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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. a plot of land taken over for farming, the latest on the investigation. plus al qaeda trying to blow up an airline the new and improved weapon they were planning on using in that attack. it is all ahead on the bay area news. good morning thank you for joining us on this tuesday may 8th, i am pam cook. >> let's go straight to steve. a cool down starts and it will be in the 80s for some, fog is too shallow but 60s and 70s and 80s well inland, here is sal.
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traffic on highway 4 looks good getting to the tunnel, no problems there and also this morning's commute looks good on 101 to the 880 split. let's go to the desk. firefighters are on the scene of a commercial fire on 99th and mcarthur. christain just arrived at the scene, christain? >> reporter: let's give you a look at the scene, you can see firefighters up on top of this pulling and it appears firefighters do have it under control and they are opening vend hose on the top of this business. the call up anybodily went out on this at 4:16 this morning that a commercial structure was on fire. the fire department requested
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police to shut down traffic and you can see traffic is shut down in both directions on mcarthur obviously a major road in oakland and they needed to make sure they could do their working here. firefighters are working to clear any hot spots. at 4:46 they gave an all clear and that means they looked for people who may have been inside that commercial. again, the major concern is the travel implications sal has been reporting all mcarthur we do expect them to open at some point and we will ask the fire crews on scene when that will happen and we will continue to
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monitor the situation and for now we are live in oakland. christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are following developing news coming from pleasanton. police are investigating the violent deaths of two people, a mother and her teenage daughterel. tell us what police are saying about this right now. >> reporter: spell were out here for eight hours and police are not saying whether they consider it a murder sue site or a don't homicide. the cuss ban came home at 6:00. the body of amy freeman had a single gunshot wound and her 13- year-old daughter also had been shot and she was taken to the hospital where she later died. the husband was the one to call 911. >> is he a suspect no, is he a person of interest? >> everyone is a person of interest right now.
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yes, he is helping us out answering some questions. >> police are not ruling out anything and there was no sign anybody broke into the home. in about an hour we will be checking in with you time now 33, a man was shot and killed and has now been identified as a high school senior. the police officers fired four shots hitting him four times. they are trying to identify the man they shot at sunday night. sergio ran away from them and made threating suggests from his hand. police say fib minutes earlier he was inside of an suv where
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somebody had a gun. occupied protesters are taking over. alex safe a advantage joins us with the ongoing battle from this area. >> reporter: they are asking them to vacate this piece of property and they will break down the encampment but only if they agree to a list of demands. they want to make sure they have continued access to the field, they they do not want them to use wes sides and then they will be open to a discussion this piece of land was taken over following a pro
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test. the occupied at last topic at albany city workers weighed in on the fate of this farm are worried about police raising the site. >> it would be a dishonor and disgrace that we would add violence to our town against our children. >> uc berkeley police officers have been coming by the occupy the farm site warning protesters they are in fact trespassing. they need this piece of land so that student researchers could 15 seeing them have i kate. they may have to take more new orleans full actions . they are
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calling for new searches in a serial killer case. they are now certain that a loved one is among the many victims. they long thought wesley howard shermantine and loren joseph herzog were responsible for the deaths of phillip martin their suspicious were confirmed indicating he is buried 30 miles outside of stockton. >> i will allow, i mean i will bridge my shovel out. it happened before martin disappeared in 1993,. cia foiled a plot to blow up a plane bound for the united
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states. they plannedthey -- coming up, just how close that bomb plot was close to being carried out. the jury in the he had whip ramos trial will start another day of deliberations. they meet at 930. the jury shot and killed all anthony ball loan in after mistaking them for -- tony balogna and his sons michael and matthew bologna after mistaking them for rival gang members. the santa clara county sheriff's department says the red car was seen near sierra lemar's home the day she disappeared. that car was see in areas where
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sierra lemar's belongings were found. >> i am asking the public if they have any recollection of seeing this vehicle and it is not your everyday description as far as jettas, it is red and it has a black head. >> crime reports ruled out any links for handcuffs found near sierra lemar's home. volunteers will conduct another search and the sheriff's dive team will conduct more dives at the reservoir this week. good morning to you dave, pam, traffic looks good on 8el 80 westbound and people are obviously on the road and it is a nice locking drive there.
