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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 2, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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cçrrú nothing is getting accomplished when you vandalize. it's still gonna stay the same. >> a reaction you may not expect after more violence and vandalism. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we'll have a live report shortly. but first, san joaquin sheriff deputies and the fbi have resumed their search for victims of the so-called speed
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freak killer. ktvu's ken pritchett joins us from the town of lyndon to explain what prompted this new are -- actually, i should say we're in the town of lyndon. this is about as far as we can go. the sheriff's office has blocked off drayas road. about a half-mile is the dig site which apparently was a property once rented by lauren herzog, one of the so-called speed freak killers. we'll show you aerial taken about an hour ago of the dig site. shirtive's department said yesterday in a written statement that the investigators were digging with heavy equipment and hand tools. the sheriff's department did not say if remains had been uncovered. those teams are back out here today. they will only say an ongoing investigation led them to this site. but bounty hunter leonard
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padilla said wesley shermantine told him about this. he's been drawing maps that apparently contained the remains of two people. two of them were identified as miss -- of missing women, that in addition to to two missing women found in cavares county. back out here live, the fbi in a written statement released a -- said that information from investigative sources despite this recent dig we're looking at here they say those sources are beginning to dry up in the hopes of finding additional victims and remains. the fbi says those hopes are fading. in san joaquin county, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. an early-morning police raid on a san francisco building has evicted the
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protesters who tried to occupy it. more than two dozen people are facing stress bagging charges -- are facing trespassing charges. >> reporter: our camera was rolling just before 5:00 a.m. as officers started running toward the building getting in position before heading in to take it back from protesters. >> it was very, very, very random. it was unexpected. we had thought that we could stay until about -- we had heard about 10:00. it was totally peaceful. the cops came in. we had a conversation. we sat down. >> reporter: a arand radio reporter were detained and let go after police kept the building. however, 26 protesters were loaded into police -- into police vans and taken away. >> in light of yesterday's events where there was violence
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obviously -- >> reporter: it was nothing like yesterday when an estimated 200 people inside and this man identified by police as 34-year-old jessie nesbitt, he threw rocks and pipes off the roof and faces charges. for the most part, many of these charges are misdemeanor charges trespassing. traffic did open back up on turk. police stayed on the scene to assess the damage. in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. across the bay and assessment is underway after the latest round of protests in downtown oakland overnight. tara moriarty joins us live to show us what's happening right there now. tara? >> reporter: well, tori bank owners are trying to figure out how much money it's gonna cost to replace the windows. folks headed back to work saw the aftermath of last night's
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violence. >> put that down! >> i don't care! >> put that down! >> reporter: police deployed tear gas. >> back off! >> reporter: one person got tasered. opd made 28 arrests. one protester assaulted an officer, another set fire to a police vehicle. others lit fires in garbage cans but the most damage was to banks like this one on 20th and franklin. >> vandalism. complete vandalism. but nothing is getting accomplished when you vandalsism. it's still gonna stay the same. >> reporter: occupiers barged into the bittersweet cafe on broadway and 4th but stopped short of ransacking it. >> grabbed some chairs and -- i don't think they liked it being open. >> reporter: protesters had to convince protesters -- the owners had to convince protesters that they were locally owned. >> we were surprised that they would target us, being local. >> reporter: many merchants
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closed or boarded up their windows before any came targets of protesters. >> it was just disgusting that they would destroy anything. anything that was in the bank windows or -- just an excuse to vandalize. >> reporter: the owner actually appreciates occupiers. >> they come and eat. they are hungry. there's not enough to think about. more people, more business. that's how i do my math. >> reporter: on the plaza city workers washed off graffiti and the pavement. police are reviewing footage taken from backpack cameras and we're told the chief was able to watch the footage as they unfolded. one suspect last night is still in the hospital, apparent he put up quite -- apparently he put up quite a fight. half of them are from oakland, six are from cities close by.
