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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 5, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. extra san josi police officers are on parol tonight make sure cinco de mayo celebrations don't get out of hand. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone, i'm heather holmes. happening right now, after last year's festivities turned violent, officials have change their tactics this year. ktvu's eric rasmussen joins us live with what is different.
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>> well, the police are certainly out in force, like you said and we're along east santa clara. police are actually diverting traffic over to 4th street. it's one of the things that they are doing. they are say their goal is to diffuse any potential problem before they get out of hand. this could just be the beginning of a wild saturday night in san josi. among the parade of cars flying mexican flags and police, we found these two. what do you think about all of the police here? >> [ bleep ] they van ran our names for warrants. it's all good. >> our main concern is that they do it safely and lawfully. san josi police are focused on downtown and east san josi using special tactics, including the diversion of traffic and pedestrians. >> which means to flush out
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that area and make sure it's not a gridlock, where a lot of times tension flares up. >> reporter: the owner of muchos restaurant and bar is hoping for the best and plans to stay open until 3:00 a.m. >> he don't think it's going to be a problem. i don't know. you never know. i hope not. >> reporter: last year chopper 2 captured this moment when a crowd of people took over the street. not the kind of scene people want to see repeated as they try to enjoy cinco de mayo on a saturday. >> you think everybody is going to behave themselves? >> i hope. i hope. >> reporter: and just checking with police the last few minutes as we see the crowd of people making their way behind me. they say despite the people having fun out here, there haven't been any major incidents so far tonight. last night 21 arrests including three juveniles arrested for something gang-related, an assault, they say despite that there is no information that there is going to be any gang-
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related issues. live in san josi, back to you. a mariahi band played traditional music in san josi. in addition, to the live music folks enjoyed a classic car show there. was also a cinco de mayo parade, arts and crafts and lots of traditional mexican food. police are also out tonight looking for anyone who might be driving under the influence. this is at the intersection of san josi avenue and randal avenue in the city. other checkpoints are being held all over the bay area tonight. law enforcement from dozens of agencies stepped up patrols starting last night and it will all last through tomorrow. a potentially life-and- death struggle took place this afternoon for several windsurfers. jade hernandez is at crissy field in the city and talked about the rescues of the coast guard of more than laf a dozen people. >> reporter: not photographer from here the
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coast guard dropped morph than a handful of surfers rescued. the problem today, wind or truly the lack of. watch as this kite surfer loses the wind. he becomes stuck without a way to get back to shore. this man ran to get help. >> today was a big day for kite surfers, for sure. >> reporter: what began with one downed kite surfers ended with eight others being rescued. this surfer bobbing in the water was the ninth rescue call for the coast guard today. the coast guard sent out a 47' lifeboat and launch a whopper and accepted assistance from not only a good samaritan, the chp and the san francisco fire department. >> it's like clock work when they start to come in, and the wind today died. >> reporter: one surfer who preferred not to detail his troubles on the water tolds us off-camera he got caught just outside of the golden gate bridge. a coast guard spokesman stationed in sausalito explained whyy losing wind power posed such a danger.
