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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 1, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the building here at 888 turk. we do have video that we got of that incident. let's roll that video for you now. i watched as i saw this individual circle around the backside of the building. he climbed up to the top of that building and started throwing bricks down. at least two or three bricks were thrown down into the street here in turk. it was hard to see if someone was struck. i did see one person leaving the crowd, he was bleeding so he may very well be one of the people who were perhaps injured by that brick. possibly by debris or could everyone have fallen for all we know. we're watching again as officers are being very, very tense following this situation. as you can see that video, those bricks large bricks being thrown down off the top of the building. police took the situation very seriously. i saw one officer draw his
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firearm, draw his gun. other officers drew bean bag rounds to shoot at that individual if he continued to throw things down. that was right next door to that school. there was another tall building behind 888 turk where another individual was striking a police cruising with bricks at one time. a very tense situation as those items being thrown down on officers. we have seen several people arrested and one of those people arrested appear to me to be one of the people who were throwing the debris off of the roof. it was an individual wearing green pants and he was escorted out. very distinctive green pants and it looks like he may in fact, have been one of the individuals that was arrested. that was the individual that could have been throwing the items off of the roof of the building here at 888 turk. san francisco police have been in contact with the archdiocese of san francisco. the owners of the building at 888 turk presumably getting the order from them to go ahead and clear the building.
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looking here at our live picture, you can see that there are a handful of occupy protesters sitting on the ground in front of that building. there are dozens and dozens of officers out here in the middle of turk street prepared to move in whenever they get the order. for now we are live here in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and right now we want to take you live over head. this is a simultaneous protest that are going on in oakland. this is a massive crowd, police have estimated it at about 2,000 people perhaps even more. what they are working toward we believe is heading toward downtown oakland, specifically frank ogawa plaza at 14th and broadway. they've kind of changed course a little bit. they are now on east eighth street. we have to mention that that is not far from highway 880. in the past protesters have at
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times tried to get on to the freeway. we don't know they will try to do that this time as well. but this march that they are on right now is very close to 880. so we're going to keep an eye on this. again we mentioned that their destination is frank ogawa plaza right next to city hall in downtown oakland that's where ktvu's ken pritchett is right now. ken. >> frank i want to show you frank ogawa plaza right now. there are hundreds of people there but as you said with that march making its way through downtown, our expectation is that once that crowd aayes here we will have significantly more people here at frank ogawa plaza -- crowd arrives here, we will have significantly more people here. flash bangs were set off as occupy protesters faced off on broadway. that was between 14th and 15th
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street. it was at about 11:45. several people were arrested. in some cases it was unclear what prompted the arrest. other protesters were seen aggravating police officers. that ended at about 2:00 as police returned in force and arrested those who refused to move. now i mentioned some of those objects thrown at police during that process. it was also paint thrown. i can show you right here on my sleeve that is what was on that officer you saw in the video there. i was told that there were protesters throwing eggs filled with that yellow paint. didn't see that with our own eyes. now again we are here at frank ogawa plaza. we are waiting for that march to arrive. it was supposed to be here at about 6:00. things are running behind if there is a schedule in these matters, but as i said we're here at frank ogawa plaza
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expecting that march through downtown to arrive presumably within the next hour. in oakland, ken pritchett, ktvu news. i'm eric rasmussen live in oak -- -- oakland we're on the other side of frank ogawa. we saw maybe a dozen officers walk inside of city hall they had been positioned around the plaza one would think in expectation of what might be happening here later this evening. now all day long police say the challenge has been dealing with different protests around the city that are actually going on at the same time. when that clash with protesters broke out sometime around noon today when ken mentioned, police told us they had identified certain people in the crowd as the source of the problem and took action to remove them. we were there as police officers taeuzed one man as they took -- tased one man as they took him to the ground.
