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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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. everything is gone. >> gone in minutes, a four- alarm fire destroys a san francisco apartment building and displaces dozens and sends three firefighters to the hospital. an oakland police officer is shot and a suspect is dead and what led to the shooting that sent the officer to the hospital. cinco de mayo may be over, but the party and concerns in
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san josi are not. why officers are out enforce again today. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. a four-alarm fire at a san francisco apartment building today left five firefighters injured, and displaced more than a dozen people. the flames broke out at about 10:00 this morning at an four- story building in the city's mission district. ktvu's ken pritchett has been at the scene all day and joins us live. >> reporter: heather, i want you to take a look at the second and third floors of this apartment building through every window you can see it is blackened and all of the apartment units have been gutted. 20-25 people lived here and they have been displaced. i talked to one of the residents. she rushed out in seconds and made it just in time. even an hour after the fire started, the old dry, wooden
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building still spit out smoke and flames. this was tabatha russell's home. >> i heard a sound that was really loud and thought it was our dishwasher flooding, which would have been so much better. >> reporter: instead its away fire in the open area of the center of the building. the cell phone video shows that the fire spread quickly. >> from the time that i ran out and from the time that flames were coming out of every window, it was like ten minutes. >> the chief got on scene and flames were shooting 20' above the roof. >> reporter: the 911 call came in and three firefighters suffered moderate to minor injuries as a stairwell collapsed. >> we aggressively attackedd interior, because there were all wooden buildings. >> reporter: after firefighters arrived the
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third floor windows blew out with flames jetting outside. only one neighboring building was damaged and one resident suffered smoke inhage halation. as for tabatha russell she is faced with that question that only someone who lost everything in a fire can answer. >> i don't know what you do? what to you do? >> reporter: as for a cause i talked to the battalion chief about 15 minutes ago and says materials around the source of fire was taken for analysis. that analysis is still underway. the cause of the fire has not been determined. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a five people managed to escape a house fire this afternoon in san leandro. firefighters rushed to the house on gardener boulevard at noon today. two young men saw the flames and woke up their friends sleeping inside the home. they then ran to the neighbor's house. >> we ran over there, and the fire was out of control. so we got whoever was in the house and made sure they were
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out and ran outside. >> first units on scene reported heavy smoke and fire to the rear of a single-family dwelling. firefighters did aggress attacks and knocked it down in about five minutes. >> witnesses say the fire appears to have originated from something leaning against the back of that house. no one was injured and the fire remains under investigation. one man is dead an oakland police officer injuredded after a gunbattle in east oakland. ktvu's jade hernandez tells us that police have surveillance video that could help in the investigation. jade. >> reporter: we're live at the eastmont police station and we still don't know why the suspect who was shot and killed ran from police, but we can show you what our cameras caught overnight. they caught an ambulance taking the suspect to the hospital. the suspect did not survive. oakland police chief howard jordan arrived at the hospital at 1:00 this morning and this is
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what we confirmed so far. two officers came across three people and shortsly after engaging the group, the officers noticed one of three had a concealed weapon. the department says that person ran from the group. the officers hit 92nd and birch where shots were fired. today we were told that police requested surveillance video from the store. and neighbors in the area, we're talking about the commotion, which happened when many of them were asleep. >> a lot of times, the nenehborhood is nice, no problems, but it seems on the late-night, it seems there would be some problems. but as far as us seeing it, he we were sound asleep? we were told by oakland police that the officer was shot in the leg and is recuperating at the hospital. investigators in half moon bay are trying to figure out
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what caused a crash that left one woman dead and another person in the hospital. it happened before midnight on highway 1 south of miramontes road. the driver of a dodge caravan suddenly swerved into oncoming traffic, slamming head-on into a civic. the driver of that car died at the scene. the driver of the dodge is in critical condition and has not been identified. we have some new information on the drive-by shooting in san francisco that we first told you about today on mornings on 2. police are saying two people were shot at 10:15 at 15th and minna street near natoma. the first victim was taken to san francisco general with a non-life threatening wound and a female juvenile went to san francisco general hospital with a gunshot wound to her left arm. police haven't made any arrests. in san josi police say a
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man shot on cadillac drive last night is expected to survive. it happened just after 8:00 knew south winchester boulevard. officers say they found the 28- year-old with at least one gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. so far, no arrests have been made and investigators are still looking into a motive. the streets of san josi were relatively peaceful last night for cinco de mayo. there was a heavy police presence as scores of people came to the downtown area despite the lack of any special events. for the past two years the city has canceled its official parade due to violence. this year some bars and restaurants hired private security guards to try to prevent crowds from getting out of hand. there were some arrests in san josi last night. police say about 30 people were taken into custody on a variety of charges. officers also detained 12 minors for being out past curfew. they were later turned ore to
