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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 20, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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a police officer says she tried to stop a beatdown on a troubled man. but now -- >> she is expecting to lose her job. >> because she intervened and helped this young man? the case that has a lot of people shaking their heads. that is one big catch in those nets. >> a huge 20-foot great white shark. >> that's jaws. >> so what's a fisherman to do when -- >> the shark is the same size as the boat. >> dogs have everything these days. >> now they've got their own channel on the tube. >> how dog tv is like crack for
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canin canines. >> he just wouldn't take his eyes off the scene. and this video was inspired by "right this minute." >> see the bobcat ninja take our ulha it's time to get our show started, and nick has our first story. >> i've got some police dash cam video that's going to leave you guys scratching your heads. this video is coming from police officer regina taskins dashboard camera. she is responding to a call for an emotionally disturbed person on the front lawn. his mother called an ambulance, and they're waiting for the ambulance to come. officer taska arrives, and so do two other richfield park police officers. >> the richfield park officer automatically tried to take him down to the ground. another police officer from richfield park comes in his car, flies to the scene, just starts punching him in the head. >> he was not threatening the officers, he was not armed. he did not challenge the officers.
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officer taska jumped in and had to physically pull these officers off this man. the mother of the boy who was being beaten on the front lawn commended officer taska for her actions. >> i appreciate you protecting him when one of the officers attacked him. >> officer taska was pulled in by her supervisor and put on suspension. she is expecting to lose her job. >> because she intervened and helped this young man? >> because she did not support her fellow police officers. >> you are kidding. >> so they wanted her to join in, beating up this kid? >> this is the controversy that this video has sparked. officer taska feels strongly that she is being reprimanded because she crossed the blue line, and also because she is the one and only female officer in the very small department of bagoda, and she is openly guy. >> oh. there's a whole lot going on right there. >> weird. and -- >> i feel bad for her, but i
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also feel bad for the guy who got beat up. i mean, what the heck? >> the two richfield park police officers were never investigated, and never questioned about this incident, and they're still serving on the force. this is in the sea of cortez. >> oh! >> that is a huge 20-foot great white shark. >> that's jaws. >> what? >> a fisherman in mexico talking to this newspaper in sonora. he told this newspaper that is the biggest, largest shark they have seen ever. >> that's sad, though. i hate seeing that stuff. that's such a big beautiful animal to get caught up in a fisherm fisherman's net. >> they didn't go out to catch this shark. >> you're right. he did say they're not out fishing for sharks. what he did say, earlier, he lost one of his nets and when they went out, they threw other nets out trying to retrieve this one. what they didn't expect, it
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would come back with a 20-foot, 2,000 pound or above great white shark. they were in a 22-foot. >> the shark is the same size of the boat. >> he says when they saw this, they were in shock. they didn't know what to do. but it was dead. they decided to just bring it to the beach, bring it on to the beach. and when they cut into him, they realized that he had two sea lions in his belly. >> whoa. >> dude was hungry. >> they gave the shark meat away for free to the locals. >> that's cool. >> so it wouldn't go unused. you won't believe how police in sylvania township, ohio took down an alleged drunk driver. police say gerald jordan was spotted by some other police officers driving drunk. >> driving extremely recklessly. here he comes right by our cruisers. >> so as you can see in this video from wtol, police are chasing this guy.
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there are sparks flying, because he lost the tires, he hit a median, and he passed officers just finishing up a traffic stop around 3:14 a.m. so the officers gave chase. but that didn't end right there. police tapped him -- sent the car spinning, and then it gets really interesting. >> whoa. >> he was able to correct, keep going, but he crossed the median into northbound traffic. >> oh, boy. >> and he started going southbound in the northbound lane. at that point, police say it's do or die. so they were able to pin him in. they say he still had his foot on the accelerator while they're doing this. obviously, a dangerous situation with this guy crossing the median into oncoming traffic. >> right. like a zombie when the car finally t-boned him. he didn't even look over to see what just hit him. s he was just -- >> look at that mug shot. >> they seat belt him to the hospital. he was treated and released but
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facing dui charges. >> i don't get why. endangers so many people. why cross that median? why? >> in this case, allegedly very intoxicated, not thinking about anybody else but themselves. >> i wonder if he knew he blew a tire. >> just kept on going, like nothing was going on. >> it seems like dogs have everything these days, right? well now they've got their own channel on the tube. >> no. >> that's right. >> what? >> dog tv! it's cable's first network exclusively for dogs. providing 24/7 programming on demand, no commercials, no reruns. no ratings. >> all for dogs. >> so basically, three areas of program. you've got stimulation, relaxation and exposure. it's available, $4.99 for the month. >> it contains scenes of moving
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things and butterflies flying around and people playing football and so on. there's all kinds of interesting things to stimulate and entertain them. >> the other cool thing about dog tv, they alter the colors and the sounds of the programming to be more appeasing for the dogs. >> this is pretty awesome. especially because you know people do leave the tv on for their dogs when they leave for hours. >> i will admit, i leave the television on animal planet for my dog, packo. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> oh, please. >> you have a cat. >> but it's silly. how do we know what a dog watches on tv? so film makers that put this together, they shot everything down low from a dog's perspective, so it is sort of what a dog would see. it's been a huge success in san diego. but there is now plans to let this thing go national. we have a dog tv enthusiast joining us "right this minute." mary catannia with her dog blue.
