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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 4, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 10:00. >> cinco de mayo is tomorrow but the party already started and so have security to keep the celebrations safe. i am julie haener. >> i am frank somerville. cinco de mayo falls on a saturday and with several gang killings already on the police broughter, san jose is concerned about problems downtown. happening now, ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live where the partying is underway and police are making their presence known. >> reporter: we just checked with police, and everything
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seems quiet in downtown san jose. that is on the streets but in the bars and restaurants there are loud celebrations. [ music playing ] >> reporter: even the night before cinco de mayo is a time to celebrate. the bars and restaurants are full in downtown san jose. and glasses don't stay empty too long. he remembers the last time cinco de mayo fell on a saturday. >> a lot of people. the city got overwhelmed with a lot of people. >> reporter: tonight there are a lot of police on the streets of downtown san jose. a heavy presence that will continue through the weekend. the police say there will be zero tolerance. we saw one man being taken away. >> he was in here 5 minutes and he was causing problems. i had to tell him to get out.
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>> reporter: police are being especially vigilant because of the beating death of a 14-year- old boy. police say it was a gang related crime. >> anytime you have a community event, yeah, it may spill over but we are prepared. >> reporter: police aren't taking chances. they stress it is a safe downtown and they want people to come down and celebrate lawfully. >> come early and leave early. that is the trick. before everyone gets, you know, little bit drunk or something and just don't want to be around for that. >> reporter: tomorrow the forecast is for warm weather, as for tonight, the police say it is quiet for now. live in downtown san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2
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news. we have new information tonight about a police shooting that we told you about at 6:00 on ktvu channel 2 news. it happened tonight. a officer was following a stolen car when the driver exited. the driver pulled the car into a kaiser parking lot. got out and tried to run. what happened next is unclear but an officer fired that suspect. that man was hit but is expected to survive. we have now learned it was a pinole police officer who fired the shot and not a chp officer. the car was stolen. the name of the wounded suspect has not been released. in san francisco the bomb squad was called out tacheck out -- to check out a suit case today. authorities shut down the
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streets and rerouted muni lines. it took 3 hours before the bomb squad determined the suit case contained no explosives. a woman was injured today in a fire in san francisco. the fire broke out 10 minutes before 3:00. fire crews say there was a lot of smoke and clutter in the house. one team got inside, located the woman and managed to get her out. >> several units were put into effect and another unit took a hose in to back off the fire that was near the victim. >> the woman was rushed to the hospital. ktvu channel 2 news was told she is now in critical condition. they kept the fire from spreading to other homes. new developments in a case of the antioch squatters 24
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hours after residents claimed about people taking -- complained about people taking over a home. ktvu's ricr has more -- eric rasmussen has more. >> reporter: neighbors e-mailed me photos of the squatters loading up. we saw the same thing for ourselves and we got less than a friendly response. >> reporter: outside the home neighbors say was taken over by squatters, we watched three men loading this truck. one of us gave us a gesture. they are the same squatters who moved in next to them. after residents made a show of force last night they snapped photos today showing the unwelcome neighbor moves out.
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>> they took two truck loads out. >> reporter: is this a little satisfaction? >> oh, yeah. we got our neighborhood back. as soon as they are gone maybe we will have a party. >> very compen problem -- common problems. >> reporter: he had a run in of his own with the squatters. >> i was told they were tenants and when i watched the news i was -- my gut feeling were right. >> reporter: last night we caught up with the woman who is the real owner of the home, she filed a report with police about the squatters. neighbors worry they will just look for another vacant house so they plan to bring up the issue with city counsel. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police are investigating a robbery at a
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barbershop where 20 people were held up. four teens walked into the barbershop on international boulevard after 8:00 tonight. police say each robber was carrying a gun. they demanded money from everyone inside. they took wallets, cell phones and whatever people had on them. a report from the university of california is recommending its campus police take a kinder approach to future protests. it follows the force last year and that pepper spraying at uc davis. it calls for better training and says mediators should be used. >> i feel confident should the recommendations been in place the mistakes in november would
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not have been made. >> there are 50 recommendations in all. another one is to videotape to get a complete record for evidence and training. read all of the recommendations on we posted the full report under hot topics. a cash strapped grade school will be allowed to stay open till the end of the year. a judge ruled the school can operate through june. the school filed for bankruptcy last fall after defaulting on a construction loan. the school will close its doors on june 7 after the 8th grade graduation. the unemployment rate fell last month. as craig boswell reports it was a topic in the race for the white house. >> reporter: president obama again urged congress to stop a
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rate increase on student loans. if they don't act, rates double june 1. the president says he will push lawmakers to help accelerate job growth. >> after the worst economic crisis since the great depression, our businesses have created more than 4.2 million new jobs over the last 26 months. >> reporter: more people gave up looking for work. the economy ated 115,000 -- added 115,000 jobs in april. the slowing growth was not part of the president's message. >> it hasn't gotten better. and that is because the obama policies haven't worked. >> reporter: mitt romney says it should be cut in half.
