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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. searching for suspects connected to an overnight police shooting. the events that forced one officer to fire several shots in san jose. >> reporter: a new study is shedding light on what the homicide rate is doing to population in oakland. >> and uc berkeley putting up -- >> and getting a free ride may be the big meeting taking place this week and how much money students will soon be paying to ride the bus. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning, to you welcome to a brand new day it's monday may 7th i'm dave clark.
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>> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson. it seems like it will be warm, sunny this week. >> cooler tomorrow. it's clear out there right now. temperatures will warm up pretty fast inland. by the coast it's turning westerly. that little system come into the top of your screen will be the leading edge of a cooling pattern. still nice. 60s and 70s and now inland it will take another day. now an update on any traffic with sal. >> steve, highway 4 traffic in bay point looks pretty good but there are no major problems here. it's a little slow already as you drive through antioch. muni service is back to normal after a man was pinned underneath a train at civic center station. witnesses say the man jumped on to the tracks around 11:15 last night. police are calling it an attempted suicide. it's not clear how long trains were delayed but i should let you know the trains according to muni are running as normal.
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6:01 let's go back to the desk. in the news this morning one person is in custody and a police search continues for more suspects after an officer involved shooting in san jose. about 8:30 last night police spotted a ford suv that was wanted in connection with a weapons charge. the driver sped off but moments later that car was found empty. police officer later saw one of the suspects and fired shots at him. that suspect was not hurt and was arrested. there is still a lot of unanswered questions around a fatal police shooting. one suspect was killed and a police officer was injured. investigators say the suspect threatened that police officer with a gun. it's still not clear if the suspect fired at the police officer or if the officer accidentally shot himself. neighbors say violence happens
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often in that year when the sun goes down. >> a lot of times the neighborhood is you know nice no problem. but on late night it seems like it be some problem. >> the name of the man that was killed that has not been released. the injured police officer was treated and later released from the hospital. there is new evidence that oakland's population drops with every homicide. christien kafton joins us now with the results of the new study. >> reporter: oakland police busy this morning looking for a pair of gunmen and overnight shooting. new study is shedding light on the ripple effect homicides have in oakland. oakland tribune is finding for every homicide in the city of oakland about 70 citizens decide to leave the city. those that leave -- it's harder
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to attract businesses. more than 39,000 people have left the city of oakland over the last ten years as a direct result of the homicide rate. >> we shouldn't have to live in a dangerous city like this. >> reporter: crime is everyone's problem. unless something is done urban areas like oakland will simply empty out. live in oakland christien kafton. today is the deadline for the city of oakland to submit a plan for completing police internal affairs investigation stemming from last years occupy protests. now a judge issued the order last week after a federal monitor released a report critical of the departments happened ling of the -- handling of the protest. requires oakland to complete internal affairs investigations within 180 days. city leaders have said police
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lack the manpower to do so and they are looking to contract out several investigations. >> our time is 6:04. uc berkeley is deciding what to do next with occupy the farm protestors. alex savidge is joining us with the latest of these negotiations over a plot of land that belongs to university. >> reporter: uc berkeley issued a saturday deadline for these protestors at least to leave this piece of land. that deadline has cop and gone. still a representative from -- it was two ekes ago when dozens of protestors set up tents and planted tracks on -- they need
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this land for agricultural research and they need it this month. they will r willing to discuss sharing the ran with act vest. but only if protest fors believe first. >> that is a harp demand to grapple with. as you have sewn is has been a lock 15 year process. and the university has any further integrated that into their plans. not even a punt garden until new. >> reporter: these occupy the farm demonstrators took over the gill track in part to protest any future development on this university owned land. and you will remember it was just on friday when uc officials announced a new more tolerant approach to demonstrations and civil disobedience by students in light of recent demonstrations that turned violent.
