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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 6, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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oakland's police chief arrives at the hospital where one of his officers is wounded. >> the shooting happened early this morning in oakland. jade hernandez has been looking into this and has new information on the officers condition. jade. >> reporter: i've learned from police tonight here at the east mont station that the officer
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shot in the leg was released from the hospital and is going to be all right. neighbors are still piecing together what happened. oakland police circled the spot where they found the suspect's blood. a young girl who lived near by told us off camera an african american man shot and bleeding collapsed here in front of her. following a suspect, she says an officer wounded in the leg chased him. a neighbor says he usually hears the commotion. >> i didn't hear nothing last night. nothing. but usually when we do, we come out here and see it and usually the police is around. >> reporter: the suspect did not survive. police say after midnight the scene span locked when two officers conducting patrol came across two people on 90th avenue. the officers noticed one of the three was a concealed weapon. the department says that person took off. the foot chase continued until around 90 second and first
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street where shots were fired. officers police chief howard arrived at the hospital about an hour after the shooting. >> a lot of times the neighborhood is nice, no problems. but seems late night it seems like there's problems. >> reporter: at booker's market, managers told us police requested surveillance surveillance from the store even though they had already closed for the night. the alameda county d.a.'s office is also investigating this shooting tonight. reporting live from oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. new at 10:00 tonight, riding to remember those killed in the line of duty. officers from all over the country including right here in the bay are embarking on an emotional journey. debra villalon live in oakland where she talked to some officers. >> reporter: for a few days, trading their holsters for bike helmets, officers are answering
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the call. they are flying tonight but soon they'll be cycling, with hundreds of officers from all over the country, 300-miles in three days to raise money and awareness for the national law enforcement memorial. >> i'm excited, i'm a little nervous. >> reporter: vallejo has three riders, in honor of officer jim kapoot. his family travel to washington, d.c. next weekend that's where the bike tour finishes and the names of all the fallen from last year are read. kapoot and 50 others. >> i sit behind him chair at line up. so i see his name every day when we sit at line up. but we have not forgotten him. we have not forgotten his family, and we think of him every night. >> reporter: police have lost one offer, shot to death, serving an eviction notice.
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the routine can instantly turn deadly as susan paris moody knows too well. her husband was killed on duty. >> he left that morning and he said, i'll see you later. >> reporter: now he will ride for her husband and the father of her two girls just toddlers. >> i told him what a great man he was, and how romantic he was, and what a brat he was. he was a good all around person. >> reporter: some 60 officers and survivors from the bay area will be doing the ride. and if they seem to be traveling light, fed ex shipped their bicycles and all their gear ahead of them free of charge. we're live in oakland, debora
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villalon. a two alarm fire broke out on smith road. a woman in her 90s was on the phone and didn't see how bad the fire was. >> the smoke was starting to come in the kitchen in the area where she was. she wouldn't leave so i picked her up and grabbed her. we got her outside. the fire spread to another house and into some near by trees, crews from the san ramon fire department knocked it down. the fire apparently started in the carport and spread to the house. thanks to the rescuers no one was injured. five san francisco firefighters were injured as they battled an apartment fire in the mission district in morning. it happened at deboise and valencia where in minutes an apartment was destroyed. ken pritchett has the latest. >> reporter: everyone an hour after the fire started the old dry wooden building still spit out smoke and flames.
