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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 10, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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captioned by media access group at wgbh >> i walked out after the iowa caucus and said game on. maybe many people will write, even at the white house, game over. santorum is stepping out, bringing the race for romney to a sharper surface. >> conservative rick santorum running second in the gop field is dropping out clearing the
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way for mitt romney. we have team coverage tonight. ktvu's amber lee is in san francisco where hundreds of republicans gathered tonight. but we begin in washington, d.c. with reporter tori dunum and santorum's decision. >> reporter: santorum said this decision was both political and personal. he moved from the bottom to the top of the pack and now he's stepping aside. >> while this presidential race for us is over, for me and we will suspend our campaign effective today, we are not done fighting. >> reporter: with those words, santorum bowed out of the race. now it seems romney is all but certain to be the republican presidential candidate. >> this has been a good day for me. >> reporter: the former pennsylvania senator didn't make an endorsement tuesday. he didn't even mention romney during his speech.
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but his campaign advisor says he'll support the party's nominee. >> there are disagreements that he and mitt romney have on critical issues. and i believe that's one of the reasons that they are going to sit down and to talk about those issues and maybe how they can join forces on them. but rick has been very clear from day one that he would unify behind whoever the candidate is, the republican nominee and he will do that now with mitt romney. >> reporter: a poll two weeks ago showed romney with a 10 point lead over santorum. but the republican voters were also asked who their choice would be if santorum quit the race. romney added 14 percentage points while gingrich only gained seven. now there's really a lot of speculation about whether or not santorum will endorse romney. we've heard mixed opinions on that, but what we do know is that those two men plan to meet in the near future. in washington, i'm tori dunnan, for ktv you -- ktvu channel 2
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news. >> our news coverage continues with amber lee in san francisco today. where we asked bay area republicans if they're ready to back mitt romney, amber. >> reporter: mark, tonight the san francisco republican party held their annual fundraiser here in the financial district. republicans toll -- told me now is the time to unite and beat president obama. there was a sense of relief tonight from the republicans that they know now their parties nominee will be former massachusetts governor mitt romney. >> we're focused on beating barack obama now rather than beating each other. >> reporter: while they say they will unite behind romney, some appeared to be lukewarm. >> i really am a little hesitant to comment on that right now. we're going to wait and see what he says over the next few months. >> reporter: romney supporters say the presidential hopeful needs to both be himself.
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>> he's probably needs to speak more of his mind on social issues. have a stronger backbone about those issues congressman daryl issa was tonight's speaker. he says romney is the man to beat president obama. >> although he has government experience, has a better resume of understanding why the private-sector create jobs than any candidate in my lifetime. >> i haven't seen a single romney bumper sticker in california and there are conservatives here in california. >> reporter: james taylor says romney needs to win the vote of women and get the endorsement of well known conservatives. >> the way of unifying the party is unifying them by carture in barack obama. >> reporter: romney has the look and money to win but he predicts that president obama will win reelection in a close
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race. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on a close poll shows obama beating romney. the president has a seven point advantage. 61% to 44. the washington postsurvey was conducted last weekend before santorum dropped out. romney scored better on handling the deficit and the president on social and women's issues. president obama was in florida today raising money for his reelection and calling on congress to raise taxes on millionaires. >> if you make a million dollars a year then you shouldn't pay a lower tax rate than your secretary. that common sense, they may call it class envy or, that's just being fair. >> reporter: the president did not mention romney by name today but he did criticize republicans for wanting to offer more tax breaks to the
