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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 1, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by 20th century fox television and toyota. i declare this to be an unawful assembly. developing news as a nighttime protest gets heated. ktvu crews are in the middle of a may day demonstration as police disperse the crowd. good evening i'm julie haener. just minutes ago, these pictures as someone set fire to a police car as the protesters scattered. >> within the last hour,
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oakland police dispersed a group of protesters. news chopper 2 over oakland's frank ogawa plaza where right now there are a few pockets of protesters who still remain there. a far cry from the several thousand there earlier tonight. again over the last hour, we've watched as police broke up the crowd but not before there were some real clashes. we have live team coverage tonight, ktvu's ken wayne and eric rasmussen has been on the ground for those confrontations. we begin with ken. >> reporter: we want to show you that 14th and broadway is clear for the most part but we also have still a number of people here and police on the sidewalk across the street in riot gear. we were doing some interviews with protesters and police around 8:30, talking about how peaceful the demonstration had been. but then, things suddenly turned violent. >> reporter: several police officers were hit with paint.
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we saw objects flying in the air, that's when officers gave the dispersal order. >> we had to have the fire medical department wash him off and he said he was okay. >> reporter: we saw several people being arrested but it's not clear how many people were arrested in oakland tonight. we talked to one man who's being taken away by police. he said he doesn't know what he did wrong. >> they read a dispersal order. i was, cleaning up the plaza from like trash, whatever [ bleep ]. and they -- seven officers rushed me and arrested me. >> reporter: for what charge? >> they haven't told me yet. >> reporter: i think it was battered wife syndrome, the 
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protesters know the triggers and the police know how to react. my biggest concern is cleaning up the plaza. because this is my city, i grew up here and i think it's wrong to leave all this trash here. >> is it over? >> we don't know? we know at least two people were injured. we have pictures of this woman who was down on the ground and being tended to by other protesters. we also saw a woman who was bloodied in the face after being hit by an object. police are still on the corner of 14th and broadway. this area had been cleared out for the last hour or so. but then more people are starting to gather here. once again police have returned. we have police from oakland, fremont and the alameda sheriff here. that's what i've seen so far tonight. we're going to stay out here and monitor the situation, live in oakland, ken wayne, ktvu news. our live coverage continues with eric rasmussen. he and his photographer are just blocks away where they
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captured some arrests just a few hours ago. >> reporter: in the last 45 minutes we're in the area of first and telegraph where we saw officers making arrests for what they said was vandalism. but we're going to look at this video because they might have found something else too. >> move out of here. >> reporter: we overheard officers say they might have found explosives in a bag while arresting someone for vandalism of their police cars. sergeant from opd was not guilty ready to confirm that. they say they're still looking into. they don't know if that's exactly what they have at this point. back out here live we can tell you that police still have a line lined around frank ogawa plaza. and another sergeant told me they're prepared to be here all night. >> reporter: as police clash with protesters after dark it was the second major confrontation of the day. around noon officers met an angry crowd in the middle of
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broadway near 14th street. flash bangs and tear gas forced us back. but not before our cameras recorded this man being tased by officers. >> i didn't do anything. >> reporter: oakland police later confirmed they made four arrests during this confrontation. o p pd says it was responding to some in the crowd spotted throwing objects at officers. it all seemed to start when this woman riding a bicycle bumped into an officer and was taken down. police called in mutual aid from several agencies including alameda county which rolled in with this giant armoured truck. back out here live again, another look at frank ogawa plaza. here where officers have
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formed. the numbers are still fluid but they think they've made 21 arrests today. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. back right now to live pictures from news chopper 2 over downtown oakland. we're going to keep monitoring this area throughout this newscast and we'll bring you another live report at 10:30, we'll update you sooner if necessary. a protest turned downright danger. when a man on the roof of a building started throwing metal rocks and chunks of concrete at the people below. our news coverage continues with amber lee, where protesters occupied an empty building there. >> reporter: we're in front of the empty building being occupied by protesters. you can see the front door is open and people have been coming and going. there are a few police officers near by but it was a very different scene a few hours ago. shortly before 5:30, we saw a man on the roof of 888 turk
