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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 4, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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more details are emerging about an alleged gunman 'past as investigators search for the -- gunman's past as investigators search for the murder weapon. we'll tell you why it has been so hard to find. and pg&e crews are still trying to work out a gas main problem last night. the news came 40 minutes ago. it's bad news for thousands of
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yahoo! worker. and thank you to maryland, wisconsin, and washington, d.c.! >> and with three more primary wins for mitt romney, it's game on between the republican front- runner and president obama. "mornings on 2" begins right now. good morning. i'm dave clark. welcome to "mornings on 2". >> i'm tori campbell. this is the booking photo of 4-year-old won goh -- 43- year-old one goh is scheduled to make his first court appearance today. tara moriarty has more about how the diverring is going for
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the gun. >> reporter: the waters are so murky, they cannot see what they are looking for. the divers combed the estuary off doolittle drive all yesterday and well into the night. no word yet on if they have retrieved the weapon but this is where they believe the suspect left his gun after leaving the shooting rampage at oikos university. >> this is difficult work. there's absolutely no visibility whether you are here in the sunlight off the dark. once you get on the water, there's zero visibility. so you are doing it all by your hands and your feet. it's like being a snow angel in mud. >> reporter: oakland police say 43-year-old one goh was angry after being kicked out of the nursing school. so he went out and bought a weapon in february. they believe his target was a school administration who would not give him back $6,000 in
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tuition money. he has a histry of -- dash a history of anger -- he has a history of anger management issues. most of the students who were women say he simply did not fit in at oikos. he's eligible for the death penalty should the alameda county district attorney choose to seek it. we're live in oakland, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> goh used to live in virginia where he still os money to a -- owes money to a bank. his brother said he was ashamed that one would shoot and kill people. >> very friendly guy.
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a little chat here and that he. but i never would have thought anything. >> goh was evicted from his virginia apartment for overdue rent. he had another brother who died in a car crash in southwest virginia. now we're hearing from the families of the seven people would were killed during monday's shooting at oikos university. >> i'm gonna miss her but i need to face the truth that she's gone. >> right now, a memorial has been set up at the scene of the tragedy remembering those who were killed and those who were wounded. coming up for you at 7:0, claudine wong will tell us the names of the people who died and what their loved ones are saying about their lives. >> make sure you stay right here for continuing coverage of the shooting. we'll bring you all of the latest developments on "mornings on 2" and online before we -- as soon as we get
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them. pg&e worker are making repairs in a san jose neighborhood after an overnight car crash caused a gas leak and evacuations. paul chambers has been there all morning. he's live with an update on the repair work. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we are out here and the workers are working very hard and diligently to get things back working. this is a mark as it went up into the house. it actually hit another wall. you can see where the damage is done. within the last half an hour, they expect to have things back up and running the. this shoo was shot in the last ten minutes. crews have been working on this leak since 11:00 last night. i just spoke with the whom who lives in the home. she said when she heard the crash, she said it was behind her home. when she came outside, he she
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-- she said a vehicle was in the side of her home. she said although she didn't feel anything, she said it was like an -- like an earth. when her neighbors cam outside, they say a vehicle took out the gas meeters. >> there was a car that was pushed in my neighbor's call where you can see the -- wall, consider you can see the fence is -- wall, where you can see the fence. >> reporter: between four an six homes had to be have thed. crews are working to repair the main gas like. after that, the remaining four homes on the street will have gas restored. we are not aware of what person was taken to the hospital or the extent of their injuries. but i can tell you that everyone except for the home that's being repaired to have the hole in the side of it will
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be allowed to go back home residents won't be able to go back into the home until pg&e monitors this. back to you. >> thank you, paul. 7:06. new this morning for sixth time in four years yahoo! is cutting jobs, major cutbacks to its work force. we're live outside of the headquarters in sunnyvale. ia -- yahoo! says this is a beggar part of the work force. 15 other jobs were cut back in 2008. yahoo! is saying the lay offs or towards a more nimble and more profitable nimble.
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>> it's a clean sweep for mitt romney in wisconsin, maryland and washington, d.c. the front- front-runner -- the republican front-runner waste nod time going after the man in the white house. >> that's why it's important -- president obama thinks he's doing a good job. [ laughter ] >> coming up at 7:15, even as mitt romney pums further ahead of his rivals. they are saying they are stay in the -- staying in the house. we want to check in with sal see what's happening on the roads. and the bay bridge toll plaza. that's right. tori, dave. trying to get into san francisco. it's a little bit of a delay, the chp has issued a wind advisory. you should use caution as you
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travel across the bridge especially if you are in a small or light vehicle. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. if you are looking at our picture with high-def you can kind of see the white capsen on -- white caps on the way. the commute in the south bay has been busy. it's not as wad as -- it's noted a was as it usually is. 101 is still so in pockets all the way up to sunnyvale. some rain made it -- well, .01 to .00. cooler and breezy. that cooler air is on the way today it will be upper 50s and low 60s. temperatures will continue to drop. only 59 in the city. 61 and -- livermore and tomorrow, probably more 58s and
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59s. the system gave light drizzle reports. this system is gone. it's leaving behind cool air. there's a lot of 0s in ukiah, kind of mit and miss. 39 napa, 35 santa rosa and fairfield is at 38. right at 40. livermore as well. you know, if pew cannon is -- buchanan is 40, there's more down here. 50s to low 60s around here. it looks -- the cold air is still poised offshore. we're in the southern edge of it. as it seeps in and that system dives to the south, we're a
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cooler, breezy forecast. a few possibles are possible. they could pop out. contra costa later on. 50s and 60s on the temperatures and they will continue to -- they will continue their downward trends tomorrow. tomorrow. well, baseball players from two northern california schools are in big trouble after a big fight on the field was caught on camera. >> look at this. this happened yesterday near sacramento during a spring break tournament in granite bay. they are fighting. this started in the 6th inning when del campo high and yerba bueno were tied. >> it doesn't seem to be here in -- it definitely should not be here in high school sports.
