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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 20, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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patches of fog not much around. santa rosa where the north wind hit 65 and we have just a few patchy clouds. here is sal. there is road work, you might run into it highway 4 westbound and there is some road work on parts of the east bay. this is 880 and for example it looks good passed the coliseum but up the road there is a lane closure there. and highway 101 looks good as you pass the highway interchange, let's go back to the desk. and fans were in the dark twice at candle stick park, we are learning about the problem between the 49ers and steelers. >> as you can see the stadium
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lights here at candle stick park were brightly lit and that was not necessarily the case during the game. the stadium went dark twice as to what caused those power outages it is still not clear. we spoke to pg&e and they and the 49ers are saying two different things of what may have caused the outages. this is what it looked like and the first power outage happened 20 minutes before kickoff. many were entering the stadium. the start was delayed 30 minutes as people were in the stands in the dark for a while. then during the game 12 minutes in, the power went out again leading to another delay. >> when the power outage went out again it looked like fireworks. there was an explosion and the lights went out and we were like, what is that?
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>> now several people reported saying they saw what looked like fireworks and the outages happened because of a blown transformer but this morning when i spoke to pg&e, they are not confirming that and they are still trying to determine what caused these outages. they are going through some of the high voltage power lines around the stadium last night and there are multiple investigations going on. pg&e will do an investigation into what caused this and mayor ed lee asked the hue tiltty -- utility commission to join in that investigation, live is candle stick park allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. we are hearing from bryan stow for the first time in a
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television interview. bryan stow is recuperating after being beaten in march. he suffered damage to his frontal lobe which controls decision making and his personality. nine months after the attack is able to hold a simple conversation with nancy schneider man. >> high, i am -- hi, i am nancy. i have heard so much about you. >> how are you? >> i am good. >> we have heard much about you. you are just as handsome as your sister said you are. >> his speech and mobility may get better and his doctors said he may expect some permanent disability. >> they are charged in the beating case, both have pled not guilty. and they are searching for the gunman who robbed a convenience store and shot the clerk. it happened on sonoma
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boulevard. two men wearing masked robbed the store shot the clerk in the leg before running off. the injuries are not life- threatening. we are learning about a surfing accident involving a hollywood actor. crews rescued a man on sunday after several waves held him under water. the fire district is not identifying the man but the man rescued is believed to be butler. he is filling scenes for his upcoming movie. he was not injured but did go to the hospital for observation. kim jong il is laid now the a glass coffin. government and military officials have been paying respects including his successor kim jong un. the state's funeral is set for
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december 28th. meanwhile president barack obama is continuing his efforts to reassure u.s. commitments stability to the region -- stability to the region following the death of kim jong il. he said he would monitor events carefully and stay in close contact. stay with us, we will have how koreans in the area are reacting to the defendant of kim jong il. they decided to wait until today to vote on the measure that extends the payroll tax cuts. they decided to wait because they want a yearlong tax cut instead. it is not clear what will happen because the senate has already adjourned for the year. the payroll tax cut expires january 1st. mayor jean quan is getting
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a powerful show from the leader group and they will fight any efforts to recall the mayor. they represent more than 100 unions. recall efforts are a waste of energy. mayor jean quan has only been in office for less than a year. >> this is surprisingly more push backs than i even expected. >> she has no leadershippabilities at all. she is union organizer and representatives but knows nothing about leadership. >> right now there are two separate efforts to recall her and only one could lead to a citywide vote. the first group had 20,000 signatures and would get them certified on the november ballot. more are stepping up to raise money for fallen officer james cap pew. they had a fundraiser to raise
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money and several people donated to the family. and another corporation will donate to their family and kings flags will tribute to the officer's family and they are giving free admission to 650 students and the vallejo basketball team. people who can bring a can of food and bring a portion of the sales will be donated to the fund. they are securing the main cable on the new section of the main bridge. yesterday they started inn stalling the self anchored suspension span. each will be pulled up in what builders call a first of its kind effort. >> there is something on the
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spread that did not exist until we built it. >> each is built with material strong enough to hold an suv in the air. they are going to test everything to make sure everything is right but the following strand should be placed quicker with the job expecting to take a couple of months. motorists should keep their eyes on the road while crossing the bridge. better to watch it when you are not driving -- >> that is good advice maureen. traffic is doing well around the bay area. let's look at 80 westbound. you see traffic looks good getting out to the mcarthur maze and no major problems there. also this morning's commute, the traffic is light in both
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directions. nearby 880 there has been road work but it is not causing a huge delay. through highway 17 downtown san jose, it looks very nice. at 438, let's go to steve. -- at 4:38 let's go to steve. we have a few clouds everything is going land to sea as everything rotates out of the northeast. 6 6 -- 35 san jose, napa 39 degrees. fairfield and livermore 35 and some of the elevations are still above 20 - 30 mile-per- hour winds. high pressure is our fair weather friend and has been there showing no signs of changing. it is a continuation of the pattern. sunny breezy patchy fog mild to -- mild to warm. you are getting into the mid-
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60s especially napa, san rafael, upper 60s across the board, wind will die down. that will allow temperatures rice and we will have it a little warmer on saturday. more veterans are making their way home from iraq and we have a special ceremony happening today. nurses are two days away from hitting the picket line and they have last minute negotiations keeping them on the job. newt gingrich? >> that is right. >> and mitt romney goes for potential laughs as somebody else could jump into the gop presidential race at the last minute. and the san mateo bridge still looks pretty good getting out to 101. ññ bñú
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. good morning skies are clearer, if you have any kind of a breeze, temperatures will be up, mid-60s for a few, a lot of upper 50s. a blizzard warning remains in effect from new mexico to southeast colorado and all the
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way to texas. national weather service says winchell temperatures below zero are expected and up to 8 inches could fall. winds up to 50 miles per hour are also forecast for the region. time now 4:43, vice- president joseph biden will mark the end of u.s. military involvement with a ceremony in you can land. it came last week in fort brag in north carolina. they will welcome home u.s. troops from iraq. the withdrawal comes almost nine years after the conflict started. and finding a job, the unemployment rate for veterans is averaged 30% this year which more than double of others the
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same age. on average, older veterans are slightly better. many people enlist straight out of high school and don't have a lot of workers person outside the military. >> i want to be a firefighter really bad. but i find it is just so competitive. >> we have an obligation to help those who served the country in quick hazardous and trying conditions. >> the unemployment rate in afghanistan wars is 11.1%. 1million veterans will join the workforce over the next five years. and the dumps of -- dutches of cambridge, they attended a military award ceremony last night in london. it was honoring british soldiers for their heroic
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actions. ramsey also attended the ceremony. reaction is mixed in the community about the death of kim jong il. the reporter works for the korean times. his father was from the north but his father blames kim jong il for keeping families apart. >> they took everything away from me, property land, food and everything. so that is why we escaped. he left-most lane of his family back in north korea. >> he said kim jong il has been unfairly characterized and misrepresented. he said he visited cousins in north korea and they had a relatively normal life. and 4,000 bay area nurses are set to walk off the job unless an agreement is reached.