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this was tabatha russells home. >> i heard this noise that was so loud. and i thought it was my washer flooding which would have been so much better. >> from the time i ran out to the time that flames were coming, like coming out of every window, it was like 10 minutes. >> first chief got on scene, the flames were shooting 20 feet above the roof. >> reporter: the 911 call came in at nine khráp 51:00 a.m. we saw two firefighters -- 9:15, we saw two firefighters injured on scene. >> there's nothing but wood buildings all along the street. if we don't get that fire we're going to lose more buildings. >> reporter: after firefighters
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arrived, two windows were blown out. as for tabatha russell, she is faced with that question that only those that have lost in a fire can answer. >> i don't know, what do you do? what do yo do. >> reporter: russell says she will stay with her boyfriend's family. the red cross is helping 20 people tonight. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. and san jose investigators are trying to figure out what caused a three alarm fire that left several people there without a home. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon. dozens of firefighters responded, one was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. officials on scene told us today's heat made it more can -- made it more difficult to contain the fire. >> because of the nature of hot air. >> officials say six people
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have been displaced from their homes. a house full of people escaped flames today in san leandro. the fire broke out at about noon at a house on gardener boulevard. two young men staying at the house. they saw the flames and woke up their friends sleeping inside the home. they then ran to the neighbor's house. >> we ran over there and the fire was too out of control. we got everybody that was in the house. made sure everybody was out and ran outside. >> first unit on scene reported heavy smoke and fire to the rear of a single family dwelling. firefighters did an aggressive fire attack and knocked the fire out, we had it knocked down in about five minutes. >> no one was injured. witnesses say it appeared the flames originated from something leaning against the back of that house. negotiations between uc berkeley and the occupiers who
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have taken over a plot owned by the university is ongoing. the group says it wants the land to be used as a community urban farm or open space. >> we're committed to seeing this h land remain as agricultural land. we are going to keep farming until we see that through. >> reporter: the university wants to engage the protesters in a conversation about possibly sharing the land. mogoloff says the protest is delaying resource projects that need to get under way on that parcel. >> reporter: one woman is dead at another hospitalized after a crash at half-moon bay. the highway patrol says a 44- year-old san gregorio woman suddenly swerved into oncoming traffic and slammed head on into a honda civic. the driver of that honda died
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at the scene. the driver of the dodge remains in critical condition. police are investigating the death of two. the first victim was taken to san francisco general with a nonlive threatening wound to his left arm. a little later a female juvenile shot in the same incident showed up also with a gunshot wound to the left arm. gas prices continue their slide dropping 7-cents over the past two weeks. the new lundburg service reveals the national gas prices have dropped to $3.85. san francisco has the highest prices at $4.29 in the area. oakland $4.20 and in san jose $4.21. the call by a bay area
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victim for justice and what he says he won't do. also gay right groups react to vice president joe biden's outspoken comment to gay marriage.
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the trial of the man
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accused of plotting the 9/11 terror attacks could go on for years. allie rasmus talks to a man who was asked to attend that meeting at guantanamo bay. >> reporter: muhammad and the four men believed to be his accomplices face counts of murder and terrorism. grandcolas believes that's a mistake. >> i don't believe it should be held at guantanamo, i think that's a mistake in the process. >> reporter: grandcolas wife was on a plane taken down on
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september 11th. family members of victims were put in a lottery to attend the trial in guantanamo, cuba. >> the united states government is going to be trying very, very hard to put on a hearing that is as close to a criminal hearing as possible. >> reporter: the five terror suspects did not enter pleas to the charges against them at this weekend's hearing. instead they took off their head set translators and refused to cooperate. grandcola says he won't be attending that meeting either. a drone attack has killed a top al-qaida leader who helped plan the attack on the u.s.s. cole. alkuso was on the fbi's most
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wanted list. today's strike was overseen by the fbi. dianne feinstein is warning the u.s. tonight that the taliban is growing stronger in afghanistan. >> the taliban has a shadow system of governors in many provinces. they've gone up north, to the east. attacks are up, the number of people attacking have killed over 500 of our people. >> just last week the taliban claimed responsible for an attack in kabul that killed eight people. the attackers wore burka's to hide their weapons. michigan congressman adds that negotiating with the taliban
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may be working against u.s. efforts to come up to an agreement. >> i'm not quite sure what the magic words are that you want out of me. let me say this, i believe that mitt romney will be a dramatically better president for the united states than barack obama. >> newt gingrich now says he's in talks with romney's campaign to appear at several major events. gingrich admitted romney beat him in key states. romney did not campaign this weekend but released an ad focusing on the economy asking are you better off today than four years ago. supporters of ron paul have not given up. paul won 22 delegates, mitt romney received only three. that can change a final count in tampa in august. romney previously won 20
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delegates in nevada's caucus but delegates are bound to that result only for the first round of convention voting. gay rights groups are applauding a statement by vice president biden today. >> i'm comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, and women marrying women, are entitled to the same exact rights. >> reporter: the president of the human rights campaign called on president obama to speak out as well for full marriage equality. mr.obama pushed for an end to don't ask don't tell but has stopped short of endorsing gay marriage. the white house has noted the president's views are evolving. the san mateo sheriff department had more officers on duty for the cinco de mayo celebration. it's the rhythm and the