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>> the problem started when a player threw the ball at one of the coaches. all of the players involved will be disciplined. some of the people at the game say that should -- say that fight should have been broken up sooner. and they are sure -- surprised it. yeahing he screwed up. he -- yeah. i screwed you. why he compares himself to a $10 million chandelier. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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it's 7:14. mitt romney is celebrating three more victories. romney came out with a clean sweep of the primaries in wisconsin, maryland and washington, d.c. jamie jamie dupree joins us via skype with where the race stands right now. >> reporter: it was a very good night for mitt romney, but not a good night for his opponents. you shake out the delegate numbers, which is the most important thing right now, romney received 86 delegates last night. rick santorum, only 9. when we get down to it, 86-9, that's basically 90%. that's not a formula for santorum. a big night for romney as he
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now tries to focus, yet, again, just on november and president obama will be hearing from romney in washington, d.c. yesterday there was a speech by president obama. >> the next primary is in pennsylvania. i'm -- >> reporter: you will have delegates in other states tab dash i was just looking at -- states -- i was just looking at those delegates. if santorum can just win in pennsylvania, i'm sure he will argue he can go forward into may where there's states that are much more favorable to him. but again, it's the delegate counted a you can look at the
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april 24 primaries and you can predict that romney will win 50% of the delegates and pushing him forward to winning the nominee. all of the years i've covered presidential politics, one of the most troubling decisions you watch upclose is when you are a candidate, whether to get out. it's a very difficult and personal decision. >> do you think they are trying to lobby for a cabinet post? >> reporter: there's a variety of things. when you look at the map, romney doesn't really have this locked up. but he is making his way towards the majority with the delegate numbers. what do they want? i don't think there's many people here in d.c. that see rick santorum, newt gingrich or ron paul running on the same ticket. but then again, i would look
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back, a lot of people didn't think that the first george bush would be ronald reagan's running mate. >> speaking of running mate. i just read this. john mccain was interviewed this morning. and he was asked who to pick for his running mate for rit romney. he said sarah palin. >> reporter: i don't think that would pass muster with the hoff -- with a lot of people on the east coast. mark rubio will get a lot of attention. but let's see. >> always interesting. thank you so much for joining us. you can find a link to his insider blog on his website. pull down the menu bar and go to our politics page.
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this morning, president obama will sign a bill banning insider trading. carol han explains this whole controversial. carol? >> reporter: dave, the -- dave, the stock bars insider trading. insider trading became a hot topic after "60 minutes" did a story on nancy pelosi and joan boehner, while they were working -- john boehner, while they were working on major incidents. >> in a way we'll fool the
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public into thinking that the problem is solved, when, in fact, you still won't see prosecutions, even with a new low. >> reporter: the president signs the stock app in about two hours. carol han, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. dick cheney is now back at home after spending a few week in the hospital after getting a heart transplant. doctors say the 71 is recovering a lot faster than expected. he had a heart transplant operation after a 0-month period -- 20-minute period. keith olbermann is talking publicly about bowing fired from his -- being fired from his job. >> if you have a $10 million
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chandelier, you should have a house to put it in. not having a place to put it on, it's not gonna look good. >> he signed a five-year $50 million contract with "current tv." it was co-founded by al gore. the company didn't have enough resores to sport him. >> all right. 7:21. it's cool and breezy wednesday morning. steve will be back to tell us if we'll see any sunshine later today. also, we could see a top secret mission heading into earth's orbit. good morning. if you are drive on 230 northbound, it looks like it's
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slow. another upstate, straight ahead.
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the air force is not saying what happened after the launch of this top-secret payload from vanden burg air force base -- vandenburg air force base. the analysts think it was carrying something that could see through night and bad weather. hey, sal, do i need a rocket to get through the traffic? >> did you just catch me yelling at pam, saying, high winds on the bridge! [ laughter ] >> i will tell everyone else -- there are high winds on the bridge, on the bay bridge, the richmond bridge. many of the bridges are reporting gusty winds up there. this is different from the national service. this is chp putting out this alert to drivers. let's if out and take a look at
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what we have. 237. you can see traffic is slow as you cross 880. there are no major problems, not a bad commute. looks pretty good. it's draw. we haven't had any rainy weather if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will encounter the metering lights. here's steve. we have clear skies, for the most part and temperatures on the cool side, a lot of 30s showing you. i see a few clouds we did get some light rain last night, .01. just heard from kelly up in bridgeport, no known but she said windy, windy. that's that cold air swinging into the left of your screen. that will produce shower activity to the north, mainly
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mendocino and lake authority. heard from june up in middle mendo, she had rain. temperatures continuing to drop for livermore, concord. this is a very cool pattern for this type of year. it will hang on until friday. cooler, breezy. i think some clouds will build up. there is a possibility that a few light showers will pop up. 50s and low, low, 60s but tomorrow will be on the high side. the nights are not gonna long. but we'll row bound for temperatures -- we'll rebound for temperatures. 7:26 of it was a target of a federal raid on monday. today the final class bill could ring at a university that's all about pot. >> reporter: in the last 15 minutes, the alameda county's
7:27 am
thyme lab has arrived on the scene. and the big yacht race on the san francisco may is now months away. why the race is mitting -- is hitting more rocky yachters -- rocky waters. 3q
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what's my secret for sunday lunch? my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard.
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it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves. good morning. breaking news now in richmond. this garage fire -- we got a
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lot of fires about this garage door. people seeing thick, black smoke. it turns out it was a car on fire inside a garage on south 45th near cypress in richmond. at first, it looked a lot more dangerous than it appeared. although the car inside looks like it's totaled. but the fire did not spread to the houses nearby. richmond fire did prevent agency tension of the fire. if you saw -- extension of the fire. if you saw it, that's what it is about. it looks like the fire has been contained. 7:30. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. we're learning more about the seven victims killed in the mass shooting and they are being remembered not only for how they lived but also for the life they dreamed of having. claudine wong is at oikos university where crime scene investigators have just arrived and she has more on the lives lost. claudine? >> reporter: yes.
