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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. we are live in san francisco, a mother and a child
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are hurt in a home explosion, we will tell you why police think it may be connected to a drug lab. new details on sheriff ross mirkarimi. and more on how mitt romney is reacting to a big night with rick santorum, all ahead on ktvu channel 2 news. good morning, it is wednesday : >> middle of the week, pam, should we find out about the weather with steve, he is right here. the rain is gone but the fog can be thick in spots, so watch out for that, temperatures once the fog burns off, it will be warmer with mid- 60s mostly sunny.
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here is sal. good morning right now, we are looking at a commute that looks good in many areas, but i have to warn you, you may start off in a clear area and run into fog so be aware it is there. this is a look at the commute where northbound 101 traffic does look good. there was an early morning shooting in san francisco, paul chambers tells us why there are two separate crime scenes, what is going on, paul? >> police actually cleared the area here and the second scene was right here at hotel phillips and of course this was a very interesting situation. a mail victim was shot just after 3:00 and they believe it is in the city's tenderloin district. the city called police to notify them they had been shot
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in the upper torso possibly the back. the men took him to san francisco general hospital where he is in stable condition. this is a situation that is developing as we speak. police are not receiving any additional information but we know the man was brought to the hotel by friends and by a taxi. we are still trying to get more information and we will stay on top of this as it develops. ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are investigating the possibility of a drug lab inside a home that exploded last night. channel 2 tara moriarty has more on what one of the residents who was living inside was saying, tara? >> reporter: they had grown medical marijuana but right now they are not and they did show us some equipment but he is not sure what caused the explosion. you can see the affects of this
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explosion an opportunity here if you take a look these windows were also affected the ones by the front door. we have some individual he yeses to show you. firefighters tell us the explosion happened short after 8:00 very close to ocean avenue. his girlfriend and their 12- year-old son were home. the girlfriend was in the bathroom and the boy was playing video games on the couch. he walked outside to get something and there was a brief fire that went out by itself. they were badly burned and it appears the fire originated in the bathroom. it was completely charred. they are looking at the
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possibility of a drug lab operation. live in san francisco tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:04 san pablo man accused of shooting at people in front of an elementary school. police rushed to amador street and they say christopher trim was firing a gun at cars at people and cars walking by. police fired tazers at him but tazers bounced off his body armor. he was finally captured after a brief struggle. sheriff ross mirkarimi is still fighting the stay away order blocking him from visiting his son. a judge barred him from seeing his son and wife eliana lopez stemming from domestic violence
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charges. and they hope prosecutors hope to put sheriff ross mirkarimi's former girlfriend on the stand. christine flores dated him in 2007 and 2008 and describes him as extremely aggressive and maply lative. sheriff ross mirkarimi's lawyer strongly denies the claims. >> they could now be headed to the u.s. supreme court. look at the castro district, there was a historic ruling. a federal appeals court declared the same sex marriage was unconstitutional. they ruled proposition 8 being i am immediately thundershower row. >> they are thorough and
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reveals marriage discrimination for what it is. >> steven rhinehart is at the most liberal and most overturned judge on the federal bench. the 9th circuit is the most overturned court on the bench. >> now the same sex marriage ban remains in effect until there is a decision on the case. they can take their case to the pellet but we could issue a final ruling that has been debated in courts and legislatures for the past 40 years but for now system sex marriages -- same sex marriages remain on hold. it will not be held until the supreme court has an opportunity to either grant review or deny review.
