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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 18, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. no promises of opening early, but caltran says it's ahead of schedule on work that closed the upper deck of the bay bridge. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes and so far, so good, a little more than 24 hours into the holiday weekend closure of the upper deck of the bay bridge and the work is going according to plan. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar has been he hadetting this phase of the construction and received an update from
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officials who told him things are going smoothly. in a worked the word is go, for an time or early bridge open. >> reporter: thanks to good weather one of the most critical important jobs paving new lanes and repaving the old ones was mostly down before sunset. >> we still have striping to do, which is patienting on the paving and that is still several hours away, if not a day away.. removal of the part of inclined section that will clear the way for the new bridge to touch down in oakland is also going well. >> we'll continue to get as mvp of that piece that is in conflict where we want to put the new bridge out of there as possible all the way to the point we can open the structure. >> reporter: though most of the intended work is already done, the bridge will remain closed because of other jobs going on. >> there were had a other things that we're doing besides this critical work that is actually closing the bridge. a number of those things are inspections. when we take the bridge out of service it's a great opportunity for us to get up
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there and inspect bars and other fracture-critical elements. we have seen no evidence that we have have that issue this time, but we always look. >> reporter: for regular users of the upper deck, a bonus. >> user will get a surprise going on the westbound structure that we paved to smooth out the ride out there. >> reporter: after this is done, there will be only one more bridge for a late 2013 opening of the bridge. more details now on this part of the construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. caltrans is shifting lanes to the south past the metering lines to allow crews to demolish the old bed that leads to the up essential deck. once that portion is removed, crews can finish construction on the ramp for the new eastern span. this holiday weekend, bay area drivers are having to rely heavily on other bridges to get
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across the bay. we want to show you a live picture of the golden gate bridge, which has become a main artery into san francisco since the closure. traffic is light right now. the headlights you see is traffic coming from marin county into the city. and another live picture from the san mateo bridge which investments between stretches between hayward and san mateo. the tainments you see on the right-hand side is traffic leaving the east bay heading towards the peninsula. traffic moved slowly onto the span throughout the day. the bridge, which connects the east bay to marin county is yet another way for drivers to get into san francisco. so how did the rest bay area hold up today? coming up at 10:30 we take a look at how people got around and how they tried to beat the
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rush. in san josi tonight two teenagers were stabbed inside the east ridge mall, forcing officials there to shut down the mall. police say both teens suffered life-threatening injuries. the mall was closed and evacuated shortly after 7:30 tonight. witnesses told police they saw three men attacking those teenagers. police have detained three possible septembers. convicted serial killer wesley sherantine is speak out from san quentin death-row. in it he claims there are two sites where the bodies of more victims were dumped by he and his accomplish police leon herzog. authorities are still searching a farm near linden in san joaquin county for more human remains. family, friends and fans parked a new jersey church today to say goodbye telexedry
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singer whitney houston. as chris knowles reports the celebration of her life was full of song and some controversy. >> reporter: about 11500 friends and relatives of whitney houston gathered for a final farewell at the church where she sang as a child. >> what i know about her is that she loved the lord. and if that was a grace that carried her all the way through, it was the same grace that carried her home. >> reporter: tyler perry celebrated houston's faith while "the bodyguard" co-starve kevin costner spoke of houston's courage when she wasn't sure she was good enough for the film. >> i held her hand and told she looked beautiful and told her i would be with her every step of the way. >> reporter: the spiritual advisor to the family delivered her eulogy. >> father, we thank you for this life of whitney elizabeth
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"nippy" houston. >> for whitney, the angel from the choir. >> reporter: the pop superstar was celebrated in song by stephie wonder, r kelley and gospel singers and alicia keys. >> it's a long, long way to heaven. but i got to get there. >> reporter: houston's ex-husband bobby brown was invited to the ceremony, but left shortly after arriving at the church, when he was told there was no room for his entourage of nine people. so her life was not without controversy, saturday was a celebration of the life of the mother, daughter, friend and star who was so suddenly lost. whitney houston will be laid to rest at the fairview cemetery in westfield, new jersey. chris knowles, ktvu channel 2 news.