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will are no major problems this morning. if you are driving on 280 and san jose, it is very nice and obviously the freeway will not say this way for long but obviously you want to take it. and it is sweeping it southward and it is not making much of a push inland but it's there and the wind is turning more westerly. i top think, we will keep an eye on that if it gets up to 15 or 20. that is a cool direction for this time of year. also santa rosa hayward 51 and 57 san jose and brenly oakwood,
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tracy stockton out to the coast 50s and 60s and it will give a widespread cooling trends tomorrow. somebody tweeted me and said, i am cooler than everyone else tomorrow. >> then we'll see still warming and it is way out there. cooler for some mind for others and the south wind takes over in nevada and down towards gilroy and upper 70s and lower 8s and along the coast it will be cooler. thursday things quiet document and friday into the weekend slow warming especially away from the coast.
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>> allegations made by a corporation her student. and a fatal police beating in southern california and this is now at the center of a criminal trial.
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. welcome back time now 4:15, we want to warn you the video
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is disturbing. the grainy black and white tape was shown for the first time in court yesterday. prosecutors have charged the two police officers with up voluntary man slaughter and the police officers say they were aling with a dangerous mentally ill man who was putting their lives in danger. following a new development in the penn state sexual abuse scandal. they say prosecutors filed charges before they knew the facts. tim curely along with the former business administrator are accused of lying to a grand jury and failing to report child abuse and covering up a scandal with jerry sandusky who is accused of sexually abusing ten boys. the fbi gets a closer look at the bomb al qaeda plans to set off here in the u.s.
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allison burns has more to tell us how this plot was disrupted. >> reporter: dave we are learning that a tip from saudi intelligence helped break up the plot. the bomb that was seized is an upgrade of the underwear bomb that failed to detonate over detroit on christmas 2009. the fbi is examining whether it could have passed through airport security and brought down the plane but it is believed to have been built by abraham all seer are you. it is a -- abraham. it is a reminder they are not giving up. >> they keep trying to come up with more ways to hurt us. we have to remain vigilant at home and a broad. >> reporter: when the cia
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seized the bomb, we are trying to find out more about what happened to him and i hope to have that in my next update. for now allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. well a couselor at berkeley high school has been suspended for alleged sexual misconduct. a former student accused anthony smith of makingup wanted advances. the misconduct occurred in the 2009 and 2010 school year. smith denies the allegations however the commission issued a seven day suspension. and earthquakes make los gatos give up a plan for a new school. they decided to stop building the new lexington elementary. it is right near the fault. they did not design the school
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to withstand a 8.0 quake as was recommended by experts. they will launch a campaign for proposition b. it is on the san francisco ballot and the measure would make them prioritize funds for preserving the murals and protecting the building. well away area restaurant has been awarded the prestigious award. the boulevard was named the outstanding restaurant of the year. this was the 8th time boulevard was nominated for the award the very first time it won. four bay area shelves won for regional awards celebrity chef
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wolf gang puck was recommended. >> they are making me hungry. yes, traffic is moving along well around the bay area, this is a look at highway four and it is a nice looking drive with no major problems. also here at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic looks good if you are driving up to the pay gates with no major problems. and if you are driving the fire is still there but freeways are doing well. fog is on the coast, but heading south, it continues and we are picking up a little bit of a breeze. that is a barometer and some
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signs that were not there yesterday. maybe close to 90 out towards antioch oakly and 70s around the bay. that system is weak and anything that comes in and lifts a little bit, it's all that it takes. we had rain thursday and now we are talking about sunshine and we are back to the thick fog pattern, fog warm for some but definitely cooler for others with that west wind kicking in and those are well away from any cool up france. ever 0s and 60s still some warm conditions out towards livermore and pleasanton and everybody cools down wednesday and keeps it about the same. the those inland temperatures
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are warmer with companies that go. they are looking at how the creek elections affected the bailout process. they mostly bounced back and it appears the markets overreacted to worries over greece and france. south carolina posted the biggest gain but they were less than 1%. nurture indicators no big drop but you can see a little bit of a mixed picture. there was so much from the aig stock. the government expected to droplets ownerships to 63% and now they will lower their steak to 61%. the extra shares could raise money and that was in exchange of the 2008 pail out of --
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bailout of aig. >> we know you are smarter than me. but do you know about pre- historic gases. do you know they warmed the earth. >> and in exchange for an early end, they are willing to have an exchange at candle stick park. and driving towards the tunnel, i will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned. with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without rinsing first.
