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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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a community coming together this morning after a father and daughter are hit and killed during a weekend bike ride. what police are saying about the driver involved. messages of hate. they are showing up on homes in one bay area neighborhood. >> reporter: oakland police admit not being able to respond to more than 100911 calls friday night -- 100 911 calls friday night. we'll tell you how the public reacted. and the woman walking the streets in her bathrobe. the tragedy that occurred just
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moments earlier. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2". i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, april 9th. a concord father and his daughter are being remembered by friends and family while being hit and killed while riding their bikes over the weekend. we're live other at the growing memorial -- at the growing memorial ail. alex? >> reporter: good morning. police are trying to figure out why the suv lost control, hit this building and ultimately slammed into a father and daughter. both of them were killed at this site. they were out for a bike ride. you can see the incredible number of flowers and cardses.
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people turned up last night for a vigil. they were hit by an automatic- of--control suv -- out-of- control surf -- suv. >> i think it means a lot to the community that a lot of afghans are here and care. >> reporter: also in attendance last night at this vigil, the widow, storai nuri. police say the boy driving the suv is in juvenile hall facing manslaughter charges. police have not investigated his name. police are checking cell phone records to see if that boy was, in fact, on his cell phone at the time of the crash.
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we're live in concord, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. police are questioning an suv driver who struck and killed a bicyclist. it happened shortly after 10:00 p.m. at 78th and bancroft. this was the scene shortly after the crash. the distraught suv driver was seen walking around in her robe while investigators took pictures of the accident scene. it's still not clear what led up to the crash or if the driver faces charges. police are expected to face more charges later today. one week has passed since the deadly university at oikos university in oakland. a memorial is now set up outside of the school. it includes a poster with a prayer, photos of the seven victims and seven easter baskets. members of a korean church laid flowers at the memorial.
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the suspect, one goh, remains in custody. oikos university students are scheduled on their spring break but it's not clear yet when the school will reopen. 7:03. oakland police made a very disturbing discovery. it involves the police department's response to 911 calls friday evening. tara moriarty is outside of police headquarters with the details. tara? >> reporter: well, we've spoken to some people this morning and tried to get their reaction. a lot of people say they are shocked. just as many say they are not surprised. oakland is one of the most crime-ridden cities in america and it's simply under staff. oakland police were actively working 17 priority calls for service. this was around 6:30. 125 calls came in. opd was not able to respond to any of those calls.
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these requests for calls were for nonemergencies and then also service calls. there were 21 other calls. none of those people saw a police officer. >> i do know if they have all of these calls stacked up like that, obviously they are understaffed for a problem in the city where we need more police. >> that's very surprising and very interesting. i heard they were supposed to be hiring people. yeah, hire some more officers, get acquainted or ask for help from other counties. >> reporter: now, opd admitted to the shortcoming and is investigating the problem and trying to come up with a solution. now, remember, depending upon the report or the circumstances, you can always file online. so that will free up officers to handle those more dire 911 calls. live in oakland, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:05. well, the mt. diablo school
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board may make a promise to voters. they will meet tonight and talk about raising the tax on the 2010 measure c monday. that measure was passed in 2010 after trustees promised that tax rates would not exceed $60 for $100,000 in assessed value. that's the same measure agreed to pay approved ten years ago. well, the golden state warriors appear too be going at it alone when it comes to planning a new arena in san francisco. as we reported last week, the giants unveiled their new mission rock project. that project includes apartments, a park, and shops. the giants had said they were open to incorporating a new arena for the warriors. now, a source close to the team is telling "the chronicle" the warriors are looking at 13
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acres at piers 13 through 32. now, the warriors are not commenting on that story, only saying they are exploring all of their options. 7:06. the napa valley school district is thinking about cutting school routes to save money. under the plan, they would eliminate eight bus routes this fall. student who live more than three miles away from school would still be eligible for the service. some school board members are raising concerns about students having to walk two to three miles to get to school. in san francisco a new section of the doyle drive approach could be open before memorial day. officials say it will have to be closed for three days before the section can open and that's expected to open soon in over a weekend. but there's no word on exactly when that will happen. the entire project is expected
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to be finish in 2014 -- finished in 2014. all right, tori. hey, sal, is everybody awake at the toll plaza? >> they are awake but you have to have a little patience on a monday. let's take a look at our emeryville camera, focusing in on the bay bridge toll plaza. if you are wondering what monday is gonna be like, not all that bad, seems like a such unusual. this is a look at interstate 880. that still looks good. 580 westbound getting a little bit of bunching up. as you drive west, you start to see slow traffic near park boulevard heading west. this is a look at 80 westbound. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well between pinole and richmond, already a couple of slowdowns. this crash at 680 at 24 pretty much gone and westbound highway 4 looks good. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. partly sunny, partly cloudy skies in advance of a system that will be here tomorrow. lows anywhere from 30s to 40s
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to near 50. a lot of these higher clouds. partly sunny, partly cloudy. we'll continue that at noon and then start to thicken things up. but more likely tonight. but the system is not moving. it's stalled out. it's tapping into a lot of moisture. but it's lifting north. the low responsible for it is right there and until it gets a little nudge to move towards us. it's not going to do much. but it will starting tomorrow. that will open the door for rain tuesday, wednesday, into thursday. clouds, sun, 62 to 74. it will be very mild for some. we'll focus on gilroy with a warm afternoon. even though it's chilly at 39. 66 by noon. 74 for a high today. 40s and 30s. napa is down to 40 here. we had 39 last hour at livermore. now 41. 42 redwood city. a lot of mid-40s due to some of that cloud cover. yet, the system will give us some high-level mid clouds. look at that.
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it's really tapping into moisture. it's later than sooner. now, as our cloud/rain forecast, watch out for the peninsula and east bay. it looks sunny. and then this afternoon, a almost bit of cloud cover start to the move its way in. nothing dramatic. and then by tonight, that system inches closer to us. rain moves in tomorrow morning, but i wouldn't be surprised if this comes in a little bit later. it will start to work its way towards us. but probably not until the morning hours. now the rainfall today, nothing. by tomorrow morning, here comes the system trying to spread rain in. and then it really picks up tuesday into wednesday. draw your attention to santa rosa, 1.35. there will probably be 2-inch amounts. the system arrives in and then a colder system. clouds, temperatures, mild temperatures, east bay, peninsula/south bay. if it weren't for the cloud cover, i think it with be
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warmer. gilroy, 74. redwood city, 7. 65 half moon bay. 68 santa cruz. there's your next cold system on thursday. it will linger in and i think the giants' opener will be cold, dry. and then improving conditions over the weekend. all right. still following developing news right outside of philadelphia. two firefighters have just died in a huge fire. it started in an abandoned warehouse and then spread to ear buildings, including nearby homes and businesses and a furniture store. the officials say the two firefighters died when the wall in that furniture store collapsed. firefighters were 25 and 60 years old. three other firefighters were hurt. they are expected to survive. about 0 miles away from there, firefighters are battling a brush fire in south central, new jersey. at 4:30 on the morning news, we told you it had burned about
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500 acres. well, it's now grown to about 1,000 acres. it's been one burning for more than six hours. you are looking at new video. firefighters are worried that things could get worse. there is a red flag warning now. plus, there are wind advisories to be concerned about as well. >> the pictures, it really looks like the wind is blowing but it does not looked like a developed area. that's good news. >> right. cease-fire, why the effort to bring peace to syria may be over before they've even befun. and also special people on a cruise commemorating "the toonic" 100 -- the "titanic" 100 years ago.