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the university with that report that was released friday said they will only use force as a last resort. of course that all depends on how talks go. again both sides expected to come back to the negotiating table later on today. we'll of course stay on top of developments and let you know how things play out. live this morning in albany alex savidge. five san francisco firefighters were injured while bays ling an -- battling an apartment building. the firefighters are expected to recover but 37 people living in the apartment building now including some children have to find a new place to live. all five apartments in the middle were destroyed in that fire and the building next door. i thought it was our dish water flooding. which have been so much petter.
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>> one person was treated for smoke inhalation. 6:07. this week muni's plan to offer free youth passes to children in san francisco will its first funding hearing. they approved to give 30,000 low income kids a free ride on muni buses and trains. but all of that depends on getting $5 million from the metropolitan transportation commission. the mtc will talk about that issue at its meeting on wednesday. 6:08 is the time right now. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> good morning. traffic is moving along very good. let's go pictures bay bridge pap little bit of a back up here. you can see it there a little bit of a back up but only for the cash payers fast track still moving through. everyone should be slowing down at about 6:15 when they turn
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those metering lights on. this morning commute has not been bad. as a matter of fact the east bay traffic so far so good. checking the livermore valley still off to a decent start. livermore dublin all the way to castro valley. >> thank you, sal. it will still be nice to warm today. and leading edge of it is right there. we start off with 40s and 50s we will end up with 70s and a lot of 80s. no real turn yet although concord announces a little south at three. as soon as santa rosa or napa goes southerly then it will cool down. but the stronger offshore wind definitely turning. turning more northwest. system won't get here until late tonight or tomorrow. so we have lots of sunshine on
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the menu today. 47 santa rosa and knapp. 49 fairfield. same for san rafael. it's really close for livermore. a lot of 50s. system in the entire complex right there will move into the pacific northwest. that will give us a pretty good cool down. today is that day where we are still sunny. still nice to warm. we lose the northeast breeze. highs today toward the north bay. some 80s. clear lake and ukiah 82. 88 antioch. 78 oakland. alameda at 75. 88 gilroy. 84 san jose. sunnyvale at 83. 60s, 70s, and coast. cooler though on tuesday we will turn into wednesday. >> thank youen steve.
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tornado sirens sounded in kansas yesterday evening as a funnel cloud briefly touched down. it was reported just after 6:00 last night but dispated pretty quickly. no reports of any injuries or damages. a fallen hero from right here in the bay area is remembered. two events honoring him today. thousands of miles apart. >> homicide investigation at america's most famous racetrack. new information about the weekend death at churchill down. >> what the u.s. has been secretly doing with the taliban prisoners in afghanistan.
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china will hold up their end of the deal to allow him to stud any in the u.s.. he is recovering from a fractured foot. he's been invited to attend new york university. he asked the hospital staff to help him prepare the paper work needed for him and his family to be able to travel. by the way vice president joe biden said the united states is ready to give chen a visa right away. new details about a secret plan in afghanistan to release
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dangerous prisoners. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with what the united states is getting for releasing this fighters. >> reporter: dave, this is all part of the u.s. effort to negotiate with the taliban to bring peace to afghan provinces and bring u.s. troops home. these are pictures we found on the army site. par one is the only military prison. the strategic releases program has been going on for years. the post says the detainees are often any tourous fighters that have pledged to renounce violence. u.s. officials warn them if they are caught again attacking u.s. troops they will be detained again. negotiations are prompting a fierce debate here on capitol hill. i'll have more for you in my
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next update if about an hour. alison burns. autopsy is scheduled for the man found dead at kentucky derby churchill down. the victim is a 48-year-old from guatemala. his body was found in a stable area of churchill down. they say his death appears to be a homicide but there appears to be no direct connection with the racetrack or saturday's derby. this morning a vallejo police officer killed in the line of duty will be among those honored a at a ceremony at the state capitol. james capoot was killed by a bank robbery suspect. he was a 19 year vet an and married father of three daughters. governor brown be among those attending that ceremony. meantime several bay area
