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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 1, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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mccarthur boulevard. this is where crews are beginning to tear up the street in order to reach the broken water main. parts of the boulevard are shut down as work continues. this is what it look like this morning when the water main first broke. crews have not said when they expect the work to be finished. ktvu will stay at the scene. this is a look at the folden gate gush golden gate bridge. and looking at the san mateo bridge that traffic is moving well. give yourself a little extra time for the morning commute. this is a look at interstate 880. you see flashing flights. there a little bit of road work going on here. interstate 880 near high street. watch for flashing lights and slow downs. let's two back to the desk. san francisco school is
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closed today so crews can sanitize the entire campus. that comes after 142 students went home sick. tara moriarty joins us live with more on when the school plans to reopen and what students are being told to do. >> reporter: we are at st. e.g. nausea prep. health officials are expected to be here sometime today. cleaning crews will be giving the school a thorough scrub down. that is because close to 200 students either called in sick yesterday or left home early. the health department recommended that high school be shut down today to properly clean and make sure no more students got infected. it's high will contagious and many more children could have
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been exposed. school administrators are telling students to stay home for 72 hours. we are told all sporting events have been canceled. we will talk to school officials later today to get more information. that is the latest here live. a contagious stomach bug is going around in an elementary school. monroe elementary sent a letter home warning parents of students getting sick. today all four republican candidates will campaign in canada. romney finished with 46% of the vote. newt gingrich came in second
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with 32%. in his victory speech romney said his experience as a business plan is what sets him apart from his rivals. >> i will make the united states a place in the world for entrepreneurs and businessmen. and i know how to do that because i've done it before. >> in his speech newt gingrich made it clear he's very much in this race. his campaign slogan 46 states to go. >> we are going to contest every state and we are going to win. we will if in tampa as the nominee in august. >> ron paul and rick santorum spent very little time campaigning in florida. they are concentrating on the upcoming caucus states. romney has 84. gingrich 27. paul has ten a and santorum has eight. a candidate needs more than
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1100 delegates to secure the nomination. this morning president obama will outline a plan to allow all homeowners to refinance their mortgages at lower interest rates. even if they are under water. the president will follow up on a proposal he made in his state of the union speech. the plan could save the average borrower about $3,000 a year. official layoff notices will go out today for dozens of oakland city employees. by a vote of 6-1 the city council voted last night to eliminate more than 100 positions. 81 of which are currently filled. union groups, residence, and occupy protestors packed city hall to voice their objections. however, there were no major disruptions like last weeks meeting. the city cut $28 million from the budget. >> we have real deep pockets of poverty and we were using the money to turn some neighborhoods around.
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>> you taken 100% cut in your salaries? no because half of your salaries is paid it of redevelopment. >> most will now be rescinded. laid off workers will receive two weeks notice. here are the areas that will be cut. many jobs in the economic development and public works. several departments will merge including parks and recreation and human services. there will not be cuts to any popular programs such as children's fairyland and oakland zoo. economic outlook appears to be much better in contra costa county for the first time in five years the county does not plan on any general budget cuts. there may even be money left over to rehire lost deputies and prosecutors. the extra funds come from recent labor deals with county workers. they agree to millions of dollars in cuts. cal train is approaching the end of the line in funding.
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the company says it only has enough money to get through 2014. comings up one solution being proposed that could impact people that don't even ride the train. facebook is still not commenting on reports it will file paper work today. but that is not stopping people on the peninsula from thinking of the new millionaires it would create. the network has more than 3,000 employees. many are expected to buy new cars and homes as they come into their newfound riches but most are expected to continue working. >> most people with an ipo come away with after taxes between $1-5 million. and you can if you are a 35- year-old employee you can't retire on that. >> even if facebook does file its ipo paper work today, that stock would not go on sale until april or may. time now 4:36. let's head out to sal castaneda who is watching the roads for
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us. hey sal. >> hello, claudine. we still have the water main at west mccarthur and grand avenue. we will show you a live picture of that coming up in a little bit. let's take a lock at the east shore freeway. traffic is moving along relatively well as you drive out to the mccarthur maze. also this mornings commute looks good on the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 that traffic looks great getting out to the high- rise. remember it's wet out there. this is a look at northbound 280 that traffic is moving along very nicely. 4:37 now let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. a little system going through. you can see it right there. that's what is going by giving us a local drizzle. not a big deal. it will be in the morning and afternoon will have sunshine. cloudy needing the windshield wipers coming in. 40s or very low 50s. temperatures may cool down if we get a break here in the next couple of hours. there is not much left of this system but it is moving
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through. after that high pressure will bill in. everything dries northward and looking good to go. as we head toward the weekend. cloudy in the morning and then sun. morning fog and drizzle but cool temps. upper 50s and very low 60s. extended outlook. maybe some fog. nice as we head into the weekend there. today the state water department resources department will conduct its second snow survey of the year. you are looking at video from the first survey that was done at the beginning of january. during that survey just one seventh of an inch of water content was measured. research earns are expecting today's survey to provide similar results. it has been a very dry winter but the state is still benefiting from all the snow and rain from last year. 4:38. breaking the rules. what a judge says an oakland
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police officer did during an occupy protest that may bring about contempt charges. as a teen gets ready to head to court on murdering his parents new information on what may have lead to those murders. !