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♪[ music ] the naacp paid tribute to whitney houston last night image awards in los angeles. the ceremony included a video tribute to the singer and several performances of herb songs. there is a whitney houston section on you will find more of kevin cost never's speech as well as a slide show that features some of the singers' career-defining moment. espn apologized for a hijack about a story about jeremy lin that contained a word that could be a slur against asians. the website posted the headline and in a state your full name espn says, "it regretted the offense life headline and conducting a review of its editorial procedures."
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. bay area state senator lee called it "shocking and reminiscent of headlines from the '60s when jackie robinson broke barriers." it's even more disturbing when such racism is promoted by our nation's leading sports network. espn should be ashamed and more than apologize for this act." volunteers came together to show off another side of occupy oakland. about half a dozen people brought rooms before and bags to help clean up the area. the group is called the occupy bryoms collective. members say they are goal is to bring attention to an overlooked part of the occupy movement. >> there is a lost parts to occupy that i don't think has as much attention as the other parts do. i think there has been a bit of a kind of reawareness of the
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necessity of highlighting those things, of highlighting the good that we can do. >> the occupy brooms collective says it plans to meet every week to help clean up different parts of oakland. a three-day occupy conference is underway at uc berkeley of the conference called occupy truth is being held at the school's international house. it was organized by occupy activists from uc berkeley and oakland. the main theme of the event is about supporting and protecting whist blowers. the conference continues through tomorrow. marin county officials are getting ready for an occupy protest at san quentin state prison. demonstrators plan to gather monday afternoon for part of a national day of solidarity with prison hunger-strikers. sheriff oles say main street will be closed. starting noon tomorrow and all
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through monday. parts of east sir francis drake boulevard and east francisco boulevard will be temporary no- park, zones. a sheriff in arizona who has campaigned for republican presidential candidate mitt romney was forced to discuss his sexual orientation today as he respond toddlegations made by an ex-lover. pineal sheriff babeau denied that he threatened the man a mexican national with deportation if he made thinks past relationship public. >> these allegations that were in one of these newspapers are absolutely, completely false. except for the issues that refer to me as being gay. because that is the truth. i am gay. babeau was the first-term sheriff and republican candidate for congress. he is running on a platform
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opposed to illegal immigration and smuggling. the sheriff says he would continue his congressional campaign, but that had he has stepped do you mean as rhomphy's state campaign co- chair. you probably noticed it, the price of gallon has hit a record-high for the month of february and it's not expected to go down anytime soon. "the score" says the average price for regular unleaded gas nationwide is $3.53 a gallon. experts predict the prices will reach reach $4.25 by late april. in the bay area the average price of gas is already around $4 ray gallon and more. analysts say the price hike is due to the swift from winter to gas formulas and increased demand. it is a goldmine for copper thieves, but it's draining one
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city's budget. the huge repair bill to fix these streetlights and the new strategy to get the problem under control. a east bay center is experiencing some big city problems and what city leaders are saying about crime. also take a look at this. the drugs that were seized and the whomping estimated value of this bust. the 10:00 news continues in just 90 secondez. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours.
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citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. city leaders in fremont say copper thieves have saddled taxpayers with half a million dollar repair bills and left some city streets in the dark. eric rasmussen with the new plea made to residents there. >> reporter: ken, they are simply asking everybody to be on the lookout. we spotted in street light out on pelta and at the bottom what is left of the wires sticking out of the box here. police say thieves have been stealing copper wires from so many boxes like this one, the cost of fixing them is draining the city's budget. it's a basic city service and
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source of light many take for grant, but not in fremont, where copper thieves have knocked out for the to so many street lights that the cost of arepears could approach $800,000 by the end of the fiscal year. >> that is a lot of money. our poor taxpayers, we have to pay for that. >> reporter: police say vandals sometimes take two days to pull off the theft, cutting power one night and returning to steal the copper wires the next. >> it's expensive. you know? there is a lot of copper wire there. >> reporter: we found this open box next to susan betancourt's house. >> i don't know why people would steal public property or steal anybody's property, but i have to put the blame on the people that actually pay for it, because there is no market for it, they wouldn't steal it. it's frustrating, it's not just a fremont issue, but all over