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>> the customer was at the maximum, which was pushing out to see at four knots and that is pretty significant. once it's down, it gets weird on the body and they lose focus. >> reporter: and none of the surfers rescued were hurt. only one of them had a wet suit on. the coast guard advised anyone surfing in the chilly bay waters to wear a wet suit. otherwise if they get stranded it could lead to hyperthermia. in oakland tonight police are investigating a shooting that left a man in his mid-20s dead. voyagers say the unidentify man was in front of a home near a street this afternoon when he was shot and killed. early reports indicate it was a drive-by shooting, but witnesses say the victim was struck multiple times. he was pronounced dead at scene. police have not release suspect information. a vallejo man is
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arrested after a dispute led to a fatal stabbing. cara liu explains that a woman was also injured. >> reporter: alice stevenson lived in the olympia mobile-home park for about two decades. tears welled up in her eyes as she talked about the loss of her neighbor. >> everybody knows over around here. even if they don't know them by name, they know who they are. >> reporter: police rushed to the scene this morning after a dispute between neighbors turned into a stack. detectives say a 42-year-old woman was rushed by helicopter to a local hospital. a 43-year-old man died of his injuries. >> it's really sad. he mean words can't describe how close of home this hits, especially when we first moved here he was really helpful and definitely helps to welcome us to the neighborhood. >> reporter: a wooden railing was broken during the overnight scuffle according to neighbors and police spent hours collecting evidence. they say they have yet to
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figure out what the dispute was over, but confirmed that they arrest 3-d 2-year-old cameron weiss of vallejo. the police department held its gun buyback. east palo alto police officers collected the weapons this morning. police say two anonymous donors put up $15,000 to help fund the program. police pay $100 for each gun turned in. >> you can bring as many guns as you want. we had a gentleman bring in 28 guns he didn't want anymore. so he is going to walk away with $2000. >> we get anything from pistols to rifles to shotguns. police say they collected 74 guns at today's event. a man collapsed and died this morning while hiking along a popular trail in the east
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bay. police say the 54-year-old man was this morning in mission peak regional reserve in the fremont hills. he was hiking with his wife and police suspect he may have had a heart attack. man was pronounced dead at the scene. we're learning new information about an officer- involved shooting in pinole that left a suspected car thief injured. that shooting happened just after:00 after 5:00 p.m. on pinole rhoad. authorities say after police stopped haggerty he refused verbal orders and rammed the car into the police cruiser. haggerty suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder. he was treated and booked into the martinez jail. investigators say the san rafael teen accused of stealing acelebrity chef's lamborghini wrote about plans to commit,
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nor crimes. max wade is charged with shooting at a couple many mill valley and theft after the lamborghini belonging to guy fieri was found in the teen as storage shed. he is being charged as an adult. a morgan hill winery tonight hosted a fundraiser to help in the search for missing teenager sierra lamar. the klas kids foundation organized the event. the 15-year-old morgan hill girl hasn't been seen since march. she disappeared wheel on her way to school. pajama regarding studios in oakland is doing its part to bring a missing girl from arizona home. 6-year-old isabel celis hasn't been seen in more than two weeks. a tucson r & b group flight team performed the song "bring isa
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home." a cd being sold on-line for $3 with the proceeds being used to purchase billboards, t-shirts and posters to spread the word about the missing girl. in election 2012 news president obama officially launched his re-election campaign today. the president carries both over- and virginia back in 2008 and ohio state university president obama said likely republican nominee mitt romney would slash programs, such as medicare, while extending tax cuts for the wealthy. >> we know the bill for that tax cut will either bypassed onto our children or it will be paid for by a whole lot of ordinary americans. that is what we know. and i refuse to let that happen again. >> the president said the economy still faces headwinds, but he argued romney would rubber stamp the same kind of policies that the president says led to the recession.
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the former massachusetts governor had no public events scheduled today. >> meantime the govern of arizona has signed a bill to cut off any public funding of planned parenthood. arizona bars taxpayer's money for abortions until the mother's life is threatened. planned parenthood arizona says the only government subsidy it receives is for birth-control for medicaid patients. it's considering legal action to fight the new law. dozens of people are injured, but this is training. how safety officials say this prepares them for the big one. quite a sight tonight in the sky. if you think the moon is bigger than normal, you are correct. more on this astronomical phenomenon. and the house fire that killed two san francisco firefighters last year and what we now know on the ktvu channel 2 news coming up in 90 seconds.