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good morning. crews are fixing a water main break in oakland. this is on mccarthur near grand
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avenue just on the west side of interstate 580 very busy area. water main broke at 1:30. the problem is it's deep in the ground. it's leaking but it's not right next to the ground so you can see they have to dig out the area to fix the water main to replace the part that is broken. that will take some time. this is a very busy area and oakland's lake shore district a lot of people use this road to get on the freeway nearby. this is likely to cause delays again in the lake shore area. there is also a car pool lane that may be impacted by this work. people pick up car poolers to get on the bridge nearby. we will monitor this and let you know what is going on. part of a nuclear power plant has been shut down because of a possible steam leak. it is located just north of san diego. the company says the problem is still being diagnosissed and there is no danger to the
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public. that shut down is not expected to disrupt electrical services. the director of national intelligence says iran's plot to assassinate the iranian president. al qaeda is still said to be a threat but it's much weaker. senator feinstein says this year will be critical for convincing or preventing iran from developing a nuclear weapon. the state controller has a dire warning for north carolina. in a letter to lawmakers says the state will run out of cash by early march. if the state does not borrow more money and delay payments. the legislature must come up with $3.3 billion or the state will have to issue ious or refunds. the money could come from residence whether they ride or the train or not.
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86 trains transport about 4500 people to work a day. cal train has no dedicated funding force. it has enough money to last through 2014 but does need a plan for future funding. >> if we don't provide a permanent dedicate source of funding for cal train then these problems will get insermonnable. >> one solution is a sales tax increase. right now the proposal would only effect san mateo county residence but could expand to san francisco and santa clara. there are other options to consider first but a tax increase is not off the table. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is not giving up on efforts to see his wife and son. he will return to court on friday to get a judge to lift the so-called state order. it prohibits hem from having contact with his wife and two- year-old son. a judge imposed the order on
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january 14th. it is currently in effect until the enof his trial which begins in three weeks. a federal judge has ruled an oakland police officer who covered his badge violated police conduct standards. officer john march grave covering his name. he said he hid his name to protect himself and families from protestors that threatened other officers. but the judge said he ruled the conduct for oakland police. today occupy oakland protestors will announce plans for their next demonstration. city leaders are looking for new ways to avoid a repeat of saturday's violent protest. there were more than 400 arrests. judges have already issued that order to at least a dozen
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occupy oakland protestors. wells fargo has one angry customer that could cost them hundreds of millions of dollars in business. it's the city of berkeley. they may soon cut ties with wells fargo and looking for a more socially minded institution. wells fargo currently holds $300 million in city assets. >> we are looking at moving our money to a bank that represents our community value. >> i removed my money from wells fargo recently. >> they have been doing business with wells fargo since 2004. the multimillion dollar account could switch to a small community institution such as mechanics bank. a boy accused of killing his parents is back in court today.
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moses kamin is charges with killing his parents. the district attorney says the teen was having trouble at school and argued with his mother before strangling her to death. authorities say the teen also strangled his father. >> moses came and was waiting for him in the dark. when he came in he grabbed him from behind. i believed the father never saw him. >> police say the teen put his parents bodies in the family car and tried to set it on fire. the teen is expected to assign a lawyer in court today and could enter a plea. richmond police are asking people to come forward for who witnessed a brutal attack on an 80-year-old woman. police say she was sexual assaulted brutally beaten. she lives at an assisted living home and was out for a routine walk when she was attacked. a strike involving kaiser
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health care employees is going to end at 7:00 this morning. thousands statewide walked the picket lines yesterday. labor dispout involves 4,000 mental health and optical care employees. they are protesting wage and benefit costs and what they are saying is long patient wait cuts. kaiser says two out of three nurses reported for work. state utility regulators could improve a plan that would let pg&e workers opt out of plans. the puc is expected to approve the plan that would have utilities replace smart meters with old analog meters. they would have to pay a $75 fee and $10 a month charge. police finally figure out what killed a santa rosa teen
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during a sleepover at her house. what is going to happen to the old bay bridge once the eastern span is finally finished?