7:31 am
behind me. you can see the crime lab van that pulled up on scene 5 minutes ago. the techs have gone into the building. headed into the crime tape and passed this memorial. we're learning more about the victims. the more we learn, the more they become more than just a list of seven people who lost their lives. while there's still a lot we don't know. we're learning about people like a man who wanted to be a nurse. he was working at sfo but was working at several restaurants and easily made friends. >> instantly friendly. sew you felt -- maybe his skills of being a nurse kill out. >> reporter: family members of kathleen ping are also speaking out. she was the oldest in her family, a woman who helped her family buy a family.
7:32 am
she apparently tried to call her family three times as she was dying. >> she was at the hospital and died shortly on the operating table. that's what the police said. >> reporter: there was a memorial service for all of the victims last night. the list includes doris and judith of san jose, who, according to published reports was engaged, and the mother of two drone children, lydia, outgoing, strongly religious, who had dreams of becoming a pediatrician. another individual who moved to the bay area a couple of years ago. and was known for volunteering in the community and grace kim from union city who garage waited from pleasanton high school and lived in fremont. back out here live in front of the university where the crime lab technicians are starting their work this morning.
7:33 am
we're told this crime scene stays exactly the same, everything, the way it was on tuesday when all of these victims lost their lives. stay with us for continuing coverage of the shooting. we'll bring you the latest developments right here on "mornings on 2." you can also get all of the details online at 7:32. police in santa rosa say they broke up an illegal pot operation with ties to the bay area and the east coast. investigators say a dozen suspects were rounded up. two are from sonoma county. one is from new york, another suspect is from boston. police say 39 pounds of pot and a large amount of cash was confiscated. well, later on today, oaksterdam university will briefly open its doors for the final class of a marijuana har verying course but no one is sure what's gonna happen next
7:34 am
following that big raid on monday. federal agents moved in leaving oaksterdam with little more than the office furniture. many believe the feds were targeting the founder. richard lee is a leader in the statewide movement to legalize -- to legalize marijuana. people in texas are assess the damage one day after a series of powerful tornadoes touched down. coming up at 7:45, we'll have the latest on cleanup efforts on a -- in a live report in arlington texas. [ sound of gunfire ] >> that video was shot inside of a claim of a hail storm. the plane was brought back to the gate to be inspected for hail damage.
7:35 am
yesterday, evening american airlines canceled all flights at dallas/fort worth which is one of the airline's major hubs. the airline as i there could be more delays today to and from san francisco. so you are sucked to call ahead to your airlines if you are traveling. >> good idea, time 7 originals 34. two teenagers in san pablo could be facing hate charge crimes. police say six cars and a garage door were spray spray painted it be dash spray painted. and some of those cars were painted with swastikas. there are four teams ready to keep in the america's cup sailing race in san francisco hast year. that's after one or two french peoples scheduled to be in the race and they dropped out
7:36 am
yesterday. that leaves larry ellison's oracle racing team and teams from both itsriant sweden. but there are -- both italy and sweden. but there are still two more months to sign up for the race. this is what the riders are experiencing. giant says the new rock the project could turn that empty -- the new rocketed project could turn thattal -- am -- that amway area area.
7:37 am
the contra costa times reports there are about 0 massage parlors operating here in the city -- in that city. the san francisco housing authority has received a $250,000 grant. it will go to improve public safety at housing. interior lights, security cameras, emergency alarm systems and dead penalty lots. all sper -- all exterior fences and gates can get updated -- can get updated. san francisco city supervisors are now considering a measure to make it easier to bring baby soldiers onto buses. the latest census figures are showing that folks has been losing families that have babies and toddlers at a
7:38 am
surprising rate. >> it's a challenge dealing with the strollers. >> yes. >> it's been a while. [ laughter ] let's check in with sal and see what's happening on this wednesday morning. >> we want to update you on the smoke you are seeing earlier. newschopper2 found a garage fire on south 45th near cypress. this -- and a car inside the garage. so it seemed very serious with the thick, black smoke rising in the air. the fire was contained to the garage. we have no word of injuries. the streets that are blocked are not causing any major traffic delays but that car looks like it's pretty much toast. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge. no problems getting into the city. i want to look at the south bay here. northbound 85, a little slow coming up through 17 and 101 is the slowest. as we move our way over. we do have a minor crash.
7:39 am
traffic is backing up from hayward to fremont probably another of the tash be more of the -- more of the morning commute. :38. back to steve? all right,y, sal. now, there was not a -- there was not a lot of rain but .01 to a few 3s. overnight low -- 0s. overnight lows, it will be cold as well. it looks like a lot of this is falling apart. maybe a few hit and miss. santa rosa, sonoma county airport is at 5. napa is at 8, 9 -- 38, 39.
7:40 am
redwood city at 42. highs today towards the north will be really cool with a lot of mid- to upper 50s and then upper 50s, low 60s around here. the front went by. did did produce about 1 to p inch -- 1 to 3-inchs. that's the cool air pinwheeling in. the cold colder air will correspondent to sweep in there. there is a little breeze out there. cooler and breezy today. mostly sunny. there should be a few popup clouds. highs today, umer 50s, very, very low 60s. in fact, temperatures will continue to been on the col side. tomorrow morning and friday morning. we'll start a risk with improving conditions. >> okay. firefighters face so many drugs conditions. and now we are are getting a
7:41 am
first-hand look at them. >> you can't stuck that. >> , you it the up and die. -- you can't stick your hand in there. >> a flashover is similar to what killed two san francisco firefighters last june. basically, they were in the wrong time at the -- in the wrong place at the wrong time. thises is that fires can reach 1,000 degrees in at mare of -- in a matter of minutes. why group obis facing a lawsuit from a shareholder. tab tab it's hanked again. students pepper supplied.
