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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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house. there's a hole in the garage door big enough for a man to walk through. this all started this morning. shortly after agents entered the home neighbors heard gunfire. >> it was still dark just after 4:00 when the raid took place. this shows federal agents, local law enforcement outside the home. 3 federal agents were injured but those injuries are not life threatening. >> these agents were wounded when encountered a barrage of gunfire. >> as the raid took place neighbors were ordered to seek shelter. >> gunshots but there were some pops you didn't know what it was. >> this home was one of 11 locations raided this morning in the search for members of the gang and their associates. one man was arrested at this home. he is one of 19 suspects. said all of the suspects are
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now in custody. except here the raid went off without incident. >> this was ground zero for the 500 block c street gang violence. 3 young men were killed and 3 were shot and wounded not far from here on december 22, 2010 during a senseless shooting. the violence must stop. >> of those arrested homeland security says 4 of those gang members face the death penalty if convicted. ken pritchett, channel 2 news. during that press conference federal agents stressed their work is far from over. >> to the gang members who are still out there i would offer this warning, be looking over your shoulder because there's a good chance we will be coming for you next. you can hear more on ktvu. a man trying to rob a
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jewelry store is dead tonight after the store's owner opened fire. it happened just after 1:00 this afternoon. a man went into korea's jewelry store, jumped over the counter with a gun. they say the owner fearing for his life reached for his own handgun and fired, killing the suspect's name. neighbors have told ktvu that the jewelry store has been robbed 3 times in the past. there are questions tonight about how a lab researcher could have been exposed to a deadly bacteria he was studying. dave stephenson is live with the safety protocols in place to protect researchers, david. >> well, julie, federal and state investigators are looking into how that lab worker here at the va hospital caught that
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infection and say they have an important message for the public. >> we were called in when the patient died. >> reporter: the patient was richard den, a 25-year-old lab researcher at the va's top facility. >> an enthusiastic and well trained scientist who was doing a good job. his goal was to develop a vaccine against type two sierra group. >> say he went home friday and complained of headaches and fatigue. he woke up with a rash similar to this one. >> when you have a blood infection many have this rapidly downhill course from progressing from onset of symptoms to death in less than 16 hours. >> reporter: they are investigate with assistance from the disease control. >> we don't want to ever see
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something like this happen. this is definitely a preventible situation if people follow the appropriate safety measures. >> reporter: health officials say there is little for the public to worry about. >> to get it you have to be in pretty close contact with somebody that's infected. it's sharing of body fluids like sal saliva. >> his girlfriend and 5 roommates were treated with antibiotics. until then the lab is closed until a cause can be found. police have arrested the vice principal of a high school in san jose on suspicion of sexual -- was taken into custody. say the arrest stems from an alleged incident last september. he was booked into the santa clara jail. a district spokesperson said he
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has been placed on paid administrative leave now. are still trying to figure out why a 14-year-old boy was severely beaten last week. it's a story we first brought you last night. say 14-year-old was attacked by a group of people, possibly grange members around 7:00 last night. the 8th grader was left in a coma and died in a hospital on monday. today a classmate said students are still stunned. >> his friends were getting really emotional and they started to cry. some just went home really fast. they were sad. >> reporter: police say they are checking surveillance video from a camera set up at the park in an effort to find those responsible for the attack. >> reporter: we're learning more about a 3 alarm apartment fire that left more than 2 dozen people out of their homes. that fire broke out about 10:30 this morning. fortunately no one was injured.
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firefighters managed to save 4 dogs, 2 of which were service animals. it appears the fire started in a bedroom and it appears the fire was accidental. titans threw down the gauntlet today to the owners of the as. tom baker is in oakland to tell us, locals are wanting the as to stay in town. >> oakland's business leaders say they intend to build a baseball only stadium somewhere on this prompt or another choice -- property or another choice one right up the freeway. leading the charge to keep the as and before he came here he was part of the deal to build the astro stadium in houston. >> i saw what that ballpark did to the economic site alt of hueso vitality to houston. >> his message to the as. >> if the current ownership is not committed to oakland, we have a group of people that will buy the team and keep it
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here. >> 25 oakland companies have already deposited million dollars in good faith money. >> the fact they are willing to step up to support the kind of sponsorships and stadium boxes that teams need in order to survive. >> reporter: a message aimed not just at the as owners. >> that there is this broad base of support within our business corporations that will -- that want the as to stay here. >> we have the property. we have most of the permissions and we also know quite frankly that the giants are not going to see the territory to them. >> with the right ownership and with the positive attitude and the support of the east bay the entire put community will come forward and we will be able to do it. >> a lot of people love the as and they are a great team. and i personally give them my support. >> and maybe that might bring do something with the city.
