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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. in a story you will only see on 2, what a little boy found that has his parents upset. we have a system and can we get a little rain out of this system? and new information the final days of osama bin laden, the documents shedding light on the final days of the terrorist leader. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you,
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welcome to thursday, it is may 3rd, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, let's check in with steve paulson with how we should dress. on the north bay, drizzle, light rain a lot of cloud cover, it is not solid, temperatures will stay cool and again some drizzle with light rain and really, it is a lot of clouds and temperatures are only in the 60s. here is sal. good morning we are looking at highway 4, eastern contra coster, there is 'accident on sellers, and it sounds very serious where helicopters are on the way for ahead on -- a head-on collision. this traffic is moving well, let's go back to the desk. we have an update on breaking news out of petaluma. we just got off the phone with petaluma's fire department.
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at least three people have been taken to the hospital with serious injuries and two of them are believed to be federal agents. this all started around 4:00 a.m. you can see quite a bit of activity there, a number of cars and agents and it looks like they have blocked off that street there. people nearby a best western inn are being told to stay in their rooms. these are new details we are getting. again three people were taken to the hospital. we don't know what started this and they are there at the scene trying to get more information and we will have an update. just minutes ago, documents seized on the raid in the come
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bound of osama bin laden were posted online. they are examining them right now and coming up in 15 minutes we will tell you what they show about osama bin laden's state of mind the moments before he was killed. a little boy in oakland made a startling discovery in a school yard and now he is taking medication to fight off hepatitis. >> behind me, this is the children's center. and it is still taped off this morning. the district a poll guying for its response. a bloody needle found inside this fence which remains taped off more than a week later. he found the needle last
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wednesday afternoon, picked it up tried to put the cap on and poked himself and then he put the needle in his pocket. she and his father have been told he needs to take medication because of the danger of hiv and hepatitis and that is not the only reason they are so upset. >> i think kids playing by the tape in the area all around here. >> this is not being taken seriously. i don't feel anybody came here and combed through this dirt. >> raked through it or anything. >> and to allow other kids to play here, it is unacceptable. >> the district is apologizing for what they are calling a breakdown in communication. nobody reached out to the family until friday and nobody cleaned the area until monday,.
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>> i think there are some questions why we didn't clean the area initially and since then there have been substantial cleanings and we have a daily sweep being by custodial staff to prevent anything like this happening in the future. >> reporter: an investigation is also underway to the entire incident including its handling of it. in the meantime it is unclear why this area is still blocked off if it was in fact cleaned but it does remain taped off, claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. breaking news we have been following in petaluma. tara moriarty joins us from the area with more on the events that sent two law enforcement officers to the hospital tara? >> reporter: you can see all the s.w.a.t., special weapons and tatics teams are leaving
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the scene and it looks like they are headed away from where this unfolded. if we pan to the left, you can see this is cordoned off and down there is a home and i don't know if you can make out an act and apparently there is a home around 450 this morning which butts up against the property and they heard two loud bomb sounds go off. you can see the overhead view of exactly what is going on here and dozens of agents that are here on scene, we do have police on the scene but they are not handling this event they are assisting.
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one by helicopter two are security acts. we did speak to the general manager at the best western inn earlier and let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> there is quite a few police vehicles, quite a few armed officers walking around, so they have pushed everybody back off the street and they don't want anybody back out walking the street because it is an active operation. and it sounds to me like there is possibly somebody still in the house they are trying to get out and we have herd bull hop noises and it gets crazy this morning. that was the general manager and head to individually call all of the rooms and notify people to stay inside and not come out. this all happened shortly before 4:00 a.m. and the bomb squad as well as
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s.w.a.t. teams came in and the whole building shook. it was home land security and off the freeway at 101 we noticed there were several agents with their guns drawn. so we will monitor the situation and again the latest is three people have suffered serious injuries two of them are homeland security agents. what is going on sal? >> we have some big problems in the santa cruz mountains road working or road closures on highway 17. they have been changing the information and i want to let you know, highway 17 northbound
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at the summit, this was some construction blocking the two northbound lanes getting late word they picked up those cones and traffic is already a mess. all the lanes are open, driving northbound from santa cruz to los gatos and this is a hassle so give yourself pretty of time. let's look at some live pictures, bay bridge toll plaza and that traffic looks good, no maim problems today. >> we have a car which crashed into the building. the car ran into simpson's soul food restaurant and there is extensive damage as you can see to the front of the building. the driver ran but left the car behind. police are taking to see if the
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car was stolen, let's go to steve. there are three web calms down there and two out of the three were cloudy and this system is inching towards giving us cloud cover and light drizzle to the north and this system is week. we to have a little bit of a southerly breeze so it will be mostly cool and breezy as the system goes by but that might be it for a while if not for the season. mostly cloudy a southerly breeze we'll see the system slide in and weaken and i doubt it will move to the south bay, mostly light rain, breezy at times, higher elevations up to 25 miles per hour. there is nothing wrong with staying cool, 50s and 60s.