7:42 am
what led to the latest a couple -- on a california campus. ??c????ú????c 8@a@@
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miguel marquez is live in arlington, texas and i -- they were battered with those tornadoes, weren't they? >> reporter: good morning. this is one of the home that was most badly damaged here t was a bring home. pretty -- here. it was a brick home. crews are move i across both arlington and dallas, trying to determine if anyone is trapped or injured.
7:46 am
the mayor of dallas says his city dodged a bullet. >> i think we counted three people taken to the hospital. i mean, we're looking at a miracle here. >> reporter: researchers search the rubble for anyone -- >> oh, my got! >> reporter: 14,000-pound tractor-trailers, tossed like toys. power lines, snapped. transforms earns flared like fireworks -- transformers, flared like fireworks. >> unbelievable. unblifferable. for this to happen in a short time. >> reporter: how scared were had you. >> i have never been cared like this. >> reporter: at dallas/fort worth international airport, one of the world's busiest, hail pounded planes, more than 110 aircraft damaged.
7:47 am
hundreds of departures canceled. some planes already in the air diverted to other airports. a storm chaser captured this dramatic video of a plane touching down in forney, texas. >> just thinking about the homes and the lives, to be just destroyed like that in a matter of a -- a matter of a couple of seconds. >> reporter: now, they've canceled 200 flights. that's better than yesterday. they are also checking the ground for hail damage. and the national weather service is trying to figure out exactly how many tornadoes actually touched down. back to you. >> all right. thank you for the update -- for the update. another incident of police pepper spraying protesting
7:48 am
college students. >> you are looking at youtube video. as many as 30 demonstrators were sprayed last night. they were angry because only a handful of people were allowed into a meeting of college trustees talking about budget cuts. two of the officers backed you against a wall and then started to pepper spray the students. i know you will remember campus police and uc berkeley and uc davis pepper spraying occupy protesters last year. an appeals court is set to hear arguments over the federal defensive act. the law defines marriage as a union between a man and a bol. and in massachusetts, they ruled that the federal law denies, married, gay couples many benefits given to
7:49 am
heterosexual couples. a transare gender beauty queen is trying to clear up confusion about whether she can compete in the canada contest. she was disqualified from the pageant after organizers discovered she was a man. they cited all contest rules that say all contestants have 20 be born as a emale. >> i am. i am a female. >> now they say she can pet when she meets the requirements of canada and the -- can compete when she meets the requirements of canada's rules. she says she's confused by the
7:50 am
rules. san leandro, moving ahead now with the plan to develop 40 acres of the marina. that includes a 200-room hotel, an office complex, two restaurants and a community center. well, monday night, the city council approved entering a negotiating agreement with the developer. the developer says he hopes to have all of the permits and studies finished by december of 204. an american airlines flight attendant did more than just serve up drinks on a recent international airport. helped deliver a baby. susan barnes jumped into action
7:51 am
grabbing scissor, gloves and other materials. fortunately, there was a doctor on board. others offered their help. one used his watch for the contracttions. >> and the other used his shoe springs for the um bully call cord. -- dash for the umbilical cord. as for the flight attendant, she just adotted -- adopted a new kitten named shoe string. google just announced a maimer expanshun of art work and more than 40 other museums nationwide. google is also making changes to the navevation around the site. 7:51. tori it is one of those things you can't believe what you are
7:52 am
seeing, a deadly accident involving a crane that came crashing down. you have to see this. fruits and vegetables instead of sweets. the new effort underway to bring healthier options to bring to stores in one san francisco neighborhood.
7:53 am
7:54 am
look at these pictures. this happened yesterday. two large sections of the crane just gave way. now, emergency workers scrambled trying to rescue the workers from the rubble that was left. they say this was very dangerous, as you can imagine, because that construction area still not stable. the cause of the crane collapse is being investigated. 7:54. new effort is underway to help bring little theyier options to san francisco's -- healthier
7:55 am
options to san francisco's bayview district. instead of sugary snacks, offering fresh produce. people have been complaining about the lack of fruits an vegetables available and they say they want a change. >> sell more healthier snacks, fruits and vegetables. >> people want a change. offer healthier options. >> they offered it before, but nobody bought it. >> you would. >> i would. hey, sal, is everyone banking on the bridge -- behaving on the bridge? >> yes. you can see the camera lens is dirty. but the traffic looks good. moving along to the san mateo bring, the traffic also moving well. now, earlier, the chp had put out wind advisories for some of these bridges. just be aware. it could be windy for your
7:56 am
drive. contra costa county, pleasant hill, southbound 680 traffic a little bit slow getting into the alamo area. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. under mostly cloudy skies after last flight's rain, very windy conditions settling in under clear skies here. also some cools lows and middletown, lake county, 3. 35. ken -- 33. 35, kenwood. there's some cool readings all over the place. concord and san rafael, close. the system that went by is long gone but the cold air continues to work its way in.
7:57 am
there could be some popcorn variety showers later. sunny here for the morning hours, maybe a few clouds in the afternoon. i will mention a couple of hours -- couple of showers. it could develop. the days are longer. 50s and 60s even though it's not warm. it could be colder tonight into the morning. then we'll see a rebound with better conditions on the way. the official word came just 90 minutes ago. a silicon valley giant is handing out thousands of pink slips. >> reporter: investigators continue to search for the weapon used in a mass shooting m an oakland university. we're also learning new details about the alleged gunman.
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, it's april 4th. well, later today, the man accused of killing seven people at a oakland university is due in court for the first time this afternoon.