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memorial service is being planned for the minnesota couple missing in that italian cruise ship disaster. they are among 15 passengers still missing. the family says they are disheartened to hear the news but understand and accept the decision. a southern california elementary school teach ser in jail this morning -- teacher is in jail for allegedly molesting two dozen students. he look lewd photos of children wearing blindfolds through 2008 and 2010. burns is currently being held
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on $2.3 million bail. we now know what killed a 14-year-old santa rosa girl that died during a sleepover at her home back in july. a toxicology report reveals that takami overdosed on ghb which is known as the date rape drug. investigators thought she may have died of alcohol poisoning. it's not clear if she took the drug intentionally or accidentally ingested it. starting today google is making a slight change to one of the employee perks. five google buses pick up and drop overgoing l workers at a presbyterian church. that church is across the street from blossom hill elementary school. parents complain because it's causing a backup when parents drop kids off at school. most of the focus on the bay bridge construction project has been the building of the
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new span. now we are learning more about the destruction of the old eastern span. cal tran says it will take three years to take apart that bay bridge. the bridge will be cut in sections and then taken away and that should cause less environmental damage than blowing up the bridge and stirring up sediments at the bottom of the bay. >> we are not just looking at lead and mercury but ddt and a lot of pesticides. and other toxics that either come out of our sewer systems or wash off to the city streets. >> cal tran will start the bidding process for the work in the coming months. the entire project expected to cost $244 million. it's 4:53. sal has been watching a water main break for us in oakland. how are things looking? >> reporter: we have a better location for you now. this is on mccarthur boulevard. the 300 block of mccarthur
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boulevard. this water main break began at 1:30. this block of mccarthur is a few blocks north of grand avenue. at first we thought it was right at grand but it's not. it's actually a few blocks away in a residential neighborhood. one block one lane is blocked. this is just west of 580. people do use this street. it's not quite as busy as i thought. it looks like the street is almost completely blocked by crews. east bay mud are in charge of the water main break here. they are still trying to get to it. it's a little bit rainy out there as well. this street effectively is shut down. mccarthur boulevard coming up. the main street there adams and van buren if you know the neighborhood. let's go out to live traffic pictures. interstate 880 looks like we have a little bit of precip steve might say.
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northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic does move well. let's go steve. >> mist or drizzle there a little bit. napa airport says very light rain. emphasis on extremely light. most of it is in the drizzle category. there is a lot of low clouds going through. it will be cloudy and fog. and then the afternoon we will start to see breaks in that cloud cover. after today our next sign of any rain would be next tuesday. cloudy, cool, drizzle or very, very light rain. 40s for the most part. mid to upper 40s. this system is really falling apart by the time it arrives. this afternoon some cooling, clear. i don't want to kick it out of here completely. we need another day to get this out of the picture. 40s here. 46 santa rosa. 48 san francisco. 47 mountain view and san jose. everyone is close here. within a couple degrees. the system that is going by the bulk of it the heavier stuff
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stayed to the north. we might have to encounter drizzle. after that everything is riding up and over high pressure. cloudy in the morning. local drizzle and very light rain. cool temps today. upper 50s and low 60s. temperatures held in check due to the cloud cover. tomorrow probably some fog nights and mornings. after that high pressure bills in and the weekend is looking fabulous. thanks, steve. we are continuing to monitor that water main break on that busy street in oakland. we are live on the scene. you can see crews working hard. we'll tell you how this can effect your morning commute. an entire san francisco school shut down after hundreds of kids get sick. what is to blame and what officials are doing about it this morning.
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for cleaner air and your right to breathe it. for those who want to quit smoking and for those who need them to. we're fighting for clear skies over every city and healthy lungs throughout the country.
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the american lung association isn't just fighting for air. we're fighting for all the things that make it worth breathing. join us in the fight at we are live in san francisco where an entire high school is shut down because kids were getting sick. we will tell you what is behind the sickness and what health officials are doing about it. facebook could be joining a list of publicly trading companies. weak little front going through. so far some drizzle. could we get any real rain out of this system? mitt romney scores a big win in florida.
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the reason the rest of the candidates are not giving up hope. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, to you. welcome to wednesday it's the first day of february i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. let's check your weather and traffic. on the first day of february. >> that is correct. we have a light system coming by. a lot of cloud cover though. temperatures will remain cool. if you are just leaving now the next hour or two you may encounter rain on the windshields. here is sal. this morning we are looking at live pictures of crews from east bay mud fixing a water main break. this is on mccarthur boulevard just about a block or two. maybe a few blocks north of grand


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