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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 30, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a teenage girl suffers a concussion at a hockey game. who's accused of giving her that concussion. occupy oakland takes their cause to new heights. the overnight action taken by oakland protestors. fog and rain on the roadways. we'll tell you about many fog advisories and a fog related crash. we are live in san francisco where the biggest new years eve event take place in the bay. we'll tell you where the best place is to see the fire works.
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good morning, thank you for waking up with us on this friday december 30th, last day of the year for the workweek. >> just like that. gorge everyone i'm mike mibach in for dave clark. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. we'll start with rosemary in for steve. good morning, to you. >> good morning, to you. the last business day of the year is a soggy one. we have the brunt of the moisture to the in order. as i slide in closer to home you see a few sprinkles out there. the roads are wet. we do have a little bit of drizzle. the radar not picking up a little bit of drizzle that is falling. we have plenty of gray skies. we'll take a look at your temperatures and what you can expect for the afternoon and holiday weekend coming up in a few moments. good morning, tara. good morning, rosemary. we do have a fog related crash we want to tell you about. just along the fog line 101 north. be aware of the fog. there is a fog advisory in effect for the san mateo
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bridge. also in effect for the bay bridge. this is a look at the incline here. if you are traveling in the westbound direction definitely take it slowly this morning. dumbarton bridge also effected by the fog. 5:01 let's head back to the desk. san jose police are investigating another disturbing case of fan violence at a big league sporting event. a 16-year-old girl says a drunk sharks fan attacked her at hp pavilion on wednesday night. kraig debro is joining us live from san jose. kraig. >> reporter: this turns out to be not as bad as it sounds. the 16-year-old girl suffers a concussion. she was taken to the hospital but was conscious along the way. the woman accused of hitting the girl wasn't arrested by police. take a look at the picture. it's a picture of maggie and her 18-year-old sister mia. this picture comes from the marin independent journal. two nights girl the sisters
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from discovery bay attended the -- they were there to pull for their hometown team. they didn't just pull for the team. they both wore jerseys. the woman sitting behind them didn't like this. girls claim she was drunk and harassed them and swore at them. following a sharks goal the woman leapt in the air when she came down the woman's hand hit maggie in the back of the head. the sharks issued a statement saying the woman that hit maggie was accidental. maggie is not only a canucks fan because she is from that part of the world. four years ago when she had a brain tumor the canucks visited her in the hospital. we're still trying to get ahold of the family to get more details.
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reporting live in san jose kraig debro. occupy protestors have a new tactic against police. late last night demonstrator climbed into a tree at oakland frank ogawa plaza. he sat up a wooden platform to camp out there. protestors gathered at the bottom of the tree to assist him with supplies. police converged on the scene. protestors plan to occupy the tree in shifts. demonstrators spent a month in a tree. it makes police uncomfortable because they are not trained for it. a dozen occupy protestors were arrested yesterday after they took over a foreclosed home. activist for just cause say they occupied the home to protest fannie mae foreclosure policy. they arrested 12. the republican presidential candidates are fanning out across iowa with the caucuses
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four days away. we'll give you a live picture of a newt gingrich event. newt gingrich is about to hold an event in iowa. it's all part of his campaign bus tour. we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. with the latest poll results and how the candidates are stepping up their attacks on each're. police are investigating whether armed robberies at two mcdonalds restaurants are related. two young men robbed the mcdonalds on springs road. they made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. the night before police arrested three men in connection to a similar armed robbery. a suspect led police on a high speed chase from napa to solano county. police followed that vehicle on to interstate 80. two other cars crashed into each other trying to avoid the suspects vehicle. the individual was eventually
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arrested and no one was hurt during that chase. the owner of a popular walnut creek night spot is fighting a new order from city hall prohibiting him from selling alcohol after 11:30:00 p.m.. police have received 80 phone calls sense the club opened with years ago. owner chip cruz says he can't be blamed for all the calls. walnut creek police say the downtown area is oversaturated with night spots leading to fights and other problems. >> because they have large crowds of people drinking alcohol there have been large calls. >> cruz has filed an appeal which will allow him to serve drinks until 12:30 tomorrow new years eve. the walnut creek city council will hear the appeal next month. the bay area is getting ready to ring in 2012. there are plenty of events
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taking police tomorrow night. lorraine blanco joins us with a preview of one of the biggest events in the state. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is where the big fire works show take place in the city. we are south of the fairy building near the big rocket ship and pier 14. the fire works will go off from barges about 1,000 feet out in the bay. about 200,000 people are expected to ring in the new year taking in the waterfront midnight show. the fire works will last about 50 minutes and will be sinked to music. they will be produced by the same company that does the fire works for the giants and a's games. let's take a look at the best place to take in the show. that is south of sin bad restaurant. just along the even bark dare row. there are a lot of also free transportation options tomorrow if you drink or just don't want to drive. i'll have details on that coming up in the next half hour. for now we are reporting live in san francisco.
