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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 30, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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their car. susan poff was straylingled first and robert kamin was beaten to death. police arrested their adopted son. >> those of us who knew soups knew she was -- susan knew she was struggling with a teen. no expression of fearing or anything like that. >> reporter: according to reports, there was friction against the teen spending too much time that "occupy oakland" camp. what matter to those who knew the couple is that they are gone. >> it sasadder -- it is a sadder place. the teen will make a court appearance tomorrow. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a pedestrian killed near the airport this morning and his friends are blaming police.
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officers said they did everything they crowned. three friends were in the car with arnold james when police sited him for suspended license. authorities say the three passengers were not able to drive and they offered to call a cab but the group said they didn't have money. they are walking back to oakland when james got hit. >> our safety is first. he left us stranded. >> the driver says he didn't see james and friends say it was a poorly lit area with no sidewalks. an apartment fire hours ago left one woman critically injured. ktvu's jade hernandez is live that scene of the fire in concord. >> reporter: firefighters arrived to the -- [no audio]
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>> reporter: a fire at these apartments, to give you an idea of where we are, we are an mile from the shopping center. they began a fire attack. the apartments are on clayton road. paramedics rushed one woman to the hospital. we did speak to the chief, the fire marshal. >> a single victim was found in the second floor apartment, despite records of multimal people being trapped -- multiple people being trapped. the victim was transported to the hospital. when the victim was found she was unconscious, not breathing. >> reporter: he said paramedics were performing cpr on the woman on the way to the
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hospital. firefighters put this fire out quickly. in less than an hour. it effected two apartments right here in concord. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. to the violent occupy protests in oakland that led to hundreds of arrests. ktvu's patty lee is here now with what she learned. >> reporter: a new tactic against the "occupy oakland" protesters. the mayor plans to ban protesters from certain areas, including this one at frank ogawa plaza. >> reporter: saturday night, occupy protests turned violence. one group broke into city hall and trashed it. on sunday the mared us endamage
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-- the mayor showed us the damage. >> first of all, what happened this weekend was not on a playground, it was a battle field. the cost is giving supporters of the effort to recall her. >> i think that any mayor who wanted to stop this sort of thing could find a way. >> i believe -- >> reporter: he acknowledged the way she waffled on occupy issues early on may be the cause of this escalation. they are now working on a list of protesters who will be require by law to stay away. >> that would be district attorney, she is prepared -- she is doing it, actually. to really go after -- against the people that were arrested 2- 3 times.
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>> reporter: those restraining orders have to be okayed by a judge. we will have more at 6:00 and who leaders called this weekend for help. reporting live, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. you saw some of the pressure washing there, that wasn't all. our cruise headed over to city hall and found lot of people sweeping up, removing graffiti. you see the word revenge spray painted there. lot of people, including the mayor said these are outsiders coming into oakland and causing problems and damage. and we wanted to know if that is the case. today we got a list of the people who were arrested and taken to the jail in oakland and these are the names. we highlighted the people who live in oakland. there are four on this page and there are people from denver, colorado, so again, we went through the list, person by
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person and there are 45% of those e.r.a.s taken to the jail from the city of oakland. 55% were from outside. this is 110 arrests in all. and there were hundreds more made. we don't have that list and can't tell you where they are from. police chief said saturday's demonstration divert officers from emergency calls. during the demonstration the department received 1100 calls, 480 of which were 911 calls. there were also 5 homicides since friday and the law enforcement personnel and resourced dedicated to occupy are reducing their ability to focus on public safety. ktvu's paul chambers will have more at 5:30. occupy d.c. protesters say they are staying put even
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though police took the camp out of their encampment. >> protesters taunted u.s. park police. this afternoon, officers forced them to comply with a ban on sleeping overnight. the tents could stay but not the sleeping bags and other camping gear. >> our goal that we can have everybody exercise their rights. >> yesterday occupiers circulated cell phone video of an officer tasering. the government released mixed economic news today. american income in december showed their biggest gain in 9 months. on the other hand, consumers spending was flat. that followed gains in october
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and november. a survey could be good news for job seekers. the biggest increase in loan requests from small companies since 2005. firms that want to expand borrow money and it indicates more job growth over the next 3- 6 months. delay in a debtgreement between greece and its creditors put a lit on the stock market today. investors expected greece to reach a deal over the weekend and when it didn't come it affected markets. the dow lost 6.74 points to 12,654. the nasdaq fell 4.61 to 2812. to election 2012. the top two candidates barn stormed through florida. mitt romney is surging ahead and today he looked confidence. michele bachmann said the race is coming our way. at a rally he went on the attack against newt gingrich.