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i would say it will probably be 6 months to a year before you see that. >> there is no guarantee the u.s. supreme court will even take the case. the proposition 8 ruling only applies to california and the justices may decide to wait for another distribute before you deal with this issue. stay with us for different coverage over same sex marriage and we will bring you coverage on air and on line on well rick santorum's race has new momentum following his sweep of all three nominating contests yesterday. he won the primary, and coming up his sweep on the republican race. sal will be and coming back, he is way over there, but he is looking at our commute
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and looking at the peninsular, how are they doing out there? >> well they are doing fine and they were clearing up road work on the peninsular, the off matt der a you may see some delays and the freeway looks good. you can use university avenue as an alternative and i wanted you to know it is there. it also looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza if you are driving into the city it is a nice drive all the way to the san francisco exit. no problems between san francisco and the lower deck of the bay bridge. and northbound 280, it looks good getting up to highway 17. northbound 17 traffic looks good so farraguting down to the valley. >> thank you sir, a very good morning to you all, it is gone, it didn't do much, we left
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behind a lot of low clouds and fog, santa rosa, napa concord all seeing fog, you know and i know it is going to get thicker. everything else is moved out. that's okay, as long as we keep some rain going to the north. weak system but until then areas of fog all over, coast, bay it can be as thick but patchy fog. i never saw much at the higher elevations but east bay hills are showing some. fog i don't think it will change much here. 40s and 50s san jose overcast at 51 livermore 45, concord 45 and fairfield also with fog. our system left behind a low
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cloud deck, here comes the next system but that's driving up towards eureka crescent city high pressure is building in today and tomorrow. a couple of systems will take aim friday into saturday. a lot of humidity, low-to-mid 60s a few high clouds over to the north, san jose, mountain view, los gatos looks good if you are heading to monterey, it looks outstanding. pleasanton 64 degrees, we are good to go after that fog and a little cool down, it looks good, maybe some rain to the north. well he is on house arrest but neighbors say not enough. prosecutors are seeking jerry sandusky as he awaits trial on
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the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. . welcome back, time now 5:14 prosecutors say his bail conditions are modified following complaints from
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neighbors. he is under house arrest while he awaits trial on child molestation charges. prosecutors say since he lives next to a school he was seen watching students on the playground. they want him kept indoors and they want to deny a visit with his grandchildren. accused of abusing students at the elementary school, he has been formally charged. he pled not guilty to three felony counts. two students accused him of following him. another one faces 23 counts and is being held in lou of $23 million bail. rick santorum now has the most wins on the republican race for the white house. as allison burns reports, rick santorum won three primary
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contests and mitt romney plans to be the republican nominee, allison? dave, there is not another primary contest for about three more weeks. rick santorum has plenty of time to capitalize on his new momentum after winning huge in minnesota and missouri. mitt romney won four years ago. tonight was not just a victory for us, but tonight was a victory for the voices of our party, conservatives and tea party people. no delegates were at stake and voter turnout was low and they thought this would be a great month for him. they are still struggling to seal the deal. >> we will keep on campaigning down the road but i expect become your nominee with your help. >> rick santorum finished second in minnesota and newt gingrich came in last from
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there and edged out third place in colorado. rick santorum is answering criticism he does not have the money or the organization to beat mitt romney let alone president barack obama and we will have that during my next update, for now allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. 5:15 well the glitter bombing of the president continues and somebody at mitt romney's campaign headquarters threw a bright blue batch of glitter. they quickly surroundinged him and hustled that glitter thower out of the room. rick santorum, you can see a man threw a handful of green glitter on rick santorum and
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since he does not have secret service that glitter thower slid out the room. an earlier court order barred bonds from obtaining dangerous weapons. a baseball bat is considered a dangerous weapon. the judge decided to make an exception in the bonds case. food trucks could be driving onto the grounds of colleges and hospitals. they are lifting the operating restrictions on food trucks. right now they are ban from places like keizer hospital but this will provide employees and students with more food options. we want to check in on traffic, sal, how does it look. >> we want to remind everybody
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and iel start reminding people to be able to get from oakland to san francisco, the lower deck will be there but not the upper deck. we will keep remind you, you have seen the signs. highway 4 traffic looks good, no major problems and the fog is an issue in many areas. so if you are driving through bridge ways and causeways slow down. this morning's commute on the peninsular, i drew that line at bark zero -- i drew the line and here is steve. front page of the new york times in their technology system, the new bay bridge. >> i saw that. engineering marble so if you get a chance check it out, it was really good >> >> and now some locations say
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clear, i have had people say you know i will wake up and it is sunny. not everyone is in on the fog, it is either a low cloud deck or sunny. fog sun mild conditions 48 to 58 by noon. 58 to 68, yeah, i think down by santa cruz to monterey it will be that warm some visibility is bad and some clears out and be careful because it dances around. it is a dry year and it is not happening. santa rosa 54% of normal and they had just over 12, san francisco should have 14 and three quarters. san jose again it is not far from san jose, there is a lot more than 2. 53, yesterday they had 2. 508 near tom who had 4.40. if you keep arraign total i am
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-- a rain total, i am betting yours high -- yours is higher. jet stream staying north, there is a lot out here and that will batter away at the northern part of state, a few high clouds and after that fog burns off it will be sunny and warmer. napa, a little warmer here from gilroy to santa cruz all at 63. night morning fog, friday a weak system, saturday mostly cloudy. european markets are on the
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rise following the asian markets. they appear to be encouraged but anger has claireed on -- flared to on the streets of action the meeting could lead to grease and the government is expected to default on its loan. checking it out, they do point to a higher opening here is where we start the day. the dow jones industrial average and s&p 500 all posted gains, nasdaq starts above 2500. watch disney's stock, it rose 12% in the last three months of 2011, company credits less movie spending and theme parks spending. >> it sounds like a state inmate is on the loose, the
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information that could lead to his capture. we will tell you more about the bay area commute straight ahead.