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their parents. 67 people were given traffic citation s. santa claus sheriff's department is hoping that peaceful celebrations continue today with the largest cinco de mayo event in the area. why law enforcement is on alert and in force. >> reporter: i just spoke with a sergeant from the santa clara police department and says so far they have made six arrests. they have been mainly for drug possession and public intoxication, but they have made no arrests gang rhode and no gang-related assaults and hope it does as that way the rest of the evening. it's the rhythm and flavor of mexico that this crowd comes to celebrate cinco de mayo. >> i can see a lot of people and see the singers. >> reporter: some came to show off dance moves while others looked forward to sampling mexican dishes. while the majority of the people are here to have fun the santa clara's sheriff's
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department says people had their bags checked. a team of law enforcement including parole and probation and suppression units roamed the fair grounds. their goal is to identity problems with they start. they want the families who came here to be safe and they brought in additional resources. >> we brought in people from outside of our agency to identify potential gang members from whom they might recognize that we don't. >> reporter: they stopped anyone who raised a red-flag and questions them, but deputy were also on lookout for underaged drinks. people we spoke to were grateful for the police presence. they mainly wants to get back to the business of celebrating the mexican holiday. >> the festival officially ends at
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6:00. >> reporter: from a lawsuit standpoint they law enforcement standpoint they are calling this event a success. reporting live, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. thousands of people came to the 6th annual cinco de mayo festival until richmond today. it is held along a win-mile span on 23rd street and in addition, to the live music, folks enjoyed lots of food as well as arts and crafts. the merchandise association of merchandise association of contra costa countyy sponsored it. coast guard officials have been on alert all day after a string of rescues near san francisco. officials say nine kite surfers were
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stuck in the bay. rescuers certainty out a boat and helicopter and asked for help from the san francisco fire department to get them back to shorement good news is that no one was hurt. let's see how about wind conditions are right now, because when you are out there and windy, it's great, but when the wind dies, it's hard to get back to shore. >> right now a benefit' breeze with that typical seabreeze kicking in and right now, you can see on stormtracker 2, this is a map, the satellite showing you mostly clear skies. take a look at the buoys in the bay, winding gusting to 21 miles per hour. and out towards the bay bridge we have winds gusting to right around 18 miles per hour. it really warmed up today. look at current numbers. oakland right now. 8181 degrees and san francisco at 69. here is the bigger perspective in the pacific and you notice a few high clouds way up to our north and west. the stormtracker remains up there. so we do not have any rain
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clouds in our five-day forecast. in fact, between now and then over the next few days high pressure continues to rebuild and we'll have a bit of a bump in those numbers already that warming trend will continue. overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning, we will have some 50s out there. low to mid-50s. oakland at 52. san francisco, 53 degrees. here is a look at some of the high from today. 70s and 80s and everything a touch warmer for tomorrow. that means the warmest locations easily into the upper 80s. coming up, when 90-degree heat returns to the bay area forecast and the timing of our next cooling trend. in france voters have elected a new president, socialist francois hollande. cheers greeted hollande as he made his victory speech. he promised to help france's low-income and he criticized recent osterity measures. victory was a bitter defeat for conservative
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nicolas sarkozy, who is the first president to lose re- election in 30 years. coming up in 15 minutes we'll have more on the historic election and what it means for europe. the wheels of justice have finally started to turn for the families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks and why the family of a bay area woman believes that the government is making a mistake in its trial of five terrorist suspects. the deadline to clear out has come and gone, but they are still occupying the farm. the deal that might be reached between demonstrators and uc berkeley. and concerns ahead of the london olympics and what a stadium employee has done that has officials worried about security at summer games. ers from games
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. we have new video to show you now of a three-alarm fire in san josi. it happened at an apartment and sent a firefighter for the hospital. dozens of firefighters
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responded and put out the flames within minutes. as we mentioned one firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. no one else was hurt. a north bay man is questioning the location of the trial for the alleged masterminds of the 9/11 attacks. ktvu's allie rasmus tells us that he has a special interest in trial's outcome. >> reporter: jack grandcolas was one of those of people who received this letter ? >> department of justice, notifying family members of 9/11 victims about this weekend's arraignment. kalid sheikh mohammed and the four men believed to be his accomplices' trial will be held in a military court in guantanamo bay and grandcolas believes that is a mistake. >> i believe it should be done in a civilian case. i don't believe it should be new york, but if you want to be symbolic, do it in
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pennsylvania. >> reporter: grandcolas' pregnant wife lauren was on board night 93. the government invited family members to enter a lottery to go to cuba and watch the arrangement. grandcolas declined. >> i told them for the safety of the defendant, it would be better if i wasn't in the room. >> reporter: the obama administration originally wanted the trial to be held in a civilian court in the u.s., but scrapped the plan under political pressure. >> the united states government is going to be trying very, very hard to put on the hearing that is as close to a criminal hearing as possible. that has all the accoutrements of fairness that we expect in our criminal justice hearings. >> reporter: the five terror suspects did not enter please at this weekend's hearing. prosecutors will try again at another hearing next month and grandcolas says he won't be