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you know, something extra for us to do. >> no comment as yet from the currently out of town as, reporting live, channel 5 news. the state assembly today passed a bill to ban gun owners from openly carrying rifles and other guns in public. the open that encourages gun owners to show up at public places with unloaded guns. including ones for hunters. the bill now heads to the state senate. california republicans launched a new campaign against governor jerry brown's proposed tax hikes. it's being done in called right track california. spoke on the steps of the capital. they say the governor's push to raise taxes will hurt california's economic recovery. one lawmaker said sacramento simply needs to get its finances in order. >> simple when you tell the truth and when you listen to
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the people. they prioritize their lives every day. >> reporter: the republicans say the democratic controlled legislature should instead be focused on trimming spending. >> meantime democrats say they are standing firm on protecting certain programs for the poor and most vulnerable. >> we will do all we can to minimize the impact on people who are most in need. including the child care providers and the families who depend upon the child care. >> while makers are hoping for a revenue boost from the so called facebook effect, facebook ipo later this month could bring millions to the state covers. who spent more than 20 years in sacramento has died. he served 8 years in the state assembly and 16 in the state senate. before that he served on the
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concord city council. called boat wright a dedicated lawmaker and a good representative. he died last week at his home in clayton. dozens of people protested outside the federal people in san francisco today for a national day of action. latino groups say they want answers about the death of -- rojas was killed in a border patrol incident in which he was beaten while allegedly resisting deportation. >> we want them to investigate. we want derrick holder to take this case seriously. they say they have an investigation and they haven't interviewed any of the witness withins of the crime. >> there were similar protests in several other cities today, including boston and san diego. about a dozen people gathered to oakland calling to an end to cuts of transit.
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say transit cuts disproportionately -- they say should be viewed as a basic human right. >> the 9 #% of just saying look, we are people, we are human beings, too, and we have the rights to the fruits of life just as you do and we're demanding that you share those fruits. >> reporter: the group says people that rely on public transportation lose out often because they can't get there. the dorm room of the future. what he did could get him in trouble. and there's still some scattered showers out there. i'll let you know when the showers leave completely and when the warm up will begin and how warm it will get. juicy johnsonville sausage.
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a southern california assembly man has been charged with driving under the influence last march. the county district attorney's office filed the criminal charges against assembly man roger hernandez on monday. he is now scheduled to be arraigned on may 21st. facebook is set, its price range today for its upcoming stock market debut. will sell shares from 28 to $35 apiece. that would raise more than $10 million. facebook is reportedly going public on may 18th. hulett packard has again taken its rank as the -- the rise in sales helped hp surge past competitor apple. a freshman is getting a lot
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of attention for his high-tech room. the reason university officials are taking a close look at what he did. paul. >> reporter: frank we would love to take you behind the doors right now but the students are studying. i will tell you we got a chance to check out this decked out dorm room. this is derek's dorm room. electrical engineering major created a system he calls brad which stands for berkeley ridiculously automated door. right now it's in party mode which means the curtains are closing. >> i want to learn how to operate like a home, a room. so i spent 3 months getting this. >> his computer sing ron eyeses all of his equipment. and he up loaded it to youtube. >> he had pictures of his room and taking apart the electric switch plates to try and modify the wiring in his room.
