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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 2, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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looked like she ran out the back. started shooting and stuff. man, so far they said a guy unloading on the students. the woman was shot in the arm, she said what she thinks motivated the shooter. >> she said one of the shouldn't was getting picked on, start -- students was getting picked on and started shooting. >> reporter: many students were trapped inside. several students were finally freed by officers, guiding them to safety. officers tried to get out the wounded and dead. suddenly witnesses outside got agli of the terror -- glimpse of the terror. >> dead. lying right there. >> reporter: we have not been give an time line for when the
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street will open. reporting live, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. >> police say the suspect in the shooting surrendered. he drove a stolen car from the scene of the shooting on edgewater drive in oakland the safeway store in alameda. that is where ktvu's christien kafton was after police took the suspect into custody. >> reporter: we are here at that safeway. you can see it behind me here. he went inside the front doors of the store and told a worker he just shot someone. ktvu channel 2 news cameras were there, as police drove the suspect, taking him to oakland. we had camrups covering every -- cameras covering every exit. >> we have one person in custody. our officers are down at the
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shopping center, coordinating things with the oakland police department. >> reporter: chopper two was over head at south shore shopping center. the suspect walked in to safeway and told a worker to call police because he shot someone. police arrived and when they saw him on the ground in front of the store, they had no idea what was going on. >> i said that guy isn't having a good day. looks like he got caught shoplifting. we learned the suspect left his vehicle that scene of the shooting and took a victim's cars. police towed the car away as evidence. we have a crew at headquarters right now for a news conference set to start at 6:00. we will have live coverage as it happened. live, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> jean quan said this is a
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terrible tragedy. we offer our deepest condolences to the victims and the families. the mayor is expected to be at a 6:00 news conference to be held that police department. we will carry that for you live right here on ktvu channel 2 news. we learned the suspect's parents live at a senior housing complex in oakland. ktvu's john fowler tells us about the phone call the father received after the shooting. >> reporter: people call him a respectful, caring son, the man hid his face. nonasians had trouble pronouncing his name. we learned. he was a visitor here, at the senior housing where his parents live. he was an involved and caring
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son. >> i don't know, seemed like a good kid. the kind of kid that i want, you know, like my residents to have. >> reporter: we were theres with police escorted his father. he reported not seeing his son in several days but that he called his father this morning saying what he had done. he was leaving a stolen car, turning himself in at the safeway where he was arrested. police sources sell us he was a nursing student at oikos university but was kicked out of class and he used a 44 caliber pistol. >> respectful, helpful. i am really surprised. >> reporter: we learned another of the their sons died in a car accident one year ago.
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john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> five of the victims were rushed to highland hospital for treatment. ktvu's jade hernandez is live. you got an eerie description of what happened inside when the shooting started from a relative. >> reporter: we spoke to a brother whose sister was shot and brought here. she told him the gunman gave orders and opened if i were when he was ignored. we watched as they rolled him thine emergency room. she was conscious and alert. >> doing good. doing okay. there is a couple other people injured. >> reporter: she was shot in the arm. >> her friend was shot and another guy got shot. >> reporter: he shared this picture. she called her brother immediately after being shot. she told him the man dropped out of class three months before but was in the class
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today. >> he grabbed the lady and said everybody get against the board and nobody did he startedshooting and they scattered -- started shooting and they scattered. >> reporter: 5 victims were brought here. >> we did a quick triage for external situation, got folks mobilized, and we had what we needed. >> reporter: they are relieved she will be released but can't understand the violence. >> we should all stand together and & go against -- and go against him. i don't think she should be forgiven in any way. >> reporter: according to police 1-5 victims brought here to highland hospital died here. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> the shooting shaddenned the community. coming up, ktvu's rita williams shows us how people are coming to the school's support. police officers were forced to pull in an armored vehicle today. pictures were captured by news chopper two. they were picking up the students and faculty. the police loaded everyone into the vehicle and drove them out of range before letting them out. and we have more information about the school where today's shooting happened. the website for oikos university says it is an independence institution. oikos university offers degree in nursing, music and asian medicine. no word on how many students attend oikos university. >> here is a recap at oikos
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university. 7 people are confirmed dead and three wounded. sources say the gunman use ad.45 caliber pistol and the suspect drove a stolen car from the school on edgewater drive to south shore shopping center, where he surrendered at a safeway and authorities drove him back to oakland which is where he is now. police plan to provide updated information at 6:00 tonight. we will have continuing coverage of the shooting during our newscast and you will find updates and video of the suspect on and look for the link. agents raided oaksterdam university in oakland today. the first marijuana training school in the state. ktvu's lorraine blanco is live with how protesters took action against the agents.
