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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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alto another problem. >> the slow steady drop of air pressure was due to a pin sized leak in the pipeline. >> reporter: the leak did not occur at normal pressure but at extreme ones. the leak some where along page road. a special guest will be injected into the water that will be detectable by electronic sniffers in the area of the leak so that repairs can be made. >> i think it's good to be proactive and find something ahead of time. stave off the possibility of what happened last time. >> reporter: repair or replacement should take about a week. back live i'm consumer editor tom vacar. ktvu channel 2 news. p g & e says it plans to
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spend money on pipeline repairs and renovations. pg & e reported that its third quarter profit fell 22% compared to the same time period last year. for more information on the programs to upgrade pipeline safety go to our website now to the occupy movement, it has put mayor quan in a very difficult position. mayor quan does have some options the problem is, none of them are very good. rob roth has the story. >> reporter: mayor quan she's stuck between a rock and a hard place.
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at one side, she's allowed this tent city, and they're criticizing her. and on the other side of the street, they're asking her to get rid of the protesters. >> the mayor failed to act and now we're in a situation where it's really costing the city. >> reporter: the chamber of commerce says it still got another call from business executives considering pulling up states and leaving oakland. >> the mayor's opportunity is to stimulate economic development. right now we have economic development in reverse. >> reporter: law enforcement used tear gas on protesters. then >> her handling of the occupy oakland is seen as a national model for what not to do.
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and it's a case study of the wrong response at the wrong time. >> reporter: people we spoke with at city hall say quan isn't showing leadership or a thought out plan but if she uses police to close the camp she risks possible violence. if she lets them stay she alienate it is business community among others. >> people are looking for leadership. they want to see a mayor that's in charge. >> some oakland residents have been seeking to recall quan. we called an e-mailed mayor quan's office asking for comment and we are told only that the mayor is unavailable. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the occupy movement is getting a will the of support from those who can't pitch a tent in the encampment. some are older folks or activists who have jobs. david stevenson will tell us what these part time protesters are doing to help out the cause. tomorrow is what is being
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called bank transfer day. urging people to take their money out of big banks, allie rasmuss is here and tell us who can benefit from this. >> reporter: other credit unions have taken ads like these urging people to drop their banks and switch to credit unions. today we caught up to a group of people heeding that call. a group of 40 parents marched to the wells fargo branch. >> i've been a customer for 17 year, i'm going to go withdraw my money. >> reporter: along the rout, drivers honked in support and even employees from other banks applauded. >> my children, they know how to share. and we need the big banks and the 1% to share too. >> reporter: minie ho was one
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of many customer showing support by taking their money. >> i think if there's people taking their money and putting their money in alternative areas, the bank will have to become good citizens. >> reporter: but wells fargo says they are good citizens. they say last year they donated to nonprofits. but the people here say they would rather invest in a not for profit union. >> they are showing they are frustrated the way things are with their current bank. >> sure, maybe an extra four to 15 calls day. people just generally concerned. >> reporter: and asking -- >> how much they're going to be paying a month, whether we charge for debit card fees. >> reporter: the bank says they
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had a record month in october. they opened three times the number of new customers they usually get. allie rasmus, ktvu news. the political fire storm surrounding presidential candidate herman cain heated up today. an attorney for one of cain's accusers says his client stands by her claim of sexual harassment. >> she made a report of unwanted advances from the ceo. >> reporter: he says his client was sexually harassed by then ceo herman cain and agreed to a cash settlement. the restaurant association this week agreed to wave confidentiality. but says his client will not go public with her story. saying quote it would be extremely painful. cain did not refer to today's development but he illuded to
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the controversy. >> you know i've been in washington all week and i've attracted a little bit of attention. >> cain has denied sexual harassment cane made by women in the 1990s. so far the sexual harassment cain has not slowed down herman cain's run. a new washington post shows cain in a statistical tie with romney. >> the president has been traveling across the country trying to get the people of america to support his new half a trillion dollar stimulus bill. he keeps telling people, we can't wait to which i say, yes we can. >> romney noted that the u.s. unemployment rate has been higher than 8% for more than three years now and he says if he is elected president he
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would make government quote simpler, smaller and smarter. in the coming hours, a cross advisory will be going into effect up in the north bay. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin is here with what we can expect. >> the cold air has gotten here, the cold air is going to stick around. with that in mind, overnight is going to be clear and cold outside. certainly one of the coldest nights of the season. temperatures near freezing or at freezing in the north bay. here we go with a frost advisory showing up. in the north bay county certainly around napa and san helena out toward petaluma and nevado as well. very cool especially in the overnight hours. there's more rain in your forecast, we go up to mount hamilton. you can see it snowed up there. you're up over 1,000 feet. we had snow flurries up over mount diablo as well. it has definitely been the begining to a very cold period
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an unsettled period in the five day forecast i'm going to show you more rain. i'll see you back here in a few minutes? as bill illuded to, the snow has caused traffic headaches for those heading to the mountains for the weekend. >> reporter: let's start with the good news and check out the snow we're talking about. boreal just opening full time today. so they are expecting a lot of skiers coming up this weekend. however if you're going to be coming up here, given what the emergency crews saw today was a number of people unprepared for this they are downright concerned with what's to come tonight and this weekend. from spinning tires, to big back ups. to digging out. >> you see what mess we got up here. >> reporter: this is a look at sierra snow problems friday that the highway patrol says could be directly blamed on people being unprepared for the weather. >> i didn't expect this much.