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temperatures tonight and tomorrow will be under the influence of what looks to be rain arriving tuesday morning. new this morning, reports that syrian forces fired across the border with turkey at a refugee camp, wounding at least five people. in syria is doesn't appearta a cease-fire that's scheduled to start tomorrow will happen afterall. the government officials say the deal is off because opposition forces have not signed an agreement to stop fighting. the opposition says the government increased the intensity of the attacks within recent days. the, has just now agreeded -- the united states has just now agreeded to give authority over raids of homes in afghanistan. most of the raids occur at nighttime and they've been strongly criticized by the afghan government. a panel of afghan security officials will now have the authority to decide which raids will take place and in american
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troops go into homes, an afghan partner will be right with them. the world is watching as north korea flexes its military must until week. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the country's highly provocative weapons test. alison? >> reporter: tori, intelligence officials in south korea believe north korea is planning a third nuclear test. at the same time, the country is also preparing a controversial rocket launch. this is video from cnn the north korean regime is giving the media unprecedented access to the site. they insist the rocket is a satellite. but the fear is the country is a step closer to launching a long-range missile that could hit the united states. north korean officials deny it. >> reporter: look for yourselves with your own eyes and you can judge whether it is a missile.
7:17 am
>> reporter: this is the satellite picture where south korea believes north korea is planning a nuclear test. you can see a pile of sand where analysts believe a tonel is being dug for an underground test. it is unclear when that test would be carried out but this rocket launch it expected later this week or next week. reporting live from alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:17. in peru, the government is now asking mining companies to give them heavy equipment and experts to help rescue nine miners who have been trapped for days in a copper mine. rescuers are able to communicate with the miners and give them oxygen, food and water. crews have been working by hand removing rocks that are blocking the entrance. the miners became trapped by a blast they set themselves at one of the many unauthorized mines in peru. 7:17. an east bay high school senior is claiming discrimination against uc berkeley after the university denied her
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admission. here is the student. we want you to see who she is. she held a demonstration with supporters yesterday on the cal campus. now, the berkeley high school student is claiming the university denied her admission because she's latina. despite having a 4.3 gpa. she's now appealing that decision. >> acceptance in uc berkeley is highly significant to me because it would allow me to further my individual education and also it would allow me to stand as a representative for minority groups. >> now, members of the group, by any means necessary, say that uc berkeley needs to double the amount of african- american and latino students admitted to the university. it's back to work today for california lawmakers after their spring recess. the budget is the first big item on their agenda. california is facing a 9.2 billion-dollar deficit which is smaller than in recent years. second on the agenda pension
7:19 am
reform. runs and democrats have already -- republicans and democrats have already started to fight about approving governor brown's plan. the first item, high-speed rail. they are expected to ask for $2 billion to build project. investors seemed approve the news that sony will slash tens of thousands of jobs worldwide. despite the marketing sinking, their shares are up. the company will cut 6% of its work force. the consumer company has lost money the last four years. the new chief executive officer is being pressured to downsize and cut costs. sony estimates a cost of $2.7 billion this year. obese women who become pregnant may have a higher chance of having a child with autism. that's the finding from a study at uc davis. researchers say pregnant obese women who took part in the
7:20 am
study were 68% more likely than normal weight children to have autistic children. the women also faced double the risk of having trouble with developmental delays. researchers caution this does not prove this but it may be a contributing factor. the modesto high school teach who made headlines when he abandoned his wife and kids to move with an 18-year-old former student is now facing charges of sexually assaulting a different children. christopher hooker was arrested on friday. authorities say he was involved with a 17-year-old girl also. now, the 18-year-old girl, jordan powers, said she broke off their relationship after hooker was arrested. he posted bail and was released on saturday. police in antioch say alcohol may have been a factor in a crash that injured four people. a car hit a tree on deer valley
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road early yesterday morning and police say the car was apparently speeding when the driver couldn't negotiate a turn and hit that tree. two people were taken to the hospital boy helicopter. their conditions, we're told has stabilized. the two other people suffered minor injuries. 7:20. work will continue to reduce or remove harmful lead in contra costa homes. richmond has received a $2.5 million fell grant for lead abatement. lead is a big problem in richmond and san pablo neighborhoods. 85% of homes there were built before 1978 when lead was banned from household paint. more than 1300 people are retracing the voyage of the "titanic" as we near the 100 anniversary of the tragedy. the memorial cruise left eb gland yesterday. many of the passengers are relatives of some of the people who died on board the "titanic" nearly a century ago.
7:22 am
the crews will held -- the 12- night news will include a memorial in the expect same spot the ship came down 100 years ago. >> the passengers can't think of a better way to commemorate this. >> the organizers are trying to re-create the onboard experience the passengers had, including the food and the live band playing music. i'm sure they don't want to completely re-create the thing. >> no, no. i don't know if you know where your umbrella is. but you better find it. rain is in the forecast this week. we're looking outside the window right now. steve will be here. he will tell you hue soon -- how soon clouds will move in. and the sharks are heading for the playoffs. good morning. if you're driving in san jose, so far so good on northbound 101. i will tell you about all of the traffic trouble spots straight ahead. so, ah, your seat good?
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the sharks face the blues in a best of seven series beginning tuesday. the series will come to san jose next monday and thursday. sharks have their work cut out for them. they are 0-4 against the blues during the regular season the but hopefully that will change. >> that's right. sharks are good. >> yeah. hey, sal, is your morning commute good? >> it's good, i would say, dave and tori. >> okay. >> i would say for this time of the morning you're not seeing a lot of trouble. however, you are seeing slowdowns, which you normally see. 808 looks good driving up north, passing the coliseum and heading up to oakland to san leandro. southbound 80 and on the san lorenzo approach, on the freeways, anyway, there are not any major delays heading south
7:26 am
in case you are driving to the dumbarton turnoffs. the bay bridge has been moderately heavy. it's more like a five to seven- minute delay. it came to my attention that some schools have spring break around this time of year so it could be that your school is not going in and that makes it easier for the rest of us. this is 680, a couple of minor fender-benders. 80 in western contra costa county, between pin nome and richmond still looks pretty good. let's go to steve. partly sunny to mostly cloudy. more clouds towards the north bay. just some high, thin clouds, in advance of the system which will be here tomorrow. filtered sun, temperatures starting off 30, 40s, we'll send up -- end up with 50s and 60s. the system will get here. it won't be here until tuesday. 44 san rafael.