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street repeatedly throw bricks toward the crowd of police and demonstrators. one object struck a protester and he started bleeding from the nose. several dell -- demonstrators quickly surrounded the injured man. we later saw him walk away. and a protester said he refused care from an ambulance. >> that gentleman is in custody. we're going to seek full prosecution on him. and we're doing what we can right now to work out plans to protect the public from this group right now from any other personal injury or property damage. >> watch out, watch out, watch out. >> reporter: minutes later on a near by building on gulf street, right behind the occupied building we saw a man
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throwing metal bars from a roof. >> don't know if he's high or on drugs or alcohol or what the situation is. it's not the core theme of the movement, we're totally nonviolent. >> back here live, we just saw a large group of protesters leaving the building but some told us they are planning to spend the night here in the building. they've taken over. police have not said if they plan to move in, just a short while ago i spoke to police chief greg suhr, he told us so far one man was arrested for throwing bricks off this building. but the police chief also said it's unclear whether the same man is responsible for throwing objects up near by buildings. so they could be looking for more people. that is the latest from right here, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now, this isn't the first time protesters took over that building at 888 turk. last month ktvu got an
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exclusive look outside the building after police cleared out protesters the first time. demonstrators left along graffiti, fixtures and doors that were damaged. more than 70 people were arrested for trespassing. today's legislation tied up traffic in downtown san francisco. protesters blocked the intersection of market street making it impossible to pass through. traffic backed up in a number of other streets including van nuys avenue. in the south bay san jose's may day event had a different focus and tone. hundreds of people took part in a march and called for immigration reform which organizers say is long overdue. they also said they want justice in housing, jobs, health care and civil rights. marchers called their demonstration a day without the 99%. taking up the refrain of the occupy movement. thousands of registered nurses went under strike today
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at nine sutter health facilities in the area. some 4,500 nurses set up picket lines around hospitals in vallejo, antioch, berkeley, oakland, castro valley and buehrleing game and san l eandro. they say they oppose proposals in sick leaves and health coverage. >> it's the same old same old proposals which represents 35% cut for most of the nurses. sutter health says full time nurse earn an average of $136,000 a year. the company has hired replacement nurses and kept its hospitals opened and striking nurses won't be allowed back until sunday because the replacements have been hired to work for five days. ferries were back up and running after being cancelled this morning because of a labor dispute. members of the boat man's
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croupon say they have been work -- boatman's unions say they've been working without a contract since last year. >> i come from salisbury to come to school, now i don't know what to do. >> it's my first day at a new job so i'm really trying to be on time. so it's like, oh man. first day and i'm already late no the job. union workers convinced organizers to call it off and things were peaceful at the span today. the bay area certainly isn't alone. cities all across the united states saw may day protests today and some of them were violent. in seattle dozens of people wearing masks and dressed in
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black smashed the windows at a niketown store. and they didn't stop there. the group also damaged several other stores and the federal courthouse. police ended up arresting at least eight people there. in los angeles, a splinter group broke off from a larger mark to block streets leading to los angeles international airport. at least people ended up being arrested. in another incident, a los angeles police officer was injured when she was hited in head with a skateboard. in manhattan on wall street it was back to where the occupy movement all began. protesters marched outside the bank of america offices chanting about foreclosures. occupy activists said they wanted to bring businesses to a halt today but it appears the spring rain thinned out the crowds. >> we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. >> president obama signs a turning point -- signal as turning point in afghanistan -- signals a turning point in after fan stan. back in 10 minutes we have showers to talk about in the
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bay area five day forecast. and the cooling trend continues. what did we do? store owners here in the mission question why they were targeted. plus the eight later word the mayor used today to describe last night's vandal. and we're continuing to watch a situation that is developing by the moment in downtown oakland. after a day of protests. more live coverage throughout the hour. the news continues in 90 seconds.