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. an early morning earthquake shook part of the bay today. the magnitude 4.5 quake hit after 2:20 amendment u.s. geological. the u.s.g.s. says it was centered near the geyser. there are no reports of damage or injury. in the aftermath of an earthquake you are often asked
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are you ready for the next big one? ktvu's john sasaki went to the earthquake drill at the coliseum where first-responders found out if they are ready. >> reporter: cries of anguish and horrible injuries. all at the oakland coliseum. the good news is that this was the hands across the bay disaster exercise. >> we have over 17,600 disaster health care volunteers, but we really want to perfect and test and refine the deployment procedures that we have for them. >> reporter: volunteers were made up with severe injuries that they might suffer in a major earthquake. >> i'm a 58-year-old woman with a eye injury and i have a foreign mass in my eye and i had smoke inhalation. >> reporter: a critical part of this training is to show emergency personnel how overwhelming this sort of situation would be, because in the real world after a disaster, there is no time for practice. >> we had a mother yelling for
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their child, her husband was dying laying next to her. so you have to take all of that into consideration and that is emotionally wearing on the providers. >> reporter: this man is a new registered nurse at his first such training. >> it's pretty nerve-wracking. i seem like a confident person, but i was really nervous. it's a lot of unexpected things and unpredictable. >> reporter: including using a pig's leg to practice stapling together a wound. >> some folks like to refer to us as disaster disneyland. so yes, we absolutely know we must be prepared. >> reporter: because sooner or later something big will happen here. oakland, john saki, ktvu channel 2 news. if you would like to learn how to volunteer during a disaster go to our website if tonight's moon seems
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especially large, there is agood reason for it. the moon is the nearest to the earth. plus after moon rise the moon aligned with the sun making it appear extra bright. some moon gazers in chabot science center in oakland took it all in. >> tonight it's at its closest point and it's a full point. so we get a supermoon tonight. >> the superman also affects the tides making the water rise about an inch higher than normal. but all the brightness will wash out and a meteor shower is also happening tonight. uc berkeley officials say time is running owe for occupy the farm protesters camped out at university-owned fields in albany. officials say domors demonstrators have until midnight to leave that tract of land. but providers say they are worried there it would be
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developed. the university says it will work on a peaceful resolution with those protesters, but om if they leave first. mill valley police are looking for a man that they say robbed two spa employees at gunpoint last night. it happened about 10:00 last night at the royalty spa on miller avenue. police say a man met two employees at backdoor as they locked up for the night. the man pulled a gun and forced the employees back into the business. they stole the money and vehicles belonging to the employees. the employees were not hurt. federal officials have concluded that ineffective communication have contributed to the death of two firefighters last year when they were offcome by intense heat fighting a house fire on berkeley way. the report by the national institution of occupational safety and health found that commanders should have made sure that the crew was safe after radio communications were not returned. >> a verdict could come soon
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in a federal lawsuit between two bay area high-tech giants over alleged copyright violations. oracle sued google claiming that they stole technology for its popular android smartphone. google denies the claim, but says it took the same concepts which can't be copyrighted. jed the jury said it wasp in agreement on all, but one of the issues. deliberations are set to resume monday. the arrest of a livermore teacher for having sex with students is raising questions how teachers and students interact on-line. claudia cowan tells us how schools are looking at setting boundaries on social media. >> reporter: in today's digital world teachers offer media to offer homework help, but private messages sent via facebook and other social-networking sites are raising red-flags. >> there are always going to be bad actors who will use the tools at their disposal to act
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on their bad impulses. >> reporter: authorities cite numerous examples of students getting lured into sex yowl relationships through hidden communications on fashion from a high school math teachner livermore, california to an 8th grade english teachner georgia. across the country schools are moving to limit or ban such hidden messages and the state of missouri now requires districts to develop social media guidelines. >> oftenn time these communications, these hidden communications start with something that is perfectly appropriate, but evolve because it's hidden into inappropriate relationships that have caused many teachers to lose their jobs, and students and their families much heartache. >> reporter: some argue that a sweeping ban on hidden messages could backfire. a teacher who communicates on facebook with a student who is also a relative, for instance, might be violating district policy. >> students can go on and ask questions whole they are working on homework assignment.