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wealthiest americans. he says that would only add to the deficit. we have new developments tonight regarding the crash in concord that killed a father and daughter on their bicycles. the 17-year-old driver is now out of custody. he's been released without charges at least for now. debra villalon is live in concord where the victim's relatives are reacting. >> reporter: one man a cousin asked me here at the accident scene if it was true, the driver is out. then he burst into tears. it's an emotional punch even though victim's relatives understand the reason behind it. when the parents of the 17-year- old driver came for him at juvenile hall the clock was ticking. he had been in custody since saturday when his suv careened on to the sidewalk and killed 41-year-old soluman nurry and 9-year-old hedesa. but without charges filed, the teen could not be held any
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longer. >> we have no evidence to hold him. >> reporter: it'll take several weeks to make a case. examining the car, analyzing whether the driver was speeding, impaired or distracted it's what makes this more than a simple accident. >> for it to be vehicular manslaughter there needs to be some kind of negligence that caused the death of another. >> we're just trying to be there for one another. >> reporter: for weeks the family tried to refrain from talking about the driver. and tonight they did the same in the tone they released a statement. we know this country has a justice system put in place, that's why we moved here. >> reporter: those visits the
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site reflect on how half of one family was wiped out, and the other suffers too. >> i don't know how i would live with myself, our prayers are with the family and also with him. >> reporter: we're not showing our identifying the teen driver because of his age. no one in his family had anything to say about the case tonight. funeral services for the nori's are tomorrow. we're live in concord, debra villalon. surprise announcement from lucas film. it is scrapping plans to create a studio because of neighbor complaints. people living near the property opposed the development, they said it would generate noise, traffic and create environmental damage. in a statement, lucas film says the level of the bitterness and
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anger by the homeowners led them to abandon the project. they will now look for a property where they are welcome. the rain slowed traffic but it did not keep a youth soccer team, in fact, some people there told us they welcome the rain. the rain is causing problems at sfo. at last check airport officials told us 60 outdoing flights had been cancelled. delays between one and two hours are expected to last through midnight. officials recommend checking with individual airlines if you are flying out of sfo. in this the first of a couple of storms moving in, it was a wet morning commute. a wet afternoon commute, it's wet out there right now. live storm tracker 2 picking up the rain. heaviest rain right now showing up out toward danville and
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livermore. up into the east bay hills, those yellows represent moderate rain. out here through half-moon bay you have moderate rain as well. san francisco heck, right on market street we have rain. there's a live storm tracker shot. there's a live camera shot. there's marcus street. in the rain is moving through now. the roads are going to be wet for tomorrow morning. when i come back we're going to talk about that because there is more rain headed your way. i'll see you back here in just a few. >> thank you, bill. stay with us for continuing coverage. bill will be back with exactly how tomorrow looks like. at 10:45 the next system he's tracking and your five day forecast. of course we have you covered any time on and mobile ktvu. the slide on wall street picked up momentum with stocks losing ground for a fifth consecutive day.
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the dow lost 214 points. the nasdaq closed down 54 points. apple, its stock is up nearly 60% this year. the stock evaluation for the cuper to the best -- cupertino based company reached $631. that's up about 1/2 of 1% from yesterday. new at 10:00, a vigil in san francisco tonight where members of the city's police force remembered a sad day in the department's history. this is the eighth anniversary of the night that officer isaac espinosa was gunned down in the line of duty. the vigil is held this evening
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in the rain outside bay view station. espinosa's family, fellow officers and members of the community paid their respects to the dedicated officer. isaac espinosa left behind a wife of seven years and a daughter who was just three when he died in 2004. a bomb threat forces an airliner to make an emergency landing tonight. heaven is a happy place, but mommy is in heaven so mommy is happy. >> a somber memorial to the victims of the oikos shooting. and we learned when the school will reopen. and the latest in the trayvon martin case. and a rare statement by the accused gunman, brad zimmerman.