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. good morning lots of low clouds, it will be sunny and warmer with highs in the mid- 60s. this morning, they are still looking for an escaped
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inn nate. he walked away from the round street detention center yesterday afternoon and there was no word on why he was behind bars but he is in minimum security prison. he may be with his girlfriend who drives a red us tang come -- mustang convertible. he is more likely to release from prison than either of the two previous governors to release convicted killers. back when he was governor, arnold schwarzenegger allowed 27% of paroled killers, governor davis was even lower, 2% and they can block that move
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to any inmate he believes would pose a problem. and they are booming this morning, we are watching a high service competition and we will tell you what we are seeing. plus a house explosion is being investigated what could be to play. the fog is going to be an issue on some commutes, we will have more on your traffic and weather straight ahead.
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. we don't usually see this rain but yesterday gave us some rain and not a lot, some higher clouds towards the north bay and once that burns off, some of it is really thick so be careful, here is sal. steve good morning, right now on the golden gate bridge, you can see it and we have been watching it traffic looks good on the span. this morning's commute looks good if you are driving on the san mateo but again that fog can move around and we will let you know where it appears next, let's go to dave and pam.
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the cause of a san francisco home explosion is under investigation. tara moriarty is at the scene with the theory behind the blast, tara? >> reporter: well we spoke to the person who lives inside and he said his fiance and son were home at the time of the explosion. you can see where the windows have been blown out here. we have some pictures to show you, it is the inside of this bottom apartment and firefighters tell us the explosion happened shortly after 8:00 last night very close to observe then avenue. the man who lives here said his fiance and son were home. he stepped to get something from his car when the blast happened. there was a brief fire that went out by itself and his wife and son were taken to the hospital but the fiance is being questioned by police so
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he cannottable to get answers to his questions. they say there was the possibility of a drug lab operation and there seems to be some residue of hash oil where the th c is extracted from the actual plant but again we have no confirmation from police on exactly what caused this explosion. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. in overnight news, a high- speed chase ended on san mateo. it closed the southbound lanes for about an hour. now the pursuit began in san pablo. the chase went through san francisco and ended on the peninsular at about 12:30 this morning. speeds reached 90 miles per hour. the suspect was to avoid another car and rolled over several times. he was taken to sanford medical
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center with minor injuries and he will be taken to the hospital once he is released. and they are dealing with occupied protests and it fell short at last night's city council meeting. they talked about the shutting down of the port and they talked about city police to use whatever is lawful to stop the direction. they received four of the five votes needed to pass. >> mayor jean quan will deliver the city address tonight and the event begins at 7:00 p.m. the school board meets tonight but will hold off on voting of the proposed closure of doyle elementary school. the district is expecting to
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shut down but many questions still need answering and many more will use times to comment. a proposed vote will be used as november 22. they are struggling to winds up with tuition costs. john perez is expected to introduce legislation today that would give them tuition breaks. undergraduates would pay one- third of costs if their families earn less than $250,000 a year. the fro program will be paid for by eliminating a corporate tax break. 21-year-old san jose student is accused of groping young women in their dorm rooms. last month michael pled not guilty including sexual battery. he got into unlocked rooms at