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it has called on mutual aid from several departments. we have seen them out here. we watched alameda sheriff roll in in a tank. probably a show of force out here at frank ogawa. a number of police, we see them milling about possibly preparing for something that could go down very soon this evening. eric rasmussen, ktvu. >> i'm sal castaneda right now with news chopper 2 watching the protesters at least 2,000 strong, marching northwest on east 19th street. heading toward laney college and presumably on the way to frank ogawa plaza. they came down 14th street. they made a right turn on to east eighth and now are marching parallel to nimitz troy here on the way to down --
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freeway here on the way to downtown oakland. oakland police are losely guiding this group which again is very, very long. in fact, i don't think the entire group has made the turn yet. again they're on the way to downtown oakland. stay with us, we'll let you know what happens when they get there. we have several crews along the way. let's go to robert handa who's following another protest in san jose, robert. >> reporter: that's right sal, i'm live in san jose where around me a rally has just started in the plaza of city hall. here's a live look at the thousands of people who just marched in and are now in the midst of the rally promoting unity on community issues. we also want to show you what the march looked like as they made their way from a shopping business as organizers hoped and stressed to participates it was a loud, emotional but peaceful march to make what they call important changes for workers rights and immigration reform. >> labor and immigration those
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are the people who work. who carry out commerce. >> is it difficult to come out here and be part of a march like this? >> for some people it is, but i believe if you believe something so much you go for it just like martin luther king did. >> reporter: now back live at city hall where you can see the rally going on. as we've been reporting a rally here does share many of the may day theme as many events but it is still pushing its main message which is immigration reform. robert handa, ktvu news. now we head back to san francisco where occupiers remain inside a vacant building in the western edition specifically 888 turk street which is just about a block from franklin and golden gate. the situation is some protesters have taken over this vacant building. they want to use it as a community center. you see the police there lined up. we've also had cases of one perhaps more protesters on top of the building throwing bricks and also metal pipes at the
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police down below. at least one person we believe was protest supporter or an actual protester as well on the ground who happened to be hit by one of the things that was thrown from the top of the building. at this point police have not issued an order saying that the people inside that building have to come out of the building. that's one of the things that we are waiting for that could happen theoretically at any time. we have reporters in san jose, san francisco, and oakland following all the developments here that are all going on simultaneously. we will keep you posted throughout the newscast. service has been restored following a may day rally that forced dozens of commuters to find other ways to get to work. ferries resumed service just a couple of hours ago as workers with the labor coalition returned from the picket line. and this is how today's may day protest began here in the bay area. dozens of those ferry workers
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and supporters rallied this morning along the embarcadero in san francisco. the workers are in the middle of contract me gauche -- negotiations with the golden gate transit district. a strong show of force on the golden gate bridge today. highway patrol officers gathered ready to respond if necessary. protesters said yesterday they would not block the bridge this may day. some did stand near by but in the end none of them held up any traffic. in san francisco store owners spent the day cleaning up after a protest turned violent overnight. a group of vandals damaged 20 business and vandalized 17 cars. police say they arrested one person. we have complete coverage of the may day protests around the bay area including unedit
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id video of some of those tense moments between police and demonstrators. an admitted gang member accused of lying on the witness stand. the key that says ramos did not tell the truth about the death of a man and his two sons. it's hard to tell from this video but this is the final snow survey from the season. despite the dry ground there is some good news. back in just táepb minutes i have -- back in just ten minutes i have some weather to talk about. i'll be back with the complete details. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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going on. police have formed a line they are outside of a building at 888 turk street right next to van nuys avenue in the western division. inside the building there are protests who have taken over this vacant building. you can see they are yelling there with a bull horn to the people standing by watching. police forming a line, things started to turn heated about 20 minutes ago in this particular situation when someone took to the rooftop and began throwing objects. we have reports that there were some bricks coming down, also large metal rods and at least one person that we know of was hurt and injured by the falling pieces. the pieces that had been thrown off the roof here. so a very tense situation but police are standing by, standing with a firm line. okay right now what we want to do is go from san francisco over to oakland where that massive massive march is going on. sal what are you watching now? >> we are watching the protesters frank in oakland marching on eighth. so they came around from east eighth they took a little turn