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a small sliver of sunlight is now visible from the property of management systems. >> it's heartbreaking to see damage like this and it's senseless. >> it's one of the many businesses that was targeted last night. >> they started to break windows. >> reporter: owner of a business showed us this video. one suspect took crow bars to
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force her window, that will cost thousands to repair. >> we're small businesses. it's hard for us to maintain our businesses during a tough economy. now i'm many putting more money out that i don't have. >> reporter: so too the weston. they said because of the damage, the valencia store will be closed for days. >> it's disgusting. if these elements are destroying what we're trying to create. it's bad for the neighborhood, it's bad for the city. >> reporter: there's no celebrating tonight for some of those retailers. >> we're not nordstrom, we're not wal-mart, we're not target we're just small businesses and they just ruined everything. i checked in with police about 10 minutes ago and so far things had been quiet here in the mission and the hope is
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it's stays that way. reporting live, i'm heather holmes, ktvu news. closing argumenting were made in a san francisco courtroom in a triple murder trial of known gang member edwin ramos. the prosecution accused ramos of lying on the witness stand of the shooting that happened in 2008. ramos is accused of killing anthony bolognia in a case of mistaken identity. earlier in the trial, ramos testified he was driving when a passenger in the car fired at the car. >> the evidence in this case, very clearly points out that mr. ramos was in the vehicle, that mr. ramos was the shooter. >> reporter: if convicted ramos could face life in prison without the possibility of parol. an upbeat report today from the nation's manufacturer pushed the dow jones to a 4-1/2 year high. the dow finished up 55 points to close at 13,279. a level last seen in december
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of 2007. the nasdaq gained four points closing at 3,050 points and is trading near its 12 year high. japanese car maker toyota experienced a surge in sales last month. figures released today show toyota sales rose 12% last month compared to april of 2007. general motors was down 8%. analysts say right now it appears more than 14 million vehicles will be sold this year in the u.s. in six minutes late word that facebook's ipo could be on track for just two weeks from now. the big steps some executives are taking next week. president obama made a surprise visit to troops at the air force base in afghanistan. rita williams tells us the president signed a historic agreement there to help define the future relationship between
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the united states and afghanistan. >> reporter: timing was everything. air force one landed in afghanistan in a cloak of security a year after the killing of osama bin laden and six months before the presidential election. camera flashes illuminated the president as he exited for a helicopter flight to kabul to sign a historic agreement with afghanistan's president as the decade long war winds down. >> together we're now committed to replacing war with peace. and pursuing a more hopeful future as equal partners. >> reporter: the partnership is broad, afghanistan sovereignty agreed. it's unclear how many troops will remain. >> the reason the afghans have an opportunity for a new
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tomorrow is because of you. and the reason america is safe is because of you. >> reporter: and at 4:00 a.m. there he addressed americans live here. >> my fellow americans we traveled through more than a decade under the dark cloud of war. yet here in the predawn darkness of afghanistan, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. just six hours on the ground, the president left the still dangerous war zone. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now the war in afghanistan began october 7, 2001. after the september 11 attack. at the height of the war there were 101,000 troops. the estimated cost of that 10
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year war, $443 billion. the presummive republican mitt romney has lost an aide. richard grenell's conservism was questioned because he is openly gay. romney said he was very qualified. tomorrow looks like this. tonight 10:00 we have a few clouds. then the fog starts to reform right along the coast. so about 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning you have fog. right near the golden gate bridge up at point rays and down the great highway. as we go through the afternoon the fog burns down to half-moon bay. mostly sunny for the rest of us. and then the afternoon a few clouds start to move in. these are the clouds that are going to get ready to bring us
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a chance of showers as we go into the next 36 hours. i'll have that forecast and i'll run the model right through into thursday and friday. the five day forecast with your weekend in view back here in a few minutes. didn't take long for a state officials to conduct a final snow survey of the season because there was actually no snow to measure today. at the survey area in phillips which is in el el dorado county. over all they found snow totals are 48% of normal. last year's extra supply is expected to provide california's water. you could possibly save the life of someone you will never see. a teenager is facing charges for stealing this celebrity chef's $200,000 car. but that's actually not the most serious charge this teen is facing.
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the wall street journal is reporting that facebook plans to start its final push toward an initial public offering sometime next week. the next step is called a road show in which executives travel to pitch the offer. facebook could hold it's ipo on may 15th. the offering could raise as much as $10 billion. today facebook announced that it's allowing users now to update their status as organ donors. lloyd lacuesta says it was a good friend of mark zuckerberg who inspired the idea. >> reporter: i'm at san jose's
10:26 pm
reno center at the medical center. people come here daily for dialysis, some are waiting for a new kidney. >> you're desperate. you're out there doing the best you can and the best thing you can do is get the word out. >> reporter: jane kuzcma waited eight years for a new kidney. she says facebook's decision to update your status as organ donor would have helped. facebook sent out the message to its users. mark zuckerberg said steve jobs in part motivated the idea. jobs had a liver transplant before he died last year. >> he was a friend and you know as we were thinking through this, i mean definitely i think it's something we all had in mind. >> reporter: after the decision, 1,000 people had signed up online as donors.