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temperatures will stay the same in gilroy, mostly cloudy and warm, speaking of warm it will be warm by the weekend saturday sunday and also monday. a controversial police beating caught on tape in stockton, what happened moments earlier that police say explains their actions. also, if this is the latest internet sensation an auto mated dorm room at uc berkeley, why all the attention could cost that student creator. at least 2 law enforcement officers will take you to the path room, we will be right
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. . time now 6:13 we have an update with petaluma's fire department and they are telling us at least three people have been taken to the hospital with serious injuries and at least two are believed to be federal agents. this all happened at 415 this morning. people are being told at a best
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western inn they have to stay in their rooms. we have learned this involves homeland security and tara moriarty is there now and is getting more information and she will be back with another live update in just about 15 minutes. this video, tough to watch, once again, a police beating has ignited a controversy. they repeatedly beat an unarmed man who is accused of being drunk in public. however another video may help explain the officer's actions. take a look, it shows the suspect trying to grab an officer's gun during a scuffle. the 34-year-old parolee is now in jail facing charges of
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resisting arrest and they promise miss to closely interview both tapes in the investigation. and in pakistan, it was posted online. allison burns has seen those documents and has been looking through them and here is more on what they tell us about osama bin laden's mind set in the moments before he was killed, allison? >> reporter: the combatting terrorism center posted some of these documents in arabic with english than lakes -- translations and it is fascinating to say the least, handwritten letters listing members of al qaeda, and terrorism experts say they show osama bin laden concerned about money frustrated with other leaders of al qaeda, dozens of
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hard-drives, disks and where they were received the night he was killed, they have described this as the single largest collection ever obtained. it does seem like it is hard to get on that website right now, it is running slow, i will have more in my next update, for now allison burns. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> a woman was shot which happened just before 11:00 last night. it happen off of east 14th street. deputies say she was shot in the arm. deputies closed off the complex for a while because they believe that gunman was still inside. investigators did not find any suspects during their search. police in oakland also are investigating a shooting. it happened at 9:00 last
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night. police say a man was shot an injured. right now it is not clear what led up to the shooting. investigators say the gunman ran off and he has still not been found. santa rosa police may make earn rest soon. now the church was tagged with satanic graffiti yesterday afternoon. this photo is a van liced church -- vandalized church sign including another church. police are reportedly close to tracking down a suspect. well in just a couple of hours, stanford's department is expected to hear if it's leader is standing on the farm or going to the big 12. the athletic director has been offered the job of commissioner
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and they will decide if the league should expand or remain at 10 schools. and be behind the latest, it is complete with dorm room and party feature. they have dubbed his room the ridiculous auto mated dorm. party music with his voice, motion detectors even a remote but the fun may be over for him. he could reportedly be evicted because of evens made to requiring in there and you will hear more on this tomorrow. >> sal? >> that's right pam and dave
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weeds some lane closed and those lanes have been reopened but traffic in both directions los gatos and the other way around, both are slow and they are coming over the hill heading to los gatos and we have very heavy traffic so give yourself some extra time. the rest of the south bay, that still looks good and they are off to a good start on 280, and 101. 880 heading south still looks good and i want to show you 237, people still use 237 to cut across and on the right hand side, northbound still looks good. we have a weak series which
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is producing rain to the north and you can see there is a little bit holding together and it will drag across some drizzle mainly on the coast. the system does not have a lot going for it but the fact that it is in mendocino county upper 40s on the temperatures and high temperatures will not travel far. there will be a lot in the 60s but i think you will notice high pressure on saturday. south wind and some of the higher elevations are up to 20 to 25 miles per hour. 50s and 60s on the temperatures and then we started a chain on better conditions so breezy and warmer and even warmer sunday and monday. the number of new claims for unemployment dropped slightly. several filed and it is down 20,000 from the week before. it is the first decrease in a
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month and before that the number of new claims have been on a steady decline since october. target will stop selling amazon readers and they have sold the kin tell since 2010. the move also same time target plans to create mini apple shops in 6 of its stores. you have to see a lion taking a very special interest in a little boy. we will show you this closed encounter at a zoo in oregon. we are following this breaking developing news right now and you can see police officers are in that area on the scene and we know three law enforcement officers are taken to the hospital, stay with us. i'm a native californian.