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near laney college and now headed on eighth street west toward downtown oakland. eighthstreet will get you down to broadway. i assume when they get to broadway they will be making a right turn headed toward ogawa. this group of at least a couple of thousand. one of the things we've noticed frank is a couple of different groups on the way. there's this group and another one behind it and a third group. all those groups from san antonio park didn't march together. they marched in three separate groups but they appear all to be headed to the same location. >> you've been following them. they're very close to 880 and also, i don't know if those were train tracks or b.a.r.t. tracks. any indication of any of them trying to break off and going to the tracks or the freeway? >> no in fact, if you see, that's the lake merit b.a.r.t. station area and they seem to be marching away from the freeway heading down the center of oakland. this truck is leading them there. it doesn't appear from us looking at them that they have any intent of going toward the
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freeway. you can see as we pull back that's the lake merit bus station. >> thanks very much. we're going to continue to watch this group. there were earlier situations in the frank ogawa area where police using tear gas. a very active situation. we're going to stay on top of it. any new developments we will bring you back there. thousands of bay area nurses and technicians took part in today's may day demonstrations. workers rallied outside summit in oakland and several other locations. even though they only plan a one day walk out sutter now says it will lock out the striking nurses until sunday and they've hired replacement nurses. and here are the hospitals affected by the protest, alta
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baits, mills peninsula. and a fire broke out in a four-plex. the victim's brother says he pulled his father out of the burning house then rescued his nephew. >> and i took him outside and when i tried to go back, but too much smoke i cannot breathe. and i go back. >> two family members are still being treated including a young boy who is in critical condition tonight. he is an admitted gang member but swears he did not shoot the shots that killed a san francisco father and two grown sons. new at 6:00 tonight, rob roth was in the courtroom today as prosecutors accused edwin ramos of lying on the witness stand. >> reporter: during closing arguments in a san francisco courtroom, the prosecutor told the court that edwin a -- ramos told lie after lie. saying quote, does he care what
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lies he tells? does he care how many lies he tells? apparently he doesn't, these crimes are senseless murders, nothing else. ramos is accused of driving the car from where bullets were fired and killed bolognia and his two sons. >> i think the evidence in this case very clearly points out that mr. ramos was in the vehicle, that mr. ramos was the shooter. >> reporter: in the most emotionally charged of the trial, the one son who survived the shooter anthony bolonia testified he saw ramos pull the trigger. anthony bolonia's testimony is lethal to the defendant. the prosecution says ramos was a member of a gang when a fellow gang member had been shot earlier that day ramos quote went hunting and mistook
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the bolonias for gangsters. saying, quote, edwin ramos murdered tony bologna and his two sons for what? what for. >> he's trying to make my client look like a liar. >> my client hasn't lied at all. >> reporter: in san francisco, rob roth ktvu channel 2 news. the last snow survey of the season looked a lot like the first. i want to show you the pictures here, you can see there was no snow on the ground in the survey area in phillips which is in el dorado county. surveys elsewhere found the water content measured on average 20% of normal but the department says reservoirs are still full from last year. >> in terms of over all water supply, we're okay this year. you know, next year of course is anybody's guess what might happen. >> the department expects to deliver 60% of the water requested to households and farms that rely on state water. for more changes are headed our way in our weather.
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bill martin joins us now with what's to come. >> we have some changes coming our way. we're looking for cooler daytime highs and a chance of sprinkles as we get into thursday night. neither a big deal. when it gets cooler instead of 80s and more 90s it'll be 60s and low 70s. this weather system offshore moves in on thursday night. a few light showers in the forecast. we'll show you that on the computer model you can get a feel for what it's going to do. here we are on thursday, thursday mid-morning. not a big deal. thursday about 1:00 we'll see how that pans out. thursday afternoon there's some activity as well. so maybe a little bit on the afternoon commute. tonight 10:00 we come back and run the model again. the updated model and we'll look to see if that verifies. if the second model runs again and that will give us an indicate of how accurate or how close to accurate this will be. 66 in vallejo, 69 in fairfield. these numbers are down. a nice day tomorrow.
