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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 1, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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give a little more than drizzle. fog sun cooler, windy at times. it will be mostly sunny, mainly low 70s, here is sal. good morning, traffic at the toll plaza may be affected because the car hit one of the toll vladimir putins. 880 traffic looks good as you drive passed the oakland coliseum. also 80 westbound looks good and coming out to the mcarthur maze and if you are driving on for the bound 280 traffic is off to a good start. let's go pack to the desk. we are following breaking news, a three-alarm fire has
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turned deadly. one person has died near tully road. it started at 2:50 a.m. in a four plex. firefighters were called for a third a livermore with within three minutes. also this morning, the mission district are cleaning up or tar getting businesses cars even the police station. allie rasmus joins us with a look at the damage. good -- alex savage joins us with a look at the damage. >> reporter: as you can see behind me they smashed the front window also hurled paint at the a place causing oop more
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damage the owners tell ktvu channel 2 morning news they spray painted other areas as well. and they spray painted an expensive car including an ashton martin. they claimed to be with the occupied moore. some of them were holding bats and crowbars. >> i see people walking don't the streets and they are all shouting and them. occupy will never stop, we want to kill the cops. >> after the group moved through the neighborhood police in rye ross near, one arrest was made and they were gone before officers could say what was taking place. officers are bracing for more
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violence with mayday protests set to get underway this morning. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. morning service for the ferry is canceled and more from locks pure, here is more. >> reporter: there are about 6,000 people who use the ferry service and as you can see behind me, this boat is not leaving and for will any of boats at of san francisco. we have noticed extra security here and the golden gate made the announcement that they were putting the breaks on all ferris because of a labor dispute. as we mentioned, they are the
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victims of contract negotiations and after 40 they have still disagreed on how to pay for healthcare. >> we just done agree to it and it burdennens families the most. >> we are less than 20 miles away and the ggb hd d is expressing concern if you need to get across, you can get. >> cross pie bus. when is fatherly service getting ready, apparent will you they are picketing out on the street. >> reporter: we are here at the
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terminal where people go and cash their attorney they have got some sign and they will be mop touring these lights. i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. union leaders and occupied protesters are teaming upper mayday leaders. if other land marches and rally a planned and it will tip it tell into the evening. mayday rallies and protests will be unlike anything we seen 5. police are also preparing for today's demonstrations and they are warning it will happen in downtown oakland instead. white powder was sent to
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six new york city banks. another was addressed to mayor bloomberg but it never made it to him. it ended with quote, happy mayday the powder turned out to be none objection to sill. sock, straight it and nobody has claimed responsibility. in just a few hours thousands of nurses will walk off the crab and they are planning a one day strike. put utter health says nurses will not be book. their pro is thing cuts the services and psychiatric care. >> i am very upset, i have been
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a nurse for a while now and they are not providing me the help or the time. >> they are bringing in skilled nursing care and during the replacement nurse, somebody died at a summit in oakland. hundreds gathered for a noisy protest at city hall an 18-year-old man a is used of fatally tabbing a star. he is being held for a man's murder. three teens are also in custody. he pass killed at newark memorial high school. many are going there to
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remember him. >> he always smiled a lot, got along with a lot of kids and a lot of people. >> now his picture is now at a memorial for his best friend and the arrangement for his friend is set now. the 25-year-old rahm ramos is a gain member and opened fire -- gang member and opened fire on a car he thought contained rival gang members. after a fire at a residential home in want sonville. three people jumped out of the second story windows just before 6:00 last night.
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investigators say the 85-year- old building did not have fire spring letters -- sprinklers and tonight is still under investigation. a public ordinance would play strict ordinances. now the ordinances are in response to several fights. some are threatening to sue if it is passedment demolition crews will begin the removal of 6 5,000 tons of rubble. it is now filed up to the bypass and the huge job of handling it away is expected to go on for months.
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>> you look at the construction of the freeway versus the beauty of the bay. >> there is a 36-year-old roadway which connects and there is a new tunnel along with a bridge seems like everybody enjoyed the new roadway but i heard a lot of people were stopping by and looking at the debris. >> we also heard about avoid getting a ticket in that area. this is interstate 880 in oakland and there is a report that a car ran into one of the toll booths. one of the chp officers is
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block being one are those and they will get that sorted out and i'm not sure how much he was shorted out as he brief it will and the morning commute looks good a long northbound 280 and again another reminder that the golden gate ferry system is not running this morning and you can't take the ferry into san francisco. they have bus service instead it is -- from is going to be the latest on the scene but don't plan on using the remember are you today. let's go to steve. cooling has begun coast and gay, temperatures were in the 80 hz and that will not be the
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case today. following bank is inland and as it close we are seeing it 25 to 30 miles per hour. this time of year it does not take much to enhance the on shore push and another system is riding in on thursday. monday was the warmest day and tomorrow. more pronounced before we rebound towards the weekend and ninely it is a low cloud continuing and we have lower s inland all the way from santa rosa and 59 half-moon bay and upper 60s and lower 70s
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foremostly everybody and we will keep an eye on the north bay and clears out friday as head into the weekendment remembering one of of the victims of the yacht club. we will -- yacht club and we will tell you how they paid tribute to a lexus bush, we will have more on what could speed up car service.
