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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 11, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tomorrow night. your local news is next. good night, america. it's a rare sight in these parts. a tornado spotted here in northern california. the high winds made a res on a ranch outside stockton. good evening, i'm tori campbell. >> wild weather in northern california. we have confirmation tonight of an f1 tornado causing damage just east of the bay area. we begin in eastern contra costa county. >> reporter: imagine having
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coffee on your waterfront deck, you look ought on the distance and see -- out distance and see a funnel crowd dropping from the sky. it happened to one guy here today, and he showed us the photo evidence to prove it. >> hear what i thought was thunder. curious, i go outside to look. >> reporter: carlos grabbed his compact camera. >> and this is what i see. >> reporter: in eight minutes, carlos snapped 11 pictures. >> this little triangular shape. to see this come right up in front of you, it was surprising. and fun. >> reporter: that is not how
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valentin gutierrez described his day. >> we thought we were going to die. i see the big old cloud coming from the back of the ranch there. >> reporter: the twister destroyed his shed and frayed a few nerves. it's not unheard of to have twisters spawn from the clouds here. but it's not uncommon. an up close encounter with a funnel cloud at a safe distance. >> this is something i've never seen from the house here. >> reporter: is something they won't need the pictures to remember. i've been through a few twisters in nie life. they can be really scary. if you're inside, you should take cover in the most interior room in your home. if you can't be in a house or a building, get into a car if you can, fasten your seat belt tightly, and duck and take cover much like you would in
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the case of an earthquake. more details now on today's wild weather. take a look. these pictures show the aftermath of a hail storm. residents say they were shocked. they say there was so much hail the ground turned white and looked like snow. a section of highway 99 had to be shut down for a while because of hail stones thize of marbles. this time of year in the central valley, these tornadoes not all that uncommon. let's see how they set up. you get cool air over, like we had last night. the sun heats the ground, the ground gets warm, and it starts to go up into the cooler air. you get these big cumulus up here. the big tall cumulus clouds.
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underneath those you get the turbulent clouds that produced a tornado. stockton is right here. just south here is where the tornado occurred near french camp. this is the imagery taken from the roof cams. it's not that uncommon to get this type of weather. we do have more of this type of weather potentially in the forecast as we go into the next 48 hours. we've got some weather systems headed our way that could produce that cool air, some clearing, the sun heats the ground, and boom, you've got some explosive clouds. when i come back here at 10:20, we're going to talk about that in these incoming systems. i'll see you back here. >> of course you can get weather information at any time on, or on our weather apps. after weeks of protests, there are major developments tonight in the trayvon martin case. gunman george zimmerman has surrendered to authorities and is currently behind bars facing
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criminal charges. we now have zimmerman's booking photo. prosecutors are charging the 28- year-old with second degree murder. more team coverage on this story. ktvu's amber lee found out if the arrest has placated protesters. we begin in sanford, florida with the decision to prosecute. >> reporter: after a month and a half of tensions and unanswered questions, we now know george zimmerman is behind bars. he has a new attorney, and he is charged with second degree murder. 28-year-old george zimmerman, is now a defendant. the charges come 45 days after zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin, an unarmed teenager in sanford, florida. the special prosecutor says zimmerman turned himself in. the arrest follows a dramatic
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and bizarre legal maneuver announced on tuesday. >> we're withdrawing as counsel for mr. zimmerman. >> reporter: his new counsel says he will plead not guilty. >> he's concerned about getting a fair trial. >> it is about justice, justice, justice, and only justice. >> reporter: speaking from the nation's capitol, the teenagers parents are emotional yet determined. >> this is just the beginning. we have a long way to go. >> we simply wanted an arrest. we wanted nothing more, nothing less. we just wanted an arrest, and we got, it and i say thank you. thank you lord. thank you jesus. >> reporter: there is a bond hering scheduled for thursday. we believe it's going to be around 1:00, 1:30 in the
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afternoon. live in sanford, florida, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> eric holder said zimmerman could also face federal charges, speaking at a conference today on race issues, holder vowed the feds would conduct a review on trayvon martin's killing. >> the racial overtones in the trayvon martin case and a drum beat may also have contributed to the decision to prosecute. amber lee is live with thoughts on where the case goes from here. >> reporter: we're at the ella hutch community center. we found people relieved there's been an arrest in the trayvon martin case. tempered by the question, what happens next? playing basketball after school for these teenage boys is common practice. so is wearing a black hoody.
