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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 2, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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say the girl was reported as a runaway, in fact she did it several times. but her mother believes this time is different, that is why they posted signs trying to find olivia. >> reporter: this is olivia maderia, she was seen at her father's house. last time she was seen, she was getting into a silver car. >> her dad said they were in an argument on saturday, and that sunday morning when he woke up she was gone. >> reporter: she lived with her father starting in november, she used to attend fairfield school. but was being home schooled. the spokesperson said she argued with her father about grades and a letter she received from juvenile hall. this time her mother says it is different. >> she has always given me a call, almost four days later. the fact she has not called is quite disturbing. >> reporter: that is why her mother is going to facebook, posting information to hope
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that somebody can find her. today that happened when a foundation saw the post, and they contacted olivia's family. >> runaway, missing, whatever the situation may be, the person is still missing. we still need to be looking. >> i just trust that god will bring her home. i have to have faith on that. >> reporter: police now once again, that is a picture of olivia there at a friend's house. the family is hosting the vigil at 8:30 live in vallejo, channel 2 action news. and earlier this morning, police in s.w.a.t. gear came to a building owned by the san francisco archdiocese, clearing out dozens of occupy protesters a day after the group claimed the building their own, happening at 888 turk street. this was after the police in riot gear re-claimed the once empty building before sunrise, david stevenson has more
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outside the elm empty building, david? >> reporter: well, frank, police say the actions of one occupied protester on this route prompted them to put an end to the protest early this morning. just before dawn, san francisco police in riot gear raided 888 turk street, arresting 26 occupy movement squatters inside the building, owned by the archdiocese of san francisco. >> they came in, stormed the place, i was upstairs, and -- it was like an elevator. so i didn't want to run -- >> reporter: the arrest capped an occupation that started yesterday afternoon, including the man who threw bricks and pipes from the roofs of the two archdiocese buildings. police are identifying jesse nesbitt of san francisco, who has been booked on multiple charges, including assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. one of the brooks he allegedly threw, struck and injured a fellow protester. >> when we hit one of our own, we don't agree with the
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violence. >> reporter: the protesters released from county jail say they tried to stop the man. >> you see it happen, it was a bummer, and trying to -- you know yelling at him to stop. again he is an individual that is harmful, we can't control anything that happens. >> reporter: the archdiocese is still totaling the damage, a spokesperson said there is no excuse for what happened here yesterday. >> to do violence on people like that, who you don't know who they are down there -- that kind of violence, it is just terrible. >> reporter: police say 11 of the 26 people arrested are from outside san francisco. six of those arrested this morning were booked for a continuing offense, for having occupied the same building in a protest here last month. reporting live, san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 action news. no oakland, business owners are cleaning up following may day protests that lasted into the night. the oakland police say officers arrested at least 39 people,
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including one protester who allegedly assaulted an officer, and two arrests on arson charges. much of the property damage involves smashed windows downtown involving many banks. and then this morning, city workers blasted off graffiti and washed down the area at frank ogawa plaza. today, the police revealed the tactics used during the demonstrations last night. officers say they tried to increase communication by using sirens and loud speakers. they used cameras to send live images back to the chief and city officials so they could see what was happening in real time. police say the goal was to target those breaking the law without stopping peaceful protests. and wells fargo helping business owners in the mission district whose store fronts were vandalized monday night. the vandals tore through the mission monday night, damaging businesses and cars, even a police station. today, wells fargo announced a grant for repairs and
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improvements so those businesses can re-open. today, alameda county authorities showed us one of 11 home made devices found in a backpack during those protests in downtown oakland yesterday. the sheriff's office says they burn hot enough to actually set a car on fire, tossed inside. as we first showed you last night, a police officer ordered the news photographer to move back, after spotting a backpack containing the devices at 17th street, near telegraph avenue. and for more on the occupied protesters, you can go to our website at and click on the may day tab. and interstate 80 to open any minute after a multi car crash in oakland. the chp says the accident happened a little over an hour ago, blocking all southbound lanes of 880, just past the 23rd avenue exit. the crash apparently started with a motorcyclist down. at least three other vehicles were downed, we were told there
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were only minor injuries, the traffic is still extremely heavy through the area. the highway patrol says a woman was killed in sonoma county today, the driver was in her 70s, heading west, about 10:00 this morning. she apparently lost control, then over-corrected and ran off the road into a fence. the highway patrol closed the road for more than two hours during the investigation. the woman's name still has not been released. and closing arguments concluded today in a high profile murder case in san francisco. now the jury is deliberating the fate of edwin ramos. today, the defense attorney says he did not kill anthony bologna and two of his sons in 2008. the defense claims it was reyes who fired the shots as ramos was driving. the only survivor, andrew, said he saw ramos pull the trigger. and the digging resumed for
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victims of the so-called speed freak killers. the fbi led the search effort in rural san joaquin county, where ktvu's ken pritchett was live with what was found today, ken? >> reporter: well, we are about three miles south of an abandoned well that was worked on,s where the remains of three people were found, two of them identified as missing women. this new dig site was half a mile north of where i'm standing now on this rural road. after a day of digging, investigators say nothing was found. here you can see three holes in the ground, and excavation equipment on this farm property. they led the search effort looking for remains. investigators wouldn't say what led them here, but the bounty hunter, leonard padilla says it is a direct result of conversations he had with death row inmate wes shermantine. >> he said there was a pit, and it wouldn't be a far fetched idea that they had dumped a
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body in there and burned it. >> reporter: but padilla said he was referring to lauren herzog, his accomplice, and that the woman may be buried here. investigators are not commenting on who they are looking for or if padilla's information is correct. but padilla said his own search dogs hit at a target on the property and he believes the search should go on. >> well, i hope they get out of the waited so we can go in there and see what we can do. >> reporter: padilla says he believes that wes shermantine's accountings are more than 99% accurate. he says it was true that the remains have been identified of the four women, since wes shermantine has started talking. that is why padilla says he is coming back here. as for the sheriff's department, they say they are finished digging at this site. but as you can see the road leading to the site remains closed. in san joaquin county, ken pritchett ktvu channel 2 action news.