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. one year after the raid of osama bin laden, they demolished the compound in february. people still stop by to see the raw ins and take pick -- roux wins and take pictures. army divers and rescuers continue through the night and at least 100 people are still missing after the boat carrying 350 people broke into pieces in
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heavy winds and rain in the northeast part of the country. this is a picture as it took off, race organizers believe it collided with a larger ship. two men on the yacht died of blunt force injuries, the third drown. coast guard is still looking for any large ships at the time of the accident. former executive corey bush is one of civil people missing and presumed dead. yesterday several gathered to honor and remember her. friends, family and members of the giants franchise came out to celebrate the woman they say
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was like a little sister. >> when i came out to batting practice, my little girl would sit right there. >> bush was the first bat girl in major league history and the first to give him that bat bump. at the ceremony he said it takes a very special person to get him to speak. the massacre please not guilty. one goh sat shackled and at times he appeared to be talking to himself. at times he admitted he carried out the shootings. he has a pretrial date. they plan to stage another rally at city hall today. >> we paid our fair share... >> hundreds turned out for a
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noisy protest at city hall hall. workers have made enough tack sacrifices. >> the highest earners are paying zero to local government in taxes and we are not making sacrifices until big business makes the same sacrifice. >> they marched all the way to mayor ed lee's office and left a huge letter asking him for his support. the wife of sheriff ross mirkarimi will stay in venezuela for seven more weeks. a family court judge issued the ruling yesterday. they were allowed to leave the country to take care of her sick father. they have agreed to stay there
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and his pay is suspended until an ethics investigation is complete. they will get approval for a new boarding policy. it will allow people to board through the back door of the buses. mount any said that will improve on time -- muni said that will improve on time boarding. muni also plans on hiring brand- new force inspectors. some new beef is being recalled after a mishap and a pen and a meat grind der. -- grind der. it seems as though a meat department workers dropped a writing pen into the store's grinder. no ill necessaries have been reported but if you bought beef
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there you can return it for a full refund. doctors are thrilled with the progress of two twins 0 who doesn't look any difference from or twins. that is what they said, they were the focus of a lot of attention when they returned to the medical center yesterday. >> they are great, we could not have asked for better. they are totally healthy. >> now the family says they are looking for their first birthday party and will turn three in august. they have been found year up with and we will have more on the investigation that led
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to that expensive car. and a japanese tsunami has washed up on the other side of the pacific ocean.
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. welcome back, we have new video just into our newsroom. this video was given to us by a neighbor right at the scene, take a look at what is left, at least one person was killed in that fire. we will have more details coming up at 5:00. a wild story, today the marin district county shows a stolen sports car. the car belongs to him,
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celebrity chef guy where it was stolen and police were investigating the homicide of two other teens and that's where it was realized. a big white trailer, take a look, it was found on british graham island. they found a harley davidson with the japanese license plate. >> 4:55 sal, you are going to be very busy, the bridge could be a mess. >> it could be a mom and we already have a crash west -- it could be a month and we could already have a crash westbound
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at the toll plaza and they may close that and we will let you know if it reopens soon. 101 traffic looks good approaching the 880 split with no major issues downtown now. yesterday inland, still lots of 80s, yesterday 82 and san jose 80 today. it is making a pretty good finish and they have been gusted and i expect the winds to -- gusting and i expect the winds to pick up. we have been watching thursday but one forecast model puts rain in there and i know we will get drizzle. the warmest day was yesterday and cooling begins for all.
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temperatures are on their way down. windy at times and temperatures 50s and 60s inland. or is it fog away from everybody all coming down low clouds even clouded up tuesday and it does look better by slow warming. we continue to follow developing news after an overnight fire, we have the that you details released just minced ago. and an overnight rampage in the mission district why this could be a taste of things to
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come. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it.
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♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] . we . >> an overnight fire, we are now learning one person was injured.


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