after all. it has been an attraction for the past 5 years but this year the city shut it down. he says the show will go on. but tonight's event will be more low key. it cost $3 to enter and he donates the money to charity. the is a new twist in plans to build a new 49er's stadium, why it could be finished earlier than planned.
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the proposed new home for the 49ers may open earlier than expected. we confirmed the city is putting the finishing touches on the final financial plan and
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that is raising homes the ground breaking could be held next year and leaders are hoping for a 2014 opening instead of 2015. mark joins us live with more on tony larussa, definitely leaving on a high note. >> they always talk about athletes not being able to retire that right time, you can't do better than tony larussa. hard to believe. he is quitting and going out on top and no manager before him ever done this. quit after and retired after winning a world series. he is 67 years old. it was his third world series title. two with with the cardinals, one with oakland. 33 years years of managing. been with st. louis since 1996. tony larussa certainly a future hall of famer. the 9ers, not a lot of offensive explosion,
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particularly in the second half but they have one particular frank gore and this guy is going off this year, moving up on the all time rushing list, he is now number 2. we will be number one before the season is over. he covered up the browns on the ground, 134 yards rushing. great blocking, of course, but lots of natural instincts from frank gore. >> just look at a defense and know where i can go before the play even starts. that's god. god blessed me with that. >> has the ability to lower his pads to get through the narrowest of windows. >> he is one of the all time bests and we are lucky to have him. >> all right. mean time, time to get on and vote for the game you want to see. right at the top of the list,
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vintage versus napa. we will decide by thursday and highlight the game friday night on our high school game of the week. sharks won 5 in a row but it looks like they will take it on the short end trailing new york, 5-2, rangers in the 3rd period. >> thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news brakes.
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