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these boys, ages 12 to 16 told me what happened to trayvon martin has affected them. >> i was terrified. >> what terrified? >> there was no weapon on him. >> reporter: they told us they're relieved the man accused of killing trayvon has been charged with a crime. but said the case has made them aware others may perceive a black teenager as a threat. >> my hands to my sidewalking, so i won't be assumed for anything wrong. >> reporter: teen program coordinators told us, even though the gunman has been charged, they don't expect a slam dunk case. >> i know justice will be served. >> reporter: former san francisco prosecutor says it boils down to who was the aggressor. >> to me, this prosecutor has some evidence, either an
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eyewitness, or ballistic evidence, showing she believes he acted with such callus regard for human life, it's akin to murder. >> reporter: public outcry also played a role says the president of naacp's san francisco chapter. >> for us to get this close to justice, gives us the confidence that the right thing will be done. >> reporter: back here at the community center, a program coordinator plans to discuss with these teens what the reaction will be if the outcome of a trial falls short of a murder conviction. reporting live here in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> at, we've posted a timeline of events in the trayvon martin case. look for that coverage under the u.s. news tab. gop presidential candidate, mitt romney turned his attention to women voters today, suggesting that president obama's policies amount to a war on women.
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in hartford, connecticut. romney met with women business leaders and entrepreneurs and promised he would support policies that help women get back to work. >> this president has failed america's women. if i'm the next president of the united states, i will go to work to get american women good jobs, rising incomes and growing businesses. >> romney needs a the support of women. a recent poll showed women voters prefer the president to romney by 19 percentage points. newt gingrich is calling on santorum supporters to join his race. romney is more than halfway there, with 664 delegates so far. in seven minutes, why santorum's name will be on california ballots when voters go to the polls here in june. plus the other big change you'll notice. a wall street u.s. stock markets ended a five day losing
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streak today. nasdaq was up 25. a positive report from alco-a, and better news about spain's debt seemed to help turn things around. the justice department filed suit against apple and two book publishers alleging they conspired to fix prices on e books. costing consumers $100 million. the suit says apple and the publishers agreed to raise prices with apple, taking a 30% cut. apple did not comment on the suit. three powerful earthquakes today on the ring of fire. we'll show you the strongest shaking, where it was felt. >> and back here in just 10 minutes we're going to talk about the rain headed your way for tomorrow and for the weekend. see you back here. >> a wrong turn onto the tracks led to a deadly accident here in the east bay. how heavy rain, and even darkness might have played a role.
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two men were arrested tonight in oakland, after sheriff deputies said they hit a parked car. they spotted the car on 82nd avenue near international boulevard. deputies said when they tried to pull the men over, the driver sped off. deputies caught up with him. they tell us one of the men was wanted on suspicion of
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attempted murder. a toyota prius stuck on the track stood no chance from a freight train slammed into it, killing an elderly woman in the car. details on what happened right before the collision. >> reporter: tori, union pacific officials tonight told me their crew on that train went into emergency stop process as soon as they saw the car struck on the tracks. but it was too late, the driver was not able to get her elderly mom out of the car in time. you can see the small memorial left for her today. a freight train hit this prius so hard, it was almost unrecognizable after the crash. in the rain and in the dark, the 56-year-old driver made a mistake police have seen before. just after 10:00 p.m. last night, the driver was headed down williams street when she turned onto the tracks, thinking it was another street and got stuck.