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if you are looking for something to do on new years eve here in the bay area, we have a list of events on our website. just look for the link at the top of time now 5:07. let's check in with tara on traffic and the rail. >> they are operating on a modified schedule. i would advise checking their schedule. all right let's take a look outside. we have a couple of accidents actually to report. we have a car reported on golf links road onramp. this is 580 westbound in the oakland area. we also have a little traffic accident 80 eastbound on seventh street. at the bay bridge incline look at this. we have quite a bit of fog out there. heavy fog advisory issued for those of you traveling westbound. we also have construction going on on the lower deck. three lanes blocked off until
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6:00 this morning. be aware of that. and finally at the san mateo bridge there is also a fog advisory in effect for this span a little crash reported at the fog line over toward the foster city side. there is also a little road hazard over there. a chunk of concrete is in the roadway. perhaps from that very accident. make sure you take it easy. dumbarton bridge also experiencing heavy fog. let's check in with rosemary. pockets of fog and dense fog. we have slick roads out there this morning. we have a few sprinkles here. this will be the case all day. at least for the northern sections of the bay area. we are talking right about noontime, 1:00 looking at a little bit of rain. it looks like it will take into the evening hours before the tail end of the front sweeps through. we will not see a lot, but it could be a little soggy for some areas. most of your friday we are not seeing much above the radar there. you can see the radar not showing us a whole lot.
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we have a little bit of drizzle out there. we have cloud cover packing in. plenty of moisture. that is what we are expecting for your friday. i wish i could show you more on the radar. 53- degrees in fairfield. 54 until concord. our temperatures not bad at all. getting outside it doesn't feel too bad. about noontime i stop it here. down in santa rosa and areas near the bay seeing a little bit of rain. your forecast highs for today mid upper 50s. with cloudy conditions it could feel a little cool out there. especially if your neighborhood has a little bit of breeze. shouldn't be too bad. 57 for berkeley in the afternoon. 60 degrees san jose. 59 for redwood city. your extended forecast how about that weekend? we'll wake up a little cooler tomorrow. we'll be without the rain and your new years plans will be dry. saturday and sunday. look at the temperatures.
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low mid 60s in the forecast for your afternoon. thank you. 5:10 is the time. newly disclosed letter reveals details of a sexual harassment claim. concern at the port of oakland and other ports along the west coast. how they could be hurt by a construction project at the panama canal. an accident and a traffic hazard on the san mateo bridge. we'll tell you how the fog is effecting all of it.
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welcome back to the morning news. time is 5:13. the expansion of the panama canal could hurt ports. they rely on asian imports. the project to widen and deepen the panama canal will be completed in 2014. it will allow huge freighters to bypass huge ports. the widening project will allow ships to carry almost three times the cargo they can right now. a new poll out this morning shows former massachusetts governor mitt romney and ron paul are running neck and neck leading into next week's iowa caucuses. as alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. another high profile candidate is falling fast. allison. >> reporter: let's get right to the results of the nbc poll taken this week of likely iowa
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voters. 23% support mitt rom nigh. 21% for ron paul. 15% for rick santorum. 14% rick perry. 13% newt gingrich. 6% for michelle bachmann. this is a live look at his campaign event this morning at the wakonda club. it looked like he would be in the lead in iowa. but right now rick santorum is seeing a campaign surge. that makes the former pennsylvania senator the target for new ads like this one from rick perry. >> first question which republican running for president voted to the bridge to nowhere. >> well, i did. and earmarks if you look in the constitution earmarks are things that are clearly within the constitution for the congress to spend money. >> reporter: we'll see if rick santorum can keep up the
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momentum if newt gingrich can turn things around. for now we are live in washington, d.c. alison burns. disturbing news out of egypt today. egyptian security forces raided ten. the interior ministry says the raids are part of an investigation into foreign funding of rights groups. the obama administration is demanding that egyptian authorities halt the raid saying they are inconsistent with long standing u.s. egyptian cooperation. reportedly one man was killed and another wounded in that air strike. the attack blocked a palestinian's attempt to block the rockets. we are learning details about the sexual harassment claims of mark hurd.