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the joe west dorm last month and groped five women. he did not live on campus. investigators are living behind the shooting of a customs officer. coming up what we found out about the alleged attacker. last night the city council denied a request by lift lounge to extent the hours until 12:30, the bar's owners will have a chance to appeal the sanctions in 90 days. they will not be able to
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handout plastic bags beginning in october. it applies to pharmacies and grocery stores and starting in the fall it will include all stores. customers will be charged a dime for paper and compostable bags and next year that ban will apply to all restaurants as well. meantime, they are considering a ban on sty a foam food containers. they asked staff could come up with an ordinance to outlaw food vendors for take out food. that would affect more than 500 redwood city businesses. sal, what are you keeping an eye on now, sal? steve and i have been looking at it, although it seems to improve, i can see they are out there and it is a little bit better so we will be
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watching it for you and make sure if we have poor visibility spots we will let you know. right now it looks very nice and driving on to the bridge it looks good. if you are driesping on 101 both are doing very well. >> i thank you kindly and a very good morning. we gave rain top to bottom, it has moved off but left behind, a lot of low clouds although there are some areas that are clear so it is not completely sold out. they have had good rain and i know they are above average for january. they are behind for the year but at least some others are getting behind in the states. so the rain moves out. stage right. so a little bit of a warming trend for about two days.
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it takes us to thursday and that's about it. temperatures will be mild by this afternoon, warmest temperatures maybe towards gilroy, santa clara valley, thick, all of a sudden you will hit a pocket then clear out, 40s mid-low to 50 degrees and get over to the other side of 101. napa is at 41. the fact this it gave rain to southern california is a good thing. it is streaming up and they are coming up from the hawaiian islands and a few high clouds in the north bay.
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low 60s to mid-60s and we are keeping a check on things, gradual warming to the north temperatures are getting warmer and we are easing back, mostly fair on saturday, mostly cloudy on sunday. time now 5:38 we have to show you a dramatic view on the east bay. >> boy, look at this, the critical rescue of a mother and her four kids from that burning building. kicked out of the navy, there is a controversial video said to have disturbing hazing. good morning, san mateo traffic looks good as you drive towards the peninsular, we will tell you about the morning commute and we will have another check of your weather.
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. a woman and her 12-year-old son are in the hospital this morning, their san francisco house exploded. the woman's fiance say they are medical marijuana patients and their growing operation could have caused the explosion. they are searching for suspects in early morning shootings and friends of the victim were brought into a hotel at 9th and howard immediately after he was shot and wounded in the
5:43 am
tenderloin. that victim is expected to survive. rick santorum shook up the campaign with his three state sweep along with the non- binding primary. eight sailors have been kicked out of the navy after taking part in the hazing. we have video, this may be disturbing. >> oh, no, man... >> the say lores are seen hitting kicking and choking a new say lore as part of an initiation on january 17th. reportedly the victim was choked until he blacked out and the say lores say they were just roughhousing but they have a zero tolerance towards hazing. they are shelling residential neighborhoods in the city for a 5th straight
5:44 am
day. people who live there are facing a growing barrage of tank and gunfire. they are struggling to handle the dead and more than 5,000 people have been killed in the country since the uprising began 11 months ago. >> police released the information in an explosion that killed a seattle man and two sons. >> the man and two sons were in the house? >> yes, he slammed the door in my mice. >> josh powell deliberately blew up the house. a funeral is planned for the boys, ages 5 and 7 and police searched his storage locker, looking for a motive. he was wanted in the disappearance of his wife.