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>> he said after the first debate he didn't do well because the crowd was so quiet. the second debate said he didn't do well because the crowd was so loud. >> when asked about newt gingrich's doubt to stay in the race, mitt romney said that is an indication you think you are going to lose. newt gingrich had his own harsh words for mitt romney. he said he is too much like president obama and that he lied to the american people. he also accused the journalists of asking questions that are slanted in favor of president obama. >> as your nominee i will not accept debates in the fall in which the reporters are the moderators because you don't need a second obama person in the debate. >> newt gingrich also rallied in jacksonville where he condommed the healthcare reform law. democrats fired back after a
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republican made a comment about the president. the chairman of the republican national party compared president obama to the captain of the wrecked italian cruise ship. he said the president is abandoning the ship in the united states and more interested in campaigning. the white house said even the former head of the republican party called the comments unfortunate. >> if you are desperate for attention, that you make an analogy that is inappropriate, you have gone too far. >> the chair of the democratic national convention accused him of insensitivity. coming up, the oakland raiders introduce their new head football coach. fred will tell us what he said today. ñw?
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so 46 seconds ago. did you guys hear that chapman rolled his ankle? done. get out there. so 12 seconds ago. you guys know how to post videos to facebook? you guys know how to post videos to facebook? you guys hear, someone stole... ...stole the other team's mascot? [ tiger growling ] so 27 seconds ago. [ male announcer ] stay a step ahead with 4g lte. with speeds up to 10x faster than 3g. at&t. the oakland raiders
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introduced their new head football coach. he is the 7th in 9 years. fred inglis tells us what he says he brings to the team. >> dennis allen is the first raiders head coach since 1969 to come from a defensive rather than offensive back ground. the raiders gave him a four year contract, one more indication times have changed around raidernation. >> reporter: raiders introduced dennis allen today. he has already been on the job for several days. that is the first big task in his first big coaching job. >> for people to follow you, you have to believe in the message you are preaching. that is what i do a great job of. preaching a message and following it and believing it. if you believe in something, you can get people to follow you. >> reporter: last scenes in
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denver was his first time as a defensive coordinator. now he becomes the youngest current head coach in the nfl. >> i don't think you want to set boundaries on yourself and you can't apologize for being young. >> reporter: dennis allen knows he much teach desolympian. something that has never been a raider trade mark. >> the way i view, you coach them firm and fair and hold them accountable to their actions. and that is what we will do here. >> reporter: the general manager said he had a short list of candidates but targeted dennis allen early in the process. >> it was one of those things, if i had -- yeah. that is the guy. you know. yeah. >> reporter: looked like al davis? >> no. like me. >> reporter: you are sold?
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>> absolutely. absolutely. he got his guy. i got my guy. >> reporter: those last statements tells me while they still honor of al davis, there sanew regime in place and we will see if that is a winner as time goes on. reporting live, fred inglis. >> you can see more of that press conference on just look for the link that top of the home page. high winds caused nervous moments for folks visiting in indianapolis. they were inside six large tents, nfl experience tents. this happened yesterday and 40 miles per hour winds kicked up. the tents are set up next to the stadium. but worried officials evacuated everyone as a precaution. >> the size of the tents started shaking, violently, in a couple pots and then there
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were popping noises. >> it lasted two hours. the patriots will face-off against the giants for super bowl xlvi this sunday. a southwest jet knocked down a light pole at the denver airport. passengers got off the plane on the tarmac. no one was hurt. scientists from dozens of agency are discussing new restrictions about spraying for mosquitoes against west nile. they bar seasonal fogging near water ways. it could mean a more serious west nile season due to the warm weather. they say there are nontoxic method. an earthquake hit peru overnight and knocked out power and injured 119 people and
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damaged 16 homes. people felt it 170 miles north. they classify a 6.3 as a strong earthquake. chilly start to the work week but i think changes are in store. let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin. lot of fog out there still. >> coastal fog as well along the coast. winds kicking up as well. wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour off the coast. out of the northwest. that sets us up for an on shore flore. we will go up to -- shore flow. we will go up to map here. winds up to 25 miles per hour. this is the direction. strong winds off shore. winds continue throughout the evening hours. look what happens here. satellite loop. the greens and white, the clouds, the greens coming in here, right, boom, right here,
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that supported drizzle and light sprinkles. a massive cloud cover heading our way. little rain if any. might see drizzle wednesday morning. lot going on in the pacific. it is not working for us. it is diving south and the rent builds in again andets and -- and sets us up. day time highs in the mid-60s, even upper 60s. overnight lows, chilly. dew points are high. valley fog. plenty of valley fog tomorrow morning. tuesday morning. it will linger around towards the end of the week. 41 conford. 38 fairfield. -- 41 concord. 38 fairfield. humidity is high, dew point is
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high. worst towards davis, concord, clayton. north bay, these areas, most conducive, fog forms more easily because it has the valleys. cold air, slopes down in. no wind. wind has trouble getting in and it festers and the fog grows. when i come back, the five-day forecast, to the long range, the bay area weekend, we will look for rain. there are rain drops in the forecast. when i come back we will talk about that. >> thank you. starbucks will open 50 stores in india. india is a nation of tea drinkers. the stores will be called star bucks coffee. the companies hope to have it open by september. facebook facing off, the show down planned over its new home and first lady michelle obama reveals the plan to give members of the military the gift of time. and taking it on.