8:00 am
take a look at this. this is 43-year-old one goh. tara moriarty is at the oakland its chew airy to tell us what we now know -- estuary to tell us what we know about the suspect and about the weapon used. >> reporter: well, investigators say goh told them when he finished his killing spree, he came here. if you look across the area, you can we're knot too far from the business park where oikos university is located. now the challenge is to find the gun. it is zero visibility. searchers are literally scrounging around in the mud with their hands trying to feel for the .45 caliber gunman. investigators say he was trying to exact revenge. >> he was upset at the administrate for being expelled
8:01 am
for behavioral problems. may have had some anger problems with other students. >> reporter: now, more details are coming to light. an instructor at oikos school says goh hated women, that he could not get alog with him and since the -- since most of the students were women, he was frustrated. we're also learning that goh had a failed marriage and business in virginia. he reportedly left his ex-wife and daughter years ago to start a new life with the help of his father. back to. >> you all right. make sure you stay right here for continuing coverage of the shooting spree. we'll bring you the very latest developments right here on "mornings on 2" and, of course, online as soon as we get them. one minute after 8:00. pg&e workers are making repairs in a san jose neighborhood after an overnight car crash caused a gas leak and
8:02 am
evacuations. paul chambers has been there all morning. he's live on the scene with an update on the repair work. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, tori. it's our nine, nine hours crews have been out here working in the area. we're told within the next five to ten minutes, they plan to backfill the hole they have been working on to repair that gas leak. opinion now, that's the sound of crews testing the gas line. they've been working on this leak since last night, the reason, take a look at yourself. this is where a woman crashed her suv last night just after 10:00. the woman said the suv came through her neighbor's driveway, hitting a car hitting it to the side of that home while the suv continued on, taking out her wall and a pg&e meter. >> i didn't feel any violations -- vie brakeses. may neighbor said she felt the
8:03 am
house speak. >> reporter: -- house shake. >> reporter: four to six homes had to be evacuated. the driver of the suv was taken to an area hospital. the extent of her injuries is unknown. now, crews hope to have things complete the within the next few minutes. everyone was allowed to return back to her homes hours ago except for the suv -- except for where the areas leaked in the homes were. they will have to do that. this will be without gas for a while without people say they are happy -- but the people say they are happy. back to you. it's a somber day at yahoo!. these are the outside of yahoo!'s headquarters in sunnyvale. these are live pictures. the company has been confirmed what's been speculated a lot.
8:04 am
today, yahoo! is about to tell,000 employees they are losing their jobs. the this save about $375 million i'm told. now, facebook is now counselor suing yahoo!. this is this a battle over patents. facebook says patent violates ten of its a tense. a man has been arrested for allegedly trying to pawn two computers stolen from san francisco state university. "the examiner "reports someone broke into the humanities building over the weekend. windows were shattered and two i-mac computers were taken. the man arrested had computers labeled "san francisco state
8:05 am
property." a trial for joseph naso is expected to be set. he's accused of killing four northern women between 19 7 and 1994. he has chosen to help himself and act as his own attorney but recent le he decided to wear an attorney to assist him. oak police sill out there searching for three gunman who robbed a fast-food restaurant last night. it was a shack in the box on 24th avenue held up by three men remembering risk -- we don't know how much money was taken. the search is on for a
8:06 am
missing fisherman. the coast guard searched a ten hoof mile radius off moss landing yesterday but didn't find him. he was wearing bright orange rain gear but he was not wearing a life jacket. his name has not been release -- released. the "independent journal" reports a neighborhood group is apeaing a judge's decision to allow a minor league team in san rel. olsay it would prevent others from playing at the park including little leaguers. today is the third and final phase of the -- final phase of the bay bridge sweep with the giants. but he was okay. the two teams square off at
8:07 am
at&t this afternoon. sal says there is may be traffic in that area. >> oh, as you might much. you are watching that and -- there will be a pretty big crowd. but the crowd is not until friday the 13th. that's when there will be a supe efhuge there. we've been cooing that and take a look at what weigh have -- we're been looking at that and let's take a look at -- by the way, this is a day game. i just wanted to let you know. westbound bay bridge, not all of that bad you can see traffic is moving we. on camera -- our camera is shaking a little bit in the wind. once -- once you get on the bridge, watch for omslow traffic. as we move to the happens, 10
8:08 am
and mckee are heavy as. southwest flight 1522 coming in from phoenix on time! >> on time! there you go. we do have -- we had a lot of 30s here this morning. 60s yesterday. today it will be in the upper 50s and low 60s. tomorrow there will an lot of -- there will be a lot of 50s. middletown and lake county, 33. kentwood at 35. pep grove, 35 -- pen grove. >> 39. woodside on the peninsula, 39 and a bunch up in the santa cruz mountains. i saw about eight readings. ore was 35 now they are low.
8:09 am
we're learning it dash warning offer those companies. last night we had rain. you hoyt thought us -- thought you were scream? but no there's still a few who need to come offshore, swing inland. tonight and form -- tonight and tomorrow, three-dog night. cool, sun, partly sunny skies. looks itty blood. but a most breeze puts a little chill thissaryia. mostly sunny, cooler k cooler a then we see ill propping conditions as we head into the
8:10 am
weekend. a percentage of revenue from lottery tickets goes to benefit state schools. but even though thousands of people purchased a ticket last week. the extra fund announce to just under $9 per student. 8:09. a house in menlo park setting a new record for sale prices. how, according to the alma knack. this -- almanac this house just sold for $7.6 million. it was a quick sale. the home closed just 11 days after going on the market. it has six bedrooms, sits on 20,000 square foot there. the previous record record holder sold for 7.4 million m april of 2004.