7:27 am
41, redwood city. the low is drawing up a lot of cloud cover and moisture. it's just not ready to move yet but it will tonight. clouds, sun, mild temperatures. more clouds to the north. more sun to the south. we'll have a lot of 60s here. kind of a south wind and a tropical feel for some. cloudy with rain on tuesday. carries us into wednesday, stronger, colder system on thursday. i think it will be out of here for the giants' home opener. nicer conditions on the weekend. tori and dave? >> all right. thank you, steve. double trouble along san francisco's embarcadero. two crashes at the same time. just a few blocks apart. >> reporter: racial graffiti found in a san francisco neighborhood. the investigation into what was spray-painted on some private homes. and growing concerns over downtown crime. the plan to make one bay area city safer.
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it is 7:0. san francisco police are investigating whether some graffiti attacks on homes were racially motivated. ail little rasmus is live -- allie rasmus is live with more. >> reporter: this area gets a
7:31 am
lot of traffic along the day. it was painted in front of this private house here. the woman who lives here is in her 90s. they don't know why someone would have tagged this on her front porch. the graffiti includes the word "river" followed by a racial slur. this is apparently not the same place the neighbors potted. it apparently it was also a block away and then there was a third tag on a corner house. we talked to the neighbor who didn't want her face shown but she is the one who called to report this yesterday morning. >> i don't know even what it means. it's just awful. so who would have anything against a 95-year-old woman who minds her own business and she's a lovely person. i don't know. it's a mystery. >> reporter: now, that woman you heard from is the one who called 311 on sunday after she saw this graffiti.
7:32 am
she was told that the city would be here to clean it up in all three locations within 48 hours. so sometime today she's expecting the city to come out here and clean things up. san francisco police have been notified about the vandalism and they are also investigating. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. police in san francisco are investigating two separate accidents along the embarcadero that sent eight people to the hospital. they both happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon just a few blocks apart. one crash was at the embarcadero and brannen street. police say a suspected drunk driver in a speeding black suv slammed into a parked sedan and then bounced off a second car. the suv finally struck a third car before flipping over and landing right in front of the delancy street restaurant. >> a lot of people stopped just to talk to the police. that's how upset everybody was. >> the second crash was near
7:33 am
harrison street. investigators say the driver of a red car made an illegal left turn in front of a muni bus. there were three injuries in the first -- in this accident. five in the other crash at brannen street but no one was seriously hurt. the chp is searching for the driver who caused this messy scene at 7 ath and international in oakland early this morning. a runaway pickup truck smashed into a fire hydrant sending water shooting high in the air. the chp was first on the scene quickly followed by oakland firefighters and police but there are no reports of any injuries. 7:33. two men and a 7-year-old boy are safe after a nightmare fishing trip. their boat lost power saturday evening and they were stranded. this was in bodega bay. the coast guard launched a search after they didn't come back. the man and boy were described
7:34 am
as cold and wet but otherwise, they were okay. oakland police still searching for several people involved in a smash and grab robbery at a computer store early yesterday morning. a pickup truck rammed into the computer store. police say one person ran into the store, grabbed four laptops and ran away. one suspect has been arrested and one stolen laptop was been recovered. three other laptops are still missing. oakland firefighters are trying to pinpoint the cause of a fire in the fruitvale neighborhood. the fire damaged and destroyed six businesses on fruitvale and international earlier yesterday morning. investigators believe it started in the el tapatia restaurant. the owner is quite upset. he said the restaurant was helping him realize his dreams. >> we are planning to open a
7:35 am
second restaurant by november. >> an oakland fire battalion chief tells us the fire appears to have been accidental. the ntsb has taken other the investigation into a deadly plane crash in salinas. the single engine stunt plane went down yesterday morning in a field near old stage and zabala roads. firefighters found two bodies in the wreckage. the victims' names have not been released. witnesses heard the stunt plane reporting arrow battics just before it crashed three -- arrow battic -- aerobatics just before it crashed. the navy met with affected restaurants yesterday in virginia after that plane crash. the compensation will start at $2300. but more will be payed to people who have families. dozens of apartments were
7:36 am
destroyed on friday. the pilots were able to eject. despite all of the damage there, no one died. the navy said the jet's engine failed. the men accused in a spring of shootings in tulsa oklahoma j visit been charged with murder. the suspects -- in tulsa oklahoma have just been charged with murder. coming up at 7:45, we'll let you know what else happened in that courtroom and what police are saying about race and revenge as possible motives. 7:36. bus riders of businesses are welcoming the increased police presence in downtown san rafael. officers have just completed the first phase in a three- stage plan to curb violent crime around the transit center. at the beginning of march police launched a crackdown with both uniformed and plain clothes officers. they made 79 arrests on charges
7:37 am
ranging from drugs to sex offender violations. in the next two stages, police plan to curb public intoxication and will work and install surveillance cameras. the plan to give free muni passes to the children under 18 appears to have hit a roadblock. the transportation commission is skeptical of the giveaway because it would only benefit san francisco. the mtc is responsible for all bay area transit planning. one mtc commissioner says the city's doyle drive rebuild and central subway project are already eating a large chunk of its money. starting today, a part of the hetch hetchy water system will undergo a reconstruction project. a section of calaveras road will be shut down on weekdays for the next two months. that road will be closed
7:38 am
between geary read and the -- road and the county border. the road is being closed so they can haul large trucksp of sand and grave -- trucks of sand and gravel in the dam. this will restore the dam to the original storage capacity. part of the lefty oduel bridge right near at&t park is closed so crews can get it ready for the giants' home opener. the crews are planning to close the bridge to northbound traffic on friday, when the giants play the pirates. the southbound lanes will stay open. pedestrians you will still be allowed to walk across on both sides. these are live pictures. you can get an idea of where they are working. >> up fortunately, the --
7:39 am
unfortunately, the giants did not get off to a great start. >> it could be that barry zito could be the big pitcher of the season. maybe he can see. wouldn't that be something. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along relatively well. you heard that the giants are not playing in town until this friday. so you don't have to worry about any south of market or 101 or 80 traffic yet. but we'll let you know. this is a look at 880. traffic is looking good. westbound bay bridge traffic not that bad getting into san francisco. also looking at the 80 freeway, the richmond freeway system, a little bit of slow traffic already on 80 as we look at highway 4, steady and slow out of antioch. as i look at my chp list. it doesn't look like we have a lot of new things going on. a couple of stalled vehicles.