10:27 pm
>> on a typical day, may average about a 75 to 100 people signing up statewide. >> i picked up my license plate that says a donor. >> reporter: facebook is providing online links to transplant registers. every day 18 on the list die. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. a teenager from san rafael who police say stole the lamborghini owned by guy fierri appeared in court today. marin county sheriff deputies say they found the car in a
10:28 pm
storage unit over the weekend as they were investigating an unrelated shooting in the valley. max sway is being charged as an adult for auto theft and attempted murder. he's accused of propelling into a dealership and stealing the lamborghini. ross mirkarimi learns who may be called to testify against him as he continues to fight for his job. >> more live coverage of may day demonstrations. we have new live video into our newsroom.
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happening now news chopper over downtown after police dispersed a group after they had regrouped. ken wayne is live on the
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ground, you've been watching this protest all night long. what's happening now? >> reporter: about 10 minutes ago there were 100 protesters that had gathered and they had started to creep into the intersection so that's when police came back again you can see they've set up a line right across broadway at 17th to keep people from returning. as i pan back this way. you might be able to see flashing lights down there. a group of officers on motorcycles sounded their sigherers and were revving their engines and started to herd the group of people up broadway. so this intersection is clear once again but there is a very heavy police presence here right now and in fact, right here bill if we can point to this guy. he was on his bicycle, he tried to cross through the police lines and he was stopped by police. we another one other person who was on a bicycle who was arrested. there has been some damage tonight. we want to show you some pictures of what happened on
10:32 pm
franklin street between 20th and 24th, a wells fargo had its windows shattered. we want to show you footage from news chopper 2 as police were able to push the crowd toward broadway. now they are moving northeast from our location. and police are moving them out of the here. what had happened, earlier tonight police cleared the intersection. the crowd dispersed and then after about an hour or so a number of them returned and police came back and cleared them once again. so, that's what's happening in downtown oakland, still a very large police presence here at 14th and broadway. and we're keeping an eye on things, we will let you know if anything else happens. live in oakland, ken wayne. ktvu channel 2 news. one demonstrator went to the hospital after he fell and hit his head on the metal grade. it happened near the city
10:33 pm
center b.a.r.t. station near the corner of 11th street and broadway. he was treated at the scene and taken to the hospital for examination. we've been taking photos of protesters, take a look at this first one because this is really something. our reporter christien kafton took this picture of a man throwing a brick. that's a brick. he's throwing it off an occupied building. there was a crowd down below. he was throwing that brick right into the crowd down below. what we want to do is move across the bay to oakland. teresa baker showed us this picture from broadway between 14th and 15th you can see all of the tear gas here. this is also happening right in front of a foot locker store right there. i point that out because that foot locker store is all boarded up because it's been vandalized during past protests. finally we have another from just down the street at frank ogawa plaza. you can see the chalk imagine there drawn on the sidewalk of
10:34 pm
a silhouetted figure holding a flag. if you have picture you can share them with us by sending them to photos @ mayor ed lee who suspended the sheriff after he pleaded guilty to a false imprisonment charge. all of this comes after an argument between mirkarimi and his wife on december 31st. a former girlfriend cristina florez is also expected to testify about her claims that mirkarimi has a volatile temper. >> he has put in issue whether he's committed acts of domestic violence. one of the very relevant pieces of information is past incidents. >> mirkarimi says that because the incident with his wife happened before he was sworn in, it has nothing to do with
10:35 pm
him being sheriff. most residents escaped a fire safely but one woman got caught in the flames. one woman died, five other people were taken to the hospital including a child who's reported to be in critical condition tonight. police are looking for two brothers in connection of stabbing death of a san jose man that happened last friday. jonathan alexander betts and bryan bess are wanted in connection of john cota. cota was found stabbed a number of times outside a home on cleveland avenue about 1:35 monday morning. when police want to talk to people inside the home, one man locked himself in a room leading to a 10 hour stand off. that person finally turned himself in, he is not a suspect in the case.
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the power outage affected 7 million people, regulators said there was inadequate planning and coordination of the grid. regulators say that shouldn't have triggered the widespread black out. a significant jump in the number of teens who say they smoke marijuana daily. and what investigators say happened just moments before a man collapsed. i'm going to take the computer model with the latest update and run it into thursday when there's a chance of showers. i will tell you when they could start and when they end. a controversial new receiver randy moss is in town and working out with the team. mark ibanez will have the story next in sports.