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police officers are taking part in a national event honoring james capoot and 160 other fallen police officers. overnight they took a red eye flight from oakland to new york city. the officers will join others from across the country in a marathon bike ride to raise money for the national law enforcement memorial. three vallejo police officers still grieving the loss of officer capoot will be among the riders. >> i sit behind his chair in lineup so i see his name every day. but we have not forgotten him. we haven't forgotten his family we think about him all the time. >> the bay area police officers traveled light during their cross country trip. fedex shipped their bike and bike gear ahead of them free of charge. today is the deadline for san francisco mayor ed lee to release the list of expert witnesses expected to testify at sheriff ross mirkarimi's
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ethic hearing. they suspended mirkarimi and filed misconduct charges to remove him from office. this happened after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false imment following a new years eve confrontation with his wife that left a bruise. testimony resumes in roger clemens perjury trial in washington, d.c.. the former baseball star is accused of lying to congress in 2008 when he denied using performance enhancing drugs. the jury has been hearing from federal agent jeff he is describing the evidence he collected in his case. he also provided crucial testimony in the balco case and barry bonds' recent perjury trial. there is an unusual delay during game four of the playoff series between the los angeles
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laker and denver nuggets. the play was stopped after a woman walked on to the court in denver yesterday. she was grabbed by security. taken outside and arrested. that woman has been identified as 20-year-old savannah mcmellon. there are reports she has been banned from that arena in the past for stocking a former denver player. >> she has been looking for kenya martin. they say she comes all the time. time now just about 6:19. anything string in our morning commute sal? >> you mean stranger than that? i was a little worried there for a second. good morning, everybody. there is nothing strange about this commute so far. we are easing into it. and dave and pam i think we are looking pretty good so far on this monday. you never want to have a bad monday on the road. look at 680 that looks pretty good. let's move along and take a
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look at the commute. the metering lights are on. once you make it out to the bridge you can go ahead and drive without too many worries. if you are driving in livermore westbound 580 traffic looks good to castro valley. getting a little more youd coming in over the altamont pass. now let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a very happy monday morning with sunrise over the big city. it's clear out there. now changes are brewing but it will still be sunny and nice to warm to very warm today. little westerly breeze is beginning to get its act together. which will be here starting tomorrow. but some of the colessees lows we lose the breeze the northeast breeze. wood side at 47. lafayette 48. foster city at 49. fairfax 49. and ocean beach also 49.
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there are other areas not far away from these that are ten degrees warmer. any breeze temperatures up. if it's clear, calm it's clear for everybody. if it's calm then temperatures in the 40s. san rafael is in there. napa 47. fairfield 49. fremont under clear skies we will start you off with 52, 72 at noon and then a high of 82 degrees. i think because of that northeast breeze turning more westerly now temperatures will come down a couple degrees. today though it's sunny. nice to warm. decreasing northeast breeze. more of a westerly breeze. clear lake 82. 74 richmond. fairfield at 86 degrees. 88 antioch. 84 walnut creek. some 80s cupertino 84. 77 santa cruz. 80s on the peninsula.
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83 redwood city. 82 today. 60s and 70s along the coast. fog on its way back. it will be here tuesday into wednesday. starts to turn around on thursday and looks sunny and warmer as we go into the weekend. two economists say last months unemployment rate may not have dropped because of frustrated job seekers. the chief economist issued separate statements saying more employed americans dropped out of the labor force indicating most people leaving the work force was retired. at & t is expected to announce the new service digital life. it will let customer remotely adjust customers or unlock doors. it will use sensors connected to home security. the south bay celebrating cinco de mayo.