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>> did you expect weather to be this heavy? >> no not at all. so i definitely was caught off guard for sure. >> reporter: even after the snowfall stopped, emergency crews were still racing to deal with a big long time consuming back up on eastbound interstate 80. >> from this point i heard that it was backed up about five miles. >> reporter: this back up caused by a stuck big rig that caused others to get stuck as well. the highway patrol saying an unusual large number of people drove into the sierra unprepared for winter conditions. one of the reasons hpd wants you to be prepared with adequate supplies is this. the snow long gone, but you can see the back up for miles. and so now the temperatures are dropping the chp is concerned that black ice could pose a danger to anyone driving into the sierra tonight. >> be very careful. it's not going to get any better. >> reporter: and again the concern back here is not the amount of snow that fell it's the fact that during the day
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the sun was up. temperatures rose a little bit and that started to do this. melt a lot of this snow. you can see ice crystals starting to form as the temperatures are dropping up here and that is essentially going to create according to the highway patrol black ice. ice you can't even see and they say given the speed they saw people driving today and the snow, they are concerned that people have not figured out these are winter conditions. if you're one of those heading to the sierra, be prepared. apparently a lot of people didn't get that message. back to you. >> all right, thank you mike. if you grabbed your winter coat this morning you weren't alone. it was a cold day in the bay area. the temperatures plunged with highs in the low 60s in most areas and overnight temperatures dropped below freezing in some parts. >> we haven't turned the heat on once but tonight will probably be the first time and we'll probably have knocks and bumps but we'll see if the furnace still works, we don't know yet. >> pg & e say s if you are
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turning your pilot light on make sure it's burning blue. if it's burning yellow that could indicate carbon monoxide. and our weather coverage will continue this evening and you can track the weather on released numbers today show a glimmer of hope in the economy. the nation added 80,000 jobs. that's 20,000 fewer than economists had expected but it's also the 13th consecutive month that jobs have increased. the health care and hospitality industry saw some of the highest job gains. on wall street today, stocks fell on concerns of greeces continued debt crisis. investors are waiting to see if greece goes think with an austerity program. the dow jones fell 51 points.
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president obama and french president praised their alliance during the closing of the g20 summit in france. the two leaders placed a wreath. investors had been hoping the g20 nations would help the euro zone but the g20 leaders say europe needs to help itself first. coming up jaycee dugard is taking to the air waves and speaking out with a special message. >> hi, this is jaycee dugard -- >> who the message is directed to and what she's trying to prevent with everyone's health. i ride munni every day. i enjoy it the most when i'm with sidney. she doesn't notice that it's too crowded or that it can run a half hour late. i'm devin dufty and i'm running for mayor because it's not enough to just get it done.
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we need to get it done better. sidney thinks numi is magic, we go underground and come out some place new. just us. i want all of us to see it that way. ?