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. well it is warm and dry in colorado but it was not the case less than 12 hours ago. take a look snow fell in summit county but it is too warm for the snow to stick. san francisco's board of supervisors, we will hear an officer from the board of supervisors. 9ers are willing to pay millions of dollars to be allowed to leave the old stadium earlier than on the date of the current contract. they would get a million dollar cash contract and the team would pay millions in parking and possible past revenues.
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>> they came to discussions and said with our stadium, we want the ability to move in a year early if we are able to construct it as fast as possible. >> there is also a possibility, san francisco will be included in any bid to host a supper bowl. they are looking to replace howard memorial hospital. they have finally received approval from the state. construction on a replacement for an 84-year-old building will start and they are the largest employer from the town of willits. dinosaur may have contributed to the greenhouse. they produced more than 529 million gallons of methane. it may have been a key factor
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in the climate years ago. a little girl malled by a pitt bull and just how severe her injuries are. violent death of a mom and her teenage daughter coming up. fire crews, we will have an up tate on a major road. >> traffic to the supplement noel grade -- sunole grade, we will tell you more about the morning commute coming up.
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. yes, it is tuesday, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, let's check in with steve paulson. >> we are a little cloudy here. >> i know you are cloudy, fog has kicked up to parts of the coast and it will be noticeably cooler for the santa cruz coast line and even if you don't get the fog, still some 80s a few upper 80s and here is sal. traffic looks good from sonoma county to the golden gate it is a nice drive. 5:30 let's go back to the desk.
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firefighters at the scene of an early morning fire, ktvu channel 2 morning news' christian captain is also there, this is 99th and mcarthur, what is going on christian? >> reporter: firefighters are just now beginning to strip the roof off this building and they are talking about how it is closed down so we are hearing from the chief once they finish stripping this roof, we can also tell you the trucks that were here are departed but we have more on when it was a little more active. crews are working to development the -- vent the roof. the call initially went out at 4:00 a.m. this morning. they started searching for the fire and they searched 'abandoned barber shop they did not find anybody inside the
5:32 am
building. one of the interesting facts as it up anybodily went to 'outdoor fire then they cruised by this location, found a column of smoke and it was a good decision to find that fire. >> it was a good heads-up, it is a small commercial building not in use boarded up and it is currently under investigation. >> reporter: now again fire crews are wrapping up their working, take a look at our live picture and they are working to board up this building trying to make sure and the good news they should be done soon venting this roof and that should be done soon,
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back to you. police are investigating the violent deaths of a 13-year- old girl and her mother. they were found near interstate 880. the victim's husband came home from working to make the horrifying discovery. it is not clear if this is a homicide or double suicide and they are cooperating and they say he is not a suspect. >> he is the one who called 911 when he found then. >> police identified the victims as angela freeman and her mother amy freeman burton. a two-year-old's dog attacked her in concord. the little girl is in stable condition right now. the pitt bull bit her three times at a home on rose lane.
