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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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see. low 40 39 napa and temperatures are running cooler due to the lack of some low clouds and believe it or in the system running in for tomorrow will bring in some light rain for the north bay and today, it is is in between day, overall temperatures are hovering which means 50s and 60s and some low 70s. here is sal. good morning. the outside of safe way looked more like a moat than a store. a motorist took out a couple of trees and water shot up into the air. this happened just before 2:00 a.m. and the hydrant had the driver pinned under the car and the crash is under investigation.
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a lot of water there. >> this is a live look coming up to the 880 split in san francisco, traffic is moving well approaching the 880 split, let's go back to the desks. at approach is underway for a man police call armed and dangerous. people are being urged to shelter in place and lock their doors and windows. alex savage is there with more on the police pursuit and shooting that triggered this big search, alex? >> reporter: here on beth tell eye -- bethel island, you can see a chp officer has this area blocked, nobody is being allowed into their now. you can see they are using a helicopter and they are trying to track down a gunman who led oakly police on a pursuit and
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opened fire on officers. nobody was hurt but right now there is a warning going out to all people in this area. >> stay off the phone and do not call 911 unless you need to report a life-threatening emergency. stay inside and close all windows and doors. that is contra coster sheriff's office stay inside as officers search for this armed and dangerous person. he drove off and that pursuit led to piper road. the man ran off, one man we spoke to said her trunk was searched as she left for working this morning. >> a million cop cars, i didn't even know there was that many around here.
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i am concerned for the people in the area because we all feel very safe and we tend to leave things opened and i am a little concerned. nobody is allowed into the area as this search for people on bethel island are asked to stay indoors until police track down the shooter following police pursuit and most people tell me this is still an active search on going here. riot police remain in lockdown following a lock day -- long day of violent protests. [crowd noise] >> take a look as our news crew captured this tense crew. it was one of many violent
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crashes out of one of 10 violent clashes, tara? >> reporter: we are here on the corner of wells fargo and you can see they have these vandals and they are measuring to make sure that pro testifieders done regroup. >> back off... [crowd noise] >> reporter: now this is video of a man being tasered by officers and police arrested at least 25 people last night including one person for suspicious of shooting an officer. it all started with an inn clay
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crowd. >> there were several officers and we had to have a medical fire department make sure he was okay and watch him. >> a police car was continued to in the 1,300 car at 830 when officers were asked to take it. and there were nearly 500 demonstrators remain in frank ogawa plaza and they had to call in for mutual ail this is very expensive and on the side you can see all the boards lined up against the building and there are rocks we found on the ground and we are not sure if these were what was used to see the -- see the damage. no word yet on the damage
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estimate i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. also protesters continue to occupy an area owned by the cat thick church and one area turned downright dangerous. our news crew was there when a man on the roof of the occupied building began throwing bricks and pipes at police and demonstrators below. one person suffered a bloody nose. >> the gentleman is in custody and we are seeking a full prosecution on them and we want to pro text them from overnight damages. >> these are the pieces that came crashing down and they were also bricks and pipes thrown on goth street.
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occupied protesters took over the same building last month. many say they are likely responsible for the mission district monday night and an estimated 100 people took over police cars even the mission police station. we will continue with the mayday protest throughout the morning and you will also find video on our website ktvu channel newt gingrich will officially end his campaign for the presidential nomination today. the former house speaker with make an announcement our time. heel briefly mention front- runner mitt romney and that there are plans underway to be held for a formal endorsement in a couple of weeks.
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in afghanistan, they were killed, the group that is claiming responsibility and the target of that attack. closing arguments continue in a high profile murder trial in san francisco. edwin ramos is a used of killing tony balogna and his sons michael and matthew bologna in a case of mistaken identity. he said it was a passenger in his car who opened fire. yesterday the prosecution said he was lying and said the story does not add up. late last night they approval a knew ordinance. businesses could potentially loose their license if they don't follow standards and there was a number of drunken violence in the area.
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they will take another step to completing the new bay bridge suspect fencing baseball. now it consists of pencil strong cables costing $6 billion and the new span is on schedule to open for the 2013 labor day weekend. let's go to sal for the early morning commute, hey, sal. we are doing well around the bay area and we will look at interstateel 880, no major problems going down. and a small delay at the toll plaza, no trouble on the upper deck on the way to the downtown
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area and northbound 280 looks good going to 17. let's go to steve. there are some low 40s and there is no bite to the area although we rebound well. out to sacramento there is a little on the breezy side. mid-40s san rafael 44 livermore san santa rosa 41. yesterday we had increasingly low clouds coming to the interior so it does not support the fog. it could be our last rain for the season the. this system will sweep in and look like we will have some drizzle and light rain and not a lot, sometimes mother nature can throw you a curve, but chilly morning and now it will
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be sunny overall we are waiting for the next system to come in and tomorrow will be cloudy and cooler. today we have patchy fog high clouds to the north, sunny breezy. temperatures will be in the lower 70s, pass -- pacifica 58, breezy on friday weekend looks nice with temperatures warming up to near 80 by sunday for you, pam. >> so nice, thank you steve. well, the city where dozens of people vandalized a nike town and several other businesses and the date has apparently been set for what is expected to be apart on wall street for away area darling. >> good morning southbound 101 looking good approaching the
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580 interchange we will tell you more straight ahead.