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the place. >> reporter: council members say the extra expense comes at a time when budgets are already tight. but he says fremont can't afford to leave neighbor neighborhoods in the dark. >> it's a quality of life issue. if the lights are off, it's a dangerous place place for general safety and welfare of the people of the fremont. >> some of the ideas city staff have been suggesting are to actually possibly weld these boxes shut or even move them off the pole and bury them underground. live in fremont, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. we have some developing news right now out of pleasant hill. that is where police are searching for as many as three gunmen following a shooting at a small park next to vandwood elementary school. according to a witness the shooting happened around 7:45 in the park off marine lane. sources tell ktvu news the victim is an 1-year-old male.. he was taken away by ambulance
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and police are not release anything details about the supports and no word yet on "possible motive. well, tonight shootings and other crimes are certainly rattling nerves in pleasant hills. john sasaki talked with police about the recent uptick in crimes. >> reporter: pleasant hill is a bedroom community of 33,000 residents. people appreciate the small town feel. >> i like the feeling and i like the ambience. i'm thrilled that they have developed it like they have. >> reporter: even now there is more development coming. this huge safeway opened next to sun valley mall. and this is an in and out burger said the to open next month, but more development means more people and relatively speaking can mean more crime. just last week there was a fatal drive-by shooting and last night two armed robberies including one at this chevron station. >> it's sad. i worry about my guys here. >> reporter: there have been a few at
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various businesses including denny's and 7-eleven. >> greed is the worst enemy of these folks go out and do their crimes and they continue to do them essentially until they are caught. >> reporter: police believe once they catch the bald guys the robberies will dissipate. some residents have their doubts it's a social issue that we just can't address quickly enough. >> reporter: the mayor says crime has fallen as it has across the country and adds that crime-fighting starts at home. >> had a are the only in the community doing and ours are making great decisions. that is one reason i know we see the trend line going down. >> reporter: officers say to protect yourself always be aware of your surroundings and don't hesitate to call police if you see something suspicious. in pleasant hill, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news a livermore police officersen to a house to
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calm down rowdy party-goers was instead sent to the hospital with a broken leg. it happened after 1:00 this morning in the 900 block of lambaren avenue. police say two teenagers jumped punched the officer as he tried to handcuff one of then. several officers responded. police arrested manzano and another not unidentified and both face several charges including battery on an officer. police are investigating a brazen daytime heist in with which the robbers made off with a million dollars of jewelry. some jewelers were on their way to a delivery. they say when they pulled over to find a restroom another car pulled up behind and blocked them. police say two men got out of that car and one pulled a gone and the other broke a back window and snatched the merchandise. police say a huge cache of the drug health care p has been
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seized in los angeles with a street value of -- listen to this, $100 million. a crime task force says raids of several warehouses uncovers, 130 gallons of liquid pcp and ingredients to make 500 gallons more. authorities say that would be enough for 10 million individual doses. officials seized $400,000 in cash and two assault weapons from what they call a nationwide drug ring. a bill allowing same-sex marriage has clear a major hurdle in maryland. gay-rights activists celebrated at the state capitol hill after the house of delegates voted narrowly in favor of the bitch the bill has the support of the governor, o'malley and house speaker michael bush who was driven to tears i don't want to be like john boehner. [ laughter ] but it is a significant event. >> that is what we're all about as a people. that is what maryland is about. the dignity of every individual. >> the bill must now pass the
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state senate before governor o'malley can sign it into law. in the south bay, police are investigating the death of a man struck by a car in campbell on winchester boulevard around 2:30 this morning. officers say the man died at scene. police describe him as about 45 years old, and possibly homeless. his name is not being released while his family is notified. police have interviewed one driver involved and say other vehicles may have also struck the man. well, new details are out tonight about the captain of that capsized cruise ship off of the coast of the italy and it has to do with a hair sample. and high live look at work going on right now on the bay bridge. crews racing to get the roadway ready for the tuesday morning commute. we'll have an update on the work as well as how some businesses are actually benefiting from the closure.
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. and in weather, the clouds are moving in right now. coming up the one part of the bay area with the highest chance too pick up a few weekend sprinkles and when 80-degree heat returns to our forecast?
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? syria a funeral for three
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young people turned in one of the biggest demonstrations in damascus. as domnick di-natale reports human right activists say the demonstration ended with violence when security forces opened fire. >> reporter: amateur video from inside syria supposedly capturing the moments that demonstrators say government forces turns their weapons on a funeral procession. panicked protesters shouted trying to run to safety. this war inside syria largely broadcast over social media as the government outlaws foreign journalists. the envoy met president bashar al-assad trying to diffuse and the chinese official trying to shake his hand.