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an investigation is
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underway tonight after a napa county state hospital patient died when investigators say he tried to attack two hospital police officers. patient brandon coats becam agitated this morning as he was taken to a private room with a nurse and two officers. the nurse then injected him with a sedative. coats was handcuffed at the time but investigators say he jumped up and tried to assault the officers. that's when he said he slumped over and stopped breathing. coats was given cpr but ended up dying on the scene. he was born in 1982 and was reportedly from alameda county. a new study finds the number of teens who say they smoke marijuana regularly has doubled over the last 20 years. 26% of students from ninth through 12th grade say they smoke regularly. the study was conducted by
10:40 pm
partnership at drug a b.a.r.t. station agent accused of giving away discarded tickets has lost his job. b.a.r.t. officials fired him today. he's accused of giving $300 worth of paid unused b.a.r.t. tickets to a teenager who needed help getting to school. that's against b.a.r.t. rules. stanuck worked for the agency for 20 years. he plans to appeal the decision through his union. the word of a state demographer, california's population is at a standstill. according to the department of finance california's population now stand at 37,679,000. the state grew by just 250,000 people last year that is a growth rate of 7/10 of a percent. the same numbers show the bay area's population grew about the same pace last year but some cities saw a spike.
10:41 pm
among the cities growest fastest, pittsburg, oakley, san ramon, hayward, fremont and san jose. in havana hundreds of thousands of cubans marched in the may day celebrations waving their flags. the demonstration was dedicated to performing and perfecting socialism. millions more held may day events throughout the world. rather than workers rights they were protesting against austerity measures. a finding found that rupert murdoch is unfit to run his company. he has insisted he didn't know the phone hacking was widespread and has said his staff kept him in the dark. national elections are set for next month. they would be the first free
10:42 pm
elections in libya in 30 years. voters are to elect the new assembly that will form a new government and write a new constitution. but some militia man tried to stop the registration charging corruption in the procedures. it honestly ruins lives. coming up a special report, our health and science reporter john fowler uncovers a big problem with a common medical device. bill martin says there's a chance of showers this week. he's back with his complete bay area forecast. ♪ [ male announcer ] instead, try the new subway smokehouse barbecue chicken, big bbq taste 6 grams of fat. subway. eat fresh. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor
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on average every day 10 bay area patients undergo hernia surgery using a device we discovered is fraught with problems. we investigation surgical mesh. we want to warn you some of the
10:45 pm
images in tonight's special report may be difficult to watch. >> reporter: the sacramento prison guard could not lift his kid's rocking horse or even bend over after routine hernia surgery left him in agony. >> it started causing painings -- pain and the pain was progressing. >> reporter: his surgeon had used surgical mesh. >> i'm willing to pay anything just to get rid of the pain because i was depressed. >> reporter: on painkillers he was unable to work until one doctor diagnosed it. >> that doctor practices here in las vegas. and is one of the most outspoken critics of surgical mesh. he said he was willing to gamble on another operation to get rid of the mesh, get rid of
10:46 pm
the pain. we've uncovered increasing evidence that this may be a bad bet. >> it honestly ruins lives. >> surgeon kevin peterson agreed to help sef. he's done 5,000 hernia repairs without mesh. dr.peterson showed me something. >> i keep a collection of mesh i have removed. >> something that doctors usually don't see. mesh after years in the body. >> it's hard. >> reporter: he says he's removed hundreds of twisted shells of mesh. >> when the scar tissue building around it it shrinks. when it shrinks it pulls on those tabs causing serious pain. >> reporter: the plastic itself can trigger immune reactions and one estimating 28% of hernia patients with mesh suffer long term chronic pain. that's 5 million americans. >> i believe this is like a patter cake. you have to remember even if
10:47 pm
you have a 10, 15, 20% complication rate that means four out of five people are doing well with the intervention. >> reporter: dr. harris chief of surgery at uc san francisco uses mesh. >> in many respects it is a near ideal material as a prosthetic. this results in a much more durable and outstanding repair with a much lower risk of the hernia returning. >> reporter: it's the only solution for a gigantic hernia such as cooper's. her intestines hung in a skin sack for years. >> you saw the picture, look it's flat. i mean can you believe it? truthfully 14 months out now i'm not pain free but it's minor pain and i would trade it in a second for what i had before. >> reporter: dr. harris blames mesh problems on surgeons misusing it. surgical mesh is in a
10:48 pm
regulatory gray area. the plastic is government approved but without guidance on how to use it. mesh complications in some procedures expose patients to unnecessary risks. it did not mention ordinary hernia repair. >> i think it's actually a source of collective professional embarrassment that we have not done a better job in terms of studying these materials. >> - - >> reporter: just days after surgery to remove the mesh, hakeem says. >> i've been to the park with my family, laughing, like i haven't done before. >> reporter: john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you will find a special tab on the front page. and we've got some clouds out there to talk about right now. those clouds are going to move
10:49 pm
in tomorrow and the next day and bring us a slight chance of showers. you see clouds entering monterey. in north toward san francisco. the fog kind of broke away but the fog is coming back tonight and that will be there in the morning. for a lot of us when we wake up along the coast or even in the peninsula and daly city. mild, not too cold but chilly as you head off the work. maybe a sweatshirt or jacket as you go off to work. as we go through the day tomorrow, a few clouds, the flow is more on shore so temperatures are trending down. we talked about that earlier. the forecast is for a cooling trend. right along the bay area friday. then chance of sprinkles on thursday night. a few showers. not a big deal and the computer model will bare this out. but it's definitely going to have an effect on temperatures. if you get to berkeley and hayward and fremont you're about 66, 65.