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attending that hearing either. in the newsroom, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. attorneys on both side of the military trial say the proceedings are likely to go on for years. the defense lawyer for kalid sheikh mohammed says a tentative date of 2013 is merely a placeholder. and the prosecutor says he expects to battle a barrage of defense motions before trial. it will be the first-ever muslim day at capitol. muslims will meet with legislators to discuss issues including civil liberties. objectives include educating californians will the muslim culture. talks appear to be continuing between uc berkeley and the occupies who have taken over the property owned by the university. they want the land to be used as a urban farm or open space. >> we're committed to seeing this land remain as
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agricultural land and we're going to keep farming until we see that through. >> kuck berkeley spokesman dan mogulof tells ktvu that they want to engage the protesters in a cation about continuing farm off an portion of the land. mogulof says the protest is delaying research projects that need it get underway on that parcel of land. the city of oakland has until tomorrow to submit a plan to investigator alleged police abuses. more than a thousand misconduct complaints have been made against police officer. a s.w.a.t. officer allegedly fired a beanbag round that critically injured marine scott olsen. after the 2003, the city agreed complete investigations within six months. officials near sacramento are warning boaters and rafters to take precautions after a man drowned on the american river
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yesterday. it happened near chamberlain falls on the north folk of the american river near colfax. >> he was thrown out the rest with two other rafters and he was trying to help his fellow rafters in when he hit a second hit of rapids. he may have saved a life or two in the process. >> the river is running fast this time of year and that the water temperatures in the lower to mid-50s. they say it's very important for everyone to wear life vests and be realistic about their rafting and swimming abilities. the price at the gap pump has dropped sharply over the last two weeks to a new national average of l 8.85. in the bay area, gas is much higher. san francisco has the highest price as the $4.29 a gallon. in oakland it's about $4.20 and in san josi, gas averaging $4.21 a gallon. notre dame campaign 20 12
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news the presidential election is six months away. today newt gingrich showed strong support for his former rival mitt romney. >> i'm not quite sure the magic words that you in the media want out of me, so let me say this i believe mitt romney will be a drastically better president of the united states than barack obama. >> gingrich now says he is in talks with romney's campaign it pare at several major events. gingrich admitted today that romney beat him, especially in key debates. supporters of ron paul have not given up. yesterday they showed up enforce at nevada's state convention. paul won 23 delegates. romney previously won 20 tellings in nevada's caucus, but delegates are bond to that result on the for the first- round of convention voting. president obama will bring his campaign to the west with stops in reno and los angeles. >> osama bin laden is no
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longer a threat to this country. >> president obama kicked off in ohio and virginia and rival mitt romney launched an attack ad that actually goes after mr. obama's economic policy and the theme is "are you better off than you were four years ago?" a line borrowed from ronald reagan's campaign. >> i'm absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual men marrying women are entitled to the same rights. >> meanwhile the vice president declared he has no problem with same-sex marriage. joe biden's statement stronger than the stance that the president took. then mr. obama said he was for g-gay-rights, but stopped short of endorsing gay marriage. biden would not comment on
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obama's position which the whose describes as "evolving." the battle over a proposed tobacco tax is heating up. prongs 289 is the measure to add '1 tax on cigarettes to pay for cancer research and antismoking education. critickings are taking aim at a lack of over sight on the committee that would allocate the funds to research. >> neither the governor or legislature or any elected official has any oversight on the committee. there is nobody on the committee or tasked with overseeing the committee to make sure that the funds are spend fairly or effectively. the los angeles times came out against prop 29 last week. despite that opposition polls show overwhelming support. in the first year it's estimated that new tax would generality $735 million. california's department of
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general services administration auctioned off suffer plus goods. offices from state offices and items confiscated by authorities, including the tsa. one of the strangest items ways button machine, whatever that is. also up for grabs thousands of khwbs from good morning brown's executive order to eliminate half of the state cell phones paid by taxpayer dollars. no word on how much money this generated. british officials are looking into security at london olympic stadium after a worker allegedly carried a fake bomb through two copyrights without being searched by guards. of the worker said he did it to expose flaws in the security system. the olympic stadium opened to public yesterday. in washington, park service officials announced that the national christmas tree has died. the colorado blue spruce apparentlyy died from transplant shock. they are lined up another for this years' holiday season. coming up on ktvu
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at 6:00 a body is found at the famed churchill downs less than a day after the kentucky derby. why investigators think this is a case of homicide. also it's a political shake- up in france. a new leader takes over after defeat one-term president nicolas sarkozy. a school gets in guzz, the contest that chardon high school won that will let the students end the year on a happy note. hello?