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you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling] san jose state university is no longer going to guarantee admission to south bay students even if they meet minimum cal state requirements. lloyd lacuesta live in san jose tonight where he talked to students now facing an uncertain future, lloyd. >> reporter: for more than 50 years any santa clara graduate
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with a c average would be accepted. the university says, it cannot do that any longer. >> my dream school. >> reporter: why is that? >> because i can get close to my family. i cannot live without any family. >> i don't think it's fair for people who have lived here all their lives. and have done a lot of things in the community, maybe community service and cannot get in any longer. >> this is a situation that has caused by the failure of our elected officials in sacramento to fund the fees in san jose state. >> reporter: san jose state
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will retain a preference for san jose students. but this is with a new gpa minimum requirement. this community college student says she hopes to transfer in. she says lower income students cannot afford to go to schools out of state. >> san jose state says as many as 1,400 high school graduates and community college transfers may not be admitted next year. live at san jose state university, lloyd lacuesta. >> thank you, lloyd. in 22 minutes tonight the california university issuing an apology for an e-mail sent out to students by mistake. a plane made an emergency
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landing because of a bomb threat. two f15 fighter jets were scrambled from portland oregon and escorted the plane back to vancouver. so far there's no word on any devices being found. an unusual three day alert tonight on what might be a major development in the racially charged trayvon martin case. the special prosecutor is deciding whether to file charges in the case. announced late this afternoon that she intends to make an announcement about the case within 72 hours. self-declared neighborhood watch captain brad zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old martin on february 26th in sanford, florida. zimmerman says he shot the unarmed teen in self-defense. zimmerman's two attorneys announced today they are quitting after they lost touch with their client. the lawyers say they have not heard from zimmerman since sunday and they're concerned about his mental and physical
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health. they noted they're worried that zimmerman had reached out to the special prosecutors office and a journalist without telling them. they said they would resume assisting zimmerman if their services were requested. demonstrators gathered at 71st avenue and international boulevard to call for the arrest of brad zimmerman. they also say they want to see an end of the violence that takes the lives of many young people in the bay area. san mateo police say a kung fu instructor is facing charges of lewd conduct in connection with two of his female students and now there are concerns there may be other victims. police arrested 36-year-old meng ricky wong after two students aged nine and 11
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accused him of fondling them. wong worked at tat wong kung fu from 2009 to 2011. anyone with information about the case is asked to contact police. organized searches are expected to resume tomorrow for a missing teenager. the class kids foundation is gathering to search. organized searches are also scheduled for this weekend. oikos university was open for business today and ktvu has learned that administrators there are preparing to reopen the school in two weeks. rita williams finds out the victim's families are having trouble saying goodbye. >> reporter: the rain fell so did the tears. grief still raw for the families of those killed here at this christian based
10:20 pm
university last week. seven in heaven one speaker called them. the father of sim touched every picture, ending at his daughters not wanting to let go. >> i want to take this opportunity to pray for the seven innocent souls. >> today without a camera i was invited to the entrance the gunman used that day. not in front but on the side and into the small office where witnesses say one goh grabbed his first victim, secretary ping. at a newark church, family and friends remembered the 21-year- old with a big heart, full of life mother of 4-year-old -- >> he cried. and we told him you know about heaven. heaven is a happy place, and mommy is in heaven so mommy is happy. >> reporter: under the law her closest kin is her husband, she was helping to immigrate from the philippines. her family is now trying to get
10:21 pm
a humanitarian visa for him to get him here to bury her. >> we're trying to do everything to get him here. >> reporter: they believe kathleen already is in heaven, already in a better place. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. in live storm tracker 2 pickingup rain right now. it's been a rainy day and it continues out in richmond and san francisco. you see clearing to the north and that's kind of how it goes. the front sliding through. rainfall accumulations over the last 24 hours, not a ton but certainly enough to moisten the roadways. over a half inch in oakland. over a half inch in concord and up in napa over a half inch as well. that's sort of the way it layed out. a lot of half inch totals more in the coastal hills. tonight the showers move off. your morning commute dry, the roads will be a little slick just based on the fact it
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rained tonight. about 6:00 a.m. you see widely scattered showerings no big deal. tomorrow is going to be a very different day. there's another one teed up offshore, it will get in here wednesday, thursday. i will break that down with the weekend forecast. opening day in dodger stadium happened this afternoon under heavy security. a choir teacher is arrested on accusations of spying. plus a verdict in the case of a police chief charged with discrimination. why an ambulance had to be called as the verdict was read. ! and xfinity from comcast.
