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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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woman embraced by so many. >> reporter: the daughter of former giants executive corey busch, alexis busch grew up a part of the team, players nicknamed her mary beth. >> why mary beth? according to shawn, who gave her the name, that is what you call your little sister. >> that little girl would sit right there. >> reporter: as a teen she was the first bat girl in ml "r" -- in major league baseball. bonds talked about it. >> to have one of your closest friends, your baby sister, alexis busch. >> reporter: her family says she would have been humbled by the outpouring and she was doing what she loved the day
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she was lost at sea. >> my beautiful, smiling, brilliant, funny baby would be saying thank you for giving me the opportunity to race on low speed chase once again. there is no blame anywhere. >> reporter: alexis busch's boyfriend was one of three survivors of the accident. he stood on crutches at today's services. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. a candlelight vigil is set to begin for a high school student killed over the weekend. he was stabbed to death outside a party. his friends described the weapon as a sword. he played football for newark memorial high school. a memorial has been growing for the teen and friends are encouraging people to show up for the candlelight vigil.
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>> show support for the family. >> he was raised by relatives since moving here from samoa when he was 12 years old. three are under arrest now in connection with the death. the man accused of killing 7 people at oikos university pleaded not guilty today. ktvu was in the courtroom where one goh ko faced a judge. his attorney entered not guilty pleas. officials said after a month of refusing food he started to eat again. he is set to return to court on june 25. happening right now, 200 union workers in san francisco demonstrating inside city hall. they say they want this protest to be like the one held last
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year which lasted for a while. they say they are fed up with having to pay more for health coverage. >> it comes on the eve of mayday, a day of demonstrations. and across the bay in oakland, "occupy oakland" is getting ready to take part. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in oakland at city hall where demonstrators say they plan to rally. >> reporter: mayday is international workers day and "occupy oakland" will participate in events here at frank ogawa plaza. they are getting ready, as you can see. just how big the event will be remains unclear. the grass that once covered frank ogawa plaza is still recovering. tomorrow occupy returns but it won't be the same. >> it will be different. >> reporter: "occupy oakland"
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organizer says the events in support of workers will be spread out across the city and bay area. >> so many actions going on it might not be a big spectacle like on november 2. >> reporter: "occupy oakland" has four gathering points. a noon rally at frank ogawa plaza will be followed by a match from the bart station at 3:00, back to city hall for another rally at 6:00. "occupy oakland" plans pickets throughout downtown. >> i am sure every business will say the same thing. >> reporter: he plans to stay open tomorrow and the chamber of commerce is saying to do the same thing. >> after january we thought it would go back to normal but it
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didn't. >> reporter: the city planned for many permitted events scheduled for tomorrow. mayday. but the occupy movement hasn't been granted any permits for tomorrow. the city is warning about specific delays downtown. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. ferry workers plan to walk off the job tomorrow. ferry service will be shut down all morning. ferry workers say they are fed up with efforts to have worker pay more for medical benefits. they have been working without a contract since last summer. occupy protesters are backing down from a threat to block traffic that golden gate bridge tomorrow. now some of the occupy movements say the plans are abandon and they plan to protest peacefully. our coverage continues on
6:06 pm look for the link. and you can find a schedule of tomorrow's events. a poll finds residents are not impressed with mayor jean quan's performance. they question 403 voters, 53% said she was doing a poor or fair job. 73% voters disapprove of how she handled the demonstrations. most said they would not vote for a recall if given a chance. two new developments this afternoon in the case of san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. a family court says his wife and their son can remain with her family in venezuela for an extra 7 weeks. another judge ruled against the city in its bid to subpoena
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records of his former manager. the state attorney general will not file charges against nadia lockyer. she alleged she was beaten at a hotel room in february. nadia lockyer is marid to bill lackyer. she resigned after revealing a substance abuse problem. back open today after a weekend closure. but the work on doyle drive is far from over. ktvu's david stevenson joins us live now where crews are about to begin phase two of the project. >> reporter: this is what is left of the old cdeded -- of the old doyle drive. >> reporter: the new doyle drive offer as safe route between san francisco and the golden gate bridge. even as drivers enjoyed a
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smooth ride, it is this rubble that has become a new attraction. >> incredible. 100% repsychoable -- recyclable. >> reporter: crews plan to return tomorrow. >> they will come back and process the rubble out here, take down the existing columns there and process the rubble. the hope is to recycle into phase two of the project. a permit road replacing the temporary by-pass. this stuff is expected to be here for 2 months and it is attracting a lot of attention. >> i wouldn't be surprised if someone snuck in there. >> reporter: numerous drivers pulled over today to take pictures of the rubble.
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>> you look at the destruction, it is amazing to see how they work together. >> reporter: she came x bike to -- came by on bike to check it out. >> looks like fun. >> reporter: you can see the traffic. the chp says traffic moved well today although many slowed to adjust to the new speed limit. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. early morning drivers on the other side of the bay had trouble during the morning commute. coming up the accident that shut down one side of the free way for 8 -- freeway for 8 hours. police found a stolen lamborghini owned by guy fieri. it was found in a storage uniont. it was rented by a -- uniont --
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unit, it was rented by a 17- year-old boy. it car was stolen from a dealership. this afternoon guy fieri thanked officials for recovering the lamborghini. couple has been sentenced for bilk a couple. they scammed an elderly man out of his life savings savings and another woman out of her retirement money. both victims received restitution. it is now up to a jury to settle the first phase of a fight between google and oracle. they are locked in a dispute over the android software. oracle claims they copied their
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programming system. the jury is deliberating. bloom energy is expanding to the east coast. they are known for its technology that was unveiled in 2010. today they broke grown in delaware. -- ground in delaware. thousands of registered nurses are expected to walk off the job tomorrow at 9 bay area hospitals. the nurses want management to address issues such as sick leave, out of pocket healthcare cost and retiree health plans. >> there is 2,000 nurses and most of them will be out. >> tomorrow's walk out will be their third one day strike since september of last year. rare species of seal has
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been flown in from hawaii, and a lot of people are heading to a american dispensary in its final hours of business. >> temperatures dropped off today. windy out there, fog long the coast. i will let you know how much cooler it will get and if we have rain in the forecast this week. what'll it be?
