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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 30, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that's some bad hat, harry. ferry routes cancelled, nurses on strike. two bay area unions in contract disputes impacting dozens of people first thing tomorrow morning. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. thousands of bay area commuters need to find alternate transportation. that's after the ferry service
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cancelled morning schedules. ken wayne has the story. >> reporter: the last ferry is pulling in. it's going to be the last commute for hours. those who count on these ferries for commuting will have to find alternate transportation. ferry service here and in salsalito will have to be changed. the 50 members of the boat man's unions say, after negotiations they're still hung up with how to pay for health care. >> we have agreed to pay for health care. they want to have a form that burdens family it is most and we just don't agree to that. >> reporter: so tonight picket signs were being readied for strike action at the ferry terminals. >> it gets to the point where we have tried to make progress at the bargaining table and the district is refusing to
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compromise. >> reporter: rather than waiting for a walk out the bridge district decided to shut down ferry service saying in part as we are now less than 24 hours away from whatever the union coalition decides to follow through on, the golden gate bridge and highway transportation district is expressing concern for our customer that is rely on our public transportation service. >> it's a big hassle, yeah. >> reporter: this woman says she will have to miss a meeting tomorrow because the ferry service has been shut down. >> i really didn't want to change it to wednesday but that's what i'll have to do. >> reporter: so there's traffic with the ferry service cancellation and a bridge that
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was shut for construction. live in larksfur, ken wayne. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage tomorrow morning. we will be monitoring the strike and its impact on the commute. ktvu morning news begins at 8:30 a.m. you can also get traffic information any time on ahead tonight in 19 minutes, doyle drive reopens to traffic. the changes drivers noticed and what's next on the presidio reopening. amber lee is live, and the nurses are only planning a one day strike but will likely be out of work for five days, amber. >> reporter: this is one location be picket lines are expected to go up at 7:00 tomorrow morning. >> we want the public educated on exactly what is happening. >> reporter: at the california nurses association headquarters in oakland this evening nurses were busy making signs and
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banners they are planning to walk off the job tomorrow for one day. >> to protest custs including sick leave. and eliminating services such as pediatric and psychiatric care. >> i'm very upset. i've been a nurse a long time. i feel in my hard i am a nurse and i want to give that care to the patients and they are not providing me the time or the help to be able to do that. >> reporter: sutter help which operating alta base summit and other hospitals involved in this labor dispute have said the nurses will not be allowed back until sunday at 7:00 a.m. in a written statement sutter health said, we can not guilty stop providing care, not even for one day. to that end, we will bring in skilled replacement nurses. last september during another work stoppage, 66-year-old cancer patient judith ming died under the care of a replacement nurse in oakland. >> in that case it could have been my dad, i'm worried now.
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>> reporter: this man told us his 62-year-old father is at sutter undergoing kidney dialysis. he says he supporting the nurses but is concerned about his father. >> i hope my dad comes out tomorrow early because i don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: this picket line will come down at 7:00 tomorrow morning, everyone though sutter health is not back until sunday morning. live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, tomorrow's actions will affect 45 sutter locations. this map shows, antioch, vallejo, castro valley, two in oakland, san leandro and buehrleing. a business was brisk this evening. it had been in business for 11
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years and served 9,000 clients. officers said the federal government threatened to seize the -- >> reporter: frank it was here at this stadium at newark memorial high school where ossana futi made his mark as a football player. tonight it became his place of tribute. the football team held his jersey high then joins hundreds of others to light candles for a teen that was killed at a party saturday night. >> just to know that he was
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loved by a lot of people. it's really hard though right now. >> reporter: omna is futi's aunt and legal guardian. she says she raised him for the last seven years. she has no idea what caused the violence. >> he was never a problem to me. he was a great kid. he always smiled a lot. got a lot with a lot of kids, a lot of people. >> reporter: futi's picture is now at a memorial for his best friend, justice ohoa. also a football player he was stabbed to death 14 months ago. his case is unsolved. police are holding hayes of fremont for futi's murder. >> it wasn't something he was worried about every day, but he knew kids these days didn't care. and something could happen to him very easily.