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it obtained a record. according to the newspaper in one part of the letter allred writes it is clear you had designs to make her your lover from the onset using your status and authority as ceo of hp. there are reports on what the latest version of ipads will feature. digitized says apple will unvail two versions sometime late next month. the newest tablets will include nearly ten inch screens and and one will have a five megapixel camera and one will have a an eight megapixel camera. the upcoming new year will bring new changes to muni in san francisco all in an effort to speed up travel times. muni plans on reducing the number of stops on eight of its
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bus and light rail routes including the fulton, jud, and j church. the exact stops will be eliminated have not been announced yet. a detailed plan will be released sometime in february. we understand that ace train is on a reduced schedule today. let's check in with tara. >> yeah the number one and number three are running this morning but not five. there will be no number eights this evening. heavy fog advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge. let's take a look at our maps. we may have caused an accident on 101 northbound. a car hitting the center divider there at the fog line. and then a chunk of concrete is in the roadway. a heavy fog advisory is also in effect for the dumbarton bridge. be aware of that. in san francisco foggy and misty right now. you can't see 101 here. heavy fogged a vairy in effect for the pacifica area along highway 101. drive slowly and use the low beams. at the bay bridge incline
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construction on the lower deck going on. two lanes are blocked off in the tunnel and three at the end of the span. heavy fog advisory is also in effect. 5:18 rosemary it's foggy. it is foggy. we have a little bit of drizzle and a little bit of rain. that's what we are expecting for your friday. take it easy the last business day of the entire year and it's going to be a slow go. in addition to the patchy dense fog the soggy conditions will stick around at least for the morning hours. we will be mostly gray all day long. the chance for scattered shower will remain through most of your friday. mostly cloudy for today. we'll have a dry holiday weekend. satellite and radar here. we've been talking about this system for days now. it's finally here. you can see we have anticipated most of this energy sticking to the north. we have plenty of cloud cover. the cloud cover has enough moisture to bring us a little bit of drizzle. i will run you through your
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friday. notice how gray we are for most of the day. by noontime it's sliding down the coastline. santa rosa picking up a few scattered showers here. 5:00 during the drive home we're try but still mostly cloudy which will leave in the opportunity for a sprinkle. outside of that, it will not be much. 54 concord. 53 in oakland. almost everywhere we look sitting in the low 50s for your 5:19 time. 57 degrees expected in the afternoon for berkeley and oakland today. 56 san rafael. into the south bay temperatures nearing 60 degrees in areas around san jose. 60 degrees expected in fremont today. 60-degrees in santa cruz. extended forecast there is your weekend. it will be a dry one. temperatures although cooler sunday morning could be quite chilly. afternoon highs a nice rebound there. low to mid 60s in the forecast. we are dry as we get back to
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work next tuesday. all of the major european stock markets are upright now in the last trading day of the year. overnight china registered the biggest gains. finishing up 1.2%. japan closed up two-thirds of a percent. it's down nearly 17% since the start of the year. several asian markets lost ground because of several natural disasters as we reported in the region. checking in on wall street, it's funny. we have talked about a lot of volatility for the year. actually as we wrap up the year it looks like the dow jones i think for the year is only up 6%. the s & p is almost flat for the year. after all those ups and downs. here's where we start the last trading day of the year. the futures point to a higher opening. a & r shares will stop trading. the nysc took that step after
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the average price of shares fell below $100. amr stocks fell to 26 cents. it has been nearly a decade since the niners have been 2349 playoff -- have been in the playoffs. that will change. and cal tran preventive work on interstate 880 why the overnight jobs had to be done now. we have a lot of fog out there. fog advisory issued for the bay bridge. we will also tell you about an injury accident in the south bay.