7:40 am
that kind of thing. but nothing on major roadways right now the according to cpr -- chp. partly to mostly cloudy. high, thin clouds to the south. we're on the mild side. we'll under up with a lot of -- we'll end up with a lot of 60s, 70s. partly cloudy, partly sunny. about the same at noon and then clouds start to increase later this afternoon. but towards santa clara valley, a little bit more sun. our system is slow and stop. it is tapping into some lower latitude moisture. the low responsible for it is just sitting there. just sitting there but it is going to move starting tonight and tomorrow. today, a combination of clouds, sun, a lot of high, thin clouds. gilroy, one of the few -- i just checked. they are 39. but they did bottom out at 37. pretty chilly there. 66. we'll go for a high of 74. if you are watching us down in king city, were you 81
7:41 am
yesterday -- were you 81 yesterday -- you were 81 yesterday. forecasted highs today, a couple of 70s showing up around san jose. also out towards little, oakley, brentwood, antioch. there will be a few toward the low category. it needs something to kick it along. get it going. that will be that system right there. the system, so slow today but we don't have to worry about it. but that's a really developing situation for -- into tuesday and then wednesday night. cloud and rain forecasts does show this system lifting a little bit. too much cloud cover in the north bay and then tonight finally that system gets going. it will take a while for that rain to get here. all signs point to being here this morning. i wouldn't be surprised if it comes in later. nothing today. there is your time line. so through tonight. we don't have to worry about
7:42 am
anything. tomorrow morning, rain spreads over the area. by tuesday night it really begins to pick up. in santa rosa, some areas picking up about an inch or two. there's plenty on the way. maybe a little stronger wind by tonight as that system inches closer. 60s to low, low 70s. so a mild day but this is by far the warmest day of the week as temperatures start to drop off. improving conditions by the weekend. 7:42. you notice gas prices creeping down a little? the two reasons why gas prices are stabilizing. while mitt romney continues his campaign, some two opponents show signs of a change in their strategy. ♪
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stocks pulling back sharply at the open as wall street got its first reaction to a slowdown of hiring. the u.s. added about 120,000 jobs, about half in march. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 128. nasdaq down 32. s&p down 16. contract gauching as are court ent doing today between at&t and the union representing its land line employees. at&t's contract with the communications workers of america expired over the weekend. however, 40,000 people are staying on the job despite having no contract. at&t wants workers to pay more for healthcare. the company also wants the
7:46 am
option to reduce its work force as fewer consumers rely on land line service. 7:45. more than 140,000 ford focus cars are being recalled. to fix the passenger side windshield wiper. federal regulators say a seal in the motor may be missing. the affected cars include ford focus models made between august 2010 and october 2011. ford says it will fix that problem free of charge. well, gasoline prices may be leveling of off -- leveling off. the latest lundberg survey says the national average of a gallon of regular is 3.97. that's up 4 cents from two weeks ago which is the smallest increase since early january. the experts say the two reasons why the continued flush supply of gasoline and because crude oil prices fell. now, here in the bay area, gasoline prices have gone down an average of about 7 cents a gallon since last month.
7:47 am
the warm winter has left a lot of natural gas in storage. not a lot of people needed it for heat. the low demand is causing the price to go down. right now, it's a little over $2 per 1,000 cubic feet. now, april lifts think the price could drop below $1. the pricedrop -- the price drop means less profit for u.s. gas companies. the stock is falling so they plan to cut production soon. over the weekend, newt gingrich admitted that mitt romney is most likely to be the republican nominee. but gingrich stopped short of saying he's ready to drop out. jamie dupree joins us via skype from washington, d.c. with whether or not we'll see a narrowing of the race any time soon. >> reporter: it almost seemed like newt gingrich talked about his campaign in the past.
7:48 am
his assessment is mitt romney is likely to be the gop. when you look at the overall delegate polls, it obviously has a big advantage for mitt romney. he spent the weekend in la jolla. he has a home down there. he will be getting back on the trail this week. the big news from the romney count, they are rolling out $2 million worth of ads on radio and tv over the next two weeks in the state of pennsylvania, which is rick santorum's home state. so one would have to say with that primary coming up on april 24th. we have ra pretty good idea what the romney team wants to do. they want to knock rick santorum out of this race. >> you said at least there's one poll that romney is ahead in pennsylvania. >> reporter: yeah, most of the polling data had given rick santorum a pretty strong lead in his home state. a lot of people look at this at his last stand. if she's gonna go on in this
7:49 am
race in a serious manner, he has to win in pennsylvania on the 24th. but there was a poll out last week from public policy polling which found mitt romney ahead by 5. we have not seen any other polls ahead. he's been getting closer in the keystone state. so we'll have to watch omof that data. -- some of this data. think about it, romney gets closer. he dumps money in for rick santorum. romney often prevails. we have to see if that's the case. there will an lot of people saying you know what? it's time for this race to be over. one other note on this thing, 1980 in pennsylvania, april, this exact time of yearing we were having a big slug fest between george herbert walker bush and ronald reagan. reagan lost to bush in late
7:50 am
april but it didn't matter because reagan went on to win and ultimately won the white house. >> thank you. you can find more information on jamie's blog on our website. go to our politics page. finding out right now, annual easter egg roll is starting and about 30,000 people have been invited. there's the president. there's michelle obama waving in the crowd. this is the 4th easter egg roll. just a few minutes ago, the president came out and he said, everybody have a good time and he's getting thing rolling. and michelle obama as part of her campaign, they will be out there doing the hula loop and moving out there. about 30,000 people won tickets to be there on the white house
7:51 am
lawn through an online lottery and they are out there having a good time. we want to show you these live pictures. ten minutes now before 8:00. two oklahoma men accused in several shootings in tulsa are now charged with murder. the bond for each defendant is $10 million. both are charged with three counts of first-degree murder for the three people who died in the shootings on early friday. they are suspected of shooting a total of five people, all of them after am. am-- african-american. >> i think that somebody that committed these crimes were very upset with black people. >> we learned that england used a racial slur while becaming his father's death on an african-american in a facebook shooting. investigators will pass that information onto the district attorney. they do say revenge appears to be a factor in the shootings.
7:52 am
england and watts will be back in court next monday. he's an artist whose paintings are in homes all over the world. today, the santa clara county coroner will perform an autopsy on thomas kincaid after he suddenly died into and one day after -- died. and one day after flames lit up a southern california freeway, what investigators are trying to answer.
7:53 am
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7:54 am
"-- "the hunger game" was number one at the box office for the third straight week t took in $33.5 million this weekend. it's already grossed more than $300 million in the u.s. which makes it the most popular movie of the year so far. the american pie sequel, american reunion and the 3-d version of "titanic" were
7:55 am
second and third. a 73-year-old man is dead after a crash on a south bay highway. police say the man lost control of his car yesterday morning on interstate 280 near highway 17 in san jose. the man skidded onto an embankment and hit a tree. he was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators have ruled out alcohol as a factor in the crash. and the investigation -- ened the investigation continues into the huge weekend taker fire on a southern california freeway. we first brought you this fiery video yesterday on "mornings on 2." hours after thousands of gallons of fuel erupted into flames on highway 34 in glendale. caltrans is trying to figure out if the huge fire damaged a nearby bridge. no one was injured. the 25-year-old man is in custody for suspicion of dui. police say he crashed his honda into the tanker causing it to overturn and then causing it to burst into flames.