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>> reporter: they held a bake sale. ossana was one month away from graduation with plans to play football in college and a dream to play professional football. live in newark, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel two news. a memorial is also in place this evening on an oakland street corner. there are reports that the victim was a transgender. the coroner is only identifies the victim right now as a 37- year-old hayward resident. investigators say the victim may have been in a verbal fight before being shot to death. new information tonight involving a case in which antioch police say a man shot and killed his younger brother. police say they arrested george enrique on charges of
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involuntary manslaughter. he went to show his brother a gun, when the boys were handling the gun, it went off. investigators in the lamar case said they found five men in violation of their registration. later this week, crews plan to resume -- a judge in san francisco has ruled that the wife of george mirkarimi can remain in venezuela for seven more weeks. she and mirkarimi have now agreed to extend her stay because he's out of work and can't support them. mirkarimi is suspended without pay. it's a process that could take months to decide. closing arguments in a san francisco murder trial are set for tomorrow morning. 25-year-old edwin ramos is set
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with three counts of murder for the deaths of michael and matthew. they said that ramos is a gang member and opened fire on a car that he thought contained rival gang members. ramos says he was not the gunman. he's charged with killing seven people in the bay area. our first look in court at an accused mass murder and the heartbreaking words uttered in memory of one of his victims. cooler tomorrow still a chance there's some showers in our forecast. a six car pile up snarled the evening commute. what one driver told police how the accident happened. and out here in san francisco's mission district, police in riot gear outside of
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a police station. what we learned about other damage sustained here in the mission district tonight.
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we're following some developing news right now in san francisco where a rowdy crowd targeted a city police station this evening. healther holmes arrived on the scene just a few minutes ago and is here now to show us the damage left behind, heather. >> reporter: frank they not only targeted the mission police station here on valencia street but i'm also told they
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targeted several business as well as vehicles including a bmw suv that had its windows busted out and had a flair tossed inside. we want you to take a look at some of the damage suffered to the mission police station. i'm told that a group of about 50 people dressed in black some of them carrying crow bars that actually busted out the windows here. you can also take a look, you see the pink and yellow paint that's on the walls. the front doors here of the police station and actually frank and julie. i walked down the side of the building and many of the windows have paint on them as well. if you take a look right now, you can see police in riot gear are stationed outside the mission police station and the fear here is that this group that started out as about 50 strong, which is now i'm told dwindled down to about 12 people may regroup and come back and target the police station so that's why you see such a large police presence out here right now. i want you to take a look at video we shot just a few
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moments ago. not only was there damage to the actual mission police station building but if you take a look you can see a safety mirror that's posted outside the parking lot where officers park their vehicles, it was also busted. again by a crow bar. i did speak with a source here at the police station and i'm told that after that group hit the police station they then went along velencia street targeting business with paint but also with those crow bars. they busted several windows on vehicles and set that bmw suv on fire. we are continuing to monitor this situation. i'm waiting for another update from police. so far no arrests have been made until police are keeping an eye on this group. we should mention that just a few blocks away from here at dolores park a group had gathered. this was a gathering ahead of tomorrow's planned may day event. no word if that was a part of
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that group or a splinter group from that protest. police are monitoring vandalism that has occurred here on valencia street. i'm healther holmes, ktvu news. and as heather mentioned earlier this evening, dozens of people gathered at dolores park to protest and do a little partying. looks like that's not the correct video we're looking at here. occupiers called this an early start to the may day protest planned for tomorrow. organizers say they are focusing on gentryification, capitalism and the police. they say said that san francisco is a city divided between the rich and those who can't keep up with all the rising costs. new video right now, six people were injured in a six vehicle crash in oakland tonight. at 7:30, a driver slowed downgoing from westbound 580 to eastbound 280 because the setting sun was in her eyes. three more vehicles crashed.