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>> reporter: federal agents marched in and out of oaksterdam university here by as they did just as many protesters holding signs like this one, yelled and taunted them. the conflict became worse a few blocks away. >> reporter: protesters, agents stormed through the streets. they raided several downtown businesses associated with marijuana distribution. a protester pushed one of the agents and then this. >> reporter: the drug enforcement administration, the u.s. marshals office and the irs was there. has it day progressed the protesters grew and disobedience escalated.
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one guy blocked traffic and another spray painted a federal vehicle. the marijuana college offers classes on growing, methods of ingestion and legal issues. >> making sure they don't get in or it will be a guy standing out back of the mini mart spinning pot. the dea would not comment. the warrant is under seal in federal court. the city had no warning. she said the government would better send time going after violent crimes. >> oakland was not involved in this decision so we are concerned. but particularly given the public crisis of gun crime. >> reporter: after the agents left protesters marched to city hall where they held a news conference and they urged the public to support their college. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2
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news. san francisco's oldest medical marijuana agency plans to fight. they received a shut down notice in february from the u.s. is department of justice. it warns they must close by friday or the property could be seed and the owners sentenced to prison. they plan to remain open. they were raided in 2005 and they say they have 1200 signatures on a petition from supporters who say it should remain open. erate on the san francisco building, the protest that brought them here. >> dry, mild weather at this hour. we have the next potential for rain already in sight. we will take a closer look coming up. [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature
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the district attorney agreed to lift stay away orders
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for four people involved in the occupy protest at university of california at berkeley. organizers are hoping to get more lifted. police moved in and made arrests at the site of an occupy protest. ktvu's david stevenson is live in the city where protesters tried to claim a building to use as a homeless shelter. >> reporter: activity around this is still going on as police supervised the closing up after a occupy protest here. >> reporter: we had the only camera on the scene as dozens of police and sheriffs raided this san francisco encampment. protesters chammed this building sunday evening. it is owned by the archdiocese of san francisco. protesters said it was vacant for 5 years and shooed be used
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for health and education. >> this is about human rights. >> reporter: the archdiocese said it was used 18 months ago and was to be renteditute pay for student -- rented out to pay for student scholarships. >> we are concerned about the inside and damage. we would like torrent it out -- like to trent out -- rent it out. >> reporter: the raid began about 1:45. >> the group had no intention of leaving. there were bricks, paint, and other items on the roof that were positioned to be used as weapons. the raids and arrests brought out a number of people. >> i think a lot of good could be done. great opportunity for people in the community to show that they can provide services for
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themselves and others. >> reporter: mese say they expect to arrest 80 people for -- police they they expect to arrest 80 people. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. police say vandals caused damage saturday night during a occupy anti-police march. some wore masks and stepped into the crowd of marchers before police could arrest them. the damage includes four broken windows and graffiti. police say they have been scaling back on the number of officers present because the weekly event was peaceful. the trial of a gang member entered the defense phase today. prosecutors rested last week. he is accused of killing three while they were driving home
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four years ago. investigators say he mistook the victims for rival gang members. a revised business plan that reduces the cost of a project by $30 billion. it includes the shared use of tracks which eliminates the need to build dedicated tracks in some areas that brings down the cost from $98 billion to $68 billion. they are also expanding the first leg from merced, 300 miles south to the valley near los angeles, the bay area link would come later. airlines did a better job last year. researchers found of the 15 airlines included, air tran did the best job. ohio came in second and jet
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blue came in thursday. the company that published its travel guide named san francisco international as the 7 7th best airport in the world if you have a lay over. they sited the museum program, food and amenities like its yoga room and free wifi. water officials performed their most important water survey of the year today and it was disappointed. based on snow samples the snow pack is just 55% of normal. however, water experts say with good storage, we shouldn't have problems this summer. it is next summer that could be the problem. >> the concern is for the future. what happens if next year comes on like this year did, then there will be worry. >> officials plan to take one more survey this year in may. more snow and rain coming our way, but not a huge amount.
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rosemary. >> 4-8 inches, perhaps, we we are hoping. outside today n joyable. warmer. winds have been light. picking up at sfo, 22 miles per hour. 5-10 miles per hour, 10 miles per hour in some cases. high clouds over head. this has been the case all day long. filtered sunshine. clouds associated with the next system. numbers beginning to slip a little. inland, nice and mild. 65 conford -- concord as well as san jose. 62 in napa. these numbers from 2-4, 6-8 degrees warmer than sunday.