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good morning, to you. grab that umbrella. a little built of a down start out there. we have a system rolling through bringing us a few sprinkles for your friday. the winter weather caused cal tran to perform some preventive work. crews closed the marina onramp on interstate 880 to san leandro. they were concerned the roadway and walls will start to erode due to the moisture. crews laid down sandbags and tarps to strengthen that surface. california cities will have to adjust their spending plans now that the state supreme court has sided with governor jerry brown. it returned $1.7 billion to the state treasury. the local government says the
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decision will stop improvements that were helping build communities and creating jobs. >> this plan was contaminated. it had negative value. and because of redevelopment investments which are local taxpayer dollars involved in working with the private sector on cleanup and building the roads and the infrastructure, we have taken land that has had no values that now generates taxes. people who support the court decision call it a boost for education. since some of that money would have gone to the agencies will now go to school budgets. tickets for the first 49er playoff game since 2002 will go on sale. there will only be a limited number of seats available for fans that don't have season tickets. the vast majority have taken advantage of their opportunities to ticket playoff tickets first. it won't be determined until after the game on sunday. the niners have not competed in
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a playoff game since january 2002. that's when they lost in tampa bay to the buccaneers. 5:26. a break in a homicide from a dozen years ago. police explain what finally lead to an arrest in the violent death of a bay area college student. it doesn't exactly look like a comfortable nights sleep. occupy oakland has taken to the trees again. we'll tell you why coming up. san francisco is getting ready for a big new years eve party. we'll show you the best spots to view the fire works. new information regarding the fog advisories. we'll let you know which bridges are now in the clear.
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welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is friday december 30th. the last friday of 2011. i'm mike mibach. dave clark has the morning off. >> i'm pam cook. rosemary is in for steve today. how is the weather? >> it's a wet one. i do understand it will give you a little bit of extra to worry about as you make your way on the roadway. we are not seeing a whole lot here. a little bit of drizzle. the cloud cover just enough to bring us well we have wet roads out there. satellite radar the bulk of the storm will stay to the north of us. we will see a few sprinkles. we'll take a look at what you can expect for your friday and weekend coming up in a few moments.
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good morning, tara. we have an injury accident on 880 northbound at the west off ramp where the x is right there. and it's an overturned car. we also have a disabled vehicle there 280 southbound at 680 northbound a traffic hazard you should be aware of. up next we do have a look at the bay bridge incline. we have good news regarding the fog advisories. all have been listed. the bay bridge and san mateo and dumbarton all in the clear now. we are still experiencing heavy fog along the span. 5:31 let's head back to the desk. occupy oakland protestors remain defiant this morning including two run ins with police. noah walker is at frank ogawa plaza with why officers may have a tougher time catching up to some demonstrators. noelle. >> reporter: how did your sleep last night if i'm going to guess a little bit better than the guy that is up there in the tree. he is looking pretty comfortable. they have a tree condo set up
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here. they took back up to the trees. the tree sitters are back and they are ready to stay with a number of volunteers to rotate through. we will take you this way to the other side of the plaza. you might be able to see. there is a faint light over there that got candles burning. there are protestors probably about two dozens of them that are in sleeping bags. we will keep walking over there as we show you video from last night. there were probably a dozen or so people here last night that had set up a tent. they say it was symbolic essentially. police took it down very quickly. they said it was symbolic in support of the two dozen people no rather a dozen people that were arrested on tenth street. they were occupying a
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foreclosed home over there. on tenth street. police say essentially they are not supposed to be setting up tents anywhere in the stay. the occupiers say they had never stopped occupying. >> i want everyone to be alive and happy. we want to have the same resources and not have to worry about scarcity of resources such as using money as a scarcity of resource. or being arrested without any provocation. there are several different reasons people are out here. >> reporter: okay so you are looking live at the occupiers. we're on the other side of frank ogawa plaza. they have food operation set up and a medic operation and they have people that patrol this area at night on the other side of the people that are up and working at the moment are people in sleeping bags. no tents. about two dozen of them in
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colored blobs along the sidewalk. they say they have permits to be there and have been here since they cleared out frank ogawa plaza. take a look at frank ogawa plaza it's basically a mud pit at the moment with a few scattered rats quite frankly we have seen scurrying back and forth. occupy oakland says they are here to stay whether it's over here in the tents or not tents excuse me sleeping bags or way over there sleeping in the trees. reporting live in oakland. we are following overnight news in oakland. police are look for suspects in a drive by -- drive-by shooting. bullets from a passing car hit an 18-year-old man. the victim drove a short distance where he stumbled in the street. he's now listed in stable condition. it's not clear what led up to that gunfire. registered sex offender suspected of killing his former