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. police in kentucky are looking into the death of a man found at the famed kentucky derby racetrack. officers say the man's body was found in a stable area of churchill downs. they say the death appears to be a homicide. but they say there seems to be no connection with the racetrack or yesterday's derby an autopsy has been scheduled for tomorrow. french voters today elected socialist candidate francois hollande as their new candidate. it's a major shift to the left and a bitter defeat for the conservative incumbent. >> reporter: francois hollande a socialist elected. president sarkozy giving a conception speech in front of a loyal crowd, admitting defeat and professing his love for
5:29 pm
france. >> the highest quality of francois hollande is not to beatnik lass beat nicolas sarkozy. >> reporter: soaksez loss is symbolickic, the first time an incumbent president has lost a re- election bid in france since 1981. at the end of the five-year term the french were saying he could not keep his promises. >> passionate and confrontation, millionss france will be saying goodbye to its garmous first lady carla bruni. hollande's victory has long-ranging implications. he has promised to rework an e- u debt deal. voters in greece headed to
5:30 pm
the polls today for parliamentary elections. no issue in greece is bigger than off osterity measures. many voters are angry at the two main parties in government and if no party win a majority a coalition would have to be formed. politicians will have until may 17th to come up with a working coalition or set a date for another round of elections. in other news of the world tonight at least 250 people are under arrest and 12 police officers injured an antigovernment rally in moscow. tens of thousands of protesters came out a day before vladimir putins a inauguration. . in japan a tornado ripped
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through an area near the country's capitol, killing a 14- year-old boy. tsukuba city is mostly home to research institutions. 200 homes were damaged. and in vatican city a new contingent of faith of guards were sworn-in. 26 swiss men were recognized at the ceremony. an actor who became famous in the 1960's on the and any griffith show has died. george lindey played the country bumpkin gas station attendant goober pyle and played the same character on the show's spin-off "may berr err fd." and continued on heehaw." for years lindey raised money for the special olympics. he died after a short illness.
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as we3. ohio students shaken by a deadly school shooting earlier this year were able to celebrate life at prom their dreams. chardon high school won a local radio contest called "rock the prom." their prom was held at the ron'n roll hall of fame in nearby cleveland. organizers say the school won the vote by a landslide. they they appreciate the community rallying behind them. >> we can show how strong they become, ever since everything happened. chardon is such a close community and it's mind-blowing to see all of the love. >> on february 27th a student opened fire in a classroom, killing three teenagers and wounding three more. 17-year-old t.j. lane is charged with three counts ever aggravated murders. officials with the san diego chargers say the family of the late junior seau might be changing their mind. what the family says they may
5:33 pm
not do in the wake of the star lanebacker's death. the clock is ticking for the yahoo! and the future of the ceo. and bad fors by bis? why hundreds of ceos are calling california the worst in the nation when it comes to running a business.