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the battle over the economy will get more harsh as the election nears and polls remain tight. mitt romney also met with rick santorum. president obama is back in virginia tomorrow. the senate is scheduled to take up the issue next tuesday. on wall street, the dow is down 168 to 13,038. the nasdaq is down 68 at 2,956. its largest decline of the year. they fear the jobs report could indicate growth is stalling. >> it caused oil prices to tumble. it closed at $98.49 a barrel. this is the first time since february it has been lower than $100. this could drive down gas prices. right now the bay area is
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headed in the other direction. gas prices going up 3 cents this week alone. several refineries reduced their gas production for maintenance and repairs. as of today the average in california is $4.19. adam yauch, one of the founders of the beastie boys died today after a long battle with cancer. he was 47 years old. [ music playing ] >> adam yauch performed under the name mva. it first burst on to the music scene in 1986. the first hip hop record to top the billboard charge. he was a well known advocate
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and organized the first freedom concert held in 1996. and at we have posted photos chronically adam yauch throughout the years. a series of explosions and they made a young boy's wish come true. his favorite explosion and the effort that made it happen. >> the weekend is upon us and we got very warm temperatures to talk about. i will show you the warmest day and which cities will get ov80 degrees -- over 80 degrees. >> how this skipper pulled off a rescue no one else could. ♪
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. a gray while tangled in fishing line has been set free. ktvu's deborah v is live where she talked to the skipper who pulled it off. >> reporter: he did it without hesitation. this hook, something he took off the whale almost as big as his boat. >> pretty big whale. >> reporter: he took us board to show us the lines he cut off a whale. >> around his mouth.
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>> reporter: first spotted last month in southern california he alluded rescuers. but attached buoys to make it visible. last night he spotted the buoy said. >> they are diving and coming back up. and diving. >> reporter: he grabbed video when he saw what the buoys were hooked to. then he and a crew mate used a hook to cut the ropes off. >> once we did a couple cuts it came off. >> reporter: the whale close enough to touch. >> he was wore out. we got to him. >> reporter: all the while careful to make sure they didn't get pulled over. >> dived a couple times. >> reporter: he had no idea this whale was on tv. experted worried it might die. not till his dad asked where he
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got the buoy did the whale of a rescue come up. >> who knows where the whale would have gone. just happened to go by my son's boat and he took action. i am proud of the crew. >> reporter: this fisherman says the danger seemed secondary. >> i think he knew that i was helping him. >> he was thankful. looked like he was thankful. >> reporter: the skipper says the ropes that were giving the post trouble were the ones the biologists used. the district attorney filed charges against three people on
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the protest last week. police ended up arresting 39 people on tuesday and prosecutors say more charges may be coming. at 10:30, see what happens when protesters show up at a open house. police identified a man who was shot and killed during a robbery attempt. he tried to rob the jewelry store yesterday afternoon. the owner, his wife and their daughter were in the store at the time. police say the owner feared for their live said and shot him. the owner is not charged with a crime. a effort by the police and fbi ended with two men under arrest. golden gate guillermo jimenez and robert nizuk were arrested. authorities served a search warrant that home with a recent
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gang incident and found guns inside. both men are charged with being felons in possession of a fire arm. an update on a story that was breaking last night. investigators say a fire at a home was deliberately set. someone poured gas on the porch of a home and then let it on fire. it belongs to a disabled vietnam veteran. firefighters rescued him. continuing coverage of the tense situation and evacuations in emeryville this morning prompted by a leak at a fueling station. ktvu's john fowler has more. >> reporter: we showed you the scene from chopper 2 this morning. firefighters and police fearing an explosion evacuated the high school and businesses.
