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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 8, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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resistance and away from the coast it will be sunny and warm. we have highs anywhere from 58 to 88 and there will be a big spread. traffic is moving along well heading out to the mcarthur maze. also this morning's commute looks good highway 4 westbound and if you are driving from antioch to bay point, it has been a nice drive so far. this is a look at 880 approaching the split, let's go back to parent palm. police are now investigating the violent deaths of a 13-year-old girl and her mother. she were found shot to death inside their home near interstate 580 yesterday
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morning. tara? >> reporter: police are not saying if this was a murder/suicide or double suicide but they are not ruling out anything at this point. we are standing in front of a home where violence erupted. they both died of a gun shot wound and they were transported to the hospital. her husband made the gruesome discovery when he got home from working and called 911. >> we have not found any witnesses yet. police were here much of the night trying to piece together what happened. they say there was no sign that anyone broke into the home. the husband is not a suspect
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but he is considered a person of interest. we are learning more about this case and of course we will pass it along to you. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. an oakland man is fighting for his life following a driveby shooting. it happened on international boulevard near 48th avenue. police say a gunman opened fire on a young man when he was sitting in his car. he is listed in critical condition and police are still looking for suspects. a two-year-old girl is recovering from a pitt bull attack and that pitt bull has reportedly been put down. he bit the girl three times just before 5:00 yesterday evening on rose lane. a helicopter lifted the girl from a nearby park to a children's hospital. she is being treated for
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serious bite wounds to the face and the leg. it is not clear if they will be charged. >> if that was the case there is a potential they could have placed legal criminal charges but at this point it does not appear that is the case. >> they do report that the dog was euthanized. at the farm protesters are refusing to bulging on the land by uc berkeley. they are open to sharing the land as long as protesters clear their encampment first. they say if they leave they will be locked out and with millions of dollars of research in jeopardy, they say the school is considering other options for removing the protesters. time now 4:33 visioners are looking for a car that may be associated with the disappearance of sierra lemar.
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as we reported on mornings on two, investigators need help finding a 90s red four-door jetta with a blackhood and the red jetta was -- jetta was seen the day she disappeared. they also say that car was seen in areas where sierra lemar's belongings were found. >> this area may lead us to a person or persons involvement in this. >> meanwhile they ruled out sierra lemar's case between what was found on the ground. the sheriff's dye dive team will continue to check more reserviors this week. a man has been identified
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as a high school senior. he pointed a gun at an officer four times and the officer hit him three times. they identified the man shot at sunday night. sergio ran from them and made threatening gestures with his hands. he was not hurt but was arrested. police say 15 minutes earlier he was in an suv or somebody was brand itching their gun. the woman has been identified. she was on her way to become a certified architect. she was on her way after shopping at trader joes. she was in the crosswalk, the driver did not stop and has been arrested. police are warning women to be careful on a popular trail.
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it happened near south l-treat. a map was walking and introduced himself as gape. she went to shake his hand and he grabbed and groaned her. >> she backed way far and ended up walking the opposite direction. >> 4:36 is the time now, a burglary suspect who managed to escape inside the police car is happening this morning. it happened within yards of the county jail. officers were not wearing his handcuffs when he took off. they know where he lives and his original charges are not that serious, however last night's escape did get him into a lot more trouble.
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antioch police have new information about a robbery and kidnapping involving a cab driver. police released these sketches they say resemble two of the three men anotherly two weeks ago. they robbed the driver and forced him into the trunk of his cab. the suspects drove the cab into the oakland hills where they released the driver who was not hurt and later recovered the cab. sheriff ross mirkarimi is trying to stop his wife from obtaining the video. mayor ed lee want to use the tape as evidence to remove sheriff ross mirkarimi from sheriff's office. it is a video of eliana lopez
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crying. he said it will avoid further humiliation. he has been charged abusing his wife. coming up, the injuries he is accused of inflicting. and they are expected to amend the compensation policies. they could receive higher pay but it would be raised for known as auction i will rathers. -- auction -- auction i will are yous. they hear a proposed change on candle stick park. now the current lease ends through the season and they would like to be able to move into their new stadium.
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so they are offering a million dollars as well as paid lost rent to candle stick concession workers. >> that is hundreds of dollars aside from our local economy. >> they could work out a joint agreement with both san francisco. a fire in oakland at 99th and mcarthur. it is unclear if people were living inside of it, it is 99th and mcarthur and it is near 98th avenue and that's one of the closest exists so if i
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remove the purse let's take a look at it. let's look at eastbound 880 and staff continues to look good. also if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza, so farraguting into sap fran. this morning's commute getting to 280, that traffic is off to a good start. let's go to steve. good morning, i mean it is solid and even sonoma coast looks fog free. however it is very shallow but it is there. patches of fog breezy coast and bay and i would be surprised if it was any warmer. the system coming in, week as it may be it is changes things
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around. we have some mid-50s especially down towards san jose, temperatures pushing closer to stockton and tracy. our system in the gulf of alaska is moving north and we are on the very north of it but it is a sun and dry -- sunny and dry pattern and it is cooler for the westly and highs from anywhere from the if i have are evers -- pleasanton 86 and a lot of fog 72 and late
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clearing leveling off and we warm up a little bit just some fog on the coast inland. another plot to bring down an airplane, what the cia says al qaeda was planning to do and how a covert operation stopped them. plus a push from a late day activist.