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they plan to strike thursday at sutter hospitals around the bay area. yesterday both sides met with federal mediators but no progress is made. they are asked to pay more for benefits and they are asked to have less sick days. nurses do not agree. >> we as nurses who take care of the most immune come advised will be coming -- compromised will be coming in sick. >> a patient died after a medical error of a fill in nurse. they will be held to the highest standard of care. they could soon have a new owner. the regional media group is in negotiations. they have a likely buyer.
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they are in negotiations to sell 15 other regional newspapers. and the sales of other companies will allow them to focus on digital media. now they are giving up their $39 million bid for the merger. but the merger was opposed and they will have to finds another way to address the shortage and they will look for somebody to fill the part of the struggling business. and there is an effort to get some laughs and maybe some votes too. newt gingrich, really? >> yeah, that's right. >> i just used all my campaign money to buy a zoo -- >> he was on david letterman and delivered the top ten
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things america would like to say. >> meanwhile sarah palin says it is not too late for somebody to enter the gop presidential race. >> you know it's not too late for folks to jump in and who knows what will happen in the future. >> sarah palin made the comments last night during the interview but she would not say if she was considering a run. she did say she was no longer interested in a campaign because of her family commitments. you tube has a list of the top 20, find out who made the cut. and it could be up for grabs with tonight's major megadrawing. and another live look at candle stick park, the lights
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are back on after the lights being out, allie rasmus will give us an update on this coming up at 5:00. smoked bacon, onion rings and topped with my bourbon barbecue sauce.
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and i'll tell you somethin' else they don't have- -my outlaw spicy chicken sandwich. yehaw! whoa! whoa whoa whoa whoa.. ride that spicy chicken!
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. welcome back time is 4:51 jewish people will gather once again in union square. this is video of last year's events and tonight will begin as the first candle of the men a to be lit a 5:00. today low-income families will be getting a surprise at the giveaway. last night a flatbed truck
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arrived from corvallis and they will be giving away a box of holiday food and also one of these trees. >> it will end up somewhere really special and they will open it up and there will be a special treat for a special family. >> an additionnal 100 trees will be a arriving for a similar giveaway. they don't have cars but they will do whatever they can to get trees in their home. sal, i don't know about you but once you get the tree in, it is nice. >> it smells really nice and some people have the artificial tree, so we can have that debate, real or not. you can go ahead and tweet us. let's go and take a look, i know a lot of people like the artificial trees and you can put them out there every year.
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>> the road work has been picked up westbound bay bridge looks good, no major problems as we look at 880 northbound and southbound, looks good, no major problems. that was the unofficial question. go ahead and weigh in on whether you would like a real tree or one of those groove have i artificial -- one of those nice trees. >> well, it is going to be sunny mild to warm, and we need rain, we need snow and there is absolutely nothing on the 5, 7 or 10 day outlook.
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until i see the whites of their eyes, i have to go with persistence and that's what is going on. northshore is localized, sunny breezy windy in parts of the hill mainly east bay, we can surely use it. it is going down as one of the dryest since 1976. and except for wind, blustery conditions or some patchy fog in the valley it looks very quiet and you don't have to worry about that. 30s for temperatures, 45 for san francisco, there is still a north wind or northeast breeze, not much but again some of the areas closer to the mountain are 30 to 60 miles per hour. what is new, we get high pressure, so sunny breezy mild
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afternoon. temperatures checking in, in the upper 50s to a few low mid- 60s napa san rafael, redwood city and san jose, mild conditions and another wind event kicks in thursday and warmer on saturday. maureen? somebody could get an early christmas present and the jackpot is up to $152 million. a steady stream of customers lined up to buy tickets in an oakland convenience store. california is one of 42 states that takes part in the megamillion dollar lottery. this is the most watched video
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on you tube. you will be singing that all day, rebecca black song received 182 million views. the upcoming presidential election has many people watching political videos and it had more than 18 million hits. a gay marriage in iowa describing life with two moms, but an ad criticizing gays also made the list. and the announcement of osama bin laden were both in the top 4. time is now 4:57, the lights are back on but the investigation is just getting underway at candle stick park. what it means for the play-off games is coming up in a live report. the city of oakland is looking to curb future occupied
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. several investigations are underway after the lights went out and candle stick park. pg&e is saying different things


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