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little bit busier at the bay bridge toll plaza as you see it there traffic is getting busy and once again on to the bridge it looks good into the city. >> thank you, sal. today is the deadline for students to submit designs for art work that will go above the new fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel. cal trans opened the contest for students that live in alameda and contra costa counties. when a design is chosen it will be used to create three medallions. more law enforcement officers were on hand for the cinco de mayo festival. the whole goal was to make sure yesterday's celebration was a safe one. santa clara county sheriffs department says this festival attracts gang members. that is why they brought in parole officers and probation officers and a gang suppression unit just to keep an eye own spot problems. as a precaution private security patted down the men
6:27 am
and women had their bags checked. >> you know i think it's something that is necessary. you never know what people might sneak in. >> sheriffs deputy says they feel the increased presence worked. there were no gang related fights, assaults or arrests made at the festival. now during cinco de mayo celebrations saturday night san jose police made 30 arrests. most of those were for weapons possession and public drunkness. 12 minors were taken in for curfew violations. 67 drivers received traffic citations. the offer the university made to help peacefully end the protest and where negotiations stand now. >> we are live in san francisco where people are askings safety of pedestrians along the masonic. >> also the opening bell about
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to ring on wall street. we will take you there live to tell you what happened overnight. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are getting ready to ring the opening bell. election in france and germany creating uncertainty about europe's ability to handle their financial products. that was the mela sciences ringing the nasdaq. there is the new york stock exchange but it's melanoma monday. there is dermatologist there. her name is dr. doris they. they are bringing awareness to
6:31 am
skin cancer protection and awareness. . we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. it's monday, may 7th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. >> in the news for you this morning we are finding out more about the woman that died after being hit by a car in frank -- in san francisco. ktvu tara moriarty is here now to tell why that street that area is so dangerous. tara. >> reporter: now that the light is out and traffic is beginning to pick up you can see how fast these cars are zipping here along masonic. you are looking at right now is geary. a lot of the folks are trying to beat the light so they are going fast. as you pan to the right this is where euclid is. people are coming up over the hill also gaining speed. and right here in front of trader joe's this is a blind
6:32 am
spot. this is where the woman was trying to cross the street and was struck and kill. the accident happened at 5:30 last night. the 25-year-old victim was putting groceries in her car. she was not walking in a crosswalk. she was returning her cart back when a toyota tundra hit her. this stretch of roadway is scary and dangerous. >> i don't know if we need a crosswalk or some sort of pedestrian overpass that might help out. because these people really are putting their life on the line walking across the street without these drivers being able to see them. >> reporter: the woman died of her injuries last night. as far as we know the driver is not being charged. again masonic is a four-lane roadway. the grocery store is right between euclid and greery. most people shop and don't yous the crosswalks because they think it's too far to walk with groceries. it's all the way down there if you have to travel. now we do know that san francisco police will be out
6:33 am
here again this morning. they will be surveying the scene here in the daylight to see if they can find anymore clues that will piece together how this accident unfolded. live in frank i'm tara moriarty. police are looking for a man that was injured outside of his home. the man was shot in the chest during a robbery attempt. there is no word on the victims condition but the gunfire could be tied to a home invasion robbery. oakland police are also investigating the shooting of a teenager. investigators believe he was shot somewhere else and somehow made his way to that intersection. he was alert when police arrived but they say he is not cooperating. uc berkeley has made an offer to end the occupy the farm protest in albany.
6:34 am
the group took over the land two weeks ago. ktvu alex savidge joins us now with where negotiations stand this morning. alex. >> reporter: uc berkeley officials set out that saturday deline for the protestors here. they have not done yet. but occupy the farm representatives tell me this morning they do plan to respond to the university's quest later today. they will do so through their lawyer. this dig pout all centers around a ten acre piece of land. they own the property here in albany. it was two weeks back when they broke into the land and started planting crops and setting up plants here. they issued a letter giving these protestors until saturday before they leave. if that happens they are open
6:35 am
to the activist that wants a community garden. are you going to make it? what are the plans? >> the plans i'm not ready to release that informs yet. we are trying to have this communication process with the university and not to the news media. >> reporter: uc berkeley representative says researchers need access to this land later on this month. the university says if they don't get a response from protestors soon, they may have to use more forceful options as they put it. i did reach out to a representative from the university trying to get a better sense of their timetable. i have not received a response as of yet. the folks here at occupy the farm tell me they do plan to reach out to the university through their lawyer. they will do so later on today. for now we are live in albany this morning alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:35.