7:56 am
7:55. sal is back. how are we doing so far this morning? >> pretty good -- i would say we have pretty good traffic but we have a couple of trouble spots. first of all, we're gonna start off with the good stuff. let's move along and take a look at interstate 880. that's also looking pretty good. you will see that traffic continues to move along very well as you drive through this area. southbound 680 at accosta. there is a report of a new crash. it's so new, the chp doesn't have it on the indicator yet. no details but the fire trucks are en route. it looking -- looks like someone could be injured. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. a lot of to the that dash more clouds to the north.
7:57 am
-- more clouds to the north. we are looking for the low to start moving in but not until -- i would say by this time tomorrow we'll start to look at rain. today, more clouds. upper 50s, to a few 70s. a stronger, colder system friday which lingers into friday morning. and then after that all signs point to better weather on the upcoming weekend. 7:57. frightening discovery the at a bay area middle school. what investigators have learned about some homemade bombs. >> reporter: and concord police piecing together a deadly crash over the weekend. it left a father and daughter daughter. they were out for a bike ride. why it happened.
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's monday, it's april 9th. well, a memorial in concord is growing where a father and his daughter were hit and killed while riding interest bikes over the weekend.
8:00 am
alex savidge is there as well with information on the teenaged driver now facing charges. alex? >> reporter: good morning, dave. just in the last hour we've seen quite a few people coming by the crash site to pay their respects. you can tell this was a violent crash just by looking at the damage to the building. the suv lost control, jumped the curb and crashed into a father and daughter riding their bikes. you can see flowers and candles and notes. all of this to honor solaiman nuri and his daughter. his 12-year-old daughter was also with them but she survived. this man lived next door to the victims and describes them as kind and generous. >> they were model neighbors. i talked to them friday night over the fence.
8:01 am
just -- i can't believe the next day they are gone. >> reporter: and people took part in a vigil. on hand, the widow, storai nuri, who lost her husband and daughter in the crash. they arrested the boy behind the wheel of the suv. they are running toxicologist tests. they are also checking cell phone records to see if the boy may have been on his cell phone when he lost control. police are not releasing the name of that driver but they say he does face vehicular manslaughter charges. back to you. >> thank you, alex. in overnight news, an electrical worker was trapped in a manhole in san francisco after falling from a ladder. now, he was stuck in a manhole near howard and fremont streets. it took fire crews about a half- hour to get him out. we've been told he is just fine. oakland police have made a
8:02 am
disturbing admission that's raising new questions about public safety. tara moriarty tells us it involves the police department's response to 911 calls last friday. tara? >> reporter: well, some of the people we've spoken to said they are shocked that police missedo many 911 calls but others say they are not too surprised because they say oakland has one of the highest crime rates in america and the police department is simply understaffed. on friday night, oakland police were actively working 17 priority calls for service. the department was at full staff and these calls pertain to nonemergencies request for reports or followup services. now, two hours later, there were 21 more calls outstanding. none of those people ever saw a police officer. one city resident said he's been concerned about the public
8:03 am
safety ever since the occupy movement began. >> i was kind of worried that when they had the occupy movement, we would run out of service so the ordinary citizen wouldn't get help. >> i call 911 cause i need them and -- that's upsetting to hear. hire more, ask for help from other changes. >> reporter: oakland pd admitted the short coming and is investigating problem to try to come up with a solution. you can always file online so it frees up officers to handle those more dire 911 calls. live from oakland, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> it's been one week here since the deadly mass shooting at oikos university. a memorial still stands outside the school. it includes a poster with a prayer, posters of the seven shooting victims and seven
8:04 am
easter baskets. members of a korean church laid flowers at the church. the easter sermon at the oakland korean united methodist church focused on the shooting and the shooting that some congregation members say they feel. the suspect, one goh, is of korean decent. >> now, oikos university students are on their scheduled spring break. it's not clear when or if the school will reopen. authorities in marin county investigating homemade bombs found at a middle school. three bombs were pressurized water bottles that had not exploded. a fourth bottle partially ruptured. investigators say looking at the size and the location of
8:05 am
those devices indicate they were designed to make a lot of noise rather than destroy anything. students are out on spring break. the city of san jose is set to consider a tough, new, outdoor smoking ban tomorrow. the ordinance would ban smoking in outdoor dining areas in lines where people wait for service and in the common areas of apartment and condos. the goal is to cut down on second-hand smoke. activists will hold a press conference at uc berkeley to demand that the alameda county district attorney drop charges against occupy cal protesters. students known as the sproul 14 were charged with misdemeanors for blocking police access to the uc occupy encampment. today's press conference is at sproul plaza at -- sproul plaza at 11:00 a.m. the jury will consider to
8:06 am
deliberate in the racial discrimination case involving the richmond police department. seven of richmond's top-ranking african-american police officers filed the civil suit in 2007. they claim that the police chief, magnus and a former chief, subjected them to racial harassment. a verdict is possible this week. there's no concern that county jails all over california could face lawsuits because they don't have the medical facilities to deal with all of the new inmates they are getting. according to "the chronicle" the nonprofit prison law office has already filed a lawsuit against fresno county. it's considering action against riverside county. the group is concerned about the new realignment program that requires the transfer of thousands of inmates from state prisons to county jails because
8:07 am
of overcrowded. 8:06. the santa clara county coroner will perform an autopsy on thomas kincaid. the artist known as the painter of light died here his home in los gatos on friday. he was 54. kincaid's paints and prints hang in homes all over the world. his artwork earned him many millions of dollars. he struggled with alcohol and lawsuits. before we begin, we need to remember mike wallace. >> wallace died on saturday at the age of 93. "60 minutes" plans on dedicating a full hour to wallace this upcoming sunday. he joined the news magazine at its start in 1968. he made his last on-air appearance in 2008.
8:08 am
and we have a slide show of some of mike wallace's memorable moments. just look at 8:07. construction starts next week on a new trail connecting pleasanton and dublin. >> the "contra costa times" reports the footpath will connect the centennial trail in pleasanton with the alamo trail in dublin. it will run under 580 and the b.a.r.t. tracks. it's scheduled to open this fall. 8:08. we want to check in with sal. sal, you said last week was light because of spring break and you said this week might be the case. >> a little bit. we've had some traffic troubles. we're gonna start with one of those. it looks like a crash, the chp is not telling us much more than that. they've -- they've just arrived on the scene. if you drive in this area, give yourself extra time to drive
8:09 am
through. it seems lighter. we have a minor fender-bender. it's not a huge deal. still looking pretty good with a couple of slowdowns. we did have an accident northbound 85. but that's been cleared near the shoulder. let's go to westbound 24 near central la fayette. there is word of a minor -- minor fender-bender. to get to the toll plaza, that has completely cleared out so we're having a pretty good, what some people kuehl easter monday. other people call monday but at least at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's light. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. a very good monday. mostly cloudy to the north. partly sunny elsewhere and that's gonna be the forecast today as this system gets closer. but it won't be here until tuesday. it needs a little oomph, kick
8:10 am
in the backside, to get 'er moving. there's the low. but it's not moved in about three days. it actually parked itself there and then hung out over the weekend. today a little bit more in the cloud cover department. clouds and sun. 6 -- 60s to 70s. we did have a few low 40s. now mid-40s to 50. san jose, 47. livermore did hit 39. now they are 44. you can see some of the -- in the yellow that would be 70- degree temperatures. it will be close for many. the system is company tapping into -- the system is tapping into moisture. it's drawing up all of that moisture. but that's the upstream kicker there. again, it won't be until late tonight more likely tomorrow morning. your cloud rain forecast shows the north bay as the system
8:11 am
lifts up. but mostly cloudy for peninsula east bay/south bay and then by this afternoon evening, the clouds start to inch closer overnight. tomorrow morning we'll probably deal with rain. i wouldn't be surprised if it slows down more than that. clouds, sun, more clouds to the north. temperatures, upper 60s and low 70s. redwood city, even mountain view, fremont, los gatos, all low 70s. cloudy with rain developing tuesday into early wednesday. we'll get a break on wednesday afternoon. the next system rolls in on thursday, colder. and it should be out of here on friday for the giants' home opener. it won't be very warm but improving conditions on the weekend. back to you. thank you. sierra ski resorts want you to get up to the resorts.