8:11 am
the entire national football league, betting -- getting a makeovers your favorite 49ers and raiders will be wearing them this year.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
the 911 call in the gary zimmerman case, the tape sports the theory that he was profiling martin racially. it's reported steps will be taken so this doesn't happen again. today is the anniversary of martin luther king, junior. he was shot and killed on a hotel balcony in memphis. there will be a teach-in at 1:30 today at allen temple baptist church. rebecca kaplan will be the guest speaker. within the hour, president obama is due to sign a bill that bans insider trading by
8:15 am
members of congress. this was triggered by a tv report that questioned stock trades made by lawmakers including san francisco congresswoman, nancy pelosi. ktvu's carol han in washington explains this hole controversy. >> reporter: dave, the stock act bans from using insider political information to play the stock market. insider trading became a hot topic in capitol hill after "60 minutes" did a program on stocks bought by nancy pelosi and john boehner while they were working on major legislation. pelosi denied she used her position for trading. >> in a way it will fool the public into thinking the problem is solved but you still won't see prosecutions of this
8:16 am
even with a new law. >> reporter: some are critical congress watered down the bill before passing it, taking out an anti-corruption clause. the president is scheduled to sign the bill at around the top of the hour. carol han, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:sa -- 8:15. it was a clean sweep for mitt romney rinning all three primaries in wisconsin, maryland and washington, d.c. in his victory speech, romney said president obama is out of touch. >> if people are continuing to tell you you are doing a great job, it might be enough to think you are. >> mitt romney says the race to the white house is only half-
8:17 am
hour. >> we're gonna go out and campaign here and across thistation to make sure that their voices are heard! [ cheers ] >> now, five more states will hold republican primaries on april 24th. new york, connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania and  rhode island. pennsylvania, by the way, is santorum's home state but the big lead he once had there has disappeared in recent polls. with his latest primary wins, mitt romney has more than half of the 1144 delegates needed for the nomination. romney has 655. rick santorum trails with 658. newt gingrich has 5. ron paul has 5 -- 251. ron paul has 50. a sign of the growing
8:18 am
importance being placed on the asia-pacific region and the deployment of marines so close to asia, it's widely viewed as a response to the grows assertiveness of china. the state controller says the investigation was prompted after stockton gave conflicting numbers for its finances and failed to file mandatory records. john cheung says there's reason to believe the accurate information is questionable. there will be a $20 million deficit for the fiscal year that starts in july. a surfer in hawaii recovering at home now after a ten-foot shark attacked him. joshua holly says he was paddling out yesterday when he felt something on his foot. he knew it was a shark after it bit him. he used the surfboard to hit
8:19 am
the shark several times until the shark swam away. he needs stitches on his foot but he's already out of the hospital. well, the san francisco 49ers and the oakland raiders will have a new, sleeker look this year. nike is replacing reebok as the official supplier of un forms of the nfl. the 49ers will be in their traditional red and gold colors. however, the uniform fabric will be lighter and more elastic and also vent tated -- develop lated. the raiders will have the same dollars -- the same colors. look at these gloves. the gloves will feature the team's logo on the palm. i want one. >> i know. we've obtained oakland police scanner recordings. what they reveal moments before the gunman opened fire. and we're focusing on your
8:20 am
weather today. starting to see some blue skies in the area. steve's come back. he will tell us what type of temperatures we can expect today. there is a little bit of a backup at the toll plaza, we'll tell you about the traffic stops trait a -- straight ahead.
8:21 am
8:22 am
we're learning more about the moments right after the mass shooting at oikos universities. recordings of oakland police
8:23 am
scanners detail the tragedy as it unfolded. >> shots coming from inside the building, people are ranking out ceiling. again, edgewater. 7850 edgewater. >> the scaper also revealed what first responders had to deal with when police began discovering the victims. oikos university is offering its condolences. the posted message also says that all clashes are -- all classes are canceled until further notice. this will be the only statement. and they will not make any other announcements until the investigation to the shootings is complete. sal, how are we looking? >> we have problems in the dublin valley area. westbound 580, interstate 580 right near the hacienda exit. there was a crash that was briefly in the lanes. but it's -- but it's on the
8:24 am
shoulder. traffic is backed up out of livermore getting to it. after that, it moves well to castro valley. hayward union city, fremont, some slow traffic, especially at union city heading south. there's earlier trouble to blame for that. 101 continues to be the slow spot. northbound 280 at 7. andment 85 at 17. live pictures. you can see traffic on 880 northbound. it's moderately heavy approaching high street heading to downtown oakland. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up to a 10 to 15- minute wait. the metering lies are on -- lights are on. some cold air is moving in. temperatures will be quite chilly for early april. we'll have upper 50s and 60s. but i think you will notice some of the lows checking in -- it's cold. middletown, 33. pen grove, 35.
8:25 am
sonoma/woodacre, 38. danville, 39. a lot of 20ss in the -- 30s in the santa cruz mountains. upon shower activity to the north. mainly mendocino county, lake county, i will mention it later today. i doubt much happens here but it's possible. we're on the southern end of the border. tonight will be cold for that. i 50s an 60s for temps. we have some rather cold readings through friday but we'll see improving conditions over the weekend. dave? >> all right, steve. 8:5. his brother is accuse -- 8:25. his brother is accused in the worst shooting in oakland. >> reporter: crime scene technicians are on the scene at oikos university as we learn more about the seven lives lost
8:26 am
here on tuesday. and the big fight there on the high school baseball field and it was all caught on tape.
8:27 am
8:28 am
this morning we're finding out more and more about the victims of monday's shooting at oikos university. ktvu aclaudine wong is there at the scene. and crime scene investigators continue to collect evidence and much more. claudine? >> reporter: that's right. the technicians are on the scene. they are inside collecting evidence. police say the scene still looks exactly like it did after the shooting on tuesday morning and they are not moving
8:29 am
anything until they have all of the evidence they need. we are learning more about them, about their dreams. one victim wanted to be a pediatrician. another was known for volunteering in the community. there were victims well known for their dedication to their chirp, family and faith. and they came -- children, family and faith. kathleen ting was fatally shot. her family says she was dedicated to her 4-year-old son, dead dated to -- dedicated to bringing her husband here from the phillippines. on the day she died it was her family she tried to call leaving three voice mails. >> you can only hear -- [moaning] >> i'm gonna miss her. i need to face the truth that she's gone. >> reporter: also gone was a
8:30 am
man described was a man with a good heart. friends say the 38-year-old lived in a residential hotel in san francisco's north beach. friends describe him as a man who made friends easily because he was so likeable. >> he always come to me and say, please, can you find me a wife in. >> reporter: last night all of the victims remembered at the emotional memorial at allen baptist. seven victim, seven lives, seven people who are leaving behind grieving families and friends and community. back out here live, in front of oikos university, a member sitting with tiny notes, telling these victims just how much they are going to be missed. live here in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news, claudine wong. >> thank you, claudine.