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the highway patrol says the incidents range from moderate to minor. ktvu's rob roth tells us about the heartbreaking words from a victim's husband. >> reporter: one goh sat shackled. at times he appeared to be talking to himself. then flanked by a korean interpreter his public defender entered a plea to seven counts of murder. among these spectators was this man, he was the brother of a victim. >> i don't know why he's not
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guilty. he killed my sister and several others were killed. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says goh no longer is refusing to eat. >> he started eating over the weekend, don't know exactly why. >> reporter: earlier today family and friends gathered to say goodbye to doris chabuco a 40-year-old nursing student shot to death. she left nigeria where she practiced law to come to the united states looking for a better life. she leaves mind a husband and four children. >> my youngest one is constantly asking for mom. she wants mom. she wants mommy. you know, i told her mommy is with god. and she says she wants to go to god and be with mommy. >> reporter: andy says he's not thinking about what should happen to the accused killer, that he is still grieving. the oakland police department could be headed for
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a federal take over in the not to distant future. an independent monitor reported today the reforms ordered by a federal court nearly 10 years ago still have not been fully implemented. monitor robert warshaw criticized the response to last year's protest. san francisco's largest union staged add noisy rally inside city hall to try to build support for its ongoing negotiations. members of the service employees international union local 1021 voice their opposition to the city's demand. they say the city wants them to take furlough days and pay more for their health care. >> it will raise my cost to $445 for me and my family which will be a big percentage of my
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paycheck. >> reporter: california is facing a deficit for the next fiscal year. negotiations are expected to continue tomorrow. there are a lot of may day events scheduled to take place around the city tomorrow. protesters are expected to gather at four locations first thing tomorrow morning. those locations are snow park, embarcadero and broadway. twenty-secondand telegraph and city hall. another rally is planned for noon at frank ogawa plaza. it is expected to end up at city hall for another rally at 6:00. now organizers say tomorrow's event will look totally different than anything they've been together before. they said there probably won't be consolidated events but more diverse events. >> there are groups that are targeting downtown, there'll be an anti capitalist, anti major corporation. then there's an anti pay -- pay
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-- patrioarch station. it cooled off a bit from what we saw over the weekend. 82 in santa rosa, 85 in the antioch. high temperatures tomorrow continue that downward slide. we're going to cool down a few degrees. we wake up tomorrow morning, we have some fog along the coast right now that fog will remain for part of the day tomorrow. there'll be some clearing and patchy fog in the morning. overnight lows kind of mild, mid-40s, upper 40s. as we go into tomorrow the temperatures, yellows are 70s, greens are 60s. lots of mid-70s in the hot spots and lots of upper 60s for the rest of us. when we come back i'll get specific. that's a broad brush on temperatures. i will get specific on the five day forecast which does have some rain in it. i'll see you back here.
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the san diego county medical examiner's office today released the causes of death for three sailors killed during a weekends race between new port beach and encenada. the crews were on the aegean. two men died of blunt force injuries and the third drowned. a fourth man is still missing. the accident happened about 1:30 saturday morning near the coronados island just over the mexican border. the injuries suggest the boat was hit by a large ship possibly a tanker. race officials say there were extremely light winds conditions in the area at the time. and coming up in 12 minutes, a touching tribute tonight to a bay area woman killed in another sailing accident this month. her connection to the giant's organization. it was a round the clock effort. the reopening of san francisco's doyle drive and what some drivers noticed today. and they found his stolen lamborghini.
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we catch up with guy feori on how it was found.
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you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
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a temporary doyle drive opened for commuters and the old roadway is now a pile of debris. crews will reuse most of that rubble to create the permanent doyle drive. >> reporter: the new doyle drive made itsdebut with a caravan of engineers led by the highway patrol. by daylight the scope of the project was clear. the old d, oyle drive now rubble is next to the new temporary roadway. >> the contractors were able to mitt a -- hit a home run with this. >> reporter: drivers pulled into construction zones to take pictures. others were ticketed for exceeding the speed limit which has now dropped to 35 miles per
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hour. >> we have a couple more patrol units in the area but nothing too severe. we're just monitoring to see what has happened and what needs to be forwarded to caltrans. >> reporter: caltrans is using this yellow stripe median to funnel traffic during rush hour. >> it used to be three lanes now it looks like two. and that looks, i don't know about that. it was already congested enough with three lanes. >> reporter: but the demolition of the old old road provided a new view, a welcomed sight. >> you look at the destruction of the freeway versus the beauty of the bay it's amazing to see how they work together in the same shot. >> reporter: demolition crews will be working out here tomorrow to see how to remove rubble. that's a job that's expected to take several months. david stevenson. the answer -- the answer
10:26 pm
-- anniversary of the death of osama bin laden is just two days away. today the president said an explanation is needed. >> if there are others two have said one thing and now suggest they would do something else, then i would go ahead and let them explain it. >> the campaign ad uses osama bin laden's killing to try to portray the president as bold and decisive while romney is using other foreign policy issues to try to portray the president as weak. depending on how you look at it a new world trade center is now the tallest building in new york city. eventually the new world trade center will surpass the old trade center. it'll be the third tallest building in the world. a century old boat is leaving the bay area and going
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home. here's the boat named free china, it was hoisted for its return to taiwan. six men sailed the boat as part of a statement against communist china. the boat been here ever since. the daughter of the one of the sailors has fought to make it a historical marker. a young woman was honored today at at that time park. and they were conjoined until a marathon surgery. se nd wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok.