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when she heard the freight train coming, the driver desperately tried to get her 78- year-old mother out of the passenger seat but ran out of time. this is where it hit the prius, and pushed it all the way down past the next railroad crossing. debris stretched a quarter mile down the tracks. >> i'm really so sad. >> reporter: some people woo work in the area and -- who work in the area and saw the aftermath of the violent crash could only wish they were there when the mother and daughter got stranded. >> unfortunately, it happened at nighttime. at daytime, we're always ready to help. really so sad. >> reporter: back out here live, the 56-year-old driver was not hurt in this crash. union pacific, and san leandro police are investigating. railroad officials could not tell me how fast that train was
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traveling. but it typically takes a freight train more than a mile to come to a stop. eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. a hayward man was sentenced today to a year behind bars for a drunk driving accident that injured a 9-year-old boy. ryan white was in a crosswalk when 22-year-old andrew vargas struck the boy with a white pickup truck. the boy suffered severe injuries. his family says his still unable to ride a bike or swim. our cameras were not allow today show vargas's face, as vargas showed remorse for the crime. >> words cannot express how remorseful i feel towards the white family. >> with time served, vargas should be eligible for parole
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in june. two men were arrested yesterday at a mill valley motel in connection with a series of bank robberies. police suspect this surveillance photo shows 23- year-old corey allen today during a bank robbery in novato last month. a second man, 54-year-old steven goff was arrested on suspicion of drug possession, while authorities investigate his possible involvement with the robberies. the two men are suspected of bank robberies in novato, green bray, and mill valley. authorities are also investigating whether the men may be linked to recent bank robberies. police are looking for a suspect believed to be a responsible for at least three bank robberies, including one in san jose yesterday. alex wells is accused of robbing the santa clara credit union yesterday morning. if you can help locate him,
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you're asked to call the san jose police. powerful earthquakes hit on the ring of fire around the pacific ocean. the first struck in indonesia. it was 8.6 magnitude, a couple of hours later, an 8.2 offshore. thousands of miles away in the mountains of western mexico, another quake. it initially came in as a 7.0, but then was downgraded to a 6.5. so far, no reports of neglect deaths or significant damage. but a tsunami warning was issued throughout southeast asia. people on the island of sumatra really felt the strongest of the shaking. today's quakes terrified those who remembered the tsunami two years ago. people were panicked, and headed for higher ground. i wanted to show you pictures
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coming out of mexico city. hundreds of miles away from the epicenter. today's tremor was the latest in a series of strong shakes to hit mexico. don't forget, for more on earthquake prepared, right here in the bay area, you can look for the earthquake survival guide under the weather section at there's less than two months to go before the june primary. california voters have a lot to decide. new at 10:00, rita williams explains how california's open primary gives voters more options than they've seen in the past, even if there are fewer choices at the top. >> reporter: california's primary still has some surprises. republican presidential candidate rick santorum may have dropped out of the race, but you can still vote for him if you're a registered republican. >> once you're on the ballot, you're on the ballot, and if someone votes for you, we're
10:20 pm
going to count it. >> a lot is going to be novel about this primary. >> reporter: novel, yes. these are versions of, but not quite the same thing. the ballot you get depends on how you're registered for vote. >> aside from president, everybody else gets the same ballot. >> reporter: for the first time, california will have a so- called open primary. everyone, regardless of party, even independents, can vote for all the candidates for state, local, and congressional races. >> we had to scrunch them together to get them into one column. >> reporter: the top vote getters will be on the same ballot in november, even if they're from the same party. but turnout is expected to be low, hurting their candidates for other races. >> the number of voters is not going to excite anyone. >> reporter: registrars say