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actually, seasonal. next system, we may get scattered showers by the afternoon tomorrow. there is the front that will bring that rain. it saweak system but it will move -- it is a weak system but will move closer to the coast. clouds tonight and tomorrow. let me show you here, we got the high clouds tonight. tomorrow morning, we got partly cloudy skies, you can see the rain beginning to move in. the thicker clouds by the second half of the day. 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, beginning to fill in. this will continue to shift over our area. maybe 1-2/100 with this. a weak system. partly cloudy skies, light winds tonight. 50s in the forecast tomorrow morning. 40s expected with partly cloudy skies and then into the afternoon, we will have the chance for showers. we will cue up the muddle in a
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few moments. 48 for oakland. 46 redwood city. 44 santa rosa. 46 concord. 44 livermore. like we saw this morning. 44 morgan hill. 46 expected in antioch. tomorrow afternoon, with the aclouds, cooler as well and -- clouds, cooler as well. we will look at your holiday weekend coming up. >> thank you. the sailors who were hurt when they were hit by a monster wave, arrived in oakland and we are catching up with them and the search for sierra lamar, why the volunteers are being pointed in a new direction. áó
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march madness hit its peak tonight. but now a group is claiming the government wasted billions in on the arenas that hosted the tournament games. >> taxpayers are funding the construction, the operations, the maintenance, the land. >> they found taxpayers $202.5 billion on the arenas being used in the ncaa tournament. >> local officials complain they have to cut services, look for spending cuts, raise taxes
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yet there samonautomatic -- there is a monument waste. >> sports arenas generate money from tourism. georgia dome in atlanta brought in $90 million in march of last year alone. turning down chevron's request for $73 million property tax refund. they hit them with an additional $26.7 million in taxes. they accused the assessor of driving up the taxable value of the refinery. chevron also appealed its 2010 and 200011 tax bills. -- 2011 tax bills. positive report helped lift
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the stock market today. the dow is up 52 points to 13,264. the nasdaq is up 28 at 3,120. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar,
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on december 21st polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space.
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which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd, and you still need to retire. td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. news copper 2 over this morning's school shooting. a place many people never heard of before today. the shooting at oikos university left 7 people dead. ktvu's rita williams is live in
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oakland. >> reporter: the few people we found who were familiar with the school here on edgewater drive could not believe a school based on christian teachings could be the scene of such violence. >> i am in shock. i mean, they just study bible and they study nursing. >> reporter: she teaches nursing at this school but not today. they were worried about the victims. >> thank god she wasn't there. >> reporter: he was teaching english here for the past three years when he heard it gunman open fire. >> we heard several gun shots. and i looked outside the door of the classroom and somebody said somebody has a gun. so i evacuated the classroom. >> reporter: she rushed here to check on her daughter who works in the office.
5:30 pm
>> scares me a lot. i hope she is not the one. >> reporter: police escorted her and her husband into a building set up for families and we have not heard from them since. >> we are all god's children. there is no place for this in any religion. >> reporter: he said he cameitute help after learning about the -- came out to help after learning about the shootings. >> sad day that anybody has tolose -- to lose their life. >> reporter: he said today as most people out here, he never heard of it although students describe it until today a very peaceful place. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >> now here is the latest on the shooting at oikos university which we have been following since this morning. 7 people were killed, 3 wounded
5:31 pm
after a students walked on to the campus and opened fire. the campus is on edgewater drive near the airport. witnesses say the gunman identified as one goh ko told students to lineup against a wall and when they didn't she started shooting. he was a nursing student who was kicked out of class. he was taken into custody 5 miles away. >> of the 7 people killed, we know one was studying nursing so she could help children. we are live in oakland. >> reporter: when i talked to the father he just learned his daughter didn't make it. he says simply, i miss her. he was one of 7 family whose got the devastating news that their loved ones were gunned down at oikos university. others looked like they were in
5:32 pm
shock. he did his best to stay composed. telling us, i will be fine but clearly this was emotional. >> she wanted to help people. you know, but, i guess she didn't make it. the pastor showed up for support. he and the family heard about the shooting and worried when they couldn't reach their loved ones. >> we try a call her and the parents call, but she didn't answer the phone. >> reporter: of course, they learned that nursing student will never get to fulfill her dreams. ktvu channel 2 news. >> you may remember the nation's most deadly school shootings in 2007, a student at
5:33 pm
virginia tech called 30 some before he killed himself. 8 years before that, 1999, two teens carried at a plot at columbine school in colorado. here in northern california, a school shooting last year at san jose state university, two students were killed, the gunman also died. we will continue to bring you updates on today's mass killing, including a police press conference is expected to happen after 6:00 tonight. you can also find updates on our website, there are changes starting today in the search for sierra lamar. ktvu's robert handa is live in morgan hill where there is new leadership in the operation but with the same community support. >> reporter: we are at the volunteer center.