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flavor of mexico that pumped through the crowds. about 20,000 people came here to celebrate sin -- cinco de mayo. >> reporter: i like to come because i get to see a lot of people, and enjoy the music. >> reporter: some come to see the dancers, others come to sample the mexican food. the santa clara county sheriff's department says historically the event draws gang members. security patted down men entering the event while women had their bags checked. >> i think it's something that is necessary, because you never know what people are going to sneak in. >> reporter: officers were here looking for gang members. >> i think they are here to posture, and show presence just the way we would. >> reporter: their goal is to identify problems, they want the families who came here to be safe so they brought in
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addition resources. >> we brought in extra people to recognize the áf bang members that we don't. >> people we spoke to were grateful for the police presence. they mainly wanted to get back to celebrating mexican pride. >> reporter: sheriff deputies say they feel their presence worked. janine de la vega, ktvu news. thousands of people enjoyed live music at richmond's sixth annual cinco de mayo festival. it happens every year along a 1 mile stretch. in addition to great music, folks enjoyed lots of food as well as arts and crafts. the 23rd street merchants association plans the event every year. and organizers say they are extremely proud that a family friendly event with no alcohol permitted has grown to attract tens of thousands of people. san jose police were busy
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last night it was a saturday night cinco de mayo after all. the police department says officers arrested 30 people on a variety of charges. a special sunday streets event had people in san francisco's commission district enjoying the day without cars. valencia street was closed off to cars so people could walk, bike or skate or whatever. walk the dog, today's event is the first in a four month pilot project meant to expand the popular program. >> i'm happy to see so many people have embraced this event. >> reporter: events will be held along the same stretch every first sunday until august. a backlash against
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austerity measures in france. president sarkozi loses his bid. see who's taking his place. standing on the roof of what was known as solindra. on this day we take a look where the money went and where the employees are today. coming up the neighborhoods that will hit 09 degrees and the timing of our next cooling trend -- 90 degrees and the timing of our next cooling trend. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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voters in france have elected a new leader. socialist leader franceaus will become the new president. >> reporter: a so -- socialist to a five year term.
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sarkozi giving a speech in front of a crowd. >> the highest quality is not to beat sarcozi. he is a man credible to an alternative, he is real. >> reporter: sarkozi's loss is symbolic. >> at the end of this five year term the french were saying he could not keep his promises. >> reporter: it was this election's only debate. france will be saying goodbye to its glamorous first lady. a long victory has long ranging implications has promised to rework a debt deal. his inauguration is set for later this month. in other news of the world
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tonight, early election results in greece brought the company's left coalition party out in celebration. the party's leader celebrated with supporters in athens after projections placed them second in polls with 60% of the vote. neither of the country's two major parties will likely win a majority and that a coalition will have to be formed. many voters are angry at the two parties over austerity p- rbs. in japan, a 14-year-old boy is dead after a tornado ripped through an area northeast of tokyo. the twister touched down in a residential area. more than 30 people were injured by the storm. 200 homes were damaged. the blind chinese activist who recently escaped from house arrest could soon be studying
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right here in the u.s. cheng guamchen was in house arrest for exposing government abuse. he is currently in a hospital and is receiving treatment for ininjuries suffered in his escape. officers say the victim is a 48-year-old man from guatemala. his body was found early this morning in a stable area of churchill downs. they say the death appears to be a homicide but there seems to be in connection with the racetrack or yesterday's kentucky derby. an autopsy on the victim's body is set for tomorrow. there are life-supports tonight that a man who drowned in the american river in placer county yet was from the north bay. the santa rosa press democrat says stan decker fell into the water while white water rafting near chamberland falls. decker's family tells the paper
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embassy suites. get more.
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from a rising green energy company to a multi million dollars let down. for the first time ktvu's mike mibach goes behind the taxpayer funded doors of solyndra. documents we attained reveals it's more than just taxpayers who are owed a refund. here is today's special report. >> reporter: peter colestan,
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miker lomire they never met but they really are connect. >> i don't think i will ever see the money. >> reporter: the key to their story lies right here. solyndra. >> we're seeing a lot of chinese and taiwanese company looking at this building. >> reporter: ktvu the first station to get this exclusive look of solyndra up top, a football field of solar panels. it's a high tech building once load with the best of the best. >> it's probably record, they spend over $300 million on this facility. >> reporter: and the taxpayers helped build it. in may of 2010, president obama
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traveled to fremont to promote solyndra. 16miles after his visit, the company files for bankruptcy. this is where it happens, the production floor of solyndra. once hustling and bustling, now it's quiet. the building is for sale and many big ticket items like this robot still yet to hit the auction block. three auctions to date. one in june still to come. michael lomire is law firming his own design company and at one solyndra auction he purchased six screens for $600. >> you think, i'm gaining stuff because another company had to shutdown. but at least it is getting used. >> reporter: where is the money being generated going? >> shame on the top execs that's all i have to say.