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most folks will be voting by mail on ballots they'll start sending out may 7. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. here we go again. we've got more rain in the forecast for your thursday morning commute. live stormtracker 2 just picking up moisture in the atmosphere. moisture is kind of filling in. humidity is increasing. as we get into tomorrow morning, your thursday morning, we've got rain to talk about. let's talk about 5:00 a.m. thursday morning. mornings on 2 crew will be here. you can see it, check it out. that's a wet morning. your morning commute at 5:00 a.m. is wet. watch what happens at 6:00 a.m. moving through oakland, into san jose, san mateo. that's tomorrow. as we get into the afternoon, more instability. maybe a thunder shower. one more behind this. i'll have all the details on your long range model, and the
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five-day forecast back in a few. investigators are now examining underwater sonar emans with the connection of -- images with the connection of the disappearance. divers searched two south bay reservoirs. another organized search is planned for this weekend. an emotional farewell for an east bay father and daughter killed while riding their bikes. up first, a blistering report on this protest at ucdavis. the criticism aimed at uc davis leaders. >> what's ahead for these mechanical marvels? [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature
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scathing concussions in the uc davis pepper spray incident. linda was singled out for not getting the voice out for pepper spray not to be used. and the police chief that he had reason to feel threatened. still, some are not yet satisfied. >> a lot of the people that are held responsible even by name, because in pike, they're on administrative leave, they're on vacation in my mind, as a student, they're on vacation. that's what i see. >> why aren't they fired? why aren't they in trouble? >> the chancellor released a statement saying administrators will develop a detailed response and action plan. a santa clara county jury today found a software engineer guilty of murdering an attorney on the opposite sight of the legal dispute.
10:26 pm
this was a retrial of the case brought against jason ky. show was representing ky's mother-in-law in a lawsuit. the legal dispute stemmed from the death of ky's wife. an emotional funeral service today for a mother and daughter killed while riding their bicycles in concord. >> reporter: the family asked the media to keep their distance during the two hour long service. at one point, it started to rain, which was a good sign for the family. >> if someone passes away and there's a little bit of rain, it means the gates of heaven are opening up for you. >> reporter: the father of two was laid to rest first, then
10:27 pm
his 9-year-old daughter hadessa followed. >> he was the purest man i've ever met in my life. he would always find time to do friday prayer. his soccer teammates, he would coach, he would just dedicate his life, everything around his children. >> reporter: the pair along with hanna were riding their bicycles saturday morning. near oak grove road, an suv ran off the road, and ran into the family, killing the father and daughter. >> they did everything together. she wouldn't go anywhere without her dad. i still remember my wedding, she would not leave his side. >> reporter: today, hadessa's uncle says his family has faith that the criminal justice system will work in his favor. >> we know justice will prevail, and the truth will come out. i know the district attorney is working night and day. >> reporter: the 17-year-old driver has yet to be charged with a crime, despite witnesses saying he was speeding at the
10:28 pm
time. in concord, john is a -- john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. the search for a woman using a stiletto as a weapon. >> first, robots in all shapes and sizes. a showcase for the future. [ male announcer ] a car is either luxury or it isn't. if you want a luxury car with a standard power moonroof, your options are going to be limited. ♪ if you want standard leather-trimmed seats, you're going to have even fewer. ♪ and if you want standard keyless access, then your choice is obvious. the lexus es. it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises. see your lexus dealer. it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises. you do a lot of kayakingno. whoooa i'm in a river.
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my dad said to get a subaru because they last. ♪ he drives a legacy, but i'm nothing like him. i got the new impreza. maybe i should have picked a different color... [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza. experience love that lasts. ♪ new at 10:00, it's national robot week. and innovators are celebrating by showing off robots of the future. lloyd lacuesta is live at stanford. >> reporter: they had a robot block party tonight. and what's a party without a dancing robot? so let me introduce you to now.