5:45 am
piedmont man as we first reported, it happened on may use landing road. dennis bag well just a short time later it happened in union city. the 61-year-old victim worked for the customs and border protection agency and processed passengers at fso. one of the neighbors did not want to hear a scuffle and then the shooting. >> i heard three shots and immediately after i heard two shots so at that point i knew i had to do something. >> bag well faces a charge of attempted murder of an off-duty federal act and the victim was taken to caster valley. his family ask his condition not be released. we are getting a dramatic look at that fire in san
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leandro we first told you about this morning. this is from a video cam, one woman had to lean over a balcony to a firefighter and two other women landed safely on the ground. it seems a mattress placed too close to a space heater may have started that fire. time now 545, there are reports pressure telling of ther ban pipelines is now complete. pg&e has finished examination northern and central tall tcalifornia. the testing will now begin in more remote areas. a memorial service will be held today for the worker
5:47 am
killed in milpitas. raul died when a trench collapsed on him. he was buried a life. they failed to apply -- failed to apply and the services start in hayward. >> they have received a commission for junior colleges. the school has been placed on show cause status. column has been fully a credited during the review process. and a new program that could provide programming. they will make available 100 housing vouchers for the
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homeless. now they must have a disabling condition and have been continually living on the streets for at least a year. county officials hope to have the program under and running by april. how are you folks on highway 1 so 1. now the fog has not reached into san francisco just yet but one of the things you should be aware of as the sun comes up, if it is foggy people slow down abruptly and that's what you have to be aware of. no make probably almost and highway 37 near the point so watch for some activity, highway 37 is still looking good from vallejo to novato,
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let's go to steve. well, i can see some of that fog is out there, a lot of fog and some of that continues to dance around a little bit so i will be all over here until 9:00. other locations are saying what are you talking about, it is clear here. pockets of fog, santa rosa, snap a, fairfield, maybe where you are, we had our system yet and it moved off and that's where they to the the rain. these are mild systems so there is a lot of moisture in the air. fog mostly sunny and most should be burn off. temperatures come up to
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visibility about a yourer of a -- quarter of a mile. the fog is forming and high pressure says it is building in so warmer thursday. upper 60s to near 70 and maybe we will cool down as another system moves to the north. napa redwood city 46 and the city right there, there is a couple of things going on, we have a high surf advisory and you can see hows all of these are coming from the southwest, and they are going over north, "surf advisory decreases as we head to thursday. it will be thick fog mild afternoon highs, low 60s for
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some, san francisco 60s, down to monterey 67 to upper 60s near 70 and mid-60s san jose, sunny veil and at at. warmer afternoon highs if you have not done the chinese new year's parade it look goose. >> facebook filing shows growth has slowed in north america, europe and asia. they added several users but it is the smallest monellin crease since the spring of 2009. facebook could start focusing on china for new members. there is another shake up and along time veteran and three other board members will leave
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the company. frustrating shareholders you might like him and he resigned the other month. and they are building reactive jeans in their -- reactive screens in their stores. they want to bring interactive videos and one calls it refreshing the shocking experience without having to build new stores. the crash cessna went down in fresno. what a their tis did after stealing the plane from its owner from right here in the bay area. >> plus, what you need to know about being an addict and it's not drugs or alcohol.
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. time now 5:55 more information coming out involving a deadly crash and a plane from concord beau canon field. and it is believed the 52-year- old suspect, ray, hopped a short chain link fence hot wired the plane and took off. they called the plane's rightful owner and asked if he
5:56 am
knew the owner and if it had been in an accident. >> investigators believe before he crashed he first flew to stockton and loaded up on food and supplies. he survived a plane crash in 1988. he did not currently have a pilot's license and there are less than a dozen incidents of stolen planes out on joyrides every year. social media sites may be more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol. they looked at the will power of 200 social media users. they found those resisting social media websites some people may fail to resist social media because it doesn't
5:57 am
hurt, checking services like twitter or facebook. bicycling, the number of people riding bikes has increased 7% and 71% since 2006. 70 people right their bikes every day and most are concentrated in the financial district, golden gate bridge and in haze valley and i should be one of them. >> do you ride a bike . every once every once in a while. >> i just got my bike serviced and it is all ready to go for spring. we are going to do a brief report on the south bay because that commute is beginning to wake up, as you head to sunole, fog is everywhere throughout the bay area so watch for it there. highway 4 as you get up towards the willow pass grade, that is
5:58 am
moving well. merge waiting -- permeating is the word i am looking for, let's go back to dave and pam. police confront a manwareing body armor, who he was shotting at, we will have live coverage just ahead. for some it is clear but our own claudine wong is hanging out on half-moon bay and we will have an update on the surf advisory and what is also going on with the mavericks. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread? here's a better idea... pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits. in just 15 minutes, the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands! dinner ideas made easy.
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