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>> they have to come together to establish a credible opposition >> syria has had support from its old friend iran, apparently a destroyer and support frigate have now led the through the suez canal and heading to the syrian coast. that will cause conternation is for the international community and most of us apparently to israel. in beirut, dominic di-natale, fox news. in other news of the world tonight there are two reports suggesting that iran may be poised to expand its nuclear program at an underground side. both the bbc and the associated press say unnamed diplomats say tehran appears ready to install thousands of new generation gilmour:centrifuge at fortified underground plant.
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those century fugs could speed up the prison production of uranium. . also from iran, video shows some of the 3500 iranian women and girls officially registered to become ninja fighters. according to reuters the ninjas in training range from 5 to 56 years old. the women told reporters that they are preparing to use their martial art skills to defend their country. and in sweden a man it is in the opt after he was found trapped in his car after being stuck there without food for at least two months. the man told rescuers he survived by sucking on snow and ice. rescueez say the man in his mid-
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40s was wrapped anyway sleeping bag and in bad shape, barely able to speak or move. temperatures had dipped to as low as 22 degrees below 0 in recent beaks. the catholic church has 22 new cardinals. popepope benedict announced. very strain is how an italian consumer group is characterizing the gilmour:it's cocaine on the outside of a hair sample taken from the captain of that capsized costa concordia cruise ship. the cocaine however was phot found within either the urine or hair safin of captain schettino. lawyers for some of the survivors are demand a repeat of the test, claim gilmour:that gilmour:the samples may have been contaminated or mislabeled. 32 people are believed to have die in the january 13th wreck. driving around the bay
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bridge closure and what the back-up looks like driving into san francisco this weekend? and the bay area city that is consider following in the fetsteps of several others by banning plastic bags.
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. >> reporter: we despited to go through marin county. and for the first 15 minutes things were moving along nicely. until we hit our first slowdown on the richmond-san rafael bridge. traffic was heavy and then another back-up coming across the golden gate bridge. and now two bridges and roughly an hour and 10 minutes later we have arrived in downtown san francisco. that is a trip from oakland that normally on the weekend would probably take you 15-20 minutes. this driver was one of the people who braved the bottlenecks today and drove into the city with her family. >> how did it work out? >> it took us about an hour and a half. not bad. my mom is in town, that is why
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we came in. >> reporter: most people stayed clear of the roads. >> the traffic would have been awful and bart is easy. >> reporter: even with extra trains and alternate routes getting into san francisco this holiday weekend will still be a headache with the westbound bay bridge out of service. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. given the closures, some people decided to stick a little closer to home this holiday weekend. shoppers went to bay street in emeryville instead of heading into san francisco east bay residents say they have planet to do on their side of the bay. >> we have enough shopping. we have restaurants, so nothing to really michigan honestly by going across the bridge. >> reporter: ktvu has several bay street merchant baize spike in customers and all of them said
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they saw an increase in foot traffic. be sure to stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the bay bridge closure and we'll have a live update beginning at 7:00 a.m. you can find updates on on-line at an effort to ban plastic bag shop bags in san mateo county is gaining steam. foster city officials are looking ajoining other cities to enact a ban on plastic bag and charge a fee for paper bags. the foster city city council will take up the issue on tuesday. turning now to election 2012 and they are still counting ballots in maine a week after mitt romney was declared the winner of that state's republican presidential caucuses. voters were upset that the state's results did not include the washington county caucus,
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which was canceled by bad weather. it was just held today. with that county's 306 ballots finally count offed texas congressman ron paul remains in second place in maine, 156 votes behind romney. >> mitt romney is in salt lake city tonight to mark the 10th anniversary refrigerate winter olympic games he was hired to run, but his record there is under fire. the former massachusetts governor has called his leadership of the 2002 olympics the kind of experience he would bring to washington, but now romney is under attack by both democrats and republicans for pushing for tens of millions of taxpayer dollars for those games. republican rival rick santorum accused romney of hypocrisy for attacking santorum's earmarks as a pennsylvania senator when romney brought in $600 million of federal money for the olympics. polls show santorum ahead of romney for the first time