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>> reporter: teachers like nicole martin worry that banning private messages could discourage valid questions and responses out of fear of crossing a line. surveys show nearly 95% of america's teenagers connect to the internet and 80% of them use social media sites. how much access they have to their teacher's personal life and visa versa is fast becoming a lesson in defining appropriate relationships outside the classroom. in san francisco, claudia cowan, fox news. the trial begins. the accused mastermind of the 9/11 attacks is in court, why an attorney called the proceedings unfair. a happy update on two of the uc berkeley graduates held in iran. they were engaged in prison and today they took the next step. >>
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. it was a chaotic start
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today to the military tribunal at guantanamo bay. at accused markwest mind of the 9/11 attack and four others. the defendants refused to respond to questions during the hearing with one making a defiant outburst. melissa raney complains this is the second time kalid sheikh mohammed and the other being charged. >> reporter: the men face several charges including aircraft hijacking and 3,000 counts of murder. >> it has to be the death penalty. it doesn't have to be an ugly death. >> it lingers in the back of your head that these people are still ahide. when mohamed and the others were first brought to trial in 2008, mohamed said he wanted to
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pled guilty and become a martyr. now the five are back in court under a revamped military justice system. the attorney for one of the accused says, "it's unfair to his client." >> over time we will be challenging the legality and credibility of the military commission structure as a whole. >> reporter: clis russell's brother was a effort who tied in the terrorist attacks and russell says he doesn't need a full trial with all the evidence. >> i think i have all the evidence that i need. i tasted it. i tasted death, literally. i was down there long enough to see it mohamed and his four alleged accomplices could face the death penalty in convict s. >> in peru a predawn fire that broke out in a locked drug rehab facility killed 14 people. the sole survivor of the blaze managed to jump from the building's second floor. local fire chief said it was
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difficult to gret to the patients because they were trapped behind locked doors and barred windows of it's not yet what clear what started the fire. in january 27 people died in a fire at a rehab center in lima. in armenia, an investigation is underway after gas-filled balloons exploded into a fireball at a campaign rally and concert. check it out. more than 140 people were injured. initial reports indicate that the balloons were ignited by a cigarette. it's not immediately clear what kind of gas was used to fill the balloons. helium is not flammable. the armenia election is set for tomorrow. in japan, hundreds celebrated for the nuclear power-plant shutdown for what is described as maintenance. however, none have been restarted since the checkup after lasteer's melt down atfukushima dai-ichi plant. it's the first time in 40 years
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that japan doesn't have a working nuclear power-plant. japanese officials warn there may be power shortages this summer. a british woman who was mauled by cheetahs while vacationing in south africa says she is on the mend. violet d'mello was in port elizabeth last weekend. these photos were taken by her husband. when the big cats moved toward a child, d'mello stepped in. d' melo says it seems if the young cats weren't be vicious, but rather playful. two uc berkeley grads jailed in iran on espionage charges and engaged in prison were married today. shane bauer and sarah shourd said "i do." they and the best man josh
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fattal were accused of being spies. shoulder was released after 14 months because of medical reasons. the two men were sentenced to eight years in prison, but released after two years last september. recounting a piece of history. why some world war ii veterans came from across the country to alameda to share their experience on boards the u.s.s. hornet. quite a discovery at an east bay recycling facility. the relic discovered as workers were processing recyclables.
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. >> more than 100 people crawl to the u.s.s. hornet in alameda today for a very special ceremony. ktvu's allie rasmus tells us world war ii veterans were honor for this historic mission, a mission with a strong bay area connection. >> reporter: for the 60,000 people who came to the u.s.s. horn yet to alameda every year it's a chance to walk through a
10:30 pm
piece of history, but the men at this table lived part of that history. >> i'm glad to come here and look at the hornet again. i remember everything that we did. >> reporter: lute colonel saylor was an army air corp. engineer and part of a mission that many historians consider a turning point in the war. >> was just another mission. we were just doing what we trained to do. i didn't think beyond that. >> reporter: it was april, 1942 four months after the bombing the pearl harbor, an aircraft carry like the u.s.s. hornet left alameda for tokyo, japan. >> we were several days out to sea before we knew we were going to bomb japan. >> reporter: the aerial bombing of tokyo came to be known as the doolittle raid, named after james doolittle who went on to become a u.s. general. >> did it change the japanese
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strategy? they pulled troops back to protect the island. >> reporter: the horn yet docked here in alameda, eventually replaced it. these 25 planes like the one used in the mission flew overhead this afternoon as part of the ceremony paying tribute to the doolittle and the men who carried out his mission. >> i didn't expect all of this attention, you know? i'm glad that it turned out the way it did and we were able to help in that manner. >> reporter: in alameda, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. nasa has three new members of its astronaut hall of fame. officials announced inductees at kennedy space center in cape canaveral, florida. ching diaz longed more than 1600 hours and chilton piloted the first flight of the space shuttle endeavour in 1992 and charles precourt flew on four satellite missions from 1993 to