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no verdict yet. a los angeles jury just wrapped up their last day of
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deliberations. jurors are not sequestered they will reconvene on monday. during the trial, the defense attempted to prove that jackson gave himself the lethal dose of propofol. if dr. murray is convicted, he could lose his license and he could also spend time behind bars. daylight savings ends at 2:00 a.m. on sunday. fire officials also recommend changing the batteries on your smoke alarms when you change your clock. >> an overnight road closure will begin in san francisco near the golden gate bridge. it affects highway 1 which is part presidio boulevard. it should be open again by 9:00 tomorrow morning. drivers can detour around the
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closure using lumbard street. it's part of the doyle drive replacement project. the work tonight is weather dependent and could be delayed by rain. surfer kelly slater lost his title for now. this afternoon the association of surfing professionals said it made an error when it calculated its ranking. the ahp says it must win one more heat. if he does slater will claim a record 11th world title. >> he is good. bill we're looking at another cold evening. >> it's going to be the coldest evening of the season so far. we're going to get a frost warning in the north bay. and then we mite see might see a little bit of frost. the winds what they've done now
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is they were going offshore the other day, the storm came in and started blowing out of the northwest. tomorrow the winds are going to be light. with light winds out there we're expecting temperatures to really drop off. what we're seeing is you come in closer in san francisco. these are the current temperatures. temperatures have really trended down. look at that cold air spinning in. you saw that open celled stuff. this is cold air too here. that's cold air. you see that's what's come in. a little instability there. there's no shower activity today. but you did last night late and that cold air lingering is what's going to give us the very cold overnight lows you do notice this over my shoulder. this is the next system that gets in here saturday, or tomorrow night into sunday morning. and we'll talk more about this system as we go through time. just know this, as i was looking some of the long range computer models we are into a very active, i wouldn't say winter like weather pattern. but a pattern that's going to bring us a potential for
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showers every week or the next couple of weeks. it's interesting. it's that time of year. rain is good but it's just very fluid pattern. so let's watch it closely and just keep the umbrella handy. be prepared for rain. none of them look handy yesterday but just an active pat -- none of them look active yet but just keep an eye on them. all the sports going on or early morning golf game, 33 degrees in vallejo. you will notice it as you get going tomorrow morning. you noticed it this morning but i suspect tomorrow morning is going to be even chillier. might be a little valley fog and a little bit of frost. look at these numbers, purples not 30s. and notice how the coast lingers. there's nooks and crannies, the cold air just sinks to the
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bottom of the valley like the napa valley. we're going to watch it closely for you. i'll be back here in a few minutes, specific temperatures for your neighborhood and your weekend right in view because your weekend basically is here. >> thank you, bill. a huge asteroid about the size of an aircraft carrier will zoom past the earth next week flying between the earth and the moon. the space rock named asteroid 2005yu55 does not pose any threat to those of us here on earth. it's about 400 yards wide. it will reach its closest point on tuesday just before 3:30 in the afternoon our time. new information tonight on why drowsy driving could be a bigger problem than we all thought. you know those red light cameras, are they actually making things safer or just making a lot of money for cities. what we're uncovering. and gabrielle giffords is making a promise, what she says she's determined to do. new at 6:00, ready, set,
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crab. we're just hours away from the start of the recreational season. and crabbers are giving us their forecast. and for the first time, we're hearing just how many sex offenders were rounded up in a mass sweep on halloween night. also, get ready for a cold snap. from frost to snow on bay area peaks. we'll show you how people are bracing for a chilly and wet weekend. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. complete bay area coverage. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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at&t. a consumer group is blasting all those red light cameras, they say the cameras are better for making money for city hall. >> as soon as you get a dynamic where the more tickets that are issued the more profit this company makes. >> reporter: the u.s. public interest research group says its new study shows some cities are ham strong by their red light cameras. they say cities are under pressure to issue large numbers
5:24 pm
of tickets to fulfill con contracts they have. that makes it less likely that cities will improve on safety. >> the best way to protect the safety of motorists, bikists, might be to lengthen a yellow light. then the city finds that doing that will force them to pay millions of the dollars in fines to the contractor. >> reporter: smith says some 700 communities around the country reportedly outsource their red light camera systems. but other groups argue red light cameras save lives. the insurance institute for highway safety says that red lights reduce accidents. and the aaa has released a study about driving drowsy. >> i've driven tired myself