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celebrity chef guy fieri was upbeat as he talked about
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the recovery of his bright yellow lamborghini. he said while everyone came for the food plenty of folks asked him about his car. that car was found on saturday when investigators were searching a storage unit as part of an investigation into an unrelated shooting. >> the police department of mill valley and the marin department came out big. i'm glad to see an end to it. >> reporter: fieri is a san jose resident and owns seven restaurants locally, he also hosts several food shows. it's been months since two conjoined betweens were separated. tonight we look at how they're doing and the remarkable progress they've made. >> reporter: they love each other but these twins view the world no longer has to include
10:31 pm
each other -- this is what life was like for angelina and angelica before their life changing surgery last november. born in the philippines with their chest and bellies joined. doctors separated them in a 10 hour operation. >> they're great. they're great. we couldn't have asked for better. they're totally healthy. >> that was the goal all along and now they are normal. something their mother prayed for. >> i know that my angels now can play normally, like other kids. >> i keep thanking god for all his blessings. >> reporter: as before the surgery, angelina who's right- handed is the quiet one.
10:32 pm
angeliqua, left-handed the talkative twin. >> reporter: angelica sebuco? >> yeah. >> reporter: they want to be the next american idol. >> angelica blew me a kiss goodbye and the girls left riding in car seats. something they couldn't do when they were joined as one. their doctors say the twins now can have an ordinary life after such an extraordinary beginning. at stanford rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. rally's supermarket has issued a recall of ground beef at one of its area stores. a check found pen fragments. small parols of plastic may be in that beef. the company says it has received no reports of illness linked to the recall which affecting only the rally's in antioch. a protest at the solano
10:33 pm
high school after several students were not allowed into their prom. the students said they begged the principal to give them breathalyzer tests that night to prove they had not been drinking. all denied knowing who had brought the alcohol. students said they want an apology and another prom. the principal says he's working with the students and families now to resolve the issue. one of the five people who died in a recent yacht race was honored today at at&t park. the only woman on board that ill fated sailboat was a cherished member of the giants community. >> reporter: dozens joined to honor a woman who --
10:34 pm
>> reporter: they called her mary beth. >> why mary beth? because according to that who gave her the name, that's what you call your sister. >> to have one of your closest friends, your little baby sister. >> i know alex would be honored and humbled. >> her family says alex was doing exactly what she wanted the day she was lost at sea. >> the only woman racing a tough race with the love of her life. my beautiful, smiling, and wickedly funny baby would be telling jay and nick thank you the opportunity to race the low speed chase once again. there is no blame any where. >> reporter: alex's long time boyfriend was one of three survivors on the accident. he stood on crutches alongside
10:35 pm
alex's brother and sister-in- law at the service. cara liu, channel 2 news. signs the u.s. economy may be slowing sent stocks lower today. chrysler ceo says demand for the jeep grand cherokee is so strong it will not shut down production for the customary two weeks during the summer. grand cherokee sales were up 44% compared to the same period last year. chrysler also said it plans to add 1,100 jobs in november instead of waiting to hire in 201. delta has come up with an innovative way to deal with soaring fuel costs. in a move that was believed to be the first of its kind, the airline announced today it plans to buy the training refinery for $150 million.
10:36 pm
the company says the refinery could accommodate 80% of delta's fuel need and save it $300 million a year. he's been part of a fabric of the south bay neighborhood for years now. what the friendsly mailman as he's called says was the best part of his job. back in 10 minutes ago looking at the five day forecast. there's some rain drops in there, i'll let you know when they start and when they will end. and when a secret ship in the sassoon may be headed to the scrap yard despite efforts to save it.