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a jury in contra costa county reached a verdict brought against the police chief of richmond. as paul chambers reports the jurors cleared him of all charges. >> reporter: a three month court case finally came to an end today, a jury cleared the city of richmond, it's police chief and a former member of the police department of all charges of sexual discrimination and harassment brought forth by seven high ranking police officers. the jury foreman didn't want her name released but read a statement. >> the preponderance of the evidence showed these actions were neither based on race nor were they outrageous conduct that exceeded all bounds of decency. >> reporter: while the jurors verdict was being read one of the officers needed medical attention. an ambulance was called for sergeant james jenkins who was
10:26 pm
slumped over and appeared to have problems breathing. the chief later said sergeant jenkins is okay and it's now time for his department to come together and begin healing. >> i bear no animosity toward anyone. >> i'm numb, they're completely disappointed. >> reporter: the attorney for the six officers says today's verdict didn't sit well. >> i heard things like the bad guys won, and we're used to this in richmond and comments like that. i'm not going to identify who said those things to me. >> reporter: the chief says he is proud of the force because they maintained their professionalism. however it is not over. there's still lawsuits pending. >> 26-year-old jayson nicholas is accused of using a pen with a camera to spy on girls getting unclothed in a bathroom
10:27 pm
during a youth trip with a youth chorus. nicolas has been placed on leave from salinas high school where he currently works as a choir teacher. 19% of the students in vallejo were suspended in 2009. 33% of those suspended were african american while 14% were white. san francisco's botanical gardens in golden gate park is on the receiving end of a very nice gift. the nonprofit is giving $14 million to upgrade the outdated nursery at the arboretum. the board of supervisors voted to accept the gift with the $14 million the new nursery should be able to maintain and expand
10:28 pm
plant propagation. at 10:45 tonight, parts of golden state park now off limits to dogs. the clashes prompting the order. dangerous toxins where you won't expect them. a report exposes the toxic nail polish and the toxic trio some contain. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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occupy oakland turns 6 months old tonight and its supporters turned out to celebrate the milestone. patty lee shows us how the movement looks different now than when it began. >> reporter: spontaneous speeches and free foods marked
10:31 pm
the sixth month anniversary of occupy oakland. >> we talked to the winter, i feel like everyone is still engaged. >> we're here on the first night of october 10th. it was raining as well. >> reporter: six nights ago, hundreds of people braved the rain and about 100 people showed up. >> there's more people than we expected. >> reporter: it's not an indication support or quitment is lingering. >> there's a lot of things going on, not necessarily here in the park. >> it may not go further. it may be up to other people to go further. >> reporter: police's occupy
10:32 pm
movement was sending message of the 99% against the 1%. but it started taking over places that ended in tear gas, fire bombs and hundreds of arrests. >> i commend them on what they have achieved and recognize that they don't have a movement yet. and i'm sad that they haven't tried to go into politics or create a movement around moral views. >> police took away the group's sound system and most people simply left at 7:00. report is due tomorrow on the pepper spraying incident at uc davis. last november police used pepper spray on seated protesters. a judge today released the settlement from the report. the report is due out at noon. the accused killer of three return to the witness stand in
10:33 pm
san francisco today and faced grueling by the prosecution. ramos is on trial for killing a father and two sons almost two years ago. yesterday he testified someone else shot the family. today prosecutors challenged him saying he's changed his story several times since his arrest and jurors will no doubt consider his creditability. >> they're watching every single move, his demeanor, and the little stuff. are they going to calf -- catch him in lies and conclude that he might be guilty. >> prosecutors say ramos thought they were members of a rival gang. santa clara county court officials say a jury has reached a verdict in the retrial of a software engineer accused of killing the attorney representing his dead wife's family in a wrongful death suit. that verdict is to be read tomorrow morning. back in 2003, jason kai's
10:34 pm
wife was found drowned in their home. he was charged in her death but a jury acquitted kai on murder. but her family hired an attorney and sued kai in a wrongful death lawsuit. kai is now accused of shooting jau at close range in july of 2008. a previous trial in that case in 2010 ended in a hung jury. police in santa rosa are hoping surveillance photos will help them track down an arsonist. the man on this imagine set at least six vehicles on fire sunday. on west third street and fulsome road. he targeted vehicles left unlocked and took property from some of them before setting them on fire. if you have any information contact the santa rosa police department. a new report reveals what's really in some nail polishes being marketed as nontoxic. janine de la vega tells us many
10:35 pm
of the products contain a dangerous combination of chemicals known as the toxic trio. >> this one has a purple sparkle. >> reporter: the department of septic toxic released a statement that mislabeled nail polish may be endangering nail workers. many of the nail products actually contained dangerous levels of toxin. >> it caused harm to women who might be pregnant and overthe long term and with enough exposure, they're just bad for you. >> reporter: it is not ill leaf to have the toxic chemicals if they are properly labeled. at this salon, manicurists do
10:36 pm
not use the products with the toxins. they mostly use the opi brand that's a higher priced brand. the store owner says he called the manufacturers who told him it stands by its product and is disputing the report. >> i feel every product should be correctly labeled this way consumers know, like us they are protected. >> reporter: new york summer nail product is one of the products the state says is mislabeled. for a complete list you can go to our website skwraeug, ktvu channel 2 news. federal officials are calling for changes in the wake of last year's air races in reno. the national transportation safety board issued recommendations to improve safety at the event. you may recall these images. 11 people were killed.