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. cia foiled a plot, they decided to use an upgraded underwear bomb similar to the one they used in 2009. hillary rodham clinton said the foiled bomb plot shows terrorists remain determined. >> these terrorists keep trying and they keep trying to device more mortarrable ways to kill innocent people and it is a reminder as to why we have to remain vigilant at home and abroad. >> the u.s. government says the intended user of the bomb is no
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longer a threat. it is not clear if he is in custody or dead. he has pled not guilty to beating his wife and pushing her out of a car. he has been working at the japanese advice console -- vice cons sole. he brought liced his wife 14 times only a month and most recently about a month ago. >> a puncture wound from a screwdriver in her hand to a tooth being knocked out. >> he was arrested april 1st and he is now out of jail on 350,000 dollars bail and he is still employed with the consulate and he is due back the 15th. rick santorum sent out a late night e-mail saying he
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decided to endorse hip after meeting with him. they are holding the primary. mitt romney needs 300 more delegates to clinch the republican nomination. they go before voters today and they define them between a man and woman and for bids it with domestic partnerships. very urge the constitutional amendment and the latest pole shows it is expected to pass. and the june 5th primary election, voters will notice some big changes in the ballot this time around, it is called the top two primary, meaning they will get the most votes
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even if they are from the same party. >> in rural areas like san francisco, almost certainly the top democrats are going to win and they will face off again in november. >> on the ballots all the candidates are group together rather than separated by party. for example in the u.s. senate race, there is a list. one of the relative communities is becoming politically more -- politically more active in the face of bigotry. they metaphor the first must slim day at the capital and lobbied on a new bill on religious a tire at working. >> lots of sometimes employers will not know how to balance the rights of the worker.
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care california muslims are running for office but they have a long way to go. the board of supervisors is expected to vote on a resolution urging ray davis him with the posthumous middle of freedom ahead of harvey milk day. and they are honoring their fallen officers at the chp personnel. one officer was killed it 011. 24-year-old thomas adams died
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in mendocino county last february. governor jerry brown joined hundreds of law enforcement who died in the line of actuality. one of the officers was jim cap pooh 0 died in november pursuing a robbery suspect. we now know what killed art kit kinkaid. his death was an accident caused by a fatal combination of alcohol and valium. his brother told the san jose mercury news his brother had battled it for years and relapsed just prior to his deaths. he sold more than 10 million beyond pieces. the second face against or call is now underway.
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they will hear testimony on whether it private two -- violates two java pat tents and one is in favor of or call. it could not agree on the 4th basis for a setelment. it will go before the -- go before the board of supervisors. the full board is expected and mount any riders who have not paid a fair will go through the front door but if you have a chicker pass or jump he and really the better rider experience of not having to wait so lock at one of our many bus stops is the real benefit.
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>> now 451, he is being praised for his heroic actions. what he did to fall 40 feet into the a barrel of acid.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now 4:54 a new jersey roofer is being called a hero for jumping into a tank of acid to save a co-worker. davis fell 40 feet through a roof. he landed in a barrel of acid used for cleaning steel. he jumped in waist-deep and pulled him out. davis is in crystal condition.
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he suffered burns to his legs and stomach. are you covering a fire for us? >> yes, it is an old commercial building. at the corner of 99th and mcarthur maze, oakland has a line across the street and it could affect it but is not affecting 880. let's go right 0 to it and go in both directions. it looks nice and that looks pretty good. and this morning's commute at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is a nice drive approaching the toll. and to a summertime pattern, last thursday it raped remember. fog has some back to the coast and it is very solid the san
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mateo coastline, it will still be sunny and warm inland and temperatures, it will not matter but for those coast and bay northwest and oakland cooler coast and bay. there are some upper 40s and santa rosa is 46. san rafael 47 and a lot of 50s showing up contra coster county might even get close to 90 degrees and system will working its day in to tomorrow and it will help inland areas cool document and also peninsular today. sunny to mild to warm, thick coastal fog. cool for some, mild for some,
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very warm for others. 80s on the tell it to yours for some. yet jar rosa. 50s and 60s on the coast, upper 70s to lower 80s. gilroy 88. follow supplement, we start to see high pressure and warmer temperatures as it we go. a fire apt a commercial pulling, we will take you there live this morning and we will have a live report coming up. and in the speed freak killer's case the new evidence that may point to the location of one woman's father. and a developing story, a mother and daughter found shot to death inside their own home.
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guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t.
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