8:12 am
the officials at sugar loaf say the conditions were ideal. after a slow season, the resort is offering free lessons. more snow is forecast for the sierra later this week. >> they are getting the snow. >> yep. a surprising windfall. how california could cash in on global warming. details of another california connection to the japanese nuclear connection. and hillary clinton goes viral. why people are imagining the messages the secretary of state just might be sending.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
well, today is shaping up to be the warmest day of the week. highs will be in the upper 60s, low 70s. increasing clouds tonight. it looks like rain arrives on tuesday. tori? >> thank you, steven. 8:14. secretary of state, hillary clinton, has been gone viral. that's after someone came up with the idea to create the website imagining the messages that hillary clinton might be sending. for example, here's president obama texting, hey, hil, what are you doing? and hen hillary clinton texting back -- and then hillary clinton texting back, "running the world." here's another one clinton,
8:16 am
hil, 2016. and then not a chance. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom to hel us how the response -- to tell us how the united states is responding to this north korean rocket plan. >> reporter: the north regime has given the u.s. unprecedented access to the site. u.s. officials believe it's a cover for a test of the country's ballistic missiles programs. a u.s. navy ship and three japanese trips are reportedly moving into place to shoot down the rocket if it threatens any populated areas. analysts who have seen it upclose say this launch isn't anything to be concerned about. >> i don't know what they want to do in the future. but today is what we say -- but today what we see is a space launcher. >> reporter: another concern, the satellite images that appear to show north korea
8:17 am
digging an underground tunnel. south korean officials say that would be a grave provocation. back to you. a second aircraft carrier is headed to the persian gulf. this marks only the fourth time in the past decade there have been two aircraft carriers deployed in the region at the same time. the warships will patrol the gulf's strategic routes that iran has has threatened to shut down this exchanges for economic retaliation. 0-year-old william balfour is the estranged -- 30-year-old william balfour is the estranged husband of jennifer hudson's sister. he's accused of killing hudson's family. prosecutors say bal now flew
8:18 am
into a violent, jealous rage because hudson's sister was kateing -- dating another -- was dating another man. legal experts say the homeowners association could be sued because it promoted george zimmerman as the go-to person for safety concerns at the complex. zimmerman admits to shooting and killing trayvon martin but he is claiming self-defense. that law does not exempt the homeowners association.
8:19 am
there is evidence that radiation from japan's fukushima die after chi nuclear plant -- die -- diachi nuclear plant, it was discovered that radiation was in kelp from santa cruz south to orange county. scientists say the radiation posed no risk to the kell -- to the kelp, fish or humans and is all gone. the windfall would come after the state begins selling pollution credits to oil refineries and other major polluters. this cap and trade system could make the state as much as $14
8:20 am
million by the year 205. but the money may be restricted to use on environmental issues. some critics arc that the government is not -- argue that the government is not allowed to sell the credits. here at home, the mt. diablo school board may break a promise to voters. school board members meet tonight to talk about raising the tax rate on the 2010 measure c bond to reduce long- term property cost to owners. the measure was passed in 2010 after trustees promised that tax rates would not exceed $60,000 per $100. that's the same rate the property openers promised to pay that was approved ten years ago. the u.s. border patrol is trying to something new to prevent illegal crossings. it's paid for many documentaries about the danger
8:21 am
-- dangers at the border. it's asking many television stations and newspapers to tell about the dangers of crossing illegally. many news outlets like the idea. this year, border patrol agencies has expanded the idea to american cities, including los angeles. 8:20. exciting master's. bubba watson has a green jacket now after winning the 2012 master's. >> another watson is wearing a green jacket at augusta! [ cheers ] >> the 33-year-old broke down after winning on the second hole of a playoff. during the playoff, watson had one of the best shots of the tournament. look at this. trapped in the tree, somehow hooked his ball and it landed safe on the 10th green. this was his first major championship in south africa he got a double eagle.
8:22 am
only the fourth in masters history. so really an incredible finish for the masters. he and his wife just adopted a little baby boy a couple of weeks ago. >> a lot of emotions with his caddy and wife the it was great to see. some big news for moving the warriors across the bray. it's sunny and warm, but steve tells us to expect some big changes starting tomorrow. good morning. if you're driving on the san mateo bridge, traffic looks pretty good driving up to highway 101. hand soap system
8:23 am
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8:25 am
9 warriors appear to be going at it alone when it comes to planning a new arena in san francisco. the giants unveiled their new mission rock project next to taut park. it includes apartments, a park and shops and the giants had said they were open to incorporating a new arena for the warriors. now a source close to the team tells the "chronicle." they are eyeing 1 acres. the -- 134 acres. they are exploring all of their options. >> very interesting. sal, you've been doing a pretty good job with our morning commute. we've been watching the pattern. we've been mentioning since last week, these two weeks coincide with spring break for
8:26 am
some schools or easter break. you will see lighter-than-usual conditions. 280 has certainly been much better. so has 85 getting into the valley and 101. as i look at the maps i have here and look at the traffic patterns. just a couple of slowdowns. that's it. also, 27. this is a choke point as the freeway comes together. 237 at zanker road. but after that, it gets clothier -- better. we've had a nice-looking drive at the toll plaza. that's completely cleared out here. the metering lights have cleared out. let's go to steve. this system is lifting ford. it's actually pulling back in the pacific. a combination of sun and clouds. 30, 40s on the lows but temperatures are already starting to warm up. see the system. it's there. but it's been there since friday afternoon, saturday morning. it's going to move but not until late tonight, tomorrow morning. so 40s on the temperatures.