10:37 pm
recommendations issued today include prerace inspections and safety barriers in spectator areas. an apology from an elite university. the message ucla sent hundreds of high school students. and right now live storm tracker 2 still showing scattered showers. even some yellows on the radar return. and more rain in the forecast, i'll let you know when. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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new at 10:00, fairfax police just sent us a photo in hopes of sending a woman who is an alzheimers patient. patricia tyler was last seen yesterday, she was leaving her dentists office and was riding
10:40 pm
an older mountain bike with saddle bags. tyler is 68 with gray hair and was wearing a red jacket and gray pants. she is considered at risk because of her diagnosis. council members passed a ban for smoking outdoors. the smoking prohibits smoking in line while people wait for service and common areas of apartments an condos. advocates say the áf the ban will keep people from breathing in the secondhand smoke. two bay area lawmakers are calling on b.a.r.t. to make sure its new train cars are made in america. congressman john jiramendi and salejo held a press conference
10:41 pm
insisting b.a.r.t. use an american company. they're expected to decide on a manufacturer in the next few monthsful right now b.a.r.t. officials are considering bids from canada, france and south korea. a student is being hailed a hero after a scary ordeal on his bus ride to school. and the whole thing was caught on camera. have a look, you can see the driver apparently having a seizure and the school bus veering off the road within seconds, 13-year-old jeremy woochick jumped out of his seat and took the wheel. >> everybody was asking questions, what happened? there's a bus out there. what did you do jeremy. i'm like, yeah well i just road the bus to the side. everybody is just all excited about that. >> pretty calm and collectedded. the bus driver was taken to the hospital. no word tonight on his condition. officials at ucla are apologizing tonight after mistakingly telling hundreds of students they had been accepted at the school.
10:42 pm
the university's financial aid office september an e-mail over the weekend congratulating high school seniors on their admission. officials now say nearly 900 of the college hopefuls who received that acceptance e-mail are actually on the waiting list. in news of the world tonight in north korea, officials say it's all systems go for a controversial rocket launch later this week. the launch is expected as soon as thursday. north korea says the rocket will carry a weather satellite. the u.s. says north korea is testing its long range missile capabilities and is demanding the launch be cancelled. in syria, a seize fire was supposed to start today. instead opponents of assad said the shelling in homs was the heaviest in months. they claim that 1,000 people have been killed in just the last eight days.
10:43 pm
a special envoy says there's still time to salvage a truce. and off the coast of ireland an emergency air lift, and a crew retracing the voyage of the titanic. a bbc photographer got very sick and was flown to the hospital. the ship is taking passengers on the same rout the titanic took 100 years ago. that voyage hit an iceburg and sank. 1,500 passengers lost their lives. >> all teeth showing. a clash among canines, the a clash among canines, the closure now in effect í
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
reports of clashes between pets and coyotes have prompted parts of golden gate park to be off limits now to dogs. ktvu's david stevenson obtained cell phone video that shows one coyote tracking a dog and its owner. >> san francisco veterinarian shot this vehicle. he says it shows a running coyote just moments from closing in on a pedestrian and a dog. the encounter ended without violence. dog owners say it's a series of dog owner and coyote confrontations. >> all teeth showing, growling, hair up. once it saw it it headed across the street, 120 yards, ran right at us. >> reporter: brad mccouski says he ran into a coyote as big as his 60-pound dog.
10:47 pm
>> this guy was just standing and looking at us, usually they run away. >> reporter: with pup season growing close, it's no surprise that coyotes are becoming more violent. >> we tell etch of course keep your dogs on leash and if you can avoid the area, avoid the area. but if a coyote does approach, try to back him off by raising your arms and making noise. >> reporter: in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. new problems arose today for a best buy when it's ceo abruptly resigned. less than two weeks ago we told you about best buy closing some of its stores. a statement from the company said it has opened an
10:48 pm
investigation into the personal conduct of ceo dunn. it was unrelated to the company's situation but will conduct an investigation. drivers in the u.s. will be paying an average of 24 more cents a gallon during the peak driving season compared to last year. peak driving season lasts from april through september. the highest national monthly average is expected to be $4.01 in may. the first hydrating fueling station has opened. the station will primarily be used for transit buses but will also accommodate 20 passenger the cars per day. cars have prevented mass production of the vehicles. >> several of the auto makers, many of the ones you see today are committed to small fleet production starting in 2015.