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. good morning mostly clear, mostly sunny day with a lot of 70s. just after president barack obama's surprise visit to afghanistan a bomb killed 7 people. taliban said it was in response
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to president barack obama's visit. in station to -- in addition to the 7 people killed, they attacked a come bound in kabul. authorities say most of the wounded were afghan children on their way to school. during his brief visit to afghanistan, president barack obama signed a partnership agreement with president ahmed wali karzai. it outlines away forward after the majority of troops leave. before the president left for afghanistan he addressed the people. >> i will not keep america in harm's way a single day longer absolutely required but we must finish the job in afghanistan and end this war responsibly. >> president barack obama met
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with u.s. troops and the president thanked them for their service and said he would pull the remainder of the troops out by summer. and now an anonymous source said agents hired prostitutes and strippers in el salvador and the allegations surfaced after a prostitution scandal in columbia just ahead of president barack obama's visit. the area is not alone when it comes to violent protests. take a look at that, that is video from sele where dozens of people were wearing masks smashed windows at a nike town store and they moved on to smash the federal courthouse. at least a dozen people were
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arrested and they confiscated more than 70 items that were meant to be homemade explosives. in los angeles, at least 13 people were arrested during protests and rallies many called for immigrant rights and they called for more jobs and scaring off with the large police presence. one female officer was injured when she was hit on the head with a skateboard. she is okay but is listed in good condition. she will not be allowed on the job until sunday. >> what do you want... >> reporter: 4500 nurses picketed where they operated sutter hell. they are protesting cuts to their pay and healthcare
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benefits and even though they were not on strike they will not be allowed in because their replacements were hired for five days. a judge ordered one day after critical actions were released. the judge said if the complaints from the november 25th and november 2nd protest are completed he will place a federal see receiver in control of the didn't. officers cannot go unpunished. the recall effort against mayor jean quan could be in trouble. the tribune report says they had the best shot to oust her and they are in need of money and volunteers. the group has only selected 7,000 signatures. they need nearly 20,000 to force a vote on the november
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ballot. just a third would cause more violence but some could be caused to oppose her. >> the suspended sheriff pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge. city attorneys alleged sheriff ross mirkarimi tried to cover up the incident and disweighed witnesses to a kind. >> he is put in issue whether he committed acts of domestic violence. and we have one of a person's past pattern of domestic violence%. >> the city will call nearly 20 people to testify at the ethics commission they include mayor ed lee who said he has a volatile temper and he called them slant rouse and untrue.
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wall street journal says it will start its road show at a series of meetings trying to sure up with the company's stock. they are not commenting on the report. more than 1,000 californians have already taken advantage of the new feature on facebook and it shows they are willing to be an organ donor. more than 100,000 people are waiting for organs and people who have been on the list feel it will never come forward. >> facebook founder mark zuckerberg said steve jobs was one of the inspirations for this idea. they are investigating a
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patient's death, a nurse and two security officers gave 29- year-old patient brendan coats a sedative after he became combative. they put him in handcuffs, he slumpped over and stopped breathing and later died. an exception would be made for police and firefighters, read also proposed a city plan for retired workers. a measure on the group ballot would impose similar charges. a 17-year-old boy is accused of stealing a chef's car and why this may not be the observe serious charge he is facing. and a bart worker tried to help
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a needy teenager. the act of charity cost him his job. z
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. welcome back. the marin independent journal shows the panel expects to release the results in june. a teen who is accused of stealing guy's car is being charged as an adult. they found the car while investigating an unrelated shooting. he is being charged with the
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attempted murder an auto theft for the lamb better gene any -- for the car. he is accused of stealing the car last year. bart is accused of giving discarded tickets to a needy teenager. he lost his job yesterday. he allegedly gave $300 of unused bart tickets. he worked there for seven years and he told the chronicle he plans to appeal the decision. coming up on 5:00, how is it going, sal? well today we are having a better day fortunately for all of us. let's go out and take a look at what we have. this is a look at the 880 freeway, not a bad freeway at all and as a matter of fact it looks good, it is a nice looking drive and looking at the chp list, there is not much going on and if you are driving
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to the city it should be a very nice drive getting to san francisco via the bridge. if you are driving on 237, you can see it is light, not a lot of slowed traffic here as well. >> it is chilly for early may. i am standing right in front and i will be out here until tomorrow. everything is in place again for kind of a breezy day. low 40s for santa rosa, yesterday it was upper 50s and patchy fog. 48 mountain view redwood city, although the coverage is week, it will mainly be upper 60s and very low 70s. it could be this time of year and it has not been a rainy
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spring. increasing clouds towards the north bay and overall it will be mostly sunny and that system will be weeping in tomorrow and i will be talking about light rain to the north. patchy fog, a few high clouds later today. 50s and 60s a couple of low 70s out towards antioch and brentwood. we kick it out for friday and just like we planned, the weekend looks good pam. san francisco, the continued occupation of a vacant building owned by the catholic church, the reason these are criminals not protesters. the search for a man, what police are asking people to do right now we will take you there live.
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