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girlfriend a dozen years ago is behind bars. prosecutors have decided there is enough evidence to file murder charges against raymond wong. he's accused of killing 21-year- old alice sin. wong had been living in china. he had been working as a computer company executive under an assumed name. >> when we found out he was back in the country we decided to run with this case. and it was just a matter of putting the final pieces together. >> the body of the young mother was found in a remote dirt road in nevada. the murder case against wong relied mostly on circumsubstantial evidence. as 2011 comes to a close the bay area three largest cities have matched or exceeded homicide totals compared to the
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year before. oakland has had 102 homicides this year compared to 92 in 2010. san francisco recorded 50 homicides this year which matches last years total. san jose has seen the highest number with 38. that 'cuz not include two people killed at san jose university. 2006 law mandates cleaner low carbon fuels to reduce dependents on petroleum. a judge says it unfairly favors bio fuel in california. they are plotting the ruling advocates for cleaner fuels say they will appeal and ask for a stay of the ruling. a hazardous material scare. officials say a cleaning crew struck a freon line and ruptured it around 11:30 last night. a leak was contained to the
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site. ten workers were inside the bakery at the time. the bay area is ready to clear out 2011 and ring in 2012. lorraine blanco is joining us live from san francisco with a bit of a preview. >> reporter: this is where the fire works will launch for the biggest free event in the bay area. we are just south of the fairy building near pier 14. we have a beautiful view of the bay bridge this morning. the fire works will go off from barges about 1,000 feet out in the bay. this is what it looked like last year. let's take a look at that. the fancy pyrotechnics will last about 15 minutes. about 200,000 people are expected to ring in the new year. the midnight show is free and recommended you get down here by 11:30:00 p.m. tomorrow night at the latest. speaking of getting here, there are a lot of free transportation options to get to where you want to go across the bay area safely.
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muni, cal train tomorrow night. they have also extended hours for new years eve. bart will offer a special skip stop service. bart runs until 3:00 a.m. on sunday morning. those special extended hours. and the best stop to take to get down here far view with the fire works is to take embarcadero. you walk a few blocks ast and get right down here. reporting live lorraine blanco. and if you are looking for something to do on new years eve in the bay area, we have a list of events on our website. just look for the link at the top of 5:38 is the time. those of you that are heading off to work in a little bit we want to check in with tara. >> it's been great because of fog advisories were lifted for the bridges. that is the good news this
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morning. we do have an accident eastbound we want to talk about. there it is right there. car went off the roadway at 880 southbound. crews on scene. it looks like this is not an injury accident. let's take a welcome at the bay bridge incline. you can see it's still a bit foggy out there. the fogged a vairy has been mention -- fog advisory has been lifted. the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge are in the clear now. three lanes blocked off toward the end of the span. they are working on that new bridge for the next half hour or so. 237 still a bit dark outside. you can see the taillights going westbound up to sunnyvale no delays. a few sprinkles outside your door. we can use this. we are getting this. just a few light showers and we will continue with the
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possibility of sprinkles through your afternoon friday. right around petaluma right here along the northbound coastline we are seeing a few light showers on my way in this morning the roads were slick. not a lot falling. but enough to slow down your drive this morning. you can see over parts of the south bay. not a lot going on. we have the low clouds out there. plenty of moisture with the clouds hanging over head. we are seeing drizzle fog even though it could be a little bit below the radar. current temperatures anywhere from 5-10 degrees warmer than yesterday because of the cloud cover out there. 51 degrees santa rosa. low 50s in napa. 52 san francisco. concord this morning outside your door 54. mostly cloudy skies. pockets of fog. and that sprinkle chance will remain for the last business day. we are going to remain with temperatures in the 50s. most of us. it looks like a few low 60s out there. 60-degrees fremont. 60 degrees possible for san
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jose. and low 60s for morgan hill. and the rest of us mid upper 50s. seasonal for this time of year. it's winter. if you are expecting 60s there you have it. it's on the weekend forecast. low mid 60s for your afternoon. and your new years eve is a dry one. back to you. thanks. the search continues for a woman that hit a man with her car while fleeing police. the warrant now out for her arrest. the fire fight on the water. after flames broke out on a nuclear powered submarine. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. still a bit foggy and wet out there. we'll tell you about an accident in the east bay coming up.