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ahead. newt gingrich stumped in atlanta with support from former rival herman cain. gingrich is counting on a comeback victory in georgia. the former house speaker held a seat in congress in that state for 20 years. georgia's primary is march 6th, supertuesday, but first michigan and arizona hold their primaries on february 28th. in his weekly address, president obama focused on the economy, pushing congress for tax breaks for companies that create manufacturing jobs. >> bigger tax breaks should go to high-tech manufacturers who create the jobs of the future. and if you relocate a company in a struggling community, you should get help financing that new plant, that new equipment or for training new workers. >> president obama also touted
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the improving u.s. economy saying companies, such as boeing have created $3.8 million jobs over the past two years. he recorded the address during his visit to the boeing plant in washington state yesterday. she may have lost a 6.8 carat diamond ring, but a florida woman is celebrating tonight, this after getting an irreplaceable heirloom back. earlier this week she was in her car in a shopping center parking lot and took off her two rings to put on hand lotion. when she got out of the car, she forget to put the two rings back on. >> it came from my father-in- law; he gave it toy my mother- in-law. she has recently past. he is a holocaust survivor. this ring survived. he was in four concentration camped. it made it through, i don't
10:36 pm
know how. my husband, when she passed they gave me that ring to wear. >> a local tv station aired her story and turned out this woman's husband found that ring and she immediately called the station to help facilitate the return. the larger ring though is still missing. young former kidnap victim elizabeth smart is celebrating happier times of she got married this afternoon in hawai'i. people magazine is report that the 24-year-old tied the knot with her scottish boyfriend of one year, 22-year-old matthew gill mou. the couple met in paris while both were doing mormon mission work. elizabeth smart was kidnapped from her salt lake city home in 2002 when she was 14. and a dramatic figure on the hill and see if the dawgs could pull it off later in
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sportswrap. and meteorologist mark tamayo could tell us when we see sprinkles along with a warm- up that could push temperature into the 70s; -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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. >> well off to a nice start this holiday weekend. clouds cleared had morning leaving us with mostly sunny skies. as far as right now on live stormtracker q2 the high cloud have been increasing over the past few hours and speaking of the wind, some of the reports offshore, you can see winds gusting to 38 miles per hour. so that is the san francisco buoy, but still winds from 10- 20 miles per hour closer to land. forecast headline for tonight we do have this, partly cloudy skies and cool and breezy conditions. tomorrow, the extended forecast features a significant warm-up on the five-day forecast. tomorrow morning, pretty chilly. coolest locations in the low to mid-30s for santa rosa, napa and there is a chance of drizzle, especially coast side to start out your
10:40 pm
sunday morning. this system out here in the pacific, here is the low. then we have the cold front and also this warm front. so for sunday, can you count on clouds least for the first half of the day and on monday we do bump up at least the chance of a few sprinkles or a very light shower. this is all very light. not a big deal, but still enough to send in some clouds. this warm front approves our coastline. the showers not moving onshore, but pretty close. main action remains out to our west of the for your sunday, partly to mostly cloudy of we'll keep an eye on the offshore showers, but the activity remains to our west and temperatures only in the 50s for afternoon highs. here is the cloud and rainfall forecast model. tomorrow afternoon, some cloud
10:41 pm
cover, but decreasing into the afternoon showers. so we should have more partly cloudy observings by sunday,000. and then by monday, you will see a little bit of activity moving in from the north. this is when we bring in the chan of a few sprinkles or a very light shower. highest chances up in the north bay as we head into monday afternoon and into monday evening. but probably just in the form of a few sprinkles. you can count on some monday clouds. forecast highs for tomorrow, only in the 50s. santa rosa, around 57. so these numbers down a touch from today's highs. san josi 5 and a few low 60s out towards morgan hill and gilroy. here is a look ahead your forecast with your weekend always in view. a little rain cloud for your
10:42 pm
monday to reflect a chance of sprinkle or light shower. as you can see more sunshine returns for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. warmest locations back up into mid-70s. so a little bit of a sprinkle chance for monday, heather and ken, but later in the week we could be talking about beach weather with low to mid-70s. >> wow, what a winter. thank you, mark. well, talking about wild things how by a wild finish in san francisco as the dons tried to stop the gonzaga bulldogs. the warriors get a huge night from steppen curry, but was it enough to beat the grizzlys? sportswrap is next. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night he hads of sportswrap. another excuse about how the warriors lost a basketball game is getting very tired, but golden state went down tonight on a final play that was at best questionable. arch tweaking his knee, monta ellis played in memphis. stephen curry from 3-point land good on all five of his attempts in the first half. curry had 36 point for the night, 23 in the first half of the warriors


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