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through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. a big rig crash on 680 made for a slow monday morning commute. the truck jackknifed before 10:00 last night. one vehicle was hit by the debris but no one was seriously hurt. authorities shut down all south bound lanes. it took almost 8 hours before they reopened the highway. woman who struck and killed
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a young girl last year will not be charged with a crime. sioreli torres was in a crosswalk when she was fail ate hit. her mother -- fatally hit. her mother was behind her. a investigation determined fern white-parker she didn't break any laws. the doors are closing for the final time at medical marijuana club. we found a lot of folks going in and out today. a federal crack down on pot clubs is forcing the closure. they don't plan to relocate. the city counsel will make a decision that could change the city's night life. an ordinance that would place
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regulations on all businesses that serve alcohol. it is in response to several fights in the downtown area. several bar owners against it and threatening to sue if it is passed. six months since twins were separated. . >> they underwent the 10 hour operation to separate them at their chest and bellies. doctors say they are doing well and all organs are working normally. >> my angels now can play normally like other kids. i keep thanking god for all his blessings. >> the twins are now looking forward to turning three in august. it will be their first birthday apart. a marine animal from hawaii believed to have killed its own
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kind is out of quarantine tonight. new at 6:00, ktvu's janine de la vega joins us with what researchers learned about it. >> reporter: they are the most endangered marine mammals in waters. scientists have one to study now. >> reporter: he is 8 feet long, weighs 370 pounds and isn't camera shy. he may look cute but was displaying ferocious behavior in hawaii. >> he was harassing and killing pups. there are only 1100 left and you cannot have an animal like this taking out your new generation. >> reporter: authorities were going to euthanize him but researchers wanted to help.
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he was flown in and has been staying in santa cruz. he lives here in this heated sea water, 85 degrees to simulate hawaiian weather. >> we volunteered to do basic science that hasn't never been done before. >> reporter: they want to study how much it eats. it is not known why the species is dwindling. his trainer points out numerous shark bites. it is being trained to work with humans so research can begin. >> nice to say you had a hand in finding out information that will save the species. >> reporter: scientists hope the research leads to certain beaches in hawaii being designated as critical habit. reporting live, janine de la
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vega, ktvu channel 2 news. well, a beautiful weekend but things are starting to change. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is watching possible rain? >> yeah. a chance for showers in the five-day forecast. right now doesn't look like strong chance. the main thing, temperatures dropping off. 10-15 cooler today than over the weekend. the cooling has begun. right now in san jose, 67 degrees. 68 towards mountain view. that is how it will go. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow will be cooler. for get the 80s, look for 70s. and lots of 60s. weak weather system slides through. the clouds come in. that is the first in a series of weak ones to the north of us. that is why temperatures are
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back into the 70s. cooler, chance of showers towards the end of the weekend. i will have that in the five- day forecast. low pressure off shore. that is the mechanism for cooling and potential showers. what we notice is the temperatures trend down. sunday mid-80s and now like this. it will not be as warm. you will get mid-60s on the bay. upper 60s around oakland tomorrow. antioch and pittsburg mid-70s. setting up now. more towards summer you get the big changes, 100 degrees in the valley. 58 in san francisco. the model shows fog trying to reform along the coast around 10:00. tomorrow afternoon, patchy fog. some of the beach too. that is tomorrow morning. during the day more sunshine.
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and then forecast goes high tomorrow, lots of 70s instead of 80s and lots of 60s and 50s long the coast. 73 gilroy tomorrow and 62 in half moon bay, 62 in san francisco. seven-day forecast, lots of clouds. the weekend look goods, i know we are thinking about the weekend on monday. but it looks good. >> thank you. . bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 keeping a close eye inside san francisco city hall where union workers vow to be there till tomorrow. noelle walker will have an update. and today a race rolled out during the morning commute. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. a bay area city is celebrating its 160th birthday. we will take you out to the
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beginning of what will be a week long celebration. tuscaloosa?
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[ singing ]
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singers performed at frank ogawa plaza to kickoff the city's 100th birthday. oakland was incorporated on may 4, 1872. -- 1852. >> the a's are in boston. baltimore yesterday and a heart breaker. the good news is no heart breaker tonight. they are getting blown out. you have seen that happen to a lot of teams. they blame themselves on this play. weeks with a throwing error. helps boston score an easy one. this is unusual here. look at david eortiz. he hit -- david ortiz. watch this one. back at the wall and off the
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glove of the a's out fielder out there and not easy to keep his composure after that. but it is a home run. nothing cheap about this one. mike hits it deep and gone. a three run shot. only in the 7th inning and the a's getting crushed 11-1. giants enjoying a night off. tomorrow miami will be in town to face them in a three game series. over the weekend, the moon was out for bryce harper. right there, fan mooning the pitcher. seemed to distract him. julie saying oh! he winds up getting a double. i would have to say the pitcher was definitely distracted. [ laughter ] >> no kidding. >> full moon right there, not good. thank you. >> thought i would throw that in there.
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>> thank you for sharing. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage continues at 10:00. we will be at a candlelight vigil of a high school student who was stabbed at a party. how his friends and family are remembering him tonight.
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