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the actions companies are taking a help keep you safe from scams.
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. several american citizens bard from leaving egypt. the son of ray lahood is there.
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it is not clear if he son is at the embassy but he sounded optimistic today. >> my comment is my son safe. and the administration and the state department and national security team is working very hard so he can leave. >> the obama administration is urging them to lift the travel restrictions immediately. the white house unveiled a plan to give military families more job protection. it would give families more time off of work to care for their loved ones. >> you get the call -- i dropped everything i had to take care of him. got to start over. >> his son lost his legs in afghanistan. he said care givers need more
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help. especially those with a family member wounded. first lady michelle obama said changes to the family medical leave act will give care givers more time with their wounded family members. >> help them make the transition back home and they can do it all without worrying whether they will lose their job. >> the plan would let service members relatives take 12 weeks of unpaid leave to help a family members members and they may take 26 weeks of leave. the white house would like feed back about the rules. to find out more about it, go to major technology companies are teaming up to protect you from e-mail companies. 15 companies in all have all formed an organization to design a system for
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authenticating e-mails. it will also weed out fake ones from so-called fishing scams. they trick you into giving away personal information in e-mails look as if they came from a bank or retailer. the menlo park city counsel will discuss facebook's plans to expand. they will make presentations to the counsel on issues such as the maximum allowable number of employees at the campus. the public will also have a chance to speak. facebook wants 6600 workers that 22-acre facility. pg&e has a tool that is supposed to give families more peace of mind. this is considered by many revolutionary at detecting natural gas leaks. cruise will be able to roam neighborhoods looking for leaks.
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. effects our resources. >> police say the occupy movement took a toll on their department. the protests over the weekend effected the police response to hundreds of 911 calls and ktvu's paul chambers is live where police say this movement could be putting the city at risk. >> reporter: things are quit here right now but this weekend was tough for oakland police officers. who had to deal with that massive demonstrations while other crimes took a back seat. >> reporter: they have been a torn in the side of police for
5:29 pm
several months now. as police battled hundreds of protesters. doing so came at a cost to other residents. >> we had calls we were not able torespond to in the timely fashion that we would like to because our resources are drawn. >> reporter: saturday 1700 calls came in to the call center. 500 were 911 related. police say in most cases officers were late to responding to the emergency because of saturday's protest. >> we had officers respond but it did effect our service time and it effected our resources. >> reporter: the police chief said officers are tired and exhausted. besides dealing with the protesters, 5 people were killed within 48 hours. people have mixed emotions on the job police are doing.
5:30 pm
>> babies being shot. people killed on the street. drive by shootings because they are somewhere else. >> the police is a necessity. they were needed and used. no occupy right now, so they are not used. >> reporter: people say more officers are needed. police are working on other strategies. live in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities confirmed a body found hanging from a structure is a homicide suspect. the death of henry leon is being investigated as a suicide. police say he was the father of the girl's 9-month-old child. they are trying to figure out why it took 9 months to
5:31 pm
notify a missing woman's woman's family that her remains were found. her family didn't find out till last week. they say they are taking steps to make sure a delay doesn't happen again. investigators believe her death was not an accident. a candlelight vigil will mark 23 years since she disappeared. she was 13 when she vanished on her way home. the candlelight vigil will retrace her same steps. her parents and brother will lead the walk as they have done for every year since she went missing. >> every year you hope, say this is the day she is coming home. the fact it remains an open case for the police, they are hoping with us. they are doing everything they can.