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and the police are looking for a man who carjacked a woman at the bart station this morning, happening at about 7:00 at the bart station. the victim was getting out of her car when a man walked up to her, pulled out a gun, demanding her car. he drove off with it. fortunately the woman was not hurt. the former aide to president bush who wrote the torture memos approving water boarding for suspected terrorists can't be sued. today, the appeals court ruled that the justice lawyer, john yu, has immunity. the court kicked out jose padilla's lawsuit against yu. yu is a law professor at uc berkeley. and serving alcohol in walnut creek. bars, clubs and restaurants must follow performance standards set by the city. if they don't, the city can shut them down, the city council unanimously approved the ordinance last night.
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it followed a series of violent fights in the downtown area. and employees announcing today they plan to hold a series of strikes, unless a new contract is reached. the faculty association says that nearly 95% of members voted in favor of a work stoppage. the professors would hold the rolling two-day strikes, to talks are scheduled tomorrow and friday. and reforms following a pepper spray incident on campus last november. more than a dozen students were sprayed at close range by campus officers during an occupy protest. the university says it will now hire an independent expert to review police department operations, and set up a campus community council. and a bay area member of congress group, all hoping to keep interest rates from rising on student loans, uc berkeley's chancellor along with the president of mills college and
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cal state east bay joined congresswoman barbara lee in berkeley. one spokesperson said she will graduate with 100,000 in debt. >> knowing that on top of that i could be facing even higher interest rates is just -- an extra burden that i really can't imagine paying off and don't know how i would afford it. >> representative lee says the -- she supports a bill to pay for the student loan program by ending subsidies for oil companies. and from south of market to china town, work on the new subway under work tonight. new accusations from a group of people in san francisco, who are calling this a waste of time and money. and helping those who need one bart ticket at a time. the unique program in san francisco that turns one person's trash into another's treasure. and a significant change in our weather as we head into you're thursday, a good shot of showers in many bay areas. i'll show you where they will be and how long they will last hello?
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take a step forward... and chase what matters. . remember freeway, the puppy that was dragged on interstate 80, now he is living with a woman, the process to adopt him out will involve a lottery because so many people want him. before that, he has to have the surgery stitches removed, and also start to take puppy classes. new at six, criticism against the central subway. ktvu has more on why one group is calling the project a waste of money, mike? >> reporter: and frank, muni is banking on a billion, it really officially has not even received, despite that, take a look at this. right next to me, construction already under way on the subway. and for people walking by this, they may think possibly to
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themselves, it is a done deal. well, according to two former san francisco supervisors, they're saying not so fast. at 4th and bryant -- crews, digging dirt and building walls for a subway extension not even fully funded. >> this project is not inevitable. >> reporter: there, two former san francisco supervisors rally this group, looking to stop a project they say the city can't afford. >> it is now time for us to stand up and say it is wrong and it is not too late. >> reporter: the 1.7-mile central subway extension will run underage from china town. san francisco municipal transportation agency talking about the federal grant still up in the air. the grant is based on a number of conditions, including state funding for the project. and to ease the federal government's concern, yesterday, muni got the go
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ahead on the bond money that it is trying to secure from the state. >> all we did is provide help to the federal government that we're not going to let a situation stop us from executing the project. >> reporter: it is a huge gamble. by voting for the extension, nta just wrote itself a blank check on the back of the taxpayers. >> we're risking fair increases, and to the extent that muni has the bond passage, that should be used to maintain the current quality of service. >> reporter: and mta says it expects the decision about the grant by this summer. live here in san francisco, mike nebak, ktvu channel 2 action news. and in sacramento today, supporters of a plan to label the modified foods in california submitted nearly a million signatures for a november ballot measure. [cheering and applause]
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>> reporter: the initiative would bar food from being labeled as natural if it contains engineered ingredients, some groups oppose the measure, saying it will make food more costly. and facebook to make the stock market book on may 18th. the ceo will hit the road on monday to try to draw up interest in the stock offering. he is expected to hold a series of meetings with potential investors. and the old saying that one person's trash is another's treasure is proof in san francisco. thousands of bart tickets ended up at the recycling center. most worth less than a dollar at no extra costs. the employee recovered the tickets, and then donated them to a food bank and friends of the urban forest. >> we feel like at several points in the system, we have collected -- thousands of dollars worth. >> many people have eight or 10 of them at home on a desk drawer. >> now, they are asking the