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residents startled awake about 7:30. >> i heard a boom and came out. workersed they saw flames leap -- >> reporter: workers said they saw flames leap from a tank of hydrogen. >> once the system detected it was having a problem it began to shut down. less dangerous than a gas station under similar circumstances. >> reporter: we showed you the unveiling three weeks ago. part of a state mandated zero emission bus program. hydrogen vehicles are less efficient than diesel hybrids. he said he is nervous having the hydrogen station in his
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neighborhood. >> they tell us absolutely safe and -- i think today refutes that. >> reporter: i learned that investigators found a faulty volve on one of the -- valve on one of the tangs and the station -- tanks. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. i hope you had a nice friday. these are the temperatures by the national weather service. warmer today than yesterday. it will be significantly warmer as we head into saturday and sunday. tomorrow, talking upper 60s at the ocean beach. 60s at golden gate park. 70s around the ballpark. low 80s pop up as well. tomorrow will be a stunning day. temperatures warmer than today. sunday, monday, tuesday, more warming. i will have the highs for your city and the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in
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view in a few minutes. a boy who is terminally ill had his wish come true today. he is battling leukemia and his wish was to see a real explosion so the bomb team made his wish come true. the boy and his family got to see fbi explosions in all. he called the experience today osanymore tells us -- awesome and tells us which was his favorite. >> one the gasoline. >> they will spend the rest of the week in california. including seeing the golden gate bridge. reason to celebrate, how the police office showed up and what happened when protesters
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showed up. >> a former police officer learns his sentence, his involvement in a major scandal. what's the best gift you can give mom ?
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today was a key day in court for two former police officers caught up in a drug and crime scandal. one pleaded guilty, the other learned his fate. ktvu's john sasaki tells us both will spend years in federal prison. >> reporter: they left the court today without talking to the media. he is now in federal custody where he could stay for 10 years or more for his role in the scandal. >> he feels bad. a lot of people got hurt by this. and his family particularly. >> reporter: in court he described the crimes he
10:25 pm
committed. conspiracy to sell marijuana, running a prostitution ring, robbery and extortion. >> the participation with the commander in selling contraban that was in evidence. the family of louis lombardi left after learning he would spend three years behind bars. >> i guess i would have to say there is no explanation. what he did was wrong. >> reporter: the remaining question is norman welch. he won't take a plea deal. >> as far as the drugs are concerned, it was mr. welch who had access for that. >> reporter: in oakland, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. u.s. defense secretary leon panetta went to georgia today
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to deliver a message to the troops. he said bad behavior has consequences. this is the first time he addressed the issue with troops and he stressed only a small number of american forces have been involved in scandal. he said inappropriate photos can become headlines in second. >> it can put your fellow service members at risk. it can hurt morale, damage our standings in the world and cost lives. >> he called on the troops to honor their military values. his message has been passed long to commanders. in 6 minutes theuch dates on a -- an update. the family of junior seau said they will donate his brain to research to see if his blows had any role in his death.
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he shot himself on wednesday. he played 20 seasons in the nfl. doctors say brain trauma can effect judgment. he did not leave a suicide note. opd, you can't hide. >> protesters show up tonight at a police open house. the response they got when they tried to disrupt the celebration. >> an update on four badly malnourished horses. the remarkable progress they are making. dinner's ready.
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oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. two, three. [ cheers and applause ] >> with that unveiling oakland has a new community, formally
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known as curia town -- korea town. 20th to 35th street on telegraph avenue and the city is celebrating a big birthday tonight, 160 years old. amber lee is live. >> reporter: it was a proud day for oakland as leaders hosted celebrations. [ singing happy birthday ] >> reporter: mayor jean quan called this day a renaissance and celebrated. a model of city hall was unveiled after it was vandalized last year. >> oakland is a city on the rise. >> reporter: tonight a
10:31 pm
motorcycle demonstration dazzled the crowd. >> excited. a lot of fun. [ music playing ] >> reporter: inside police headquarters students with the oakland school for the arts performed. a small group of protesters threatened to disrupt the celebration. officers stopped the group as it tried to enter the building, saying they wanted to speak to the police chief. >> you are welcome to come in, based on the behavior we will see. >> reporter: soon after they went inside, one man tried to speak that microphone and officers escorted the group out. >> unfortunate they have done that. this is not about protesters. >> reporter: residents say this is a great opportunity it get to know the police. >> great for the kids so they don't grow up being scared of the police. >> reporter: the police helicopter flew over head and