5:34 am
the dcf is visioning. neighbors did not even know they had a pit bull. >> everybody has a right to own their own animals but it is not a good environment i guess to put them in an environment with young kids if a dog is going to react more aggressively. and they could potentially look at it as a crime, the pit bull has been euthanized. fighting for his life following a driveby shooting, it happened on international boulevard near 48th avenue. they opened fire on a young man. the victim was shot in the head
5:35 am
and is listed in critical condition. police are still looking for suspects. oakland police are still searching for a burglary suspect who appears to be a very crafty escape artist. we will tell you that story coming up at 545. farm occupation tips. this is what they say they will need. >> but protesters are pushing back with a list of demands. the occupied encampmentpment will come down only if they are guaranteed access to the crops on this site and they want access to water supply and a promise not to use pesticides or chemicals here. but they say this tent city
5:36 am
must go first and then they will talk about sharing the land. the future of occupying the land was certainly a focus of the meeting last night. many showed up from this area and others say they support the farm and others knowing in. they are beginning to take full sight and they need it for the next week or so. today california state trustees a men the exon valdeztive compensation policies. new amendments would be paid
5:37 am
for bee auction i will rathers. they are representing the policy and have not had a raise since 2008 and will organize a strike if they can't agree on the contract. mayor ed lee is trying to stop sheriff ross mirkarimi. he wants to use the tape as evidence to remove sheriff ross mirkarimi from office for official misconduct. the tape shows sheriff ross mirkarimi's wife kyle while showing the bruises ascofered from her us pap. now we know the name of the woman who was hit and killed. due alexander said she was hit
5:38 am
pie a pickup truck after shopping at treater joes. so far she has not been arrested. they are allowing mount any riders to board buses through the back door. riders paying cash will still need to board on the front of the bus but if you have a clipper card or buses, it will stay and they are needing help to enforce the approval of payment rule. >> are you still following it, 9th and mcarthur terrible. the problem is that mcarthur
5:39 am
maze said it should be opened momentarily but traffic may be slow in the area. i want to show you traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza, livermore more traffic and on westbound, let's go to steve. we have fog opt coast, it is not making much of a push inland, mainly about point race rays 72 and closer to santa cruz. 4 for in the morning, mostly sunny and more of a sea breeze kicked in. and a little south win kicking
5:40 am
out there. who doesn't but they will have pretty more and southeast 6th of napa, those are actual signs of a cool -- are all signs of a cooler pattern. armest is 57 and i have seen 52. wove a couple trying to next out of the valley and pie this system, it is going toish in is cool pattern and it is some cooler coast and westerly breeze kicks in 50s and 60s and 70s, it will take another day to cool gilroy and brently.
5:41 am
fremont 78 come down the sunole grade 77 man states oh it looks like and we will carry this into the inland areas. a japanese suspect is faces crimes. >> what one man did aafter he saw a friend drop into a tank of acid. >> good morning. traffic is looking good. stay tuned for more. gp
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. welcome back good morning to you here is a quick look at some of the top stories, police in pleasanton investigating the violent death of a 13-year-old girl and her mother. they were found yesterday evening inside their home on stacy court. still not clear of their deaths over the result of a double murder or murder/suicide. investigators are looking for a car, this car that may be associated with the disappearance of sierra lemar in morgan hill. it is a four-door jetta with a blackhood. it was seen near her home the day she disappeared. now fbi closely examining al qaeda in gem minute was --
5:45 am
yemen was reportedly to blow up a bomb. the underwear bomb failed to detonate over detroit christmas day 2009. just getting word he died. he died this morning in connection kate. -- couldn't next cut. he is being hailed a hero for jumping into a tank of acid. davis fell 40 feet through a roof. he landed in a tank of acid used for cleaning steel. he jumped in and three others helped with the rescue, davis is in critical condition and the other guy is in good
5:46 am
condition. and he is within yards of the county jail. the young man was not wearing his handcuffs when he escaped. police know the suspect's name and where he lived. his original charges are not that serious, however last night's escape got him into a lot more trouble. they are warning women to be more careful after a groping incident. a woman was walking on the path when a man introduced him as gabe. >> this individual is very friendly and very social and the victim did not perceive anything wrong with it and it was not until he extended his hand in a friendly gesture that
5:47 am
the dynamics changed. time now 5:46 a japanese diplomat pleads not guilty that he beat his wife and pushed her out of a car. he has been working at vice council at the japanese consul for 50 years. he brought liced her 14 sometimes most notably... >> she finally decided she had enough courage to go forward to the police and started this investigation. >> he is now out of jail on 350,000 dollars bail. he is still working with the consulate june 1 4th.
