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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 29, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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tonight. the weather means tons of fresh snow and big problems on the roads. we have team coverage with our chief meteorologist bill martin, first, though to ktvu's ken pritchett who is live at blue canyon. snow made for slow going today on interstate 80. ken? >> reporter: frank if you can hear me now. i am standing here at blue canyon. there is about three feet of snow at this location. not all of this is snow fall, all coming down at once, some of this has been drift. there is a avl warning because of strong winds all this snow and the low snow back. the warning is in effect, if you are talking about driving on interstate 80 hat has remained open all -- 80, it has
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remained open all day. >> reporter: chain controls on i80. >> reporter: truck drivers had extra restrictions and some were turned around. >> we got all the trucks chained up maximum, all the drives are covered. >> reporter: even with maximum chains some were stopped. we are that donner summit, and this driver, he is not resting. he is stuck here, not because of the snow, but because he is driving a double trailer. those are not allowed in these road conditions. snowploughs kept much of the interstate clear but he lost valuable time. he slept in his truck last night because his trailer is empty.
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>> you keep rolling. easy to spin out. >> reporter: he decided to chain up this afternoon and give it a go. expecting a long snow drive to reno. >> yeah. unfortunately. >> reporter: we starting to see more traffic here on interstate 80, compared to this afternoon. the winds are not as strong as earlier in the day, at blue canyon. train controls from baxter to truckee. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> reporter: havey rain to the bay area. a tree brought down a power line this afternoon. residents feel lucky the tree didn't fall on to their pows. pg&e is working to replace the pole. the weather is also being blamed for numerous accidents. this crash in san francisco involved an overturned car.
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they responded to 83 incidents this morning. last week we were talking about unusually warm weather for february. several cities tide is record temperatures weans. mountain view, santa rosa and santa cruz. the skies cleared this afternoon but more showers are on the way and our chief meteorologist bill martin is here now. >> more showers on the way. we got a break, live storm tracker 2. scattered showers east of concord, martinez. the weather story is in the mountains, 80 and 50, chains required. avalanche required. winter storm warning till 4:00 tomorrow. they will keep getting snow. we have more rain in the forecast. scattered showers. they have real snow. and if you are heading up there tonight, 50 and 80 they are
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chaining up. i am back here, i got the latest computer model. for tomorrow there is morning commute rain. i will see you back here. if the latest on the weather, include live radar, go to anytime and click on the storm watch tab. "occupy oakland" protesters marched today. another rally is expected to begin any minute now. protesters chanted outside the bank of america branch on lakeside drive today. tonight's demonstration is at frank ogawa plaza in oakland and we will have an updated tonight on the 10:00 news. the judge in the domestic violence case involving san francisco sheiff ross mirkarimi dealt a blow to the defense today. the lawyer for ellana lopez argued that statements ellana lopez made about her marriage
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to her neighbor fall under attorney client privilege and should not be used. ellana lopez's attorney also asked for the case to be dismissed. arguing prosecutors went out of bounds in a videotape. the judge turned down both requests. both ed lee and ross mirkarimi say he did not abuse her. prosecutors said today they will seek the death penality against joseph naso. he was in court this morning and reentered not guilty please that he murdered four women. the man is acting as his own attorney. he waved his right to a speedy trial saying he needs time to prepare a motion. the judge wants an update on march 28. a hells angeles made his first court appearance today. ktvu's maureen naylor is live
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today with what court documents reveal about the deadly shooting. >> reporter: no groups of bikers showed up but there was extra security inside and outside the court house. these documents were released and they detail a fight leading up to the deadly shooting. >> reporter: 38-year-old steve ruiz walked into a courtroom this afternoon, he only said one word. >> reporter: he is charged with kibbling steve tausan in october while attending the funeral of jeffrey pettigrew. according to documents surveillance video shows two men punching and knocking steve ruiz to the ground before he reached into his vest and shot steve tausan. >> not clear what was going on but there was clear there was