8:31 am
be sure to stay tuned. we'll bring you all of the details and, of course, online as soon as we get them in. we have more information about the suspect's past. goh used to live in virginia where he still owes money to a bank and rental company. his brother shielded himself from news cameras yesterday. he said he was ashamed that one would allegedly shoot seven people. a neighbor remembers him living next to her. >> he was a friendly by. a little chat here and there but i never -- guy. a little chat here and there and i would never have thought anything. divers have been searching for the murder weapon in the oakland estuary. coming up at 8:45, we'll have a
8:32 am
live report about that search. 8:3. well, police in -- 8:31. well, police in santa rosa say they just broke up an illegal pot ring. police rounded up a dozen suspects. two are from sonoma county, is from new york, another suspect is from boston. police say 39 pounds of pot and a large amount of cash was confiscated. >> well, oakland will proofly open the class to a final marijuana harvesting class. no one knows what will happen next after that raid. federal agents moved in leaving oaksterdam with little more than its office furniture. many medical marijuana supporters believe they were targeting the founder, richard lee, is in the movement to legalize marijuana. two san pablo teenagers
8:33 am
could be facing hate crimes for acts of vandalism. witnesses reported tagging graffiti last night. six cars and a garage door was spray painted. some were painted with swastikas. there are now just four teams that will compete in the america's cup sailing race in san francisco next year. that's of a one of two french teams dropped out yesterday. reportedly the team was having financial problems. that leaves just larry ellison's racing team, the remaining french team and -- but there are still two more months to sign up for the race. later today, everyone will have a chance to see what developers have imagined at the at&t park. the new project could turn the
8:34 am
lot into a much-needed bank between the -- link between the neighborhood and the rest of the city. so far they say 1,000 rental units would be the centerpiece. restaurants and also space would also be included. there is a new survey that says life is good in walnut creek -- now, 96% of people responding it a -- responding to a citywide survey say the quality of life is excellent or very good. 93% say they will stay there for the next five years. 8% say they feel safe from violent crimes. more than 700 households responded to that survey. one of the top chefs is hanging up his apron. jean-pierre moulle is retiring after spending 35 years with
8:35 am
the restaurant. replacing him will be jerome wag for the summer season and kat petternil for the winter. into aid cording to a new study, marin county is the healthiest county. the rankings are based on how long people live, access to medical care and other categories. 8:34. we know today's wednesday but today is also national walking day. yeah, the national heart association is sponsoring the event and says it's an easy way to stay healthy. they say walking can fight obesity, heart disease and diabetes. the whole goal today is to get 1500 people in the bay area to get up and walk for at least 30 minutes. >> i can do that. >> you can do that? >> yes. >> yes. >> a lot of people driving to
8:36 am
work right now annedidae tash to work and school. sal? >> i may walk myself to that game to the park. >> that's a good idea. >> i have to. otherwise you have to parkway far out or take a shuttle. i want to stay with bey. i also want to meck son 5 0 -- check on 580. we had a crash. it's on the shoulder but you will still see slow traffic in the area. we spoke of the game at at&t park. i want to go to the 238 offrampp. you will see a lot of fans and also caltrain people. cal train will be joining you on the strain going home from san francisco to san jose of if you are driving along 280 that traffic looks good gets up to
8:37 am
highway 17. let's'to steve. partly cloudy towards the ocean or maybe over the kell, cool, breezy -- hill, cool, breezy. it will be cooler today. upper 50s, very low 60s. tomorrow it will be upper 50s. now, the nights are getting shorter and shorter and the days longer and longer but to get 0s in we'll have these. kenwood was 35. sonoma, woodacre, 38. in wind protective areas they will be colder. a lot of 40s starting to rebound starting to bounce off the lows. little made it down to 41. the system has -- it's just didisappeared and gone. the cold air is still rotating
8:38 am
off oregon coast. we'll slide in. that may give us cloudy skies. partly cloudy skies especially to the north and east. mostly sunny here in the morning. a few showers are possible but the days let going longer so we get a little more heat. but cool, rezy is the forecast today. mostly sunny. that wind out of the west- northwest. and tonight clearingal cold and friday morning looks to be the coldest after that. >> the pleasant hill city council will hold a workshop this aing they will be talking p a crackdown an -- last evening and they will be talking about cracking down on massage par loss. anyone with is certification can work in pleasant hill. there are about 38 operating.
8:39 am
the housing -- >> 8:38. baseball players from two northern california high schools are in trouble after a big fight on the field. >> it happened yesterday near sacramento during a spring break tournament in granite bay. the fight started in the 6th inning when del campo high andier bueno were tied at --ier bau bueno were tied at -- yerba bueno were tied and then the pitcher threw a ball at the
8:40 am
coach. dear will be a number of -- there will be a number of suspensions handed down. parents say their coaches should have done a bet he job for controlling the situation. contenders including fieger -- tiger woods at the augusta national courthouse. favorites include tiger woods, fill mick kill sewn and -- phil mickelson. 8:40. the county supervisor at the center of a big scandal, the latest allegations involving an
8:41 am
ex-lover and a -- and a voice mail. a dozen twisters -- a dozen twisters in the dallas area. oakland investigators shoot for the murder weapon used in a deadly shooting rampage monday at a school we just spoke to. we'll let you know what they found when "mornings on 2" continues. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal, it's kind of a big deal. to find nutritious and gluten-free cereals my whole family actually loves? well, the word "wow" comes to mind. and then a friend told me chex has five flavors that are gluten-free.