6:36 am
elderly woman and her son rescued by neighbors from a burning house in alamo. this fire started just before 6:00 last night. randy and his son saw the fire they went to try to rescue their neighbors. they jumped over a fence and went through the back door to get inside this burning house. their 96-year-old neighbor was in the kitchen calling 911 apparently didn't realize how bad the fire was. >> we got it outside and jumped the fence and handed her off to him. and then we got over here through all the bushes and i jumped the fence. >> the woman's son was also rescued from this burns house. it apparently started from fireplace embers that were thrown into a trash can. new this morning nato says three of the service members have died in a bombing in eastern afghanistan. that deadly attack happened just hours ago. so far nato has not released any details of the bombing and
6:37 am
it's not clear if american soldiers are among the dead. surprise attack by al qaeda militants killed 20 soldiers in yemen. it's not clear if it was in retaliation for a top al qaeda leader. he helped plan the october 2000 attack on the u.s.s. cole that killed 17 soldiers. american hostage being held by al qaeda and pakistan makes a plea on video tape to president obama. >> i have done a lot of service for my country. i would hope my country would look after me. >> coming up for you what al qaeda says they want in exchange for setting that hostage free. opposition groups in syria urging people to boycott elections that are taking police today. voting for the 250 seats in parliaments amounts to a vote
6:38 am
for the current government. the election follows the adoption of a new constitution allowing new political parties to form. the president is also now limited to two seven year terms. however, the opposition is dismissing these reforms calling it a sham prolong the current presidents rule. final results from france's presidential election came in during the night. they showed that francois nearly defeated sarkozy. hollande is a socialist. he will officially take office as the new head of france next wednesday. today california voters can begin casting absentee ballots for the june primary. they will send out the june 5th ballots today. voters can mail them in or drop them off at specific locations.
6:39 am
the last day to request a ballot is june 29th. sal, i know you are watching 237 and everything else. >> that is right. 237 we have a couple people that follow me on twitter that are like please tell me it's not going to be a zoo on that freeway. we are watching it for you. 237 so far is only slow here at zanker road heading west. the rest of the commute looks good. i got tweets from all over the place. i have more than one twitter account. find me wherever you find me. this is a look at 880 north and southbound that traffic is moving along very nicely. bay area traffic on highway 4 a little bit slow as it normally is this time of the morning. but the bay point and pittsburgh traffic looking good. 80 westbound getting a little slow in richmond. and again we are watching the
6:40 am
nimitz freeway. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. and skies are clear. it will be a nice monday. although a little change here. we are cool lows. it will be sunny today. waiting for that westerly breeze to kick in. it will start later today by the coast. right now skies are clear. be is the fog? it's down in southern california. it's a sign that cooler weather is on the way. it won't be for inland areas. 60s and 70s closer to the coast and bay. we are losing that northeast wind. los gatos at 47. halve jet 48 degrees. ocean beach at 49. fairfax 49. 47 napa, santa rosa. 49 for san rafael. without that breeze temperatures are cooling off it will be harder to get as warm as we got on sunday. fremont starting off 62. we are go 72 and a high of 82-
6:41 am
degrees. and then approaching system right there. not a bad looking system. we'll be on the southern edge of it. this time of year that's all it takes. today though sunny skies nice to warm. a little more of a decreasing northeast breeze. sunny and nice to warm though. clear skies. not as windy for sure. temperatures 80 for some. yet 60s and 70s closer to the coast and bay. mid 80s concord. 76 berkeley. 79 san leandro. and 83 sunnyvale. 60s and 70s on the coast. 70s low to mid 80s on the peninsula. tomorrow will be cooler for everybody. we'll continue that into wednesday. and it does look warmer for the upcoming weekend. 6:41 is the time right now. new survey shows u.s. gas prices going down. why drivers in the bay area are in no mood to celebrate. we have been telling you about a study that says every
6:42 am
time a homicide happens in oakland people leave. >> good morning, southbound, northbound 680 looks good. mom? hmm?