5:32 pm
>> she would be 36 years old today. her disappearance is an open case. police are offering a reward for information leading to the rest and conviction of anyone responsible. a company unveiled a new car with a device that could help pg&e detect natural gas leaks. ktvu's robert handa will show us how it works. >> reporter: we are at a company well known for its devices that measure green house gases but today unveiled technology that could help people feel safer from natural gas leaks. >> reporter: this is not a regular car. it has a state of the art device that detects natural gas leaks. it could reassure owners who has been on edge since the san bruno explosion. >> you got to figure out where it is coming from.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: not as difficult anymore. during a an announcement to test two vehicles. >> our instruments have the capability of measuring the change in concentrations. >> hose detects gas levels and sends back readings in real times so crews can be dispatched when necessary. >> take a seismic event, we want to go in right away. we redeploy the vehicles to make a survey. >> reporter: the vehicles are a big improvement from handheld devices they use now. >> map in one hand and this device in the other. i was watching the dial. and it was not very precise. nothing compared to what we can do. >> reporter: does he feel safer?
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>> yeah. it is good they are making progress. >> reporter: at this point, pg&e hopes to have the vehicles in service before the end of the year. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. today president obama held a meeting with the president of georgia. that is a nation marking a land mark anniversary. >> we will be celebrating 20 years of independence. >> the perez deferment said his country made progress towards democracy since winning its freedom. the leaders were expected to discuss security, cooperation. they will be holding elections later this year. a pudition drive failed to pay for a train service. the rail transit line would run
5:35 pm
and the group needed 14,900 signatures to the put a measure on the ballot but they came up 300 short. way too high. that is what people are saying about the cost of high-speed rail but governor jerry brown has something else to say. company came up with a treatment for the most common time of skin cancer. how it works. cçrrú
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the national transportation safety board stepped upilities investigation of jeep liberty suvs after owners reported their air bags went off by surprise. they began investigating last september but this week upgraded. chrysler tracked the problem to a computer chip. governor jerry brown says the estimates of the high-speed rail project are too high. some say it will cost $100 billion but in an interview, governor jerry brown did not offer his own estimate but he said he is trying to rework the first phase of the project to make it more acceptable. the governor said he thinks cap
5:39 pm
and trade fees charged to carbon emission producers could help fund the project. the people who 31 port of san francisco want to add water taxis taxis to the bay. the port is looking for bids over the next several months from companies that would like to operate water taxis. construction underway on a new in and out burger. they had planned to build on an empty lot, however neighbors complained it would bring too much traffic. scientists created the world's first atomic x-ray laser. they aim it at a capsule of neon gas setting off an avalanche of x-ray emissions. they hope to use this for all
5:40 pm
sorts of things, including looking at chemical reactions. university of california at berkeley found that people who do daily brain activities their whole lives may be less likely to get alzheimer's. they scan for a protein that shows up in the brains of those who have alzheimer's. people who engaged in stimulating activities had fewer of the deposits. the fda approved a new drug that will help skin cancer. the first drug with patients with the form of basil cell carcinoma. it is designed for patients who can no longer be treated with surgery or radiation.
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a new way to look at how to keep kids healthy and safe. the problems they found and how to fix them. highs today a bit on the cool side. tuesday a warm up and warmer still into the five-day forecast.
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a meeting is set to begin on the topic of san francisco parking meters. a neighborhood coalition plans to meeting and it will focus on
5:44 pm
a proposal to add 5,000 new meters. san francisco's transportation agency put off a hearing because of the strong opposition. a push aimed at getting families to change the way they are little ones get to school. ktvu's maureen naylor is live with the proposal. >> reporter: a drop in how many students walk or bike to school. how to make these streets safer is the question. >> reporter: he drove to pick his daughter up because he doesn't want her walking home alone. >> people drive fast, child predators. >> reporter: she worries about cars. >> reporter: the elementary
5:45 pm
school hosted a safety consult want. they conducted a walking audit of safe routes it walk to school. >> kids running across, not that crossing. some infrastructure changes. >> reporter: nationwide 42% of students walked or biked to school in 1969. a number that dropped to 13%. in the 60s, 87% of students lived near their school. in 2009, 48%. >> our community has a problem with obesity. >> reporter: solutions don't always have to be expensive infrastructure projects. >> when you are out fixing roads, add a bike lane. when repairing the sewers, repair the sidewalks. >> reporter: san jose is one of 50 communities to get the funding to study safe transportation routes.
5:46 pm
a walking audit is something that anyone can organize. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. some officials are outraged the u.s. is flying drones over their country. they say they are there to protect the u.s. embassy. the officials say the drones are an invasion. une inspectors are in iran as a tour of the nuclear facilities. the west is imposing sanctions on iran. it looks like the sanctions are working. oil fell below $99 a barrel today but gas priceinize creased. the markets are volatile.