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>> university officials are worried other students will try to copy low. they are not allowed to tamper with property that allows to the school. however, officials had an electrician check out his room. he will only have 10 years to enjoy it because his freshman year is coming to a close. >> i deny expect it to go viral. >> reporter: he even made the hometown paper in singapore. it's getting even more attention than he can imagine. >> i got a few job offers because i did this video about my room. >> and will also get extra credit from one of his professors. live in berkeley. all right, take a look at this. googles latest gadget debuted on tv yesterday. showing off the new google
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glasses. these glasses actually use voice commands to do things that a smart phone would do, like take pictures or schedule a mighting. then the data you need hovers right there in your field of vision. jobless numbers dropped last week by the largest number in a year. applications fell 27,000 to a seasonally adjusted. despite the positive numbers the national unemployment rate was unchanged at 8.2. a clear picture. unemployment numbers should come tomorrow when is expected to release the april job report. hundreds of military veterans showed up today for a hire our heros event. the special recruiting was held at the o dot coliseum and it was open to any veteran no matter when or where they served. about 40 vendors were on hand. >> there's a lot advice for how to apply for the jobs they have
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available. i'm tayloring my resume toward each job. >> hiring our heros will return to oakland in september. if you want more information just go to our website and click on web links. say lobbyists have spent -- in just the first three months. common cause expects the lobbyist spending to hit a record $550 million when the two year legislation wraps up. some of the biggest spenders include west state petroleum which spent -- the california labor federation spent $867,000 and the kaiser foundation doled out more than $755,000. our chief meteorologist joins us from the weather center and tracking light rain. >> yeah, there were some heavier showers this afternoon as many found out on the east bay. but for most of us it's been
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light showers. tracker 2 shows the last few hours looped. you can see the showers kind of glide through the area. we've seen rain, it just depends where you are. the most rain i've been seeing is up in the north and they got a quarter of an inch in some places. just under .02. i think that's what most people got, .01. so as the sun sets, that's the back edge of the weather. as that slices through, it's gone. skies begin to clear. temperatures cool overnight but then they warm tomorrow. it's not going to be hot tomorrow, and then temperatures begin to warm further as we go into saturday and sunday. significantly warmer. so out on the bay, some winds. the high builds in and the winds come howling through the golden gate bridge. noontime they are going 20 miles per hour.
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by afternoon they are 25 miles per hour. and maybe gusting to 30 in places like the san francisco airport. so tomorrow clearing and cool. so not that warm. upper 60s at best. then saturday and sunday, it really warms up into the mid- 80s. so as this system slides out, high pressure comes in we warm up just in time for your bay area week. so a nice looking bay area saturday and sunday. sunday will be the warmest day on the weekend. computer model takes the rain and sends it out of here. early morning clouds gone, so your morning looks dry. your afternoon commute is dry and we start to get into a really nice forecast. 68 in brown wood. not bad, not warm, we have seen much warmer temperatures this week. 69 in morgan hill. friday forecast then is, you know, if -- thises classic
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showers. there's nothing in the reservoirs but like you were saying about the wipers the other day, frank, it's just annoying. >> and the road is slippery. thanks, bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00. we will take you back to that jewelry store where an apparent botched robbery left the suspect dead. also, could america's 4th land be the next target for terror. join us for these stories and more at 7:00. the panda is hurt and unable to play. what it means for the san francisco giants now that pablo sandoval is out of the line up.
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a popular concert series at concord plaza will live on. community fundraisers helped save it though it is going to be scaled back this year. the series will be held on thursday evening starting may 31 31st. officials say the outdoor events attract more than 200,000 people a year and are the key source of revenue for
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some of those downtown businesses. another day nor giants. >> bill was telling us about the forecast, looks good for the giants. very gloomy, just like the day at at&t, pablo sandoval will miss and the giants will get swept. but first take a look at this foul ball. the gentleman missed it an his wife let's him have it. you can't miss a ball like that. 2-1 marlins in the 8th. jose reyes, the former met short step comes back to -- mel key cay bare oh -- but a grounder does manage. here's the final out. giants just couldn't get anything going. they scored 5 5 runs in the 3 games. they have lost in san francisco
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but all the talk in the clubhouse about pablo. >> we have been here before, last year with him and then obviously we lost buster last year. so it's definitely something that we've been through. >> i can't replace the guy. that's reality and there's very few people that can replace a guy like that. but like i said, while he's out i'm going to do the best job i can and try to contribute offensively or defensively. >> meantime the giants, not the only team that's got problems, mariano rivera, there in a pregame accident, one of the greatest closers ever to play, shagging fly balls in practice and he looks to have a severe knee injury. that was a-rod taking a look at him. he is smiling, which might indicate that maybe he thinks the injury isn't as serious as it looked but injury is the pro
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dominant story in baseball today. an update on both situations tonight at 10:00. don't shag fly balls when you're a pitcher. >> multimillion dollar pitcher. crazy. >> party busters the bad scene that some san francisco night club owners say come along for the ride. >> we'll have this coming up on the 10:00 news. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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