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hours ago. we are trying to get more information but all three have been taken to the hospital with serious injuries and looking live at the scene you can see it is still active and homeland was staking out a home there and we don't know why. they were staying at a nearby best western and reportedly hearing two loud bomb sounds. we have a crew at the scene, police officers were trying to get more information but again, three homeland security officers are in the hospital with injuries. a closed encounter is making one mother thankful about the lion behind unbreakable glass. this is at the zoo in oregon
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and that lion clearly wanted a piece of that little boy but he is in front of protective glass. the child barely noticed what was happening. clearly something got that lion's attention and his parents say what the child was wearing may have had something to do with it. >> he looked like a tasty baby zebra. >> they were not worried about it. lions often interact with little visitors and the glass keeps them safe. a closed encounter with a used sir ring. we believe this was a stake out, we will have details
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. welcome back, there is a lot of economic news affecting the news today and that's the carlyle group ringing the bell, they do a lot, they are the world's largest organization dedicated to teaching literacy and certainly working with young entrepreneur and they do it here in the bay area as well. they are all over the world, junior achievements so welcome and thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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it is 6:30 and we are continuing to follow breaking news in petaluma. we have confirmed three homeland security officers have been seriously injured taken to the hospital. joining us from the scene with what has been happening there, tara? >> reporter: well you know about a half hour ago we saw a s.w.a.t. team leaf and we believe they -- leave and we believe the home in question is about three doors down. it has a beige suv and a big s.w.a.t., special weapons and tatics truck and we don't know if they were trying to target somebody. there were a lot of shots fired, we don't know if the people inside are dead or alive and we simply don't know because law enforcement is not
6:32 am
talking. there were three people taken to the hospital two by ambulance one by air and we believe two officers were taken to santa rosa and we are hearing the injuries are non- life threatening and that's the good news. we did speak to the general manager of the best western inn that agents were trying to target, let's listen to what he had to say. >> we had a couple of -- heard a couple of loud bangs some yelling and some shots fired. looks like they did evacuate somebody by helicopter and all we know now is it was homeland security operation. >> reporter: these are the
6:33 am
pictures from chopper 2 and there are several streets cordoned off in this area and the two main streets are east mcdowell. and again it appears this scene has sort of relaxed for a moment and we have learned the officers have backed off and left the scene and the latest is that three homeland security officers were shot and bee we believe they are going to survive -- we believe they are going to survive and we spoke to a woman across the street who said it was very scary, she had to duck under the bed and head to stay safe. the other people in the other earn, -- other end we are not sure but we will keep you posted tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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residents were told the shelter in place, police blocked off several streets 9:00 last night. this happened after a woman was reportedly threatened with a bomb. she told police she heard ticking near her car. the berkeley's bomb squad sent in that robot but they found no explosive devices. that scene was cleared at about 3:00 a.m. this morning but they reopened near euclid area. the time is now 6:34 a letter is being sent home to oakland parents after a seven- year-old boy found a used syringe on a playground. this is a story you will only
6:35 am
see on 2, claudine? >> reporter: the parents are upset because of the needle found in this daycare center but they are upset about the response to that discovery. take a look, there is a church across the street and you have an elementary school. but in the last few minutes i spoke to thaddeus and he said it does not surprise him that little boy found the syringe. >> they do all kind of things and there are all kind of people walking through. >> even before school starts? >> yes, right before school starts and right before school starts everybody is gone, it changing around here at that time. >> reporter: well nicholas
6:36 am
santiago attend the school and he found that needle last wednesday afternoon. apparently he tried to put the cap back on and accidentally poked himself and then he put the syringe back in his pocket. >> my son pulled out the needle and said look mommy, look what i found. my heart dropped. >> reporter: the district is apologizing and they said nobody reached out to the family until a week later and nobody cleaned the area until monday. a letter was sent to the families who attend and this area remains taped off this morning. live here in oakland claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. they hope surveillance