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6:45 am
you. a 25-year-old woman has died after being hit by a car in san francisco. it happen just before 5:30 last night on masonic near euclid avenue. police say this area is dangerous to walk in and pedestrians are often hard to see. >> new negotiations are possible later tea between -- today between occupy protestors that have taken over farmland in albany that is owned by uc berkeley. >> oakland police right now are looking for two gunmen that shot and injured a man outside of his own house. it happened shortly after midnight on holly street. investigators say the man was shot in the chest during a robbery attempt. we have no word on his condition. there is new evidence the violence on the streets of oakland is directly effecting everyone in the city. ktvu christien kafton joins us with the results of the new study. >> reporter: you heard dave talking about the gunmen that oakland police are looking for
6:46 am
this morning. oakland police are looking for a pair of gunman after the overnight shootings. now a new study says violence like that led to 5,000 people leaving oakland and it's not hard to find people wanting to leave. new study finds that for every homicide in the city of oakland about 70 citizens decide to leave the city. those people that leave in turn create a drag on the economy. it's harder for businesses to grow, hard to them to attract business, and harder to raise taxes. as mump as 39,000 people have left the skip as are direct result of the homicide rate over the last ten years. in the last half hour we found one that said crime is a part of the reason she is leaving oakland and heading to san rafael. >> oakland especially in this area i don't live too far from here. but i just don't feel safe anymore. i feel like the violence of the crime rate goes up every year. i don't like the loud noise at
6:47 am
night. there is cars racing all the time. >> so you will get out. >> yeah i will get out. >> reporter: study's author says it's proof crime is everyone piece problem. unless something is done urban areas like oakland will simply empty out. live in oakland christien kafton. time now 6:46. there are new developments about the army captain in afghanistan who died while talking on skype with his wife. now the wife of captain bruce kevin clark said he was knocked forward while they were talking on april 30th. she says she saw a bullet hole in the closet door behind him. a couple minutes ago they di not find a bullet wound in clark and they find no signs of foul play. this investigation continues. autopsy is now under way. we are getting our first look at the new video of a 70- year-old american aid worker kidnapped last august by al
6:48 am
qaeda in pakistan. >> my life is in your hands, mr. president. if you accept the demands i live, if you don't accept the demands, then i die. >> that is warren weinstein. they want the u.s. to stop air strikes and it demands the release of al qaeda and taliban suspects around the world. the city of san francisco may be losing the 49ers to santa clara but there is a constellation prize. it involves the teams deal with candle stick park. coming up what san francisco would get in return if 49ers leave the city before 2015. gasoline prices have changed in the last week but how they have changed that depends on where you live. right now nation-wide gasoline prices have dropped $.07 in the last two weeks. the average price is $3.85 for
6:49 am
a gallon of regular. in the bay area prices have gone up in the last week because of repairs at california refineries. some of the people we talked to just this morning say those gas price hikes are hurting everybody. >> we feel the pain and the customers too. >> it's tough out there. it's tough to do anything right now. i can't even go to plan my day and go to walnut creek. it will cost me $20-$25. >> aaa says the highest local prices are in san francisco. it's 12-cents a gallon cheaper in vallejo and napa. >> you know i look at the total. it seems, sal, a couple years ago it was $50 and then this weekend i filled up my car and it was $75. >> i know. so you drive less and spend more time at home.