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the san mateo district attorney says h -- he will not charge the driver who struck and killed a 6-year-old girl. last year sameli was with her mother when she was hit by a
10:39 pm
car driven by a teacher. today the district attorney called the accident a tragic accident. but an investigation found that the driver did not break any laws. car pool lanes are coming to the south bay. highway101 between embarcadero and highway 25 is going to get an additional hov lane in both directions. that will widen the freeway to 12 lanes, six in each direction and two car pool lanes in each direction. the project is expected to cost $223 million and be completed by next summer. the trivalley is also expected to widen in the near future to make room for toll lanes as well. and double car pool lanes will be added to highway 85.
10:40 pm
muni is poised to allow boarding in both the front and back doors. muni plans to hire 10 more fare inspectors. in beijing, chinese and officials are said to be scrambling for a disdent believed to be inside. they want to get the issue resolved before hillary clinton arrives next week. in the central african republican, wanted war lord joseph kony is now believed to be hiding in a highly forested area. the american commander said it's a difficult mission and officials in uganda say the government of sudan is helping kony. australia, the government declared the koala as a threatened species in three
10:41 pm
large parts of the country. koalas are a beloved animal in australia. before british settlers arrived they numbered in the millions. now the number of koalas could be as few as 43,000. a san jose neighborhood today said goodbye to a man who's been walking their streets for generations. gutierrez is known as the friendly mailman. he's delivered mail for 35 years over the years he's made dozens of friends on the street, avenues and cul-de- sacs. today he hung up his mail bag but not before saying the best part of his job is his customers. >> it's just a tight bond, a real friendship we have here. they make me feel like, a lot of them make me feel like one of the family. >> reporter: gutierrez says he
10:42 pm
plans to take a photography class, do some traveling and get some work done around the house. it is almost may, chief meteorologist bill martin has the forecast for the start of a new month.
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10:44 pm
one of the most unusual naval ships ever built is actually sitting inside a barge in the moth fleet. tom vacar tell us why it soon may be recycled into car parts and appliances. >> reporter: people often pass next to this anchored moth.
10:45 pm
inside stealth technology. the sea shadow could be auctioned off to a scrap cutters torch. one historical society was willing to take the sea shadow and they were willing to put it right here you might know where it is, in alameda. right next to the u.s.s. hornet but the navy had a big catch. >> all we wanted was the sea shadow and that he would not separate the two. >> reporter: trustee of the hornet says the they is the navy. >> it was a combo deal if you will. >> reporter: the sea shadow was built inside this halt to keep spies and spy satellites from seeing it, the barge is now a mess. >> and so it's really a big white elephant. >> reporter: many believe sea shadow should be on display. >> the u.s. navy is just starting to get it through the design process and building process to when it comes on board. you will see many many more sea
10:46 pm
vessels with sea shadow capabilities on them. >> reporter: the highest bid so far to own and scrap everything, $100,000. i'm tom vacar, ktvu news. first there was a basketball, now it's a motorcycle. both are debris from japan's tsunami reaching north american shores. a large white container washed up on an island. inside a motorcycle. the plate comes from an area that was hit hard. a search is on for the owner to see if he or she is still alive. before a ban on foiegras goes into effect, supporters of the law say it is inhumane because the ducks are force fed. members of the ethical farming
10:47 pm
standards or c.h.e.f. urged state assembly to reconsider the ban which takes effect july 1st. a new study finds on average a newborn addicted to opiums is born every hour in the united states. researchers at the university of michigan conducted the study, they found that in 2009, about 13,500 babies were born addicted to opiuts and painkillers such as oxicotin. that is triple the number of newborns born with the same addictions in 2000. the study also found that it costs $720 million to treat those addicted babies. dr. oz was given a chance to practice in public. a woman suffered a medical -- and was treated by dr. oz.
10:48 pm
if workers are able to prevent chronic diseases. it was a beautiful day but temperatures have cooled off from yesterday. numbers are down 10 to 13 degrees. outside we have winds, offshore we have winds blowing at 25 miles per hour gusting to 30. it's pretty windy outside outside the gates. those winds are gusting to 20. those winds are blowing in cooler, moister air. fog will be around tomorrow morning. those high clouds that i just stepped in front of these, they moved through today. they will drop temperatures. they also increase the winds. that will be the story again tomorrow. a few high clouds, not as many as today but the winds will continue to come on shore and keep us a little cooler. is it going to be cold tomorrow? no. the extended forecast calls for this cooling friend -- cooling
10:49 pm
trend to continue. you're going to be about 58 degrees for a daytime high. as you march through the city, you will get mid-60s out by the ballpark. 66degrees out toward berkeley. you get upper 60s and low 70s as you head down to the tri- valley. you will find these temperatures in the mid-70s. south boo morgan hill about 70 degrees. that's just how it goes. tomorrow is going to be nice just not as warm as it has been. it could bring us a few showers as we go into the middle of the week. the main impact really we're going to see the next few days will be temperatures trending down. so they were warm yesterday, warm today but they're working their way down. we dropped off a few today, we'll drop off a few tomorrow. the computer model picks up the fog right away. expect that if you have any driving concerns over toward half-moon bay. the fog will be down there.