10:31 pm
he's a $16,000 robot made in france to stimulate robotics research. there's even an robot store in san francisco to program him. now was one of many creations strutting their stuff tonight. hundreds of humans crammed into the volkswagen innovative lab to see a robot shooting video. >> it's important to get a particular angle, or hold it extremely steady, it's actually quite an elegant device. >> reporter: a robot designed to disarm explosives. the controller could be thousands of miles away. >> that allows you to reach out, just like you were doing with your own hand, and reconfident, grab things correctly the first time. >> reporter: how about a robot that does therapy with children? >> this robot is usually under the control of a therapist, trying to engage with kids. >> reporter: we found a group of high school kids who designed a robot to shoot
10:32 pm
basketballs. >> it's a good opportunity for high school kids to basically explore engineering. >> reporter: proponents say it's not that robots will take jobs away from humans, but that more jobs will be created through robotics, and allow humans to do things better. i think it's going to be sooner than you think. >> reporter: the government has allocated $70 million to fund robots working alongside people in homes, hospitals, businesses. now has decided to take a rest. at stanford university, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. wal-mart today previewed its new disk to digital service that converts dvds into an online library. it allows customers to bring their old dvds to any wal-mart and get permanent access to an online version. the digital version can be streamed from a computer to a mobile device. the dvds are stamped with ink
10:33 pm
to prevent further conversion. each converse costs $2. verizon wireless will begin charging customers to upgrade to the latest phone. verizon said it will charge a $30 upgrade fee for existing customers to purchase a new mobile phone at a discounted price. the new fee will begin april 22. san francisco police say they're looking for a woman who attacked a man with her high heeled shoe. officers say the woman hit the man in the head with her stiletto, when he tried to intervene in a fight. the incident happened outside of a bar in the city's cal hollow neighborhood last weekend. police say the man had a cut on his head. >> in this particular case, the male victim sustained a serious injury. it can be construed as a deadly weapon. >> if arrested, the woman may face aggravated assault charges. richmond place say it was a fatal hit and run that was loud
10:34 pm
enough to wake up the neighbors. a bicyclist struck and left on the street. christian captain said the motorist who hit him is nowhere to be found. >> reporter: police evidence paint marks the spot where a driver hit and killed juan garcia at 1:30 this morning. richmond police say the impact was loud enough to wake neighbors, and say the driver never stopped. because there are no witnesses, police say they need the public's help to find the driver. >> we're hoping that anybody that hears anything, anybody talking about this specific instance will come forward and let us know, as somebody sees some damage on a vehicle that wasn't there before. >> reporter: john garret got off work and drive by the blocked off intersection just an hour after the accident. >> i didn't think it was that bad. i saw a body there, and the white cover so i didn't know. >> reporter: cyclists say it can be dangerous riding in the
10:35 pm
streets of richmond. >> i ride on the other side of the road, i got hit one time. someone can just come up from behind and run you over. >> reporter: dave campbell says cyclists need to make themselves visible, and move predictably when they drive. drivers need to slow down and be on the lookout. >> if we all slow down to 20, 25 miles per hour in the neighborhoods we live and work in, the neighborhoods are going to be way safer. >> reporter: richmond police stress it's important for cyclists to follow the rules of the road for their own safety and the east bay bicycle coalition has safety classes. the next one is scheduled for may 12. christian kasten, ktvu, channel 2 news. nursing students from oikos university say they don't want to go back to the same campus. the director of the nursing program says students don't want to return to the building where the shootings occurred last week. seven people were killed, and three others injured.
10:36 pm
the students want to continue their education, but in a different location. manson, now 77 years old won't be eligible for parole again until he's 92. he was convicted in the 1969 murders of seven people, including actress sharon tate. the parol panel said he showed no signs of rehabilitation. they were trapped for six days. how six miners survived before being rescued today. back here in just a few minutes. we've got rain to talk about tore your thursday morning commute. not just that, there's another one behind it. >> up first, new video from the scene of a triple shooting. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar,
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developing news right now, these pictures are just in from west oakland, where police are investigating a triple shooting. it happened around 8:45. police were called to myrtle street after receiving reports of some 20 shots being fired. one victim was found lying in the street. two others turned up at highland hospital. we've learned one of the victims suffered bullet wounds in his arm and leg.