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tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with us for continuing coverage. the you will find more video of the clashes between police and protesters at their one-day strike is over. but registered nurses at sutter health's bay area hospital will not be allowed back on the job until sunday. yesterday, about 1500 nurses walked off the job at those hospitals including berkeley's alta bates. they are upset over sick pay and healthcare benefits. the hospital hired replacement nurses for five days and until the temporary contracts run out, the permanent nurses will not be allowed back up. a manhunt on an island has come to an end. police say the suspect was found dead on bethel island from what appears to be a suicide. alex savidge has followed the story since our 4:30 a.m. newscast and now he tells us if
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residents can go home. >> reporter: from chopper 2, you can see the care at ther is of this morning -- at the center of this morning's manhunt. the contra costa county sheriff's office says inside they found a man dead from what appears to to be a self- inflicted gunshot wound. investigators say he's the same man who opened fire on police earlier in the morning triggering a large-scale search. neighbors heard the gunfire. >> well, the notes are -- the shots are very loud. but it echos around here. i heard three or four more shots and i heard shooting back. >> reporter: oakland police were chasing the man when he fired on several officers. none of them were hit but bullets struck two police vehicles. the gunmen were able to escape and police locked down the area warning team people to stay indoors. >> normally i leave my doors unlocked because it's pretty safe around here. >> reporter: it all started this morning and police tried to pull the man over for a
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traffic violation. he bolted the from the scene and head officers on a pursuit heading east on cypress road. it was a chase that triggered a massive manhunt and ended with the gunman killing himself inside the car. the sheriff's office is not releasing any information on the suspect. people were not allowed in the neighborhood for most of the morning but the area has since reopened. alex sav vig, ktvu channel 2 -- alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. a sad story out of san diego, nfl player sahoy, who played for many years with the san diego chargers. today, chargers' officials told ktvu they are derby saddened a -- terribly saddened and shocked. he died. it appears to be a suicide.
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milestones reached high above the bay. after a chilly night and morning, you may be wondering if the bay area will warm up soon. mark tamayo will tell you about that and a chance of rain. also, students, teachers and politicians get together and head out on a mission. you will hear their goals just ahead.
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president obama is back home after an historic visit to afghanistan to sign a strategy agreement with hamid -- strategic agreement with hamid karzai for the troops to leave by 2014. the u.s. also promises to provide assistance to afghanistan for ten years after that. and with this being an election year, the president was scheduled to attend two fund- raisers today just hours after getting back to the oval office. we want to take you live to arlington, virginia, where newt gingrich is about to make an announcement. he's coming up on the stage. again, these are live pictures. he -- the former house speaker won primaries in just two states, south carolina and georgia, which he represented
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in congress for 20 years. he claimed he was gonna hang on until the gop convention and -- in florida but at this point it appears inevitable that mitt romney will be the gop for presidential for 2012. let's listen in to newt gingrich. >> you know, just about a year ago, on may 11th, we formally announced a candidacy. and i want to start by thanking everyone who helped over the last year. it's been an amazing year for calista and me and for the entire family. i want to thank kathy and paul. kathy's here. and jimmy and jackie were here -- and of course, they brought with them -- i think the two best debate coaches. woo-hoo! [ applause ] >> woo-hoo!
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[ applause ] >> reporter: so where i did well on the debate, i ascribe it to jimmy and jackie drilling me before each debate. i would also like to thank calista's mother who is not here today but faithfully watched this campaign online and she put up with almost as much as we did with the questions. i also want to single out -- first of all, the over 179,000 -- >> we're listening live to former house speaker newt gingrich. he's about to announce that he's abandoning his presidential bid and in an inevitable handover to romney and he will not formally endorse him today. his candidacy is over $4 million in debt. speaking of romney, the republican front-runner is campaigning today also in the battleground state of virginia.
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he spoke to a gathering of female business owners today. romney told them successful small businesses are the key to getting the economy back on track. virginia will be critical in the election. president obama won the state in 2008. a blind chinese dissident says the chinese government threatened to beat his wife to death if he remained at the u.s. embassy in beijing. the u.s. embassy provided these photographs of chen guangcheng just before he left. an official statement said he left voluntarily but he told the press -- he spent six days there. there's been a new development in the secret- service sex scandal. the source claimed agents hired strippers and prostitutes in el salvador last year.