5:47 pm
iran is threatening to close an oil passage. a republican senator in florida wants to restrict the foods people can buy with food stamps. it would prohibit shoppers from buying nonstaples on healthy food. activists oppose the bill and the u.s. department of agricultural says it will be too difficult and costae to keep tabs. the new thing when it comes to tomatoes are black tomatoes. they are growing them so they are tasty and -- they say they are tasty and they may be better than the red ones. they are known for their vitamin c and the growers say the blank ones may have more. the company cross bread wild and cultured tomatoes and threw blueberry pigment into them as
5:48 pm
well. somewhat up next? how about red lemon and yellow, pink and purple carrots. rains are not enough to make up for the dry winter we had. the snow-water content is below average at 38%. that is an improvement since the beginning the of month. they are hoping normal weather pattern will help. they are scheduled to conduct another survey on wednesday. now to our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> we are looking at a dry weather pattern through the the five-day forecast. there is rain down the road but towards february 10. we have a chance for a few sprinkles wednesday morning. outside, redwood city, winds blowing or gusting to 23 miles per hour. so the winds are coming out of
5:49 pm
the northwest. that keeps temperatures tonight warmer because it is coming off the water. the water is warmer than the land. 62 concord. highs tomorrow, highs on wednesday and thursday, everything is coming up. they increase each day through the weekend. that means temperature os into the upper 60s and low 70s. the headline, valley fog returns. maybe a sprinkle for wednesday morning. it sanonevent. enough to slow down the roads. here is the activity today. drizzle, sprinkles in monterey. a massive moisture off thepusc but it has nothing for us -- off the pacific, put it has nothing for us. wednesday morning, weak weather system. it is weak. i would be surprised if we saw
5:50 pm
measurable rainfall. most activity is in the north bay. the computer models shows you. tuesday morning, there is the fog, right inlow cloud and fog. -- right? low cloud and fog. wednesday morning. watch. weak -- look at that. weak front. this could generate a little bit of drizzle in the morning commute on wednesday. clouds went that way because the high builds in. that means we will warm up thursday, friday, saturday. warmer tomorrow too. slight warm up too. 62 in concord. 61 san jose. 62 morgan hill. highs into the long range here, warm up nicely. 68 on friday. 70 on saturday and sunday. bay area weekend in view. yeah. nailed it. no rain in the forecast. we don't see any real signs. nothing out there that is
5:51 pm
staring us down. enjoy it while it lasts. maybe a sprinkle wednesday morning. >> air quality. we had the long string of the spare the air night. >> wind flushes thing out. no spare the air night. fog tonight and towards the end of the week we might see air quality issues. >> thank you. everyone throws around it had world ironic easily but this next story about a deer rescue is ironic. a hunter rescued a deer instead of shooting it. he was out when he saw this. a deer with his head stuck. the deer seemed stress. police and firefighters were called and they freed the deer and the animal ran towards the woods. a graduation with a
5:52 pm
different student. and the move congress is making to ban insider trading. who they want to ban from doing it. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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[ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t. graduation day today. only these students are
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formarily homeless. -- formerly homeless. the graduates received job training and support for housing. congress is closer to banning insider trading by their own members. they took a vote today. >> there aren't special rules for members of congress. they have to follow the same rules as everybody else. >> lawmakers know when they issue a reghalation, the actions can effect stock prices. it would prevent members of congress and their staff from making stock trades based on the inside knowledge. >> the whole idea is to try it begin to restore some of the trust the american people lost in the institution of congress and they have reason for that loss of trust and confidence. >> the stock act requires lawmakers to file a disclosure within 30 days of making any
5:56 pm
stock trade. the -- that opens the way for a up and down vote. no member of congress has been charged with insider trading but 60 minutes raised questions about the trades of several lawmakers and their spouses. on the house side, the leadership has been lukewarm about the idea. one congressman introduced a bill that would require lawmakers to set up blind trusts. coming up, three brawls and 9 arrests later, leaders are huddling to discuss thew curve the night life violence and thousands of kaiser employees are preparing to walk off the job. the last ditch fight the hospital is waging to stop the strike before it starts.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
ktvu obtained footage of a brutal beating. our reporter just spoke to police about their plan to curve late night violence. jean quan gets cuff on occupy
5:59 pm
protesters. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. i am julie haener. >> i am frank somerville. night life violence, after 9 arrests over the weekend it is becoming a growing concern. ktvu's janine de la vega is live. >> reporter: the police chief just announced they will be adding additional patrols and officers in the downtown area. the city says the problem is a number of bars and restaurants are overserving its patrons alcohol. >> reporter: ktvu obtained this video that shows a fight inside this parking garage. the door opens. one man throws a punch. and they retaliate. polito


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