8:27 am
there is the low spinning but that system coming into the top left of your screen is going to burn -- to bump it temperatures upper 60s, low to a few mid-70s with that south wind. but then rain arrives tuesday afternoon into wednesday morning. a stronger system takes us into friday morning. should be out of here by friday afternoon. it looks much better for the weekend. 8:27. some good samaritans stop to help an elderly crime stop. why neighbors are puzzledded about -- puzzled about why some homes were
8:28 am
vandalized. and a woman walking in her bathrobe. the tragedy that happened moments earlier.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. racial slurs have been tagged on some homes in san francisco. allie rasmus is in san francisco with the very latest on this investigation. you are in the sunset district the so what do you know, alley? >> reporter: well, the graffiti was first reported on sunday. but this is the first time many people are seeing it this morning as they head out for work and head out for their jobs. we've seen at least two spots where this graffiti has shownp -- has shown up. one of the tags is right in front of this private home, right in front of it on the
8:31 am
bench that sits on 27th and lincoln, spray painted there. the other tag is on this same street, two blocks away. one of the neighbors here says the woman who lives in one of these vandalized houses is in her 90s. she doesn't know why her home would be targeted, why this spray paint would show up here. the vandalism on both sites, includes the word "river" followed by a racial slur. >> i don't know what it means. it's just awful. who would have something against a 93-year-old woman who minds her own business? and she's a lovely person. i don't know. it's a mystery. >> reporter: the neighbor who didn't want her face shown called 11 to get this cleaned up. she was told they would be out within 48 hours to clean it
8:32 am
you. some neighbors have also reported this graffiti to san francisco police. back out here live, just within the last ten minutes or so, we've seen the department of public works crews walking up and down lincoln, assessing this graffiti, taking a look at it in both spots. 8:31. new this morning, six people in custody now after police say they attacked and robbed two good samaritans. this all happened last night just before 10:00 on commerce boulevard and rohnert park. police say it started when the group started harassing an elderly man. well, a man and a woman driving by stoppedle, they told the group to leave them alone. instead, police say the group attacked the good samaritans. the group fled in a m tav -- bmw but the police cat up with them. the good samaritans and the elderly man are expected to be
8:33 am
okay. an investigation isp haing now into a fatal accident in oakland. police are kegging an surf driver who struck and killed a bicyclist. this happened at 78th and bancroft. this was the scene, look at this, shortly after the crash. the distraught suv driver, that woman was walking around in her robe while investigators took photos of the accident scene. still not clear what led up to the crash or if the driver will now face charges. police are expected to give us more information on all of this later today. 8:33. there is an outpouring of support in concord after a father and daughter were hit and killed while riding their bikes over the weekend. coming up at 8:45, alex will have a live update from the scene and new know toes of the victims. it's back to work today for
8:34 am
california lawmakers. republicans and democrats are already fighting other whether to approve governor brown's budget plan. and -- over whether to approve governor brown's budget plan. 8:33. the napa valley unified school district is thinking about cutting school bus routes in an effort to save money. under the plan, the district would eliminate eight middle school bus routes this fall. students who live more than three miles away from school are eligible for school bus services. now, the bus routes being considered for elimination are three miles away or less from school. some school board members have raised concerns about students having to walk two to three miles just to get to class. obese pregnant women may have a
8:35 am
chance of having a child with autism. 68% more. the researchers are cautioning, this study doesn't approve obesity, causes autism but it would be a contributing factor. antioch police say alcohol may have been a factor in a crash that injured four people. a car hit a tree on dear valley road -- on deer valley road. the car was speeding and failed to negotiate a turn and hit a tree. two people were taken to the hospital by helicopter. the other two suffered minor injuries. oakland police are searching for several people involved in a smash-and-grab robbery. a pickup truck ralled into --
8:36 am
ralled -- ran into a computer store and stole four laptops. one laptop has been recovered. three others are still stole missing. officials say the dill drive project is set to be finished in 2018 -- doyle drive project is set to be finished in 2018. let's check in with salt. >> 880, heading down to highway 9. there is a new crash. it's on the right shoulder. it's southbound 880 at 238. chp is just arriving on the scene. kevin drive near willow pass road, right near the freeway
8:37 am
there, there is a crash in concord/bay point area. so watch for that. but the rest of the commute there has been pretty good with some slowing in antioch. but for the most part this whole area looks good. northbound 101, we're getting a little bit of a slowdown from about 280 up to the 80 split. most of those cars trying to get the central freeway -- use the central freeway to get off to central san francisco. and the chp marin are on twitter and tweeted most of the schools are on spring break and they advised us to watch out for children on the road going somewhere. but they are -- but they are not going to school. rain comes in tuesday, takes us until friday morning. at least that's the window i'm going with and then things thud
8:38 am
start to improve. >> the system out there has been there for free days. it's stuck. it needs to move and it needs somebody to come and say get going. it will. >> had some water 30s and lot of 40s. highs today, upper 60s for almost everybody. a few 70s popping up. out towards the east bay as well. it will be close on the peninsula. i went for a couple of low 70s across the board. our system was tapping into a lot of moisture here. it just needs to start moving. that low will get kicked along by that system coming out of the gulf of alaska. that will be a colder system arriving on thursday. now, today watch how this system moves north. it will be a little -- there will be more cloud cover. overnight they will increase and then by tomorrow morning, here comes that system it may hold off until after 7:00 a.m.
8:39 am
it's really moving slow. until it starts to move and then -- it will be here on tuesday. clouds, sun, mild to warm temperatures. more clouds to the north, along the coast it should be nice here today. upper 60s, low to mid-70s. low 70s fremont, pleasanton, sunnyvale, san jose, cloudy with rain developing on tuesday. heavier tuesday night into wednesday. a break late wednesday but not much and then a colder system sweeps -- sweeps in here thursday. much better over the weekend. >> all right, steve. they could use a break up in alaska. it's been a record-breaking year for snow in anchorage. 135 inches of snow has fallen so far and it snowed again this past weekend. 5 inches shatters the old record that was set in 1954. meantime warm temperatures are causing weather worries in the lower 48 states. scientists say temperatures were almost 9% above normal for
8:40 am
march. they were about 6 degrees higher than average for the first three months of this year. a lot of meteorologists are worried these higher temperatures all over the u.s. are connected to global warming. it 8:39. we're still following developing news interest outside philadelphia in pennsylvania. two firefighters have died in a huge fire that started at an aan donned warehouse and spread to other buildings. including nearby homes and businesses and a furniture store. officials say the two firefighters died when a wall in that furniture store collapsed. they were 25 and 60 years old. three other firefighters were hurt but they are expected to survive. about 30 miles away, a brush fire in south central new jersey is threatening about 25 rural homes. the fire has so far burned more than 1,000 acres. firefighters worry the conditions are getting much worse. spring is prime brush fire season in the mid-atlantic season. s that's both a red flag
8:41 am
warning and a wind advisory for today -- there's both a red flag warning and a wind advisory for today. game one is in st. louis and game two is there on saturday. the series comes back here for two games. any games after that will be if necessary. hopefully it won't be. >> uh-huh. >> the sharks were 0-4 against the blues in the regular season. >> all right. 8:41. a fishing trip goes bad near bodega bay. how the ordeal ended for two men and a boy. and a new battle brewing on the uc berkeley campus. this one involves a -- involves a high school senior.