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as you can see, stocks are sharply lower on wall street after the federal reserve signaled it may be wes willing to provide more stimulus to the economy. there were encouragements by the job growth. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is currently down 1 4. nasdaq down 49 -- 144. nasdaq down 49. s&p down 15. the labor market is improving according to a.d.p. private sector employment rose by 209,000 last month. the company revised upwarded numbers for january and february. most analysts had forecast a slight decline in private payrolls. the labor department releases its march. -- march employment numbers on friday but they may not reflect the private sector increases as
8:45 am
the government work force continues to shrink. let's bring you up to date on tom of the other -- some of the other top stories we're following for you -- yahoo! predicts it will save about $375 million after announcing major layoffs. yahoo! announced it is beginning to lay off about -- and notify 2,000 of its employs that that he are gonna -- employees that they are go lose their jobs. cuts are expected in marketing, website building and apps. yahoo!'s stocks down about .610 this morning. inresters like to see the company cutting their costs. investors like to see the company cutting their costs. this is santa monica college. two student demonstrators were
8:46 am
taken to the hospital after being pepper sprayed. the demonstrators were there protesting impending budget cuts? and the suspect in the oakland university shootings is due to be arraigned in court in about five minute hours. he faces several charges, including seven counts of murder. tara moriarty is live at the estuary about what we know about the suspect and also the murder weapon allegedly used. >> reporter: well, dave, we just heard from investigators. they say the weapon has not been found. they searched. they did not find it. we're gonna try -- they are gonna try again. but we don't know when. this is the spot they focused on yesterday. it is zero visibility, very murky water. so as workers are literally --
8:47 am
they are literally using their hands. >> the charges will be at least seven counts of first-degree murder. they will be three counts of first-degree attempted murder with the premeditation clause and we'll be alleging the special circumstances that will attach to each of the murders. so 43-year-old one two is eligible -- one goh, he hated women, and since most of the nursing students there are women, they say goh was frustrated. eight of the ten victims were victim. we're also learning he had a failed marriage and a business in virginia. he came to california to start a new life with the help of his
8:48 am
father. live in oakland, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:47. a report in today's san francisco "chronicle" has new allegations about nadia lockyer. according to the paper, there are allegations that she recently left a voice mail for her ex-boyfriend. that's despite lockyer's allegations that her ex- boyfriend assaulted her in a new whack hotel room. the message is recordedly among audio recordings turned over to the attorney stage by lockyer's attorney. lockyer denies contacting hill and does not believe the -- him and does not believe the voice mail is authentic. hail caused hundreds of flights to be delayed. hear that noise? passengers could hear hail storms hitting their plane at
8:49 am
dallas international airport. more than 110 flames were damaged by hail during the storm. now, yesterday, american airlines, canceled all the flights at dallas/fort worth which is one -- which is one of the airlines' major hubs. the airlines says there could be more flight delays today, including flights to and from san francisco and san jose. it wasn't just hail. tornadoes caused a lot of damage to several parts of north texas. look at these pictures. as many as a dozen picks touched down in the area yesterday. about 650 homes are damaged. tess spite all of this damage and the intensity of the storm, believe it or not, no deaths have been reported as of yet. lancaster was one. hardest hit. about 150 people from there are now had a shelter. and then there was lift-
8:50 am
off. a big rocket off the california coast. >> delta 4, rocket, carrying the n-25 mission -- >> now, we see it but the air force is not telling us what this whole launch is about. it's top-secret of the -- top- secret. the air -- the air force would not say where it is going. analysts say the rocket carried a spy satellite, one that you can eovernight and through bad weather. into former. vig denny is back -- former vice president dick cheney is back in the hospital after having a heart transplant. doctors say he's recovering much faster than expected. he had a heart transplant operation after a 20-month waiting operation with an implanted pump to help his
8:51 am
heart keep -- with hearts. if you buy a $0 million chandelier, you should have a house to put in it. >> he appeared on last night's letterman show. he signed a 5-year,le it 50 million contract which is san francisco-based. he top. -- he stopped sort short of staying the -- sort of shaying the -- of saying there was not involvement from him. ham prices have been higher the last would years and you they average about $3 a pound procedure m area. the a consume -- american conum
8:52 am
51,000 -- 51,000 pound of pork each other -- the average american consumes 51,000 pounds of pork. burger king is going public again. the world's number two hamburger chain says it expects to relist its shares on the new york stock exchange before the end of july. the new york-based investment group 3-go says it will sell a -- dash a 29% stake. burger king a new ticker has
8:53 am
not been doe sided yet. and the man to give it -- been decided yet. and the plan to give a little baby love. we'll explain. ?ú??b??? ???c??@?????c:ow
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:5. happening right now -- president obama getting ready to sign the stock act. it's a law that makes clear that members of congress are subject to the same insider trading laws that apply to everyone else. you can see these live pictures
8:56 am
right now. a crowd is gathering on the stage. still no sign of the president yet. the bill stems from investigation into stock trades made by members of congress allegedly using information they obtained using their jobs. among those being used of that was congresswoman nancy pelosi from here in the bay area. again, we'll have more on this coming up at noon as the president walks on stage. you see people standing up. president is about to sign this. an appeals court in massachusetts will hear arguments in a legal battle over the federal defensive marriage act. that law defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. earlier in the year, the federal law defined many of the same things given to
8:57 am
heterosexual couples should be given to same-sex marriage couples. that law is being appealed right now. two weeks ago, jenna talakova was dispatched from a pageant after officials found out she was a male. the rules state all contest apartments must be naturally born a female. >> i am a woman. and i felt like excluding me for the reason they gave were gunshots. well, now the organizers say she will be allowed to compete if she meets the legal gender recognizable requirements. she said she's connowsed by the statement and wants a -- confused by the statement and wants a clear answer over whether she with compete. the fda has linked salmonella outbreak from sushi.
8:58 am
about 90 people got sick. most of the cases were in the -- there -- were in the united states. a few in texas. it's suspected the sickness came from spicy tuna. let's quickly go to steve. >> mostly sunny, partly sunny, cool and breezy. really cold lows. better over the weekend. all right. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. thank you for joining us.
8:59 am
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