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bad bloods. >> reporter: sources tell us steve tausan and other members felt steve ruiz was discerptible after jeffrey pettigrew's death. >> he is calm. very reasonable man. he seems to be aware of the situation. he is living with it. >> reporter: outside court his attorney said he has not requested additional security for his client. who says he is no longer a hells angeles. >> he is shunned and he is not. my understanding. >> reporter: a handwritten note outside the office where steve tausan it the -- where townsend works. steve ruiz faces 50 years to life in prison. he is expected to enter a plea
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in two weeks. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. new at 6:00 a crack down on internet cafes in antioch. ktvu's john sasaki is live with the changes coming to the businesses and the reason. john? >> reporter: this is caught on the web. internet access but now the city is cracking down because it is obvious people play sweepstakes games. >> reporter: two businesses offer this kind of computer access. >> i live down the street and i don't have internet at my house. >> i like the atmosphere. i am able to stay out of trouble. >> reporter: at caught on the web, security showed us the games. >> reveal. >> reporter: with any purchase you get free entries for the games. and players can win up to a
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thousand dollars. >> you can choose to play with your time. internet time doesn't have value. >> reporter: across the street, the internet room. . >> we know they are looking at it. the city manager says the area around the businesses have seen a doubling in cause for police services. last night the city counsel passed a moratorium on new businesses like this. >> we will study where does the business fit in in terms of where it should be located within the code. make sure they can operate safe and legal. >> reporter: she says hers is a local business. >> don't allow loitering. nothing. no illegal activity. we have security who watches over everything. >> reporter: the city ordered them to shut down at 11:00 p.m.
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during the week. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. the school district approved loves for 29 -- layoffs for 89 teachers. 72 teachers are voluntarily resigning. most will stay with the school when it become as charter schools. more jobs might be 77 it doesn't lose state funding. supporters of the cal works program rallied in sacramento today. governor jerry brown's proposal cuts $1.1 billion from cal works. the welfare to work program. those opposed say it would leave 100,000 california children without assistance. with gas prices rising, bay area commuters are moving to mass transit. a month ago the average price with $3.75. now it is $4.33.
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that is a 15% jump. b.a.r.t. says ridership is up 5.5% and cal train says it is up for the last 18 months. the attorney general revealed a new bill of rights for homeowners. the bills will put the national mortgage settlement into state law. it would also allow harris to convene a grand jury to investigate crimes related to foreclosures. a middle school remains on lock down. ktvu's heather holmes joins us now with the latest on the scene with what is happening there. >> reporter: we are just down the street from east avenue middle school, that remains on lock down. traffic here at hillcrust being diverted as police search for a gunman of the this happened at
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4:45 this morning. a woman reported seeing a man with a gun on campus. we are joined with the livermore police. what are authorities doing? >> we are just doing a thorough search of the campus. we have officers checking room by room to make sure the campus is cleared. we don't want people coming into the area. there was an after school program, the students are secure and safe. parents are waiting for them. >> reporter: i understand this happened after classes ended for the day. the after school program, any idea how many students are on campus? >> i don't have that information. but they have been checked. they are in one classroom. the officers checked on them. they are safe. they are just checking the rest of the campus. >> reporter: you are receiving additional help? >> yeah. nice. the california highway patrol and the pleasanton police
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department. with securing the perimeter. >> reporter: as of right now nothing has been found? >> no. i don't have the latest because i am here with you but they are continuing to check the campus. right now we appreciate if people stayed away. >> reporter: do you have an idea how long it will continue? >> till they clear the campus. they are going room by room. >> reporter: thank you. the latest is that the east avenue middle school remains on lock down. you heard the sergeant mention they are going room to room looking for anyone unusual, looking for perhaps this man that was seen on campus. keep it right here on ktvu channel 2 news for the late and say you can check online to find out the latest here in livermore. heather holmes, ktvu channel 2
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news. this man's story is being rewritten. the surgery he underwent today in san francisco and how it is giving him a new lease on life. and too little too late, why firefighters are still expecting an early fire season.
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a searchry in san francisco is gibbing a mississippi man a new lease on life. they replaced his severed thumb with his own toe. ktvu's john fowler is live now with the family that wouldn't take no for an answer. >> reporter: you got to see these pictures.