10:40 pm
no word on injuries for the other two, and no suspects at this time. the future of a san francisco motel will get a second look after city leaders tonight voted to revisit the issue. the beach motel at 47th is just two blocks away from ocean beach and the city's outer sunset. it has been catering to surfers for years. but contends that the beach was not zoned as a tourist motel, but as a residential motel. >> in the business of housing low income homeless folks, and they're a homeless advocacy group. >> the tenderloin housing clinic denies it's trying to turn the motel into housing for the homeless. in news of the world
10:41 pm
tonight, in peru, nine miners walked out of a copper mine where they've been trapped for six days. the men said they kept spirits up by telling jokes, singing, and running in a tunnel. still one said it was pretty ugly in there. peru's president ordered the mine sealed once they got out. in north korea, the rocket is now fueled and ready to send an orbit satellite into space. north korea insists its intentions are purely peaceful. this is north korea's third attempt at launching this type of rocket. in argentina, a tiny premature baby is hospitalized, born 6 months early. she had been declared dead and placed in the morgue. her parents insisted on seeing her body and discovered she was alive. this happened last week, and was just revealed today.
10:42 pm
the case has resulted in the suspension of five medical professionals. in san francisco, a group of kindergarteners got an important message on what to do today in the case of a medical emergency. >> okay boys and girls. she learned how to dial 911. >> during a ceremony at san francisco's city hall, the city's department of emergency management honored two dispatchers and a 14-year-old girl with 911 hero awards. the teenager was awarded for her composure when her mother had trouble breathing and the girl called 911. city officials said she listened carefully to the dispatcher's instructions and that her actions likely saved her mother's life. a bart train in san jose. it's a symbol of things to come, but not everyone is climbing onboard. >> bill martin is tracking more rain. how it will affect the rest of your week, in his complete bay area forecast.
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it's being called the largest infrastructure complex in san jose history. there's mixed fillings about banging bart to san jose. >> reporter: bart sent a train to san jose today, in preparation for tomorrow's ground breaking ceremony. construction has begun on the $3.2 billion project. >> lots of construction. lots of trucks, lights of dirt hauling. it is going to be a massive infrastructure. >> reporter: several roads in san jose will be closed or blocked during the construction of the ten mile, two station project. including cato road, warren avenue, and mission boulevard. people living in the warren
10:46 pm
springs neighborhood have mixed feelings about the frog. >> traffic here is terrible. it's costing way too much money. >> we need it out here. >> reporter: the family running bangkok market has been here since 1985, they received notice they need to be out by april 28. something inconvenient and costly. >> approximately $40,000 just to move alone. >> reporter: the owner says they promised to reimburse his expenses, but he says finding another building that meets his needs is difficult. >> this whole thing has been a nightmare. >> reporter: several will be here for the ground breaking including diana feinstein, and chuck reed. matt keller, ktvu, channel 2 news. ever wonder how much it costs to pick up illegally
10:47 pm
dumped trash? a lot. california waste management board says oakland spent $3.2 million last year picking up 1600 tons of trash. the city of richmond spent more than $1 million. hayward, $900,000. one problem is that it's hard to catch and make a case against those who illegally dump trash. the city of mountain view is looking to dump plastic backs and styrofoam takeout containers. the council will likely vote on a styrofoam ban in a year and a half. laganitas brewing company is create an expansion in chicago. 40% of the company's beer is sold east of the rockies.
10:48 pm
the fda called on drug companies to work toward limiting the use of antibiotics in healthy farm an ma'ams in an effort to stem the tide of drug resistant bacteria that can be fatal to humans. they want to remove labels that recommend using the drugs for accelerated growth of livestock. they also want to have a veterinarian prescribe the drugs. i'm tracking the second in a series of three storms moving over the bay area. here comes number 2. you can see it around cape mendocino. this still slides south overnight. the morning commute, it's going to be wet for everybody. pretty wet too. tonight the clouds thicken up. showers start off as we head into the next few hours.