10:50 pm
you hop over the hill, the east bay hills and out into morgan hill and you're going to be in the 70s and mid-70s. temperatures are trending down. it's been a slow trending drop. we'll have the highs for you in just a minute. if you look at this system coming closer to you, it'll be until thursday, i'm going to start you off thursday, thursday at about 1:00 there are the clouds. there's the rain if you want to call it that. that's not a big deal. then we stop it at 4:00, afternoon commute on thursday. it almost looks like just drizzle to me. but there's a cool front that may bring some drizzles. then at 6:00 it moves into the south bay. they just kind of fizzle out as they move in. the forecast highs for your
10:51 pm
tomorrow, not bad. lots of 70s. santa clara valley, beautiful air quality. just a beautiful day tomorrow. everyone when it's a little cooler it's still really nice. a little foggy at half-moon bay and san francisco at the coast. your five day forecast with the weekend in view. i had to leave the sprinkles in there but it's almost a nonevent. you have to look hard. >> thanks bill. new developments in the investigation of a deadly yacht crash off the coast of mexico. how gps technology is suggesting a whole new theory on how it happened.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
a website that tracks boths by gps shows the american yacht that was mysteriously destroyed during a race ended up on the rocky shore of a mexican island. that could contradict the theory that a larger ship destroyed the agean. or it could show the gps device drifted on to the island after a collision. the coast guard says it hasn't recovered the gps. it was last tracked around 13:00 saturday morning at the coronado island. what an effort by cain.
10:55 pm
you can't ask more than that. >> just exasperating to watch if you're a giant fan. nothing good happens for buster posey. nothing close to that catastrophe tonight but certainly his nicest game this year. it nice to see mr. ed enjoy a cold one. he enjoyed himself even in a giant's jersey. giants with the defeat to come back from deficit. john carlos stanton with a shot. just a laser to left off matt cane. in the sixth, pablo sandoval r.i.p. rest in piece. giants load the bases, posey with a chance for revenge. struck out. 2-1 final. the giants were 1-9 with men in scoring position. for the a's back east. even when they win at fenway
10:56 pm
they get put through the emotional ringer. a's led but hang out for dear life in the ninth in boston where they have experienced their most excruciating losses. 1-0 and they would lead throughout. led by cliff pentington. he's got himself a 2-run double and a clutch 2-8 hit. the inning continues for weeks. having a hard time getting that track offensively. the base hit scores a run. boston scored two in the ninth and had two on before norberto came on to get the safe for the a's. randy moss could very well end up as the story of the year in
10:57 pm
fact, nfl. he is full of vigor in the first work outs for the 49ers. nothing but extremely positive reviews so far number 84 who decides to come out of retirement, join san francisco and genuinely seems to be enjoying even these early drills. >> offense is a whole unit to be able to go out there and gel. go out with a snap at the same time. just getting a rhythm and knowing how they gel. the 49ers getting able to come back and showcase my god given abilities. >> the raisers sign matt lienert to sign up carson palmer. lakers, philly and boston all winners in the nba play offs tonight. that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. randy moss could turn out to be the move of the year. >> could be great. yeah. >> looks like he's working hard. >> yeah. >> all right, mark, thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time
10:58 pm
news breaks. >> the morning team will be here at 4:30, they will let you know of any lingering issues from the protests. and when all the clean up begins. 
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