6:37 am
video will help find the people who beat a 14-year-old boy to death. it happened at roosevelt park. he was dropped off by his father and moments later he was kicked by suspected gang members. they saw 50 to 1,200 people and he died monday night. he was a student in south san jose. a man accused of killing five people is expected in court today. binh thai luc is expected of killing two men and three women and he ended up pleading not guilty to all of the charges. a judge could set a preliminary hearing date. a man accused of killing a san francisco father and two
6:38 am
sons, a pro claimed edwin ramos is incident. he is accused of killing tony balogna and his sons michael and matthew bologna back in 2008 2008. in the wake of the pepper spraying in the wake of the demonstration in november. an update of the campus' emergency operations plan and a task force will review campus policies related to protest. they are expected to go into effect in february. sal, feeling like another busy morning? >> yes, we have number of busy incidents, we have highway 4 and it is getting busy. there has been a serious again
6:39 am
and is hers are still closed because of a crash, ahead on collision where two people have been airlifted by helicopter and one person taken away by paramedics. also the morning commute, westbound bay bridge and that traffic is going to be busy trying to get to san francisco. if you are driving heading south, the traffic is getting busier between hayward and fremont so looking at the south bay, we are getting a little bit slow at 880, let's go pack to steve. mostly clear skies, also about the same clouds are starting to inch and temperatures in the upper 80s and today is the coolest day and this will be the warmest day. upper 50s and lower 60s closer
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to the coast. maybe some light drizzle moving to men seen know counter-- mendocino county and along the coast, it is already moving and ukiah is close. again, we are on the surround edge of this and more clouds than anything else. upper 40s and high temperatures, it will be the 60s and unless you are closer to the coast. a few breaks will show mostly cloudy. 51, we will go 62 and only a high of 67 degrees and after this system goes by tonight, it will wash itself out. warmer weather is on the way. mostly cloudy with a southerly breeze, mostly cloudy skies as the system stalls out and falls apart. the wind has picked up 25 miles
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per hour. 60s on the temperatures and all the way down towards the santa clara valley, easing up and it looks sunnyside up and warmer. remembering the life of a football star... >> show your love to my son, i don't understand who do this to my son. >> friends and family grieving the loss of tiaina baul "junior" seau. >> we will have a live update from the scene where three homeland security agents are injured. we will have more on the morning commute and bay area weather, stay tuned. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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. welcome back to our breaking news. taking you live to petaluma, this is from the scene where three agents were hurt at 4:15 this morning. this is a long south mcdowell and mcneil boulevard. agents are still gathered as you can see outside that home but it is unclear whether there were people living or dead inside that home. three agents were taken to the
6:45 am
hospital and we understand the homeland security officers were taking out -- staking out the home but neighbors heard a lot of gunfire and it's reported they were serving some sort of warrant. neighbors heard some gunfire and we will hear from some neighbors later. here is another story, just 45 minutes ago, documents from pakistan were posted on line. it shows osama bin laden was focused on coming up with plots to kill u.s. leaders including president barack obama. police announced a hit-and- run driver who crashed into simpson sole food -- soul food restaurant and knocked down part of the wall.
6:46 am
a letter will be sent home to parents one week after a seven-year-old boy found a used syringe which happened at hyland children's center. they are taking medications to prevent hiv and hepatitis. and apparently becoming infected, this unidentified man worked at lands end. he was part of a team developing a vaccine for meningitis. hours after leaving working last friday, he reportedly started getting a headache fever and chills and it also caused him to develop a rash. friends brought him in to the emergency room but it was too late. >> from the onset of symptoms,
6:47 am
it was only 18 hours until he passed away. >> they gave dozens of hospital workers antibiotic and people he worked with antibiotics. and friends received treatment as well. cal osha is investigating. they did find homemade bombs in a backpack in monday night's incidents. in all they found 11 dangerous explosive devices inside that one backpack. police arrested one person but they have not released any information on the suspects so far. they will be gathered in down town oakland and they will be hosting a vigil during the mayday demonstrations.