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. returning to our top stories tonight, five san francisco firefighters are recovering after a four-alarm fire raced how to an apartment building. the flames broke out about 10:00 this morning at a four- story building at the corner of
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dubois and valencia street in the city's mission strict. 20-25 people are now homeless because of that fire. the cause of the fire is under investigation. and one man is dead and an oakland police officer was injured after a gunbattle in east oakland. a police spokeswoman says two officers came across three people and shortly after engaging the group, the officers noticed one of the three men had a concealed weapon. the officer's injuries are not considered life- threatening. the family of the nfl great junior seau is reconsidering whether to donate his brain to research. he shot and killed himself wednesday in his oceanside home as researchers look into injuries among football players. the family's chaplain is meeting with samoan
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officials. seau was an avid surfer you beens and as you can see from the pictures dozens participated in the event. a push remembrance is scheduled for friday at the charger's qualcomm stadium. marin county is proposing a flood control project to build detention basins to try to keep creeks from overflowing; the of 71 million plan would increase the capacity of the watershed and rebuild bridges and restore title marshes. the project aims to prevent disasters light flash-flooding of new year's eve 2005 which caused millions of dollars of damage. a verdict may come soon in a federal lawsuit between two bay area high-tech giants over alleged copyright violations. oracle
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sued google claiming that the internet search-engine stole technology and google denies the claim. on friday they say it reached a partial verdict, but deliberations are set to resume tomorrow. all eyes will be on yahoo! as the company faces a deadline to release information on how ceo scott thompson was vetted. yahoo! and thompson came under fire after there were inaccuracies on the resume. yahoo! said friday, "the board is reviewing this matter and upon completion of its review will make an appropriate disclosure to shareholders.". hundreds of ceos across the country agree california is bad for business. chief executive officer magazine is surveyed ceos and overall the golden gate got
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four out of five stars for living environment. three stars for workforce quality, but only one star for taxation and regulation. this is the 8th year the magazine named california the worst state for business. texas by the way, was named the best. when ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 returns, sunday streets is growing. what was different about today's event in san francisco that has people ditching their cars. and today's warm-up isn't over yet. a live picture in the city. channel 2 meteorologist mark tamayo is next with what parts of the bay area will see 90- degree heat for the start of their workweek.
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. hundreds of people ditch their cars in san francisco mission's district for a special sunday streets event.
5:42 pm
valencia between dubois and 24th was closed off to cars so people could walk, bike or skate through. it's the first in a four-month pilot project meant to expand the popular program. >> i'm happy to see that so many people really have embraced this event. >> sunday streets will be held on the same road here on valencia every first sunday of the month until august. the pilot program will help to test whether more frequent events on other routes would work. was there a better day to be out in the shorts and flip flops enjoying the nice weather? mark tamayo is here to tell us it's going to get even hotter. that is right. a few neighborhoods could be inching towards the 90-degree mark. at least for right now, you can see our live camera out towards the golden gate bridge and a bit of a breeze with the typical seabreeze kicking in. mostly clear skies over the bay
5:43 pm
area. here is a look at the temperature contours ands and 8 2-48 degrees. as far as temperatures from today, how warm did it get? you can see a big range in pacifica, san francisco actually maxed out officially at 76. and some more 80s for santa rosa, livermore and antioch this afternoon. forecast headlines, mostly clear skies. tomorrow we'll call it either warm or hot and then the extended forecast, no storms to worry about, but the temperatures do cool off a few degrees as we approach midweek. high pressure remains in command of our weather. under of the influence somewhat of an offshore flow. we still have the onshore breeze, but that offshore breeze strong fluff to send in the warm air. we'll call it a warm monday.
5:44 pm
around the bay, readings warming back into the 80s. and a few neighborhoods around 90 degrees. probably a better bet as we head into tuesday. here is our forecast model. this surprised me earlier this afternoon, because it's show something patchy fog. we have clear skies right now. and then into the afternoon hours you see what happens, the northerly winds pick up. a patch or two of fog near parts of shoreline. still warm numbers. look at all the 80s? these temperatures will check in around 3:00, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon and these numbers about the same as today or a touch warmer. los gatos, 87 and san francisco
5:45 pm
just beautiful in the 70s, half moon bay 71. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast. there is that 90-degree temperature for tuesday, for the warmest locations inland, but the other extremes. we'll cool off for tuesday. with your weekend always in view, looks like a quiet weather pattern. coast in the lower 60s, but heather and ken, whenever san francisco warms unto the 70s, it always feels strange and a repeat performance for tomorrow. >> okay, we'll enjoy it then. >> sure. >> thank you, mark. not everybody was outside. some people were in the movie theater, the long awaited superhero blockbuster "the avingers" smashed box-office records with the biggest opening weekend of all-time. that is something to growl about. the movie raked in an estimated $200 million. that is way above the previous record of $169 million for the debut of last years harry
5:46 pm
potter finale. when you factor in international box-office receipts the film's world war haul is nearly of 642 million in barely a week and a half. wow. >> that is a lot of money. >> . [ laughter ] " coming up the oakland a's do something that no other team has been able to do in tampa this season. another nail-biter and giants try to salvage their homestand with brewers. sportswrap is next.