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looks real good. 70 in walnut creek, 70 in livermore. the valley fog has been a blamer in the last few days -- been a player in the last few days. your weekend is dry, a shower chance on thursday. looks like there's a better chance but it'll be more like a drizzle thing and not a big deal. you will notice it on the roadways thursday morning. >> that's one of those that's so annoying. >> yeah. >> it turns off and on. >> this is going to be kind of nuisance. >> thank you, bill. our coverage of the may day protest will continue on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. we will stay on the scene in san francisco where a protester has been throwing things from the top of a building at police. we will update you on the police response. also we're staying on top of developments happening in oakland, that is where thousands of marching down the street heading back to frank
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ogawa plaza. a full update for you on tv 36. ktvu's sports director mark ibanez is coming up next with the heisman trophy winner headed to the bay.
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mark is here now with sports, a's in boston once again. did a little better than they did yesterday. >> it's really surprising because it's real east coast baseball weather right now of year. but it's definitely hot chocolate than beer. and cespedes with a shot to center got himself an rbi single to set the tune for the a's. they got jumped all over last night by the red sox. not tonight. cliff pentington going to the alley in left center field that's going to score curt suzuki and the a's continue with the 2-out rally. and it's weeks who is having trouble getting the batting average over 200. batting from the right side of the plate. we're in the top of the seventh right now. and the a's are leading. giants go over tonight
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over@against miami. the raiders they want to change their imagine this is a little bit of a throw back move. al davis liked to do these kind of things. they signed a former heisman trophy winner matt lienert. he's had a lot of problems trying to get his career going. last played with texas and they washed out there a little bit. now signing a one year deal with the a's. he will back up carson palmer who he backed up at usc. maybe he can relive a little history. that's the sporting live for right now. of course we'll have giant highlights tonight at 10:00. julie, frank. >> thank you, and we want to take you right now back to san francisco ktvu's amber lee joins us on the phone where she just talked to greg suhr about the problems going on. >> reporter: the conferences
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just wrapped up but they arrested one man for throwing bricks. the brick hit a fellow protesters and a police officer on the street as well. that man is going to be charged with felony assault. they are looking for other people who have been throwing things down from the roof of two different buildings. they have not identified the man they have arrested. and-- >> you know what amber can we interrupt for just a second because we're showing video here. we're showing video of what was going on in oakland earlier this afternoon but you're in san francisco where that person or persons were throwing things off the roof of that vacant building. >> and there wasn't any tear gas in san francisco. those were pictures from oakland that happened earlier. amber is referring to objects that were thrown from a building and hit several people on the ground. that's what amber was referring to and police chief greg suhr in that news conference in san francisco. >> once again thousands of protesters are on their way to frank agawa plaza, presumably
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to hold some sort of rally coming up sometime this evening perhaps in the next hour or so. back now to amber lee in san francisco. amber, now we've got the video showing the person throwing the things off the roof. what else did the police chief tell you? >> he basically said they have not arrested everyone that was responsible for throwing objects from the two building out here on galt. but they did arrest one man, that man is the one they said was throwing bricks off the building at 888 turk street. and they would not release, they did not have his identity. i asked him for information about the man they arrested. they did not release details. only to say that he will be charged with felony assault. and that they are still looking for other people. we asked them what are their plans for putting an end to this stand off. they said they could not reveal details but they are working on it. >> can you confirm it was one person that was hurt and one vehicle damage or was it greater than that? >> i could only tell you what i
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saw. i saw a police officer vehicle being hit by a metal pipe that was thrown from the roof of the second building the one behind the occupied building. my photographer erica said she saw a police officer being struck by one of the metal pipes. i saw bricks being thrown that hit a protester and she tells me another brick hit a police officer. the follow protester that was struck by the brick had received medical care here at the scene and then was taken away. i saw him bleeding from the face but he was conscious and walking on his own. so that's what i saw. >> okay and amber moving forward now. what is their plan to handled this situation going into -- handle this situation going into tonight. >> police would not release details. just saying they are keg


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