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good morning, to you. waking up with clouds. we have patchy fog out there this morning. a few sprinkles hitting the ground. time now 5:43. here's a quick look at the top stories. 16-year-old girl says a drunk sharks fan attacked her during wednesday night sharks game in san jose. maggie says she suffered a concussion after the woman hit her in the head. obviously that photo is not from maggie. another showed maggie at the game shortly before that attack. occupy protestors are tangling with oakland police. protestors say officers are not trained to deal with tree sit sit-ins. expect large crowds along
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the embarcadero. the new years eve fire works show will be taking place. north korea is warning the rest of the world not to expect any change in its policies. they have named kim jong un the great leader. he is expected to share power with party leaders while the country transitions. kim jong il died two weeks ago. north korea's official mourning period ended yesterday with his funeral. a fire on a nuclear submarine is under control but that is after burning for several hours. flames started last night on the submarine docked at a naval shipyard. it's believed that wooden school fold -- scaffolding caught fire. they have several nuclear reactors. the fire did not pose any risk to those reactors. nine people were injured during that fire fight. president obama and first
5:46 am
lady michelle obama visited the memorial honoring the 2300 americans killed on the attack in pearl harbor. the first couple visited the uss mel mother. the president and first lady scattered flower pedals in the water. a warrant has been issued for a woman that investigators hit a man with her car while fleeing from officers. police say 27-year-old erika rojo drove on to the sidewalk on wednesday while she was trying to get away from fremont police. rojo had two other felony warrants for auto theft and selling and transporting drugs. rojo's car hit 53-year-old carl duke but he is expected to survive his injuries.
5:47 am
a funeral will take place for the oakland man. before his death butler requested to be an organ donor. as a result two men received his liver, pancreas, and kidneys. this weekend hundreds of people will pay their last respects to a long-time oakland city hall reporter. a memorial service will be held tomorrow morning in fremont for honda. the body of the 55-year-old journalist was found inside the friend's home. there is no sign of foul play. time now 5:47. the end of the workweek if you even went to work. we will check in with tara. >> yeah. it is still a little wet out there. we do have good news fogged a
5:48 am
vairies have been lifted. also we do have fog along the coast and pacifica. be aware of that. take us slowly to the roadways. we have an injury accident here on 24 westbound at the caldecott tunnel. we have a car blocking one of the slow lane there is. up next we have a look at 101 through san francisco and it's so foggy here. we can't really see the roadway. traffic is flowing nicely in both directions. finally at the mccarthur maze traffic on the far right hand side of your screen we should not see any major delays this morning because of the holiday weekend. but that fog advisory has been lifted. that is the goods news. still construction going on for the next 15 minutes or so on the lower deck. all right it is 5:48 let's check in with rosemary. >> even in the dark you can see the mess on the roadways. the cloud and rain forecast will show you the storm will
5:49 am
primarily stay to the north. it's out there. over the north bay this is where we will get our best chance at a few scattered showers remaining for the afternoon and down into santa rosa. we will be clipped with just the tail end. so we will not see a lot. we will take what we can get. boy can we use it. we will wake up tomorrow morning with a possibility of low clouds and a lot of moisture. we will be cooler than where we sit right now. take a look at the temperature. 57 degrees in mountain view. 53 for fairfield. low 50s for santa rosa. while you may need your umbrella, you don't need that thick coat we have been needing at least what we needed # last week. temperature forecast for the afternoon just a few 60s for the south bay. the rest of us will be sitting in the blue meaning wide spread 50s out there for your afternoon. 57 for berkeley today.