5:34 pm
today is the first day it is run by community leaders. they found out klaas kids foundation is still involved and the plan is to expand the search for sierra lamar. the search for sierra lamar is headed into new territory. the klaas kids foundation trained volunteers to take over the search for sierra lamar who disappeared march 16 on her way to school. investigators believe she was kidnapped. so far much of the search covered public land, now they want to cover private property. >> we got teams getting ready they will be contacting the private owners to see if they searched their area, if it has been searched by the authorities. they plan to cooperate, aware of what the family is going through. >> tears you up inside. i pray for them every day.
5:35 pm
i am assisting in any way i can, make sure there is nothing that is foreign on it. >> reporter: the sheriff's department is waiting for lab results from possible evidence collected so far. today investigators say they have gotten more than 900 tips. >> this is our top case, the sierra lamar. as long as we get tips and information from the public we will have the resources out there every day working on the case. the operation is spending most of the week reorganizing but organized another search this weekend and sheriff's wilson out teams -- send out teams again this weekend. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> >> the klaas kids foundation wants you to post sierra lamar's photo for the day.
5:36 pm
they will encourage awareness and involvement and support the family. concern is growing for a teenager who has been missing for four days. he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. she was last scene on friday. police fear she may have gone into the sacramento river. her clothes were found on a dock near the town of hood. divers searched the water but there was no sign of her. angry food inspectors take up a fight. >> what they have osay -- to say about a plan. and the promising discovery when it comes to fighting breast cancer.
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. we are getting word that san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will be able to go home for the first time since january. the order will allow him to return to his home till april 27, one day before his wife is set to return from venezuela. ross mirkarimi was ordered to stay away from his wife and son following his arrest for domestic violence. he pleaded guilty to false
5:40 pm
imprisonment. last minute campaigning leading up to three primary elections tomorrow. mitt romney appeared with paul ryan in wisconsin. he spoke to supporters. he said he doesn't have a political career but spent 25 years in business. >> competing with businesses outside this country, seeing jobs come and go, this appearance qualifies me in a unique way to get the economy working again. >> wisconsin, maryland and washington, d.c. hold primaries tomorrow. >> rick santorum campaigned in wisconsin today also. >> he visited a bowling alley and he scored watch hundred 52. he spoke at a -- 152. and he spoke at a rally.
5:41 pm
and said mitt romney shaird president obama's -- shared president obama's ideas. cutting back on federal over site at poultry plants. >> they demonstrate today and said they are angry about a plan that would leave more inspections to plant workers but they argue that will be less scrutiny. >> people are going to start getting sick and people are going to die. >> the usda says they will save taxpayers and that it would allow them to focus on dangerous pathogens. jack seen to receive the return of big east conference.
5:42 pm
conference-- it is producing the response scientists are hoping for but it will be 5 years to know if it prevents the tumors from coming back. baseball is around the corner. but it was the giants making big news tonight with something that has been talked about during the off season, a live report is coming up. >> cool and damp once again, when we expect the next system to arrive, coming up. i can walk 60 miles.
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all right.
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the first game of the bay bridge series between the a's and the giants. ktvu's joe fonzi tells us the was a major announcement today involving the giants and one of their top players. joe? >> reporter: that there was. the series is about the giants and the a's but the giants grabbed the headlines from the a's today. >> reporter: the day started out routinely enough. the giants held their annual preseason may ball lunch. they were signing autographs. matt cain was ploying coy about his contract. an hour later, giants coo made an announcement that made the crowd very happy. >> today the giants extended the contract of our longest tenured giant.
5:46 pm
>> nice to know the support you have. being around the city getting the support it is cool to go around the city and have people say how much they enjoy watching you play. it really means a lot and i think that it proves and pushes you to keep trying to, you know, be better. >> he doesn't need any motivation. he got better each year and he proved that under difficult circumstances. the contract runs through 2017 and puts him in the best paid players in the game. while the giants may have trumped the a's as far as news today there is something worth watching as far as the a's are concerned. yoenis cespedes makes his debut tonight. he hit a home run in the a's two games against the mariners last week.
5:47 pm
the regular season is around the corner. reporting live, joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. the sheriff's office is trying outlet a new task force aimed at cracking down at gang related crime. they will be the eyes and ears in the neighborhood, they will help authorities with long term solutions aimed at reducing violence. police are getting more information about a bar shooting that resulted in officers firing at a suspect. police identified the suspect. he is accused of shooting a man after 8:30 last night inside richard's bar. earlier he was involved in a fight at the bar and returned with a gun. investigators say he shot the man, then walked outside with the gun in hand. officers spotted him in the parking lot and say they shot at him when he refused to drop the gun and pointed it at them.