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mary, does blue like it? >> b turned it on right away ane couldn't get enough of it. he's a very active dog, he loves playing, going to the park, so whenever there was a stimulation episode on with lots of dogs playing or running around, he just wouldn't take his eyes off the screen. >> so since you got dog tv, does he just lie on the couch and ask you for popcorn and beer? >> no. a lot of people think that he's going to turn dogs into couch potatoes, but it's not a supplement. dogs aren't outside all of the time. we do have to work and go to the gym and do other kinds of stuff. so it's more of something for him when i can't be with him. ♪ hey. listen to this guy. >> that is like an award-winning burp. >> you've heard him. see him up close and too personal. >> domino's, domino's. >> that's not a pizza endorsement.
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it's a scooter sound. see what we're talking about, next.
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♪ matt schultz is a videographer in ant arc at that in december 2011 and just posted this video they captured of elephant fields. and listen to how they sound. it sounds like something went down the wrong way. [ sputtering ] >> ooh. >> wow, that is like an award-winning burp. >> yeah, and that he wielephants like he needs a good exfoliation. >> look how big they are. males can get up to 8,800 pounds and be 20 feet long. >> looks like a chihuahua. >> giant. >> 100 times bigger. >> but look how it scratches its back. >> oh. >> i love this. >> dude, you're burping right in
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my face, bro. >> making me want to burp. >> yeah, right? >> i want the you to watch the penguin polka. ♪ what the heck? >> i don't know why that guy starts following him, but i love it. >> he doesn't just start following, he starts doing, like -- >> he's doing a step ball change. >> yeah, but the penguin is like, i'm outta here. ♪ >> he's like, can you believe this guy? >> maybe -- if i dance like this, they won't notice that i'm human. >> yeah, right. >> and not human-like them. >> weird video of the day, burping and some weird dude doing the polka. >> penguin polka. >> the cat loves the bearded dragon. ♪
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♪ this is the winner of the nike chosen sessions competition. basically, nike gave three teams the full run of the park to film a video and put it together. this is the winning team, germany's rock on b crew. the funny part about this video, they did sort of this opening intro that includes every single snowboard video cliche that's out there. >> crazy grabs. gnarly bails. friendship. >> they're supposed to look like the three stooges. >> they were definitely going for the comedy effect. they had the colored zinc on
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their lips and noses. and the rock on group consists of -- >> johnnie right johnnie. miguel. wetzel. >> the rest of the very is them completely shredding. all the ramps, rails, boxes you find at a park. these guys had full run of, and then some. when they were done in the daylight, they took over the entire park. >> you know when i see that, i just see a really bad fall. >> kind of like this one? >> oh! >> that's exactly what i'm talking about. ♪ >> monday on "right this minute." >> there's nothing like the smile and laughter of a child to brighten your day. >> on the next "right this minute." >> that's monday on "right this minute." ♪ >>uyis around the world and crazy cheap. you're not going to believe it. see how this guy did it on
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if you were ever log for a video to inspire you to exercise or travel, i found it for you. >> this video is called "exercising around the world"
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and the guy you see coming out of his front door is steve ham. ♪ and steve traveled over 120,000 miles to 16 different countries over 18 months, and exercised. >> oh. >> that's cool. >> he started a trip back in october of 2010, and he was like, you know what, i need to just keep traveling. >> wait. did you see the elvis doing one-handed push-ups? >> oh, yeah. >> holy cow. >> wow. >> i like that he chose to do jumping jacks. because who doesn't like good old jumping jacks. >> well, keep watching, because he not only does jumping jacks around the world. he does other things. ♪ now he's jumping rope. >> oh. so cool. >> now he's doing push-ups. >> push-ups with one leg up. >> this entire video was shot on an iphone, and edited on a mac
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computer. and wait until you hear this. of he has his own website, nerd he did this entire trip for $418. >> i can't believe it. >> airline travel cost him $418. >> did he hide in like his luggage? >> why don't we ask him, because steve just finished his journey last week in ecuador, and that's where he is right now and joining us via skype "right this minute." >> i had this idea while traveling, if he was going to come up with a cool way to document what i was doing, what better way to do it than by exercising. i run a fitness website so i couldn't tell people to stay in shape and work hard and live a healthy life if i wasn't doing it myself. >> all this exercise and travel is great, but i want to talk about $418. >> you know, with the united states, super easy to sign up for credit card deals that offer bonuses. what i would do, sign up for a card, use everything i ever had to buy on that card until i hit
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my bonus and then set the card aside. time for another card and repeat the process. what. >> do you want to be when you grow up? >> it's kind of funny. i feel like i'm really grown up in the sense that i run my own business. in the other aspect, i feel like a kid. i getting to on these great adventures and my eyes are wide when i get to a new location. i still feel like a 12-year-old kid. so in the netherlands, they deliver pizzas on scooters. and dominos thought change it up a little bit. take a listen. ♪ you know what that sound is? >> let's play it again. >> domino's. >> pizza. >> they introduced human engine sounds to the scooters so people wouldn't be confused or get hurt. >> and they're saying domino's in the sound. trying to make it sound like a motorcycle sound. >> domino's, domino's.