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1998. >> this is a tremendous honor. it's obviously very humbling, and i'm just really thrill to be here with you today and be able to share some memories, and an opportunity to join this fraternity of folks who i think are paying it back in spades. >> the new inductees make up the 11th group of space shuttle astronauts named to the hall of fame, bringing the total number of place explorers to 8. workers at a pleasanton recycling center made a surprising discovery, a native- american human skull. the workers found the skull yesterday as they sorted recyclables on a conveyor belt. a forensic aththrop pologist it is newschannel. a chabot college district lost its appeal for a permit to
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strito stop a power-plant being constructed in hayward. the 619 megawatt russell city energy center is being built by calpine about a mile and a half from chabot college. the college district argue argued that the airline permit was improperly guaranteed bit environmental protection agency, saying that the agency i ignored a particular pollutant because of a loophole. the 9th circuit agreed attorneys and kal pine saying that it would not qualify as a source for the pollutant a. a spokesman for the college district is deciding whether or not to appeal further. walnut creek is now making a pitch to star wars filmmaker george lucas for a new studio site. last month lucasfilm pulled its plug to build in marin county. walnut creek mayor tells the contra costa times that his strong economy, transit and housing would make it a good
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fit for lucasfilm. the city is proposing shadelands near ygnacio valley road as a potential location. lucasfilm had no comment on the proposal. what would be better than getting a free comic book on this comic book day? how about posing for a picture? this is the scene in front of fantastic comics. >> they are sometimes previews of things to come and short stories, but they are very cool. >> first saturday many plea is free comic book day. today marks the 10th anniversary of the tradition which aims to introduce comic books to new reads he. nba legend shaquille o'neal is now officially a doctor. shaquille o'neal [applause] >> the four-time world champion got his doctoral degree in education from barry university in miami. shaq says his education won't
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stop there. >> you know, the work was very rigorous, but very enjoyable, and it was fun. and i'm not done. i think i'm going to try law school next. >> dr. o'neal graduated with a 3.8gpa. he left lsu back in 1992 for the pros. but promised his mother he would return and he did. eight years later. he got his bachelor's degree in generstudies. shaq also earned his mba through the university of phoenix on-line program. the san diego chargers will host a public celebration to honor former nfl star linebacker junior seau. the event is set for friday at qualcomm stadium in san diego. seau was 43 years old when he
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these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t. . the advertised warm-up still on stormtracker and tomorrow we're tracking 80s across parts bay area. react now you can see on live stormtracker 2 we have completely clear skies with most bay area neighborhoods
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reporting clear conditions and mild numbers out there. these are the 10:00 current numbers. look at santa rosa? 63 degrees and currently 56 degrees in napa. so it's still pretty mild out there across parts of the region. because we have a bit of a breeze kicking in. as far as temperatures this afternoon, you can see we warmed up nicely from the 60s coastside from pacifica, 65, the 80s for santa rosa and napa. san josi currently -- a high today of 77 and livermore maxing out at 79 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight, we do have this, mostly clear skis and a bit of a breeze. tomorrow, we warm things up and the extended forecast, no rain clouds to worry about. overnight lows in the 40s, upper 40s to low to mid-50s out there and still a bit of a breeze kicking in for the north bay hills and east bay hills. here is the setup. i have been watching in the pacific, high pressure rebuilds out there and with that, that
10:40 pm
started the warming trend for today and the high clouds heading way up to our north. that offshore flow will strengthen a northerly wind. so thee warming continues for the second half of the weekend, widespread 70s and 80s. warmest locations inland, back up to the mid to upper 80s, our cloud and rainfall model not much to show you with completely clear skies was he head into sunday. more clear skies into monday and tuesday as that warm weather pattern remains in place. take a look at these numbers, santa rosa, 85 degrees, fairfield 84, richmond in the upper 70s and oakland downtown in the upper 70s, around 79. san josi topping out lower 80ss. just a beautiful sunday out there. san francisco's high temperature in the mid-70s, 57 degrees in san francisco and half moon bay, right around
10:41 pm
open. here is a look ahead five-day forecast. warming up monday and tuesday. we're going to cool things off just a little bit, but tomorrow is the day, wherever you are, you just want to maximize the outdoor activities with 70s and 80s out there. >> sounds very nice. thank you, mark. coming up, the giants try to snap their four-game losing streak and the a's go extra innings in tampa. plus another longshot makes a slash in the 138th running of the kentucky derby. joe fonzi and sportswrap, next.
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. good evening everyone, and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. before today, madisonbaum garner was on the hill the last time the giants won a game. with the bum garner back on the mound, he took matters in his own hand. trailing 1-0 and with hector sanchez at 2nd and the in the 5th, bumgarner goes to 2nd and sanchez comes home. melky cabrera comes home and giants have the lead. cabrera had lade off the inning with a triple. brett pill lined up to the gap in center. posey is not the gym as fastest baserunner, but he comes around from 1st. the giants had a


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