10:50 pm
some where around noon, there'll be patchy fog. patchy fog down by the highway. stinson beach then goes away. a little bit of fog here in the morning and then it's gone. the forecast highs tomorrow. 44 cities and boy they're not bad but just not as warm as they had been. 76 in antioch, the forecast for the valley very good air quality. keeps us in the 70s. just a really nice forecast. there's a chance of rain. you will see it as your weekend comes to view. >> really tiny. >> if it happens, the main thing it'll be a little cooler. as soon as i do that, i'm not real sure. >> you said oh they were there. >> you didn't see them. >> thanks, bill. a rare monk seal from hawaii is now being studied by marine scientists in santa cruz. the 9-year-old seal was flown to san the cruz rather than being euthanized. he had been harassing and killing seal pups. they hope they can figure out
10:51 pm
why others like them are dying off in hawaii at an alarming rate. a wayward dolphin may have been bullied by other dolphins. the dolphin has stayed in a channel since thursday. when rescuers tried to guide it to the pacific ocean it was attacked by other dolphins and forced back into the wetlands area. the dolphin was seen feeding on fish. they're going to wait to see if the dolphin returns to the ocean on its own. a day of pride for gay teens. a legislation they showed their support for at the capital.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender teens gathered to celebrate the activacy group. >> this is an issue of equality. this is an issue of making sure you and all of your fellow students get the chance to stay in school. mark is here with sports now. the a's just got hammered tonight. >> you know fenway park it can do it to the best of them.
10:55 pm
very few teams have the power and the swagger to get into a home run hitting contest with the red sox at fenway. the a's right now any way, definitely not one of those teams. you know what they made it a little more interesting than you figured after watching the first 7 innings. sox had already built the 6-1 lead. ortiz had already homered again deep to right. josh redick disappears, watch it again. almost the sensational catch. you know he would love to have another chance at that. it's another home run for big pappi. and avines deep and well over the monster. that's a 3-1 shot for the sox. the a's up five runs, seven of their own. and that man josh redick to play with the sox last year with a 3-1 blast of his own. a's have many a chance in the late inning. they do fall shy at fenway. turning the page, the harsh reality the nba play offs. more than feelings are going to
10:56 pm
get hurt you know that. posturing can lead to pushing and shoving. dirk nowitzki and perkins have defriended each other on facebook after this little exchange that didn't amount to much. thunder up by 16. this time to russell westbrook. mavs make a move in the final second. they get a couple of cracks at it to try to tie it up. shot won't drop. they are down 0-2 by the world champs to the thunder. plenty of intensity. then there's just plain dumb. paramedics called to the knicks locker room. reportedly new york star stoudemire put his fist through the glass covering a fire extinguisher in the locker room. frustrated with a second consecutive loss. it's not known if stitches were needed but it does look as though he will miss game two. or at least one game.
10:57 pm
it'll be honest before we know it. mid-june for the u.s. open golf open in the olympic club in the city. a chance to meet up close and personal. it is in excellent condition, the usga has come in and reconfigured the eighth hole and making it a little tougher for the golfers. put together supposedly one of the toughest finishing holes ever. but if you ask mike davis, u.s. director of the usga he is perfectly happy with the way the course has shaped up. >> i think this is a marvelous test of golf and at the end of the day, we can only do and the club, the host venue can only present it and then it's up to the 156 players to figure out who's best that week and can get it into the jar in the least amount of strokes. >> that is the hot ticket come june. that's the sporting life. most of its has already sold out. >> mark, thank you. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we'll see
10:58 pm
you the next time news breaks. >> mark will be busy, the ktvu morning team is starting at 4:30. they will be following mayday, the nurses strike we told you about. and we're always there for you on kt kt
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