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pizza. >> domino's, domino's, domino's. >> pizza. >> good marketing too. imagine if you didn't notice the dominos cycle and you're in front of it. skprvegs then you get home. pizza. >> you know, they could have easily solved this problem with a bell on the handlebars. but this is much more creative. >> this is better marketing. >> i like how they have safe-bound on the box holding the pizza. i don't know if the sound is as safe as it is funny. >> thank you, thank you, thank you for watching "right this minute" today. now, if you missed a video or if you want to see something again, you can head over to our website, you can find all the videos that we find at all day, every single week. it's all at and thank you in advance for checking us out. ♪ we got an egg, a big machine
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and one heck of a trick. >> we asked him to do this. >> yes. see if the bobcat ninja can pull it off. >> and watch what he does with it. >> oh, man.
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this is the future of transportation. >> this is called an evacuated tube transport system. >> transport uses vacuum tubes which use faster and use less energy to travel between destinations. >> it's like the old mail
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transportation systems, right? you put the tube in -- >> or at the bank! >> capsules travel in the tubes on frictionless tracks and can reach a speed. >> it's 1 g force and you don't realize you're in there moving because it's soundless. >> it goes over 4,000 miles per hour. >> tubes can be built for 1/10 the cost of a high-speed rail system and a quarter of the cost of a freeway. tubes can travel from new york to l.a. in 45 minutes. and from new york to china in just two hours. >> the other really amazing thing, if you want to do a world trip, which i know you would love to go around the world, six hours. around the whole flippin' world. >> this is the closest they're coming to tele porting. >> and watching march of the penguins, we know penguins endure some pretty severe challenges, right? this penguin at a zoo in tokyo has a little slippery slope he has to endure now.
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>> just like -- kept trying to push the boulder up the hill and kept falling back down. >> greek guy. >> yeah. >> oh. >> like he's on a treadmill. >> he is kind of like on a treadmill. >> this is embarrassing. i am embarrassed for him. >> he doesn't stop, keeps falling back down and maybe he thinks he has gotten somewhere. >> this video is about two minutes long and the poster of the video said he tried for about ten minutes before finally giving up. >> looks so sad. i just want to give him a boost. it would be funny if he got up there and he's like, well, this sucks. there is nothing even up here. the bobcat ninja says this video was inspired by "right this minute." >> the bobcat ninja is back!
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>> we asked him to do this. >> yes, we did. >> now, for people who haven't seen this, bobcat ninja, otherwise known, has been using heavy equipment since he was 4 years old. he's now 24. watch what he does with these eggs. he takes the egg delicately with an excavator, no less, off of one of those cones, and watch what he does with it. >> oh, man. and he's going to put it on the other cone. >> he is going to put it on the other cone that is on top of the milk crate. >> unbelievable. >> it's like he has such fine motor skills using this heavy equipment. >> so he did this because we asked him to do something with an egg? >> i believe we did say, hey, can you pick up an egg? >> yeah, i think we did. >> steven, you challenged him to this. [ buzzer ] >> tom, i've got a challenge for you. >> all right. >> in your next video, i want to
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see you handle a raw egg. >> a raw egg. >> a raw egg. >> i want to see if your touch is that fine. >> he moved the cone over. now he's taking the egg off the cone and then putting it on the other cone he just moved over. >> yes. that's a good explanation. challenge completed. >> got to send him something. >> a high-five over the internet. that's it for our show. thanks so much for joining us. if you want to see one of these great videos again, head over to our website, we'll see you next time. we'll see you next time. >> happy birthday, mom! -- captions by vitac --
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