10:49 pm
and then into the weekend, clearing and warmer. that's good news for your bay area weekend. take a peek here, you will see the forecast overnight lows, 45 in santa rosa. 46 in napa. kind of chilly considering we've got cloud cover out there. your morning commute thursday morning is going to be slowed down. here's thursday. here's friday. what we can't see is saturday. as we go through in next couple of days of rain, first one tomorrow morning, and then maybe a chance of a thunder shower tomorrow afternoon as it slides through, you get that cold, unstable air behind. system number 3 shows up friday. it has the best chance for severe thunderstorms out in the central valley. kind of that thing we had today, towards the stockton area, this kind of cold air with long days we're having now could easily spawn funnel clouds or thunderstorms or a tornado. we'll watch that friday afternoon. we've got a couple more days of inclement weather. in the mountains preparing for it with a winter storm watch that lasts through friday
10:50 pm
morning. the ski resorts have extended their opening periods to include this new snowfall and beyond. 5:00a.m. friday morning, there is your commute. the roads are wet. 6, 7, 8:00 a.m., the showers start to move off. san jose 8:00 a.m., you still have showers. breaks off, scattered showers, maybe a thunder shower thursday afternoon. we get a bit of a break. here we go into friday morning. then friday afternoon. scattered showers, maybe a thunder shower. in the weekend, starting to clear out. it's been kind of an interesting week for sure. i'm telling you, what we saw today, not out of the question for friday. tomorrow as well, but friday is the day with that really cold air. we could see strange weather around the bay area. 61degrees tomorrow in san jose. 62 in morgan hill. your five-day forecast breaks out with plenty of showers thursday into friday. both of they will are morning events. your weekend in view looks real nice. a lot of stuff is going to happen this weekend that didn't
10:51 pm
happen on the wet weekends. >> but it's the giants home opener. >> they're going to have rain in the morning, then end up with scattered showers. more developing news tonight. this time from solano county. a shooting has left one person dead and another in critical condition. it happened about 8:45. the bar is called perch place and located on parking road near the main entrance to travis air force base. our ktvu photograph says police were talking to witnesses that described a car fleeing the scene. beverly hills police said they found no signs that a crime occurred in whitney houston's death. police have concluded their investigation into the death. today they determined no crime was committed after reviewing houston's autopsy. the report attributed her death to accidental drowning. the singer died at a beverly hills hotel on february 11. it seems the bay area got a
10:52 pm
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month's oakland running festival estimates the account added to $3.5 million in spending. the festival also contributed $300,000 to local charities. what happened to the giants? they were doing well, then fell apart. >> through five games of this young baseball season, the giants have hit plenty, and pitched very little. tim lincecum with his new trimmed hairstyle on the hill at coors field tonight, lasted is 2 1/3 innings. carlos gonzales has his second rbi triple of the game. the giants exploded in the 4th. sanchez promptly tied it up. the base hit knocks in two. the giants got 7 in the inning. took a 7-6 lead.
10:56 pm
but the rockies teed off. ramon hernandez with the base hit. the giants throw it to the plate to try to get todd helton. affeldt runs the ball down, has michael cuddyer hung out. affeldt coming up here will then drop the ball. then they throw to third, where hernandez comes all the wayaround. a 17-8 win. the giants have lost four of their first five. the a's, jonas showing how he comes around to score. he had two hits on the day, and scored twice. the royals took a 2-1 lead in the 4th, but the a's struck back in their half of the inning. jonny gomes with the drive. the royals tied it with a run in the 7th. kansas city broke the tie with
10:57 pm
the run in the 12th. the a's answered back with two in their half. the a's take two out of three from the royals. they'll be off tomorrow before playing in seattle. a spirited effort by the warriors in portland, but in the end, the same result they've had 35 times this year. the warriors can tie it in the 4th. lee led the warriors with 21 points. 14 rebounds. actually later took the lead, but the blazers had more down the stretch. they lead by 4 with less than 20 seconds left. portland in front by 7. the blazers go on to win, 119-110. the warriors still ninth worst in the league by in the hunt for number 7. sharks and blues to get the race for the cup started tomorrow. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
10:58 pm
>> the morning crew will be here at 4:30 tomorrow. they'll be tracking the next round of rain. you can find us here at and mobile ktvu. have a great night everyone.
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