5:48 am
>> rick santorum is now enforcing mitt romney. he decided to endorse mitt romney. he is expected in the three presidential states. romney does need a certain amount of votes to clinch the nomination. no major problems here no major problems on 680 heading south and also the morning commute is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza and we don't have anybody here across the bridge. if you are driving caster moore has a nice drive and it is not a big problem as we focus on hayward city and fremont. and nice and quiet gist the way
5:49 am
we like it, let's go to steve. and now it is a point raised north which is mostly clear. south of that is sold out on the santa cruz coast line and too shallow to go inland but a sea breeze is starting to show itself. sea breeze is still warm and coming down a little bit cooler busy and up this way it starts to cool down a little bit. already starting the affair feel, that is a big i. they are not a screaming mess and and and still if you are out towards the big valley, as you
5:50 am
can see 50s and it is making its impact felt. >> little pattern pattern and i think tonight that fog lifts and fog sun cooler pie the coast mid-70s and vallejo goes 70s an then you find 80s but northbound looks like it will cool down. 60 and 70s and many in locations. wednesday and thursday it looks to be the same be structure. and they listed a column
5:51 am
degree he didn't earn but it doesn't mean he should resign. one of the company's gave him the option of firing him. he will threaten to sue if he is not removed. they are laying off workers but they are not saying how many just yet. the second largest u.s. game publisher said the old public game dropped by 400,000 in the last year. retail sales are being hurt pie a lack of new titles. they are recalling 27,000 cars in the u.s. and canada. 37 and anti-lock breaking systems, cries her says there
5:52 am
are no problems because of the affected have i yeses. and it first da -- it is a first coming to the national landmark and why it's happening. plus, why celebrating mother's day, what it may make some mothers want to do.
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. welcome back, the website that helps married people cheat on their spouse, more women sign up after mother's day than any other day of the year. they reflects on how they are treated and if they don't feel appreciated they consider how to change their lives. the bill defines marriages only between a man and a woman. and for bids recognizing civil unions and domestic partnerships. they are urging voters to propose the constitutional amendment, however the latest polls show the measure is expected to pass. back here at home, vacaville will vote an
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ordinance on the misuse of the city's electrical charging stations. however the access to electricity has been attracting people in recreation vehicles apparently have been camping overnight. up the proposed ordinance, parking would be limited to cars that are actively charging their vehicles. starting today anybody who visits the golden gate bridge, the visitor's center has painted -- has been painted orange, tourists can get their picture taken or you can pay for a guided tour. >> i think it would be great to have some of the hiss triwalking around with you because really if you walk over there right now there is not a
5:57 am
whole lot there. >> they created the $6 million to create the visit terrible's center and the experience from the bridge. now we have new improvements and look for the slide show's tab. >> it looks good. >> right now, sal, i have another reason to tell you to take me to the bridge. >> we can do that any time but right now we are looking at some of the causeways and some of the busier freeways. northbound still looks good and if you are driving out of print on it fremont and sunole, we are also doing well, we don't have too much going on when it deals with accidents and let's go back to the desk. a small child recovering from a vicious attack from the family's pit bull, what is decided about the dog and what
5:58 am
will happen next to the dog's owners. what they will do about the shooting death of a mother and her teenage daughter. >> we will have your for a casted highs -- forecasted highs in just two minutes.
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