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while interviews continue, the investigations so far has turned up nothing. a bay area member of congress joined forces today with several college presidents in an effort to stop interest rates from rising on student loans. this morning's press conference at uc berkeley drew the chancellor of the university along with the presidents of three other colleges. the educators joined oakland representative barbara lee who said she's backing a bill to pay for the student loan program by ending subsidies for oil companies. >> we're gonna continue to pay for these subsidies for big oil companies when she should really use those subsidies that we've been paying for for our students. >> at university college campuses alone, 36,000 students rely on federally subsidized loans with an average loan amount of $4200. santa clara county supervisor dave ortiz is leading the 10th annual bus
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trip for education. he's with south bay residents, teachers and students who left for sacramento this morning to talk to state lawmakers. tour participants say they are worried about more education budget cuts and how the cuts would affect their futures. >> you know, over the last decade, there's been numerous cuts to public education. a little bit of that ground is made up but not enough. in fact we're having to go two weeks earlier than usual this year just because the school year is ending earlier. >> the delegation will speak to several bay area assembly members as well as staff from governor jerry brown's office. construction crews working on the new eastern span of the bay bridge are reaching another milestone today in its construction. workers finished putting the suspension cable in place last month. now caltrans says the cable is ready to hold the weight of the bridge. more than 17,000 pencil, thick steel wires will be fixed so
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steel saddles can be placed on them a caltrans spokesperson talked about the milestone late this morning. >> it's a big milestone for us to get to the point where the cable is ready to start receiving those saddles and take the weight of the bridge. >> caltrans says after this stage, workers should be ready to start hanging suspension cables to the deck by the end of the summer. the $6 billion eastern span is set to open september of next year. well, our warm weather pattern over the past few days, coming to an end. in fact, taking a live look outside, looking out towards mt. diablo, a few high clouds, a little bit of haze. the tree on the right portion of your screen getting a little bit of a workout. we have a breeze out there. you will notice this, some clouds out there, partly cloudy skies, patchy fog as well and wind speeds have been picking up. take a look at our buoys offshore. you can see winds gusting to right around 20 miles an hour.
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the winds, the onshore breeze that's been cooling off the bay area. that will be the case over the next 1, 2 -- 3 days out there. as far as current temperatures, you can see san jose, 62. fairfield, right now at 12 -- at this 12:00 hour, 63. forecast headlines for today. we have a sun/cloudy mix. tomorrow, more clouds and we could be tracking a few light showers, especially for one part of the bay area and the weekend, another nice forecast, in fact, the third weekend in a row with beautiful weather and temperatures warming back you. here is the satellite and the radar, you will notice changes up to the north and west. in fact, a few rain showers around cape mendocino. we're watching this system. so we'll continue to track a few high clouds spilling into northern california approaching the bay area and eventually a few showers as well. here is our forecast model just updated. you will notice partly cloudy skies throughout the day today and then we'll take this into thursday. we're tracking the rainfall to
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the north. so here we go with a chance of a few sprinkles up in the north bay tomorrow morning and then by tomorrow afternoon at 12:00, a little bit of activity especially north of the going bridge. we could have a few sprinkles a few light showers across the rest of the bay area by mid to late afternoon approaching thursday evening and then we begin to clear out and warm things up as we do head toward the weekend. forecast highs for this afternoon in the 60s to right around 70 degrees. the warmest locations in the lower 70s. for morgan hill and gilroy, san jose tops out at 69 degrees. a look ahead your five-day forecast, with your weekend always in view, there is that one rain cloud as you can pick out on thursday to reflect the happens for a few sprinkles. friday is still a relatively cool day but we're gonna gradually clear out the clouds. tori, it looks like another beautiful weekend. sunday appears to be the warmest and the warming trend will continue into next week. so a almost bit of a cooldown
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in the short-term but another warmup in the horizon. bars and restaurants in walnut creek have new city rules to follow. late last night, the city council approved a controversial new ordinance that gives the city more control over prices that -- places that serve alcohol. businesses could lose their licenses if they don't follow certain standards set by the city. this measure follows a number of drunken, violent incidents this past winter. one of the moment famous paintings in the world will be auctioned off. "the scream" would go for $08 million or more. it's one of four versions by norwegian painter. a businessman is selling it through sotheby's in new york city. he plans to use the money to establish a new museum, art center and hotel in norway. when. when we -- when we get back, what's moving the markets today and why "star trek" fans will be
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keeping an eye on livermore.
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when the jobs fall, so does the stock market. taking a live look at the big board, the dow currently down 28. the nasdaq up 4. s&p, down 5. we have just gotten word that california state university faculty has voted to authorize a series of strikes if a new contract cannot be
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reached. members of the california faculty association began voting son april 16th after contract negotiations failed. the union represents 24,000 professors, counselors and other staff on 23 csu campuses. according to the wall street journal, mark zuckerberg will begin his ipo road show on monday. the company's highly anticipated public offering is reportedly scheduled for may 18th. the road shows a series of meetings with perspective institutional investors designed to generate interest in company stock. the menlo park based company is seeking to raise about $5 billion in the public offering. bay area star trek fans are excited today. hollywood is here to film the sequel to the 2009 star trek blockbuster produced by jj abrams. the "tribune" says some scenes are being shot at the lawrence
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livermore laboratory. but no "star trek" fans will be allowed inside. police and protesters clash -- clashed yesterday. as we showed you live on the noon news, some were tasered. tonight at 5:00, we examine the list of tactics that police used to disperse the crowd. thank you for joining us. we're always here for you on [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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