6:50 am
good morning, everyone. let's take a look at what you have now. this is a look at westbound 24. i believe coming up this week it's ride your bike to workday. i'm going to check on that in san francisco any way. sponsored by the bicycle coalition. let's move along and take a look at the commute here. getting into your car it's backed up to a ten minute delay. no problems get into the city. and if you are driving on the san mateo or dumbarton bridge the traffic there looks okay. little bit of slow traffic on 880 south of hayward. then we move the maps over to antioch. highway 4 is slow there. 6:50 let's go to steve. >> thank you. a very good morning. skies are clear. it's on its way but it's very clear and calm but it's also on the cool side. i will get to some of those lows in a second. temperatures starting off
6:51 am
anywhere from 45-55 clear. no breeze i request really find. little bit in the higher elevations. 58-78. sunshine there will be lots of sunshine. i think you will notice anywhere by the coast westerly breeze. it will take another day to get here. fog is down in southern california and it's coming down the mendocino coast. 46 to wood side. i just heard from dianne she is at kings mountain. 62. there are huge differences. lafayette 48. ocean beach is 48. fairfax 49. san carlos and foster city at 49. close for livermore. redwood city at 49. i've seen a lot of upper 40s. inland 80s close to the coast 60s and 70s today. the system right there will give us a cooling trend. you will notice it more tomorrow. we are losing that northeast breeze. turning more westerly and north
6:52 am
westerly. clear skies but not as breezy from the north, northeast. highs 80s mid to upper inulin. mid 80s for many. i think we come down a couple degrees. 80s on the peninsula as well expect along the coast. 60s and 70s the city will go 74. cooler tuesday and for everybody on wednesday. thursday things are about the same. warmer weather takes over by the weekend. >> thanks. u.s. treasury has agreed to sell 164 million shares of aig. it will go about $30.50 a share. that could raise about $5 billion. right now the government owns 70% of aig since the 2008 bailout. there is a new warning if you are a customer of scammers are tricking people giving up personal information. super weekend for super heros the record breaking
6:53 am
weekend at the box office for the avengers. as a fashion blogger, i love when i get to do a morning talk show. i'm always talking about t.j.maxx. i tell people how to look like a million bucks without spending it. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. live look at the big board. dow jones down about 43 points. european stock markets all down this morning. mostly down i should say.
6:56 am
and overnight asia concerned about elections in france and greece effecting the market germany. we are learning about an e- mail scam involving the company says many people have reported getting e-mails with your cancellation in the subject line. these e-mails are not from the company. if you get this e-mail and haven't recently placed an order from amazon, delete it. if you have responded, visit your amazon account and update your password. a pilot that planned to land a in palo alto -- the conventional landing gear was having problems so he opted to land south of the dumbarton bridge. the pilot taxied over the sunday surfing station. it's wild fire awareness week. that means you homeowners are
6:57 am
being reminded get ready for wild fire season. cal fires says fire season could start early because we had that dry winter. the dry vegetation could become a problem in the summer heat. so you are advised to clear 100 around your home and have an evacuation plan. they could fight the battle that we never could. >> the avengers sold more than $200 million worth of tickets in its first three days. that smashes the previous opening weekend set by the harry potter finale. 6:57. sal, what is happening? >> traffic is moving along pretty well in many areas. we do have a muni delay for inbound trains. let's go out and take a look at a couple pictures. 880 north and southbound that traffic moves along pretty well a also the morning commute looks well at the bay bridge after a ten minute delay. let's go to steve.
6:58 am
>> sal, thank you sir. clear, calm, a little cool for some of the lows. it will still be sunny today. mild to warm. 60s and 70s to near 80s coast and bay. we have an update on our cooler pattern. >> thank you, steve. also coming up a young woman dies crossing a busy san francisco street. why this intersection is considered particularly dangerous. >> also the weekend deadline has passed. what is next in an unusual occupy patrol test in the east bay. stay right here with us.
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