8:42 am
at cocoa bella, we offer the best of the world of chocolate under one roof. my wife saw me taking the little nest egg that we had and putting everything on the line to see if we could make it as entrepreneurs. i was a retailer, but there was so much i didn't know about financing
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that bank of america has helped me understand, and without them, i don't know that we would have been as successful as we have been. our plan for the future is to grow across the country, and bank of america is going to be there with us every step of the way.
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there are not many stocks in positive terror to -- territory -- territory. but aol is up. most stocks are down as wall street reacts to friday's disappointing jobs numbers. taking a live look at the big
8:45 am
number, the dow is down 151. the nasdaq is down 36. s&p down 18. oil down 2.5% to just under $101 a barrel. on the other hand, shares of sony are not budging much. the company is up just .10ths. sony will cut 10,000 jobs worldwide. that's 6% of its work force. the consumer electronics and entertainment company has been in the red for the past four years. it's new chief executive officer who just took over at the beginning of this month is being pressured to downsize and cut costs. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you. north korea moving ahead with plans for a long-range rocket launch late this week or early
8:46 am
next week. back at home, the oakland police department made a disturbing admission raising new questions about public safety. the police say they were swamped with 911 calls friday evening. they were not able to respond to all of them. despite the fact the department was fully staffed. and a man in concord and his daughter are being remembered this morning after they were hit and killed as they road their bikes over the -- bikes over the -- over the weekend. alex has more. alex? >> reporter: the community certainly rallying around this family torn apart by the deadly crash. you can see a woman right now dropping off some flowers. we see flowers and candles and notes. this is where police say a teen driver lost control of his suv, jumped the curb and then slammed into a father and
8:47 am
daughter who were riding their bikes along the sidewalk. take a look at the damage. this was a violent crash. this morning we have new photos to show you of the victims from this accident. solaman nuri and his daughter were killed. his other daughter, his 12-year- old da daughter, was riding with them but -- 12-year-old daughter, was riding with them but she survived. >> you look at the devastation of this building and you realized how fast the individual was going. i don't know what can be done. i don't know. this little guy and i -- we walked all the way to the light and back. i'm thinking to myself, these people are re-- these people are really driving fast. it just amazes me. >> last night a couple of hundred people took part in the vigil for the family. onhand here, the widow who lost
8:48 am
her husband and daughter in the crash. investigators say they are now running toxicologist tests on that 17-year-old boy who was driving the suv to figure out if drugs or alcohol may have played a role. they are checking cell phone records to see if the boy may have been talking or texting when he croft role -- when he lost control. police say the driver faces vehicular manslaughter charges. back to you. 8:48. we have a developing story to tell you about that's coming in from minnesota. three people have been shot and killed. it happened at an in-home daycare in a suburb northwest of minneapolis. we don't know at this point if any of the victims were children. now, the records are showing this residential child care center was licensed for up to a dozen kids. now, that shooting led to a lockdown at a nearby technical college but again this is a developing story coming from minnesota. three people shot and killed. this is at an in-home daycare
8:49 am
center in a suburb northwest of minnesota. we'll bridge you more details as they are -- bring you more details as they are available. two men and a-year-old boy are safe -- 7-year-old boy are safe after a nightmare fishing trip near be kay da bay. the coast guard launched a midnight -- bodega boy. the cord gust launched a midnight search. the men and boy were described as cold and wet but otherwise okay. the hetch hetchy will undergo a reconstruction project. a section in alameda county will be shut down on weekdays for the next two months. it will be closed between gary and the county border. the load is be -- the road is being rebuilt for part of the hetch hetchy system. the damage will restore the
8:50 am
reservoir to its original storage capacity. people living in san francisco's gulch neighborhood will have a chance to voice their opinions about noise today. some say polk street is a problem area because it's a high concentration of bars. businesses have tried staggering their closing times. today's meeting is at 4:00 at the public library on larkin street. 8:50. the national transportation safety board taking over the investigation into a deadly plane crash in salinas. a single engine stunt plane went down yesterday morning in a field near old stage and zabala roads. firefighters found the bodies of two people in the wreckage. witnesses heard the stunt plane performing arrow baticks just -- aero battics just before -- aerobatics just before the
8:51 am
crash. nine minutes before 9:00. new this morning, there are reports that syrian forces fired across the border with turkey at a refugee camp inside turkey, wounding at least five people. and in sir lea, it does not appear that a cease-fire scheduled to begin tomorrow is
8:52 am
gonna happen afterall. an official says the deal is off because operation forces have not signed an agreement to stop fighting. while opposition forces say the government has increased the intensity of its attacks in recent days. the united states has agreed to give the afghan military control over raids. on a lighter note, about 30,000 people are at the white house this morning anding eggs are rolling out there -- and the eggs are rolling out there. there is a new twist to the annual event. and retracing the "titanic" the memorial cruise now underway as we approach the 100 anniversary of the tragedy.
8:53 am
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this morning, the eggs were rolling at the white house. this is the 134th year of the annual white house easter egg roll. this year is part of first lady michelle obama's let's move campaign, there was hula- hooping, obstacle courses, and a little yoga. >> we've got a great set of
8:56 am
activities for you. there's something for everyone. we're gonna do the egg roll. i think the president is gonna try to beat a 3-year-old, which i hope he does not. >> president obama officiated at the egg roll and then the whole first family red some stories for the kids. a license plate designed to save pets. money from sales of the plates would go towards spaying and neutering pets across the state. but before that can happen, supporters have to presell 7500 plates by june. so far only 4,000 plates are been sold. more than 1300 people retracing the voyage of the "titanic" as the 100th anniversary of the disaster gets cruise gets closer. the cruise set sail yesterday. many passengers are relatives of some of the victims who died
8:57 am
on board the ship. it's a 12-night cruise, it includes a memorial at the exact spot the titanic sank, april 15, 1912. organizers are re-creating the on board experience the passengers had including the food and the live music from that era in 19 -- way back then. >> 1912. yes. the special prosecutor appointed in the trayvon martin shooting case has decided not to send the case to the grand jury. martin is the 17-year-old florida teenager shot and killed a month ago. george zimmerman has add mitted to the shooting claiming self- defense. with the grand jury no longer being considered, the prosecutor could file charges against zimmerman or drop the case altogether. zimmerman has not been charge order arrested. let's check in with sal. >> first of all, we're gonna start with 280. the south bay has been good. if we're going to the bay
8:58 am
bridge toll plaza, that looks very nice. and getting into san francisco. northbound 101 traffic there. a little bit slow from cesar chavez up to 80. >> let's go to steve. mostly sunny to partly cloudy in advance of a system that will be here tomorrow. today's highs 60s, 70s. the rain arrives on tuesday. a stronger system on thursday should be gone by friday. >> all right. that's our report for this morning. thank you for trusting ktvu news. >> make sure you join us for the news at noon. we'll have much more on the tragic death of his -- of a man and his daughter. we're always here for you. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one.
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