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5:48 pm
. good evening everyone and welcome to this early sunday night edition of sportswrap. after a four-game losing streak at home, the giants have righted the ship somewhat, before heading out on the road.
5:49 pm
final game on the homestand of the 88th birthday of willie mays. the giants answered back and one down the left-field line. the ball takes a crazy turn. blanco comes around from first to tie the game. pt giants with another run on a fielder's choice. this is the kind of thing that ended mike matheny's career. in the 4th, matt cain with the insurance run. another scores. cain worked his way out of a jam by striking out the side. contreras with two on and then morgan aca tony flush caught looking to end the inning. once again cain did everything, but get credit for the win.
5:50 pm
pinch-hitter with the hit to left-center. that allowed hart to come home with the tieing run, but the giants pulled it out in the 11th. >> bases loaded, hector sanchez slapped a single. pinch runner burress with the winning run and the giants can celebrate a walk-off win and give them momentum on the road. san francisco wins 4-3 and onto dodger stadium for the first of three. a statement by the a's in tampa. at the tropicana dome, you get dance moves. 2-0, rays when joyce strokes one. the a's scored 2 in the 3rd
5:51 pm
when brandon inge came to the plate. inge with his first shot in an a's uniform. matt moore pitching as jonny gomes hit ones to score taylor to make it 6-4 and the inning still going. daric barton at plate. he will go opposite field. gomes and inge score on the the two-run double after the 4-run 1st, milone settle downs to pick up his fourth win,-59 final. a's have a day off before starting a two-game series at home against the blue jays. in anaheim, the pujols bad streak came to an end with this hit. angels win had-3, but are still five games under .500. the new york knick ones
5:52 pm
game from elimination in the playoffs. it was is -- davis had to be taken from the court on a stretcher. carmelo anthony took matters into his own hands. anthony broke a tie game with less than a minute left. anthony had 41 points and knicks win 89-83 and live to see another day. jrue noah among the injury- ravaged bulls. holiday hitting from beyond the arc in the 4th quarter. sixers win 89-82 and take a 3-1
5:53 pm
lead in the series. philly with wrap it up in chicago on tuesday. the los angeles kings proving in the stanley cup playoffs, it's all about getting in and once you do that, anything can happen. against the st. louis blues, in the 1st period, that was jordan nolan getting one past elliot. blues tied it later in the period, but the kings made it a 2-goal period. brown would later score an empty-netter and kings win 3-1 and they sweep the series and move on to the western conference finals after knocking offer the one-seed, and now the two. and still to come on this early sunday night sportswrap, we'll go racing on the spewed speedway superspeedway at talladega. we'll be right back.
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. >> nascar on the hide speed ooval at talladega, jeff gordon with tough luck so for this year. gordon brings a horseshoe to change themes. that didn't help. gordon goes down low and looks to be clear until he is ran into by martin truex. a nine-car accident. had to go green checkered. keselowski moves into the 12th spot in points. again biffle, greg biffle, who was 5th today is on top. rickie fowler and his 67th career start this weekend in
5:57 pm
charlotte. fowler already in the clubhouse and waiting with d.a. points still on the course. all points needs to do to win the tournament is par the 18th hole, but his approach went to the bunker. he took bogey. a three-way tie betweenn fowler, points and rory mcilroy. that meant fowler could win it with a birdie and he did. win no. 1 on the year, and the career for fowler, who know has some substance to go with his colorful attire. that will do it for this edition of sportswrap. we'll see you at 10. >> . he lights up the course. >> he has a pink one and that one and now he has a win. >> that is even better. >> yes, sir. >> thank you, joe, tonight on the 10:00 news a tribute to those who died in the line of duty, how a vallejo police officer is going to be remembered and the big national ceremony drawing officers from
5:58 pm
all over the bay area. >> thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> our coverage continues with tonight's 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2 news and we're always here for you on-line at and mobile ktvu. we'll see you at 10:00. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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