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>> reporter: he says they fired him and hundreds of other employees without warning. first to get paid back, private investors who dumped $75 million into solyndra. >> wouldn't i be happy if we were able to pay the taxpayers some of their money. they're not going to get all of their money. >> reporter: we asked the justice department if they're taking steps to recoop the money. their response, we will decline comment. according to documents attained by ktvu, more than $815 million in claims against solyndra have been filed from shipping companies, lawyers and even gardeners. including consultants like mary russell. >> i lost $15,000 but that's money i'm seeing come back to me from the network i grew. solyndra was a huge client for
10:33 pm
me. >> i think it would be unfair to t characterize as government rogues that didn't have any idea what was going on. they were smart people. they knew what was going on. and how difficult it was going to be to survive. >> reporter: and for these three that's exactly what they are trying to do. survive a government gamble that some say bet high and lost big. mike mibach, ktvu news. >> if you would like to take a look at the now vacant solyndra building, you can find it under the ktvu links tab. there's bipartisan support to freeze the current rate for a staff ford loans at 3.4 personality%. but like a similar bill, the parties sharply differ on how to pay for it. republicans want the money to
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come out of president obama's health care plan. interest rates are scheduled to double. researchers at the university of nevada reno and the university of glascoe in scotland says the range grows up to two millimeters in elevation per year. they say space radar helped them measure the range. the family of nfl great juneon seau is reconsidering whether to donate his brain. initially his family wanted to allow researchers to study his brain as they look within
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players. the team chaplain now says that they are seeking advice from samoan elders. the surfers included drew breas. the actor who played one of televisions longest running characters has died. >> a lot of people remember that tune as well. he played the same character on the show spin off and continued with the character on heehaw. he also had roles on gun smoke, mash and the twilight zone. for years, he raised money for special olympics. he died after a short illness,
10:36 pm
he was 83. the giants go to extra innings as they try to turn around. which places could top 90 degrees.
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we are wrapping up a very nice bay area weekend. plenty of sunshine out there. the advertised warming trend right on track. outside we do have mostly clear skies. taking a look at the moon after the bay. this was the moon that caught a lot of attention over the weekend. the moon is 98% full. no storms out there, and temperatures in fact, still on the mild side showing you some of the current numbers, san
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jose checking in now, 76 degrees. concord right now in the upper 60s at 68. highs from today you can see the range from the upper 60s from the coast side and pacifica. downtown san francisco topped out 76 degrees. a lot of 80s for santa rosa, napa, fairfield and antioch and everybody goes up a few degrees for tomorrow. for tonight, mostly clear and mild. tomorrow sunny skies we'll call it warm to hot and the extended forecast a dry weather pattern but some cooling as we do head into the midweek forecast. first thing tomorrow morning. you can see overnight lows will be in the 50s for santa rosa, napa, san francisco 53 and san jose in the mid-50s. we can still have a bit of a breeze in the hills especially up above 1,000 and 1,500 feet. this has been the source of the heat and this will continue to strengthen as we do head into monday. we will see a hint of the
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northerly breeze. that breeze typically warms up and we will be warming up for your sunday. that means the beaches in the upper 60s to northern 70s. back up into the upper 80s and a few spots will be right around 90 degrees. a few changes, this earlier was showing a few patches of fog developing coast side. as you can see still plenty of sunshine. but this fog bank will be expanding a bit by monday night into tuesday. as a result we will cool things off beginning coast side and more cooling by midweek. here's a look at those warm numbers for your monday afternoon. santa rosa in the upper 80s. fairfield 89 degrees. here come the 90s for brentwood and oakland. these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. san francisco just beautiful with 77. and the beaches are nice as
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well. those readings maxing out in the lower 70s. tuesday another hot to warm day. we will begin to cool things off coast side and more cooling by wednesday. a little bit of a bump in the numbers by thursday and friday. with the weekends -- weekend always in view, some 80s. i'm already getting some complaints of the heat, the incoming heat on wednesday. if you're not a big fan of it that will be your relief day. >> plus some of us are never happy. >> i try to please them all. >> 90 sounds pretty good. >> it's going to be very sunny and beautiful. >> thank you, mark. the giant's take the brewers to extra innings and the a's heat up in tampa. >> also a scary moment at sonoma today as the super bikes take to the winding infinon race way. this is coming up. subway smokehouse barbecue chicken, big bbq taste 6 grams of fat. subway. eat fresh.
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good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. there was good or bad in the nine home stand the giant's completed this afternoon. the giants were sweeped by the miami marlins on the 91st birthday of willie mays. the drive to right off sean marcum. the ball took a -- being a catcher can be a rough occupation. buster posey takes a solid shot off the shot


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