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the police boat was on display. it capped a day long series of events celebrating their 160th birthday. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a couple in pittsburg were in the line of fire tonight. police say a gunman fired at another man at a bus stop. one of the bullets went through the window of the couple's car. fortunately they weren't physically hurt. >> devastating. you don't realize how close you are to death. >> the victim was grazed in the shoulder. police said between 5-8 shots were fired and the suspect got away. 13-year-old girl is closer to creating a memorial for a soldier she never met. today the park broke ground and it will be dedicated in hahn orphize -- in honor of service
10:33 pm
member whose gave their lives serving their country. he was killed in iraq in 2006. she devoted the past year to raising money to build the park. >> it is for all fallen soldiers. i will think about them and be like this is in memory of them too. >> they helped raise the funds for the project but it still needs construction supplies. she vows to see the project through. in san jose graffiti happened in a neighborhood not known for crime. ktvu's janine de la vega tells us more. [ music playing ] >> place of worship, children come to learn right from wrong but that didn't matter to who
10:34 pm
did this. >> it is devastating. the principal says none of the graffiti seems to be hateful or gang related. >> they put a line through a -- crossed out the word church. >> reporter: several businesses were also vandalized. people say graffiti has increased in the last month. >> every week. the city has only one police officer who investigates due to budget cuts. >> he is productive. i have seen him in court a number of times. >> reporter: the city sent out a team to take care of the graffiti. >> i like to spank them, actually. i like to get them out here and do the job. >> reporter: if you see
10:35 pm
graffiti and want to report it, download an app called san jose clean and take a picture and it will get sent to the city to get cleaned up. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. one of yahoo's share older is asking for the outers of scott thompson. he set a deadline of 9:00 a.m. monday. in a filing -- an important recall of pet food and what is interesting, who is getting sick. it is not dogs or cats. >> a nice looking weekend coming up. we will look specifically at your city and how warm it is going to get. >> and the mission district business owners are looking for
10:36 pm
help to make repairs.
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a ktvu channel 2 news viewer sent us this video. as you can see there, the water
10:39 pm
was shooting high into the air. we were told a car may have clipped the hydrant. officials will examine police tactics. vandals smashed windows on 30 storm said and trashed cars -- 30 stores and trashed cars. the vandals targeted the wrong people say they. >> we need election reform, financial reform. we just don't need violence in small neighborhoods against individual owned businessed. >> a fund has been set up to help. wells fargo offered a $25,000 grant. police plan to look at their response or lack of it to see if they could getter handle in the future. the program will be in the
10:40 pm
mission four times this summer. in the bay view on july 22. china town august 26. and the north of the panhandle september 9. the final sunday will be in the mission on october 21. in news of the world, in columbia a woman who says she was the escort in the secret service prostitution scandal gave a radio interview today. she called the agents fools. she said she didn't look through the agent's belongings. arraignment is set for five believed to have been in the september 11 attacks.
10:41 pm
each faces the death penalty. one attorney expects them to fight the charges. in canada the last canadian penny was minted today. they decided to stop minting penny because they cost more than they are worth. in the future cash transactions will be rounded to the nearest 5 cents. dog food is being pulled after a salmonella outbreak sickled a dozen people. officials say the products have sickened 14 people who fed their pets. 5 people were hospitalized. no pets have been effected. here is a list of all the brands, country value, diamond naturals and premium edge. a first grader is a hero
10:42 pm
for shaving a choking classmate during lunchtime. >> like -- like, they didn't know what to do but i did. >> smart girl there. she learned the heimlich maneuver from a tv show on the disney channel. the principal recognized her actions with a certificate. there should have been immediate action on this right away. >> four horses rescued just in time. the investigation underway after ktvu's rita williams exposed the problem. >> and the weekend is here and our chief meteorologist steve u is tracking the temperature -- steve is tracking the temperatures.
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first one horse and then a second were flown to safety by
10:45 pm
a helicopter. 4 horses fell off a trail and down a ravine. one of the horses died. rescuers cleared brush and walked out the third horse. they were part of a ride that has been going on for 18 years. none of the riders were seriously hurt. a story we brought you two weeks ago, involved four neglected race horses that were rescued after ktvu's rita williams stepped in. >> reporter: a new home, at least for now, and a chance for the malnourished horses to survive. >> they were optimistic. you can get into it and still lose them so that is why we are being careful. >> reporter: it took a lot to get the horses here to the
10:46 pm
animal services. concerned citizens sent the photos in, pleading with them to rescue the horses. three weeks later still no investigators had seen the horses. they contacted me, i called and the horses were seed the same day -- seized the same day. >> reporter: why did it take three weeks? >> there is no excuse for that. there should have been immediate action. >> reporter: animal subs is conducting a investigation -- services is conducting a investigate, and a criminal investigation. >> we are looking at animal neglect charges. >> reporter: all former race horses.