5:25 pm
especially in long stretches of just straight and narrow. you kind of tend to drift off. >> i've actually had a horrifying experience of almost nodding off for a few seconds and that's pretty much all it takes to get you out of it. >> reporter: one of every six crashes involved a drowsy driver. this new study released to coincide with next week's drowsy driving prevention week. a catholic priest who wrote a newspaper column that perhaps the devil was responsible for homo sexuality has resigned. it was later taken off the dioses website. avila has since apologized of any pain the article has caused. gab rielle giffords has
5:26 pm
released a new book. the book is written by her husband. he describes the hope he had when he learned that she actually was alive. the book is set for release on november 16th. the city administrator had just released numbers on how much it's costing the city for occupy oakland. and jaycee dugard is asking a plea. what she's asking for, next. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with no exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with no exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. if you've been wondering
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what the ongoing occupy encampment is costing the city of oakland we have just received new information. so far the city has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars responding to the occupy protest. and those new numbers don't even include this new encampment. >> reporter: these are numbers we've been waiting for all afternoon and we just received the cost associated with the occupy oakland encampment and enforcement. the total over all cost, is up until last friday that's not including this week, and that is more than $1 million. the personal overtime, cost to the city is $737,000. the hard costs are an additional $265,000 which includes glass replacement and public works. and today we spoke to the oakland police officers association president and his estimate was almost dead on how much the city is racking up in
5:30 pm
debt. >> the cost went up probably double this week. you know days off now were cancelled again. like last week. so you have two days of that. and then you know you have officers going all day all night. >> reporter: the president of the oakland police officers association estimated police enforcement of wednesday's general strike could cost up to $1 million. mutual aid is paid for by the already struggling state of california. >> last year we layed off 80 cops. this year the police officers took a significant concession. so did city workers took significant contentions. and now you're spending money that we should not be spending on. >> reporter: those occupying frank ogawa plaza says they're not going any where. a shoe shiner says she is not
5:31 pm
angry at them. >> i'm part of the 99%, so i really can't say anything about them because they're fighting for me. >> we intend to grow and we intend to get more awesome every single day. >> we're going to be out here as long as the people want to be out here. >> reporter: now as for the numbers that were given to us by the city administrator we also know that the city administrator diana santa has called for a meeting with the administrator. so it seems that it's still a wait and see game for the people out here. more details now occupy oakland now has two solar panels there at frank ogawa plaza that were just set up. they are using some of the power generated to run their refrigerator to keep their kitchen running. it's fully stocked with all
5:32 pm
kinds of full. and it keeps growing, including a number of pizzas someone sent yesterday. and they say they are serving at least 500 meals every day. at the occupy camp in san francisco, some of the most dedicated to the cause are doing everything but actually camping out. ktvu's david stevenson live in the city to show us the part timers balancing act. >> reporter: there are about three dozen tents and parks here at justin herman plaza but a lot of the activity going on is courtesy of those who say they can't camp out. >> a yoga flash mob this afternoon added color to the occupy movement. melly ferris is a retired flight attendant. and her husband a volunteer at a hospice. >> my contribution is just coming here with a sign.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: other volunteers describe balancing activism. amy yo says she sets aside two hours every day to help at the encampment. >> all i have at the moment is my job and anything that has to do with the occupy movement. >> reporter: this man would not show his face, he says his boss would not like that he givers five hours to the occupy. >> i have to balance my family and work with being here. >> i wanted also make people aware that acupuncture and alternative medicines can be used in the new health care system where the profit isn't necessarily the primary focus. >> reporter: a rally saturday
5:34 pm
in the role of big banks and economic equality is expected to bring a lot of activists down to justin herman plaza. we have several crews monitoring the occupy protest and our coverage will continue on our website. just log on to ktv for all the latest. and tomorrow is bank transfer day. it's a grass roots movement where people are moving their money out of large banks. and one man from san jose is doing just that. but there's something different about him, he's not a member of the 99% he's a member of the 1%. >> my heart makes me do what is right. >> reporter: fox is the ceo of a beer distributing country in san jose and a long time b of a
5:35 pm