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the patient is doing well. surgery ended 90 minutes ago. >> reporter: st. t started after dawn. mike stevens hoping to get a new left thumb after a accident. the story was just beginning. he and his wife refused to accept the idea of taking his finger to replace his thumb. >> we wanted him fully functional. >> reporter: she e-mailed doctors nationwide. he phoned her back, offering an alternative. >> if he calls you personally, especially in mississippi, that says lot. >> reporter: they said they could turn his toe into a thumb. he agreed. >> he just wants the strongest,
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biggest thumb. i harvest it and once the toe is separated from the body, we transplant it to the hand. >> we are taking a big portion of the toe to make up for that lost part. >> reporter: he will have to walk and balance without a big toe. they have done more than 30 similar operations and he should remain full use of his hand. the family says his insurance calls it cause metic and refuses to pay. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the value of stock in apple peaked today above $500 billion. only 5 other companies ever been valued above $500 billion and none of them is close to that now. it includes, exxon, cisco,
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general electric and microsoft. cal fire says this spring could be challenging for firefighters. they expect the moisture will dry up, leaving behind fuel for fire. the dry conditions were in part responsible for that soda fire that grew out of control in napa last week. we got a little rain but we need more here and our chief meteorologist bill martin is here. >> more showers but not enough to add up. the showers moved through last night. little behind it but nothing behind that. these are the accumulations. healthy winter time storm. nice inch of rain in san rafael. here is the system. this is our next system. it has a different look to it. it is coming from the north and slides behind us. we are on the backside here.
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that is why the winter storm warning has been extended. what does that mean? during the morning commute there will be showers. let's look. 11:00 tonight showers. 6:00 a.m., that is your morning commute. scattered showers. not like this morning. this morning it was raining. this is scattered showers. 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., more scattered showers. and then they roll out of here. keeps going. mountains, getting hit with snow. chains on 50 and 80. the next round, nothing like today and will be out of here by lunchtime. showers impacting the morning commute. five-day forecast, like this, bay area weekend in view, mentioned it, last night and the night before, you got to see a 5 day with stuff to make
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a dent. that is not what we got. we got rain and four days in sun. this weekend, upper 60s. >> thank you. bay area second graders who raised money for victims of the japanese earthquake got a chance to meet some of the people they helped today. the san francisco youngsters are studying japanese and raised $7,000 for the victims. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 an update on the breaking news we brought you from livermore as police continue to search for a gunman. facebook opens up on plans to open a new frontier. the strategy. join us on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. rough season for the warriors but they are trying to bounce back on the road as they take on the hawks. sports is coming up next.
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a new effort is learned to keep sports in oakland. the push coming from inside and outside city hall.
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there are new efforts to keep the raiders, warriors and a's from leaving oakland. next week the city counsel is expected to approve spending $3.5 million for a city plant. it includes, hotels, retails and a new stadiums. also a new group called save oakland sports formed, searching for creative ways to keep them in oakland. the warriors looking much better tonight. >> yeah. on the road. i guess you could say nowhere to go but up. down in the atl tonight, good thing they didn't have much time to dwell last night. better energy. dominic getting? start for steph curry. another rebound. 13 when i came in here. dorell wright after the pass. the warriors much better energy
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here. he had a little to do with that. big man drunk. with 8 minutes left in the game, the warriors leading atlanta 70-66. baseball purests called it greed. not official yet but mlb plans to extend to two more wildcard teams. one in each league and the division winner would get a first round buy and the two wildcard teams would meet in a one game show down. world soccer. team u.s.a. beat italy for the first time ever. that was mike piazza in italy. joe sets up clint there. quick right foot. the only goal of the game. 1-0. first time in 78 years of competition between the two countries that u.s.a.
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finally beat italy. that is sporting lights. sporting life. a big change may be taking place on bridges. it looks like something that has been there for years could be disappearing. tonight at 10:00, hew move they could save millions may mean the end of an era. thank you for trusting ktvu.
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