10:47 pm
because of a skin condition they are losing clumps of hair but after two weeks here new hair is coming in. and the horses are eating as if their lives depend on it. because they do. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. some drives and motorcycle riders split when it comes to lane splitting. 78% of motorcyclists said they lane split. 63% of drivers disapprove of the practice. it is legal, by the way. a new attempt that would ask stores not oo sell a -- not to sell a alcoholic drink to stop underaged drinking. if passed stores would be asked
10:48 pm
to halt the sale of the drinks. they will consider the measure next tuesday. tuesday. creatures con one will be held tomorrow. the convention honors creature features. you may remember, it was a late night horror show from 1971 to 1984. one of the former hosts is scheduled to be at the event. outside right now, nice weather. the winds died down. and now we are looking at warming conditions. golden gate bridge, winds at 11. they were up to 25 this afternoon. with less wind, it will be chillier over night. no fog. the winds come off shore and we set up for one of the nicest
10:49 pm
weekends. we have had good weekends, this will be in the top three. sunny and warmer for the weekend. sunday is the warmest day. saturday, not bad. over night lows will be chilly. i will bet you in the north bay and east bay, you will see frost in some locations. think about that as you get going early. baseball games, golf, it will be chilly. highs tomorrow 70s and low 80s. weather systems remain to the north. high pressure is established so it is sticking around. bay area weekend has nowhere to go but up. temperatures on the increase saturday and sunday and monday and tuesday. temperatures into the 90s. high pressure will intensify enough, that gets you good beach days. all those areas long the coast
10:50 pm
will be beautiful this weekend. you may want to consider that. highs tomorrow, 79 sonoma. 80 napa. these temperatures warmer than they were yesterday. warmer about 10 degrees than today. 80 antioch. good air quality. beautiful, still green. fire danger is not high. hills are green right now. lots of color out there. despite the day time highs. sunday is warmer still. sunday 80s, maybe low 90 towards morgan hill. five-day forecast, warmer, warm, warm, warmer -- [ talking at the same time ] >> really nice. >> no rain. nice weekend. >> thank you. tonight sky is clear, the bay area will get a treat tomorrow night. the moon will be bigger and brighter than normal. super moon.
10:51 pm
it is closest to the earth at 8:30 tomorrow night. last time was march of last year. the best time to view it is when the moon is near the horizon. bay area students carry on a time honored tradition. who took the top prize during today's unusual contest. [ cheers and applause ] - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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[ cheers and applause ] students took to the stage to compete in a tradition. the 47th annual bird calling contest. they took the top prize for mimicking the call of the prairie chicken. it started in 1963 and gained notoriety nationwide. if you want to see more video go to and click on the hot topic's tab. we might have birds at
10:55 pm
at&t. >> yeah. rough -- [ talking at the same time ] >> four losses in a row. you could only say the season just started so many times, it gets old. not bringing it at all. you know what we saw tonight? lots of empty seats. down 4-1. melky cabrera to the heart. rbi. and the giants are within 4-2. buster posey making it 4-3. then brandon belt. that is a error on rickie weeks. 4-4. bullpen can't hang. top of the 7th. ramirez with a two out, two run single. 5-3 is the score. 6-4 the final. four straight home losses for the giants. the price was right in tampa
10:56 pm
tonight. david price 12 strikeouts in 8 innings for his fifth win already. a's against a team that won 13- 14 at home. you know what else is nice? to see a guy that likes his job. one nof grounds keep -- one of the grounds keepers there. four runs for the rays. did oakland in. ross gave up 16 runs in two games. rbi double off the bat of bj upton. 7-2 final. i want to see more of that guy. why not? that is your highlight of the day for the a's. what you won't see this weekend, tiger woods. first time he ever missed the cut in the same tournament twice. wells fargo in north carolina has not been kind to him.
10:57 pm
putting for par, a bogy. he needed one birdie to make the cut. he couldn't get it. a 3-footer no good. he missed the cut by one shot. the lakers annual elimination of the nuggets delayed. los angeles temparily temparily -- temporarily delayed. 18 of his 25. miller up top. massive slam. los angeles still up 2-1. that is the sporting life for a friday night. tim lincecum no decision tonight but he was not on his game again either. >> maybe they need more dancing. >> yeah. get him to come to at&t. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time
10:58 pm
news breaks. we are always here for you on and also mobile ktvu.
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