bank. today he blamed the bank of robbing customers of their homeless. he also says he's known the bank ceos for a long time. >> they're all my friends and have been to my home. i've just seen the bank become less and less responsible for the needs of the public. >> reporter: bank of america provided loans to just 1% of eligible customers. bank of america released a statement that said, every customer is important to us. at this point mike fox says he hasn't decided where to move his money but he says it'll definitely be some kind of local bank. considering transferring your account? do your research if you're
5:36 pm
considering a credit union make sure you are eligible. wherever you move your money if you do make sure the account has federal deposit insurance. second they say open the new account and deposit the minimum amount. but don't close your old account until you've transferred all of your direct deposits and recurring online payments to that new account. and don't close the old account until you are sure all those transfers have taken place and all your checks and other payments on the old account have cleared. know for more on the campaign to transfer accounts and all the latest news on the movement, go to jaycee dugard has launched a campaign asking for people to keep children safe. >> ask yourself to care, if you see something that looks wrong or amiss, speak out. you might be wrong but you might just save someone's life. >> reporter: dugard was
5:37 pm
kidnapped when she was just 8 years old and held captive for 18 years. the tsa is sponsored by the jay foundation which helps others after traumatic occurrences. be careful what you tweet. the cia might be watching you. the cia says says it's now looking at twitter. the fare hike that never was. why other airlines did not follow suit after u.s. air raised its fares. one san francisco woman says forget the foreclosure she's moving back in. which city is supporting her in her effort. ♪ born to be wild
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this might be good news for airline passengers an attempt to raise ticket prices appeared to have failed. last week u.s. airways bumped up prices. but lower fare airlines did not match the prices. now delta and u.s. airways are
5:41 pm
bumping back their prices. carolyn gates took back her home on tuesday but has not moved back in. cohen says the foreclosure situation is a big problem but it's also affecting people all across the city and she wants to do something about it. >> i'm standing here in support of her. and also to let the public know that we are going to be looking to to begin to find remedies, legislatively to create policies to begin to hold banks accountable. >> other so called foreclosure fighters are encouraging at risk homeowners to seek help as soon as they can. >> other residents across the bay like in west oakland who have all suffered through this foreclosure epidemic to come out and have their story told. i want to thank the media for coming out today. >> well again, that cohen and
5:42 pm
other so called foreclosure fighters are encouraging people for help from the foreclosure. we're just hours away from the start of the recreational season and grabbers are giving us their forecast. and for the first time, we're hearing just how many sex offenders were rounded up in a mass sweep on halloween night. also, get ready for a cold snap. from frost to snow on bay area peaks. we'll show you
5:43 pm
ed neighborhoods like mid-market and the tenderloin by helping emerging industries expand and hire more workers. a way to give incentives to companies that produce clean energy jobs. one man found a way to do all this and more. mayor ed lee. ed lee accomplished these things in less than one year as mayor. just imagine what he'll do with four.
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in tonight's special report imagine growing up with no school tests, no grade, no home work. that's how one bay area couple has decided to raise their children. ktvu's maureen naylor has more on this very different type of home schooling. >> reporter: in a typical home in a typical neighborhood. >> does anybody get thestring. >> reporter: these two sisters
5:45 pm
are getting a not so typical education. >> distance time it is weight equals distance top the weight. >> reporter: both their father and mother graduated at the top of their class. but they're educating their children. >> the most difficult thing is explaining it to outsider. they say you don't have a curriculum, your children must be in bed all day. and that's not the case. >> nonschooling is a lifestyle. it's not something we give up. >> reporter: lisa is home with her children full time and focuses on her children's interest. 15-year-old's zoey's passion is exogeology which she blogs.
5:46 pm
>> i am just not into posting things. >> 11-year-old tegan is interested in fashion and beauty pageants. she showed her talent, hoola hooping while solving a rubix cube. while home schooling is legal, the state requires tests every few years to make sure the children are educated. there are also potential draw backs. >> it really depends on what you cover. and whether that's substantial enough to make a well rounded person. >> i've had no worries that my kids don't know what other kids know. >> for them, life is the classroom. in milpitas, maureen naylor. the maker of the self- proclaimed ice cream of the
5:47 pm
future has filed for bankruptcy profession. dipping dots is popular at movie theater and other sights. but the company has been struggling with creditors and is now trying to reorganize its debt. the company has asked the bankruptcy court for permission to use available cash for its own operationals instead of paying off its debts so it can keep operating. 24 people have now died from a recall linked to listeria. one woman had a miscarriage. the number of deaths has now exceeded an outbreak in 1985 from a mexican soft cheese that killed 28 people. if you're a mid-aged man or woman with a big belly you could be at higher risk for colon cancer. 120,000 were followed before 16 years they found with men with the largest self-reported pant
5:48 pm