6:48 am
>> police or rested several and organizers of today's prayer vigil is designed to help the poor but many may actually be hurting the people they are trying to help. the results of an autopsy on tiaina baul "junior" seau could be released at soon as today. >> i pray to god, please take me, take me leave my son. >> just heartbreaking to watch his grieving mother yesterday, police think the former linebacker shot himself in the chest at his oceanside home. a handgun was found near his body. >> you run into each other all the time, you think you should have done something or said something, we should rally around each other. >> the family does not blame
6:49 am
the nfl he did not suffer from depression or concussion related problems, but they are still unsure why he would have taken his own life, but he drove his car off a cliff and it did happen after he was arrested on domestic violence charges. you can find the information right on our front page. >> and let's check in with sal because we have a very busy morning. >> that's right and we are looking at the toll plaza back up, there is the army base crossing and it has been backed up for a 10 to 12 minute delay and when you get passed the metering lights it's not all that bad and this morning here, it is not looking all that bad once you make it on to the
6:50 am
bridge, it is a nice drive into san francisco and as we look to the left, we can tell there is a toll plaza and just to the left as he pans over to the left, you can see the metering lights are on and ugg also see that new bridge is definitely looking like it is almost ready to go but it will be next year. northbound 101, that traffic looks good no major problems there. and if you are driving, we are off to a good start, a little bit of slowed traffic after 280 but the rest of the freeways still looking good >> now let's go to steve. we have mostly cloudy skies, it is a weak system but it is still on its way and we have a lot of cloud cover, there is not a lot, there will be some light rain some drizzle
6:51 am
along the coast, that's all that is left of that system, some very light rain or drizzle will make it and by 10:00 it is falling apart. it will give us a cool day and temperatures will start to warm up, in fact the northeast whip, anything moving south is not that strong. 40s and 50s on the temperatures and just to the mere fact the system continues to working its way in and that has to move over so mostly cloudy, some drizzle and light rain at times, this will be the coolest day of the week and we will start a rebound, upper 60s near the coast, breezy cool on friday and sunnyside up and warmer weather will take us into the weekend.
6:52 am
the economy is not going as -- growing as quickly. retail sales reported slower sales for the month and cooler than weather concerns about it made people more concerned about buying. more criminal charges against a san rafael teenager, new information about the teenager accused of stealing the carve a well-known celebrity chef. live at the scene, a big development about the suspect authorities were searching for and new information discovered, stay tuned for more.
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. time now breaking news, new information about an incident that injured three petaluma agents and as we get these pictures we see a lot of activity and homeland security agents were hurt as they were serving a high risk search
6:56 am
warrant and that's the statement according to ice just moments ago. the agents were rushed to the hospitals but injuries are not life-threatening. one suspect is in custody and all of this happened 4:15 near mcdowell boulevard at mcneil. the agents are being treated for their injuries at nearby hospitals and we are told the injuries are not life- threatening. now in the statement the ice officials say the incident and related criminal case is still under investigation and as we look at these pictures, you know the new information is still coming in on this story and we will have more information as it becomes available. available. >> max michael wade will be
6:57 am
tried as an document in connection with an attempted murder charge and he is also accused of breaking into an empty mansion and hosting a party there. sal is busy and you have the chopper helping you there? >> yes, that is right, we have the chopper near the road and traffic is moving a long well here, no major problems heading south out of oakland to san leandro and you can see traffic is moving very well getting to the road. also getting a little bit more slow getting to the bay point area, let's go to steve. mostly cloudy, some drizzle in southwest santa rosa, light rain drizzle and also on the north bay, temperatures in the 60s and we will have more on
6:58 am
your morning on 2. also coming up, breaking news out of petaluma, three federal agents injured in a tense situation and we are hearing new information about the suspect, stay with us.
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