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58 in nevada. 58 for hayward. mid upper 50s in the city. 60-degrees for san jose. the extended forecast here we are knocking on weekend's door. it happens to be your holiday weekend. low mid 60s in the forecast for saturday. and mid 60s on sunday under dry conditions. united airlines mechanics have overwhelmingly approved a new labor deal. now that means the mechanics union and united at united and continental holdings can start talks on contract that will cover mechanics that come from both airlines. we now know the 100 sears and kmart store that will be closing. none of them are in the bay area so far. three are in southern california. florida took the hardest hit with 11 stores shutting down. sears says as many as 40 more
5:51 am
will be added to the closure list later. one of the biggest credit agencies ratings dropped sears to a triple c. that puts its eight levels into junk status. declining profits and sales is a big concern. a teenager chases his dog down a cliff. >> i just went down as fast as i can. >> the traumatic effort to save the two. preparing for the time square ball drop. how new york is gearing up for world famous new years eve celebration.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning nows. i want to take you to hawaii. one of the world's most active volcanos is erupting in hawaii. they have been erupting since 1983. lava is not turning any homes. visitors can and even hike about four miles away. you can get a peek at that. southern california teenager and dog are safe this morning. that is after they were rescued from a cliff.
5:55 am
it's an amazing story. it started when 19-year-old ivan and his father and two dogs were hiking in the san fernando value. his father tossed a bottle off the cliff and the dog chased after it. >> i thought i was going to die. i'm like that's the end of my life. >> two firefighters had to repel down the cliff to rescue the dog. he was dehydrated but otherwise didn't complain of my injuries. more than 100 children will be waking up inside an oakland church after taking part in a sleepover. it's happening at the allen temple baptist church. sleepover features 24 hours of food, few, and friends. all designed to keep the children off the streets and in a safe environment. organizers say the event also allows the young participates to truly connect with the church. >> we asked for a lot of chaperons. we are getting some. we are finding the parents are
5:56 am
not chaperons. they are seeing date night. >> i was really happy to be able to bring my daughter here for this experience. because she needs as much exposure to positive spiritual experience as possible. >> church organizers say they plan on making the sleepover an annual event. tomorrow they will compete on the football field in the craft fight hunger bowl at at & t park. players from ucla and university of illinois will help feed hundreds of families. ucla football players will serve meals at glide memorial do the same. final preparations are under way for the much anticipated new years eve celebration in new york city. security will be pretty tight. police plan to close down streets. up to a million people jam into times square. they will be there this saturday night. city crews practiced dropping confetti to make sure visitors
5:57 am
will not be disappointmented. earlier this week workers tested the crystal ball. this year's theme let there be friendship. you can also ring in 2012 with ktvu channel 2 and the american country new years eve live. performers include toby keith. if you are station here in the bay area for new years eve, we have a list of local events on our website if you want to venture out look at the link at the top of >> if you do decide to drink out there highway patrol has check points. call the cabs and take public transit. i want to check in with tara. you have updates on extended service tomorrow too. >> yes. bart is running extended train. make sure you check the schedule before you leave the house. right now let's take a live look at the south bay 280 at the 880 split.
5:58 am
it's still very dark outside. luckily there is not much fog. and 680 at the sunol grade traffic is flowing well in both directions. you can see it's still wet out there. let's head back to the desk. we are talking about another disturbing case of possibly fan violence. this involves a teenage girl rooting for her team at a sharks game. a new tactic by occupy protestors at oakland. while you have to look up to see them in action. and it's a a cloudy moist start outside our doors this morning. that has resulted in fog, drizzle, and light rain. we'll take look at your forecast coming up.
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