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people in san francisco to take unwanted bart tickets to the blue recycling bins to be donated to charity. and caltrans finishing work on the suspension cable that will support the new eastern span of the bay bridge, workers compressing 137 steel wire strands to join one giant cable. once it is finished it will be more than a mile long. it should be done by monday. and spare the air season beginning today. tomorrow, the bay area air quality management district will hand out clipper cards at ac transit and bart stations in the east bay to encourage folks to take public transit. last year, the district ended up losing 11 spare the air. and bill martin will tell us when we could see rain. mainly in the north bay as we head into thursday, for the rest of us during the afternoon hours, sprinkles. this is not a big deal, unless
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you're in the north bay. the rest of us it is just sprinkles, wet on the roads, it will impact the afternoon commute, especially in the area of the south bay. so right now, winds out there on the delta, gusting to 22, a west-southwest wind, in the last hour it gets a southerly component. that is what we see now, that is not what we saw an hour ago. when the south winds kick up, that is an indication that the weather is getting closer. in fact it is, tomorrow morning we're looking for mainly sprinkles in the north bay. it will be breezy out there, more clouds tomorrow, and a chance of sprinkles, in the north bay, in the afternoon, sprinkles could spread south into the red wood city area, the san jose area, cool, upper 30, tonight in the upper 40, as far as outside activities, if you're in the north bay and you have outside classes you want to teach you may have a problem with it. everybody south of oakland, if you have outside activities, you will be fine in the morning hours. by the afternoon, late
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afternoon is when the showers will spread through the area. we'll time it out for you, first thing you notice, i pull up the computer model, showing the rain really just kind of stopping right here, right, heavier rain, north, a bit of drizzle on the peninsula, where it happens in the north bay, napa, 10th to a quarter of an inch, not a lot of rain. as you go south to the golden gate bridge, i'm i'll show you what i mean. watch the line where it stops, right? that is tough, stops right at the golden gate bridge. in the afternoon hours some showers slide south. most north. the computer model will barrett out. at 11:00, you will see more clouds. then as we get into tomorrow morning, north of the golden gate bridge, lunchtime, at 1:00, there it is raining in the north bay, then moving into the south bay at 4 or 5:00. we'll see how it pans out. the forecast highs, cooler obviously because of the cloud cover. again not a big deal event, the
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five-day forecast, a few sprinklings in there on thursday, morning to afternoon, mainly in the north bay in the morning, friday we clear out quickly. temperatures will be chilly, not that warm during the day. >> saturday, sunday looking fantastic. >> just in time, thank you bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00. on tv 36, we have been telling you about walnut creek's plan to get tough on bars and clubs, today we learned not everybody is willing to talk about it. also, the on line retailer soon taking up the business of show. a new plan to go hollywood. and going for the gold, a bay area teen heading to london for the summer longs. also, remembering football star junior seau, the investigation into his sudden death this morning in san diego ♪
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i'll have blueberry pancakes. uh huh. actually, make that glazed pecans... ok. with chocolate... no... caramel sauce. whipped cream? uhhhhhhh, yeah... but on the side. introducing build your own pancakes. only at denny's. . a member of a bay area olympic group is bound for the summer olympics, 18-year-old alexander masealis is the top in the grade. his father won the olympics three times, the high school
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senior is expected to enroll in stanford with a fencing scholarship. and one of the best linebackers in recent memory as died. >> yes, sad and stunning. junior seau, one of the most talented, likeable linebackers of the modern era of professional football is dead. and today, outside his home -- in oceanside, california, the family members and lookers-on came to express their well wishes. he is found at his oceanside home, dead of an apparent self- inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, there were no notes or obvious reasons for junior seau to take his own life, he was only 43 years old. and in other nfl related news, the league continues to come down and hard on the new orleans saints, the front office was -- disciplined
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recently. and today it is the players who get it. linebacker johnathan bilma, the biggest name, hardest hit, suspended without pay in the 2012 season. also, anthony har grove, suspended eight, will smith, four, and the former cal player, scott fujita, suspended for three, and we'll have highlights on the oakland a's game as well as the san francisco giants, the a's lead 4-0 in the 6th. against the red sox, giants go at it against miami. that is the sporting news, we'll have more tonight at 10:00. >> that is really sad about junior seau. i mean -- >> and one of those cases where i don't think anybody saw that coming. great looking guy, very friendly, and seemed to have the world on a string, we just don't know, yet. and coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, we're investigating a contagious
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infection that killed a bay area worker. they're trying to learn who he came in contact with. all coming up tonight after american idol, and as always, thank you for joining us on ktvu news [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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