size were 64% more likely to develop colorectal cancer. in women, that risk was up but went down if they exercised for 30 minutes a day. currently british women who use the public service are allowed to have planned c- sections only if there are health concerns for the mother or the baby. critics of the plan say the health care system is caving in to a growing risk of women described too posh to push. our julie haener is live in the newsroom with stories we're working on for ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> it could be the coldest night of the season. new at 6:00, snow is already fallen in the south bay. the emergency steps being taken to help those in need weather the cold. what we're learning about what happened on wednesday
5:49 pm
night. these stories and much more coming up in just about 10 minutes. wildlife officers tracked a bear this morning. they were finally able to tranquilize it and take it away. >> there it is. there it is. right there. right there. got a dart in him. >> reporter: that picture was taken from a crew from our sister station up in seattle, kiro tv. they were just feel of that bear as it ran away with a tranquilizer dart. officers followed through an elementary school then through a creek. that's when they were able to put the sleeping bear into a cage. >> it is awesomely beautiful and i hope it goes back to the mountains. i hope they take him home. i'm so excited. >> it looks like it's been healthy. it's been probably feeding off a lot of garbage cans, bird feeders. it looks healthy. >> reporter: wildlife officials plan to check out that sleeping bear before they release him
5:50 pm
back to the wild. it was a cold morning and bill says tonight is going to be even colder, huh bill. >> some places as cold if not colder than what we saw this morning. tonight potentially and early morning tomorrow could be the coolest morning of the season so far. tonight we're going to see very cool overnight lows, that's the weather story. here's what we have from the national weather service. a frost advisory going into effect tonight for the north bay. that does not mean you won't see frost in livermore or napa. that's the north bay. in vacaville or vallejo. frost will show up in many inland valleys. even patchy valley fog. we'll see freezing temperatures and below freezing. santa rosa you're below the valley. 7:00a.m. 34 degrees, maybe 32 degrees but you get the idea it's cold. how warm does it get tomorrow, 54 degrees the daytime high. temperatures tomorrow a lot like today. here's the system i'm tracking.
5:51 pm
the next one it gets in here saturday night. so tomorrow looks good till late afternoon. clouds increase. late afternoon rain develops in the north bay. overnight showers into sunday morning. if i'm planning my week weekend i'm going tomorrow, sunday afternoon at 10:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. in the mountains the winter weather advisory they're going to see another 16-inches of snow. here's the computer model. saturday the clouds increase. that's in the morning. so there's your dry time and here comes your rain time. saturday late afternoon in the north bay. saturday 7:00 it's raining in the north bay. watch what happens saturday night. it's going to rain saturday night. i don't know why that didn't keep going. forecast high, 58 in napa. 59 in fairfield. look at tomorrow's highs for the valley. it's not bad in the sacramento
5:52 pm
valley. i know cal is playing at the ballpark. if you're going dress warmly and take a poncho just in case. especially for the evening game. look at all those clouds. >> you kind of get the sense that we're going to have a wet november. >> i've been talking to a lot of folks online, offline. the pattern, the long range model it's going to be a wet long winter. a pattern with creme phone rules is coming on.
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the pay gap between men and women have narrowed over the last decade but women still earn considerably less. a new government report shows that less educated women earn 86% of men with the same education. that's an improvement from 81% 10 years ago but some democratic lawmakers are calling it discrimination. while women are paid less when
5:56 pm
they become mother, men are paid more as they become fathers. robo calls could potentially be sent to your cell phone without your concept. >> it would be not a human call but a robo call which if it's a prerecorded message, i can't say don't call me on my cell phone. >> house republicans are proposing a new bill called the mobile informational call act it would allow immediate notification of flight consolations, fedex deliveries and school delays on cell phones. but some on capitol hill including anne aschu say at some point it would also turn to telemarketing robo calls. >> consumers will annoyingly be opening themselves up to future robo calls every time they provide a business with their mobile number. other critics of the bill go even further saying harassing robo calls on cell phones will become the new
5:57 pm
norm. but fewer people these days are using land lines. if it is passed it could end up costing consumers if you have limited minutes say for example or texting plans you could potential be on the for unwanted calls and texts. coming up in just 90 seconds. if winter weather has come early to the bay area. that means we can show you snow. that's right, coming up the first video and pictures of november snow.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
take a look at that, snow has already fallen on the peaks of the bay area as we are bracing for what could be the coldest night of the season. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a cold snap is settling over the area. robert handa is at mount hamilton where there was some snow flurries. >> it's not nearly as cold as it was this morning when the early winter weather in the form of snow dropped in


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