5:48 pm
the national archive opened the books on the 1940 sensesis the data trig -- census. the data trigert a back up today. -- triggered a back up. it tracks what happened after the great depression. which was a time when a lot of people moved around. >> you can tell employment, family relationships, who lives near you. >> the company says by the end othe day today it already -- end of the day today it had 37 million hits. high surf advisory has expired. we have video to show you of
5:49 pm
the wanes yesterday afternoon. national weather service say waves reached 15-20 feet today. the national weather service says it peaked over night but people should still be careful. our chief meteorologist bill martin is off, rosemary is in. maybe a little bit of rain this week? >> we will see a few sprinkles. it will pass over. it is a weak system but enough to break out the umbrellas. it will be with us tuesday. today, high clouds, the high clouds associated with the weak storm that may bring sprinkles to the bay area. afternoon highes today, mid-60s near santa rosa. 68 in concord. 67 san jose. feeling where we should be. 65 oakland. pacifica 59 degrees this afternoon. 60 redwood city. 69 morgan hill. winds from the northwest, light, breezy over sfo, outside
5:50 pm
of that, feeling good. warm up. from 2-4, 6-8 degrees warmer than sunday. this ridge of high pressure will scoot to the east tomorrow, breaking down and leaving room for this system that will bring us cooler weather. an increase in clouds and late in the afternoon thicker clouds and sprinkles, second half of the afternoon for the north bay and the rest of us by the evening drive. tomorrow morning, this system, beginning to collide by 2:00 or -- slide by 2:00 or so. clouds increasing over the bay area. pay attention, it fizzles out as it moves across the bay. 6:00, clouds, moisture but not a lot of rain. as i progress with this, south bay by 9:00, maybe a few
5:51 pm
sprinkles. rain and snow over the sierra tuesday through thursday morning and unsettled wednesday, a few sprinkles wednesday morning. partly cloudy skies, chilly tomorrow morning, similar to yesterday but not too bad. 48 in oakland. 48 san francisco. 46 san jose. maybe a few degrees warmer than sun rise this morning. highs for the afternoon, 63 in berkeley. 63 san francisco. mid-60s hayward. mid-60s near san jose, morgan hill. 72 gilroy. south bay dry all day long. not till the evening we get a possibility of scattered showers there. extended look, temperatures cooling off on tuesday. more so wednesday. thursday is the coolest day. the trough will be deepening.
5:52 pm
wednesday, thursday, mainly dry. partly cloudy skies friday and into the weekend, if you will be out celebrating easter, doing egg hunting, temperatures and the weather looks fabulous. >> thank you. after a rescue, two injured sailors are glad to be back in the bay area, what they went through and why despite their ordeal, you can't call them quitters. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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. two injured sailors found safety tonight. they arrived a couple hours ago on board a coast guard cutter. the geraldton western australia was taking part in a around the world yacht race. saturday a huge wave crashed over the stern. the wave store away the steering wheel. after rough seas kept rescue away, a coast guard cutser reached the yacht and today it brought two in where they were taken to a hospital. the yacht is expected tomorrow morning. the other yacht arrived over the weekend. they will be docking in oakland for two weeks for rest and
5:56 pm
repairs before crews complete their race. they will be on display from thursday to sunday and for more video and photos, go to we are moments away from a briefing by oakland police on today's deadly school shooting. coming up, we are live and talking to students who say they have an idea of what may have motivated the shooter to open fire and a raid gets out of control, the face-off between federal agents and marijuana advocates. b b
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
she didn't make it. >> father's reaction to word his daughter was killed at a private university in oakland. the shock and grief tonight as the death toll climbs to 7. >> the police are still investigating what triggered the shootings. what we uncovered when we spoke to students. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening. i am julie haener. >> i am frank somerville.
5:59 pm
police are getting ready to brief the public about the shooting at oikos university that killed 7 people and injured three others. this is a live picture here ends police headquarters where we are waiting to hear from the mayor, and police chief and fire chief. >> here is what we know, the suspect's name is one goh ko, he is scene here in the back of this police car. we have also learned he made a phone call to his father and 10 turned himself in at a safeway. >> matt keller was on the scene and joins us live from oikos university with the possible motive that may have led him to open fire. >> reporter: in the past hour lab technicians set up outside of oikos university collecting more evidence of the violence that took


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