10:49 pm
that's only three years. >> using hydrogen fuel eliminating tail pipe emissions of second hydrogen fueling station expected to open in oakland as soon as next year. live storm tracker 2 picking up more showers. it has been a rainy day out there. we go to what's happening now on rainstorm tracker 2. the rains are moving off in an easterly, northeaster kind of going like this. this activity should be east of our area in the next few hours so we're going to start to dry out but boy it's just been wet. out toward moraga and walnut creek we've seen up to half an inch of rain. it's not a huge storm but it's been drizzly all day. the extended forecast continues, wet as we get into your thursday. tomorrow is not a half bad day. scattered showers but listen it's not a big deal. they'll be widely scattered. it'll be nothing like today. there'll be a sprinkle here,
10:50 pm
maybe a sprinkle there. shouldn't be enough to shut down your outdoor activities. if you're a pe teacher and you want to take them to do a mile, take them out, they can get the mile in. there will be a sprinkle in the area. this is the system here, it's starting to track off. that's today and what's left over tomorrow. here's what's coming for thursday. that system looks very similar to this system expect it's colder so snow levels will drop. tomorrow the storm has slid through. it's going to be a little cooler. widely scattered showers but look at the breaks, we're going to have mostly scattered showers. the computer model sets up like this. tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. a few scattered sprinkles, no big deal. tomorrow afternoon clouds and some clearing. then tomorrow afternoon commute, just a few clouds. raining out of the area. then we go into a longer range model and we look at forecasts
10:51 pm
as we go out to thursday. there's thursday morning. then there's thursday afternoon, afternoon commute looks dry. then here comes friday morning or early morning into friday mid-morning. so that's the next one for friday. looks like friday afternoon should be better. of course the giants home opener is friday, the weather looks like it's going to be okay for that. it's going to be a wet field. there'll be tarps on the field. the forecast in the 50s and low 60s. none of this is major rain. it's helping a little bit as you look at the weekend in view. we have a deficit, the rain deficit is big time right now. this little bit of rain in the next few days not a big deal. the showers tomorrow minimal, thursday morning probably a little wet in the commune and then wet. the a's played in that rain tonight we'll tell you how that went. and a los angeles man had a really good excuse for being late to work. a visit from a big black bear. ♪
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imagine having a close encounter with a 400-pound bear. it happened this morning in a california suburb. a man was texting his boss saying he would be late because there was a big commotion outside. that's when he saw what the commotion was about and saw an
10:55 pm
abrupt about face. later the bear was tranquilized and released in the forest. joe fonzi now joins us, joe not exactly what you call perfect baseball weather tonight. >> you might wander who would be there. you wonder who is out there now. a long night is getting longer. you would have to be a pretty hardy fan to weather a night game in the rain this time of year. the a's and royals locked in the second. lorenzo cain doing his best to keep it that way. cain makes the catch in time to double up. inning over. different result with the royals hitting the ball to a separate part of the park. butler comes around to score. got one more in the fourth then one in the seventh. then in the eighth the heavy
10:56 pm
rain came. they're still in rain delay now. but it is an official game with the royals in line to win 1-0 if they call it. the sharks are playing their first postgame season. the sharks have worked hard to try to reverse what happened in the games with the blues this year when they were winless in four tries. >> we talked about it our four. they are some where but who wants it more. it's what's it's going to come down to. there are no secrets here. we know how they play, they know how we play. it's about the competitive edge and who wants to take that. a press conference tonight at the university of arkansas to announce the firing of football coach bobby petrino. petrino was in a motorcycle accident with a woman he had
10:57 pm
hired three days before. >> he hired on his staff a woman whom he had an inappropriate relationship. >> we don't know who will be sitting in for sean payton, but we know it is not bill parcells. and finally miami manager guillen met with the media to apologize for his remarks where he praised fidel castro. he will be suspended for five days but will keep his job. >> i know where you're headed, back to the coliseum. >> i will pass on that. >> thank you guys for joining us on this 49ers postgame show. >> i know. it's a little different.
10:58 pm
>> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and the morning news will start tomorrow at 4:30 keeping an eye on the rain. thanks for joining us.
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